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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Very cute house.


    Great updates


    I enjoyed the most recent update, can't remember if I already
    commented on it.

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    @Brandontaylor Thanks so much for commenting on my update. :smiley: I do hope things will work out as well.
    Lauren is an adorable toddler. It's nice seeing both parents involved with her.
    I'm really curious as to what the purpose is for the roommates in the challenge? They don't really seem to serve a purpose to me. Is there one?

    @GraceyManor Thanks so much for commenting on Mary's story! :smiley:
    I love the ghost horses! Awesome job with them.

    @Emily4331 That is awesome that you fixed your own special skin! You continue to impress me with your talents.
    Ellie looks fantastic.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Hope you enjoy all the kiddo's. As much as I love babies and toddlers and kids I've never wanted to do that particular challenge. :confounded:

    @lisasc360 yes, If I use Karen in a story she will get a trait makeover!
    I sure hope hubby's test is negative!

    @ohmyohmy Cori looks adorable in her cheerleader outfit.
    Great capture of the zombie! Do you have the peashooter? If not stick a radio outside and turn it on, they will dance till dawn. :grin:

    @liizzys1302 Congrats on the new start for your Legacy. Sounds like an eventful play session! Congrats on all the birthdays and the engagement and pending birth.
    Nice to see the pics of your sims. Congrats on the new baby.

    @rubyskywalker Good luck with the butler. They never seem to work properly for me.
    the relationship is either under basic or intermediate. They have great faq's over on the website to learn how to use the mods.

    @emorrill I'm not really sure what you changed since I don't have a very good memory from reading the original way back but it is a very good read and refresher from when they first got to the strange world.

    @Sleepstar Good luck with making the decision.

    @MamaSimTee hello to you as well.

    @BlackSand The girls look pretty hot doing those spells on the beach, perhaps it is time for a swim! :grin:
    I think the instructor is overdressed for the occasion.

    @SimplyJen Cute and funny watching the owl.

    @RedDestiny92 cute pics of your sims. Don looks almost happy holding his little girl.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you! :smiley: Two more updates coming shortly! :grin:
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Wow, that's a lot of hair CC.
    At least their mailbox appears to be okay. Hoping there wasn't a guard in the guard shack though.
    Yeah, that's a lot of Sim hours. 348 days of Simming if my math is correct.

    @RedDestiny92 I think Blake is a pretty Sim.
    Maybe she's becoming a better person now?
    All good looking Sims.
    Great update!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    @bekkasan You're welcome.
    I'm going to try and keep it that way, too. I'll have mother-daughter days and father-daughter days, although Brittany's going to be at work soon.
    Yes, just to annoy me, lol. No, actually they don't serve any purpose. It's just a requirement due to the fact it's something Sims can do. Some others who play the challenge consider the university roommates as enough and don't do this requirement. I just decided to, it actually won't be long and I can get rid of them.
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    I Want It All

    Entering the building, Mary floats through the walls and corridors until she reaches Liam's office. She slips into his office. He greets her with a smile and invites her to sit down. Liam is not one for social graces or wasting time, so he delves right into the matter.
    "I've completed the research on your particular situation. As I informed you before, you do not seem to be bound by the rules that govern most ghosts. It seems as if you are, well to put it bluntly, already alive, except you have a corporeal form. The spirit world is apparently filled with contradictions and bending of the rules. Your case is very bent I'm afraid. The computer advises me if we attempt the initial treatment for you, it could cause the complete opposite effect and send you permanently back to the netherworld. I'm very sorry, but I am not willing to risk you."

    Mary is stunned at Liam's words. Springing out of her chair, she gasps for breath. Her hopes and dreams for the future were completely tied to this project being able to restore her life. She clutches her chest as if she is in pain. She begins to weep inconsolably.
    Liam looks dazed and startled and out of his depth. He jumps out of his chair and looks around as if trying to find someone to help him deal with the distraught ghost. He realizes he is completely on his own. He takes a deep breath and moves over to her side and squeezes her hand urging her to sit down. He pats her shoulder awkwardly mumbling "please stop crying, everything will work out, you will see, just please stop crying."
    Even as upset as she is about the news Mary has to smile, although sadly, at Liam’s clumsy attempts to console her. She takes several calming breaths as Emmaline taught her to do when she feels panicky, grabs a tissue and blows her nose.
    "I don't want to be a ghost forever! This was my last chance and now it is gone."

    He pulls his chair around, so he is sitting closer to her. "Mary, I'm not giving up on this. I promise that somehow I will find a way to help you. I've learned today about someone else who is helping ghosts move on."
    "I don't want to move on Liam! I want to live and have a life that was stolen from me. I want to stay awake on the first day of spring! I want to smell the flowers in the fields, run barefoot in the grass. I want to feel the sunshine on my face, travel to the islands, and swim in the warm waters. I want to love someone and have them love me as if I'm the only one in the world that matters. I want to have babies and listen to their cries and giggles. I want to hear their first words and watch them take their first steps. I want to hug them tight and make sure they know they are treasured. I want to grow old watching them grow and have the life they deserve. I want to hold the hand of my love as we both slow down in our elder years but our love is still strong and bold and worthy. I want to die surrounded by the family that our love made possible.” She looks over at Liam and with soft grace instead of anger tells him, “I want it all! Liam, I want it all! I don’t want to move on! I want it all!”

    Liam is silent for several moments thinking about Mary's heartfelt words. "I can't make any guarantees Mary. Life is not always fair, and you got a raw deal. I will do the best that I can to figure out how to help you. I want to run some tests on you. Obviously I can't draw blood like I could on anyone else, but I did some work on one of my gadgets and I've used it to get samples from other ghosts. I can run it through my research machine and compare it to other ghosts and we will know how you compare to them. It should give me some data about where to go from here. I will come by the house in a few days."
    "It would be better if I come to you don't you think?"
    Liam shakes his head. "You must be the shy ghost that Jamison was talking about. Have you not tried meeting the new owner and his friend? Mary, the help you need might be right under your nose back at the house! They both know you are there, just not who you are, although I think Jamison who is a renowned hunter has a good idea who you are."
    Mary looks startled and clenches her hands together tightly in her lap. “I will think about it. I’ve been running from people for so long. It was hard enough coming and talking with you."
    Liam reaches out and pats her hands. "Relax Mary, I promise they want to help you." He walks her across the room and has her stand quietly while he tries collecting the sample. Liam is successful and labels the sample carefully and puts it away. He tells her he will run the tests, and it will take a few days to get the results. I will perform the comparisons and then start searching for another treatment. Mary thanks him for his efforts leaving the office before she starts crying again.

    Mary stops by the local cemetery on her way home. She finds the grim reaper statue and rages at him. “I pleaded with you not to take my life. You did it anyway. Then somehow you and the Fates came up with this endless half-life for me. Why? Why? Why?” Unsurprisingly, she finds no solace in raging at the statue. She turns to go home. "Except it is not my home." She silently cries the entire way home.

    Mary arrives home and finds Betty sitting in the rocker in her room. Betty is bouncing up and down with excitement and dripping more water than usual. “Get a grip, Betty! What has you in such high spirits?" Betty informs her all about the conversation she overheard between Damien and Jamie.
    Mary is very surprised by the conversation. "Are you sure they were talking about me?"
    "Yes, of course, they were talking about you, silly girl."
    "I guess I've got a lot to think about. Did he really say he was half in love with me?", she asks wistfully. "Oh, that doesn't matter. He doesn't know me. This was an overly emotional day, but I'm not up for any more drama. I'm going to feed Sherlock and go to bed. Thank you Betty for letting me know what you heard. Goodnight."

    Mary sits down in the rocking chair to think about all that Betty told her and her talk with Liam. Her chests starts to feel tight, and her throat is closing up. Unshed tears brim in her eyes. She jumps up out of the chair, shakes herself. "Stop this right now!", she stomps her foot mad at herself. She feeds Sherlock taking a moment to talk softly to him and watch him play.

    Jamie joins Damien for supper before he leaves for his job. "She is back in the house. Upstairs in the attic. Great Mac N Cheese! You are turning into a fair cook."
    Jamie reminds him to stay calm while talking to Mary. "She will be skittish, but I have a feeling she will hear what you say and want to talk to you. I wish I could stay and help you, but I promised to rid the poltergeists from that home. It is a prominent family in town, so I'm hoping for a big fat fee and a bonus since no one else was able to rid the ghosts." He grins at Damien and hurries out the door.
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    Damien Meets Mary

    Mary changes and crawls in her bed. She lies in bed thinking about the day, and all the things Betty told her. Soft beach music starts playing downstairs. She hopes listening to the music will help lull her to sleep. Her mind sure doesn't want to stop playing the day back for her. She turns out the light and pulls the covers around her, closes her eyes, and tries to relax.
    She hears that man talking to himself. She listens carefully.

    Damien has turned the radio on, the beach music is playing softly in the background. He lights a fire to take the chill out of the air. He feels a little silly trying to talk to Mary likes this, but realizes nothing ventured nothing gained.

    "Mary, I hope you can hear me. I'm going to light a fire and sit down and tell you what I've been doing since I first heard your story back in Riverview. I don't know if you are aware but you are admired by so many back home. A scholarship was started in your name for stud...awwww sh...!!" Damien curses as a fire starts from a spark to the woodpile next to the fireplace. He grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays the blaze.

    Mary smells smoke and can hear the crackling from a fire downstairs. She knows that sound considering how many fires happened when she lit fires in that fireplace. She gets out of the bed and floats downstairs to make sure that man is putting the fire out. She does not want her house to burn down.
    Damien is so busy putting out the fire he does not notice the ghost floating down into the room at first.

    He hears a sharp exclamation and glances over. A ghost appears that he has not seen before. He continues working on getting the fire out and finally succeeds. He puts the fire extinguisher away and turns to the ghost.

    "I can't believe you almost burned the house down!" yells Mary. She is a little overwhelmed at how handsome he is up close. She wants to throw her arms around him and find out if those lips are as kissable as they seem. Not really understanding why she has that desire, she ignores it and yells at him instead.

    Damien's heart and adrenaline are racing from fighting the fire. Seeing a very beautiful ghost standing in front of him in extremely sexy lingerie certainly does not help him cool off. He thinks she looks amazingly beautiful standing there yelling at him.

    "Hey, I've been working my a.. off to get this place fixed up and liveable since I bought it and moved in. The fireplaces are in terrible condition, and I've cleaned this one twice. I don't know why it caught fire tonight."

    Mary realizes she should not have yelled at him. If her emotions had not been so off the charts already from her day she probably would have stayed upstairs. "I'm sorry, I should not have yelled at you. This fireplace is very dangerous and has caused many fires over the years." She starts to float back upstairs.
    Damien reaches out to stop her. He pulls back from touching her though afraid he would scare her away. "Mary, please don't go."
    "How do you know I'm Mary?" She looks at him curiously.
    "I'd recognize you anywhere Mary. My name is Damien, Damien Nazario, the third to be exact. I've been trying to figure out what happened to you since I first read your story. I knew there was more to it than what was published. I know what those girls did to you and I can now prove it. Please sit down and talk with me."
    Mary looks into Damien's eyes. She remembers what Betty, Liam and Emmaline have all told her. She nods, and lets him lead her over to the couch.

    They sit on the couch, and Damien tells her his story. Mary listens as he describes how he started investigating and what he discovered. He tells her about the two women who are still alive and how their lives evolved and changed for the worse. He watches her face as he tells his story. He cannot seem to take his eyes off her.
    She listens with wonder at how much he was able to find out with his investigation. "I can't thank you enough for sharing this with me."
    "I've got one more interview to do and will add that to my report. I will then take the file to the chief of police and the local judicial attorney's office. I also plan to send a full copy to the local newspaper and television station to ensure the report does not receive the same treatment as your original report did."

    Mary is happy justice will finally be done. She confirms the events of the night and how she died. "It was one of the coldest nights on record I found out later. I did not even have a coat on. It was mercifully swift." Damien reaches out and touches her hand. He feels a strong warmth pass from his hand to hers and back traveling up his arm into his chest. "I am so sorry you had to experience this and recall it to me."
    Mary feels a wonderful warmth pass into her as Damien holds her hand. The warmth travels up her arm into her chest and her shivers stop for the first time since she returned after dying. She looks at Damien and their joined hands wondering what it all means. The emotional day takes its toll on Mary. She knows she is about to become a weeping mess. She does not want to fall apart in front of Damien. "I'm sorry, I can't talk anymore." She disappears.

    Damien leaps out of his seat. "Mary! I'm so sorry. I did not mean to upset you. Mary! Mary?" Damien feels a cold caress on his cheek and a whisper in his ear. "You didn't. I need some time to process all you have told me. Thank you for telling me and helping me receive justice. I will find you tomorrow. I won't hide anymore."

    Damien can't help but feel happy that he was able to meet Mary. It seems impossible since she died so many years ago. Other than her ghostly form she looks younger than him and so very, very beautiful.
    Damien reaches up to touch his face where he felt her touch. He whispers, "goodnight Mary."

    authors note: I mentioned either here or in the other thread, Mary took matters into her own hand at one point in my game totally changing the way something happened. This was it, Mary coming down during the fire. She was not supposed to meet Damien yet. I had something else planned. I could have used debug reset on her and stopped her, but when I thought about it I knew Mary was right. It was time to meet Damien. Sometimes our sims have better ideas than we do. :grin: I rewrote my outline and took a few more pictures. :wink: Hope you've enjoyed it!
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    @bekkasan I see what you did there :s ,a guy can just stroll in a haunted mansion and see a hott ghost in lingerie and get the hearts.

    You used your super writing powers to secretly do a psyop on my sim being a failure lately with the ladies


    God you are such a teaser,it is getting to where he is falling in love and will try to revive her and stuff.Then you just end it how could you,sleeping is way overrated.Now get back in game and stop lollygagging.

    Hilda Bancroft

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    Look who I found!

    Sid is actually the first boyfriend of Haze

    But Brian...

    Your fairie can't sleep with you.

    Your gunnie is angry!
    Entrance to the abyss
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    @bekkasan ... Great Updates!

    It wasn't a huge surprise Liam was a bit stumped, because from Mary's description, she wasn't like other ghosts.
    I'm sure they'll figure out something, even if it is just 'what not to do'.

    Having life robbed from you is bad, but having a half-life as Mary described, would be worse in my opinion.
    It makes it understandable why she wants it all, because she has been on the outside of two worlds looking in.

    Great to see the Velveeta Shells and Cheese (yeah, I changed that) Kings are still getting along fine.
    It's nice Damien talked to Jamie about things ... Damien knows what to do, but Jamie kind of makes everything more solid.
    Nice job with the music, and a great job handling what the game threw at you.

    Damien's happy, Mary's happy (whether or not she knows it yet) ... All is well at Spring Manor.
    With the team that is now working on everything, something has to pan out.

    Great Job, Nice Work ... Very Good Wordsmithing!
    Happy Simming!

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    @CravenLestat lol...yep, some sims have just got the real deal, the right stuff and know how to approach the ladies and get those hearts off the bat. :heart:

    @BlackSand Thanks so much for your comments. :smiley:
    hehe, my hubby liked those Velveeta ones better than homemade. :confused: Or maybe because it took less time? :grin:
    It might take some getting there, but getting there is the fun part. ;)
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    @bekkasan: Great chapters.

    @BlackSand: Hello

    @CravenLestat: Still need to makeover Krusty Karen.

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello

    @Brandontaylor: Great chapters

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Hello

    @Mikezumi: Hello

    @Shadow_Assassin: Hello

    @Emily4331: Hello

    @lisasc360: Hello

    @PalmArrow: Hello

    @emorrill: Hello

    @jillbg: Hello

    @Karritz: Hello

    @SimplyJen: Hello

    @RedDestiny92: Hello
    :) Smile!

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    @CravenLestat Everything is all set and in my game. Thank you!!!

    I also tried your cabin build you posted recently. I used Moonlight Falls. I haven't been to that world in a while and I missed it. I don't think I did exactly what you did, but it's similar. If/when I get around to taking pictures, I'll share them.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @MamaSimTee My cabin has a Custom wood log pattern of mine,there is a chance you have to put it on yourself.If you mean the log cabin
    Hilda Bancroft

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    I wasn't planning to use the wallpapers, just the basic 6 x 6 build. You know I've often complained my builds are "boring". I used your little tutorial as a way to "practice" my building skills.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @bekkasan thank you, it was a very eventful play session haha. By the way I absolutely love Mary she seems like such a sweetheart and I love that she just changed the story like that it always makes things more interesting when sims take things into their own hands.

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    Today the wedding took place, I changed Oliver's last name to Lockhart as I want that to be the last name of all of the heirs and their families.

    I give you Mr & Mrs Lockhart

    And their beautiful bridesmaids/daughters. Putting Bree and Briar in the exact same hair and outfit made me realise that they are literally identical (they're twins so I don't know why I was surprised).

    Angelica and Frazier having a cute moment

    Cutting the cake

    The very happy couple

    Had to add this picture of the twins walking in complete unison

    The twins also aged up to teens & Frazier into a child so pictures of that to come.
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    Hey everyone :) Today I got Cori and George Dean married and they went to France for their honeymoon. Cori also had a bachelorette party but sadly I didn't get a dancer to show up :0 I couldn't figure out how to trigger it.

    George is always giving flowers to Cori :) it's real adorable

    Cori having a blast being sprayed with nectar by Fatima :D

    Dancing with friends :)

    aaand the wedding :) for some reason all my sims get married at night lol. I wish I could've got a cutting the cake picture but they moved to George's house before I could get them to cut it.

    Visiting the museum in France :) Cori looks more impressed than George lol

    and some scenery pics


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    @Turjan Kind of middle class, I guess. I don't get many friend gifts, and the junkyard/klepto items are getting monotonous, so it's kind of a draw.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I sent an Origin friend request. Just 'cause.


    So, I've been busy a lot the last few days, which is why I haven't been around. I handed out Likes and Awesomes, but I didn't have it in me to comment on everybody's posts, though I did answer a specific question asked of me.

    I've been playing my Brook save, and unfortunately had to abandon it as I can no longer go into Map View (not even in Edit Town), and I've made far too many adjustments to the lot to move them without it and start over in a replica.

    Le sigh.
    I voted for you, Kevin.
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    Playing a new save tonight with Cori Lucas in Hidden Springs. It’ll just be a one generation save that ends at her death. I’ll have that update tomorrow then will play the Langerak family over the weekend. Cori will be the version that has some skills already and a degree.
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    OK...will check on it. :)

    Currently in CAS - Making a sim 1/2 of a couple (wife is a JAG; husband is a F-14 Aviator (POC couple))

    Shauntelle LaRue

    ...and got Sebastian LaRue as well.
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    @ohmyohmy ... Nice Update!
    Congrats to the happy couple and enjoy Champs Le Sims.

    Don't give George a hard time.
    He just heard you could pick your own grapes and make some nectar at the Nectary.
    Then Cori hauled him to the museum.

    Have some fun!
    Happy Simming!

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    @Nikkei_Simmer I sent an Origin friend request. Just 'cause.

    Got it... :)

    And... yours too, @Brandontaylor; I just go in directly through Cortex Launcher which optimizes my desktop apps for gaming and unfortunately, I usually end up bypassing Origin's page...on entry into the game and just briefly see it when I shut the game down for the night. So @MoonandStars83 - thanks for notifying me...to check...on it.
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    Wasn't in the "playing mood" today so I went into CAS... the couple up above and another sim were ones that I created today.

    CAS tossed me up this lovely... um...well...uh...
    Took a bit of doing, but I think I managed a line drive between first and second base into the outfield.
    What you think?
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    @Brandontaylor the tot is really cute, I wish I could say she's bettering herself but only in the college way everything else is up for grabs she loves smooching werewolves.
    @Nikkei_Simmer I would say you had a brave soul for such a spree but there are so many must have cc items to choose from :D again again. That sim is super cute.
    @bekkasan he's pretty happy would be happier if he had a relationship he still has issues committing but I think he got tired of the dating disasters sooner rather than later. I quite like Mary makes you feel bad for the ghosts...some of them, I love her chemistry with Damien too ha. Firm believer sims just know when they want to know.

    I didn't do too much I checked my save it was fine I only had to age up Dracana again so I pulled some pics from there.
    Gave her something else to wear think I put her in a dress before.
    I made Don a singer instead don't recall ever having a male singer.
    At this point they only had 48 simoleons to their name but whatever his girl wants she gets.
    She won the first one at least.

    Like father like daughter....er well he did give birth to her credit where credit is due...like mama like daughter lol.
    I noticed he was attacked by some chick, like he always has such a hard time with everyone but people don't really attack him expect mean fairies kind of feel bad for the guy. Though at least his daughter didn't see.
    She abandoned him I didn't even notice she left the festival.
    She made a friend at least, I think that's the baby whose parents always left on the floor while his father destroyed the furniture....he's perfect for her. :D
    The next day he completed the classic car and got himself a truck as he rode his bike everywhere before and of course a bike for her I don't know why I thought Special snowflake was a kids book it immediately reminded me of a certain anime where this kid's maid and butler read romance to her so she knew these anime phrases she shouldn't, yet anyways lol.
    At least he loves her.
    I totally didn't realize she got an imaginary friend.

    "I'mma kick you."

    "Try me."

    ...They love each other heh
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    @Nikkei_Simmer That's a cute hair! Do you remember where you got it or the creator's name?
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,087 Member
    It's a Newsea... :evil grin: :devious:
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