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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,795 Member
    Langerak Family update (Day 136 and part of day 137)

    Dwight and Melanie were first up this morning and they ate some more leftovers. By the time the rest of the family got up and ate, the leftovers were just about gone.

    Mommy and Daddy were busy so Grandma Melanie spent some time with her granddaughter Daisy. She won't be a toddler for much longer so better enjoy while they can.

    Dwight practiced his martial arts in the snow again before heading off to work.

    Ariana talked with her brother Michael before he had to go to school. Ariana had the day off so she spent time doing what she wanted to do after her brother left.

    One of the things Ariana decided to do was become friends with another Sim. This Sim is Anne Keaton who is actually Bella and Malcolm Landgraabs daughter. I think when Bella was with a Keaton, the game changed Anne's last name or something, I'm not entirely sure.

    Ariana used her skills in charisma to charm Anne. She complimented her cleverness and discussed the medical field with her. By the time Ariana finished, she had made a friend out of Anne.

    Back at home, Melanie read a book while Quinton watched TV. He still hadn't changed out of his pajamas and it was getting close to noon.

    Ariana came back from her little trip into town and she quickly found Quinton. She kissed him then they had a little chat about life in general.

    Ariana and Melanie then ate a later lunch as they were both getting hungry. A few of the others waited a bit longer as they weren't too bad yet.

    Dwight got his next promotion and is now heading on the path to being an International Super Spy.

    Melanie had a wish to build an igloo so I decided to let her do so. I never did check to see if she finished it but I'm assuming she did.

    Ariana read a book autonomously so I just let her continue doing so.

    Later, Ariana had a nice chat with one of her friends. I remembered who it was last night but I forgot by the time I started typing this update up.

    The following day, Daisy had her transition from toddler to child. I was a bit surprised that Quinton was the one to take her to the cake, I figured it'd be Ariana instead.

    I had a bit of a hard time deciding how to dress Daisy but I ended up with this. I care more about young adulthood and adulthood appearances more so this works well enough.

    The whole family, minus Quinton, ate birthday cake together and that is where I closed the game down last night. It was nice to actually get some time to play but I had some things to do that caused me not to finish the day like I wanted to.

    ***With my newest work schedule, I may not be back for several days but I do plan on doing a bit of feedback in a few hours.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    edited December 2020
    More attempts to get me to buy Sims 4.

    On top of that I get a stinkin' Win10 update that I have to shut down my entire SIMS 3 game... :( which luckily only took 2 and a half minutes to update...and didn't do anything to my start-up.

    We all know how that went. :D
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,135 Member
    Hey everyone. :)

    I'm still here, just been lurking and reading for the past few days. LOVE all the posts and your stories everyone. <3 Sorry I haven't been feeling like typing out comments like I usually do, forgive me. :( I've been experiencing a bit of a depressive flare up, especially with husband still being out of work despite trying his very best to look for a job and he keeps getting rejections... :pensive: Trying to stay positive, but seriously......this year is a dumpster fire.
    So lately I've just been taking it easy, doing things I enjoy like playing Sims and Animal Crossing, spending time with family, and relishing in the Christmas season by watching Christmas movies and reading by the fire. :blush: To keep my sanity in check you know? And fill my soul with happiness. I hope I can get back into the mood of writing because...we NEED to see the end of Chapter 10! :p

    As promised - sort of :lol: - I spent one night playing 3 hours worth of Jaron and Miriam's continuing story and have some pictures to share. :blush:
    (This will be such a basic story. That's very unusual for me to do. :lol:;) )

    I hope y'all were able to see the inside pics of Jaron and Miriam's new home a few pages back. 👍 Now I first want to showcase how they decorated it for the Christmas season. 🎄

    First and foremost, their Christmas tree:

    ^Had to go with a white tree. It's been a while. ;)

    Living area:


    Dining nook:


    Wanted to show the stockings and this very pretty picture on the wall:

    ^I should've added a fireplace to their home...

    Cute lighted wall tree in the bathroom:


    Outdoor decorations, during the day:

    ^Of course I gave them multicolored hanging (icicle) lights which you'll see later at night. ;)

    I also wanted to showcase this snowman globe decoration at night so you could see the red and green lights pointed at it. I thought it turned out pretty and cute. :blush:


    Of course they put up some mistletoe and Jaron gave Miriam the sweetest, most romantic kiss underneath it. <3 Almost like he was smiling brightly while kissing her because he feels like the luckiest man in the world.


    Anyway, their story begins 3 years in the future from the end of the "Aurora Skies Christmas Romance Tale." :)

    One bright and normal morning in Aurora Skies, Miriam got ready to leave for her Spa appointment and Jaron followed her out to pick up the morning newspaper.
    "Bye babe, see you when I get back," Miriam called. She hadn't had a Spa treatment in months and was greatly looking forward to today!
    "Have a great time," Jaron called back, watching her leave.


    While Miriam was gone, Jaron did a few random things around the house and then chilled on the pouf in the Family Room, lost in thought. He'd already talked to Miriam about how he wasn't enjoying his current job anymore - mostly because of his rotten boss - and that he was contemplating finding new employment elsewhere, but which field to go into...he hadn't quite decided yet.


    Miriam was very supportive of his decision, wanting him to be happy in his line of work and not miserable. And if he was out of job for a little bit, they would fare just fine because of the money coming in from her job as an Interior Designer. She would be very busy this upcoming Holiday season and of course that means a nice paycheck.

    That evening Jaron grilled some hot dogs and the two ate underneath the pergola talking about continued plans for their future.
    "I still haven't decided which other job to pursue," he told Miriam between bites, "but I know it will come to me at the right time."
    "I know it will too," she smiled.
    "Sorry I'm thinking about switching jobs when we just bought a house..."
    "It's alright. I think I can forgive you." She winked.
    He shot her a playful look. "I promise I won't waste time in my search."


    Miriam offered to do the dishes afterward, since Jaron cooked, but he told her he was fine to do them. "Besides, don't you need to look over the design plans for your next job?" he asked.
    "Yes, actually," she smiled. "I love how thoughtful you are..."

    While looking through the papers, Miriam stomach started to churn and her body shot up from the couch as she felt this sudden urge to throw up. What the hey!? This came out of nowhere...


    She managed to hold the urge back after taking a few steps toward the bathroom and she breathed in relief. Jaron noticed.
    "Are you alright?" he asked with a look of concern, coming to her.
    "Yeah," she replied, holding back a burp. "How long have those hot dogs been sitting in the fridge?"
    "Not very long...I bought them last week."
    "Hmm...were any of the buns moldy?"
    "I dunno what's got my stomach all upset then."
    "Maybe it's nerves? This is a big interior decorating job you have lined up."
    "Yeah, but it's not that. I can handle big jobs like this like a Pro! It must be something else..."


    As they spoke, the first snowfall of the season arrived.
    (Let's just say they decorate early for Christmas, knowing how much Miriam loves it! ;) Like in October. Lol! )


    "I wonder if it'll stick?" Miriam asked with glee, staring out the window like a child.
    "I doubt it," Jaron hated to say to burst her bubble. "It's about 45 degrees out. The ground will be too warm..."
    If anyone knew a thing or two about snow it was Jaron, having lived somewhat off the grid alone for 10 years...

    The light snow continued to fall into the evening and as Jaron predicted, it wasn't sticking, but Miriam knew that time would come soon. She just had to be patient.

    Just before the sun completely set, she turned on the outdoor Christmas lights.


    She and Jaron spent the rest of the evening reading books on the couch. Jaron was reading a Supernatural novel while Miriam was reading "What To Expect When You're Expecting." She and Jaron had been trying for a baby for the past year, but weren't having any luck. She hoped that would be changing soon and figured it best to get started on the book to feel a bit more prepared when the time comes.


    Suddenly, Miriam felt the urge to throw up and once again bolted upward from the couch. Jaron stood up with her, running a caring hand down her back.
    "Maybe you should just head to the bathroom," he said. "Sometimes it's best to just get it out...even though I know it's not pleasant."
    "Ugh...I REALLY hate vomiting!"
    "I one likes it."


    Miriam did just as her husband suggested and miserably lost her dinner...


    "You know," she whispered to herself while standing up and flushing the toilet, "this could mean something good." Her eyes lit up. "Like a baby!" With a beaming smile she ran upstairs to the Master Bathroom where she kept a couple of pregnancy tests and, sure they're supposed to be taken in the morning for a better result, but she couldn't help herself.

    "JARON!" she practically screamed from upstairs. "We're gonna have a baby!"


    The news was fully confirmed when Miriam went to see her OB-GYN and it turned out she was already a couple of months along! She and Jaron were thrilled! Especially Jaron. After losing his twin babies and wife on that fateful Christmas Eve night so many years ago, he'd been yearning to become a father again. It had always been his lifetime wish. He couldn't keep his eyes or hands off Miriam from the excitement, especially her belly.
    "I get you're excited babe, but it's gonna be a while until I have a bump," Miriam chuckled.
    "I know...but there's still a teeny tiny baby in there and I want him or her to get familiar with daddy's voice as soon as possible..."
    Miriam brightly smiled. Oh how she loved this man.

    While the excitement of a new baby is always present, Miriam began to feel a little anxious one evening about the many changes coming their way in the next few months while she relaxed in the bath.


    Money was still a bit tight after buying the house, their savings practically depleted from the down payment, but she was able to console herself by coming up with a plan. She was always good at planning.

    One morning Jaron woke up earlier than usual.


    I've gotta get this new job path figured out, he thought, and fast! With a baby on the's more important than ever. He promptly headed to the spare bedroom next door where the computer was and began poking around the Internet for local job listings.


    And just as he predicted the right job stood out to him like a shining beacon over all the rest. Something about it just felt right...and he met all the qualifications for it. At least I think my physique is up to par, he thought. He'd just have to do some training for a while first. No problem. However he wasn't sure if Miriam would be okay with this kind of job and he needed to figure out the right time to tell her about it.

    It took him a couple of days to mull it over before approaching Miriam.

    "The Fire Department is in desperate need of firefighters," he told her, "because they had two of their best men retire. They're offering training courses at half price and when I pass, I've got the job!" He said it with such excitement, but Miriam wasn't too sure. That line of work was always worrisome and especially with a baby on the way she didn't think it was the best idea and shared her feelings about it.
    "I understand," he consoled her, "and I'd be lying if I haven't had the same thoughts, but.....I really think it's something I'd be good at doing and would enjoy doing. Saving people. I never thought I'd ever want to go out of my way to help others, but...I'm a changed man now thanks to you." He winked.
    "Yeah you are," she smiled.
    "And besides, Aurora Skies is a small town and we hardly ever get any fires around here. When was the last time you heard about one?"
    Miriam really couldn't recall.
    "See? It'll be okay," he assured. "And hey, if eventually we decide it's not for us, or rather that it's not working for us, than I'll quit. I promise. Whatever is best for you and the baby, I'll do."
    Miriam kissed him. "I love you," she said. "I've never doubted you'll always do what's best for our family and maybe...this is what is best."
    "Thank you Miriam. I love you too."

    One morning while cooking pancakes, Miriam realized just how much her belly had grown in size in the last few weeks.


    She spent a little too much time cooing over it that the pancakes got burned...
    "Dangit!" she hissed.


    "They really don't taste that bad," Jaron comforted her. "I've had worse."
    "I just can't believe I got THAT distracted over my belly to cause them to burn..."


    The tune from the ice cream truck rang in their ears. "Ooooh ice cream!" Miriam happily expressed, jumping up from the chair. "I gotta have it!"
    Jaron just shook his head with a chuckle as he watched her bolt through the kitchen and out the front door. Those pregnancy cravings, I tell ya.

    Miriam ordered her favorite flavor of ice cream, with sprinkles, on a cone, while Jaron paid the bills.


    Once the payments went through, there wouldn't be much left in their checking account and that worried Jaron a bit. He expressed his concern about money after Miriam finished her ice cream cone.
    "Don't worry babe," she assured, "we'll be okay. I just got paid for that big interior decorating job remember?"


    Jaron had forgot, but he gave a sigh of relief.
    "Now go get yourself some ice cream before she takes off," Miriam motioned with her head with a smile.

    The Freezer Bunny pop had always been a secret favorite of Jaron's. Miriam found it cute.


    As the days rolled by, Miriam entered the middle of her second trimester, and while the "morning sickness" had greatly subsided, she was feeling a little more fatigued than usual. Jaron loved watching her all conked out on the couch, looking more beautiful than ever, even if she didn't get through the movie with him.


    He carried her up to bed with him and loved feeling her snuggle up close to him in the middle of the night.


    The next morning Miriam looked out the window and found that the snow had finally arrived - that night - and stuck! She ran outside and danced amongst the falling flakes with joy!


    "Gosh how I wish we could have our baby on the day of Christmas," she said. "That would be the perfect gift!" But that would be a bit early for the baby to arrive so a belated "baby for Christmas" gift it would have to be. "He or she would still be a winter baby," she smiled.

    She then began to debate on whether she still wanted to be surprised with the gender of the baby until the birth. Jaron was dying to find out, but respected her choice to be surprised.

    "Maybe I could find out the gender and then surprise Jaron with it for Christmas!" Now THAT would be a great gift!


    That's all I have for the story now my friends. :mrgreen: Stay tuned for more! Hope you enjoyed it. :)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,135 Member
    havent played in a couple days as I noticed the world I'm in all the commercial lots are missing doors....
    the creator didn't link the CC for the doors.And he won't answer any questions regarding his old worlds anymore.

    has anyone played in Acadia by babilon before? I played in it in the past and never noticed missing doors
    But I have no clue which doors he used.Even some of the lots are completely unfurnished.

    ^ @GraceyManor Personally, I would just go in to each lot and add in my own doors and furniture. It may be weeks before you hear from the creator, if you do at all. So many have left the Sims 3 community.
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    edited December 2020
    @emorrill he’s active he was on an hr ago he just doesn’t provide support for his worlds anymore he left sims 3 and plays 4.It will take forever to finish the world Christmas will come and go 😹 and I hate decorating bars
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    @emorrill - could spend the rest of the night commenting on every one of those great pics. I wont
    Just mention this one: "He carried her up to bed with him" that is so good you must have been <3 then you saw how that turned out.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Chapter 2.0 The Girl from Janis’s Cottage

    Coming to school very often in the same clothes, never having any pocket money was not easy for me, I was that girl from Janis’s cottage, with a mother known to be weird, not from a "normal" family, “he probably left her and the child cos Janis is a bit nutty” was the word around town. We had no car, no television and no money, the other children were laughing behind my back, if not directly to my face.


    My solitude at school was hard, fantastic to have Muddi to play with when I came home. And it was is not only me finding comfort in the dog. Uncle David often took him along when going to the beach or even took a taxi to the dog-park in town. Uncle Robert made a painting of him and replaced it with the one over his bed.


    Mother had a fine period, her mental state was still quite good and her articles was now often at the best pages in the newspaper, she had her own blog about single mothers and a newsfeed about sexual-harassment at the newspaper website. She was now making money, slowly saving up for whatever the future might bring.


    Uncle David from time to time visited Gracie Loveland, one of several male characters hanging out in her house. Normaly he was back quite early ready to fish the next morning.

    One warm spring night that changed, I saw them from our bedroom window. They very not shy about it, making out right there in front of the window with curtains drawn, both dressed in The Emperor's New Clothes. David did not come home that night.


    Uncle David came back the next morning and no one talked about it, or at least not when I was listening (there is nothing in the diary). But our life was somehow changed, I already felt like I lost my uncle, although he was there, taking care of his fishing and the dog. Maybe just me feeling it was now only the three of us.


    After half a year of loneliness at the school playground I found a friend. That was wonderful. Ethan Parrott even sometimes came home with me after school, he never mentioned anything bad about my family and he loved Muddi and my dolls.

    Mother also noticed my problems and gave me a little pocket money, so that i could get a treat with friends from time to time.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    Got it fixed apparently can’t convert cc doors to .Package files new chapter coming soon
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    AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    New chapter is out. This time I didn´t do a summary of it, wasn´t able to do so. :D
    So deal with a chapter coming from the middle of a long story. B)

    The following days the families spend a lot of time together.
    The kings gave up on finding a better cure
    and delegated the research and brewing to Alfarin who is even better in alchemy than them. In the last months he became master of alchemy by learning from a very old witch, because he wanted to help his best friend Tyler.
    Alfarin was happy to see how his twin sister and his friend fell in love with each other even more during the last days. He always felt bad for Sif that her only existence purpose was to die, he loved his sister and didn´t want to lose her at all. To see her alive and being loved by his friend made him hoping for a bright future for her.
    So he spend some time on trying to brew the best tonic potion for Tyler.
    The kings spend a lot of time together, discovering that they became friends and that they had a lot of things in common. Both were very sporty and masters in martial arts, furthermore they were geniuses and liked to be challenged by the other at a game of chess.
    Then Alfarin found something from which he thought could help Tyler to get back his old strength.
    After it was ready he presented it to Tyler who drank it instantly.
    Sif and Tyler spend most of their time together, a bit separated by the others who gave them room to do so, because all of them were happy to see the two so fondly together.
    But most of the time they just spent their time at her room, smooching and cuddling.
    "So, my love, it´s your turn," Sif told Tyler one afternoon. "Tell me your story."
    "You know it already, you said, do I really have to?"
    "Yes, my dear, you have to. Don´t try to hedge around, my love, otherwise I have to give you a bop on the nose!" she answered sternly.
    "Ugh, I´m scared!" he joked, not being fast enough to duck his head for her bop. "Autsch, that hurt!"
    "Oh, I´m so sorry, I didn´t want to hur-" she was concerned.
    "Tricked you!" he laughed. "Come here, I´ll tell you the whole story."
    "Oh you stupid! I´ll remember that, don´t believe I won´t pay this back!" she had to laugh at the frightened face he faked. "So, come on, tell me your story!"

    To find ot who is who and what happened before this chapter feel free to visit:
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,940 Member
    There's been this Sim who's came up to my Sims home and started playing Piano. Got to say he's been there for 9 Sim hours. One stalker for sure!

    Whilst running some oppertunities I encountered a sight of a firefighter just... Standing there. He does nothing, I cannot talk to him. He just watches. Oooh Spooky.

    Later on she had some idea that she needed to break out of this rut of not having much wealth. The Philosopher Stone was the best plan yet. Here's the catch, she's unlucky so an otherwise unused item of mine became a favourite. I'd like to call this her get rich quick "cloning" guide.

    Step 1: Die

    Step 2: Rich

    Some Philospher stoning later and boom. She's got herself a free statue and 50k out of it. That's a win right there. Even if she looks mildly displeased about having to wait for the reaper to stop yapping about misfortunes or something. She knows what she's dying it for, and it's money.2yvd0jg.jpg

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    AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @bekkasan : Did I mention that I like the helmets on Jamie and Bekka? :p
    I love your new update, longer comment on it on your thread already!
    bekkasan wrote: »
    A view of Meadow Beach, late afternoon, winter in Hidden Springs.
    What a georgeous winter picture!!!!

    @DivaDoodle : Gosh Frida! Seems as if she had a lot to catch up on after her death! :D
    Shameless! ;)
    I really hope that Gladsten is lucky with her this time.
    There´s so much going on in your game, sooo great!
    Oh, you´ve really changed Tulip´s eye color! I liked the green! But you are right, Dante´s eyes look more lively then hers.
    Lol, Tulip´s thoughts while in labor! The facial expression fits perfectly. :D
    Aww, Dante is such a good father! <3

    @emorrill : your Christmas decoration is beautiful! So festive!
    So you´ve decided to write a Christmas story, have you?
    Great read, they are a very cute couple. So lovingly together. I wonder what problems will occur....
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,795 Member
    @DivaDoodle Athletic training does get kind of loud, lol
    Tulip is a good mother.
    Luc's painting skill is coming along nicely.
    Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing if the relationship with Frida pans out.
    Great updates!
    She is a little cutie. I've already picked her out to be the heir too. I'm not doing a legacy with rules or a set number of generations but I still like picking out an heir.
    Actually Wiggles mostly just stood there but I imagined s/he was trying to give advice, lol
    I thought I was tired of the family but then I started to miss them. I'm just glad I had at least one backup for them, otherwise I'm not sure what my current game would be.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Now I'm curious to hear the tutorial voice, lol. I never listened to it when I first played Sims 4.
    A little behind on your story so I'll do a quick feedback once I get caught up.
    I hate computer updates, they always want to do them at the most inopportune times.

    @bekkasan Thanks, I'm glad I actually had time to play. Didn't get time tonight though.
    They are doing well. Couple promotions and a birthday happened as well, although you may not have seen those yet at the time I'm typing this.
    You're right, lol. Bare feet in snow sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    Getting close. They have 12 1/2 days left so I'm thinking somewhere by the end of this year or early January.
    Awesome snow picture!

    @Tamijo I'll leave you some feedback on your story soon. I'm a bit behind on a lot of stories right now so trying to get caught up before commenting.
    Thank you, I'm glad you like the family.

    @emorrill Wow, beautiful tree!
    The house is decorated beautifully.
    The snow globe looks like those big blow up ones that places like Walmart or Menards sells all the time. I like it.
    I hope Jaron's job hunt goes well.
    I think I know what's causing her illness. She's got the flu, right? :wink:
    Either that or they just got lucky. Speaking of, been lucky in Illinois so far and haven't had much snow. I think some areas in the northern part of the state got some though.
    I think she won't have long to wait for a baby, lol
    Jaron really has changed a lot, for the better. I hope his job as a fireman goes well.
    Great update with Jaron and Miriam! I didn't expect to see them anymore after their original story ended so I was happy when I saw you would be posting the birth of their first child.

    @AlexaKry Great update!

    @Sorak4 Geez, I think his fingers would hurt after that long.
    Sounds like the firefighter glitched.
    I see things backfired on her.

    ***Didn't get time to play anymore tonight. I have to work the next three days, get one day off, then work 6 days in a row. I'm guessing it'll probably be next week before I'll be able to post more updates. I may check in one day for some feedback but that will be about it right now. On another note, I changed lifespans for my Sims and now they live 100 days instead of 90. That's only for regular Sims though and not the occult ones so Dwight and Melanie will be around for a while longer.
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    23 The Watcher Watches 'Frida' part A
    I watch & take pics, interfering as little as possible. then write what seems to be happening!

    Gladsten asks Frida to sleep over, she says yes and Gladsten makes her favorite supper!

    Dante and Tulip make sure their little one is snug and sleeping then they head off for the cemetary to fish, which they both love to do as a hobby together. Dante starts fishing , while Tulip sees some plants to harvest.
    Dante and Tulip get another wish for a baby! Oh this is nice because Dante had really wished for a son when Tulip was PG with Tula! Dante says "Darling! I just got another wish for a baby with you!, Maybe it can be a boy this time' and Tulip replies "That is wonderful dear, Oh Hey me too!! and how marvelous honey, I can feel the Watcher locked in our wishes!" :D
    Tulip says 'Im going to give these to Louise. She is always interested to cook something new and exciting!'

    Louise and Amelina are Great friends, they love to joke and talk about cooking. It was Louise who got the wish to work at Amelina's Bistro, thinking what great Fun for friends to work together! They have chat about different recopies and Amelina always encourages Louise in her cooking endeavors. Louise says ''I am going through the cookbook and cooking every single page! It is so much fun!''
    ''I share your enthusiasm, Louise!'' says Amelina ''You are a wonderful cook!"

    Well Good Morning Frida! are you day dreaming? or, are you waiting for something... or someone?
    "Pleasant dreams. handsome?" purrs Frida

    Frida loves to see Gladsten reactions to her flirts with him! 'Ah he is such a cutie! Frida thinks
    'Mmmmm this woman, she is something else, I feel my heart being mended and expanding being with her!' Gladsten thinks.
    He tells Frida of his past, his mistakes, and of his hopes for a good family life.

    Shocked at how quickly things are progressing with Gladsten and Frida, Louise calls him over for a chat. "Gladsten why are you leaping forward so quickly with Frida? I'm afraid this will lead to another heart break for you, as you have the habit of moving too quickly, it can scare the girls you are with! And then they back away!" says Louise
    "But I just want a family of my own, so badly" says Gladsten.

    ' we all deeply care for you, and Want you to have happiness, but I'm just compelled to tell you how I see it... You Just met Frida yesterday! This relationship is new and tender as a flower bud. You've got to give it the time it needs for a chance to bloom! And yet already you are talking of all the children you want, and the names you want to give them?!!!

    ''But Louise! Frida didn't shy away at all my talk of kids, and hopes and plans for our future!

    " But my dear friend'' says Louise. "Frida has been alone longer than we have been alive. She will agree to anything, because you gave her her first happiness at a chance for Love. But down the road, when she wakes up one morning and finds herself in a house full of kids, she May have regrets. I'm not saying this Will happen, but after seeing your past relationships, I do have a fear for you that it might."

    Gladsten has a few minutes of deep reflect over what Louise has said. It makes sense to him. He really doesn't think his heart can take another heart break.
    "Thank you Louise for looking out for me, Thank you for coming forward to chat about this. You are a great friend! I will try to relax and enjoy the bloom of the relationship, to give it a chance" says Gladsten.

    Ari makes some vanilla cupcakes and calls Frida and Luc to come enjoy them with him! He is Brave like his Mom and Dad and Frida being a ghost doesn't scare him one bit! Soon the delicious smell of the cupcakes bring the other hungry members of the household! everyone is enjoying eating them, making lots of yummy sounds! 'You sure are a good cook, Ari!' says Oscar. "Soon you will be as good as your Mom and Louise!"

    'Mom, if Frida marries Gladsten, will their babies be ghosts?" Luc asks.

    'I don't know honey, I guess there is always the chance' replies Louise. Luc is a little bit afraid of Frida and wonders if ghosts kids will scare him too. So far there are not any ghost kids at school, so he has no point of reference.

    Luc follows Frida upstairs " Frida, if you have kids with they look ghastly?' He asks

    "I don't know honey, I guess there is a 50% chance." explains Frida
    ''Well as long as they have a good sense of humor, I won't mind!" Luc confides

    'Oh that's good, it's a better person who doesn't have prejudices' Frida tells him. "But to tell you the truth, I have been a ghost for so long, I really miss my having a body, and the compulsion to haunt objects is getting boring! I wish it would stop!" laughs Frida.

    Luc Tells Frida a secret "I like having you as a friend!" says the pop-up

    All the talk today today about ghosts and new relationships and ghost babies has Gladsten thinking. I see Gladsten about to disturb baby Tula, Louise comes over to stop him, she doesn't like it when babies cry!

    Gladsten says "Louise is there any recipe you know of that could change a ghost into a human form?''

    "Yes I saw one in my recipe book, but I have never made it before. " says Louise "why do ask Gladsten?" "Well I was just thinking about Frida, I was wondering if you could make her the recipe" says Gladsten "Well I would first have to ask Frida is she would like to be in human form again, you know some ghosts really like being ghosts!" says Louise 'Oh yeah' agrees Gladsten

    Louise sees her son talking with Frida and comes on over to chat. " Hi Frida, all this talk today has got me very interested, if you don't mind my asking, do you ever wish you had your human body back?

    Frida replies "oh your son and I were just now talking of that, hehe, he wanted to know if I ever had babies if they would be ghosts" laughs Frida
    ""To tell you the truth Louise, I would only want kids if I were human, The ghostly state leaves me with no wants but for love and haunting objects, and I wouldn't want that for a child, when there are so many delightful interests at that age, as I remember. "

    Frida thinks for awhile, "Yes. yes I would like my body back, I already forget how my face looks without all this smokey green to try and see through" she says
    "Well I do have a recipe for that in my cookbook, if you ever want me to make it for you, I will be happy to do so." says Louise, Luc looks adoringly at his Mom,
    "Mommy is the smartest cook in the World' he thinks.

    "I wonder what Frida looks like with skin?" he ponders.

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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    Delilah's mother wasn't fit to be driving in hazerdous weather, She had no choice but to let Brian help her

    "Alright, put me down now." She demanded trying to break free from his grasp."Not until I get you inside,
    stop squirming, will you?"

    "Then put me down." Brian pretends to drop her."Don't drop me!" Delilah screamed as
    she grasped his jacket."You said to put you down." He responded sarcastically."Very funny."
    "Delilah!" Her mother rushed outside in a panic."What happened?!" "I fell, ice skating." Her mother raised an eyebrow."YOU went ice skating?"
    A grin formed across her face.Delilah sighed in annoyance."And I never will again.Let's forget this happened."

    Delilah managed to limp her way into the living room, flopping down in the rocking chair.
    "How's it feeling?" Brian asked, feeling guilty for forcing her to go."It hurts, but I'll live." "I'm sorry,
    I shouldn't have made you go." Delilah shrugged. "It happens.I'll survive."

    She moved over to the sofa, flipping through the tv and stopped on "Hallmark"
    "Are you watching a romance movie?" Brian asked.She quickly changed the channel, like
    it was something she shouldn't be watching. "I was looking for the history channel." He didn't buy it.
    "Sure you were.And tell me, what did you learn by watching Torrey Devitto and Chad Murray?" He smirked.
    knowing had found her soft spot."I learned you should mind your business.I do not watch sappy romances."

    Delilah helped her mother tidy up the kitchen."You have tomorrow off don't you Delilah?" "Yes, why do you ask?"
    Her mother smiled; "I was thinking, maybe you two could go to the festival.Would do you both some good to get
    out." Delilah rolled her eyes."Alright, who are you bringing over that you don't want me to meet?" Susan laughed.
    "You know me all too well, Delilah.Just an old friend from my younger days.Please would you do this favor for me?
    Delilah gave her mother "the look." "Alright, I suppose it might be fun to go to."

    "What? No sarcastic remarks about having to spend time with me?" Delilah rolled her eyes."Don't get too
    excited, I'm only doing this for my mom're making me owe you a favor..." Brian shook his head."And there's
    that attitude again."
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    @Brandontaylor great update! In my games, if they marry someone else, the game will go ahead and change the last names of the kids.

    Dwight is so handsome in his uniform! Congrats on the promotion!

    dawwww Daisy aged up to a darling child! I love her skin!

    Yes, i don't know if Gladsten and Frida's relationship will pan out either. Maybe I need to keep couples in this house for awhile to make it 'Gel'

    Oh I'm glad to hear Daisy will be heir! she deserves it just for being so cute!

    @Nikkei_Simmer omg LOL why is your origin page taunting you?!!!!! can you just use the TS3.exe to start your game? or does origin make you use them?

    @emorrill Glad to read you are doing what it takes to find happiness or at least distraction! as they say fake it till you make it! I get similar, when I don't see blue sky and sun.
    I hope your DH can keep his chin up, He is remarkable to keep applying! tell him I think he is Great!
    (We had a similar lay off that lasted a year, when I just had my first born, but that was when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. So just keep saying to yourself, This situation isn't forever ) <3

    Great Pictures!!! I love your decorating! (i never do it)
    Love the mistletoe kiss <3
    awww She's pregnant!!!
    Now I want a freezer bunny pop!
    That Would be a Great Gift! :)
    Wonderful Story! I really enjoyed it! <3

    @Tamijo I enjoyed your story! Slick is adorable! aww I wish she didn't care what others thought!
    it is really fun to read a story in the first person! Good job!

    @AlexaKry I will go over and read and comment! you KNOW I want the Long version! oh I love Tyler and Sif so much! <3
    TY for the comment, I know Frida!!!! :# eeek! hehe

    Sorak4 I enjoyed your story! wow philosopher stone! I haven't tried it yet!!! Great pics!

    @GraceyManor love it! love it! "what did you learn by watching Torrey Devitto and Chad Murray?" He smirked.
    knowing had found her soft spot. "I learned you should mind your business. I do not watch sappy romances." hahahahahahahaa
    it's so good!

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    23 The watcher Watches "Frida" part B

    Dante sees me take out a birthday cake for Tula, and hightails it up to his baby girl.
    Oh ok, I will wait another day Dante!


    Louise comes up to get her turn at Tula, but has to wait, she turns to Tulip, "Do you happen to have any life fruit and death fish, and how much will it cost me!?" laughs Louise

    "haha you know what's mine is yours!'' says Tulip, the girls always enjoy a nice banter
    Suddenly Tulip gets the urge to merge, "is he putting thoughts in my head?" Tulip thinks

    "I'm innocent of that my love" thinks Dante (they can read each others thoughts)

    Frida comes up to Louise to ask for the special food, called Ambrosia. She has done some thinking and feels ready! Louise says "yes as soon as I get off from work." Do we have to wait till a certain phase of the moon? "Frida asks.

    No I can make it anytime anywhere in the world" replies Louise

    Left alone with baby Tula, Frida picks her up and thinks " Gosh I've never even held a baby, this is really nice, I wish I coudd truly feel her and smell her, she is so cute.

    When Louise arrives home from work. She calls "Frida, I'm going to make the Ambrosia now" Frida floats over as fast as she can "Oh thank you Louise!
    'Woah something is happening!

    'But I want new skin and a new hairdo for my new life!"

    Watcher says ok Done! *ping*

    ''Wow Frida!" says Gladsten and offers her flowers

    "I can feel the warmth of his lips!" thinks Frida

    "His scent is wonderful!, I had no idea!"

    Aiden looks on in happiness for his friend.
    "What a great day" he thinks

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    Barnacle Bay: The O'Connor Family

    Patrick only had one day of school left before he grew up. As usual, he'd left his homework till the last minute.


    He didn't mind about not throwing a party; he understood that his house was rather small and didn't really have space for visitors. He made a wish and blew out the candles.


    After packing up his possessions, he said goodbye to his parents and to little Sean, and moved across town and in with Elena Sanchez. He hadn't seen her for a while, and now he was going to be living with her!
    "Hey, beautiful," he said.
    "Hello, Patrick darling," Elena replied. "How did you do in school? What did your classmates vote you as?"
    "Class clown," he said.
    "Oh, right, that's what Carolina got," Elena grinned. "I was chosen as 'most likely to become a sports star', which is kind of a shame because I don't actually want to be one! I'd rather be a chef."
    "Yes, same here," Patrick laughed.


    Things got romantic very quickly. To add to the atmosphere, that night was a full moon.
    "Elena, you are the love of my life," Patrick said, sinking to one knee. "Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"
    "OH MY PLUMBOB!!!" Elena exclaimed. "OF COURSE I WILL!"


    The next morning, Elena realised that she didn't want to waste any time. She quickly planned a wedding party, inviting not only her family and Patrick's, but also Pablo Lopez.


    "Lovely weather today," Elena said. "Possibly a bit cold, but the sun is shining."
    "Yes, it's ideal for a wedding," Patrick replied. "It'd be terrible if it rained!"
    "I'm so excited," Elena continued, "but also a little nervous. I feel so young still!"
    "Everyone gets nervous before they get married," Patrick said reassuringly. "We might be young, but we're doing pretty well for ourselves; we've both got good jobs and we've got our own house."
    "That's true," Elena said. "I suppose I'd be feeling like this even if we were older."


    Before the wedding could take place, however, Patrick's graduation took place, where he was presented with his leaver's certificate plus his class clown award.

    Evening came, and the wedding guests were starting to arrive! Elena changed in the bathroom, wearing a strapless white gown and a little veil at the back of her head. These were her last few hours as a Sanchez. It felt like only yesterday that she'd started her first day of primary school...


    Just as Elena came out of the front door, she noticed her sister there.
    "Oh, Elena, you're so beautiful!" Carolina grinned. "Wow, I cannot wait for my own wedding... I'll have to wait a bit, though."
    "You can practise being patient," Elena laughed. "It was never your strong point."


    "Patrick, I do take you to be my lawfully wedded husband," Elena said, brimming over with happiness. "This ring is a symbol of my love."
    "Elena, I do take you to be my lawfully wedded wife," Patrick said solemnly. "And this ring is a symbol of my love."


    Once they were formally married, Elena only had eyes for her husband, and hardly noticed that her mother had shown up.
    How is my baby old enough to be married? Maria thought. I remember the day she was born... the day she learned to walk... the day she started secondary school... oh, I feel so old. How time flies.


    Next, of course, came the cutting of the cake.
    "Mm, I love cake," Elena said. "This looks delicious."


    The final people to leave were the mothers :D I don't remember who the black girl with blonde hair is, I think she was one of those party gatecrashers you always seem to get.


    The following morning...
    "Oh, yesterday was perfect," Elena sighed.
    "It was," Patrick agreed, "just like these pancakes."


    A little while later...
    "Hey, Elena, why don't we start a family?" Patrick whispered.
    "Ooh, yes," Elena giggled. "I've always wanted children. I hear the maternity leave package at the bistro is very generous."


    That afternoon, Elena visited the consignment shop to see if there were any interesting bargains. She spotted two nectar making skill books. Although they were a little advanced, she could always learn the basics by listening to a podcast.
    "OOH! IT'S COMING!" someone yelled.
    Elena went to investigate; Daisy Annan-Rao seemed to be in labour.
    Gosh, if I'm pregnant I sure hope I'm at home when I go into labour, Elena thought.


    In the middle of the night...


    The next day, Elena's pregnancy was positively confirmed.
    "Patrick! We're going to be parents!" she grinned.
    "Hooray, that's amazing news!" Patrick grinned back.



    So generation three is on the way! Both of them want a girl, and I can make that happen :p
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    @DivaDoodle - not sure if I can load directly from TS3.exe...but I run my game through Razer Cortex to optimize the game so as to get all the processes running in the background that aren't necessary to run TS3 turned off. This is what allows me to play the Sims 3 for a long amount of time on my Vivobook. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    This will have to be broken up in to two parts.


    The next morning approached quickly, and Delilah was up and ready to head out."Look, you don't have to go
    if you really don't want to." Brian commented. He hated making someone do something against their will."Actually,
    I kind of want to go." She replied, as she grabbed her outerwear. "Really? You do?" "Yeah, let's go."

    She headed straight for the ice rink.."I thought you didn't like ice skating?" A confused Brian asked, as he
    watched her make her way to the middle." "There are things you don't know.." After her last incident, she wasn't
    sure if she had it in her to to try again.

    But she gave it ago and managed to remember a few tricks from her childhood.

    Delilah skated over to Brian, holding her hands out."Let's ice skate!"
    He looked shocked.Miss Grumpy was actually inviting him to skate? "You want to
    skate with me?" He asked."No...I want to skate with that tree over there...Of course I want
    to skate with you, now let's skate." He smiled."What's the magic word?" "NOW!" She shouted.

    Turns out Brian was quite the skater as well."Say, you're not half bad yourself." "There
    are things you don't know either, Delilah." "I would say so." She responded, smiling.She
    went to get herself up, but lost her balance.Both of them went tumbling down...again.

    "I'm sorry Delilah!" She brushed herself off and got up."I'm okay, I didn't get hurt this time.I'm
    sorry to." She helped Brian up and he dusted himself off."Oh, I'm fine.It was you I was worried about."

    Brian stood looking Delilah over, not realizing her was staring at her.She pulled herself
    back up."Uh..Why are you staring? Do I have something on my face?" It was then he realized
    how long he had been gazing."I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were okay." She smiled; and said
    "Thanks.I'm fine.Lets take a break from skating."

    part 2 coming.
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    Part 2:

    "Look over there Brian." Delilah distracted Brian as she gathered a gigantic
    ball of snow."I don't see anything." He kept looking, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

    "Not yet, you don't." She whispered.She pulled her arm back, and aimed for the back of his
    head, the snowball went speeding right into Brian, almost knocking him over.

    "Consider that repayment for invading my veggie garden." She laughed as he brushed the
    snow off."Okay, and consider this one repayment for being such a grouch." He bent over,
    picked up a snowball and whacked her in the head."Nice aim."

    Delilah watched as Brian attempted to build a snowman."Oh let me help." She
    exclained, bending over."What? No comment about how childish this is?" He said, grinning.
    "No, I'm too cold to be grouchy right now." :D They both laughed and continued to build
    the snowman.

    It was getting late, and the tempature was dropping quickly.Delilah felt
    her hands going numb."We should head back soon, I'm freezing and I have
    work in the morning." She said rubbing her hands together.

    She turned to face Brian, finding him gazing at her again."Once again I must ask,
    why are you staring?" She wiped her face expecting to find something."There's nothing
    on your face.Don't worry." She was completely baffled. "I don't understand you."

    "Neither do I" He said softly.Looking her over once last time before she made her way to the car.
    "People who dawdle, have to walk home." Brian upped his pace."You really wouldn't make me
    walk home would you?" Delilah grinned."Let's find out."

    "I'm serious, come on.Its already 10:00 I gotta go to work for 8." Brian slowly walked
    across the ice, leaving Delilah waiting."That's it, I'm leaving." She pulled away just as Brian
    approached."Hey! That's not nice!' XD
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    @GraceyManor: Still wondering how to do it, the quality of those shots are like watching a movie, amazing.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    DivaDoodle: Yes ! tranformation - and wow she turned out a beauty.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,217 Member

    I had forgotten about those two ops :#
    I enjoyed seeing them again.
    They seem to have a great life with a baby on the way.


    I enjoyed the updates, you do great with the


    Nice updates.
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    Generation One

    Chapter Three - "Seeing in A New Light"

    Part One

    Senior year was going by at a frantic pace. There were plenty of things to keep River and Haruo occupied. Yearbook club, debate club, martial arts club all combined to make things interesting often resulting in a late afternoon before leaving the school to walk home together.

    River made other friends as did Haruo as they strove to make the best of the year that was to be their final year in high-school.
    Christmas and New Year went by considering the mind-numbing amount of time they'd had to study before the midterms that culminated in the tests being written just before they broke for winter break but now the holidays had long been over - February had gone by just as quickly; in fact March was nearly three weeks in; there were buds on the trees and thee was a flowery scent in the air as they walk to school in the morning and from school in the afternoon.

    The transition from December's winter solstice to spring equinox had gone by without them realizing it River knew she had done well; Haruo was less certain. Some of the questions involved had clearly stumped him. He knew that he wasn't going to get out of school on the honour roll, that was for certain.

    And of course his inability to make honour roll was all the incentive that Mayumi needed to keep up her relentless persecution of her son resorting to dire pronouncements of skepticism in his ability to even function in the world; no unconditional love for that no-good for nothing spawn of hers. Mayumi intended to make absolutely certain that the scion of her flesh made certain to know just what she was sacrificing for his ungrateful rear-end. If he wasn't going to perform to her expectations, she would have preferred to have replaced him but that would have raised eyes from the Ministry minions and brought undue attention where it wasn't needed.
    River realized with some horrified surprise that it was possible for herself to have such a capacity to hate someone, but she absolutely loathed Mayumi with every fibre of her being for what Mayumi was doing to Haruo. River wished that Haruo would just move into her third of the triplex to get away from Mayumi after all they had a spare bedroom. But Mayumi would have a fit and she would impugn River's reputation all over town as the deflowering wanton harlot who took the innocence of her son or some other 🐸🐸🐸🐸 like that. River snorted in disdain at the thought of that witch taking a shot at her reputation then smiled a devilish smile at a delicious thought. If she would deflower his innocence , it would be within the sanctified bonds of marriage. And they both would be at the same time as River wasn't the kind of wanton woman that Mayumi considered her to be.

    Of course the thought of her and Haruo being an item startled River even though the implication of that thought was that she'd considered Haruo as a potential life-partner. And the longer that thought percolated in her mind the more enticing it got.
    During the classes they had together, they sat side-by-side. River paid attention to the teacher's instruction but it seemed as though her attention would stray to her friend sitting beside her diligently trying to understand his lessons unaware of what his closeness was doing to her.
    River sighed, elbow on her desk right cheek cradled in the palm of her hand trying to listen to the teacher but a little imp that resided in her head kept dragging her attention away from today's lesson plan and towards the student sitting beside her now that the genie was out of the bottle it wasn't going back in again. At least not without a crowbar and a pitchfork. It also didn't help that the next class was biology 12. She rolled her eyes.

    But right now it was maths and she had to pay attention to that or her grade point average would slip and that wouldn't do well for her chances at obtaining a scholarship to the UBC Baccalaureate of Fine Arts (BFA). Even if math and sciences were not needed in a fine arts degree, making sure her marks were in the top tenth percentile would do wonders for application to the University of British Columbia and quite possibly obtain a scholarship to continue her studies further with a Master's degree. The potential was there at least.
    She couldn't help but look over at Haruo again who was intently staring at the blackboard trying to make heads or tails out of the curriculum that was being presented to him. At least he wasn't banging his head off the desk. That action might kill brain-cells. River couldn't help but smile as she saw Haruo shoot a look of frustration at the wall clock as if willing the minutes to go by faster and heard him mutter softly under his breath, "I can't make heads or tails of this 🐸🐸🐸🐸 calculation!" She knew that she was going to have to help him with homework again when they got home. At least today was Friday and Fridays meant Yasunobu, Molly, Mom, Haruo and she would go to Hogan's for dinner. Mayumi wouldn't be there, thank goodness, they could eat in peace.

    River figured that Mayumi, on the other hand, preferred to stay home, cook her own meals and presumably inflict psychological torture on poor unassuming Sandi French. River was absolutely certain that Mayumi was enjoying the full-on psychological torment of an infant. It fed her soul and replenished her evil-ness and frankly she didn't give two hoots about whether or not Molly would have to spend thousands of simoleons on therapy bills for poor little oft-neglected Sandi - especially with puting her in the hands of *gasp - horror* Mayumi. That was an unspeakable crime.

    Within the Bowels of the Sunset Valley Combined School.

    Mayumi Chikamori was more than happy. Giving the ne'er-do-wells in her class six pages of lines single spaced in neat cursive should shut the little pint sized urchins quiet for another six hours.

    While the scratching of pencils diligently doing lines were audible, nothing else was, no speaking, no whispering, not a single uttered sound, hell, her pupils were afraid to breathe lest they incur her wrath.

    In the meantime even though Mayumi had the quiet she wanted; the terrified souls who were trapped in the classroom hoping against hope that they would be released from their personal hell come day-end. For them there was no reprieve. They were in elementary school and they had no class schedule. Mayumi was their teacher for the whole year. And who knew what horrors would be perpetrated on the students come day-end when detentions were handed out?

    In fact it was spoken about in hushed tones that Mrs. Chikamori, their teacher, boiled the students who were unlucky enough to get detention.

    "You know why little Ricky Sparks isn't here any more? Mrs. Chikamori chopped him up into little tiny pieces, cooked him and fed him to her dogs..."

    "James, she doesn't have dogs..."

    Horrified looks all around, "That's even, don't ever get detention or you may not survive."

    It often got back to Haruo about what was being said about his mother but after the abuse from his mother, he just tuned it out. Let his mother have to deal with the repercussions of her foul personality by herself.

    Mayumi wasn't paying attention to the students; she already knew who she was going to single out for detention. Now to bring their hopes for dismissal at the bell crashing to esrth. "Miraj Alvi! Bella Bachelor! Mortimer Goth, Harry Stanton, Malanie Elles, Kevin Fortin. You all have detention."

    A pity that miserable McIrish tart wasn't in my class or she'd be getting detention too. Mayumi thought to herself realizing that River had long since aged out of the grades that she was assigned by the school administration to teach. Then I'd have had that young twit in my hands and I would have been able to get that woman whats-her-name; oh, Fiona McIrish, all worried about her daughter's academic prospects. Now that's another useless woman if I ever saw one. She cackled under her breath.

    She also knew that staying late for detention would also mess up the plans for her husband, her son, Fiona, Molly and River to go eat dinner out tonight. Even though never in her wildest nightmares would she ever deign to consider joining the group for dinner; she still relished the thought of throwing a monkey wrench into their plans.

    Mayumi never showed up for those occasions. Hobnobbing with the likes of the Mcirish family was beneath her, according to Mayumi. Having to trade how-do-you-do's with some plebeian news reporter who was one step up from a paparazzi and a fast food restaurant cook. Mayumi held her nose in the air regardless of the fact that she usually ended up burning water and wouldn't be able to cook an exceedingly good meal; most of her meals came out scorched and blackened. Oh, no exceedingly wonderful specimen of human intelligence like her would consider stooping down to associate with people she would much rather wipe her dirty shoes on.

    After all; that irresponsible excuse for a useless maternal cow would drop her little screamin’ demon in Mayumi's lap and ask her to look after the thing. Well even if the spawn was an irritant, at least she would get some amusement at the very least. And just so long as she was able to make it so that Molly would always regret having handed the little rug chewer to her. No coddling for Sandi. Maybe put her in the living-room in the playpen and put on Night of the Living Dead as a soother. Sandi could throw temper tantrums till Molly fetched her then Mayumi would shrug helplessly and say in saccharinely sweet tones, "I really don't know, she just wouldn't settle down for me today, whatever can you do." Oh yes, Mayumi was going to love psychologically twisting that little ankle-biter into a nightmare for Molly to parent.

    Math Class 0200

    The bell rang to signal end of class as Ms. Amberley announced, "Go over Chapters 15, 17, 22 to 26 and complete all even numbered problems. See you all on Monday!"
    Haruo groaned audibly as he gathered up his work and stuffed his textbook and binder into his backpack. River hung back and said, "I'll help you with it at home." She received a thankful smile from him as they headed out the door. "I've got biology so I'll meet you afterwards."

    Haruo had a study block which he used to try to study in the library. At least the corner of the library where he'd try to study was quiet with relatively little interruption. That way he would be able to at least attempt some of the calculations required from the assigned homework. Whether he could understand the work was another story.
    Maybe a job in a bookstore like Divisadero was more in the cards: a simple time for money exchange and then writing books on his time off. He looked up at the library ceiling rolling his eyes again in barely restrained frustration. Math did not come easily to him and every calculation was a struggle. How did students manage trigonometric functions in the past with no calculators to assist them with the calculations. Graphing sine and cosine waves with a graphing calculator was pain enough. It would be even more so with only a pad of paper a compass and slide-rule. Despite his heuristic attempts Haruo was not finding any satisfaction in the head-wracking required to complete any of the problems and despite watching the clock's minute-hand make its way around the circumference of the minute indicators, the eventual result was that he was no further ahead than he was when he started.

    When the bell rang he made his way to the front entrance of the school where he would meet River to begin their walk home. If they could get their homework done by five they would be able to be ready in time to go out to the diner by the time Fiona and Yasunobu got home from work.
    "Hey..." Haruo felt a light touch of fingers on his arm and it wasn't River's voice or hand. "River has to clean up the frog dissection that we had to do today in class. So she told me to let you know that she'll be out in a few." Haruo turned to see Bebe Hart, River's biology class partner, standing by his side, a smile playing on her lips as she gave him a frank stare that did nothing to disguise her interest.
    VJ passed by giving him a nasty look but didn't dare to start anything. The pounding he took in Grade Eight from Haruo's fists, elbows, knees and feet certainly stayed with that juvenile delinquent and well, VJ didn't want another brutal lesson in what Haruo would do to him if he ever got up the nerve to try to hassle Haruo ever again.
    Michael Bachelor grinned as he walked by, "See ya, Monday, Bruce Lee!" Evidently anyone with a modicum of martial arts talent was monikered with the nickname of the late great martial artist of the Game of Death fame.
    "So are you planning to go to prom with River?" Bebe asked him curiously giving him the once over; a rather admiring look on her face hinting at some level of interest beyond mere school-yard acquaintances.

    The Hart family were well-known as her father, Gus, was known as the town mooch; always borrowing but never making good on his debts. It was reputed that Varg's had suspended his bar-tab due to overdue charges.

    Her poor mother, Dorie was working a minimum wage job that barely made ends meet. It also didn't help that Gus, being off his gourd, made things even more difficult by racking up charges for things bought when the whim hit him.

    Luckily for Bebe, she hadn't inherited that mendacious characteristic and was honest, hard-working and she planned on majoring in fine art and writing but with a journalism bent. It was fine to consider working for either the Vancouver Sun or Province.
    "That had better be a yes..." River's exaggeratedly saccharine tone of voice right behind him made Haruo wince. When an overly sugary sweet voice was used, it was a warning signal. Well guess that choice was made up for him. No there was no-one else but his best friend who would be the one to go with him to the prom.

    (end Part One)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,940 Member
    Someone needs to question the fashion choice of townies, this bouncer however. He exudes fear. I wouldn't want to be the powerless unknown magicless townie that has to face him down. Fortunely for my Witch, she's none of them.

    Oh and Papparazi, they just get weirder everyday. Like that poor child has to go through all of the Winter's wrath in a short sleeve shirt... But that Papparazi... She's just creeping me out more than anything

    I'd like to have some of these stalkers removed with a more "hands on" approach. Turning them into a freezer is appropiate.

    Yep. That teaches her. Either she would've became an urn or a popsicle and she decided to stay a popsicle instead.

    Curiously the reaper decided to stick around after another mishap again, perhaps the reapers starting to enjoy passing by a crazy witch and her odd "get rich quick" ideas

    Hah, nothing like outaging even death however. Young'n needs to learn how to do his job better when it comes to getting to his job on time

    New house, somewhat new look to assume every so often (combined with the rock station this literally feels like when I was playing the Sims 1) , and the same experience.
    Probably is best to look a little younger, less frightening some days, and those days where you just don't want to be recognised as the person who's lit a few Sims on fire is one of them

    Probably a tempoary place while the Witch does some witchy things like making someone move out...
    And she's smug

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