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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    edited December 2020
    Oh...look...foreshadowing. :D
    Mama Molly had to go to work...guess who had to look after Sandi.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Chapter 2.3 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    My world fell apart, I did not eat much, had nightmares and woke up bathed in sweat, I could not concentrate on neither school nor homework. Especially Robert was there for me, helping with my school or just holding me.

    Muddi would never leave my side, he knew how miserable I was, I was so scared.


    We could live from mother’s savings. Uncle David filling the fridge with fish and whatever he could get cheap in town. Uncle Robert, previously reluctant to sell his work, sold every painting he produced. All in all, enough to make a living, although it was a hard period, I do not remember that we could not fill our stomach.

    Robert sold a painting named “Leaves” to a local farmer for almost 400$, that was a lot of money in our household.


    With both my uncles working hard to make ends meet, I took upon me to help with all I could, I guess children just know when to complaint about not having this and that, and when not to. I was cleaning and sweeping the best I could and I did not mind, it kept my mind of worrying.


    Uncle David was back living with us, or rather he was there when I went to bed, he still visited Miss loveless at night, but I did not know at the time.

    Most times he was back in the morning, and the few times he was not there, Robert told me he was fishing somewhere in a faraway lake up the hills


    About 14 days after mother was hospitalized, Robert took me to visit her. We meet her in the hospital garden. It was strange, as if when she looked at us she saw right trough us.

    I would rather be home with Muddi.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you for commenting! yes just like Mama (Pearl Yang) I am hoping the mix with Dante will be wonderful!

    @AlexaKry TY for your comments! Glad you like Frida! it is Newsea Elisabeth Female Hairstyle, I get my hairs from TSR, it had all the ages, it's the only way I know how to do get hair on the game. the hair is so so cute to me, but from afar it looks bald! :o and there might be a place in the back that has a bald spot, it is super cute on toddlers-YA if they have a face (like Frida) that nothing else seems to fit or flatter.

    Yes Dante is extremely bonded with Tula, like how I was with my first born. Never out of my sight, like some over protective Lioness ready to pounce at anyone looking even the slightest cross-eyed at my baby lol

    Oho that is funny that Your most distant person is the " 'cake-man" hahahahaa I love this game so much!

    Yes I bulldozed the festival at the library to be just just a park! For me it is not big enough or fun enough to be a festival---but the park still gets easter eggs! :* the sims seem to love it! haha The only festival lot I like is the Sunset Valley one, probably partly because that was my first experience with a festival.

    That particular day the tree house must have had a sign "Married Sims Only" lol no child went to play there the whole day!

    I like the fearful look as well! it's so cute! Peanut married one of Dante's girls in another life! Peanut is a nice husband! <3

    @king_of_simcity7 sending you virtual hugs of cheer. I'm sorry to hear you feeling so down, I am so happy you have your Sim Art to lean on. I look forward to seeing it if you care to post it!
    Sometimes our darkest days can unleash the most amazing creativity in art and writing.

    @emorrill TY for commenting and loving the story! I appreciate you! I love to be a part of your amazing and my favorite thread! Thank Goodness you started it! <3 It's a life-saver/sanity-saver for me! o:) I am glued to it!--- I was also superGLUED to your story of Sam back in the day!

    Ha! I Know Gladsten is so shredded, and makes my eyes pop-out when he walks by LOL He is a distraction!!! I'm glad you like him curled up, hey, what was Frida doing Not staring at him? :D

    I Love the <3 story of you and hubby! so romantic! It makes my heart expand to read the happiness you both share! not everyone gets to have that. For me, It is the most precious gift of all. cuz well, I am a romantic and wanted to marry before kindergarten! Mama said no you are too young, pick someone on TV to marry, so I chose Mighty Mouse! :D My hubby and I have known each other since jr high, I thought he was so cool to have an older GF! B) At 19, in college He asked me for a date and the date has never stopped. We didn't marry till we were 27 because that was his Mother's rule. Soon as he turned 27 *bing* we married on Summer Solstice 1980. He is such a dear man, my silver fox, favorite person in the entire world. Funny story I think you might like: Once when we were young and crazy, we went to a Jotish/psychic (an East Indian astologer in Sanskrit, the word Jyotish, translated as “science of light,” refers to the profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology originating in the ancient Vedic traditions of India ) and He laughed heartily when reading our charts and said So you found one another, yet again. According to him, we incarnate together all the time, sometimes as mother, sometimes as father, or siblings, or best friends, twice we were a gay couple. He said it's funny we always want to be with one another.....IF one believes that sort of thing, interesting never the less.

    LOL fake it till you make it referring to sex! O wish someone told me that back when! LOL I hadn't a clue! :D

    Yes dinosaurs! Let's just say, When i was a dinosaur I think I could have been her playmate or more likely, her baby sitter! :D:*

    I'm happy that you & Hubby &family will have a great Christmas season together! <3

    @Tamijo thank you for the nice comment! I appreciate you!

    more comments later I need to plaaaaaaaay! :)
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    Chapter 2.4 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    a few month later

    Even thought this was a period of much sorrow and misery, we had no financial distress quite the opposite. Mothers book continued to sell very well, Uncle Robert became a bit more accepted in the local Art circles and could now auction off his painting, earning a bit more. Uncle David’s fishing paid off better and better. Uncle David also took up gardening again, not that he made a lot from that, but the lot became nicer.

    At this old photo he doesn’t have time for his gardening, flirting with the new postwoman.


    My uncles decided to make a larger renovation of the cottage, extending the kitchen / living room quite a lot, that way we could fit in a sofa and a small television, that was so nice. Everyone at school talked about what was on telly, now I could join in.
    Uncle David of course hated it, especially adverts made him angry, but at first he attempted not to care.


    The highlight of the next period was the festival a leisure day, even though it was a rainy day, there was lots of people and I had a lot of fun, completely forgetting by sorrows. I was wearing some of the brand-new clothes my uncles bought me from the money coming from the book.


    Uncle David was flirting with a young Japanese Lady, Tamiko Katsuta. Later I found out, that it was she who became the famous writer and founder of the very wealthy art family that founded the acclaimed “Katsuta Institute of the Arts” in Sunset Valley.


    It is now 6 months since mother was hospitalized, yesterday Robert and I went to see her, she was crying a lot and hugging me many times, was sad and wonderful at the same time. On the way back Robert said: “You should not be sad that mummy was crying, it is a sign that she is coming back to reality, she will soon be better I am sure”

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,937 Member
    edited December 2020
    @Puddinroy Hello. :)

    I am making a video at the moment, will probably be back logged in to play the game again in a week or two.

    I've had to do a lot of rearranging and I moved them all to a new save. Didn't log in for that.

    I'm currently setting up for them to start having babies.

    In the video I'm working on now the first couple will get married.



    Next video the second couple will marry.

    Robbie - the one with the Dusty old Lamp the irresistible genie came out of


    They move out to their own homes when they marry.

    I've played and recorded up to the point where I've moved both married couples out and added a new potential spouse for one of them, Lynette.


    Larry - newly added as a potential spouse for Lynette

    There are only 16 sims in the household now and it plays and saves much better. I don't think moving to a new save did much for me other than make me take the time to actually see what is in the world and who lives there. I think I'll probably get most, if not all of the teens aged up and married and living in their own homes before logging in to play again so it could be a week or two or three. I will need to be logged in each time I play once the babies start arriving.

    If this were just a normal game I probably wouldn't be considering doing what I am now seriously thinking of doing.

    Elsa - that irresistible genie

    This genie is a menace. Firstly, she tried to split up Javon and Gwen by constantly chasing Javon. I moved Elsa, the irresistible genie, out to a house near some of the imaginary friends made real. Then she moved herself out to some other house around town somewhere.

    Then I sent Javon and Gwen away for a Sim week or two so I could concentrate on getting their relationship back in the green zone and ready for marriage. I had their wedding. I moved them out to a new house I set up for them.

    Then I sent Robbie and Candice away to a different vacation experience and they got married and I moved them out to live next door to Javon and Gwen. I noticed Gwen was hanging around the main house and she had to be told to go home.

    Then when I placed Robbie and Candice in their house, next to Gwen and Javon, I noticed that genie had moved to a different house - now she lives opposite Javon and Gwen.

    She actually gave Javon flowers at his wedding as soon as Gwen left the scene to get herself a drink. Javon was still standing at the wedding arch when Elsa gave him flowers.

    I need Javon and Gwen to stay married and have lots of babies. I don't want Else to split them up again. So I'm now thinking of removing her from the game. I thought of sending her to a different world but she's just come back as a tourist.

    Anyway, so far everyone is where I put them except for that genie. She originally came out of the dusty old lamp that Robbie found as a child.

    The next couple I will be getting married and moved out are Dennis and Alecia

    I'd like to have him get to the top of the painting career before moving him out - but I need to get this badge.

    This is Alecia and she has a very entertaining personality. Outgoing and full of fun. I'd love to play her more but we are after a badge in this save.

    Happy Simming all.

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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,941 Member
    Ooookay, although today didn't involve fires... So far I feel like I've had no hand in the weirdness that ensured.
    A few days ago when I was working towards getting my Witch to 5 star famedom before, there was Lola Belle, usually my Witch just impresses every Celeb normally... (Or torches them in the case of that 2 star) Lola Belle however had none of the usual options to brag about. My Witch quite basically didn't think of bragging about her logic or cooking. But nope instead I think she wisened up. While I wasn't looking before she had a love charm on herself. (Modding that out after what happened to prevent further randomness.) Combine the attempt at impressing a celebrity and a love charm and you've got a different way to impress a celeb. Instantly they became romantic interests.

    Well... That works.

    Que today while still working to keep that relation up

    Who's this random townie filming?

    Oh, someone she's not evening paying attention to.

    And he starts picturing something looking half confused too.


    Ooookay, my Sim automatically got into Lola Belle's car. I did not do absolutely anything here that'd make her take a ride in someone elses car. Is this Simnapping?

    Puppies thinking about witches too. It probably caught onto the hat

    Can I also point out that the fact two Simmies are having a musical showdown, piano VS guitar. It's like one of them got fed up of the music so they wanted to annoy the other one.

    Nothing I captured here but my Sim eventually got drove to Belle's mansion and they woohoo'd... Errm okay. At least after all of that I could finally control my Witch again to get out of there.

    Later on. I just went back to somewhere else while picking up some ingredients.

    Sim celebrity dumpster diving, nothing unusual

    But then theres a random UFO here. Did that alien she met before decide to visit or something?

    Decided to upgrade it for the random owner, if this was the Sims 2 I would be scared of corruption from all these empty thought bubbles. But my Witch just had to flex about the magic upgrading.

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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    edited December 2020
    Gotta love the raccoons.

    in real life: (my shot)
    ©2008 FalconRose Photography, photographer - me.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    I’ll do the proper update later. But for now, thanks to NRAAS Story Progression keeping me updated, Carolina and Pablo are also married! It’s a shame I didn’t see it happen, but I wanted to keep an eye on pregnant Elena. They apparently haven’t been able to move in together yet, so I’ll have to intervene and make that happen. The engagement happened not long after Pablo became a young adult, apparently. As for the triplets, Alejandra has a boyfriend and Mateo has a girlfriend, but Sofia is still single. Maria, Miguel, Aislinn and Michael (the last two being Patrick’s parents) are all now elders. I’m actually somewhat tempted to move the elders in with Elena and Patrick, just so that, when they die, their graves will be on the lot and I can send them to the graveyard and have a place for the family to mourn, as opposed to them dying off lot and there being no graves. Plus, all the elders are now retired (which is a shame for Miguel as he wanted to reach the top of the Acting career for his Lifetime Wish) and they can look after... ahh, but I haven’t mentioned that yet. Yes, generation 3 is here! ;)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Speaking of Raccoons. :mrgreen: I meant to share these outtake pics with y'all earlier.

    There was a cute raccoon running along in the snow and I had this thought, Could I add the raccoon to the current household via MC? (I do that with Unicorns often. :p )


    I saved first, because I couldn't remember if I tried this experiment before, and I know raccoons can be glitchy. Sure enough it worked! :grin: However...there's very limited interactions with it, like usual, and...they won't hang in your house or anything. Super bummer. :( I guess I could trap it in the yard with a fence :lol: but with limited, not so good interactions, it's not worth it.

    For example, I had Miriam approach it. It looked up and back at her like, "Umm, hello?" (I think it looks adorable. <3 )


    Then I had her go to pet it - since it was part of the family - and it hissed at her like it was...well...rabid! :lol:



    That's when I quit without saving.

    They are super cute though...I wish there were a way to domesticate them and have them as pets in the game. :)

    More comments to come later my friends. :kissing_heart: I enjoyed the heck out of reading your recent reply comments to me @DivaDoodle :blush:
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    25 The Watcher Watches. "Morning Thoughts. + Galdsten&Frida to to work."

    The game is loading up, it takes longer because maybe too many family members? :o I'm alarmed that Luc is missing from the loading picture then so relieved to see Luc sleeping soundly in his bed. whew

    I wonder if Luc will want to be in the music career like Daddy?

    I have the childish belief that my simies live their lives with me or without me. I find all sorts of things in their back pack, Louise frequently has a new elixir but we never go to the Alcamist shop where she can make them. I can't spy on her solely because I might miss something someone else does. Just too many people in the household for me to properly observe them, which is my favorite way to play.

    Gladsten wakes up, he wants to get a tan before work, even though he's very hungry! I wonder if in my game he will eat something at work, like in other people's game? I don't interfere, I let him tan with Louise, who is thinking of Sunlit tides it looks like .lol I like that place too Louise!

    Dante wakes up, looks at his sleeping wife, and thinks of a heart. He stands there a bit then turns to go to hypnotize Amelina! I see in the back ground someone else was thinking of Sunlit Tides! :)

    Dante chuckles, "Just kiddin"

    Then seems kinda embarrassed.

    Luc wakes up but his favorite persons Ari, and Dad are still asleep, He goes to his Mom to tell her a funny story about how a bug turned into cash.

    I'm excited that Frida and Gladsten will go to work today! They haven't had a work day so far since joining family. I want to see them advance if they wish it! Frida is hungry and I think Oscar is too!

    Tulip wakes up and goes to little Tula.
    I put toys out for her if she wishes to learn.

    Gladsten and Amelina want to go train--UG-- I'll stay out here!

    But indoors, Aiden's got the handyman's moves and stops Amelina in her tracts.

    Frida having finished her breakfast, sees them and thinks, Oh good idea!

    The kids are used to seeing all the love in the house, Ari especially seems to likes it, it seems like he is a romantic, though too young for the trait. Both boys are painting when the school bus comes, they want to finish.

    Frida and Gladsten change for work.

    O Gladsten... !!!
    *heart papataions* *faints* *thud*

    "haha, Cut it out, Watcher, You're embarasing me!"

    'No.' *takes a million pictures.*


    and he finally clicks for his car, to get some peace&quiet at work.


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,937 Member
    edited December 2020
    @emorrill your racoon looks like it's having fun.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I liked the comparison between the Sim racoon and your photo of the racoon.

    If I see a racoon in my game when I'm working on a video I will try to include it in the video. A lot of my videos have racoons in them. Imagine my surprise when, a few months ago, I was recording for a McFluff video and Iris was on her way home. It was late at night. The racoon was in front of her home lot. As she approached her home she stopped to look at the racoon. I had to rush to get close to see what was happening. Iris and the racoon were playing catch. I got a bit of it on video and included it in that episode. I don't remember which one it was now though. I hadn't seen that happen before. But I have seen it again in another game. It just happens autonomously. I don't think you can tell them to play catch. Maybe you can. I don't actually know.
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Nikkei_Simmer oh nice foreshadowing!!! like your shot of the simie racoon but the real racoon shot is so fantastic! I love them, we have lots of wildlife here, it makes me so happy!

    @Tamijo Nice interesting update! I like the leaves painting! I have never seen that one.

    Love the pic of David with miss Loveless through the window! nicely done!

    Poor Mummy, I cannot even imagine being apart from my children. :'(

    @Karritz it was great hearing about what's going on in your game. love the pictures, they are all so unique!

    @Sorak4 your game is so interesting! I'm so glad you post it! I also modded that love charm out! otherwise the whole townspeople comit mayhem, then there all the crying.

    omg that puppy is too cute!

    "Simnapping' hahahaha

    @emorrill darling shots of the simie raccoon, I had no idea they could turn their head to look at a sim! (I don't have SimPets) gosh you got so close to get expressions!

    Oh good I'm glad you enjoyed my comments!

    back to watching my simmies1

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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    Betty's Decision

    Bekka teleports in front of Jamie and he turns to speak to her. Mary teleports directly behind Jamie. She is happy Bekka is speaking to him and distracting him from her. Once again she manages to startle him. Mary 2, Jamie 0. Bekka has a good laugh at Jamie's reaction. Jamie smiles sheepishly and turns and gives Mary a high five. Bekka admires Jamie's sense of humor and easy going attitude. Bekka finishes getting the measures of the upstairs rooms and captures a few pictures with her camera, so she could have before and after shots if Damien hires her.

    Downstairs, Rebecca sits on the floor and designs preliminary sketches. Damien arrives back home and goes straight to Mary greeting her as if he has been gone for days. He lets her know the meeting went well and asks her to find Betty for him. Jamie picks up Lia who has wandered in and demands attention. Bekka looks over at Jamie who is smooching the cat and grins at the picture he makes. She stands up aware that sitting on the floor is not very professional. Damien thinks she looks relaxed compared to earlier. He hopes she and Jamie were able to talk. "May I see your sketches?" He looks through her sketchbook impressed with her artistry and designs. "I really like your idea for the kitchen. Do you have any questions that my notes or Jamie and Mary couldn't answer?"

    Bekka beams a smile at him. "No, I think we have covered everything. I'm excited about this project and hope my ideas will be exactly what you are looking for. I will get back to you in two days with some designs and cost estimates for you."

    "Thank you so much for coming. I look forward to seeing your ideas." Damien pics up Lia who is twining around his feet. "I think I am needed in the kitchen." Damien said as he recognized Jamie’s hinting hand gesture to leave the room. He swiftly goes into the kitchen to allow Jamie to talk with Bekka alone.

    "Thank you again for being so nice to me and showing me around the house." Bekka gives Jamie her address and a time for dinner.

    "You know, you don't really need to explain anything to me if you don't feel comfortable. We can start over getting to know each other and enjoy a nice dinner together." He looks into her beautiful sad eyes wishing he could make them shine with happiness.

    "Oh, Jamie. That is really sweet of you to be willing to forgive and forget without an explanation. I know I owe you an explanation for my bizarre behavior."
    Jamie walks her outside and helps her stow her things in her motorcycle bags. "Nice ride! I'll see you in a few hours." He stands and watches as she rides off looking forward to seeing her again.

    Rebecca arrives home and is so excited about the project, starts drafting some designs before preparing a meal.

    "Jamie, thank you for taking Rebecca around while I was gone. Was it awkward?"
    "Things were a little tense at first. We both tried to ignore what happened. When we got upstairs, she couldn't ignore it any longer. It was stressing her out. She apologized to me and I apologized to her. I'm going over to her place for dinner tonight and she said she would explain more. Please don't let what I told you affect your decision for the house. I saw her sketches and her work is phenomenal. She was great with Mary and Mary obviously liked her too. They took off to the upper attic, and I could hear them laughing and having a great time together."
    "How did she get into the attic? I thought it was blocked."
    "It still is. You are not going to believe this part. I saw it with my own eyes...twice. She teleported into the attic. She's a genie!"
    "What?" Damien looks puzzled.
    "Yep, you heard me. A genie!"
    "A genie in the lamp kind of genie?"
    "What other kind of genie is there?"
    "I don't know, occult beings are your thing! Genies are real! I'm going to make a list of what's real and what's not!" Damien shakes his head dismayed, while Jamie just smiles.
    "I've pretty much learned if there is a legend or story it is based on fact with perhaps a touch of fantasy in the story. Some occult may not exist any longer, some stay hidden away in their own lands, others live right out in the open in other towns. They are being accepted into communities and they have a council that makes laws preventing attacks from them or attacks on them. They want a peaceful coexistence with humans and are moving into communities that are accepting of them. You were not prepared to accept that knowledge before moving here and seeing for yourself that ghosts are real. Riverview has a few occult who mostly live quietly and enjoy the peaceful community."
    "I never realized that! I suppose you know who they are and what they are? No, don't answer that. I don't think I really want to know. I'm planning on asking Mary on a date tonight, that I do know. Wish me luck."
    "No luck is needed. I can't imagine her saying no. I hope you and Mary have a wonderful evening!"
    "I hope things go well for you with Rebecca."

    Betty floats into the room and Jamie excuses himself. He doesn't want to be nearby if Betty gets hysterical again. Damien tells her he has solved her case. He asks her to sit down. "You were right. He did kill you, Betty. Your memory of things is off because he drugged you with sedatives and hit you over the head to stun you before tossing you in the water to drown. I obtained the proof needed, and the police issued a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to the local jail and will go before the magistrate tomorrow. The police are notifying your children before it gets released to the press. Would you like for me to arrange it so you can see your children? Do you still want to move on or have you changed your mind and want to undergo Liam's therapy?"

    "I don't want my children to see me this way. I'm tired Damien and appreciate everything that you did, but I want to move on. It was a marvelous life until I let the end be ruined by a con man." Damien watches Betty take the information so calmly, much calmer than he expected. She looks at peace as well. "I'll go say my goodbyes to the others. Will you ask Jamie to help me? I know he can release me."

    Betty hugs him. "Thank you! I know you love Mary. She is a great girl and couldn't have a better young man than you looking out for her. I wish you both happiness." Damien hugs her back tightly, glad that he was able to help her with her unfinished business so she could move on.

    The household gathers in the yard to say a final farewell to Betty. Jamie formally asks Betty if she is ready to be released. She doesn't hesitate. "Yes, send me home, please." Jamie intones the words he learned to release spirits. "The Fates shine their light upon you and summon you home, dear Betty. Be at peace and may you roam no more."
    With a flash of light and a puff of smoke, Betty is gone.
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,941 Member
    edited December 2020
    Random short update. So while transmuting some more to work on her 2nd lifetime wish she kinda... Got her old job back that she quit.





    Is this unvoluntery recruiting.

    Sudden edit 2: WHAAAT. I'll have to familyfunds that away. That's just weird

    I'll make sure to post the full update of everything before and after this soon. I'm just kinda shocked at this random bug. The career history even reset.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,814 Member
    @DivaDoodle That was nice of Gladsten to make her favorite meal.
    I like that they also have an awareness that some is "watching" them. I always use the Watcher title too as I like the sounds of it.
    It's always nice to have a Sim who knows all the recipes.
    Great update!
    I think there is a setting in an NRaas mod that fixes it. I realized about halfway through playing the family that I forgot to tell it not to change children's last name upon marriage.
    I was glad Dwight got the promotion. He hasn't done very many police reports but still did well with the other parts of job performance.
    Me too, PlantSims have neat skin in my opinion.
    Looking forward to seeing if it does work or not between Gladsten and Frida.
    One reason I chose her for heir is her PlantSim status. I'm aiming to have all the major life states in the family tree at some point.
    I see someone's wanting to make Ambrosia.
    Dante's look in that picture fits well with what he's thinking, lol
    Maybe if Frida is lucky, she can have her own child.
    Congrats to Frida on her second chance at life!
    The hairstyle you picked for her looks great!
    Looks like Ari and Luc are having fun.
    Happy birthday, Tula!
    Great updates!
    I read all your updates after this one too, just didn't want to comment so much that it takes you forever to read my ramblings, lol

    @GraceyManor Delilah complains too much, lol. Here Brian was just being a nice guy and she has to tell him to put her down. :lol:
    Something tells me Delilah will warm up to ice skating eventually.
    I knew it, there is a romantic in Delilah, she just doesn't want Brian to know she likes Hallmark movies.
    Sounds like Susan may have a romantic interest. Wonder how Delilah would react to her mother dating?
    I knew it, she likes skating more than she let on last update.
    Glad she let him skate with her.
    Great updates!

    @Lucy_Henley Never a good thing to do, procrastinating on homework. I've been there before and it's not fun trying to rush to get it done.
    Happy birthday to Patrick!
    Congrats to the newlyweds!
    Looking forward to seeing the baby.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Go figure. Anything for Mayumi to nitpick at Haruo.
    I think if I was River, I'd rather be talked about around town than being an evil witch (wanted to use another word) like Mayumi is.
    I'm with Haruo. Who can understand advanced math anyway? I know I can't and I don't use half of what I've learned in my everyday life.
    Mayumi has quite the reputation at school. Thank God I never had a teacher like her, although there were some who were worse than others.
    I really want to see someone get the better of Mayumi. I doubt it would change anything but I want to see someone get some payback on her.
    Haruo is lucky he has River to help him with math. I know Mayumi wouldn't help him, or if she did she'd be telling him he was stupid or something.
    Bebe just can't help herself. Maybe if Haruo and River got together, Bebe would look elsewhere.
    River better stake her claim while she can, although I don't think Haruo wants to face her wrath if he dated Bebe. :lol:
    I guess they are getting some practice in by babysitting Sandi.

    @Sorak4 That's something new, a bouncer wearing a hotdog costume.
    Good way to get rid of paparazzi.
    The bar is really neat. I like the look of the place.
    Great updates!

    @Tamijo It's not fun taking a shower with clothes on, lol. Only in the Sims.
    Great update!

    @Silverofdreams30 Showers are nice most of the times but sometimes you just can't beat a nice, relaxing bath.
    Dani looks stressed out trying to figure out her next move.
    Looks like a successful date. Congrats on the engagement!
    Great update!

    @Puddinroy Hello!

    @Tamijo I'm glad to see David is around more often.
    Maybe once she is of age, then David can get with her.
    Great update!

    @bekkasan Thank you. They usually get fresh meals but I was lazy that day, lol
    Daisy was a cute little toddler. I have a good feeling she'll be a pretty adult too.
    Dwight is actually one of my favorites from this family. Eric Jones was another favorite male Sim from this family too.
    Hmm, that may be why he stayed in them. I didn't mention it, but he did go back to bed after eating breakfast for some reason.
    Looking forward to seeing the renovations to the house.

    @AlexaKry Thank you, and you're welcome!

    @king_of_simcity7 Hope things get better for you. I look forward to seeing some of your game again.

    @emorrill Thanks, been trying to pop in when I can. I've been doing a lot of stocking at work lately, had to run pallets around the store yesterday. After work, I felt exhausted but I made it through.
    You're welcome.
    Christmas decorating was my brothers passion when he was younger. I know we had a globe similar to the CC, although not exactly the same.
    We haven't really had a lot of rain and I think we may have had a slight drought but nothing too bad. According to the NWS, sounds like mostly dry weather in the 7 day forecast.
    I'm all for it, love seeing characters from past stories.

    ***All I had time for tonight. I just picked a starting point after my last update and went as far as I could. I stopped right at the beginning of page 4070 with feedback but will read the rest of the page, just not commenting anymore until the next time I have some spare time. I'll pop in as soon as I can, hope everyone has a good rest of the day and happy simming!
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited December 2020
    26 The Watcher Watches. One Change leads to many wishes.

    I can never remember to send Oscar to perform a concert as a Rock Star. I think because I can only send him after the kids get home, then he likes so much interacting with Luc, and Luc really loves to be with his Dad. I guess I'm so distracted by so many in the house. I decide to change his lifetime wish to Hit Movie Composer, for a bit, so Oscar will have regular work hours. Just until Gladsten and Frida are ready to move out, and maybe also Dante and family move out too, after the next baby, (I don't want to lose their wish) I'm hoping he will be ok with it, he is such a delightful and easy going sim! I check to see if he will be disappointed or even notice.

    I guess he doesn't mind, he did notice! and he seems happy about it! he does the hooboy! animation.

    Oboy, did I open a can of worms? Seems they all then immediately communicated telepathically that Watcher didn't mind making work related changes!
    Aiden hasn't had a work related wish in weeks, so I had him working from home, (because he needs help with his LTW) I have him writing stakeout reports, & hacking information database. he writes his report, He breaks the computer, I make him fix it, and tell him to hack info. He stands there looking at me, he cancels the action. He wishes instead to learn writing, oh ok, go ahead. hmm maybe he doesn't like his job? he gets to lvl 4 writing and wants wants to write a Sci-Fi novel. OK. He writes "Sim Life when the Game is Off" heheheee, he gets more writing wishes. OK Aiden I get it! *ping* all wishes granted.

    I'll shorten with a spoiler
    Now Frida what are you doing home from work and changing clothes? I look and it says she is missing work! Without thinking I make her go back, but now I'm feeling bad that I made her...Did she ever even go to her job as a not played yet ghost? Maybe she doesn't like it? Do the EA developers just choose a random LTW for the sims, or do they really think about it? I have had sims before tell in their wishes they want a different job, one girl totally spammed me with all sorts of different job wishes, like telling me 'Anything but This hideous job,' lol. hopefully these sims will do the same!
    does that gavel mean she'd rather be in the political field?

    Oscar decides he wants to feed the bees! OH No!
    Quick, run away! and go change your job! So you can accomplish another LTW if you want!
    I send him and when he comes out he says whoo hoo! and claps. I see they start him at as a music talent scout. He comes home and paints a brilliant painting.

    Dante must know about all the wishes being granted, he is playing with Tula at the xylophone, she had finally decided to play with. Dante spawns another wish to remind me !BABY! !BABY FOR MOI! so now he has wishes: for a baby, for a boy and for a baby with Tulip. OK I will not forget your wishes Dante!

    I better check the others for wishes! Tulip do you wish anything new?
    "hehehe No thanks my life is perfect TY, Just remember, one more baby." OK

    excuse me Louise do you have another wish for me? "Please don't interrupt my fabulous impression of a celebrity to Gladsten! No I am very satisfied at the moment TY." OK, carry on!

    Amelina? "Well you forgot to get me a face painting at the faire yesterday." "Also you forgot to take a pic of me!" OK, sorry. off you go!

    Luc gets home from school and runs to Dad. He is good at fulfilling his own wishes! Ari is over at Alfred's.

    Frida gets off work, she's promoted, she seems happy. and she can't get over how funny newspapers are!! :D HAHA
    lol what could be so funny?

    When she gets home I click her to announce her promotion to Tulip, but she cancels it, staring at me,
    "Quit it Watcher, please don't direct me anymore! Even for my wishes!" Oh OK then! I look through all her wishes, they all pertain to her job and coworkers, I lock them all. I will let her do it. I will keep a better watch on her wishes and actions, and Heavens to Betsy never direct her again!

    Tristan came over, several end up playing foosball with him.

    'Hon look how cute my face painting turned out" says Amelina
    "It makes you even cuter, if that's even possible" says Aiden

    I check on Ari, he is chatting with Mrs Hopcraft and learned she is evil! lol I wonder how many candies she stole from Alfred? He has wishes to play catch and play catch with his Mom, so i bring him home after his chat.
    "My mom is so pretty, I hope I can marry someone as nice and pretty as her" he thinks

    "maybe one who isn't so so fierce at playing catch" he thinks

    "Part of the game is being a good sport sweetie" says Mama
    'Ok" says Ari

    Oh good, I check on Luc and he is fulfilling his wish to hang out with Tristan. LOL Luc! your little face!!! <3
    Does anyone Not like Tristan? I check with MC ohhh he hates Pappy Wolff, but not any of the other Wolff's.

    I check on Dante, oh good timing!
    ok ok who can say no to that face.

    *Lullabye* ;)
    Post edited by DivaDoodle on
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    was gonna update tonight but post image isn't working.
    Trying to find a pose that is sims looking at a photo album or reminiscing.Tried looking on Lana CC finds but
    didn't see anything.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    Great updates everyone! It's always so fun to see how differently everyone plays. Even if a lot of my Sims are very similar (eg wannabe chefs), they're not the exact same as each other.

    Another thing... just like with Elena and Patrick, both Carolina and Pablo are in the same career track, the athlete one.


    Barnacle Bay: The O'Connor Family

    Elena decided to head over to the library, which was within walking distance of her house. She hoped that her red hat with white brim and pom-pom wouldn't attract too many Santa Claus jokes.


    Whilst there, she met her mother-in-law Aislinn, and decided to announce her pregnancy.
    "Oh, congratulations, Elena love!" Aislinn smiled. "My first grandchild. My, I feel old."
    "You don't look a day over 30," Elena replied.
    "Ah, you flatter me," Aislinn grinned. "If you were Patrick, you wouldn't be nearly as kind."
    "Children can be a bit like that sometimes," Elena said.


    Elena soon located a battered copy of Baby Incoming: Preparing With Vigilance and set about reading it. As she came to the part about labour and delivery, she again found herself not wanting to end up like Daisy Annan-Rao and go into labour in public. She wasn't shy, but it must still be embarrassing nonetheless.


    Mortmi borgo! Byork, byork...
    You didn't have to be a wannabe five-star chef to enjoy cooking programmes. The cheerful moustachioed chef might only be cooking spaghetti bolognese, but it was important to get even the simple dishes right.


    That evening, the young couple clambered into their hot tub. With the air getting ever cooler, being in the hot bubbles was that bit more enticing.
    "So, baby names," Elena said. "Do you have any preferences?"
    "Well, would you like to use Spanish names or Irish ones?" Patrick asked.
    "I quite like Irish names. They'd go better with O'Connor."
    "Very true," Patrick agreed. "I like the name Caitlin."
    "Isn't that pronounced differently in Irish?" Elena asked.
    "It is. In Ireland it would depend on which bit you're from. Sometimes it's like Kathleen or Kat-leen. We don't live in Ireland, though, so it doesn't really matter. My parents wouldn't care. People get 'Aislinn' wrong all the time, but Mum just laughs."
    "Mmm. I like the name Caitlin, too, however it's pronounced. And what about for a boy? I thought Aidan sounded quite nice."
    "Yeah, it's a good name," Patrick replied. "You know, 'Patrick' itself is also an anglicisation, in Ireland it'd be Padraig. Which can also sound different depending on where you're from."
    "Porreg?" Elena frowned. "God, I can see why your parents went for simple Patrick, you'd get called Oatmeal at school otherwise."
    The pair laughed.
    "So, Caitlin or Aidan it is," Patrick grinned.
    (I've not heard Padraig as much as I have Caitlin, but I have seen a TV show where someone was called that, and the narrator always says Porreg).


    The house had a small pond in the front garden, and Patrick (pah-trick) took advantage and skated on it.


    Meanwhile... Elena (el-ay-nuh) went into labour!


    Patrick was only able to be with his wife for a short while before the carpool turned up. He wanted to stay, but Elena told him he should go and earn some money.


    It's... baby Caitlin! (Kate-lyn)


    As an eco-friendly Sim, Patrick enjoyed cycling around town, even when it was snowing. The cold air didn't bother him, he just wanted to see his first child.


    "So... it's a girl! It's baby Caitlin!" Elena grinned.
    "Awww, a little girl," Patrick smiled. "I'll bet she's beautiful."
    "She is. You go and look at her."
    As if on cue, Caitlin began wailing, and Patrick was only too keen to give her a bottle.


    Despite not wanting to become a famous athlete, Elena still enjoyed a good workout. She flicked through SimTube to find a gentle routine for new mothers, and was happy to get back into an exercise regime.


    All too soon, it was Caitlin's birthday! All the fun and tantrums of toddlerhood were just about to arrive...


    Aww, so cute <3 She looks a lot like her mummy did. I can't quite work out if she's paler than Elena is, it's hard to tell.



    I think I'll go back to the Moonlight Falls/Fairy save next, and have Lysander and Hermia graduate and also get married.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    In all that discussion on Irish names, I forgot to actually mention Aislinn! From my understanding, it's like ash-lyn, or ash-leen. In Irish it's also spelled "Aisling". "Michael", Patrick's dad, is also an anglicisation of "Micheal" which has accents on the I and the A. I'm not entirely sure how that's pronounced. Ah, names... even my own name has different pronunciations depending on where you're from! And I'm not Irish at all :D:D
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    edited December 2020
    Delilah was finishing her breakfast, she was already 20 minutes later for her first client.
    "What are you all dressed up for?" Delilah asked, as Brian entered the room; in a brand new outfit.
    "I managed to get him a job interview at the fire station." Delilah looked stunned."Really? I didn't know
    you liked that kind of work." Brian shrugged "Again, there's lots of things you don't know." Delilah just shook
    her head as she placed her dish in the sink and made her way to work.

    "Guess who landed the job?" Susan pointed."That's great! I knew you would get it." Delilah turned to face Brian.He passed
    the interview with flying colors."I know!" Susan exclaimed in excitement "Let's head downtown and celebrate." Delilah rolled
    her eyes."Fine...but I can't be out too late."

    "I suppose a congrats is in order.Forgive me for not jumping for joy, I'm too cold." Brian smiled."It would warm you
    up if you did." She just shook her head."Very funny." "Wanna go sit?" Brian asked pointing to the park bench.

    "You're doing it again." Delilah said as she looked over at Brian."Doing what?" He asked."You're staring again."
    He smiled."Am I?" He whispered softly, as he gazed at Delilah.

    Brian gazed at Delilah a few moments longer, before he made his move.

    "Are you insane?" Delilah jumped to her feet, taken back by Brian's bold move.She felt tears building up inside.
    And had all she could do to hold them in.

    Brian felt confused, and a little bit hurt by her reaction."I'm going home!"

    She headed for her car.leaving Brian alone in the cold air."I'm sorry." was all he could manage to get
    out.He headed back into the bar, to think for a while.

    Brian sat at the bar, alone.Still trying to comprehend the night's evening."You feeling okay?" Susan asked as she
    approached Brian.

    "I made your daughter upset." He responded quietly."It's not you...Its not really her either.There's somethings that she doesn't really
    speak about to anyone. Come, I'll explain more.But let's go home first."

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    AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    There is another update of my story, today it´s about two chapters. The first chapter I´ll post here, the second chapter you can find on my story thread if you are interested, I don´t want to spam the thread with too many pictures.

    "It all began with a business trip I had to make for dad." Tyler began. "I had to travel to Fortress Rock to survey a building we had planned to buy. Pa´s brother wanted to move to the town, so dad thought we should begin to buy some buildings there to expand the family´s business, when he was already there. I, together with Emerson and Tara, am responsible for surveying buildings and business companies if they make enough profit if being bought by us or if the properties are worth it´s prices and such.
    So at that day, when all began, I visited this little hotel dad wanted to buy."
    "I had an appointment with the owner of it in the afternoon, but it was winter, it was cold, he was late, so I entered the hotel without him. I went from room to room, I went to the bar,
    I examined the common kitchen, went to the rooms and-"
    "My love, will you go on telling me about every step you´ve made in this hotel or will you come to the core of the story at some point?" Sif asked, smiling a bit ironically at him. "You want to drag your heels, right?"
    "No, I don´t! Let me tell it in my speed, please don´t ask me to hurry, ok? Otherwise I won´t go any further! I need to sort everything out in my mind, don´t hurry me!"
    "I´m sorry, my love, please go on, I´ll stay quiet, ok?" Sif could see that Tyler was as well a bit angry as a bit confused, so she huddled against him even more closer.
    "Sorry, I didn´t want to be mad at you, but this is so hard for me to tell... Ok, then. When I had finished the examination I already decided against this property, so when I went out to meet the owner it was just a little formality for me to say hello to him and to tell him that we weren´t interested. I introduced myself to him
    and wanted to tell him that I´ve already made a decision, when he introduced me to his common-law wife."
    Then I´ve told them that I won´t buy the hotel, we talked a bit and then I´ve left"
    "Did you find her beautiful?"
    "His girlfriend? Do you believe me that I don´t know? It is something I´ve already questioned myself a thousand times now. When I remember her, then I would say that she could have been beautiful if she hadn´t had all this beauty surgeries. She was plastic through and through. Not very well made, I think. But somehow I still think she is beautiful, I--I really don´t know." Tyler looked at Sif. "Not even near to the beauty you are, my love, no, sorry, that is wrong, she couldn´t even be compared to you."
    Sif kissed him. "You are such a charmer, sweety, you really are!"
    "No, I´m just honest, Sif."
    "So, what was next?" She asked, looking at him, trying to find out if he still felt comfortably being with her and telling her his story. It seemed so, because he went on.
    "I went to the little flat my secretary rented for me, I wanted to examine a few other companies and buildings, so I had planned to stay in Fortress Rock for a week. And because I don´t like hotels and because of the times of my appointments I always rent a flat.
    Then I called Stella and asked her what I could cook with the few ingredients which were in the fridge.
    I´ve told her that I would call her before bedtime and asked her to tell the boys I loved them."
    He took a deep breath.
    "This was the last time I had loving feelings for her. You know, somehow I feel really bad for her. That we divorced, that-hm-that is all my fault!"
    Sif kissed him again. "No, it is not. You will see!"
    "If only I could believe you, my love, if only I could believe you...."
    Again he took a deep breath.
    "I was watching TV after dinner when somebody knocked on my door. I`ve already sensed who it was, so I was curious and opened the door."
    "It was her, right? Barbie-doll!"
    "Yes, it was her
    "What did she want? Did you let her in?"
    "Yes, I let her in, the floor in front of the flat was cold, so I didn´t want to let her stand in the cold."
    "That was really nice of you!"
    "Yeah, nice and completely dumb, right?"
    "Well, from our point of view today, yes, but you couldn´t think of what could go wrong then, right? I mean, you are are martial arts master, a very powerful fairy prince and very clever, so I would have been afraid of her then, either!"
    "Nothing of that helped, unfortunately."
    Sif looked at him again. His expression changed between shame, guilt and angriness.
    "If only I wasn´t so trusting at that time! I really had had asked myself why she was there! Instead of letting her in!"
    "You couldn´t know what was on her mind! Please go on!"
    "Ok. I asked her to come in.”

    Second chapter here:
    Sorry, @emorrill ! I am shameless, I know! :D
    And yes, there must be some drama in stories, otherwise they could get too happy and maybe a bit boring? ;)
    It's a shame you're not writing a Christmas story this year, I loved the one from last year! <3
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    AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @DivaDoodle : Thanks for giving me the hair´s name! Some hair and some clothes appear transparent from the far, unfortunately. It´s a bit annoying when that happens.
    Gosh, girl, you are fast in playing and writing! What an interesting game you have!
    How many Sims are living in your house now? I´ve stopped counting after the latest birthday! :D
    The flight suits are great, aren´t they? :p
    Oh, little Tristan! When will he be added to your household? ;)
    Interesting interpretation of the wishes of your Sims! Have you fullfilled them already?
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    @GraceyManor Try these poses. I used them in my Christmas story last year when Maureen was reading the Christmas Card. :blush: (Hope you don't have to go through Ad.Fly to get it, but I'm thinking not...)

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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    edited December 2020
    @DivaDoodle, thanks for comment. The “Leaves” was a still-life of trees in Autum, sadly had to sell.
    Great shot of Frida and Gladsten
    “Oscar decides he wants to feed the bees” 😊
    @Brandontaylor, thanks for comment.

    @Sorak4, also had an UFO visit tonight, postponing my story planning by stealing
    one of the main characters.
    @bekkasan, as always great update.
    @Lucy_Henley, great update, congrats with the little one.
    @GraceyManor, great update as always perfect shots.
    “My God Brian, that is harassment – never do stuff like that in 2020”
    @AlexaKry, great update, very spooky looking that Hotel owner, love how you mix the story between the conversation and his memories, overly pumped balloons not my thing either 😊

    A pic. I like but could not fit into the storyline.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Chapter 2.5 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    It would be another 6 months before mummy came back. My uncles knew of course that she was about to come back, but they did not say anything, afraid to take my focus away for everything else especially school. I noticed they did a lot to shine up the cottage, setting up new lights and stuff, but as far as I remember, did not wonder why.

    Not until I asked: “Uncle David, do we go to Spooky Day festival together tomorrow” and the answer was: “No honey I guess not, your mom will be home tomorrow, I think we should all stay here.” David took me up and gave me a big hug. I was so happy, I could not stop crying of joy, I went outside to hug Muddi and maybe take him for a walk. My uncles continued fixing up the living room.


    Mom came home the next day, hard to imagine more kissing and hugging than the two of us did. She was looking so much better now, probably the luckiest I can remember to ever have seen her. I was over the moon.


    We did stay home all that Spooky Day, despite being late fall at was a beautiful evening, Robert made dinner at the grill. We were sitting together outside, chatting until long after nightfall, I think it was the first time I was allowed to stay up that late.


    The psychiatrist and psychologists at the hospital, advised against mom continuing at the newspaper, she quit the job to avoid too much pressure, instead started part time at the Spa, not to feel too isolated.


    Time passed and I was now 9 years old, my little family was back to the usual rhythm. Me working hard with my homework, otherwise seeing friends and being with Muddi. Mother and Robert most times at home, taking care of the daily routines in the household, Robert also painting as much as he could and I think mother was slowly planning a new novel although she did not mention it to us.

    Robert fishing for a living and after mother came back also spending more time with Miss Loveland. Getting older I was now more aware of what love was and could better accept that he could not always be with me.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin

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