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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Two new updates to A MEMOIR OF GRACE “SLICK” JOPLIN
    chapter 1.5 – 1.6

    The household is working hard to stay on their feet, but the small household seemingly having a poor but rather nice life with a fine chemistry between them. Janis get promoted and we see some small but important improvement to the cottage. Robert met Cheyenne again, he may have found a soulmate.

    The highlight for our main character is meeting a dog on her birthday

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
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    Generation One - Chapter Two

    Part Five

    Two Hours Later, 24hr Wellness Center, 221 Landgraab Avenue

    River slipped into her bikini at the fitness centre women's changing room. She had also took a quick shower in order to clean the sweat off before slipping into the pool.
    Likewise Haruo was doing the same. After playing soccer shootout, he was sweating. Pulling on his swimming trunks, he glanced in the mirror and grinned. His kung fu practices had honed his muscles making them wiry and flexible enough to make an explosive dragon claw counter punch -the last time he used that technique it made VJ Alvi measure his own length in the mud of the school football field knocked out cold. VJ left him alone after that; presumably after seeing Ursa Major rotate around his head a few dozen times.
    Haruo was limber and his toned martial arts trained body was fit, he noted. He wasn't big, nor was his intention to get huge like Lee Haney who won the 86 Mr Olympia and was enroute to quite possibly winning again in 1987.
    He flexed at the mirror and then walked out. The pool was a rectangular shaped one and uniformly deep. Most who went into the pool dog-paddled to keep afloat.

    "Haruo!" River called to him.
    And Haruo responded with a warm smile as she walked over to him and looked him over; her eyes halting her inspection of his torso at the level of his bare chest, an admiring look as she noted his wiry muscles.

    River gazed at him appreciatively. "You look good." She assessed him seeing the wiry muscles that years of kung fu training had given him as he dropped into a kung fu pose grinning resembling a crouching dragon. She marveled at the easy way he was able to assume the position and the natural way his arms and hands seemed to position themselves into a dragons claws ready to lash out.

    She'd seen him in grade eight put a grade eleven student on the ground with two moves: a lashing palm strike that whipped the student's head back and a spinning foot sweep kicking the student's legs out from under him. And that was for the student pushing a grade eight student head first into the door of a locker. That junior class-man had deserved everything he'd gotten. And now they had been the juniors and going into their senior year with graduation just around the corner and uncertain job prospects. They would have to make their way and hope that they struck opportunities at the right moment.
    Haruo gazed appreciatively at River as well. Her hair was already damp and slicked back from the shower she'd taken to wash off the street-dust before going into the pool and she was in a black bikini which pretty much left nothing to the imagination.
    But all that would wait as their only goal right now was to go swimming. "Cannon-ball!" Haruo charged for the pool...risking getting an admonition from the life-guards at the rec center. "Last one in the pool is a rotten egg..." River playfully taunted as she took a step off the edge of the poolside and into the water, submerging completely before rising to the surface treading water favoring him with an impish grin, her sodden hair contouring to the shape of her head, her eyes twinkling in merriment, rivulets of pool-water streaming down her face.
    River wasn't fast enough as Haruo hit the water scant seconds before she jumped in.
    Coming back up he saw her looking at him again with a look that appeared as though she was appraising him. "Like what you see?" He asked jokingly while treading water himself.

    "Mmm-hmmm..." River responded, nodding her head as she swam closer to him inadvertently brushing her torso against his sending an electric charge coursing through his body as he had to quite remember to breathe. They'd flirted before but more as a joke.
    "Wanna have a breath-holding contest?" Haruo asked River, trying to break up the intimate tension that had suddenly filled the air. However it was uncomfortably clear that his longtime friend was maturing into a young woman and as a young man, Haruo did react quite noticeably to that. He groaned softly, inaudibly. He wasn't going to be able to get out of the pool for a while as he was clearly interested in River.

    “ many times has it been? 25-0?” River grinned at him. “You want to make it twenty six to zip?”

    “Yeah, right, McIrish...blah blah blah...enough trash-talk, let’s do this...”
    Sinking to the bottom of the pool, they held their breaths for as long as possible. Haruo could barely stand it...and his lungs were burning from holding in his breath for such a long while. Searching for River with his foot, he used his toes to tickle her thigh. That did it. She emitted a large stream of bubbles from her mouth as she exhaled her breath and shot for the surface. Breaking the surface she looked down at him and letting out an exhale of mock-outrage, protested, “That’s cheating, you tickled me and made me lose!"
    Haruo grinned at her, “No, I didn’t...” Her pout was adorable. But she would get him back, when they got tired of swimming...and decided to rest by poolside on the recliners. Leaning back, Haruo sighed as he looked up at the ceiling of the rec center two floors above the pool when all of a sudden a torso blocked his vision to replace it with an exquisite vision. He looked up to see River straddling him with an evil grin on her face...yes, payback was a... That was all he could contemplate before he noted her very close proximity to his own torso.
    Oh, she knew just how uncomfortable she was making him and she had him pinned like a butterfly to a specimen board. “Say you cheated...” she smirked at him.

    “No...” he grinned up at her. “Not gonna say it...” he resisted.

    “Guess I’m going to have to make you really uncomfortable...” she said moving herself closer to him, if there was any daylight between the two of them, it couldn’t readily be seen. Haruo could feel her body heat as she leaned in really close and whispered, “You are going to say you cheated...” she grinned at him, putting her hands on the sides of his head and coaxing him up from the back of the recliner.

    Haruo's mind fled; God, she's beautiful... he thought.
    For Haruo, it was a lost cause, "Anything you say, River..." he acquiesced.

    Two Hours Later

    Emerging from the pool, Haruo noticed his friend lying on the poolside recliner looking out at the pool smiling. "Think we should start heading back?" He asked her.

    "Yeah. But I want to get something quick for the walk back." She answered him with a smile. "Meet you by the counter after showering off?"
    "Sounds good to me. Think the fair kiosks are open?"

    "It's nine-thirty; they usually close by nine. We may end up having to eat at Hogan's again." River answered his query as she headed off to the women's change rooms.

    River, while taking her swimsuit off and diving into the shower to wash the chlorine out of her hair and off her body, smiled to herself as she recalled Haruo's reaction to her closing the distance in the pool with him and brushing up against him had made him respond as though he'd been zapped by an electric charge. It was harmless flirting after all. By this time she was washing the lather out of her hair ensuring that it was squeaky clean of harsh chemicals from the pool and putting another palm full of shampoo for a second wash to make doubly sure.

    CENSORED - for cleanliness
    Innocent flirting was just that, wasn't it!? She pondered as she finished her ablutions. But lately doubts about the innocence of their interactions as long-time friends were starting to creep into her mind. They'd been together for so long that it didn't seem natural to not have him around. And that she wasn't sure if travel itself could ever replace a friend who was always there for her. The longer she thought about it, the more she realized that traveling alone wouldn't replace the want of life companion.

    And maybe those little innocent flirtations with him were just masking a desire for something greater than friendship. River sighed, frustrated as she finished up and toweled herself off changing back into street clothes.

    Maybe time would tell, but she had already started thinking of Haruo as something more than just her longtime friend and she wondered if he had ever thought of her in that same way. But the thought of unrequited affection put a damper on that thought very quickly.

    But that seed, despite all efforts to stamp it out, would sit there all through the summer; through the move from her home and into the triplex and their senior year, germinating into a hope for the future.

    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    Love is in the air, everywhere I look around, Love is in the air, every sight and every sound - she can't deny it.. or can she

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Two new updates to A MEMOIR OF GRACE “SLICK” JOPLIN

    chapter 1.7 – 1.8

    Joni finish her first novel, but writing it puts additional pressure on the mental state. Grase get a pet but it is not exactly the dog she wanted, and maybe there is some romance growing within the household…just maybe.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    edited December 2020
    @DivaDoodle Thank you, glad you like it :smile: .
    Good on Aiden. In my game, I lately have some questionable sims tending the kissing booths :smiley: .
    Yes, don't bite the baby :lol: . I guess there wouldn't be much left.
    Regarding Aiden and Amelina, that's how to turn a loss into a win :smile: .
    I didn't know Dante was such a caring husband.
    I see you also removed the platforms from that house. Those drove me crazy.

    @bekkasan Thanks. Yeah, I usually use two tabs when I write comments, and I hit "back" on the wrong window when the whole post was already done and I just wanted to check something. Not my brightest deed.
    Horses! I admit that I usually switch them off.
    I enjoyed your latest updates with the Betty case all wrapped up and Bekka making her grand entrance. She took the situation surprisingly well, as did everyone else, so everything seems on track :smile: .
    Regarding my butler, the game or SP seem to like that sim. I think it's the second time it drew him for "service", and I think it's Mr. Dobbs, the ghost from Cronor, who hitchhiked to Lunar Lakes. As for butlers, it's often hard to see how they look. For example, here he is in his career outfit.
    Well, just looks like your average butler :lol: .

    @AlexaKry Thank you very much, you're too kind.
    Parties are weird, yes. I had a lot when I started with the game, but nowadays, I hardly ever bother. It's just for the teens to meet a selection of their possible future relations.
    That genie was a piece of work. He had Diva and some other volatile traits. The kids hated him :lol: .
    Danke! Manchmal kommt's halt halt richtig 'raus :smile: .

    @Tamijo Thank you. I mostly use ITF for the stuff that came with it. It's not only the gardening possibilities, but you can also have functioning restaurants etc.
    Nice dog. Would be cool if she could ride it :wink: .
    Awesome composite pic.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Let's see whether your wife will turn over to the "Dark Side" :lol: (j/k)
    Prom night.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,795 Member
    edited December 2020
    @Nikkei_Simmer I love reading fan fiction over there. I've been reading a couple stories other but reading yours on here.

    @bekkasan Thanks, I plan to tonight in the Langerak save.

    @DivaDoodle Thanks, hoping to play tonight in the Langerak save.

    ***To everyone else, hope you all are doing well. I'm still a few pages behind but I plan on catching up soon. I don't know that I'll have time to leave feedback right now but I am handing out awesomes to everyone. I have decided that I'd rather not continue the Ultimate Sim Challenge, it just takes up too much time and I'm losing interest in it again with my busy schedule. That's the only one that I'm quitting on as I want the Jones/Langerak save to continue for a long time.
    Post edited by Brandontaylor on
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member


    chapter 1.9

    Things going quite well in the family during this period, ending with a united Spooky Day celebration

    (I know i'm spamming a bit - got too much time right now)

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    21 The Watcher Watches Gameplay: New Baby

    Today Tulip will have her Baby girl! I'm excited as well as the parents to be! Oh Oscar is excited too!

    Ever attentive Dante, relieves Tulips backache with massage, and then she wants to slow dance with him. I prefer to photo Dante, I like his eyes, his are so much more expressive than Tulips, her eyes never change expression, seem always wide eyed, dolls eyes. I hope the baby gets Dante's eyes, because I can't make eyes.

    Oh no! :# while I was traveling about town I stopped to check on Gladsten! He's weeping! :'(
    Linda does look like she feels sorry for him! I bet she broke up with him, again, poor guy.

    We invite poor ol Gladsten over to comfort and find out what's up. When Gladsten arrives he goes over to Tulip, looks like he's Talking about how it is at his house now. He explains to his best friend that he will miss Linda's little girl. Then Gladsten breaks down, expresses his frustration at the futility of his situation. Good ol Aiden comforts his friend, and tries to bolster him up, reminding of all his wonderful qualities. He reminds him he is always welcome to stay here.

    Louise works her humorous magic on him! it's such a blessing to have good friends!

    And then then Tulip's labor starts

    lol Tulip <3

    '' Maybe I should have the baby Right here to really freak him out!'' thinks Tulip



    Welcome baby Tula (poor Tulip is exhausted)

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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Nikkei_Simmer I think it's grasshopper pie at the festivals! ;)

    Yes Dante in my game is nice because of changed traits. (I can't tolerate the meanspirited, it's like a persons spirit is broken/flawed and that is too sad for me because I think we are all spirits/light walking around in meat bags lol) Dante doesn't seem to be influenced by other species, He is best friends with Argus the were wolf when the game opens. He is good friends with Waylan Wolff as well. I have a big mad crush on him and well I think Everyone in the house haha

    Nikkei, we are the person in the back ground watching you bang your head!!! :D Have Santa get your wife some ear buds, for your sanity! LOL

    I love your story, and Huaro and River at the pool was Great! When are they going. to . kiss!!!! <3

    @AlexaKry No please I didn't think that! I must have said it wrong! I'm sorry! I just meant it made me think about what & how I was posting and it made me think 'what do I like to read," that's all : ) Never stop!!! I love all your insight!

    Oh I understand about not having the language as your first! My parents sent me to Paris when I was 9 to live with my moms cousin for a year! Their son came here to America. It was difficult at first for us both, But I had no one who spoke english so had to learn quickly. kids are amazing and adaptable! ha I remember wanting to understand TinTin so much!!!

    @Brandontaylor Oh I hope you get raises and promotions very soon! you can tell your Boss that Divadoodle and a bunch of others recommend you and need you to make much more with less hours because you are needed to play & so you can post here to tell us what happened in your game! : ) I'm almost positive this will work like magic! ; )

    @Rubyskywalker so glad you are happy! : ) I don't have any answers you need but I can't wait to read the story of your family of witches!

    Tamijo thank you for your lovely comment! I was so happy it was finally working and they finally got the baby wish! Boom!Granted!
    I like your update baby Slick is so cute with the dog looking at her!!! I am still reading over your other story thread! good job!

    @Turjan lol your sims in your game! sometimes I wish you would bundle up all the questionable ones, especially that butler, and send them to me LOL

    heh Aiden had the wish so I clicked the kissing booth for him, he hesitated before he went over, he looked at me like 'but I don't want to kiss her, I have Amelina!' I was going to cancel it but he then started towards the booth, so I let it be. he ran away after LOL

    Dante in my games (with the meanspirited removed,) is always a great partner, and Dad. for some reason the meanspirited is just over the top unrealistic to me, it outshines any other trait. Maybe my games are just weird?

    Love your pic of Prom night! super cute sims! <3

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Hello All

    I wasn't around yesterday. I went out for lunch with friends and met up with another friend and stood talking to her for about an hour and then I could barely move. Fortunately I sat for about a minute and was then all good. So I didn't get any Simming done. I did have a peek at the forum a few times on my phone. I'm not sure how much Simming I'll get done today but I'm going to have a go at getting some done. Haven't launched the game yet.

    I've enjoyed seeing everyone's updates and handed out likes and awesomes.

    I've started work on the next video but haven't done any narration or editing yet.

    @DivaDoodle thanks for your comments. I am going to add the extra spouses to my game because that's what I want to do. I've made a game out of the process. In order to just try for the badge all I had to do was log into the site, add a pair of sims, give them a few instant babies, age the babies up to Young Adult without bothering with doing anything other than age them up, then I could have given them 30 instant babies between them using some townie sim as a donor and I'd have the 30 grandchildren then apparently the parent sim needs to have another child to make the badge trigger. I could have had the entire thing done in an hour or two of game play.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming all.
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @karritz I really enjoy your explainations! TY for saying the fast way to get the badge! It seems like such an interesting game you make for yourself!
    Glad you had fun with friends! :)
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story

    Bekka takes measurements in the kitchen with Jamie's help and jots the numbers down in her notebook. She peeks through her lashes at Jamie as he holds his end of the tape measure. Her heart flutters just looking at him.
    Jamie leads the way to the tower, and they climb the staircase to the second floor. Jamie shows her the unfurnished rooms as well as the master bedroom that Damien is using. She looks in the bathroom. “Is this the only bathroom for the entire house?
    “Yes.” Jamie replies as he helps Bekka with the measurements.
    “That must be inconvenient at times.”
    “With six ghosts and two humans, it is absolutely a challenge.”
    Bekka blinks and stares up at Jamie. “Six ghosts!”
    Jamie nods and holds his end of the tape measure against the far wall as Bekka jots the measurements in her book.
    “I will use a laser device for accuracy if Damien hires me to manage the renovations. What’s back here?” Bekka points to a door at the back of the second floor.
    “My room.”
    “I need measurements. Is that ok?”
    “No problem.”

    Rebecca takes the measurements of the room admiring the old wood stove in the room. She notices his equipment on his shelves. "Are you a ghost hunter?"
    "Yes," Jamie smiles, surprised that she recognizes the equipment.
    "I’ve met a few ghost hunters and recognize the banisher. This house has a reputation for being haunted. I read the article in the paper about Mary Kendall’s death. Damien did a fantastic job with his investigation of her death and proving it was murder. Of course! The ghost I met earlier was Mary Kendall. So, she's been here all along. That is so tragic. Is that why you are here?"
    "Not completely. Damien is my best friend, and he needed help with the house and the ghosts haunting it. Damien had talked about Hidden Springs, this house and Mary’s death since we were kids. It was his destiny to buy this place and resolve what happened to Mary. Mary was from Riverview, and we grew up knowing her sad story. It felt right moving here to help him. When I crossed the bridge into town, I felt as if I was coming home, like I'm supposed to be here."

    "I suppose that sounds strange to you feeling a rapport with a town. I sense things sometimes. I'm not sure why or how, I just do." Jamie feels like he is babbling and shuts up not sure why he feels the need to explain things to Bekka. He looks over towards her wishing they had never had that argument in the park. He doesn't like the strain he experiences trying not to distress her. “Shall we go to the attic?”
    They turn to leave the room when suddenly Bekka wheels around facing Jamie. He almost bumps into her and takes a step backward to prevent crashing into her. She nibbles her lips nervously. Her soft brown eyes are anguished and tense. Jamie looks at her quizzically. He watches as she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. She looks him straight in the eyes and the words come in a rush like a river spilling over a dam.
    "Thank you for sharing that, Jamie. I do understand about your feelings. Most people don't listen to their feelings when the Fates try to guide them. I'm listening to mine now. I can’t bear this tension inside me any longer. You are being extremely nice and instead of throwing me out the door and telling Damien not to hire me, you are leading me around the house and treating me like nothing happened the other day. I know this is not very professional of me, but I just have to get this off my chest. I can't keep ignoring what I did the other day as if it doesn't matter to me. It does, and I'm so embarrassed and ashamed of my actions and words. I'm truly sorry about the other day. I know you must be upset with me and don't blame you a bit. I’m upset with myself! I jumped to some awful conclusions without thought. I said terrible things to you and about you that had no basis in fact. I'm really very sorry. I'd like to explain further, but this does not seem to be the right time to go into it other than to apologize."

    Jamie smiles reassuringly at her. He realizes she is extremely distraught. Jamie would love to console her and give her a hug. He is worried that a natural reaction for him like hugging a friend might be misunderstood. He knows he will need to take his time with her and get to know her better which he definitely wants to do. "I accept your apology and apologize for not allowing you a chance to explain the other day.”
    “Thank you! Would you..." Her voice breaks a little with nerves and she clears her throat and tries again. "Are you willing to come to dinner this evening if you don’t already have plans? I'm sure you have other plans though so that's ok, maybe another night. I'm a pretty good cook, and promise I'll explain." She looks at him hoping he will say yes. “I had no idea you lived here but I was planning on finding out where you lived from Francesca later today and trying to contact you."
    Jamie smiles broadly. “I was going to call Francesca after this appointment to find out where you lived. I wanted to talk to you again. Great minds think alike. I'd love to have dinner with you. I don't have other plans. I may get called in for work, but I go later in the evening after dark."

    Bekka smiles at Jamie happier since he has accepted her apology and invitation to dinner. She feels less tense and nervous now too. Maybe she can relax and enjoy the tour of the house without the tenseness from before. Jamie moves a little closer. “Feel better now?”
    “Yes! When I walked in and saw you, I asked the Fates to just open the floor and drop me in. I feel much better now. I was startled and yes very nervous. I couldn't keep going on without saying something to you.”

    Mary pops into the room and invites Rebecca up to the third floor to see her space. Jamie trails behind them and plays with the skeleton while Mary and Rebecca talk about the room.
    "This is remarkable. You have so much in this little attic. I'm happy to meet you Mary."
    Mary laughs. "I actually have a few things crammed in the space above as well."
    "Damien's notes tell me to include an area for your science experiments. Can you show me the other area? I'll need to see what you have to plan the space."
    Sherlock squawks and takes a pass around the room while Jamie is still playing with the skeleton. He abandons the skeleton to play with Sherlock once he lands back on his tree.

    “There is no entrance to the upper attic. It was blocked off many years ago by one of the tenants who thought that would stop me from haunting them.”
    Bekka giggles. "I expect the tenant found out all his work was for nothing."
    Mary tries to smother her laugh as she notices Jamie watching and listening with interest.
    "It was a complete waste of time and energy since I can float through walls and teleport if I choose."
    “Silly humans. That won’t be a problem for me. Once you are in the room, I can teleport to you.”
    Mary is surprised “What! How can you do that?"
    "I am a genie."
    Mary laughs with delight. "You go, girl! No wonder you were not freaked out to meet me."
    Jamie looks over at Bekka in amazement. 'A genie! She's a freaking genie!' (Remember Jamie is a supernatural fan.)
    Just as he is about to come over and ask her about it, Mary teleports out of the room and Bekka instantly follows her.

    Jamie is dismayed that they both disappeared so fast. "Hey, no fair!" He can hear the faint sound of laughter from the room above. He is actually pleased rather than perturbed. He knows Mary needs friends and he loves the sound of Becka's laughter.

    While talking with Mary and measuring the space, Daniel Romero floats in. Mary introduces her to Daniel. He only stays a moment on his way to find his wife. "I think I saw her out back playing in the snow." Mary tells him. The ladies chat a few more minutes after he leaves.
    "I think we can fix this area once we get the blockage taken care of. You don't need to hide anymore." Bekka inspects the walls and feels it can be safely opened back up.
    "No, I'm not hiding anymore. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, but I'm not going to keep hiding. We are trying to find a way to turn me human. Liam has a method but he is concerned it would not work on me. I'm a different kind of ghost than the others. Damien knows unless I can be turned human again that I'll be popping up most every winter and he seems to be ok with that."
    "Considering the way he looked at you when we were talking downstairs, I'd say he is more than ok with it. How do you feel about him?"
    Mary feels an unusual warmth filling her face. "I admire him very much, maybe too much considering what I am. I could fall in love with him so easy. I think about him all the time and want to be with him. I dream about him at night." But, I am cursed to be a ghost in winter and gone the rest of the year. Mary sighs heavily.
    Bekka hugs her. "Don't give up a chance on love because you are a ghost. Love is a blessing and we all need love. It will work out. I know it seems like the Fates have cursed you, but there is usually a reason for what they do."
    "Is everything ok up there? Ladies, do I need to find a mallet and start bashing away at the walls?"
    "I think he misses us," Mary tells Bekka. "You teleport to Jamie, and I'll come after you."
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    Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,940 Member
    It's been my first time playing the Sims 3 in quite basically around 3 years. I wanted to start how I usually always play. Some sort of Sim like me that ends up causing more normality than anything else.

    This time may have started a bit differently in Bridgeport. When you're a witch and have some good spells you so want a reason to use them. And I have one.

    There's always been a habbit of mine, a first impression has got to be a one way trip to finding out you can become a ghost thanks to my witches.

    Seeing both that a Sim burnt to death on this spot due to me, and that I'm a 3 star celeb now I figured I'd teach him how to become a ghost too!
    Surprisingly he's... Enjoying the warmth?

    Credit where credits due, I decided he can live if he enjoys it. Especially if the Reapers had enough of people dying today.


    I'll assume her joke was that good he made a mess of himself laughing, but either way, that's amusing to witness.

    Lady, I think you might be a bit cold in this season.

    My Witch really does feel like me, constantly in the state of looking sleep deprived. Mildly upset with something. And loves black and red... That last part sounds oddly similar to old self-sims there to be honest by sheer coincidence.

    Final note. But what's with the amount of people in Bridgeport that don't wear shoes. It's like I've seen 5 different anti-shoe Sims so far
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,795 Member
    Langerak Family Update

    On day 135 of the save, Dwight and Melanie Langerak were the first ones up on the first day of winter. Since they had had a party the day prior, there was plenty of leftovers in the fridge so the whole family ate on those.

    I kind of had to hurry and close the game down last I played because it was getting late and I had work the next day. I had forgot to clean up the dishes on the table so by morning, the Langerak's complained. Melanie had a whole stack of plates to wash before starting her day.

    Dwight decided to practice breaking space rocks in the snow. I hurried up and gave him Immune to Cold so he wouldn't freeze. He had the LTP for it so it worked in our favor.

    Daisy's sleep schedule is slightly off from everyone else's. She was up for a few hours before Quinton and Ariana got up but Quinton played with her once he woke up.

    Anytime that I don't have Melanie doing something else, she ends up playing her guitar. Quinton seems to do the same thing so I'm thinking a jam session may be fun in the near future. Maybe I'll add in some other instruments but I'm not making a band yet, although that may happen in the family's future generations.

    Quinton got the mail which included bills, two love letters, and a wall decoration.

    With everyone either at work or school, Melanie watched TV with her son-in-law before getting up and finishing her latest book. She had already reached her LTW but she did get a promotion once she finished this book.

    Random shot of Ariana heading home after work. A wild horse was in the background.

    More leftovers were eaten for supper after Dwight and Ariana made it home. Michael, Dwight and Melanie's youngest was still on his way from school.

    Melanie had an opportunity to make 4 new friends so I started working on that. This lady is Jennifer Bollinger and is just a random Sim created by the game. Jennifer later ended up with Christian Jones, a clone of the founders husband, Christopher Steel. She has been added to the family tree and is the only new person added.

    When he had finished supper, Michael worked on his homework while Wiggles tried to "help".

    Quinton finished his shift and then headed back home.

    ***Another update will be posted tomorrow and I'll also do a bit of feedback. The days in Sunset Valley are dwindling down, they'll be moving to Riverview on Day 151 and will continue the family there until day 301 or later. I plan on at least 150 days in each Sims town that I have but I plan on buying them all as soon as I can so it'll be a long term save. Actually, if I recall correctly, yesterday was the one year anniversary of starting this save file. I had a hiatus for awhile as I got bored of the family around day 90 and I ended up deleting all my saves. Fortunately, I had one saved at day 45 or so and I ended up resuming from there. Things this time went much better so I just continued from there and here we are. For those who are new to my family, here is the link again for previous updates.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    edited December 2020
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I think it's grasshopper pie at the festivals! ;)

    Yes Dante in my game is nice because of changed traits. (I can't tolerate the meanspirited, it's like a persons spirit is broken/flawed and that is too sad for me because I think we are all spirits/light walking around in meat bags lol) Dante doesn't seem to be influenced by other species, He is best friends with Argus the were wolf when the game opens. He is good friends with Waylan Wolff as well. I have a big mad crush on him and well I think Everyone in the house haha

    Nikkei, we are the person in the back ground watching you bang your head!!! :D Have Santa get your wife some ear buds, for your sanity! LOL

    I love your story, and Huaro and River at the pool was Great! When are they going. to . kiss!!!! <3

    @DivaDoodle, Grasshopper 🦗 pie? ~googles it very quickly~
    ...a vintage No Bake pie recipe made with chocolate cookie crumb crust, and light minty frozen marshmallow Creme de Menthe filling
    Oh...WHEW!!! That's better than the other alternative... oh wait...

    This is an American favourite.... inspired by the popular 1950's cocktail. A really simple method using marshmallows makes this super quick to make. The chocolate oreo base is great... but nothing compared to how we decorate this dessert... with real life, edible grasshoppers (2 chocolate dipped grasshoppers).

    EWWWWWWWW!!!!! ~raises hand~ Um...without the grasshoppers, please?

    I hope she doesn't get sucked into the "Sims 4 is great" group. I'd be throwing up.

    Haruo and River will probably not kiss for a while yet... They're still doing the "dance around each other" bit right at the moment. :D Believe it or not, I wrote seven chapters so far... in the story line and at the end of those seven chapters (ten pages average per chapter, all text - to be converted into text with screencaps), they're still NOT married yet. ~evil smile~ :D So...there's a while to go...and THEN...there's the whole legacy bit... to do yet. :D So I actually haven't got to the "real game-play" portion of the "legacy" yet... I'm just patch-working their history together...and giving it visuals at the moment. :D

    ~looks around~ "Do I ever make it easy on myself?" currently building a class room for a classroom scene and shoving all the teens in SV into the classroom.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited December 2020

    22 The Watcher Watches Gameplay

    I am trying out portrait panel again, to see if I can get used to it. *crosses fingers*

    The cacophony upstairs has me go check. Amelina is training Louise,
    I am so relieved when the training and shouting stops! Amelina must have found it very fatiguing :D


    Gladsten is a wonderful house guest, he makes sure to properly scare the living daylights out of Luc & Ari! "No matter how many times they tried, they were never able to paint over the stairs"

    Little Tula awakens and Tulip gets up immediately to see to her little ones needs "Asena Nubu" coos Mommy

    Safisfied that Tula is satisfied, she goes for a mudbath. She is smart, not only is it relaxing and gives good moodlet, it replenishes her energy and hygiene!

    Downstairs Oscar is dancing and his son Luc is painting, they share the artist trait and Luc shares the Good sense of humor with his Mom, Louise.

    Aiden checks to see if Gladsten is a bit better today. He seems to be!

    And Dante finally awakens and his first thought is of his sweet daughter Tula.

    Dante decides to give his pal Gladsten a reading. maybe the fates will find someone for him! the pop-up says "That was a Great reading! Gladsten got Everything he wanted to hear from Dante! and wasn't even a little suspicious of it!" lol OK! Good! The future is Bright!

    sorry she's taken Buddy!


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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited December 2020

    ~~~~~~22 End The Watcher Watches 'Gladsten'

    So poor Gladsten, first Marigold dumps him, then Linda dumps him twice (the first time I thought was my fault for not seeing if their 'like line' was high enough) this 2nd time it's obvious to me, it just isn't for Linda.

    He's a lover and I know he wants to be loved, so Lets invite Frida over and I will stand back and watch.
    Frida drops on by, I have Gladsten greet her to see if there's any interest. At first he freaks out because she's a ghost, try again Gladsten! Oh hearts! Oh how nice!

    Oh whoa!what?! Frida! You wild woman! (this is all autonomous except for me directing Gladsten to greet her.)

    Dude did you two even share traits?!!!

    Be quiet Watcher, I'm healing, remember?!

    I check, he doesn't know anything about her, but maybe in his state, if the chemistry is there it's ok? gosh, they are already at irresistible, all on their own.

    Frida keeps trying lol She really wants him. I finally figure out its my mod setting Preventing, because the townies were turning the town into 🐸🐸🐸🐸 and Gomorrah
    I change the mod for just this time, just for them.

    aww He is really smitten!

    Now they finally learn traits! LOL

    I let him go ahead and ask

    He is wonderful & Gallant and he compliments her ghastliness and gives a gift of honey for his honey : )

    Now I need Dante & Tulip to fish us up some Death fish! Hope this works out! * fingers crossed*

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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    Pray for me, folks. My wife's trying out TS4 right now on her computer (on tutorial mode) and it's driving me friggin' nuts!!! The tutorial voice is making me wanna put my head through a wall.
    Can I thank whoever did the voice-over for the tutorial?

    Oh no! She has gone to the darkside!

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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,217 Member

    Ohhhh Dante is such a handsome sim, I love him hehe.
    Congrats to their new babygirl.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,217 Member

    Ohhh, will Bekka and Jamie end up togheter?
    Hmm, they look great togheter.
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @GraceyManor Thanks for commenting on the pictures. :smiley:

    @DivaDoodle I'm enjoying the updates on your sims. Tulip and Dante are just so sweet together. They others seem to have very good relationships as well. Very romantic unions for your sims. I'm a hopeless romantic so I love it when they fit together like that.
    Thanks for the comment on the picture of the horses :smiley:
    Poor Gladstone! So sad.
    Tulip is so cute preggers!
    Congrats on baby Tula!
    Adorable pics of Dante and Tula.
    Good luck with Frida! hehe, looks like things are working well. :grin:

    @AlexaKry Thanks for the comments. :smiley: The sims in Hidden Springs seem to enjoy winter very much. There are snowmen, snow angels and igloos everywhere.

    @rubyskywalker Glad you were able to make a new folder and add back your stuff. I don't have a clue about world files. I thought those were installed with the installation into the game and when you first went to the world.
    I think @Rflong13 has a winter world. Check her studio.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great updates! Looks like both are starting to take a different look at each other. :grin:

    @Tamijo You are on a roll with the updates. Great job!

    @Turjan I've got it set to two stray horses, but for some reason two adults = foals as well. :grin:
    The butler definitely looks much better in his everyday look. The formal one is more like the butlers I get except they are older in general or female. I don't think I've tried in a long time. Alice and Wisteria wish for a butler every once in a while, but I delete it. There are enough sims in that household as it is, plus I can pull out Bonehilda to do a deep cleaning if things get really messy. :grin:
    At least your girls are wearing dresses. The townies usually show up in everyday wear or their gym clothes and full of stink for me! :lol: I'm shocked the dress code is not formal.

    @Karritz Sounds like a nice outing! Happy simming.

    @Sorak4 Welcome back to Sims 3. Great pictures!

    @Brandontaylor Glad you got some time to play your legacy! It is great to see the family again.
    Everyone seems to be doing well.
    Brrrr. Martial arts in the snow! Good that he has the LTR so he won't freeze.
    I look forward to seeing them move and thrive in the new town.

    @Silverofdreams30 It is possible they will end up together. I guess we will see how their temperaments meld. They are certainly attracted to each other which is a good start. Thanks very much for commenting! :smiley::heart:

    A view of Meadow Beach, late afternoon, winter in Hidden Springs.
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    edited December 2020
    Guess like everyone else I will just repost my story updates in this section, rather than spend time on summing the story up.

    Chapter 1.10 Three Friends

    Mother must have missed someone to hold her, comfort her, someone to love. The only men she knew well was my uncles, see must have had friendly feelings for both as we can see from this, written in her diary one cold December day.
    “I was alone, “Slick” was sleeping, I could hear her childish snore and it made me smile. Was looking out at the beautiful winter landscape and my mind would not stop wondering about my two male friends. David – so physical attractive, so strong and so mystically silent and thoughtful. Robert – so loving and caring towards my little girl – so cheerful and optimistic, we have so much in common with a shared love for books, art, writing.”


    Mother bought me a dollhouse for my 5 years birthday, I had promised to stop playing the xylophone if I got one, all the adults was so tired of the sound.

    In wintertime later that year mother called a carpenter and got our room extended, to fit in a computer, now I saw her much more than before, was nice to listen to her typing the homework as I fell asleep. She also changed her hairstyle.
    From what I read; I think see was more relaxed this year.


    Although, from what I later leaned from Robert, he would still find her standing outside in the snow, frozen in her own world where no one could reach. Terrible cold without even noticing it herself.


    Uncle David meet Gracie Loveland, a single woman living close to our home. If they where more than friends is not clear from my mother’s hand, she only briefly mentions her, always in a neutral manner.


    Mother started her first longer novel, spending a lot of time in front of the computer but at least she was home, the working title was “Just a friend”, but it is what was to become known as “Winter Landscape”


    I turned 6 years old that summer, now we get to where I remember or have been told most of this story, only occasionally having to depend on mother’s notes.

    One morning both my Uncle’s went out together, they said Robert would like to go fishing with David, how unlikely that may sound. Anyway, that was a lie they came back with Muddi – ooh impossible to express now crazy important that was to me.

    Muddi was a male four years old mix of uncountable dog breeds, and he was mine.


    End of Chapter 1
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    @bekkasan: Nice sim that Bekka
    @DivaDoodle: Love that Gladsten so cool looking
    @Brandontaylor: lots of nice sims and shots here, “plenty of leftover” is what we all need :)
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @bekkasan I love your story, I was totally immersed in it! when this chapter ended It was like *pop* Oh 'I'm here at my little table reading, I'm not in the story! hahaha

    I really like how Jamie knows about people and can seem to sense what they are feeling. It makes me think he is a real people person. I really like him!!

    Love that look between them!

    Bekka's hair color is so attractive to me with the highlights, really beautiful!

    lol you caught such great expressions on Jamie's face! <3

    Thank you for your comment! I share the hopeless romantic trait with you!!! I am so happy the couples have such a great bond together! It's so sad for me when the simies love relationships don't work out!

    I know LOL about Frida! her bio said she didn't care if she had relationships, and didn't mind that she was a ghost, and that she was happy living with her uncle Samuel and his wife, But none of that is true! I was so surprised she was so forward with Gladsten! She knows what she wants!

    Your picture of Hidden Springs moon reflected on water, with the snow quietly falling, is so very lovely! It gave me the feeling I have been there before! <3

    Sorak4 wonderful story! Wow she is Really engulfed in flames!

    :o I have Never seen Grim with a fire extinguisher!!! amazing!

    That is great that your sim self really feels like you!

    Anti-Shoe sims is a perfect word! I have has games like that! :D

    @Brandontaylor So lovely to see your story today!

    Oh I love when they do the claw! Daisy is just so adorable!

    lol Wiggles tried to help!

    I like that you explained about your deleting the saves but then came back one day to find day 45 and started again! Reading that and also when others post similar, has influenced me to always keep at least one save of each game. I wish I had done it from the beginning of my sims experience.

    @Nikkei_Simmer LOL My GrandPop & Big Mom, were from Houston and every time they'd come visit he would bring chocolate covered ants, crickets and grasshoppers and the like!!! My sisters and I were so squeamish but eventually we broke down to try it because, Chocolate!

    " So I actually haven't got to the "real game-play" portion of the "legacy" yet... I'm just patch-working their history together...and giving it visuals at the moment."' well I am certainly enjoying the patchwork very very much!!!

    @Silverofdreams30 TY I think Dante is so handsome too! I love all the expressions he makes! TY for the congrats on Baby Tula! Dante had wished for a boy, he will eventually get his wish! My last game here in 🐸🐸🐸🐸 Dante and Violet had 10 kids, and wanted more but 🐸🐸🐸🐸 ran out of room.

    @ Tamijo I enjoy your story! oh puppy is up to his tummy in the snow, such a cute picture!

    TY about Gladsten, he comes looking like that I just changed his hair and beard.

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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,091 Member
    edited December 2020
    havent played in a couple days as I noticed the world I'm in all the commercial lots are missing doors....
    the creator didn't link the CC for the doors.And he won't answer any questions regarding his old worlds anymore.

    has anyone played in Acadia by babilon before? I played in it in the past and never noticed missing doors
    But I have no clue which doors he used.Even some of the lots are completely unfurnished.

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