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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,666 Member
    Hello, everyone!

    So, I've played a lot these past days and I decided to show up. @DivaDoodle @bekkasan @Turjan Sorry for not answering your previous tags and Hey there! A big hello to @PuddinRoy @silverofdreams30 @Tamijo @emorrill @AlexaKry ! @GraceyManor awesome screenshots, your current story seems very intriguing! :smiley:@Karritz I couldn't help reading about what has been happening in Australia and I wish my country were really working to control the virus, but instead, our government must want to export it. It's really shameful; worse than Medieval times, as I see it. And, as long as their pockets are full, nobody in power seems to care. (Okay, not "nobody", the mayor in my city created a long holiday for Easter -10 days- in an attempt to reduce the number of people on the streets. Despite that, there are too many things in the gray area and many people don't respect what's necessary to do, including the president).

    Anyway, it's tough to talk without mentioning how awful brazilian government has been.

    --- x --- x ---

    As I mentioned previously, I got frustrated with Roaring Heights and wanted to rebuild Sunset Valley with Roaring Heights style. I started doing it after playing with Elliot Nest and Clifford Moore a while ago.

    51094738673_d24b26fd45_h.jpgScreenshot-14 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    A friend of mine said that they were ugly, but I don't care. They seemed like a cute couple. Elliot is a cop and Cliff was the mail carrier and his best friend. They hit it off and started to live together. Unfortunately, Cliff doesn't have traits. :neutral:

    That's when I decided to go back to my Sunset Valley project. I'll add the stuff to the spoilers bellow:

    51094199821_a5fdc8dfed_h.jpgScreenshot-106 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr
    Mirabello Plaza

    51094740268_62af451d01_h.jpgScreenshot-81 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr
    The beach street

    51094294197_eba604cfd2_h.jpgScreenshot-85 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr
    Houses over the hill (I finally learned how to build there, though)

    51094197726_ce1c26f3e5_h.jpgScreenshot-73 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr
    Little Shark Pool Center using textures from Roaring Heights

    I also created three starter homes using the floor plan from Monotone and the house next to it, but I'll try to show them next time.

    51094285384_898a6c2ccc_h.jpgScreenshot-14 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    Mini version of Roaring Heights Library. This is after I ditched my project and decided to turn it into a museum.

    51094200416_717071ebc2_h.jpgScreenshot-108 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr
    Bonus picture!! That park in Riverview with the fence from Roaring Heights.

    When I started exploring the houses I realized how lame the floor plans in Roaring Heights are. It looked as though whoever built those houses don't know how to play the game! The bathrooms were microscopic, chairs in wrong positions... The more I saw, the more upset I got. That's when I decided to let it go and play in Sunset Valley just with Elliot and Cliff.

    51094282254_6ed4f4bb31_h.jpgScreenshot-17 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    The problem is, they didn't hit it off now that I gave Cliff traits! :neutral:
    Since I wanted a romance between two guys, I decided to open my old save with Dillon and Keith and try their story again:

    51094283644_a3107582e7_h.jpgScreenshot-77 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    51094284474_22c2349549_h.jpgScreenshot-83 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    Also, they hit it off and they are cute together. <3
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    Teaching the mutt and cat how to hunt:

    The Mutt:

    The Cat:

    Yeah, I'm a cat person in real life. :D
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    @thuggishsplicer I am grateful for the efforts of the people in charge of my country to keep us safe from the virus. I do see quite a lot about the situation in Brazil on TV. I'm sad about what 's happening there. It must be very difficult to keep yourself safe from becoming infected. I hope you manage to stay healthy.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,652 Member
    edited April 4
    Flowers: Good morning Willow, have some dew.
    Willow: Thank you ever so much.
    Red Flower: You should probably go back to Kaiden
    Blue Flower: He's probably worried about you.
    Pink Flower: We can summon him for you.
    Willow: That's quite alright...I have someone to meet today.
    Red Flower: Not the emperor willow, he's a mean man.

    Willow made her way toward the beach where she was to meet
    the emperor to make her decision.

    Halfway there, she went into labor.And to make matters worse,
    it began to rain.She was alone, in labor and wet, and no shelter except
    in an old shed.

    Willow: Its better than nothing...
    She ran into the shed just in the nick of time, she gave birth to a healthy
    baby boy.She named him Caleum.

    After Caleum was born, a beautiful star appeared in the night sky, almost
    calming Willow, convincing her to return home.


    Kaiden: We have to find her!
    Cosmo: Everyone is out looking for her, Kaiden.
    Kaiden: This is my fault, I shouldn't have brought her here.
    Cosmo: Its not your fault, nor hers.Its Padawan's.He needs to
    be stopped.
    Kaiden: I'll kill him..
    Cosmo: It has to be her to stop him..

    Kylo: I'm sorry Kaiden, I looked in all her favorite spots...I haven't
    seen her.
    Cosmo: We'll keep looking.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,385 Member
    Happy Easter everyone! May be on tomorrow but I know I will on Tuesday
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    Happy Easter everyone. I just popped in to let you know the video is about to be loaded to YouTube. It'll take a few hours to load but it's on its way.

    Happy Simming everyone.
  • SiomneSiomne Posts: 43 Member
    edited April 5
    Its been a while since I lasted posted on here, with that said I have some new nuttness that's been going on in my current sim family. To give you all an idea on how random everything is, my sims name is Ziffany Pfftany.

    That's right...let it sink in. LOL

    Anyway, I decided to start her off as a broke sim in the town of AdventureLand. She is the only sim aside from the two sims that come with the world. Her traits are, Shy, Bookroom, Ambitious, Socially Awkward, and Hopeless Romantic. She is an introvert at best and socially inept at worst. xD

    For the first few days I have her writing ❤️❤️❤️❤️ fanfictions to earn around $500 after 8 books written. I won't lie I use Nraas mods and a caffeine mod sooo.... Ziffany does not sleep...its for the weak o.o

    When she starts to go stir crazy after a few days stuck inside writing from morning to dusk, I have her to go to the park for a quick break. She happens on some fancy flowers that give her a decent amount of money to go on a trip to China, it was a want of her's, possibly to get some new material for her romance book? *Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge*


    Once she's in China she looks around the marketplace after getting a job to go tomb raiding. This is where she meets her husband, Zhan Su, they hit it off really well. They become best friends before she has to leave for home, she kinda got material for her next book I suppose. When she makes it back home she calls her new bestie up and invites him over. Long story short they are married by the next morning xD.

    She gets pregnant in the same day, no surprise there but she doesn't stop pumping out books at a rapid rate. She goes into labor right after she finishes her second romantic book and just my luck she had twins....whoopie!

    The house was in complete chaos, her husband was working in the military career so he would be up in the crack of dawn with the twins before heading off to work. She would stop ever so often to feed, play, and change the twins but that would be about it before going back to writing. At this point they have around $35k in their household. I won't bore you all with the tiny details but she manages to get a genie lamp and wishes for some money. It was enough to get them out their shack of house. In their new house she gets pregnant again and Zhan gets a wish to go back home to visit his brother.

    So, with his twins in tow they go back to China where Zhan is happily reunited with his brother, unfortunately his brother had just experienced a loss. His brother's wife died and he was raising their only child, so it was a pretty emotional visit. The twins got to spend time with their cousin and uncle. Zhan goes tomb raiding when he runs into an Egyptian tourist, Cleopatra Rahotep, they become fast friends.(I didn't engage any convo between the two, total autonomy.)

    To make an even longer story short, Zhan comes back with the kids, Ziffany goes into labor and has heard me...quads! By the time the new babies turn to toddlers and the twins to teens, Zhan has a full blown affair with Cleo and he moves out right after autonomy TRY FOR BABY! with her out of no where when he meets up with her in town.(She came to the town as a tourist). At this point it would be cruel to have him go back to Ziffany like nothing happened, so I had him divorce Ziffany and move in with Cleo some where in town. Ziffany is understandably hurt but tries to raise her children.

    The twins are divided on the parents, but ultimately the son stays with Ziffany and his sister, after a huge fight(total automony) with Ziffany moves out and moves in with Zhan and Cleo. Cleo has twin girls, then the twin gets pregnant like a day afterwards with her boyfriend.

    To Be Continued....
  • GguyGguy Posts: 184 Member
    edited April 5

    I'm currently playing a different household while i let the Birch Sisters do their own thing for a while. Presenting Cyrus Regan, a local businessman that strives to one day start a business of his own.

    Now, after moving to Bridgeport and into a glorified storage room (A very beat up basement apartment), Cyrus began working for a Corporation at the local business office. He'd work there on most weekdays, but during the few he was free on, he'd go out to town in order to experience some of the local Nightlife.


    It was his routine. He'd work like crazy during the week, and party like crazy during the weekends. It didn't last, though, as after rising further up the corporate ladder, he was met with new challenges and further responsibilities. He had less time on his hands, and had to cut his partying time in half in order to focus on other matters. Matters such as team building.


    Stress eventually got the better of him, and he was forced to take some time off.


    He started visiting Nightclubs again, and quickly realized on just how much he missed them. He also met Mendy Lumpkin, and the two soon started dating.


    Also, let's not forget about this little scene he came upon while heading to the club one day. Two rich dudes having a "flower gifting" battle with each other.


    It was Hilarious to look at.

  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 631 Member

    Episode 41 – I Write the Book - May 2727 part 1

    Mussete Mercier started her first novel, working title “Silly Suggestions”. Also Greg’s started writing a book. Neither of them had any previous writing experience.


    Scully household received some furniture they ordered from “Ent” marked. The home is still not perfectly decorated, but it is a start and they haven’t got much more money lets.


    Nara house was the next to be relocated, as Botan had wish, the outside dining room was change, to be part if the indoors area. The family paid the new door and the windows that was installed.


    Botan and Shina Nara seems to enjoy the move. Here in a romantic moment watching the sunrise. Even though its is early morning it is already 18°C. Sadly it soon starts to rain and they have to hurry inside.


    Also Michiko and Charles Vaughan got a laundry room attached to the cottage.


    Pierre Mercier gets more than enough attention, every time he cries just a little, several family members que up to help.


    The warm damp weather in early May, was not pleasant for the settlers, but it was great for the farming. The first harvest already started in Beach-Gentry’s garden.


    As the builders was already there and Jenny had enough money. Jenny and Jane got a 2nd floor at their house, to get two nice double bed rooms upstairs.


    Norma Dahl actually did not have many friends, she was the new girl and had lost her best mate Casel. More and more she came to sit and drink in the Café, just to have someone to talk to.


    This was the month Myra Frances turned 18 years old.


    Marble encouraged Ivory, she could sense that the child had talent.


    Botan and Shina Nara came closer and closer, spending a lot of time together. Here having a day out to get a drink at the café and just enjoying springtime in the settlement.


    As some may already have guessed I have tweaked the Mod to get more people writing books
    Everything automated


    @Silverofdreams30: Thanks

    Love building and love to see other do it. Very nice building project you got going.
    NB: Just been using that same Pavilion (SC108) in my story, also slightly rebuild

    Great update, brilliant that first picture with the baby.
    Exciting can’t wait for next chapter.

    Great start of you new storyline. Mr. Regan seems to be a cool person, just have to get go a little from the ambitions and take care of himself. Perfect pictures.

    Ivory Beach-Gentry also started to play a bit with the brick box

    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    edited April 5

    wow, great shot of the flower photo, that could really be a painting to hang on
    their wall hehe.


    Hey there,
    good, you are still playing.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 28 is now available for you to view on YouTube

    Felecia and Frank are in the Great Southern Land on their vacation. They are there for only 3 or 4 days. They keep themselves busy, and in the end we do manage to squeeze in an interesting wedding. In this episode they explore a few venues I made including the Magic Gnome's Magical Treasure Park, Bluewaters Fun Park, the Dome and the Spectral Bakery.

    The end of the video is a tiny tutorial on making occupied tombstones using Carter's Display Case and the spirits from the Ghost Hunter career.

    I'm not good at getting screen shots while recording game play for videos. So you've probably seen these pics before. Sorry about that but this is all I have.







    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,652 Member
    Good idea sending her out, otherwise she might go stir
    crazy.Maybe a few weeks, sometimes a long time, even
    with life stage set to short.

    Lovely photo of mountain lake.One of my
    favorite worlds!

    I can't remember, did I ever post Willow's wedding dress for you?
    Yup, Zherlap found a lady friend to.XD

    I will check out your story thread when I get
    a chance.=)

    That's one of his skills he has.
    He used it a lot when they first met.XD
    Thanks! That was without graphics mods.

    I can't remember what the green outfit looked like XD
    Yeah, lying is a bad habit, but even little white lies can't
    get past him.XD
    Where is the exorcist when you need one?

    gonna leave off there for now gotta get ready for work.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    edited April 5
    Hello All

    I got my sims back to Cake Island safely.

    I played a while and a few significant things happened and I recorded the video.

    I wanted Megan to make her imaginary friend, Cosmo, real.

    I saved.

    Error 12

    I thought about what to do. While thinking the game crashed.

    I relaunched.

    Made Cosmo real.


    Gave Cosmo a new skin and name and hair.


    Shut down and reopened.

    Gave Clara (ex-Cosmo) a new wardrobe

    Error 12.

    Messed around a bit and had no success with saving even after activating a new smaller household.

    Shut down

    Cleared Cache files

    Re-opened the game.

    Gave Clara a new wardrobe



    Shut down and am currently re-opening.

    Here's Clara in her everyday outfit.



    I would like to get Latoya's imaginary friend made real too. I might give it a go and then send the two Imaginary Friends made real to the Great Southern Land for their education. This household is too fragile for me to waste time on with them.

    I moved Felecia and Frank to their new home but haven't set it up yet.

    I discovered that Wendy still has a lot of books to read so I'm sending her to the Great Southern Land with the Imaginary Friends. I'll show a bit of that in the next video.

    Clara has some interesting traits. I'm not sure how I'll cope with her. She got them from the game I had nothing to do with choosing them. I think I'll leave her with them unless she actually drives me crazy while I'm trying to get her to learn some skills and read books. I dressed her up a bit because her LTW is Gold digger. I suppose she will have to look the part if she wants to find herself a rich spouse.

    That's it for now. I'm about to try to get Latoya to make her IF real.

    By the way, I've been giving out likes and awesomes. There are a lot of excellent stories and pictures being posted. I've enjoyed them all.

    Happy Simming All.

    EDIT: I forgot to tell you Clara's traits: Unstable, Avant Garde, Vegetarian, Neat, Snob
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,386 Member

    @Silverofdreams30 It is definitely easier to have a story thread especially if folks want to read from the beginning.
    I've been surprised you didn't do it sooner.
    hehe, he is really checking her out! :grin:

    @ZhakiraP hehe, I do love that sims have a favorite color, makes dressing them easier for me. :lol: Thanks so much for your comments.

    @GraceyManor umm, sheesh if my guy in real life had that kind of reaction to an announcement he wouldn't be my guy anymore. :lol:
    Wow...she is really messed up. Shame she had to give birth all alone.

    @Cororon Thanks! It was fun making it and I hope the sims enjoy it.
    I love your pictures. The kids look like they have had a great time camping.

    @Tamijo Thanks for the comments! I'm often tempted to provide only one table rather than several at outdoor places to keep them sitting together.

    @AlexaKry I knew you would be happy to see some pics of your guys. :smiley: They are so cute and fun to watch.

    @thuggishsplicer Hey, good to see you. Nice you have a bit of time off to play.
    Elliot and Clifford look very cozy! :grin:
    oh, no! They are not ugly.
    I love that art deco style and it makes Sunset Valley look like South Florida! :grin:
    oh bummer that they didn't seem to hit it off with his new traits. I give sims traits that don't match sometimes just to see what happens. :grin: Sometimes it works very well, others it does not.
    Dillon and Keith seem to be getting along just fine. :wink:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Cute pics!

    @Siomne Oh my! What a tragic story. I do hope someone has a happy ending eventually!

    @Gguy Your Cyrus is quite handsome. Great pics of him. :heart:
    All work and no play is not good for sims!
    I did laugh at the two guys giving flowers to the third one. Musta been fun to watch.

    @Karritz Congrats on the new video. I enjoyed seeing the pics you posted.
    Dag...error 12's are the worst, well as bad as crashing to the desktop for no apparent reason.

    Another rainy morning on Supernatural Island. You can see a couple of shooting stars in the pictures too.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    edited April 5
    @bekkasan thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the pics. The crash to desktop is for the same reason as the error 12s. I have major memory issues with this save. I'm hoping to get the main house emptied asap. Just have Gerri living there after everyone else moves out.

    I managed to get Latoya to make her IF real. Another female. I'm just about to try to give her a makeover. CAS just froze when I gave her a skin I don't like on her.

    This is Rags in her original form.


    Her traits are interesting. Game just crashed. I do recall she's disciplined and hydrophobic. She wants to make the most of her time.

    I was deciding if I'd risk taking her into CAS or not. I tried it. Just gave her KB Primer skin and tried to shut down CAS and she crashed. I am changing her name to Rachael. I want to keep it with the same first initial. I thought of Rachael or Raylene. Decided to go with Rachael. Not that it really matters. She's not going to be played for long. She's going to be a townie once I move her out of the main household.

    So now I relaunch the game and try to give her a makeover. It's getting late here and if I can get it done tonight I won't have to worry about it tomorrow.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    edited April 5

    just not had an interesting plot before to create
    my own corner haha.


    Congrats to their baby son

    I'm taking screenshots for my story, and Cornelia Goth got
    a bit of an upgrade.



    Marcus ( cyclon) got a rename and an upgrade too.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 119 Member
    The new town's layout I was working on is now finished and playable. What I was most unsure about was the implentation of rugs for custom community lots, but that seems to work, too - with some minor edits to move them around in game. Now I'm in the process of populating the town with people and filling the empty lots with houses. Should be posted about in a future update!

    Also, some screenshot from my latest update in the creative corner where I introduce the Kråke-Motorsen family (full post with all pictures, link to family trees and all in my story thread The Chronicles of Simbria here: Chapter 8.1 - The Kråke-Motorsen family ) before the twin brothers Eivind and Knut's birthday party.

    The Kråke-Motorsen family is a pretty standard family of two parents and two children living in their home in the upper parts of the old town. When I turn to the family, it is late monday evening on the 16th of august 2021.


    This is the mother of the family, Helene Kråke-Motorsen and her youngest son, Anton. Helene thinks it is time for Anton to go to bed, and is in the process of putting him in his crib.

    This is the oldest son, Bjørn-Yngve, in the dining room about to do his homework. At 10 past 11, thats a little late, don't you think? It wasn't as bad though, as he only had a few percentage left, so I'll let it pass. Luckily, his grade at school is an A, so, good boy!


    And this is Knut, the father of the family. He has been hanging out at the Hermansen Lot, which is the towns arcade hall and nerd hangout. Good thing he had the sense to be on his way home, so I won't have to interfere and send him home.


    And everyone was fast asleep, except Anton the toddler. Of course.

    Link to my story in the Creative Corner:
    Chronicles of Simbria
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,652 Member
    @bekkasan i would link the video if I could it sounds funnier in the video
  • SiomneSiomne Posts: 43 Member
    @bekkasan Weeellll its still a roller coaster lol. I'm currently on the second gen of this family but I won't spoil the drama that came after her daughter moved out and gotten pregnant.

    Also to make it easier to follow. Twins: Mila & Ti, Zhan, Cleo, Ziffany, Quads: Tiffany, Thomas, Zackary, and Lei, Mila's bf,(MBF), and Cleo's twins.
    Previously on the Pfftany's....

    After Mila gotten pregnant the town thought it was best to slam the child support payments that Ziffany was already paying another fine for the grandchild! Ziffany was literally paying $22k by the end of the day while ex hubby wasn't paying anything for his abandoned quad and twin. I had to do something (Nraas) to fix it. So, after a long battle Ziffany managed to make all the money back plus some after the courts ruled in her favor. This caused the family to downsize to a trailer and on rent with the towns baron.

    However, the troubles didn't stop there, at Ziffany's urgency Ti tried to reconnect with his dad as she was somewhat able to with his sister. Let me tell you guys this, with mods there are unexpectant occurrences that fall completely out of my control. Instead of him growing closer with his dad, he grew closer with his step mom....not to dig deep she ends up having an affair with him that in turn gets her pregnant.

    Ti seems pretty pleased with himself though, he would not stop doing that perky stepping that sims do when they have a successful off lot woohoo. All H E double hockey sticks broke loose when the baby came out, Zhan in his disgust divorced Cleo and kicked her out with his son's kid and kept his daughters. Everytime Ti and Zhan were in the same area he would go over to have a screaming match with his son. Ti and Mila aged up to adults and left the nest a little bit after the reveal. Cleo didn't move on with Ti and Ti stayed single up until much later and became a guitarist. Mila went on to have one more child, a girl after marrying her long time boyfriend. (They did hobby like careers but apparent make good because her husband is a star athlete.)

    Ziffany found love again after visiting China with her children, where she once again found love in a man named, Lee Yao. He helped raised Ziffany's quad and eventually had a daughter with Ziffany named, Eclaire. Lee and Lei did not get along though, every time Lei did something, Lee was on him like white on rice. It was ridiculous!

    Ziffany tried to intervene but would always be met with shouting from both party's that took a while to fix their relationships afterwards. I eventually left them alone until, with another mod, Lei buys a weapon and ends Lee. Lei is caught and served jail time until he grew up into a Young Adult then released a few days after. He ended up with the Hates Children trait. To say everyone to this day hates him is an understatement. He did end up becoming a doctor though.. lol he lives in one of the pre-made apartments off away from people.

    All Ziffany's remaining children grew up and did some productive things, Thomas and Zackery became great inventors, Tiffany is a world renowned chef and owns a restaurant with her husband who runs the bar inside.

    Then there's Eclarie, she following her mother's footsteps in a way became an artist and makes pretty good bank.

    Ziffany's life was full of ups and downs, too much drama for an introvert if you ask me XD.

    Before Ziffany passed away she had 7 children, 16 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

    I might post the family tree one day on here or not lol. Let me know if you all would like to see it. :)

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,092 Member
    Hey friends. :) Happy day after Easter! 🐣🌹🌼 Hope yours was great!

    Been kind of a busy bee over here...spending lots of time with my family which has been good. :blush:

    @Silverofdreams30 @Tamijo @DivaDoodle @GraceyManor @Brandontaylor @Nikkei_Simmer , I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all your awesome posts. :star:<3

    A couple of random comments (and replies) here:

    Gracey and Nikkei, for a moment there it seemed like the thread was being overtaken by the Force! :lol::p
    (Yes Gracey, you did send me the link to Willow's wedding dress. 👍 Thank you. :) )

    Silver - I'll be making comments on your new story thread after this. :kissing_heart:

    @Karritz Reading what's going on over there with the new COVID strain and the struggles getting the vaccine, just had me shaking my head in sorrow. :( I'm so sorry it's still rough out there. {{{Hugs}}} Hopefully they can track everyone down who has been exposed and y'all will be out of quarantine soon. 🙏

    @bekkasan I wondered if that was a Hippogriff (I thought I'd seen it in your game before. ;) I need to snag it!)
    A rainbow over an orange and pink sunset. Lovely. :love:
    Cool you have @AlexaKry 's guys in your game. :grin: Nice to see them having so much fun together at the Festival. :)
    Aww, yes. Tyler needs a good woman. <3 He looks so lonely...
    I concur with the idea of having Jorge change his career to Lifeguard. :love:
    His (soon to be) sister is very pretty. :)
    You caught shooting stars again! :smiley: Rad! I need to do that sometime! I still haven't seen any in my game. :pensive:

    @Puddinroy Hey there buddy. :) Glad to see you're still reading my story. <3 Hope life is treating you well.

    @ZhakiraP *Waves*
    Charlie Browne has been repeatedly abducted and had two alien babies. His slender build is now a distant memory and his days as a flirty bachelor feels like nothing more but a hazy dream.
    ^LOL! :lol:
    Nice to see you pop in and post again. :) Hope all is well with you.

    @Cororon So happy to see you post here. :) Your pictures look great as always! :star:

    @Emily4331 *Waves* Hope life is treating you well girl. <3

    @thuggishsplicer Hey M! :smiley: Great to see you post as well. Your guys are so lovely. <3 Why aren't they in my game when they need to be. :smirk:

    A couple of things I wanted to share:

    *For those of you who still feel annoyed by the Win 10/Nvidia graphics driver updates that made your game not look as lovely as it used to, please head on over to this thread started by Cororon on Nvidia's forum and give it an "Upvote" and share your frustration and photos so that Nvidia will continue to see the issue and hopefully do something to fix it. 🙏 (You will need to create a free account with Nvidia to do so). Thanks. :)

    **I started writing Chapter 14 last night (Yay! :mrgreen: ) so y'all aren't still hanging on the cliff about Abby. :p

    ***While dorking around in my Stardew Save I captured this rainy sunset. <3

    Had to cheat and clear the sky for story pics. :p

    Found the wild horses hanging out in the lot across from the Ladies house. This girl is a beaut. <3<3 Makes me think of Black Beauty.


    And her pretty little foal frolicking around. <3


    Don't you just wish that some baby animals could just stay babies??? :blush: *sigh*

    ****Spring has finally sprung here in Utah and I am watching my flowers intently as they sprout and get ready to bloom. :blush: Many didn't last year - as if last year wasn't bad enough... - so I am excited to see them return this year and enjoy their blooms one last time before we move away... Whenever we do. Husband is still hard at work looking for a job.

    Keep calm and sim on everyone. <3
  • MJemmaMJemma Posts: 6 New Member
    Hello!! I’m a uni student studying The Gaming Community! I’ve made a 2-minute survey (10 questions) and it would help a fellow gamer out if you could give it a go! It’s centered around the negative attitudes in the community so if you have anything you want to share then here is an opportunity!

    So many thank you’s if you do take the time xxxxxx
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member

    thank you, I replied over there <3
    That horse is indeed a beautiful one, you should snag her and the baby and take care of her hehe.


    * waves*,
    * please share more whenever you feel like it.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    @emorrill thanks for the thoughts. The lockdown was only supposed to be for 3 days to give the contact tracers a chance to track everyone down who had been to the places that were visited by people when they were infectious. They quickly found everyone and the lockdown was lifted after only 2.5 days. So far there has been no further community spread but more cases have turned up in people returning from overseas. The state governments want to build a huge facility for quarantining people returning from overseas in a remote area to prevent these constant 3 day lockdowns when the virus escapes from quarantine occasionally but the Federal Government doesn't seem interested in the idea.

    The travel industry here want the lockdowns to stop and just allow people in the community to get sick. But several of the state governments just won elections on their Covid policies which are all about keeping the whole of their communities safe from catching the virus. In one state the opposition who would have likely opened the state up to avoid lockdowns, and was a major party likely to win government on their own, now has almost no seats in government so I can't see any of the state governments deciding to let the virus take over their state just to keep the tourism & hospitality industries happy, even if they do employ a lot of people and have a lot of struggling businesses. So until something changes we will continue to have these snap lockdowns. I saw something yesterday that Victoria now requires everyone who enters that state to have a pass showing where they've been to avoid forcing everyone to go into 14 day quarantine when entering the state.

    Today I'm going to sort out my 30 Grandchildren save. I need to move a few sims around and give one a makeover and send a few on vacation.

    Happy Simming all.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,652 Member
    The beautiful star almost acted as a healing remedy for Willow.She
    returned home the next morning.

    Kaiden: Willow!

    Kaiden: I'm so glad you're okay, I was so worried about you.
    Willow: I'm tired, but I'm okay.
    Kaiden: I'm sure you are..

    Kaiden: ...You had the baby? I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed
    that I wasn't there with you.
    Willow: I know...I don't want to be like that again...I'm scared.
    Kaiden: Don't be scared, I'm here to help you.

    Kaiden held Calium bonding with his new son.

    Voice: You disappointed me...Not showing up, very irresponsible
    of you.

    Willow: I will not be apart of this! -hangs up-

    Willow: It won't end until I deal with it.
    Kaiden: I'm coming with you this time.
    Willow: Please do, I need you there.
    Kaiden: I'm glad to hear that.

    Cosmo: She has to be the one to end him.
    Kaiden: I know, though it would bring me great joy to put a lightsaber
    through him.


    Kaiden: You look great, Willow!
    Willow: You look just as great Kaiden.

    Emperor: Hello, Princess.Have you decided to join the dark side?

    Willow: You do not intimated me anymore. And I will not be a pawn
    in your game.I'll end this now..
    Emperor: You haven't got it in you to do it.
    Willow: Oh really?

    Willow focused all her anger on her enemy, using the force she lifted
    him into the air and flung him across the ground, he instantly ghostified.XD

    Emperor: Don't finish a little compassion?
    Willow: You showed no compassion to your victims.
    She felt the anger, fear and hate build within her, summoning all her might..

    She flung him so hard that disappeared into the horizon.One can
    only assume he was finished at that point.XD

    Kaiden: We're proud of you Willow.
    Willow: And I'm thankful to have you..
    Kaiden: I'll always be here for you, you know that...
    His followers may not appreciate you though...but we'll worry
    about that when it comes.

    Willow: Let's go home.
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