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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    DeafSimmer I really like your story! It's very compelling! also you have lovely looking sims!
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    @Karritz Oh, I don't pay for YouTube. I guess I have been on the internet that many decades that keeping up a bit of privacy when browsing is my second nature. And I'm not talking about anything like VPN, and I'm even quite lenient with tracking cookies nowadays. Anyway, I think I saw my first ad on YouTube when I had to use some tablet on a vacation :lol: . I just had never seen any before that. Or since.
    Thanks for commenting on the dress pic. I'm not good with colors, but yes, I think the color is a perfect fit in that case.
    :lol: at your Oscar and Louise reminiscences.

    @AlexaKry I looked at the pics in your other thread, and yes, the world is beautiful. I also like the story conclusion (left a few likes but didn't comment there).
    I'm glad you like my pics, but I guess I just don't do any stories. I think I played about 20 different households (all in the same game though) during the last three days, most only for a very short time, some for a bit longer, and that doesn't make for any good reading. It's already difficult for me to keep up with everything :lol: . I'll post something longer when I think something interesting happens.

    @Brandontaylor Good luck for you. Yeah, the money has to come from somewhere in the end. I really hope you get enjoy your holiday.

    @MamaSimTee I guess NikkeiSimmer will be happy to see your experience with Jared. Nice story!

    @Jeansoo If nothing you are persistent :smiley: . I guess with that much competition, you get away with a lot to secure your win. I think it's like with prom king/queen: its always a bit fishy.

    @wolfkomoki1 If that doesn't sound like the quintessential rural small town story. Now let's see whether we also get a much too early child and a shotgun wedding :wink: .

    @Emily4331 Isn't it true :lol: ?

    @bekkasan Aww, it's just a cute family. You ran with the "learn to talk" completion message, I noticed :lol: .

    @Schmoloop Awesome style :smile: .

    @Nikkei_Simmer I guess you got some help from your wife with that story :wink: .

    @Shadow_Assassin Did you change the skin you use? Somehow, everyone looks kind of "softer"?

    @DivaDoodle Guests are like that. They will sometimes nap on a lounge chair or on a bed that isn't owned by anyone, but they won't really go to sleep, unless you have asked them to stay over. Looks like you have fun :smile:
    A morning jog to the wasteland.
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    Langerak update from October 30th. Just now got around to posting it. Its been long enough I forgot what even happened.

    Dwight cooking breakfast for the family in his werewolf form.

    Michael (or Mike, I'll use either one) taking out the trash in his underwear. He inherited Dwight and Melanie's lycanthropy like his older three siblings did.

    Dwight and Melanie ate breakfast with their son-in-law, Quinton. He's the only normal human in the household, the others are werewolves and a Plantsim.

    Quinton is still in the music career, although I forget how much farther he has to go. Anyway, he always likes to break out his guitar when I don't have him doing anything else.

    Back in his human form, I sent Dwight out to get some elixirs and ingredients. Sadly, I don't even remember what he bought.

    When I sent him home, I had him chat with Quinton. I'm trying to get relationships up as some of the household members barely know each other.

    Finally got a picture with Ariana in it for this update, I was starting to think I missed her when taking screenshots. Anyway, she decided to play chess with her younger sibling. For those new to this family, Ariana is the next heir to the family and she is one of the triplets. Evan and Abigail have their own households elsewhere in Sunset Valley.

    Dwight was also outside practicing his martial arts. Then, he gained his final belt.

    I almost got them all to sit down together for supper. I don't remember but I'm guessing Quinton was at work as that's the most likely reason he wasn't here.

    Never mind, I guess he already ate or was just delayed. Either way, he got stuck fixing the dishwasher.

    Michael's Imaginary Friend wanted to come out to play so I reluctantly obliged. I don't remember its name or its gender but either way, I'll probably make it real and Michael will marry it later. I'm giving Michael up to story progression as a young adult anyway so I don't care too much who he's with.

    Ariana was on the phone with someone, it may have been her one of her siblings but I think it was actually Garry Sekemoto, her father-in-law.

    Dwight spent his evening working on police reports. I don't recall who it was on.

    And lastly, Michael began using the chemistry set to bring his IF to life.

    ***Not sure when the next update will be yet, but I think I'll have time to play on Monday. It's my next day off work and I've got nothing else going on that day that I know of.
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    @Turjan Thanks. It's nice to be making some money, getting the last two EP's I needed to replace out of my December pay for a Christmas present to myself. As for Thanksgiving, I'm glad I've got that off. My brother is hosting again this year and it'll just be 5 of us like last year. Only bad thing is, I got to work Black Friday so that will be fun...NOT. :lol:

    ***To everyone else, just wanted to say hello. I'm all caught up on to the latest post, although I don't have a lot of time to comment. I'm hoping to get some play time in on Monday, like I said in my Langerak update and it'll probably be that family when I do. Also, I will eventually get another Ultimate Sim update up sometime in December too. I haven't given up on it, just staying busy.
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    @CravenLestat I haven't heard of it before :) And black and white usually seem to be symbolic of "opposition" in many cultures
    BTW there's a _ in the middle of my user name :)

    @Turjan I always use the EA skin, maybe it's the light effect
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation

    She/Her but you can call me as any pronouns
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    @Turjan thanks for the info. Ads appear on videos when the creators are monetised and decide they want to earn money from the video they posted by allowing YouTube to run ads on it. YouTube shares part of the revenue from those ads with the creators. Apparently it is a very small amount that people actually receive from ads. But, small channels like mine can't be monetised. To be monetised you need 1,000 or more subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of view time in a period, I think it is 12 months but I'm not sure. If I were allowed to monetise my channel and get money from ads and ads were actually on the channel, given the amount of watch time I get, I'd probably receive significantly less than $1 a month from ads.

    Up to now YouTube has left the ads off channels that are not monetised. Now they have decided to put ads on them if they can sell them to advertisers. The difference between being monetised and not is that if a channel is monetised the creator can have some control over how many ads, and the type of ads that appear on their channel. Types of ads vary - the most annoying type is the type you can't skip. And if you're watching a 30 minute video with a minute of non skippable ads appearing every 5 minutes it soon gets extremely annoying.

    Since my channel not monetised, I have absolutely no control over what YouTube does regarding placing ads on the channel. If they can sell the ads, they will go onto the videos and YouTube get the money. I suspect there are a enough non-monetised small channels that YouTube expect to earn significant amounts from having ads on those channels, even if the revenue earned from each channel is very small.
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    I got a silly question how do I share Pics ? I mean I just can't share them so they will be shown here, instead I only can link them to IMGUR
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    Cape Fear Island, part 1

    I've been playing in Cape Garner Islands for about a week now. The world is beautiful and I used Rapid Immigration to fill it with people. People I may have to delete when the vacation is over....

    Anyways, Rachel and Ryan have had a great first day...mostly.

    They enjoyed a soak in their rented hot tub.....

    ruHppNN.jpg Look at that view!

    Plus a quick make-out session ;) .....


    Bored, the couple drove to the Hospital/Science Lab to take Scuba Diving Lessons. Outside the place, they meet a couple of nurses. Their names were Angeline and Katie. The latter is a distant cousin of Rachel's.



    Out-talked, they then went to one of the beaches to snorkel and play in the water.....





    Once it got dark, they went to a local diner and got some dinner....


    Rachel: I wanna beat your butt in bowling.
    Ryan: (jokingly): I wanna see you try.


    They played that game. It was a tight competition,




    but Rachel ultimately lost the game.



    Ryan playfully heckled her. Then they hugged and kissed.



    Now on to the next adventure.....

    Happy Simming :smile: !

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    I got a silly question how do I share Pics ? I mean I just can't share them so they will be shown here, instead I only can link them to IMGUR

    @KrayzieStryker, here is how I share my pictures from imgur. Don't mind all of the other explanations in it as I am just copying and pasting what I had shared over in another thread... :)

    This is my page once I sign into my account. When I want to upload my pictures, I will use the "Add Images" instead of "New Post" but I guess it doesn't matter which one to use as they will still go to your page.

    When I'm on my page, I can also make albums for my pictures. This falls under the "All Images" tab.

    When going in this direction, you can choose what size you want your picture to be. I've circled the sizes in red at the lower right hand corner of my picture. This is the large thumbnail that I'm using. (I use the BBCode to share my pictures to this site... :)

    And this is the small thumbnail.

    This is the medium thumbnail.

    And this is the huge thumbnail.

    Original size.

    Hope this helps... :)

    Edit to say that when I use the BBCode, I don't have to use the [img][/img] to place the link in as it already has the [img][/img] at the beginning and the end of the link... :)
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    lisasc360 wrote: »
    I got a silly question how do I share Pics ? I mean I just can't share them so they will be shown here, instead I only can link them to IMGUR

    @KrayzieStryker, here is how I share my pictures from imgur. Don't mind all of the other explanations in it as I am just copying and pasting what I had shared over in another thread... :)

    This is my page once I sign into my account. When I want to upload my pictures, I will use the "Add Images" instead of "New Post" but I guess it doesn't matter which one to use as they will still go to your page.

    When I'm on my page, I can also make albums for my pictures. This falls under the "All Images" tab.

    When going in this direction, you can choose what size you want your picture to be. I've circled the sizes in red at the lower right hand corner of my picture. This is the large thumbnail that I'm using. (I use the BBCode to share my pictures to this site... :)

    And this is the small thumbnail.

    This is the medium thumbnail.

    And this is the huge thumbnail.

    Original size.

    Hope this helps... :)

    Edit to say that when I use the BBCode, I don't have to use the [img][/img] to place the link in as it already has the [img][/img] at the beginning and the end of the link... :)

    Thank you very much, so I need to make an acount first haha
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    Some extra shots that don't place anywhere in the story-line. :) So here they are.
    Toddler Haruo being picked up by River's mom, Fiona.
    Fiona holding Toddler Haruo. :D
    Awww...Fiona, Yasunobu and Haruo look almost like a little family... the only fly in the ointment being Mayumi...

    Maybe Mayumi could somehow have something happen to her... ~evil grin~...and maybe Fiona and Yasunobu...

    Yeah that'd really put a crimp in the story-line...especially for Haruo and River later on.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • KrayzieStrykerKrayzieStryker Posts: 2,646 Member
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    Okay this will be a sneak peek and also a test will update in the next days, test went great xD ZQLfa46.jpg?2
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    @DivaDoodle : hopefully you can post pictures soon, I really would like to see your Sims!
    I´m not good in making Sims, either, all of the Sims of my main family are born in the game, the only Sims I´ve made on my own were Haldir´s dad, which was in 2012 and Alfarin, just recently when I needed a friend for Tyler. Stein, Hilf and Sif are just Alfarin, just older (Stein) or gender switched (Sif/Hilf). I was lucky that they turened out quite good. :D

    @Turjan : Uff, 20 families in 3 days! That´s a lot! Now I can understand, with this amount of changing families you can´t post a story. :D But I would be interested in a story of yours, because I think you have a nice way of writing and a lot of humor, every time I read your description of your pictures I have to grin a bit! :)
    And thank you for liking my story!!!
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    Looks like Mayor Bill "Fantasy Gardens" Vander Zalm landed square in the sights of Fiona McIrish's caustic pen. (Bill Vander Zalm was the Mayor of Surrey, British Columbia back in 1972 - he was mayor from 1969-1975) mixing a little bit of "reality" with my Sims game. I've set my Sims game in it's now two years later. (1972) River and Haruo are two years old. One of the hallmarks of Bill Vander Zalm's mayoral tenure was his war against what he called "welfare cheats". When he got into the BC Legislature as British Columbia Premier, he was tantamount in sweeping cuts to the BC Welfare System. He also was the one responsible for putting many of the mentally ill out on the street.

    Hence going after him with "the pen is mightier than the sword".

    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    :) AlexaKry I will try my best to post some pix! I know I myself prefer posts and stories with pix!!! I dont know how good mine will be I don't have a dedicated graphics card and everything is set on LOW so I can play on this older laptop!

    Amelina was still redlined, I made her get out of the hot tub and made her have the shiatsu (sp)energy giving massage. She didn't even want Aiden to massage her! grrrr OK That Does it! I took her into cas and put a different person over her, a cutie consignment lady from Sunlit tides -- so all the same traits and same likes, just a different look. I really think a bit of the 'essence" of the sim must linger in the skin! Came out of cas and Amelina made a bee line to Aiden and smootched the daylights out of him, haha, took that opportune moment to get them hitched!

    She really wants to be with him all the time now. Group outing to the Spring festival and all wanted to hunt for eggs but there weren't any. at 8 am. Everyone had fun , did what they wanted, and somehow the game thought Aiden and Amelina were on a date. She wanted to see a concert, so I created one for her at my outdoor movie theater, where Oscar works. Then she wanted to watch the stars so since I have that set to autonomous=false I had Aiden ask her, but then he thought it would be a wonderful idea to twirl into his investigators garb and do a stake out hahahahaa :D after he saw 'something fishy' he immediately watched the stars with her. It ended up being the great date and they went home to sleep.

    I like to watch them sleep! Louise has the trait dislikes children, Oscar does not, but apparently She and Oscar have discussed this, and as he fully supports his wife, they tandem dream about each other and, also now tandem dream about baby bottles with red X's on them. :D
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    I haven't played that much recently... I think I just lost a little motivation to play. University can be a little dull sometimes, as it's just going to classes all day. I just want Hermia and Lysander to graduate so I can have them marry and have children etc...

    But I started a new save, so that ought to be fun.

    We have Tom and Verity Jennings again. This time, though, they live in Monte Vista, and Verity is a wannabe chef. The town description for Monte Vista mentions the culinary arts, so I thought "why not"? Plus, it's always useful to have a great chef in the family. Tom is still a wannabe rock star, though.

    Unfortunately Imgur is busy right now, or undergoing maintenance, so I'll have to wait to upload the screenshots. I've never actually joined Imgur, I just use it as a guest. Maybe I should sign up!
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    Hey friends. :) Just been lurking lately, reading your awesome posts and awesoming them. :kissing_heart:

    I've also been busy writing which means I'm able to present a new story update tonight for y'all. :mrgreen: More of Chapter 10! Which is turning out to be MUCH longer than I originally planned. :p But hey, I can't hold back where my imagination takes me. ;)
    So....this part of the chapter mentions stuff about sex a bit, but nothing that isn't forum appropriate. Just wanted to give the heads up. 👍 I do have some hotter pictures in a certain scene :smirk: that I won't be posting here for obvious reasons, but they will be on my blog (which I will link at the end of this post if anyone is interested. Tee hee! :mrgreen: )

    Anyhoo, we left off at Shane and Emily conversing in his bedroom and we witnessed a big change in him. :blush: This post continues the events of the week from there. Enjoy reading everyone! :smiley:

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 10...

    When Alex and Haley arrived back at the girl’s house from swimming at the gym, they conversed on Haley’s bed for a bit, planning to hit the shower. Before doing that though, Haley suggested they do something else first, to which Alex was happy to oblige.

    Just as their love-making ended, and all was quiet, Alex could hear a persistent sound coming from outside. He’d recognize that sound anywhere...someone was kicking a ball around. But who? His curiosity was quite piqued as he couldn’t think of any of the girls being interested in sports.

    “What are you doing?” Haley asked him as he slipped out of the bed and put his boxers back on.
    “You don’t hear a kicking sound coming from outside?”
    Haley propped herself up on her elbows and co’ck’ed her head to listen. “No...oh wait, I hear it now. Why does it matter?”
    “I’m just curious,” he said as he approached the window and carefully peeked through the blinds. Someone was indeed kicking a ball into a soccer net just outside the window. But Alex’s eyes must’ve been deceiving him as to who it was. “Is that Maru?” he unbelievingly asked, pulling up the blinds to get a better look.
    “ALEX!” Haley cried, pulling the blanket up over herself.

    It was Maru indeed, kicking the ball around to release some stress and pent up emotions.


    She’d been on the little league Soccer team back in grade school - her mom insisting she try out a sport - and was surprised to discover just how much she remembered about nailing the ball into the goal. She only played one season though as Soccer really wasn’t her thing. Neither were sports in general; she held better gifts elsewhere in her mind. It’s sure great for taking out some frustration though, she thought as she kicked the ball harder and made the net bend in the wind with it. Yeah! Grabbing the ball, she turned and set it back down in front of her to kick again.


    “What’s she doing out there?” Haley annoyingly asked Alex, rolling off the bed on the other side to put her underwear back on in better privacy.
    Alex didn’t answer right away as he watched Maru in a daze for a moment, studying her every move. “She’s just kicking a soccer ball into the net,” he finally replied, “rather impressively I might add.”


    Truly, it was mind boggling entertaining to Alex. Since when did the smart girl in town have such a nice athletic technique and...physique?

    “Maru? Kicking a soccer ball?” Haley asked incredulously, coming to Alex’s side. “Now this I gotta see. That nerd couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!” Not that she had anything to say about it, but that didn’t matter.
    “I’m telling you...she’s good.”


    However just as Haley started watching, that was the moment Maru missed the goal. It disappointed Maru as much as it didn’t to Haley.


    “See!” Haley poked. “What’d I tell ya!?”
    “Of course you had to see the moment where she misses,” Alex interjected. “Keep watching, she’ll show you how to make a goal.”
    “Yeeeah that’s okay,” the blonde dismissed, then took Alex’s arm and turned on her coaxing voice. “Come in the shower with me.”
    Alex sighed as he took one last look at Maru and pulled down the blinds. Wow…

    As the hours of the day rolled by, Shane and Emily played a few games to keep the boredom away and learned some things about each other in the process. One of the games was “Truth or Dare” - the dares not exactly happening in that moment, but later - and when Shane dared Emily to have a deep conversation with a chicken at his Aunt’s farm, Emily laughed so hard at the attempt that her face and upper body fell on top of his chest. It caused Shane to lose a breath for a second, but any kind of touch from her lately seemed to take his breath away.

    When she finally composed herself, Emily propped herself up onto her elbows gently, so as not to dig them into Shane’s stomach, and rested her chin into her hands with a grin. “Okay, truth,” she began, thinking for a moment. Oh how many things she would love to ask him the truth about. Her heart fluttered at some of the thoughts, but she held back. “How many girlfriends have you had in the past?”


    Shane shook his head with what appeared to be a sly smile. “You don’t want to know,” came the reply.
    “Whatever! You have to tell me, it’s the rules.”
    He sighed. “Truthfully, I don’t really awful is that?”
    “It’s okay, just give me a ballpark figure.”
    “OR you could ask me a different question.”
    Emily blew up at her bangs. “Okay...were you ever in a serious relationship with a girl in the past?”
    “No...but I was with a guy.”
    The look on Emily’s face was priceless!
    “I’m totally kidding, girl!” He laughed. “There’s no way in hell I’d ever swing that way. Dudes are ugly!”
    Emily slapped at his arm for teasing her like that, but laughed in return. “Well, I’d have to disagree with you on that, but...seriously.”

    Shane sighed again as he stared up at the ceiling. “I really only had one serious girlfriend, but even that relationship didn’t last very long. None of them did.”
    “What happened?”
    “Well...let’s just say we only had a great time together when we were drunk or high. That’s when it felt like the relationship was on fire and we were ‘the ones,’ you know?” He quoted with his fingers. “Then one day, we were bored as hell with each other while sober and that’s when we realized...we had nothing in common and weren’t truly in love so...we split.”
    Emily frowned. “I’m sorry, that must’ve been a tough realization.”
    “Yeah, well, it is what it is,” he shrugged off. “Now I gotta ask you the same question. Have you ever had a serious boyfriend?”

    Emily blushed with some hesitation. “No...because I’ve never had a boyfriend.”
    Shane gazed at her in disbelief for a second, blinking twice. “Get outta here.”
    “No, I’m serious,” she chuckled at his flattering response, secretly loving it. “There’s not that many guys in Pelican Town you know, and I grew up with them all so…”
    “So they all feel like cousins to me.”
    “Ah, I see.”
    Until you came along...

    About every other day that week the three bandmates - Sebastian, Sam, and Abigail - got together to jam. It was the highlight of their day. Discovering the different musical notes and tones in this world, and rearranging their signature songs to it, was super fun.


    Whenever Sebastian got way into a guitar solo…


    ...Sam always felt the need to one him up at the soonest possible moment.

    “You call that a guitar solo?” Sam taunted his buddy. “I’ll show you!”
    “Uh huh, sure,” Sebastian dismissively said.


    When Sam’s time to shine came, he strummed it out, and it was good.


    Abigail watched Sam with a broad grin. She wouldn’t dare say she thought his solo sounded a tiny bit better than Sebastian’s. If that little punk wasn’t my ‘brother from another mother’ I’d so be drooling over him right now, she thought. Especially when he raised the guitar up over his head and picked rapidly at the strings continuing on with his solo, without messing up. Attraction or not, that always looks hot to a girl.


    “Show off!” Sebastian muttered with a head shake.
    “It’s all good Seb,” came the response. “Not everyone can be as good as me.”
    There came an unamused eye roll.

    In one of their other songs, there was an epic drum solo that Abigail had been practicing often in her free time back home. She was ready to show her two buddies how much better she was at it and no doubt they were impressed. Especially Sebastian, his cheeks flushing while watching her.



    “We make a pretty good band here don’t we?” Sam asked as they continued playing.
    “Totally!” Abigail and Sebastian said at the same time to which they shot blushed glances at each other.
    “We really need to come up with an awesome name already. It needs to be hip and catchy.”
    “How about, ‘The Appaloosians?’” Abigail humorously threw out with a wink.
    “Yeeeeah no Abby…We’re not a country band,” Sam said with a look of disgust.
    “The perfect name will come to us eventually,” Sebastian rang in, “in just the right moment.” Then he shot another glance at Abigail and she returned it. “Just like every good thing does…”

    Aww! Abigail’s cheeks heated up behind her smile. More and more she was beginning to feel that Sebastian would totally be okay with the fact that she possesses magic, because subtle comments like that - that he was continually throwing out lately - aren’t usually expressed without some kind of adoration. It was very possible that he loved her in the same way she loved him and that would definitely work in her favor.


    When their jam session ended, Sam left to use the bathroom and Sebastian approached Abigail after putting his guitar away. He noticed her rubbing at her forehead as she got up from the drum stool.
    “Another headache?” he asked.
    “Seems you’ve been getting those a lot lately,” he expressed with concern. “Maybe you should talk to Harvey about it.”
    “I’m fine,” she swiftly assured, that darn nervousness consuming her again. “I think it’s just from dehydration. I really haven’t been drinking enough water since we got here. It’s kinda odd tasting!” Geez Abby just tell him! that and Sam will surely come waltzing right back in. She held back a sigh. It’s not time.
    “Still,” Sebastian said, “I know Harvey’s got some medicine up there for a headache. Ask him for some okay?” He bent his head to make sure Abigail’s eyes met his through his bangs. “I just want you to be okay.”
    “Thanks Seb...I will be,” she smiled. “Don’t worry.” She needed to figure out a technique in casting spells without causing headaches soon because it was getting old and annoying. Surely Rasmodius mastered that eons ago! If only he were around to teach me, she thought, nibbling at her fingernail. Maybe there’s some way to reach him? There HAS to be! She didn’t want to wait until they got back home to become the Wizard’s student because who knew how far into the future that would be and her patience - and endurance - was wearing thin.

    At the end of the week, most everyone was feeling like it’d been a pretty productive - and in some ways, eventful - one.

    Alex and Haley sure thought so, but not in the same sense as everyone else. They continued on doing what they seemed to do best in their brand new relationship.

    Haley spent the previous night with Alex in his bedroom, falling asleep together for the first time since their hookup. Waking up to each other on this bright, Saturday morning instantly turned into a hot one.




    They weren’t particularly discreet or quiet about it either, as usual. Sebastian couldn’t help stopping dead in his tracks by the bedroom door on his way to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. At first he just humorously shook his head at the sounds, but soon began to giggle at them. It seemed like Alex was the luckiest guy in the world right now. Sebastian began to wish it was him in there...with the gorgeous, purple haired girl of his dreams.

    Sam came striding along toward the kitchen to follow his buddy and when he found Sebastian standing near the door giggling he asked with an arched eyebrow, “Whatcha doin’?”
    “Shhh!” Then he pointed at the door with his thumb. “Guess what’s going on in there?”
    “Again?” Sam asked, with that ever present hint of jealousy. “Da’mn. Do they ever stop?”
    “I know, right? Who knew two people could literally go at it like bunnies?”
    “Oh you should’ve seen my parents the last time my dad came home from a deployment…”
    “My GOSH Sam! I didn’t need to know that!”
    “Sorry! In fact,” he held a finger to his chin. “I’ll bet that’s how Vincent was--”
    “Shhh, we need to keep our voices down.”

    Soon they started gossiping about Alex and Haley and making inappropriate jokes in between, like most guys in their early twenties do.



    Harvey came down the stairs and instantly took notice of the two guys nearly pressing their ears on the door. “What’s going on?” he asked them.
    Sebastian and Sam jumped away from the door like two spooked cats. They turned toward Harvey rubbing at their necks in embarrassment. “Nothing,” Sam bravely spoke, “we were just...uh…,” he looked to Sebastian for help, but his friend just shrugged.
    Harvey simply crossed his arms together and gave them a stern look. The kind their parents gave them when they got caught doing something they shouldn’t. “Don’t you two have something better to do?”
    “Yes!” Sebastian spoke, grateful for the opportunity to bail out of this awkward situation. “C’mon Sam, our breakfast awaits.” The two swiftly retreated to the kitchen.

    Harvey stayed in place at the base of the stairs, staring at the bedroom door with frank displeasure. It was time he had a chat with Alex.

    Back in the bedroom, Alex and Haley emerged from the covers in sensual bliss.


    Then they snuggled for a bit before greeting the day.

    “I love you,” Alex whispered to her after a bit of silence, kissing the hair hanging down over her cheek.


    His expression sent Haley’s stomach into a free fall, causing her to lose a breath. Love? It felt way too soon to her for that. But she also felt that if she didn’t say it in return Alex’s feelings would be hurt. Who would want to ruin a moment like this with that kind of drama? The seconds were counting down. Maybe...I’ll learn to love him. I’m sure of it!
    “ you too,” she faked and it seemed to satisfy Alex because he held her closer to him and lightly kissed her neck over and over again with joy. She hoped he wouldn’t hear her subsequent gulps.

    That afternoon, Alex, Sam, Sebastian, and Elliott were playing a few rounds of ping pong on the back deck. Harvey stepped through the sliding glass door and acknowledged them all with a short smile.
    “Hey Harvey,” Elliott greeted. “You wanna get in on this game? You can take my place.”
    “Why ‘cause I’m kicking your butt?” Sam asked Elliott while playfully sticking his tongue out.
    “No thanks,” Harvey responded before Elliott could. “Alex,” he then addressed, “could I talk to you for a minute?”
    That got everyone’s attention, surprising Alex. “Uh, sure Harvey. What’s up?”
    “In private please?”
    The three other guys shot wide eyed glances at each other as the two stepped inside, just like siblings do when they know one of the others is “going to get it” from a parent. For some strange reason that’s what it felt like was about to happen.

    Harvey led Alex into the main living area of the house, out of sight and earshot of the others. When he stopped near the fireplace, Alex curiously asked him again, “What’s up?”


    In the most sensitive and tactful way possible, trying not to exert too much authority, Harvey expressed concern to Alex over his and Haley’s constant sexual intercourse. He greatly encouraged that they both practice safe sex in ways without the use of con'doms because...there weren’t any in this world. He concluded by saying, “I’m advising that you two tone it down because Haley could get pregnant.”

    As Harvey spoke, Alex felt disturbed and a bit annoyed by the Doctor’s unsolicited advice. He liked Harvey, but he couldn’t help thinking how classic this was of Harvey to do. Who does he think he is? My dad?
    “Umm...noted Harvey,” he blankly said. “However I don’t see how what we choose to do in our relationship is any of your business.”


    Harvey’s eyes closed for a second to hold back a disgruntled sigh, afraid Alex would react in this manner. He could understand, but he too needed to be frank. “It becomes my business when there’s no Hospital around and I’m the only Physician who’s grossly inexperienced in Obstetrics. I only helped deliver a baby once in my career and that was while working under Doctor Harris, when Sam’s mom gave birth to his little brother. I don’t remember much from that experience at all. I do not think it is unlikely for the ladies to get impregnated in this world as much as they can back home. And what if one of them miscarries? That could mean significant blood loss, on top of whatever might go wrong during a delivery. I’m just not properly equipped for that. Please Alex, I’m urging you to keep that in mind, for Haley’s safety.”


    Alex casually nodded, but his frustration got the better of him. “I will for sure, but why are you singling us out huh?” He threw a finger toward the back door at a certain guy. “What about Elliott and Leah? They’ve been having sex too!”
    “I intend to talk to them also, but didn’t feel a great need to because they aren’t doing it three to four times a day like you and Haley are!”


    Alex glared in offense. “Well...still! Sex is sex and babies can happen, right? Isn’t that exactly what you’re grilling into me?”
    “Yes, but what I’m saying to you is that at the rate you and Haley are going you’re increasing the chances of conception significantly! So you both need to--”
    “You know what,” Alex raised his palms and stepped back, “I don’t have to have this conversation with you Harvey. I’m an adult, and so is Haley. We know what we’re doing.”


    “I’m not meaning to imply that you aren’t,” Harvey calmed, even though he thought otherwise, “neither did I mean to upset you. I’m just concerned and wanted to remind you of the risks. I know what it’s like to get caught up in the moment with a girl and forget--”
    “Save it Harvey, I was taught Sex Ed in school. I get it.” He walked right past Harvey and straight into his room, firmly shutting the door behind him.
    Harvey just lowered his head and shook it.

    Alex pressed his back and head against the other side of the door, expelling a giant sigh. It wasn’t so much that he was angry with Harvey for butting into his personal life, it was the fact that the Doctor was right, and he knew it. He hadn’t been keeping the risks in mind and he hoped that at least Haley had been. With how much she worshipped her body surely she was constantly aware of anything that could alter it, he thought. God please...he then prayed, looking up at the ceiling with longing. My Grandparents will kill me enough as it is...forgive our impulses. I really hope I didn’t get her pregnant. He squeezed his eyes closed. I didn’t mean to be so stu’pid. His heart thumped with worry. He’d have to have a long discussion with Haley soon, but right now he needed to cool off.

    He threw on his workout pants and hit the chin up bar to work out the frustration and emotions weighing upon his mind.



    More to come later. :) It will be the conclusion to the Chapter.

    Link to the whole chapter on my Blog HERE. :blush:
    ^Those just seeing this, it may take a few minutes for this part of the Chapter to appear on my Blog.

    Oh and when I was thinking about Alex's declaration of love and all that he and Haley had been doing in the past week, this song came into my mind. I know I'm silly, but I'll just leave it right here in a Spoiler for ya. :p
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    Rosalie has given up and asked Branch to just be friends. He ended up getting together with someone else.
    The twins both aged up to teenager so that will help a lot around the house. Willow looks a lot like her mother, and Lacey looks more like her dad I think, but her nose is so odd looking.
    Maxwell went to prom with Zoe and he won Prom King.
    I'm deeply considering moving Rosalie's mother in eventually, just have to make a decision on her cats. It'll have to be once Lukas becomes a child and I can change the nursery to a bedroom.
    I kind of regret having Rosalie break up with Derek's ghost. But at least now she can remarry if she finds the right person.
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
    Hoping to complete the Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS. 16 items left.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,422 Member
    edited November 2020
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley (Part One)
    A Long History

    It had been a good eighteen years since Fiona had been a single pregnant young woman on the verge of giving birth wondering if she could make it on her own. And now her daughter was on the cusp of young womanhood.

    River was strong-willed, a perfectionist which meant that she was diligent in her schoolwork and not prone to doing anything but her very best at academics. Getting good grades would stand her in good stead if she wanted to pursue her life goals. And she had studied intensively when she wasn't hanging out with her best friend. Her aim was to stay on honour roll all the way to graduation - that would give her a fighting chance at obtaining a scholarship to UBC.

    Looking back at her life Fiona thought to herself that it had been a long tough slog for her. Having to go to night-school to get enough education to pursue a career as a journalist was hard especially when her daughter was an infant and needed taking care of. But she had wanted a better life for River and thus she scrimped, saved, went hungry so that she could get food for River and have enough left over for tuition. Luckily she was able to have a few friends who would help her along the way.

    Considering that she was a beautiful woman, she had no shortage of suitors. But asides from a few dalliances to; indelicately put; scratch an itch, she abstained from getting into a relationship.


    There had been another young baby at the natal care centre that River was at when she was born and their bassinets had been side by side. And it had turned out that the young infant beside her daughter's bassinet; during her stay in the natal centre, always seemed to reflexively move towards her daughter's side of the crib when she cried as if to comfort her. The nurses said that it was an involuntary startle reflex with nothing more behind it, but Fiona liked to think that there was something more to that. But all too soon she and River discharged from the birthing centre ward and headed home to start their new life together as mother and daughter. And all was forgotten about the curious interactions as they were too busy trying to raise their two respective children to wonder about the curious interaction between the two infants.
    Other than one conversation that they had regarding what the state of the house finances was, she didn’t recall much interaction other than “Thank you for month’s rent.” when she paid the monthly rent. Except for one conversation that was in regards to the dissolution of the rental situation...and a formal talk about what was going to happen to the house. Yasunobu had offered up a solution that he thought would be equitable for both sides.
    “You need place to live...” Yasunobu had said. “But you also need own house for River sake, ne...” Ne pronounced neh was the Japanese way of saying, y’know. “Maybe you own this house?”
    “I’d love to, Yasunobu, but the price of this house is completely out of my price range.”
    “Hmmmm...maybe we solve problem...” Yasunobu said “You pay month rent...not much higher maybe one hundred more month...we put half rent; half payment; you pay over ten year...then you own house.”

    And that was that, She paid §1000 a month in rent and half of that money went towards ownership of the house. And Yasunobu had been as good as his word. Every month that went by, he’d deposit half the rent money in a separate bank account to accumulate interest and each rent that Fiona had paid him he split in two and put one half in the bank account and the other half was for him and Mayumi. He’d show Fiona every month how much had accumulated towards her equity in the house.
    The Chikamoris and Fiona McIrish got up early on Monday morning since Fiona and Mayumi had work. Mayumi was a high-school teacher subjugating her students to mental torture. She truly had no interest in teaching other than the power-trip that it gave her to be in control of a classroom of thirty students every hour and being able to subject their very educational whims to her wanton mercies. Jocks quailed at the thought of having to subject themselves to a class with Mrs. Chikamori. She, on the other hand, enjoyed humiliating those "big, dumb apes..." as she was wont to call them, exhorting them to exert their educational efforts or be left behind stuck driving a 70 Pinto delivering pizza for the rest of their lives as pathetic failures of the British Columbia Educational system.
    Fiona on the other hand, enjoyed her employment, being a freelance writer. Which meant submitting articles written to the paper as well as books, writing reviews on places where she'd been and simply writing about anything of note within the community. Her place of employment was Doo Peas Business Tower where anyone who was either in business or journalism had a desk or office in the building. It was interesting to note that the Vancouver Province had accepted a few of her submissions and she was thus able to establish her credentials as a freelance writer. It would help bring in some income.
    Yasunobu had, on a whim, since he was stuck at home minding the two toddlers, that he would go take the two to Central Park. There he would meet up with Fiona after her shift at work as a Freelance Reporter. And it would make for a nice day out for the two young toddlers; a nice sunny morning, warm temperatures and hardly anyone at the park. He noticed some trees out there in the park that had fruit ripe for the picking, so he was going to use the time that Haruo and River sat and played with each other to harvest some of the trees. He'd noticed that there were lemons and he was quite willing to learn how to make key lime pie which was absolutely a delicacy. There were a lot of plants out in the park that would work for bringing in extra income. So before they ventured to the park, he told both River and Haruo to play with the block table while he went out and worked on the garden. Needless to say both toddlers behaved themselves and they were able to make their way to the park.
    Haruo and River's time at the park was quite interesting and they would probably need baths as well since they were busy pawing around in the grass as well as in the dirt. Toddlers get into all sorts of things so that was par for the course for bringing them to the park. When they started getting fussy, Yasunobu started packing them up and headed for home. After bath-time, the two toddlers ended up playing at the block-table. Tomorrow, Yasunobu would work on their talking and walking.
    After all, having played in the sand-box at the park, Haruo and River had both managed to get themselves covered in sand, both in their clothes, as well as in their hair when they each tried to toss several handfuls straight up in the air and it showered down all over them. What a mess. When he'd finished bathing the two little toddlers who had gotten themselves into a quite a mess after he told them, "I make dinner, you play block table, don't get into anything..." Both River and Haruo nodded mutely...and crawled over to the block table, each picking up a block.
    At this age, there was nothing untoward about River's glances towards Haruo, it was just innocent play. It was more an "I like you as a friend, will you play blocks with me?" sort of glance. Haruo was too busy gnawing on the blue block he had in his hand. River had a red triangle shape grasped within her hand and to Yasunobu, it was clear that the two of them were fast friends who would spend plenty of time with each other over the coming years. Yasunobu went outside to put the dogs on the grill and watch over them as the two youngsters were consumed with play-time.
    ...and then it was just a matter of watching over the children until River's mother came home to take care of River.

    (end Part 1; Chapter One)
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @KrayzieStryker Your resort is looking lovely! :3

    Hi, amigos. I have pictures of sims to share with you because I am a one trick pony. But at least I am a pony. Ponies are pretty cute.

    First, I apparently never posted pics of a new sim I made. So, everyone, meet Veronika Cheyka. I keep giving my sims Eastern European names because I want to.

    And I gave a few old sims of mine makeovers. I didn't have much time today, so I'm not sure if these are the final versions of these two, but I think they look cute so ima share them anyway.

    First, Elanna Samuels. She used to look like this:

    Also, here's a pretty cute pic of her with like a bizarro world Desmond, I think. Pretty sure that's Desmond. Either way, it cute.

    I just kind of found her to be a bit bland. I wanted to keep the alternative look. Unfortunately for her, I always want to give sims red or black hair, so I had to get rid of the red hair. :lol: It's just becoming too commonplace. Which is bizarrely in line with my real life hair...hmm. :lol: Anyway, here's new Elanna:



    Only headshots because I couldn't find her a really good outfit. :lol:

    Next up, Ida Jackson. A boring name, but a very pretty sim who I think could use a revamp. Here's her before:


    I wanted to emulate that Tommy Hillfiger look. :tongue: Also, a goal with all of these old sim revamps is to make them look a bit more realistic. I don't know, I just feel like my sims used to be a bit cartoony. At least, by my realism standards. :lol: Anyway, here's new Ida. :3 I really like how she turned out.



  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,915 Member
    edited November 2020
    This morning I mostly worked on my 30 Grandchildren Game and the next video. The video is about half way done. I need to record more for it though. The game is unfortunately becoming unplayable. It is Winter. I reduced that season to 7 days. There are 3 days to go. I have to save every few minutes and relaunch after about 3 saves. A few more of them have aged up to Young Adult. There are 7 teens left as teens. Unfortunately I don't have many screen shots. This is partly due to me not being game to hit that C button as doing that has caused the game to shut down instantly and no screen shot appearing in my Screenshots folder.

    I aged up Wilfred and his Imaginary Friend, Byron. Then I had to move Byron out. There were about 21 sims in the household and my Resourse Monitor told me the game, straight after loading and while the main house was active, was using over 3,400 MB. I've been hovering low over the ocean to save and haven't had any Error 12s by saving this way. But there have been numerous freezes followed by shutdown of the game.

    This is Byron - the main change I did to him after this pic was make his hair plain dark brown - no purple in it any more.


    He was Wilfred's Imaginary Friend made real. This is a pic of Wilfred enjoying his birthday cake.

    I also aged up Demetria and (I think) Dolores. I'll have to double check tomorrow if it was Dolores. In any case I aged up two of the teen girls to Young Adult. I did get their birthday parties recorded but it was an ordeal giving them their makeovers etc. Lots of crashes and reloads. They had both completed their lifetime wishes. None of the remaining teens have done that yet.

    One of them had the lifetime wish to have a Perfect Private Aquarium. She managed to achieve that. They way I did it was to keep the fish in her inventory. I constantly scoured the inventories of other household members to find perfect fish. Finally Javon caught a perfect jellyfish in the Wishing Well. I transferred it to her inventory and then put one perfect example of each variety in each of the 13 fishbowls I had ready for that purpose and she had her LTW.

    This is a pic of the fish bowls. I can't see the fish in them. Maybe I took the pic before she added them to the bowls.


    They will be in the video when I finally load it to YouTube if you want to see them.

    I need to reduce the number of Sims in the house. I have been struggling with the relationships of the 3 potential couples. There are so many sims in the household and so many interruptions. In the end I just sent them on vacation to China. They became boyfriend/girlfriend in China. Then they were due to return home. There is a need for cook books and fish bait books and skill books from China, France and Egypt. They purchased the books from China. Then just before they were sent home I decided to risk sending them direct to Egypt. All appears to be working so far. They purchased a camera in Egypt as well as other necessary items.

    Kendall needs a good camera to get his lifetime wish. He needs to get to the top of painting and photography. He's at level 10 in painting but is often without a camera. I'm hoping he doesn't lose the camera Gwen purchased for him in Egypt. If he does I'll have to resort to BuyDebug to get him another one.

    This is the only screen shot I got of them in China. It is just Javon reporting in after some adventure.

    They mostly just ran around exploring but after a couple of days they got phone calls giving them adventures so I let them complete them. Especially since Coby's lifetime wish requires him to have a private museum with relics valued at 20,000 simoleans. He has over 10,000 simoleans worth so far from a visit to France. I think a few of the teens will be heading off to France again soon as they have opportunities to interview a Sim in France.

    I am showing bits of them inside tombs. But I'm not doing any walk throughs for this video.

    Gwen was out collecting and hoping to find excavation spots to locate relics when she came across a few birds. Some of the bit her but this Spotted Sixam was happy to befriend her.

    Javon has a wish to catch every single different type of fish. He's got 41% of them so far. He went fishing at the oasis and after she finished chasing relics for a while (she didn't find any) Gwen joined him for a spot of fishing.

    That's it from me for now. I need sleep. I have use of my car in the morning but not in the afternoon so I'm going to try to get up and out of the house early to go to a park in the City where I can photograph roses. I don't need any more photos of roses but I suppose you can never have too many of them. What I really want is some exercise and to just get out of the house for a while.

    I seem to have fixed my internet connectivity issues. Someone had placed a piece of masonite against a wall between my modem and my computer and when I moved it elsewhere the problems stopped and have not recurred since.

    I have given out a few Awesomes. Not many posts are happening here at the moment. I suspect you've noticed. I thought I ought to try to post a few pics. I hope you enjoy them.

    Happy Simmins all.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,915 Member
    edited November 2020
    @DivaDoodle Oscar and Louise both have the Flirty trait. I'm not sure what other traits they have. They are definitely a lot of fun. I was surprised at how well they got on together. I found they love to throw parties and those parties can get rather wild. I've had Louise dancing on the counters while the fans fight over her husband in front of her. He's at level 10 in the music career. He's a Rock Star - that's his LTW. One other memorable party was soon after Oscar had visited the Fall Festival and picked pumpkins. He had an inventory full of pumpkins and spent the entire party carving pumpkins autonomously. The guests had to walk around him at times as he wasn't particular where he sat down to carve. I do have that party statue thing that I think came with University Life. It might have been a pre-order gift. I set it up in their yard. I'm not sure if it affects behaviour, I think it mostly has something to do with costumes.

    I haven't done anything special with settings relating to romance. I have extended the length of the day so they can get more done. And I've adjusted the pregnancy settings so baby gender is random. I had a bad experience when only baby boys were being born in one game because there were a heap of very elderly female sims in my world and the setting was balanced. I also have set the chance of having a hybrid baby to 100% with the maximum number of possible occults in a baby is set to 4. Problem I don't have many occults having babies so I don't have many hybrids. Also I recently stopped Alien abductions in my Perfect Genetics save as that household is so massively overstuffed and the young adult males keep getting abducted and having alien pregnancies. I think there are currently 5 alien children/babies in that household. I know I could send the baby back to its mother, but I tend to want to keep them all. And I have the chance of the baby receiving an Imaginary Friend at birth set to 100%.

    That's about it for the setting I've changed in my mods. So I think most of Oscar and Louise's behaviour is due to traits. Also, they were made as Base Game Only sims. I only had the Base Game installed when I made them. I was setting up my new computer at the time.

  • liizzys1302liizzys1302 Posts: 53 Member
    edited November 2020
    I started a new save with the Beaumont family who currently live in Bridgeport. Let me introduce you to them;

    Richard Beaumont
    Traits; no sense of humor, workaholic, schmoozer, ambitious, charismatic
    LTW: CEO of a mega-corperation
    Richard wants to own all of the buildings in Bridgeport, as well as being CEO of Steve's Business Complex and turn it into The Beaumont Business Complex. He spends most of his time having business meetings, looking for new buildings to invest in, schmoozing the owners of said buildings and sleeping with his boss Lala Angelista who may or may not have fallen pregnant with his child.

    Christine Beaumont
    Traits; party animal, grumpy, loves the heat, night owl, bookworm
    LTW: bottomless nectar cellar
    Christine is a socialite who married business tycoon Richard Beaumont, not only because he had the funds to accommodate her wild lifestyle but also because she truly loved him but after having two kids and being married for 10 years, Richard spends more time with his co-workers and boss than he does with Christine. So Christine turned to juice, she spends most of her days in the hot tub and reading by the pool always with a drink in hand. She spends her nights at exclusive clubs pretending that her marriage isn't falling apart and that her daughters don't hate each other.

    Enid Beaumont
    Traits; ambitious, mean spirited, disciplined, schmoozer
    Enid wants to inherit the family business, inheriting the ambitious and schmoozer traits from her father she is the perfect fit. She keeps her grades at a perfect A and spends her time looking for new investments to try to impress her dad, but most of the time she is brushed off for a meeting or an important lunch date. She is disproving of the way her mother lives and doesn't understand why she doesn't want to be co-owner of the Beaumont empire but she doesn't care enough to find out, after all less competition means she is first in line to take over. She just wishes that her younger sister would stop doing ridiculous things and stealing all of their dads attention away.

    Charlotte (Lottie) Beaumont
    Traits; party animal, charismatic, friendly, rebellious
    Lottie is the outsider of the Beaumont family, whilst she has inherited her mothers partying ways, she is genuinely kind to everyone she meets without having a hidden agenda. She doesn't understand why her dad and sister want her to have her whole life planned out and think she is ruining the family name, she just wants to have fun.

    I'm thinking of starting my own thread for them because their life is just so fun and dramatic. By the way, the girls are wearing their private school uniform, I don't have them dressed like twins haha.
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