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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @Sorak4 I didn't realize that an unlucky sim could never die except old age. I don't think I've ever played one but I make sure my sims have death flowers in their inventories just in case. :grin:
    Your witch certainly gets around. Aww, cute puppy.
    Good gracious, what did she lose in the fire!
    I can see why she quit the previous job, obviously she is better at turning lead mortals into gold. :grin:

    @GraceyManor Thanks! I got it from TSR here
    Well, it seems there is something that happened that made Delilah the grump she is.

    @AlexaKry Thanks! I've started trying to decide on the floor tiles. Decisions, decisions! lol
    Will check out and comment on your thread. :grin:

    @lisasc360 Hey! Thanks for the reminder. Have fun in WOW.

    @king_of_simcity7 I would enjoy seeing more of your art. I'm glad to hear you didn't breakdown and I hope that dark place is soon forgotten and left in the past. This is a tough time of year for a lot of folks and I miss my hubby more than ever during the holidays. I wish you the best. PM if you need someone to listen.

    @emorrill Aww, Thanks for the comment on the picture. I take so many scenery shots with the winter going on in Hidden Springs. It is just too beautiful! Look below!!
    Raccoons are dangerous and not cuddly creatures. They will bite and often carry rabies in RL. Glad she didn't try to pick it up.

    @Tamijo Poor thing! Good thing she has her uncles. Its nice that her Mom's book is selling and providing some income as well as the uncles bringing in some. Cool they got enough for some new things and larger rooms.
    She has been in hospital a long time. Hope she is better soon.
    Thank you! Appreciate the comment. I had to laugh when I saw what you wrote about @graceymanor's Brian and harassment. LOL too true!! I'd be terrified to be a guy interested in a female these days, even if I grew up next door to her. Course, it works in reverse too, just not as commonly noted.
    Glad Mom finally made it home and hope her recovery continues.

    @Karritz I hope they all start having lots of babies so you can get the badge.

    @DivaDoodle Ah, such a lovely fella! Hot in and out of his uniform! :love:
    I had to laugh at all the pics of him. I do the same with certain sims of mine! :grin: Not naming names, but Victor, Damien, Rafe, Adam, Marshall :grin:
    You are such a good watcher letting them tell you what they want.
    Mine get their freedom to a degree, but no cheating allowed. So far, (knock on wood) no one in my two main games has even attempted to flirt or carry on inappropriately with another sims spouse. It would get nipped in the bud if it did happen or revert to prior save. lol
    Loved the update. Woot! Lullaby. Is she going to eat apples?

    @Lucy_Henley Congrats on the baby girl! Lovely pics of your sims.

    I don't blame that sim for wanting to sail in Hidden Springs on that cold and snowy morning. Got one in the balloon too! The sunrise is beautiful. The colors on the water are just incredible. This is the only save I have all graphics set to high. The Ballan family save couldn't handle high graphics, but that one has been going strong since 2016 and has way too many sims in it right now. :grin:
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,225 Member
    I will give comments tomorrow, took a day off today
    happy simming.
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,941 Member
    edited December 2020
    Fire, uni hate. And surpising children.

    I wanted to try and slowly build her knowledge up, perhaps University at some point would be useful for that. But my witch REALLY DOES NOT AGREE. She probably doesn't like the idea of being around streakers, people half her age, and people half her age streaking... And cow mascots fitting all 3 of those.

    If I've ever seen pupiless eyes of someone that would strange me through the screen, this is it.
    With a science machine down to do... Sciency things, it was time to do some sciency things anyway. Universities still a little way away for her still. especially after her obviously shown hatred of it.

    There was a caged up would've been burgular sitting in a little punishment box for a while now. She invited this one over before while needing to help out some community lot improvements... For the graveyard.
    She's probably evaluating what trash looks like, either she's picturing universities... Or would've been burgulars.

    Slowly but surely she got science up anyway to the point she could carry out something BIG.

    So do we remember Elvira's bio hint at being usurped by a younger generation of vampires? I figured I would help out with going against that. It was easily time to pay a visit to the penthouse of hers to science the heck out of her.

    I hope during one of these inkblot tests she was giving "Two bears high-fiving" as a result. I would be forever impressed. Was mostly a test however to see how she'll react.

    Aaand perfect I think. One scan coming right up.

    I only asked for your DNA lady, not the dirts too!

    Well, one Elvira came right up!
    First sim to join the family in 12 in game weeks! All it took was one friend who doesn't mind seeing themselves on the news for being cloned. Did end up adjusting family tree ties so eventually EA's attraction system wouldn't try to make Elvira hit on herself eventually...

    Oh... So this happened apparentally. While the other childs at Belle's home... I did not picture this happening at all. Must've been when my Sim decided to hitch a ride in their car. Now they probably know not to.
    The childs called Devon. I think he's got the traits grumpy and hydrophobic, my witch will defintely have to pitch in to make sure he can grow up well when he becomes a toddler too.

    Oh hey an alien! Perhaps if I meet another one I'll get them cloned, I'm not partially inclined to let any men get abducted for this or have my sim try to find a lady alien at this point.

    Did we learn the aliens unemployeed or is the alien just saying something you don't understand?

    I bought Elvira to meet herself... It sounds strange and it is, but it's pretty cute.

    Either this baby Elvira is giving a thumbs up of approval or my witch has some REALLY good holding abilities.

    She aged up on her visit too! Now a toddler and now especially able to play with her bigger incarnation, especially the perfect time to teach her a ton too.

    At first when the baby clone aged up she didn't really watch, she seemed more concerned about the party. Same looks like it could be said for Elvira

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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    @bekkasan, Thanks for comments, much appreciate
    Found myself to be a bit confused with some of the contents of your resent updates so took time to read most of the posts in your story, to be able to understand your plot better, great read from start to “finish”.

    Another picture I did not use in the story

    David giving Muddi a flea bath

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited December 2020
    @bekkasan I'm reading 'Betty's Decision over on your place. I like to read it over there, it's my little corner and I feel so safe. no one can disturb me there, there are no world problems over there. : ) I left comments over there, you must know already how I love your updates!

    @Sorak4 I always enjoy your pix and updates!

    @Brandontaylor thank you for the comments! I guess I will have to go get University one day, just so I can have plant sims! But I would get that EP solely for the plantsim : )

    Yes I always liked the word the 'watcher' since I first read it here in someone's story! but ummm sometimes I think I might be 'the stare-er' hehehe

    Yes I hope it works out for poor Gladsten. I don't think his heart can stand another break up. I am hoping that in our house he and Frida will get the habit of liking to be together! Frida will only have a child if both wish it. But I did make a house for them, which will be perfect for a family, if they decide they want one. I moved her other housemates, her Uncle and his wife, to that community lot at the beach, made it a house.

    Oh that will be so interesting to have all the species eventually in your game! I look forward to seeing more updates, when you can!

    I appreciate your comments!

    @Lucy_Henley great update! I enjoyed it! I agree, I haven't found 2 identical acting sims yet!

    'Mortmi borgo! Byork, byork...' haha I new the channel before I saw the picture!!! well done!

    I love their banter in the hot tub.

    aww beautiful toddler Caitlin!

    Names are so interesting to me. I like to hear how they are pronounced in different areas too. Sometimes when looking up names it will give examples and sometimes a little sound byte to hear it. oh no lol @Oatmeal! :o

    @GraceyManor I enjoyed the update. I want to hear Susan's explanation of her daughters behavior!

    @AlexaKry I read over on your page and left my comments there. I loved it! Soo enjoyable! <3

    It is 11.5 simmies in the house at this moment. I do best with 3-4! I just know I am missing important observations (to me) with so many.

    I'm happy you say it's interesting!

    Yes The FlightSuits! Oh I feel so bad, I must admit to you, Gladsten graduated to astronaut and because I was tired and not thinking correctly, I put him back to the lvl before to keep that dang foxy suit! :o Then me and Gladsten hear that sim sound "wonk wonk wonnnnnk" and the pop up saying 'too bad Gladsten didn't pay more attention to the detail at work, he's been demoted :/:# the look on his faace! :'( my fault!
    I was too ashamed to take a pic! Next time I will just change his career outfit, like a normal thinking person! lol

    Tristan will come live with them if Tula loves him, when a teen! She will age up and he will wait for her (in age) until they make the decision, or not, about love! Sometimes in my games if the teens are in love they run off to the others house (whoever has the best parents) so they can be together. ( I always wanted to live with my boyfriend but my parents were so strict it was like prison lol)

    I try to fulfill their wishes. If I am not fast enough, they will think about the wish in the thought bubble, as if to remind me. It sure seems like they do that thinking when I am looking at them, to make sure I see it! LOL I love the game so much!

    BTW I found Luc in the loading screen! :D I don't know if you will be able to see but 2 adults are holding the children Luc & Ari! sorry about the quality it is a screenshot. And Tula is hiding behind Tulip peeking over her shoulder.

    @Tamijo Thank you for the comment! Oh the "Leaves" was a still life! Can you believe I have never tried painting a still life!?! I better do it today!

    Your pc of Slick and puppy is darling.

    off I go to play! <3 Have a fun day everyone!

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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    @DivaDoodle - oh.. still life is the cream of the artist career, hanging your memories at the walls of your household
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Chapter 2.6 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    Mummy started to write her next book as fall turned into winter. My uncles advised her not to, claiming her writing would not to her any good. Mother just said: “Writing is the only thing I know to do well, a can’t live in fear of the darkness in my mind, it is just not possible.”

    I did not mind, listening to her typing, while going to sleep, brought sweet memories from good times before the was sick.


    Later at the heights of Winter, on a frosty Sunday, David came home from fishing and invited me into the town. A place I almost only came with the school bus. We had no car. At first, he took me to the Rags to Riches, an amazing store where you could find the most wonderful things, art, furniture, anything. We did not have any money though, David came to sell.


    David met a young lady he called Benni at the store, most likely not accidently, but I did not think about it then, he brought us both to a frozen lake and we had such fun, ice skating and building snowmen. On the way home in the taxi David told me that he had become very good friends with Miss loveless and that he would probably move in with her. He moved out just a few weeks later, after selling his bird to pay mothers bill before he left. He did not bring any money with him, definitely not what Miss loveless was after.


    Uncle David moving out was hard on me, even harder on Muddi, the first month he would often cross the street, jumping up on Miss loveless bench hoping for David to come out. David could not let him in, with two cats inside his new home.


    You may wonder why a free spirit like David, would suddenly put all his eggs in one basket. I soon found out. David would often come around with a fish or something hanging out to chat for a few hours, so I haven’t visited him previously.

    I was curious and one day went over, at first just to look trough the windows, but Miss Loveless saw me and came out to invite me in. Contrary to what I expected, children listen to a lot of rumors, she was very nice. The huge surprise thought was that she was also pregnant. Could hardly be anything but David’s child.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,439 Member
    edited December 2020
    @DivaDoodle - Speaking of flight-suits. :D Here's my Commander Tosh "Animal" Nakamura sim in his flightsuit. :D
    ...and of course... Animal as FADM. :D

    Have this rather "obsessive" fascination with JAG. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited December 2020
    27 The Watcher Watches. A day in the Life

    The house is so peaceful at night.
    Tula decided to sleep with "my boys" in "the toy room"

    And Tristan found the alter bed placed for him.

    I love that he doesn't find this strange at all, that things suddenly materialize for him, right when it needs it. He awakens and goes to serende me! hehe aww beautiful boy, he loves his music.

    As the rest of the household wakes up, they all have a need to disturb his playing. Tristan tries, during a break in the chatter, to do his homework,

    but homework be dam'd, they love him being here and must insist on interrupting his every attempt at being a good student lol

    'Teenagers!" thinks Tulip

    Tula is very happy this morning to play with Ari,

    While Frida asks Luc where the exercise machines went? 'Oh the Watcher put them in the yard, for burglars to steal, I think!" says Luc wisely.

    Then Luc starts his round of fulfilling his wishes. He is so smart!

    Oh! Tula! you should not listen to something so scary!

    As the school bus drives off, Oscar tries again at self fulfilling his wish with the Mean Bees.

    But the Bees are not having it! Quick Oscar, get in house, you can fulfill a different wish to watch the cooking channel!

    Is that better?

    Aiden is working hard on his science fiction novel. As soon as he finishes, he gets another wish to write a romance novel. Watcher understands, I go ahead and change his LTW from investigator to Renascence sim (which is immediately completed) which will free him up, so he can concentrate on what he wants his career to be. He does seem to really enjoy writing, as he stays there forever, typing away, Nothing seems to interfere with his writing , but Amelina. He begins typing "Naked as the glass."

    I have little Tula go hug her Daddy (mod is a favorite of mine) This starts it all up, and Dante takes it from there.

    then this I click to get him his wish

    and Dante fulfills his other wish! lol Tula do you like the sprinklers?

    Oscars' 1st day on the different career path. But he sees Luc just got home from school.

    "Wait, Daddy, Where are you going?"

    "To work, but I will see you tonight to tuck you in!"

    Frida gets home from work and has a new patrol car! I watch her go to talk to Gladsten.

    But all this police talk is much too sexy for Gladsten to bare, and he grabs her. lol

    Frida wishes to join the forensic branch, instead of following her LTW. I'm glad she tells me what she wants. I get that straightened out. I think they can move forward tomorrow or next day.

    Tulip gets her notice and Dante makes me laugh so hard, he now wishes for a girl! So he wants A) Baby, B) baby boy, C) baby girl, D) baby with Tulip, no more room for any more wishes!
    "but Watcher, that is all I want, my lovely wife and family." OK Dante, duly noted!

    Oscar gets home late but little Luc has waited up for him, he reads him a bedtime story.

    "And as Ziggy, blasted off to the twinkling stars..."

    "his mind was filled with wonderment of all the possibilities, he might encounter...."

    Ziggy was excited! he wasn't scared at all, for he was the bravest little astronaut of all..."

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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Tamijo Oh that is a nice idea! TY
    I love your update! Poor muddi :'(

    @Nikkei_Simmer Ah! nice uniforms! :)

    @bekkasan TY for the comment from? I forgot to answer. now they both want a girl, so geesh twins? Or just another girl? will the house explode at the seams?! Will the Watcher go mad?! Ha stayed tuned...

    lol I'll need to sleep on it, I'm weighing my options, I could put the pregnancy on hold till Gladsten & Frida move out.

    Frida is more difficult than the others, I think she's crabby in this game. She was really great in my other game, when she married Argus.

    Half of me wants to wait to make sure it gels and half of me just wants to get them married and out. But I feel responsible...

    I'm so glad you laughed at all the pictures of Gladsten! :D I was laughing too! I'm relieved I'm not the only one who does that! Victor, Damien, Rafe, Adam, Marshall!!! well who wouldn't!!! <3

    oh my mod is set so married/partners only flirt with each other. EA was insane to have it the way they did, hahahaha Other than that they pretty much do what they want.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,439 Member
    edited December 2020

    Generation One

    Chapter Three - "Seeing in A New Light"

    Part Two

    Haruo turned to look at River who stood there arms crossed and she had a satisfied smirk on her face, acknowledging Bebe's presence with a raised eyebrow, "if my mom deigns to let me go to the prom, I'll be asking River out." Haruo informed Bebe with a wry smile.
    "I guess she's out from class now!" Bebe grinned, "Oh, of course." Bebe nodded as she acknowledged River's proprietary stance, a silent challenge between women that was a clear sign: Back off, he's mine; and that was clear that River had claimed him even if she wasn't entirely ready to admit it herself. And Bebe acknowledged it with a simple " wouldn't be proper to ask anyone else. You two have always been joined..." she paused as she looked back at River and winked at Haruo " the hip." She said suggestively as she laughed and River turned beet red with embarrassment.

    Was it so goldarn obvious? River rolled her eyes. "Thanks a lot, Bebe!" She muttered.
    "No problem, River, any time, I’m waiting on Torao and I’ll see you guys later if we’re doing homework together tonight." Bebe smirked at River; turned on her heels, waggled her fingers at Haruo and said, "Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do." as she turned to see a waiting Torao.
    River waved back at her as she and Haruo made their own way down the stairs. Once they were on their way out of earshot, River muttered, "She's so annoying sometimes...". Bebe was always quick to tease her friends, though gently as she had a good heart. River knew that but having her interest towards her life-long friend , that she wasn't ready to reveal yet, exposed like that would annoy anyone if she was trying to be inconspicuous about her interest in said certain individual.
    In any case, the walk smoothed her ruffled feathers and her disposition improved by the time they'd made it past the library and swung a left onto Redwood Parkway, Haruo, narrowly missed nearly being hit by a car, starting to head up the hill. Chatting about inconsequential matters also helped. When they got home they would deal with the task of doing their homework. Hopefully their homework would be done by the time River's mom and Haruo's dad got home. Presumably, Molly would be joining them at the diner.
    They reached home and being latchkey kids, River and Haruo had no problem in determining that River's side of the triplex was the best place to study as the babysitter who would be minding Sandi would be here until Molly got home from whatever she was doing on her day off, perhaps going down to the pool and working on her tan. River pulled out a can of Pepsi and passed it to her friend who accepted it gratefully then she made a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they could both snack on while they sat at the table and did their homework. The math homework was the most time intensive and thus they tackled it first.

    "Haruo, al-Kashi's theorem relates the lengths of the sides of a triangle to the cosign of one of its angles." River explained holding her pencil against the problem.
    Haruo looked confused. " And I'm supposed to map the linear inequality of this equation; hang graphing a solution. i'm gonna be here all night." He looked at River with a pleading expression as he pondered his next move.
    River looked at him indulgently. It wasn't as difficult for her to see the solution to this question but it appeared that Haruo had a learning deficit when it came to numbers and it was exceedingly difficult to understand any complex algebraic equations.

    " Rearrange the equation so "y" is on the left and everything else on the right. Honmphh." River barely managed to clamp off calling Haruo...honey by covering her mouth as if to bite off a sneeze. That endearment would definitely cause a stir if it got out.

    "...OK..."River still wasn't sure if Haruo got the instruction clear in his head judging by the glazed look in his eyes. It was a frustrating hour and a half tackling all the pages that the teacher had assigned but eventually they both breathed a sigh of relief as the problems were finished.
    Homework went a lot easier from there and Haruo being a good writer fairly flew past his English 12 homework. Social Studies was a project that was due next Friday so they would have to stop by the city library and root through the index. cards to find the subject and related books; then it was a search expedition into the stacks. To find information that they would diligently copy the information to and if there was time would formulate the information in some order to be able to turn it into a viable report that they would get an A for.
    "Are you taking chemistry this year?" River asked curious.

    "No, Mr Foster said that he would give me a C- in Chem 11 if I never took chemistry again. I think he was scared that one of my mistakes would cause the entire chemistry lab to blow up." That frank admission caused River to laugh hysterically.

    "What...did you do?" River asked when she could finally catch her breath.

    Haruo admitted with a great deal of embarrassment, "Um...I just a chunk of cesium.., water." He winced as River's eyes began to widen and her mouth fell open.

    "Just how big was that chunk?" River asked barely restraining herself but lost it completely when Haruo held up a hand with index finger and thumb about three inches apart.
    Trying to catch her breath was completely futile as he added, "...they had to evacuate the lab." It took almost fifteen minutes for River to stop her cacchinating; tears of hilarity running down her cheeks.

    If River remembered correctly, Mr. Nellis's Chem 12 classroom was in Mr. Foster's old room. At the beginning of the semester, Mr. Nellis had remarked dourly on a certain individual in the school, who would remain nameless for his own obscuration, who was careless around Cs. The instructor had mentioned that it was quite lucky in fact that the substance the clumsy student had been working with had not been trinitrotoluene or the school would not have a science lab to speak of. The maintenance people had not been able remove the burn mark from the lab counter."Oh my god..." she gasped wiping her eyes.
    " no chemistry for me any more." He intoned melodramatically. "So much for my getting into atomic science." He said with a feigned melancholic look on his face.
    River convulsed in helpless laughter.

    (End Part Two)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    izecsonizecson Posts: 2,875 Member
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    My current heir Felipe Schmarshall Jr was in his last few days of being a teenager, he already being accepted in Sims University with extra credits so he asked his bestfriend Alexander Goth to hang out with him before he go, Alexander still sad by the fact that Felipe Jr will leave him, but Felipe Jr promised to call at least once in a few days


    After having a long chat, they decided to play a water baloon fight along with Alexander's sister Cassandra, they're having a really great time together


    When Felipe Jr was busy having fun with his friends, his father Leurent tried to catch firefly to give it to Felipe Jr as a way to teach him a responsibility of taking care another living being when his parents weren't around.


    Leurent also bought a terrarium with a chipmunk for Felipe Jr, but then both of them confused on how to move the terrarium to his son's dorm over at Sims University, nevertheless Felipe Jr loves his new pal and he named it Winter


    Felipe Jr told his mother, Mildred about his decisions to go to University as soon as he graduates from High School


    On the next day, Felipe Jr is having a birthday and he is now a Young Adult, everyone including his plumbot nanny who he despised since he was a child came to celebrate his birthday despite their sour relationship.


    "I feel like I can take on the world" Felipe Jr said.


    He also didn't forget to tell his grandfather Felipe Marshall about his plan, with an ulterior motive of getting an added allowance from his grandfather.


    And it's time to share farewell hugs to both of his parents, because this is probably his last night in the house and won't be back for a while


    Now that the graduation ceremony is over, Felipe Jr prepared his luggage to go to Sims University


    As soon as he arrived he noticed that some of the students lacking in skills that are required for their degrees, so he set up a protest against the unskilled sims.


    The succesful protest led him to quickly rising in rank for the Rebel clique as an Agitator


    Him being a snob loves all the praise and compliment he received as a result, Felipe Jr feeling even more rebellious for the rest of the day so he put his street art skill to use


    He was unaware of his action has been scrutinized by a local police department, and he has been caught red handed

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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
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    @Nikkei_Simmer eeeek!!! :# the first pic I see! that better not be electricity between Huaro and Bebe! nooooo!

    Quick River, DO something!!!

    ahh, , whew, Rivers' arms crossed, raised eyebrow. it. is. done. Thank Goodness. I can relax now! :)

    Gosh Bebe is super cute LOL""No problem, River, any time..." what a jokester! ;)

    Yay Tuaro is there! I can't wait to see more of Bebe and Tuaro!
    Tuaro is Cute and Huaro is Handsome to me.

    I love how River looks at Huaro, walking up the hill. <3

    Gadfrey all that math reads to me "wonk wonk wonk didly-o wonk" :|

    OMG the chemistry story LOL Priceless, and the Pix too!!! Love the expressions! Bravo!

    @izecson I adore Felipe Jr's glasses! He is darling! <3

    Mildred looks so happy to hear his news of University!

    Oh! he despised his nanny?

    Wow! he aged up Nicely!!! <3 (And Grandfather And Dad, what a handsome family!)

    Aw Mom's & Dad's face at the hug goodbye :'( ---amazing capturing the pix and expressions at the perfect moment!

    uh oh, the Popo! Yikes! :o

    izecson, Do you have this story in entirety somewhere? I would love to read it All! I really enjoyed what you posted! :)

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    izecsonizecson Posts: 2,875 Member
    DivaDoodle wrote: »

    @izecson I adore Felipe Jr's glasses! He is darling! <3

    Mildred looks so happy to hear his news of University!

    Oh! he despised his nanny?

    Wow! he aged up Nicely!!! <3 (And Grandfather And Dad, what a handsome family!)

    Aw Mom's & Dad's face at the hug goodbye :'( ---amazing capturing the pix and expressions at the perfect moment!

    uh oh, the Popo! Yikes! :o

    izecson, Do you have this story in entirety somewhere? I would love to read it All! I really enjoyed what you posted! :)

    Yeah, Felipe Jr really hated his nanny plumbot, it started when his father put some sentience chip on her and the first interaction Felipe Jr did was asking her to entertain him and she yelled at him, Felipe Jr being Grumpy and Innapropriate retaliate on her until both of them started fighting.

    As for the rest of their story, i wrote them as a personal biography that you can check in here:
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,225 Member
    Comment time

    I have been busy today, went to do a bit of Christmas shopping,
    and also cards for my brother's kids.
    Also did an application for spring to a course I need to be able to apply to a broader circle of jobs.

    But now time to do some comments.


    Cute raccoon screenshots.


    Luc is a cute kid,
    oh, Dante your so evil hehe.


    Mary scared Jamie hehe,
    I bet Bekka ahd a good alugh at it.


    Nice to see you thank you
    for the comment.


    Great updates.


    Great updates
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @izecson Thank you for the explanation, and the Link!

    @Silverofdreams TY for the comment! hehe
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    I've been busy building lots for a gift exchange on the store thread.It was gifting time today, and I released my build.I really
    wanted to share here before, but we couldn't post anywhere in case our buddy saw it.But now I can.

    The Lizzie Borden House:
    On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. Daughter Lizzie Borden was arrested and tried for the ax murders. She was acquitted in 1893 and continued to live in Fall River until her death, on June 1, 1927. The case was never solved.

    Inspiration photo:


    Entry way that leads into the sitting room where Andrew was killed, the
    mini hallway and kitchen.

    Andrew Borden was found dead on the sofa on August 4, 1892.

    Upstairs Hallway near the bedroom where Abbey Borden was killed.

    I originally intended it to be a bed and breakfast but because we couldn't use CC, I couldn't use the rabbit hole rugs.
    But if you want, you can download the rugs and change it to a bed and breakfast, it has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.The
    Garage is just for decor, but has space to add maybe a fourth bed if you choose to do so.It is set to a Art Gallery.
    Stop by the garden at the side of the house shortly after Midnight, Maybe you'll Spot Abbey and Andrew Borden.

    Download link:

    A/N: I downloaded the world you like to play in "Plymouth Isle" and built the house on one of the 38 x 40 lots =)

    Edit: I ran custard and says corrupt...but I have no CC in my game as I created a new folder for this.It may be because I used the image uploader to upload to exchange, I can try uploading a second version without images.
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Chapter 2.7 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    Miss Loveless and David had twins, little Kate and little Angie. I knew of course that they were not my sisters, but anyway I loved them instantly and thought of them as my family. I visited as often as I could and promised to babysit whenever needed.


    I was now more than 10 years old, able to look after myself and allowed to be with friends or just play around in the neighborhood as long as I was back before bedtime. It was springtime, as far as I could tell mother was feeling great. Uncle Robert got an award from the town art council, being an innovative promising local artist, money he used to get us an old car, life was wonderful.


    Uncle Robert finished the later so famous “snowman” thanks God he did not sell it for a few hundred $ back then


    Mummy had a brief affair with a man she knew from her time at the newspaper. I thought he was way too old for her. It turned out that he was mean and possessive, one day hit her right there on the street outside the Historical Society building. That love affair was over promptly, she was a little upset about it, but I was glad.


    Uncle Robert made a fantastic painting of me with my dollhouse in the background.
    About a month later I got my own room, mummy moved into the living room and Muddi moved in with me. I loved to have my own space, where I could invite friends to play on the computer or with the dollhouse.

    Mother still came in to my room when it was bedtime, to write a few pages while I fell asleep.


    Main Characters Chapter 1 & 2


    End of 2nd chapter
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    @DivaDoodle, thanks
    Wow some very mean bees, I’m sure my sims are glad I don’t own that DLC.
    “Luc”: Always hard when your parents work late shifts.

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Poor Haruo, having a hard time and his (soon to become) girl is having a blast.

    @izecson: Nice update.

    @Silverofdreams30: Thanks for comment

    Muddi watching the cooking channel, drooling all over the couch


    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    @GraceyManor: Great job so high quality.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,941 Member
    edited December 2020
    Recently life has been a bit more... Chaotic.
    With Devon becoming a toddler my Witch had to give some life lessons soon.
    So I had her bring little Elvira over too as she set off for the Belle house...

    Hungry toddler, lots of noise... And crying music. Greeeeat.
    With Devon's insatiable hunger took care of I thought teaching him to talk would be really helpful right now.
    I agree with you there. "I'm getting too old for this" shown in one face.
    At least if he learns to talk he can learn to shout "BE QUIET PLEASE!"

    Little Elvira's birthday is near too. Big highlight is how her adult self is gaining athletics while the young clone gains logic. Brains and brawn. How fitting.

    And when she aged up. You err... Have your "mothers" highlights?

    Oh hey, it's that alien too. First time she meets someone out of the family and it's an occult.

    I did not know he was elderly until he pulled out a walking stick and looked completely done with space life.

    Elvira should be given the chance to visit herself/herself as her mom... But you know, she's already got Paparrazi swarming her like flies. If the witch was around they'd be ash piles for that.

    WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO IMPRESS YOURSELF? Much less your own mother too!

    They had a good chess match, doubt she'll realise she's cloned until adulthood hopefully.

    Okay then, walk out this building then. If yourself can't have a snack then I'm pretty sure by the defintion of clones then you're also limiting YOURSELF from having a snack too.

    I didn't mean literally. But hey, another hotdog suit!

    Here's the perfect representation of who you know's lived here. Elvira's probably already just thinking "yep, it's her 5th death this week, you'll get used to it."

    Had to get a creative use for that statue.

    Back at the Belle household and it was a pretty fun experience watching her gain a celeb status just hanging out with her step-family
    Don't mind the lonely moodlet, her social was completely full and it was still there. It went away without any bad effects!

    Not pictured was AUTONOMOUS MARRIGE. That was a very sudden event I never noticed UNTIL the move in/out dialogue box popped up

    Only thing I caught here was the face of pure confusion. I agree. I didn't understand either Witch.

    Some family tree weirdness too

    By all sense Elvira's techniqually not related? But at the same time I really am not letting the attraction system kick in when her adoptive mother's (step) family age too. Though it's weird to see Devon being the only one to see her as a sister.

    Not much further on her unoffical 2ND lifetime wish at least.

    Witchface: The World Is Yours

    Well, at least nothing burnt to death today.
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    Susan lead Brian to the upstairs hallway, where a few photos hung on the wall.
    He looked at them carefully."That is Charles, Delilah's fiance" Brian looked rather
    disappointed."She's engage?" Susan shook her head."Not anymore, He was killed
    last year on christmas eve out on rt 6.Drunk driver."

    "I..didn't know.." Brian tried to apologize. "Of course you didn't.She
    doesn't speak of it to anyone." Things began to make sense.The reason
    she didn't like christmas anymore, or why she acted the way she did."She
    blames herself...They had a fight that night, and she wanted be alone." Brian
    felt guilty for being so pushy."But its not her fault." He commented."I know" Susan replied,
    "But she feels guilty." "I understand...There's things I've kept to myself as well.Can we go for a ride?"
    Brian needed to get out of the house."Of course, come."

    Brian directed Susan to a white gated home just on the outskirts of town."This is a lovely
    house" She remarked."My family home or it was. My parents died a few years ago...old age..
    They left me the home...but I couldn't afford the mortgage, foreclosed on.Lost my job.That's how
    I ended up here..." Susan felt sadness for Brian.The home was still for sale with a foreclosed sign on it.
    "How much was the mortage, if you don't mind my asking?" Brian looked up "2500 a month." Susan nodded,
    and looked over the home."Where's Delilah?" He asked curiously.Susan knew exactly where her daughter was."She's
    probably visiting the cemetary."

    Delilah stood at the grave of Charles.She kept blaming herself for his death, wishing it had
    been her instead of him.

    Background music: Hey, maybe I'll dye my hair
    Maybe I'll move somewhere
    Maybe I'll get a car
    Maybe I'll drive so far
    That I'll lose track
    Me, I'll bounce right back
    Maybe I'll sleep real late

    She couldn't hold it any longer, her tears fell down her cheeks, nearly
    freezing in the cold air.
    Maybe I'll lose some weight
    Maybe I'll clear my junk
    Maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine
    Me, I'll be just
    Fine and dandy
    Lord it's like a hard candy Christmas
    I'm barely getting through tomorrow
    But still I won't let
    Sorrow bring me way down

    "I'm sorry." was the only words she could manage to get out, before
    she started crying again.
    Background music:
    Hey, maybe I'll learn to sew
    Maybe I'll just lie low
    Maybe I'll hit the bars
    Maybe I'll count the stars until dawn
    Me, I will go on

    Susan drove Brian to the graveyard, He found Delilah alone and crying
    over a by a small grave.He stood for a few moments before approaching.
    background music:
    Maybe I'll settle down
    Maybe I'll just leave town
    Maybe I'll have some fun

    Neither said a word, but he offered an embrace, Delilah didn't refuse
    and ran into his arms.
    Background music: Maybe I'll meet someone
    And make him mine
    Me, I'll be just
    Fine and dandy
    Lord it's like a hard candy Christmas
    I'm barely getting through tomorrow
    But still I won't let
    Sorrow bring me way down;ab_channel=CharmedHourHauntedSong25
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comment :smile: Had a better day today :smile:

    @bekkasan Thanks for the comment :smile: I think that the way this year has gone as caused me more time to think but I can explain more another time.


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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    28 The Watcher Watches Gladsten & Frida

    Gladsten wakes up and daydreams while waiting for Frida to awaken. He wants some lovin with his sweetie. They share some secrets,

    and some smooches, and then Gladsten gets the wish to marry Frida!

    He decides to propose right there in his underwear. because, SIMS! hehe
    Gadfrey! how can she say no to that face!

    Frida is delirious with love and accepts! YAY!
    Gladsten is so happy. He tenderly wraps his arms around her, in a warm embrace.

    Frida, we are all counting on you!

    But my doubts vanish as I see your face, it says it all to me, you are in love!
    "Don't worry Watcher, I do love him!"

    This is Frida's first romance of her lifetime. She is adult stage and Gladsten is YA, with many romances that turned broken for him.
    The look of love, hope, and promise, is evident in their eyes.

    They continue loving until he must report for duty.


    Meanwhile, Upstairs, Tulip awakens from an interesting dream of babies! girl babies, boy babies, babies babies everywhere!
    She laughs, and goes to Dante, who has been waiting for her, on the balcony, to tell him of her funny dream,

    and asks him
    " what do you hope the baby is this time, Love ?"

    "Oh, Girl, Boy, any & All! Whatever the Maker bestows to us is a blessing! I just want a healthy baby. You know that my love" he smiles

    "I got you a giii-ift!" he laughs as he sees her eyes sparkle

    "Oh! what is it?!!" Tulips asks him, excited.
    "It's your favorite! Perfect Watermelons!" chuckles Dante

    "Ohhaha that Is wonderful!" laughs Tulip, "Because I wish for another girl!"
    Tulip's words, of course, set Dante on fire. "I'm so lucky" he thinks


    Frida is so excited about her first true romance, she decides to plan the wedding for Today after work!

    Since she has never even attended a wedding she thinks "I better ask the girls to help me plan. "
    Frida walks up to them, they are joking about how silly the Watcher is to hide the treadmills.
    'What do you all think of a wedding at the Festival?" askes Frida
    Amelina says "Festival sure is a fun place to have the wedding!"

    Louise says "Don't worry about a thing! We will get the place all ready for you, while you're at work!"

    "Oh you two are the Best!" says Frida, very relieved.
    And she heads off to work.

    Gladsten gets home and wants to announce his engagement to Dante. Fantastic News!

    "I think it's a great match" says Dante

    Gladsten then asks for another Fortune reading... to be sure.

    Gladsten is so happy with the reading! He is filled with gladness and relief!

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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @GraceyManor Wow! that first pic of your house looks so real! beautiful job!

    I loved your update, so so sad for Delilah.

    The embrace is lovely! <3

    @Tamijo I enjoy your update!
    grrrrrr that mean old goat! :# How dare he hit Janis!

    I'm glad things are looking up with the car, etc.

    and thank you for the comment, yes, but soon Luc's Dad will just work weekends, so we have that to look forward to!

    @Sorak4 such a fun update!

    ''WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO IMPRESS YOURSELF? Much less your own mother too!'' hahahaha :D

    I love all those gold statues! how fun to have each one a different pose!

    @king_of_simcity7 I like your drawing of Tammy, it's very nicely done!


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