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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 2)

    "Nice weather, isn't it?" Fiona ventured as she came in the front door from work
    "Hmmm, yes. Nice day. Maybe weather hold today, maybe tomorrow too..." Yasunobu said in halting English searching carefully for the proper words. An immigrant to the country, sixteen years of living in Canada hadn’t removed an accent; nor would it as he’d come over as a young adult.

    "I hope it stays this way. I wouldn’t like having to go to work in the rain" she stated, pausing for a moment before asking..."How is Har-u-oh doing?" I’m not sure if that’s the proper pronunciation...but...oh, close enough. Yasunobu hadn't named his son an easy name for a Westerner to pronounce, did he? But Fiona made her best attempt at it. She smiled at Haruo and he gave her a wide grin.

    "Oh, say he grow good." He looked startled but nodded, "And your baby...uh...River?" he offered and they shook hands.

    Fiona thought to herself, that Yasunobu was a rather handsome man and he had nice dark brown eyes that were deep and expressive. And his toddler was absolutely adorable with his cute little button nose, she observed. " daughter..." she said with a sweep of her hand towards River sitting on the hardwood floor eyeing Yasunobu's son who was holding a blue wooden blocking. "Dr. Ellis says that she’s doing fine." She inquired taking a look at the young toddler after grabbing some autumn salad from the fridge to hush her ravenous cravings for food since she had missed lunch.
    "That’s good. Eat well, grow up strong." Yasunobu grinned at her and Fiona felt a stirring within her. How the poor man had ended up with a snotty witch of a wife, she would never know.
    Fiona and Yasunobu were so engrossed in their conversation that neither noticed that River and Haruo were staring at each other intently, each holding their own blocks eyeing each other trying to figure out if the other one was friendly. After all, they would be living in the same house and being friends was the best way to have an amicable relationship under the same roof.
    There were many things that the parents had to do once everyone was back home. This was all a part of parenting. One of them was giving the children basic skills that they would have to in order to grow up. Potty training, learning to walk, learning to talk, playing with blocks; and the xylophone; all of which were necessary to advance into a well-rounded individual.
    Haruo was taught by his father to walk. “Haruo-kun. Ī ne... (that’s good)” He smiled as Haruo tottered towards him with outstretched arms and held him as Haruo lost his balance and fell into his father’s arms. Haruo looked up with wide eyes and Fiona felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for a man that she knew was not available. What a pity, she thought. He takes care of his son in a way that Caeden never would have done for River.
    Fiona did the same for her own daughter by sitting down with her on the hardwood floor and teaching her to talk. It was painstaking and repetitive work as her beloved daughter had a mind of her own and was easily distracted by other things going around her. Several hours would pass before River managed to be able to repeat back a few words and still more time would elapse until she was able to converse at a basic level appropriate for her age.

    Mayumi on the other hand, got the stinky job of teaching Haruo how to go potty. Needless to say it was not a very pleasant experience as she had to clean out the potty as well after each time that Haruo had to go. Between that and having to fumigate the washroom every time that a training session happened did not make Mayumi a very happy camper or any less indisposed towards being mean to her son. Nothing made her happier than to heckle him or steal a lollipop from him.
    Whatever she wasn't allowed to do to her school students she brought home and dished it out on Haruo. When she wasn't teaching him how to talk and letting him know how disappointed she was in the fact that he wasn't a genius...
    ...she made sure to let him know that he was smaller than her and that she could do anything that she wished to make his life absolutely miserable.
    River, on the other hand, was absolutely furious, even though she didn't know what was going on between her best friend and his mother. Due to her age, she didn't yet understand family dynamics, but all she knew was that her best friend was miserable and that made her angry.
    ...and of course, it wasn't any better when Mayumi picked up Haruo and took him off to the bedroom, just so that she wouldn't have to hear him cry, shoving him in the crib and leaving him to scream and tantrum because he was being ignored. After all, Mayumi needed quiet and she was going to get way or another.
    Meanwhile Yasunobu made dinner which was spaghetti with veggie sauce owing to the fact that Fiona was a strict vegetarian and meat dishes made her feel ill. So Yasunobu did what he could to alleviate her discomfort by cooking vegetarian dishes on the side for her. And Fiona was working on her first book, a science fiction mystery which had her glued mostly to her laptop (author's note: yes, I know...back in those days, we didn't have laptops per se. We had big huge things that weren't easily portable from one place to another - just work with me here).
    Unfortunately; though Yasunobu had hoped that the weather would hold out, in the morning it was clearly apparent that the sky had opened up and it was a downpour. On top of that the fog had moved in and the rain fell to wash over the town.

    (End Chapter One Part 2)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    A few non-story-line screencaps

    Yasunobu teaching River to walk while Fiona is at work...

    And...we get some really strange townies in the game...when you let the game generate them. But then again, I have my game selecting from my bin; taking attributes from the sims that I've created so they don't all look like pudding.
    Melody Benavidez - armed with a pipe-wrench. Goodness knows what she's doing.

    "Hi's with the pipe wrench?" ~backing away slowly~

    Melody: "Oh...the better to hit you with, my dear..."
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @DeafSimmer It sounds like the girls have things well planned. It's ok to be indecisive when you are that young. :smiley:
    Sounds like Indominus has got it rough!
    Ganondorf sure got his fire spell going! Glad they are ok and hope he doesn't target the girls.
    Looks like the girls have some special guys to speak up and fight for them.
    Thanks for the comment. :smiley:
    Glad that Luna survived her encounter. Hope the curse doesn't last too long.

    @Turjan The building in the picture is one @Hidehi made for the mermaid part of the world. I downloaded a bunch of stuff she made so I don't have to build as much. :grin: I put my mermaid mayor candidate in it with his wife.
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my update. :smiley::heart:
    The wife is very well dressed for the party!
    Nice view of Oasis Landing.

    @Karritz Glad you were able to get the video posted. I checked it out and the volume seemed ok on my puter. I didn't get any ads and no, I don't pay for YouTube. I listened to one of the recent ones while building and no ads through the whole thing.
    Great pictures of the sims. Glad you got the internet thing figured out. :smiley:

    @rubyskywalker hmm, seems like the game would have dissolved the relationship, but, if you have Master Controller you might be able to fix it if ghosts show up on the list by changing from a RI to friend

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks so much for commenting. :smiley::heart:

    @Brandontaylor I hope you stay safe and that the covid settles back down again.
    Glad you had a few to post the update. Mike is cute sporting his werewolf look. :grin:
    Dwight looks great in his MA outfits!

    @MamaSimTee Its nice to see some pics and story from you. :smiley: I enjoyed her story very much and glad to see she is doing what she needs to succeed and avoid Gunther's flirts! :grin:
    That was great advice that Ilona gave her!
    oh my! Sad about Jared. What a way to go. :cry:

    @Jeansoo Cool pics of the simfest.

    @AlexaKry I enjoyed reading the festival fun with your sims. Commented on your thread.

    @DivaDoodle Sounds like a fun save.
    Thanks so much for commenting!
    That is strange behavior the sim not wanting to dance with her boyfriend. She sounds like an ornery sim! :lol:
    That is one way to fix a problem sim! I love that she went straight to him after.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Good luck with the reboot. Certainly looks like toddler River is already flirting with toddler Haruo.

    @Schmoloop She's cute and such an adorable baby!

    @ilikethesims30 Hi, nice to see an update from you. Cape Garner is a nice place to look around.

    @lisasc360 ::waves::

    @KrayzieStryker Your resort looks terrific.

    @Lucy_Henley Good luck and hope you get your mojo back.

    @emorrill Loved the update. Comments on your thread.

    @Emily4331 Love the pics and sims. Such glamorous ladies!

    @liizzys1302 Looks like an interesting family! I think there will be some drama from your backstories on them. :grin:
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,422 Member
    @bekkasan - It's certainly different than starting a Legacy with two young adults. It's interesting playing sections of River and Haruo's life as infants, toddlers then children and eventually on towards teens (although this River will look different as a teen than she does in the unmodded game. Then I feel like I get the FULL lifespan of the original founders. Now...I count Yasunobu, Mayumi and Fiona as the Pre-Founder Generation...just like last time. I started playing them in Adventureland so as to not bog down the save...right off from the start...and I'll be playing them in Sunset Valley when they reach their teens.
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    @bekkasan I already solved the ghost relationship problems.
    It was Branch who, despite it showing as RI, ended up getting together with someone else and declining my sim's romantic interactions.
    I decided to cancel my sim's wish to get married again and decided since the twins are teenagers there's enough extra help around the house, long as they do their homework and chores and get part time jobs that don't collide too much so at least one of the teens are home when Rosalie is at work (the Culinary job schedule is not the greatest. Hoping it gets easier soon.)
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    Sif´s quest to safe the love of her life.
    Full story here:
    I won´t flood this thread here with all the pictures and the whole story, because it is a very long update this time, so if you are interested in reading the full story feel free to click the above link.
    I try to consolidate the story here without confusing too much.
    Tyler´s life had to be rescued by his dad and his girlfriend. He was getting weaker and weaker by fighting the dark in him so his dad (a fairy king) had to hold a very dangerous ceremony. During this ceremony Tyler had to die so Sif could safe him from dying herself. In order to do so she had to search for Grim.
    This is the first part of her quest:
    She had to find a special abandoned haunted house in Midnight Hollow. So she visited the town and went to the city hall at first in the hope that the staff could help her.
    They couldn´t but gave her the hint to search in the library, where some old registers were stored. Maybe she could find something there?
    At the library a stranger wanted to talk to her
    and he gave her the tip to search for a ghost at one of the many cementeries in Midnight Hollow, so she went to some really scary places.
    She finally was able to talk to a ghost.
    The woman told her that there was an old house nearby where a whole family died and vanished from earth, so Sif headed to the house and slept there in her sleeping bag.

    This was the (very short) summary of the story, if you are interested in the whole, click the link above.
    Sorry for such a shameless advertising! o:)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,422 Member
    OK... "dolled Melody up". :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Tom and Verity looked excitedly at their new house.
    "It looks beautiful," Tom said, admiring the stonework.
    "It does," Verity agreed. "It's not too big, and not too small. And it's right opposite the grocery store - how convenient is that?"
    "There's even a little garden," Tom said, looking round. "It might not be much, but it's plenty compared to what you got with a Bridgeport apartment, which is zilch."
    "It's a shame neither of us are natural gardeners," Verity sighed. "But apparently the grocery store produce is fresh every day. What I like best about Monte Vista is that it feels like a holiday destination."


    Tom immediately set about obtaining a job as a music fan, before joining his wife in the hot tub.
    "Isn't this bliss?" Verity asked, somewhat rhetorically, over the bubbles. "The ability to breathe fresh air after the constant traffic fumes."
    "Bridgeport wasn't all bad," Tom said. "There was plenty of stuff to do at weekends."
    "That's true," Verity conceded. "I just feel like I've outgrown the place. People understood me wanting to come here, but they thought you were mad... there aren't any clubs here, as far as I'm aware."
    "Well, I can help establish the Monte Vista music scene," he laughed. "It feels like it'll be more of a challenge to start something from nothing rather than just becoming yet another wannabe."
    "Fair point," Verity nodded.


    After towelling himself off, Tom set about practising the guitar in the living room. In truth, it had been a while since he'd played; the last couple of years at school had been taken up with his academic studies, after doing unexpectedly well at his GCSEs and realising how rewarding it was to work hard. He was soon able to get back into the swing of things, and began looking forward to work. It would be a long slog, working up from being a fan, but he was willing to do it. Everyone had to start somewhere.


    One of the reasons Verity had been attracted to Monte Vista was its culinary history. So many Sims loved Italian food, and whilst this wasn't Italy, there were so many families of Italian descent living here that it was almost as good. The house came with its very own little pizza oven, and she eagerly set about making a cheesy pizza.
    I hope I do the locals proud, she thought.


    "Ooh, Verity, this is lovely!" Tom said ecstatically over dinner. "I hope I'm allowed to cook in here sometimes!"
    "I don't mind cooking," Verity replied.
    "That's an understatement," he grinned. "But I feel like I should share the load. There might be times when you're unwell or too tired after work."
    "That's very helpful of you," Verity agreed. "I don't think one can escape learning at least some cooking skill if one lives here."
    "This kitchen is certainly well-equipped," Tom said, looking round. "It's got everything one could possibly want - even a drinks bar!"
    "I've often wanted to learn mixology," Verity said. "It'd be useful from a culinary perspective, learning to combine liquid ingredients as well as solid ones."


    The next morning, Verity decided to purchase a basic mixology book and began studying it in bed. It proved fascinating, and she couldn't wait to get behind the kitchen bar and put theory into practice. As she flicked the pages, she found herself lamenting the lack of local bars, but reasoned that her initial attempts at drinks may not all be palatable, so it was just as well that she could practise at home.


    By coincidence, Tom and Verity's working hours were the same. Verity's initial job was at the diner, which was on the same lot as the grocery store, and she quickly came to realise that there wasn't much potential to progress. Flipping burgers and hot dogs was all very well, but she wanted to be able to prepare a wider variety of dishes. The proprietor told her that the local restaurant had an opening, so she drove to ask if she could transfer, and was accepted. Although she'd lose the convenience of working right opposite her house, she was relishing the chance to learn fancy cuisine.


    The following day, after just one day at her "new" job, Verity earned a promotion! When she got home, she discovered that Tom had also been promoted.
    "Hey, Verity," Tom said softly, "why don't we start a family?"
    "I'd love to," Verity replied. "It'll mean time off work, but at least I can keep up my cooking skills whilst on maternity leave. That's provided I get pregnant straight away, of course."
    They left the decidedly unromantic surroundings of the bathroom and headed upstairs, as excited as any young couple to be making love. After a good session, Verity was sure that she heard an unusual chime...


    Verity felt terrible the next morning when she woke up.
    Oh my Plumbob, have I conceived already? Is this morning sickness? Wow, I feel dreadful...
    She climbed out of bed and stepped into the shower. It was good to stand under the warm water, but the nausea just wasn't going away...
    Nausea is definitely worse than actually throwing up, she thought. At least after vomiting you always feel better.
    Then, sure enough, she was leaning over the toilet bowl...


    Unfortunately for Verity, she was sick again later that day.
    Morning sickness? Which fool came up with the term MORNING sickness? It's well past noon! she thought.
    Tom, who was taking a bubble bath, watched his wife with sympathy. He had an inkling that she was pregnant, but didn't say anything; he wanted to hear her say it out loud once it was actually confirmed.


    That evening, the couple sat together on the couch.
    "I really hope I am pregnant," Verity said. "I don't want to have been puking my guts up for no reason."
    "Being sick is horrible, whatever the cause," Tom sympathised. "But it would be great if the end result was a baby, of course."
    "I've already started thinking of names," she said. "I'm a little stuck on boy names, though."
    "Well, what about girl names, to start off?" Tom asked.
    "I've always liked Katie," Verity said. "Katherine is nice, but a little bit formal for a tiny baby. And Katie is very much a name in its own right."
    "Yes, Katie is a lovely name," Tom agreed. "It goes well with Jennings, too. We've got plenty of time to agree on a boy's name."


    The next morning...
    "Guess what! Well, you don't really need to guess what, we already guessed... we're going to be parents!"
    "Hooray!" Tom exclaimed. "One of my work colleagues recently became a dad, I can't wait to ask him for some tips."


    No real caption here, I just love how happy they look at the prospect of becoming parents! <3



    I’ve got more screenshots, but there were quite a few left in the folder so I’ll do a little part 2 later.
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    By the way, as I’m British, I referred to Tom doing GCSEs which are the exams we do at 16. I’ve been on predominately American Internet forums for a long time so I may sometimes slip in a few Americanisms. Just to confuse people :D
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    Just now scanned the last thirty new posts have not even awesomed them all yet no simmy time but will get to them tomorrow .

    But real quick

    @emorrill This pic of yours :s you know that guy in horror movies "like every horror" the bully jock who talks tough gets the hottest girl but you know is gonna be brutally killed and you clap loudly when he does.

    You made "That guy"



    @Emily Amazing job on Ida 2.0 her second version is wayy better which is a huge compliment since the first was really awesome..I mean errr umm we are bitter enemies she is terrible now delete her from your library at once if you value attractive sims :#


    @liizzys1302 Commented on your other thread

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member
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    I read the next part of chapter 10
    yesterday, you do have a way with words it was really good.
    I love how in love Alex and Haley are, funny h9ow the guys heard them outside their
    bedroom lol.
    Great job.


    Wow, Desmond is handsome is he an EA townie? I don't think
    I know that name.


    You are welcome.
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    I made a Daycare based on the crazy nannies of Sims 2 fame.

    Crazy indeed!
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

    See my Sims 3 studio for latest progress.
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    Hey guys, I know it's been two weeks again, but hopefully this time will give me a wider view of who is new to the forum once I do feedback.

    I wanted to stop in and let you know why I have been absent yet again. My game did NOT break this time.

    In fact, the opposite is happening. I am finally sitting down and doing the hard work to find every piece of broken or unnecessary clothing cc. I was happy though that there was even a way for me to do it. I remember that for a long time I had had no idea how to, and then when I finally found out it was possible, I found the process so long that I didn't want to undertake it at the time.

    Now I'm finally going through all these different sections, and getting instance numbers and removing things!

    When I got out of the game with a ton of screenshots of CC I wanted to remove, and opened the program that would be used to search for the instance numbers in my CC in my packages folder, it found an item that needed to be removed. There was a decorative item from a kitchen set that it said couldn't be read properly, so I took that as a strong sign to remove it from my game as quickly as possible, lol!

    After just removing that item, and just some everyday TEEN female cc, my game ran so much better that I could not believe my eyes when the interactive game ran so smoothly! I was so excited to get back in my game!

    I cannot wait to see how the game runs once I go through the ADULT female clothes!

    The game will probably run like a dream!

    This one is going away, so here's an example of me grabbing an instance number:

    Here's me racking up points in the interactive loading game:

    These fancy furniture cc's that seemed so lag inducing, didn't seem so lag inducing anymore, moving around my sims' house was much much easier!
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    Your snakie is angry!

    Masked Slain

    Henmei's strange expression

    A new sim for Hidden Springs, Manzhu Sha's younger brother Diao Sha
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation

    She/Her but you can call me as any pronouns
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    bekkasan Thanks for commenting! Yes ornery is the right word! LOL I do feel bad putting a new skin on her tho, she was so ultra lovely as Craven made her. I want to try to get her original back, if she will still love him!

    AlexaKry I have the story bookmarked, short synopsis isn't for me, not for This story! can't wait to read tonight with no interruptions so I can Fully immerse myself!!!

    emorrill great story and pictures!

    Emily4331 gorgeous sims! just really Super Beautiful!

    Karritz oh how frustrating to have to save so often! I have seasons but can only use spring and summer. I have to turn off all weather or my laptop lags. I do love the festival grounds so keep seasons in. I love all your pictures! they are so well done, and I love how the view is eye level and not from above! I'm looking forward to your video!

    That's too funny about Louise dancing on counters while the fans fight over her husband in front of her! I don't have that EP. I have to be real careful not to run out of space on the laptop, so I'm being super choosy which EPs I get.

    Thank you for talking about your settings! I appreciate it! I also the behavior is mostly trait related but I have seen otherwise in some sims in the past. Oh I turned off Alien abductions for this save, too. I once had a fun good run with them with half of sunset valley being Alien families. but, I really didn't like it that my sims seemed to not like being abducted against their will. and I play with free will on high. so that made me think the aliens are breaking the 'free will' law of the land.
    The last straw was the abduction of my favorite human girl, who knows what he did, but when that nasty alien brought her home she put her hands over her face and wept! :# grrrrr That was IT, I went into super protective mama bear mode! no creature is allowed to traumatize my favorites!!! Ever since then retuner let me make it so no more abductions. Aliens visiting is OK, and all they get haha

    Have fun simming! Off to play!
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    From the past few days: This is a storyline that I've been wanting to execute for a very long time but it required a lot of preparation for the background.
    The basic story is this:
    The criminals in Sunset Valley are planning to rob a bank.
    The law enforcement team is become aware of it (while the criminals do a background check at the bank before the actual robbery).
    The police recruit Ayesha Ansary as a snitch, to be undercover, in order to take down the criminal gang at the night of the robbery, to frame them all and this way to eliminate the crime in Sunset Valley.

    "…these are their stories... Tum-Tum" (with the Law & Order sound :lol: )

    Xander and the rest are discussing about the idea, in the criminal hideout.
    Screenshot-34.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-36.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-38.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-41.jpgThe criminals go to the Bank in daylight to do some background check, and sneak out, but  Marley Williams feels something suspicious.Screenshot-44.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-46.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-47.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-51.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-53.jpgSomething is stinky here!Screenshot-54.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-55.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-56.jpgIn the police station, the task force trying to understand what the criminals exactly planning, and how to catch them.Screenshot-58.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-64.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-66.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-70.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-73.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-75.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-76.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-77.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-80.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-81.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-86.jpgPablo Martinez calls Ayesha, to question her at the police station, and give her an offerScreenshot-87.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-88.jpg[img]Ayesha: "I have nothing to say" Pablo: "I know you have information, this is your last chance to get out of the criminal life"[/img]Screenshot-89.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-91.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-94.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-95.jpgAfter Ayesha agreed, she had to undergo some ink blot test to prove her credibility, and then it was a done deal.Screenshot-99.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-102.jpgAyesha officially joined to the Law enforcement career, and left the "Red Sun Gang" (see the tattoo).Screenshot-110.jpg[img][/img]Screenshot-111.jpg[img][/img]To be continued...
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    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 3)

    Five Years Later

    "River, are you going to see Star Wars?" Haruo looked over at his friend as they stood in the rain at Central Park. It was a cloudy day and the downpour had totally drenched the both of them. 1977 had had an interesting passel of movies being released by Hollywood; George Lucas’s grand space adventure being one of them. Haruo was itching to go see it since all his friends at school were talking about it.
    "I don't know..." River replied; she understood Haruo’s desire to go see the movie and she knew that Mayumi would gleefully prevent her son from going to see it since that was how Mayumi was. "It looks totally rad. You?"

    "My mom says she's not letting me go." Haruo said looking frustrated. "She says I'll get scared of the bad guys."

    "Man, your mom's a square!" River exclaimed, "Look, if my mom lets me go, I'll tell you all about it."

    "i got the Scholastic book catalog the school gave out." Haruo gesticulated excitedly as he got a mischievous look on his face, "I gotta see if my dad will let me get one book from the Catalog."

    "That would so cool..." River exclaimed, "you could get that Star Wars Picture Book." Haruo's face lit up in response to River's exclamation.
    "Don't let her get to you..." River continued, with wisdom beyond her seven years of age, "I know she's a square and she gets on your nerves but y'know, we got eleven years and then we're adults and we can go see any movie we want then."

    Haruo nodded as he knew she was right. They would be able to do a lot more when they were adults but it just seemed so long of a time between being seven years old and eighteen.
    River impulsively pulled him into a hug. "Cheer up. Haruo...I'm your friend and I'm gonna be right beside you...all the time. So..if you have cmplaints about your mom, talk to me about it. OK?"
    "Yeah." The two friends grinned at each other. It was summer holidays and River and Haruo spent as much time as they could playing together on the swings in the park and on the playground at the school before they would walk tired back to their respective houses to, in River's case to help with chores that a seven-year old could do and Haruo to a bout ten sheets of math problems. His mother was a real drag.

    "Hey..." River suggested, "You wanna kick the soccer ball around or something?" Haruo nodded in response and they decided to go over to the soccer net.

    "You be Graham Mosely, I'll be Bobby Lenarduzzi." Haruo suggested, "...and then we'll switch positions."
    "I betcha, I'll make the stop..." River smirked at him.

    "Yeah...sure..." Haruo said. "I betcha I can get the ball past you..."
    No...he wasn't able to. By the time that the game was over...River had managed to score on him once and he hadn't been able to get one single ball past her into the net.
    " did good." Haruo exclaimed as he picked himself off the ground after barely managing to block yet another one of River's goal attempts. His fingers stung and man, she didn't kick that ball like a girl.

    By the time they got home to their house, they were sweaty and tired. But River had homework that she had to do so she set about doing it.
    There was nothing more boring than multiplication and addition tables, but well, that was how one learned back in 1977. Mimeographed sheets with blue ink that could potentially smear if it wasn't fully dry. And one could smell the ink used. It was a pungent odour that permeated the nostrils and that was the scent that told you that you have homework. But River being a diligent student sat at the table and no matter how boring it was, she put her effort into learning her addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. And the worksheet gradually filled up with carbon scoring as her pencil made lines and squiggles denoting numbers filling up the answers to the equations asked.

    Haruo, on the other hand, having done his homework already lay on the bench and slept after a hard day of school and then playing soccer at the park.
    ...and that was where Mayumi found him stretched out on the bench in the backyard asleep. "Just what do you think you're doing?!" Mayumi screeched. "Don't you have ay homework to do? Why are you being lazy and not doing your homework like..."
    "I DID MY HOMEWORK!" Haruo snapped back.
    "Don't you talk back like that at me...young man! I'm sure you're just lying to me. If your teacher didn't give you homework, I'll give you twenty sheets of equations that you can do."
    ...and you'll get that every night for a week until you learn to not talk back to your betters." Mayumi looked smug as she looked at him with her beady eyes. "No son of mine is going to lie to me." Haruo looked frustrated and angry as he had done his homework and the fact that he was being called a liar even when he was telling the truth made him angry beyond belief. "You can start your twenty pages of equations tomorrow but for now, you can sit on that chair on the porch and think about what you said and about your lying to me."
    Haruo could only fume impotently as he stalked off to sit down in the chair and wish that his mother could disappear. When River got finished her homework, he defiantly got up out of his seat and walked over to the bench to sit with River. River could tell something was wrong with Haruo. "Your mom?" was all she asked.
    "She thinks I've lied about doing my homework...and now I get to do twenty sheets of questions for a week...because she says that I talked back to her." Haruo aired his grievances about his mother to River who nodded patiently. River thought to herself that she was really starting to not like Haruo's mother.
    "River, I don't know how I'm going to put up with this for another twelve years..." Haruo frustratedly waved his hands and looked up to the sky. "It's like she hates me or something."
    "It's not the twenty pages of questions...I have to do...but she's doing this so that I can't spend time with you." he looked over at her, anger on his face. "And she knows that I like to go to the park with you and everything. So she's trying to stop me from doing that."
    "It's so unfair..." he said. "I don't think she even likes me."

    River nodded as she stared at the grass and contemplated Haruo's words. "I know you did your homework at school because I saw you in the school library before we headed to the park, but the unfair part of it is that even if I tell her she won't believe me." And that simple fact made River hate Mayumi too. She was always picking on her son, if not heckling him; out right denigrating him for even breathing the same air as she had to stand in.
    Trying to deal with this kind of harassment from his own mother would set anyone at the end of their rope and Haruo looked frustrated to the point where he was about to curl up in a ball and cry out of frustration. As a child of seven, he shouldn't have had to deal with this kind of behavior, especially out of his own mother. Mayumi wasn't fair and she had a chip on her shoulder and a focus for her negative behavior and River was sick of it. Even if she couldn't place a word on how she felt about Haruo as a friend, she was protective of him and only wanted him to be happy. It was a pity that his own mother couldn't feel the same way.
    "I don't know what to do..." Haruo said...sounding half as if he was about ready to break-down and half like he was about to go nuclear. And River understood completely.
    "I'm your friend, Haruo...When you feel like to me." River said. "That way you don't get so ticked off." She said, "I can't do anything about the extra homework, but I can be someone you can talk to."
    "We can sit here together and dream about what it would be like to travel the world and see different things. If we were able to do that. Where would you want to go?"
    "...anywhere..." Haruo said, a hint of vehemence evident in his tone. "Anywhere away from here and away from my mother." River figured as much and Mayumi wasn't going to like the fact that she would be losing her meal-ticket. She sort of got the impression that Mayumi was just grooming Haruo in order to leech from him. She could see the distinct difference between how her mother treated her and Haruo's mother treated him. The difference was like night and day. Her mother treated her like the most precious thing in the world and Haruo's mother treated him like the dirt under her shoes.
    But to get her friend's mind off that she said dreamily, "I'd want to go visit France and the Eiffel Tower." she paused, "That would be like a dream vacation, y'know. Being able to see everything that France has to offer."

    Haruo nodded, even though he was more of a homebody, he thought about going sightseeing around the world. However he was more cautious about things. The only people he trusted in his life were his father, River and Fiona who behaved more like a mother should to him as well as to her own daughter.

    It was hard to know what would happen in the future...let alone a few years from now, so they knew that they had to work hard to learn the basics of what would enable them to become functional, upstanding citizens in the future.

    Chapter One (End Part 3)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    @ilikethesims30 Nice view from the hot tub.
    Always good to see relatives of the main Sims.
    Great update!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great extra pictures! I agree about Fiona and Yasunobu though, that'd ruin things for Haruo and River in the future. Maybe in another universe where Haruo ends up with Bebe instead, then he and River could be step siblings and Fiona and Yasunobu could be together. Hmm, something would have to be done with Mayumi though.
    Didn't know articles can be named. I need to play a journalist more often I guess.
    That's nice of Yasunobu to offer the house to Fiona. Glad he had a plan in place to help her afford it.
    Mayumi sounds like Umbridge from Harry Potter with the way she treats the students.
    River and Haruo are cute toddlers.
    Her look at Haruo is cute too.
    That's what I was wondering. Mayumi and Yasunobu don't make a good pair, lol
    Good, let her deal with the stinky potty.
    Mayumi is something else.
    Great updates!

    @KrayzieStryker Great pic!

    @emorrill I see Maru is still having issues due to her feelings for Harvey. At least she's doing something that doesn't calm any harm by kicking the ball around instead.
    Haley's gotta be a bit nicer, lol. Maru can be smart and athletic.
    Ha ha, Shane got Emily there. That would have been a quick 180 in the opposite direction in their relationship, lol
    Looks like the band is going well for Sebastian, Sam, and Abigail.
    Yeah, they don't really have the country look, lol. Although, some of today's artists don't either.
    I'm betting Abigail could find a way to contact Rasmodius with her magic. I probably spelled his name wrong but close enough. :lol:
    Sebastian and Sam sound like me and my brother. He gets a bit more inappropriate than me though when it comes to those kind of things.
    Harvey is right about that, although Alex is right too about their love lives not being Harvey's business. He just doesn't want them making a mistake they may regret later, although I'm sure they'd love a kid. They just need to wait until they are actually ready for one.
    After reading Harvey's explanation, now I get why he gave the advice.
    Great update! I'm glad I actually had time to comment today too. Been missing "chatting" with everyone here.

    @Emily4331 Nice job on Veronika, Elanna, and Ida!

    @Karritz Wow, 21 Sims is a lot to handle. I struggle just taking care of 8!
    Happy birthday to Wilfred.
    Great update!

    @liizzys1302 Great to meet Richard and Christine.
    Enid and Charlotte look like good kids.

    @DeafSimmer Great update!

    @bekkasan Thanks, I hope it does calm down.
    I'm curious how he'll look when he ages up. I know his birthday is coming up before too long but depends on how long it takes for me to play it.
    I was surprised how well Dwight turned out in the first place. He definitely has good genetics and his sports and law enforcement careers really helped with his muscles. Of course, martial arts did too. I'm just glad he reached the top of the skill.

    ***All I had time for tonight. I work the next couple of days so I'm not sure when I'll be on here again.
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    Like any mother-to-be, Verity quickly purchased herself a parenting book and soon became absorbed. She knew, from her mother telling her, that no real-life baby ever followed a parenting book, but it was at least useful to learn about developmental milestones and when to feed solid food and so on.


    She soon popped over the road for some fresh fruit, as she knew that eating healthily would be good for the baby. Coming out of the store, she bumped into a young woman who introduced herself as Kaela Bianchi.
    "Hello, I'm new round here," Verity said. "My name's Verity Jennings, and I live just over the road."
    "Well, it's lovely to meet you, Verity," Kaela replied. "I hope you'll be happy here. Are you alone?"
    "No, I have a husband, Tom, and I'm also pregnant."
    "Congratulations! I recently had my second. It might seem hard at first, but you'll get used to it. Feel free to contact me if you want any advice."


    True to his earlier promise, Tom decided to make dinner that evening. It may only have been microwaveable hot dogs, but it was a start. After all, many famous chefs liked to talk about "kitchen time-saving hacks", and microwaves had their place.


    When in her third trimester, Verity began complaining of a sore back.
    "Ooh, 'Totally Preggers' warned me about this..." she muttered. "I really hope this baby comes out soon!"
    Tom, ever the kind husband, noticed her grimace.
    "Hey, baby, let me give you a massage," he said gently. "There... you feeling better?" he added, rubbing her back.
    "Ooh, yes, thank you darling," Verity said. She'd long known her husband was a great kisser, and that seemed to translate into other aspects of romance...


    In the middle of the night...
    "ARGH!" Verity yelled. "Oh man, why can't babies come out in a more pain-free - OW!"


    "OHMYPLUMBOB OHMYPLUMBOB THE BABY IS COMING!" shouted Tom. He too had read a baby book, but now reality was truly hitting home and he was wondering whether he had the qualities to be a good father. He also hated seeing his wife in pain, knowing that he couldn't do anything practical about it. Talking soothingly and offering support only helped to a point.


    The labour did not last overly long, and Verity was soon the proud mother of a little baby girl, who was duly named Katie.
    "Oh, you were definitely worth the pain," Verity smiled. "You're so beautiful. My very own little girl!"
    Tom was so happy he started to play the guitar. Luckily, the baby did not object; this was just as well considering that she would have to get used to guitar playing over the coming days. Perhaps she would also come to be a talented musician in time... Both Tom and Verity had decided, though, that they would not pressurise their children into any one career path. In fact, Verity thought it would be particularly interesting to have a child who wasn't like either of its parents at all, and forged its own path.


    Later that morning, the parents had their first experience of being woken up by their daughter. Tom, wishing to develop a strong relationship with her, heading over to her cot.
    "Ohhhh, don't cry, Daddy's here," he said softly. "You'll be OK. Oh, you're so soft and warm! And you look so like your mummy. Hmm, looks like you're hungry too! Let me get you a bottle..."

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @DivaDoodle : :D I had to do a summary, otherwise I would have spammed this thread here, the muse had kissed me somehow ;)
    Have fun in reading the whole story on my thread!!

    So mama bear has disabled alien abduction because of a traumatized teenager? Sorry, but I had to giggle about this :D
    Your game sounds very interesting!
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    Played a day in the Langerak save, although not a lot happened. Going to be busy the next two days at work, then spending the day with my family on Thanksgiving. This means I probably won't be on much to post but I will keep up with everyones stories during the little free time I will have. Anyway, here are a few quick pictures before I shut my computer down for the night.

    Dwight and his son-in-law Quinton having a chat about the star Dwight found.

    Melanie writing her latest book. She'll continue this even when she becomes an elder, just for something to do.

    Ariana with her daughter Daisy in the background.

    Dwight and Melanies 4th child, Michael talking with his Imaginary Friend, Wiggles.

    Daisy Langerak, the first PlantSim in the family and harvested by Ariana.

    Two guests from the Feast Day party, Abigail Langerak is Ariana and Michael's sister. The fairy besides her is their sister-in-law, Rain (Forest) Langerak, who is married to Evan. Evan, Abigail, and Ariana were the only triplets so far in this family.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,422 Member
    @Brandontaylor - Yeah...on Chapter One, I'm at about 4,142 words and Page 6 (text only) on Chapter One of my legacy rewrite. And it appears as though the chapter will continue to grow. I'm expecting at least ten pages out of Chapter One at the very least as it is going from infancy to mid-late high-school years for Haruo and River. And then as I expand the story-line each chapter will grow in length to at least an equivalent of eight to ten pages possibly more (that's text before image placement).
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Hey all, planning on posting again soon, just trying to find a world to play in with my story.
    Since the current world is super laggy.

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