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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    ZhakiraP wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I could definitely live with sims like that, not sure my system would however. :D

    I'm not sure my computer would survive... Even if I managed to get the system I want to be using. That graphics card would probably up and quit.
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    Good morning everyone. Still awake. Been awake all night. Only played the Sims 3 a little bit. Started up a world and placed some lots. Now I am tempted to build on some lots.
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    Good morning! Hurricane is now a tropical storm and not expected to increase in strength again. We will still get rain and wind but not as bad. Supposed to get closer to my area sometime in the wee hours of Monday am. They have already mobilized the power people and trucks at Daytona and a few other places including over 2000 power folks from out of state to restore power. The pictures are pretty impressive. It did cause some major problems down in the islands though. :cry:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks :smiley: Almost caught up on paperwork. I didn't play today but did add some cc to the testing folder. I'm hoping to play tomorrow though.

    @Lashin Looks like your sims will be very happy in the basement.

    @Turjan hehe, thanks for the comments. :smiley: He is definitely not a long-haired kinda fella. I did transform him and I liked the last one with the transformation. Made a messy werewolf. I might have to figure out a way to use that in a future were sim. :lol:
    It's nice to see the kids quietly reading those giant books. I noticed the critter is sleeping in the background.

    @BlackSand Pretty house!
    I love your idea of a basement. So relaxing. Grab a glass of nectar and enjoy the ambiance of the hot tub.

    @Thrior Cool pics of your sim on fire.

    @emorrill Thanks for the comments. I had fun messing around trying different styles on him but the one he wears is definitely the best for him.

    @GraceyManor Glad to hear you are testing negative. I hope you are feeling better finally.

    @king_of_simcity7 Sweet pics of Tammy and Simon!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Interesting pictures of the potential kids. I'm not seeing much difference other than hair color and eyebrow. Remember, my eyes are very old!
    River is beautiful but looks a wee bit anemic. Perhaps have her blood checked.

    @Evalen I like the travel agency. I hope they don't end up in prehistoric France! :open_mouth: least they did not end up in prehistoric France. :flushed: Yes, they are together. Seems like that travel agency has been up to no good for a while. That was nice of the other man to offer the house. Oh my, it does need some work!

    @blazerntq Hello, welcome back.
    She's a pretty sim and I like her little house.

    @Brandontaylor Bummer about them getting into an argument!
    Thanks for the comments. It has been busy! Praying that hurricane stays out in the ocean.

    @Karritz Thanks for thinking about me. :smiley: The hurricane is still looking like it will be out in the ocean. They are estimating we will get lots of rain and wind but not hurricane strength. Still watching it to make sure it doesn't change the path.
    It's nice you liked him in all the hairs. I guess I've got so used to his short hair I didn't like the long hair on him. :lol: I do love his eyes too.

    @Emily4331 Thanks! Yep, he is a cutie. Good advice you gave @blazerntq. I know my saved sims folder is humongous! I keep copies at all stages. :open_mouth: I should move it to desktop! I do everything else plus stuff that Nraas folks recommend. Once I get all my cc added to the testing folder on the desktop I'm hoping to learn how to merge it. I have the site bookmarked but I know I will be bugging you if I have issues. :grin:
    Cool pics of your sims done on that site. I might peek at it later today if I have time.

    @MoonandStars83 Thanks for the comment. He's a werewolf. He's supposed to have freaky eyes. :lol: I definitely agree about the hairs. Long hair for men is very limited and using female styles and converting them keeps them looking too female. But, I'm not a modder so I'm stuck with what is out there.

    @ZhakiraP Love the family photos! So much to keep up with playing the town. You amaze me. I love the pose with the toddler's tush up. Where did you find that one, please? Poor Mike and Annie. They are usually pretty happy in my background.

    Little raccoon sneaking up on the unsuspecting trash can. I'm having fun panning around town checking out the critters in town.
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    Now that's what I call a bachelorette party
    ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
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    @bekkasan Hello! Glad your okay.

    @McTosh I left a comment for you in another thread about how it looks like your sims had a really fun time.
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    edited August 2
    Comments time (so soon again! Don't get used to it :wink: ).

    @Lashin Lots deteriorate over time, and the larger the lot, the faster they deteriorate. In my experience, the 60x60 and above get unplayable in a really short time and the dreaded Error 12's start showing up. Also, there's the urge to decorate because of empty space. Just resist it. As for Karritz, just ask her. I guess the answer is "barely" :smiley: .

    @BlackSand I love your pics. Those look really good. And a nice house, of course :smile: . I haven't commented on your little story vignettes from before, and I enjoyed those greatly, too.

    @Thrior Your posts are really funny :smiley: . Love them. Also, great sims.

    @emorrill Oh, "saucy girl" was a pun on a pun. "Julienne" is a name for a vegetable sauce, and she is a cook... Also, she flirts all day. She lived alone with her toddler and her mom in the huge house of her parents, and everything was set up for the kid, when she decided to move into a small house with five other people of different origin, and about half the number of beds compared to people. They either took turns or got really, really close.
    Oh, no need for a link. My eyesight is still sufficient to discover the one in your sig :wink: . Yeah, I read the story about Bailey and Shark. Sounds about right for a Racket.
    Thanks. I thought Sofia isn't really right for raising a family, Julienne has nothing but her flirtiness, and somehow my founder never gelled with the Greenwood girls. That left Amy. They had hours of playing catch with a baseball on their dates.
    My profile pic is a pic of me, yes. Though the pic is a few decades old, so the reality has shifted somewhat :wink: .

    @king_of_simcity7 Hah, you can't get enough of your couple :smiley: . Well, let's see where you go from there.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Artbreeder looks very interesting. Those are awesome pics! I'm eager to try it on some sims.

    @Evalen Who ever trusted that "Just step through this door, everything will be fine!" offer :lol: . Great start to your island story.

    @Brandontaylor Thanks. You have a real relationship rollercoaster on your hands there. I usually give up on planned relationships that go south all the time, unless I'm just interested in getting the kids going.

    @Emily4331 Well, Mikezumi and I were playing around with at the same time, and that's the result :smile: . Yes, the style is very similar.
    I wasn't really paying attention to what the kids were reading. Hmm, hard to make out what it is. Maybe, Bradley is studying anatomy. He should make a good doctor! At least, when he (and Janet) get stranded at an old big house in the wilderness, they won't be completely unprepared.
    I guess the one time where I got second thoughts was when grandma picked a KS skill book for a bedtime story.
    Great Artbreeder pics :smile: .

    @MoonandStars83 Thanks!

    @blazerntq Ah, looks like the right sim for RH. I just feel the urge to remodel all the interiors there :wink: .

    @ZhakiraP Your pics are that perfect that I feel inadequate posting any pics after them. Absolutely love them! Great updates from Moonlight Falls. So many stories, just packed into one or a few pics.

    @bekkasan Great that you won't be hit by anything worse. Thanks. The kids have two terraria in their bedroom, yes.
    :lol: I usually try to place my trashcans in a way they cannot be knocked over. Nice pic :smile:

    @McTosh Awesome party. I also love bachelor(ette) parties, they are the best.
    Pattina Knack going to bed in the early morning hours.
    In hindsight, it looks almost prophetic.

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    @Turjan I really like how different all the Sims 3 worlds styles are. This morning I have been working on a save for Sunset Valley.
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    blazerntq wrote: »
    @bekkasan Hello! Glad your okay.

    @McTosh I left a comment for you in another thread about how it looks like your sims had a really fun time.

    Haha, posting while half asleep, hazard of posting in the wrong thread :D
    ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
  • blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,352 Member
    @McTosh Lol. I am starting to get tired so it may happen to me too.
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    bekkasan wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer Interesting pictures of the potential kids. I'm not seeing much difference other than hair color and eyebrow. Remember, my eyes are very old!
    River is beautiful but looks a wee bit anemic. Perhaps have her blood checked.

    @bekkasan, It's amazing what these programs can do. It's certainly a far cry from my playing Asteroids when I was a kid.

    Nearly spat my soda all over my keyboard reading that. I'll make sure that she gets checked out...she may need to have some iron pills. :mrgreen:

    On a more serious note @Featherbelle at one point had to go on iron pills become of her iron counts being on the low end. (probably was stress and a poor diet that we were undergoing at the time. Luckily we caught it in time).

    @Turjan - Artbreeder is awesome. I used up my five base uploads, but the permutations on being able to make combinations of the five is endless considering the number of things that one can tweak. As far as the realistic images are concerned full credit has to go to @gamerplaya94 who showed me the ropes on what to do to achieve the "real human" photo-realistic look in the Artbreeder settings.
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    Todays little update




    Night scene in Bridgeport


    Miranda had fun dancing


    Devin Ashton arrived late


    Miranda left for home


    Matthew looking happy


    Kai Leiko

    All for now.
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    @Evalen ...
    I like the way your story is playing out, and it should be fun.
    At least the abandoned property has a few things to work with.
    The pond for food and fertilizer, a nice garden area past that, and even some veggies growing around the house (onions anyway).

    @ZhakiraP ...
    Always love to get the scoop on your families, and you present them well.
    I have to admit that I like Branch Timbley for some reason ... I have no idea why (he just sticks out to me).

    @McTosh ...
    The bachelorette party looked like it was a blast for everyone.
    I also still crack up when I see Sims dancing on the counter ... :D

    @Turjan ...
    Thanks for the kind comments about my cottage.
    It's really kind of easy to do when you aren't trying to cram 4 bedrooms into a monstrosity of a house.

    You gave good advice to Lashin too.
    I even think of landscaping if I intend to run Seasons in the game.
    The game and graphics card, trying to handle a raging thunderstorm, with bushes blowing all over the place ...
    I can hear the CPU gear up ... :)

    @CravenLestat and @bekkasan ...
    Hot tubs in the basement are generally a staple in my builds.

    Someone Is coming to Visit
    Put a few final touches around back of the house.
    It's ready for a Sim, and hopefully everything runs well.
    I test all my lots out extensively before loading them to Exchange ...
    Play them, and walk/look around a lot, to catch any mistakes.


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Played on The Oakley Legacy

    Rose and Marcus received new pyjamas. The kids had Monday off due to the weather. Dennis reached level 5 in the Athletic Skill, while Marcus mastered the Toy Oven.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose, Marcus
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    The Twinbrook family woke up on the morning of Leisure Day, except for Pattina, who had spent most of the night with the Group Science Project and had just gone to sleep. I decided that Amy and Randall with the five kids would go over to DeAndre Wolfe's house, just across the street, and spend the day there.
    Gala (Ball) and DeAndre are still a happy couple, and they kept mostly to themselves after some short chat with the guests.
    My main family had been living here with the Wolfe's for a very long time. The garden was in the corner you see in the pic, and I had even built a second house into the back right corner. I tore most of that down when the household split, because the lot had become very laggy.
    Snuggles, one of the two IF's in Gala's and DeAndre's household, spent a lot of time telling ghost stories to many of the kids.
    In the meanwhile, Amy was practicing her diving skills.
    Randall also spent lots of time in the pool, and after he had got a tan, he went inside to the desk where he had spent so much time during the last decade.
    In case you wonder about the statue: It's a sign that the game is very well aware about the real worth of that $1 Chinese vase I plaster everywhere, because that's what it gets replaced with if you merge the file into a bigger one.

    In the meanwhile, Pattina had woken up and was asked out on a date by Tim Burre. I was surprised that Tim would ask anyone out on a date at all, given he was very shy, and he is already well into adult age. Anyway, the date was on the cemetery, and for a moment, I thought the game would go cutesy on me and have Pattina die there. But no.
    As expected, the date didn't go beyond a staring match that even Pattina's flirtiness couldn't get past, so she decided to go on a swim. Twinbrook's cemetery has one of the best pools in the game.
    Later, Pattina got another date call, this time by Shark Racket. Shark weathered his transformation into a full adult remarkably well, and he still looks like just out of highschool. From the cemetery, we moved to the junkyard. Improvement?
    I wasn't really paying attention, until I saw the message "Pattina found a pill bug while dumpster diving". Really?
    And here is where our ex-CEO of a megacorporation finally met Grim.
    One of Goodwin Goode's sons seems to be evil :lol: .
    At home, even the cats were sad.

    The family had just come home, and the phone rang with the message that DeAndre Wolfe had died. Farewell, old friend!

    Well, that was Leisure Day with my family.
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    @Turjan Two deaths! I once had a sim who was in a romance with DeAndre Wolf.
  • BlackSandBlackSand Posts: 1,559 Member
    @Turjan ...
    LOL ... I absolutely love it when the Sims decide to go on a date in the cemetery ... :D
    I mean there is nothing as interesting and romantic as hanging out with a bunch of dead folks.

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Chapter Two - – Arrivals 到着

    For the first time in what seemed like months, we felt as though we were going to be alright. Were we safe? That remained to be seen, but at least we weren’t running for our lives. And that made us feel more relaxed; probably more relaxed than it should have considering the fact that the Hunters were still out there. But at least hopefully we didn’t leave a trail that was easy to follow and we would be safe at least for the time being.
    Moonlight Falls for the most part, was idyllic and quiet. But we were the newcomers. And many were suspicious of us and rightly so. Many of these long-time residents of the Falls had tasted the sting of persecution for centuries not mere months like we had and they were keenly on their guard when it came to interacting with any new inhabitants. How many of them had lost loved ones to the Hunters? How many of them had been betrayed by those whom they considered friends? We were were but we were ferals. The green glint in our eyes gave us away. Ferals were the newly turned...who would turn savage in an instant, frightened of their newfound powers and were what the longtime weres considered exceedingly dangerous.

    At least that was what I read in what I could get a hold of at the library. The fairy librarian’s hands practically shook as she handed the book to me; a quaver of fear in her voice as she told me that the book, “I’m sorry...sir...” couldn’t be taken out of the library as it was a reference and had to be read on site. I made copious notes as I read and insured that I could pass along the crucial information to my wife who was steadfastly putting hours of time into trying to understand alchemy. I also dropped into the elixir shop which was a new experience as I’d never had need of going into one before. When it came down to it; this place was quite handy.
    Franz was finding gemstones, metals and other artifacts including gigantic meteors and Buffy was making the small creatures of this town terrified, managing to capture birds, turtles, rodents, snakes and other items that could potentially be sold to add to our coffers. I appreciated every bit of the efforts that the two of them were making to help us, with the prime exception of the Malayan kraits that Buffy managed to corral. Yeah, I wasn’t happy about those bipolar venomous snakes that she managed to capture. Wasn’t too sure which was worse: the prospect of the snakes being venomous or the fact that we could get bitten...and die. We sold those off quickly.
    The insects that were uncommon or rare; we managed to donate for some monetary return at the science centre which helped our financial bottom line. In fact, Buffy had managed to provide me with a range of rare and uncommon insects that I had to drop off and thus my next stop on tonight’s journey was to the science centre located at the local Moonlight Falls hospital a monolithic older building that appeared to have been built in the 1800s. When I had dropped the insects off, they told me that they were exceedingly pleased to see the variety of insects that I had brought; that it would help with their research and that they would pay me a decent price for the offerings. If I had any more in the future that they would be happy to take them off my hands which was a good thing since Buffy seemed to be expert in catching insects.
    However we were mostly relying on Franz’s ability to find gemstones that were high-priced when cut to raise our financial bottom-line. And he was particularly good at finding soulpeace which when cut in a spire-cut would yield over §100K. When we could afford to get a science station, it would come in very handy as the ability to be able to clone anything was possible and with that our financial bottom line would rise exponentially. Both pink diamond and soulpeace gemstones were exceedingly valuable and our morale seemed to rise every time Franz brought one home which was an occurrence that seemed to become more and more common as he gained experience which meant that most of the time we were pretty darned elated and I preferred to maximize the profit with the most expensive cut that I could do as a result of the gem-cutting machine.
    In the morning after going out on a seed-hunting expedition, River headed over to the fairy arboretum and did some exploring. For such a small looking location one could spend hours wandering inside. Was this a case of transdimensional engineering where when one stepped inside an object, that one was transported into another dimension? Perhaps. If anything, one was teleported into a state where one could wander for hours on end without running into walls or barriers.
    While that was happening; apparently Pappy Wolff had found himself the target of a lightning strike. River found that out because when she came out of the fairy arboretum, she could smell him a mile away. Needless to say the smell of singed dog was not a great smell. He was wandering around shell-shocked and wondering just what had hit him. It would have been quite amusing however he was elderly and electrical shocks such as those could potentially cause arrythmia and potentially be fatal for him at his age. After making sure that he was alright, River was able to reassure herself that nothing was going to happen to Papa Wolff and she was able to leave him there. After all, despite the fact that the Wolffs were a rival clan to us, we were still werewolves and thus lycanthropic solidarity. Pick on one of picked on all of us and the backlash from an insult to any one of us weres would bring down the wrath of all.
    River, afterwards went over to the grocery store and took care of some of the harvestables that she had collected in return for being able to buy some meat which we were very short on. Weres; such as us, survived on meat and when we didn’t have any in our fridge, we were not happy. Unlike these so-called hipster...go-against-the-grain vegetarian vampires that gained popularity with that schlock hack-writer who wrote Twilight, there was no such thing as a vegetarian werewolf. What we ate was raw, blood-dripping meat; preferably freshly killed. And there was the grocery store if we could get our claws into a cow or a pig. Since meat-farming never really seemed to be much of a thing here, we had to rely on the grocery store to import fresh meat and thus every so often my beloved wife would make the trip to the grocery store and get some more meat for us. We needed to stock the fridge every time...and well...suffice it to say, it cost enough that on grocery run days; the consignment sales value was pretty much break-even. It was when we needed a big boost in our income that we consigned the soulpeace gem-cuts, otherwise we’d just store them in a storage container that hides their latent value from the tax-assessor.
    After maxing out her alchemy skill, River headed over to the Vault of Antiquities to drop off some gemstones as the last stage in her mastery of Alchemy. With that complete she received a Philosopher’s Stone which was probably one of the most dangerous things there. However, we would only make use of it when necessary.
    After she got back from the tasks that she had set out to do, I had to drop by the grocery store myself in order to do a few things that needed to get done. I almost thought that there may be a killing on the store grounds as I saw Ayden Van Gould and Linda Rodgers in the same area at the same time. I had heard rumors that Linda Rodgers was a Slayer (one who went after evil supernaturals), however I had no evidence and I wasn’t about to reveal myself unless she did something. But as it turns out. Ayden Van Gould had been cured of vampirism and he wasn’t a threat to anyone though I could see Linda Rodgers give him a good hard stare. Me; I just tried to keep my cool and remain undetected as a werewolf. I didn’t want any problems to manifest themselves and give us more headaches than we could handle at the moment.

    But my concerns were unfounded as they went about their business and I went about mine...heading to the counter and paying for my groceries. It was a nice day to bike home. It was late in the afternoon and one had to alway keep in mind that on a full moon, if one was a werewolf; one’s lycanthropic nature came out in full force.
    It was at about four in the afternoon by the time I got back from the grocery run...and I noticed that there were two individuals at our gate. They did look familiar, but what we’d gone through over the several months had enlightened us and hardened us to the fact that we couldn’t just trust anyone. We’d gone through too much to let our guard down. As I rode closer, I noticed that it was Phil, my old school buddy and Bebe; Gus and Dorie Hart’s kid. The question rose in my mind: what were they doing here? I kept a close eye on them to make sure that they weren’t carrying any weapons.

    River was even more she’d had the experience of being betrayed by her mother, so she wasn’t as welcoming as I was to Phil and Bebe. “We’re in the same boat”, Bebe said. “A little after you left; there were tales of sightings of a large black wolf roaming the streets of Sunset Valley.” she explained. “We didn’t believe it at first. We thought they were just rumors to scare us. But...” she paused for a long moment. “Parker, Ethan, Phil and I were at Central Park...during the middle of the day and we saw it...”

    River asked, “You saw the wolf?” wondering if Bebe was just making it have us let our guard down.

    Bebe nodded in response...then silenced both River and me, by rolling up her sleeve exposing her torn up arm just barely stitched together wrapped in bandages; and looked at the both of us a feral glint in her eye. “I saw it...” she affirmed showing her wounds to us. River and I looked at each other. This was more than just a case of a random werewolf attack.

    Phil looked at us. “I had to step in to try to stop the attack...while Ethan and Parker ran; the cowards.” he spat venomously. He rolled up his own sleeve to show he’d been bitten as well. “For as much good as it did...” he growled. “Our only choice was to take her to the hospital because she was bleeding heavily from the wounds. It was just lucky that the wolf-attack missed veins or she wouldn’t be here.”

    River and I looked at each other speechlessly. If both Phil and Bebe had been bitten...they were going to turn tonight. And they would end up being Ferals too. We had no choice. “So you’re seeking sanctuary?” River asked; she sounded reluctant. Phil gave her a hard look.

    “Yeah...River... I guess we are...I thought...with the only people that we know here...” he said with some heat in his voice, bitterness dripping from every pore at the slight, “It’s not like we have any effing choice here now, do we?” He squared his shoulder and stared at her eye to eye. River matched him stance for stance. If there was one thing, River wasn’t about to back down and she’d had more experience being a were than he did. The last thing I wanted was my wife and my best friend going at each other in a werewolf fight because fights between werewolves were vicious and one didn’t walk away without wounds.

    “OK...ok...” I said raising both hands, palms out in a universal calm-down gesture, “Look let’s let some cooler heads prevail here, OK?” I looked at River, “Sweetheart, I know that we’re a bit suspicious of anyone right now after all that we’ve gone through, but these are our friends, OK?” It was strange that I was the one who was trying to be level-headed after being betrayed by my mom so early in life, but well...maybe for River, the fresh betrayal of her mother was affecting her harder than one realized. After all it was only normal to be suspicious of others’ motives if the one person who was supposed to love you unconditionally was the one that hurt you. I turned to Phil, “So...Phil...what did you do when Bebe got bitten?” I knew he’d stopped the attack and gotten bitten himself, but I wanted to know where he’d taken her to get treatment to keep the wound from getting infected.

    “Took her to the hospital...she was leaving a trail of blood from the park to the hospital and we had to have the doctors do something about what happened. I was fearing that the wolf was rabid, until the doctor told me that we should consider fleeing for sanctuary. He ran the tests, told us of a previous attack in Sunset that he’d treated and told us that two people had to leave for Moonlight Falls. We put two and two together that it was you and River because you two hadn’t been seen around Sunset Valley for several months.” Phil must have run into the same doctor that I had taken River to – the same one who worked in Moonlight Fall previous to transferring to the hospital at Sunset Valley. “After inspecting her bite, he told us that this wasn’t any ordinary wolf attack, that Bebe needed to go to sanctuary and since I’d gotten bitten too, trying to help her, that I’d have to go with her.” Phil had had his own dreams...of owning a comic book shop and well...becoming an entrepreneur and with this werewolf attack; those dreams just got shattered. There wasn’t much call for books about superheroes and villains in a place where the incredible was pretty much common-place. There was a marked tone of bitterness in his voice. “I was just about to head in to the bank the next day to see if I could get a business starter loan too...when this happened.” As insane as Phil thought he was, there was still a remarkable sense of the practical about him. Maybe he was more sane than he realized. He’d paid a high price for helping someone; for doing the right thing.

    “Look...we’ll give you sanctuary...” I said finally looking at River. “There’s another wolf pack here, but I don’t know anything about them and what they’re about.” I paused for a long moment. “And I don’t want to join another wolf pack just because they’re there...right?” Phil nodded quietly. “I figure, let’s start our own pack...and wait it out...if they cross our turf, we go for the jugular.”

    River looked over at Bebe, Phil and me, “So we’re starting our own wolf pack?”

    I nodded. “It’s the only way that we’re assured that we’re all pulling in the same direction. I don’t know what Pappy Wolff’s goals are and I don’t know if his goals are the same as ours. If we’re going to get ahead we gotta do it ourselves.” In fact, I couldn’t place it, but I was suspicious of the Wolffs. There was an undercurrent of something hidden within that pack. I’d run into several members of the pack who were not family members, Argus Brown, Frank Renaldo, Earl Gomez and Alex Dennis. What I did find out from them was that what was family business was kept strictly between those with the last name of Wolff. The four of them were the outliers and not privy to what the intentions of the pack were. And that made me suspicious. If it came to it. There might be the possibility that the four could come to our pack, if the opportunity was right. But with the Wolff-Pack at six members plus the other four. We were still six members short of matching their strength in numbers.
    A lone wolf cry rent the air as we headed inside...and the full moon crept up over the peaks of the trees. The change was upon us and River and I ended up in our feral werewolf forms. Bebe and Phil looked more human but still with green eyes and dripping fangs. It still meant that the full moon would make us even more savage than we were normally. Even in human form, a werewolf was still prone to violent urges. We were quicker to anger, more prone to use violence to achieve our end goals – our base desire to kill and maim prevalent in our dealings. And above all, we needed to hunt and that meant going after smaller prey. It was one of the reasons why it was said that one shouldn’t anger a werewolf. And that urge was difficult to contain. It was also one of the reasons why Argus Brown was considered the town thug as he was prone to lashing out at those who crossed him. Though in respects we, as newly turned werewolves were more unpredictable in our dealings as people weren’t aware of what we could or couldn’t do.
    The full-moon was a time where we as weres didn’t let down our guard – it was a night where we would stay up and make sure that our perimeter was secure – that no one was trying to enter our property. Bebe headed downstairs to work on some things when River mentioned that we had a few items downstairs that could be utilized. I had just bought us a science station and an alchemy desk, not to mention I had a potion table and plumbot station. Bebe had this look in her eye that she wanted to work on herself at the brain-enhancement machine. Now most of us knew from going to high-school with her that Bebe was a technophobe...but I guess we figured that she knew the predicament that we were in and the more people who were able to utilize all the tools that we had at our disposal the better. And that was exactly what she did. By the time that she had finished sitting in the brain-enhancement machine and had it microwave her brain with certain waves that triggered her ability to remove her technophobe trait and replace it with genius, she headed over to the science machine and started working on her ability to master science – a far cry from the young woman who would get the heebie-jeebies going near a cellular phone or a desktop computer.
    And evidently it also meant that she’d mastered her feral werewolf form as well.
    I, on the other hand, went out to terrify the chickens and collect some eggs.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • BlackSandBlackSand Posts: 1,559 Member

    CAS For My Monte Vista Sim
    Open up CAS and let's see what we get.
    We all know this classic Sim ... And I generally cringe when I see that outfit ... :D


    Warning ...
    I am not @CravenLestat, nor many others.
    I don't spend much time trying to salvage Sims in CAS
    I take what I get, do a little bump here or there ... And try to leave my Sims with a bit of character.

    Go to Sleepwear so we can see what we are working with.
    Not bad ... I little pudgy and little light up top ... :)


    Since my Sims generally workout regularly ...
    We can drop her about 10 pounds, and tone up a little.
    Sticking with the Monte Vista theme and her Loves the Outdoors trait ...
    We can go a bit more olive skinned and a touch of sun.


    Getting that Italian vibe ...
    Change the hair, eyebrows and make-up.
    Kept the freckles, just because ... Someone in the gene pool donated them.


    BAM ... :D
    It may just be me, and I may be a bit biased ...
    But if you ask me, she is killing that red dress.


    Camilla Esposito
    Adventurous, Brave, Good, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors
    Lifetime Wish: Bottomless Nectar Cellar
    Favorites: Porcini Risotto, Geek Rock and Blue

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,697 Member
    BlackSand wrote: »
    @Turjan ...
    LOL ... I absolutely love it when the Sims decide to go on a date in the cemetery ... :D
    I mean there is nothing as interesting and romantic as hanging out with a bunch of dead folks.


    Well... at least they're quiet. :smirk:
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,585 Member
    edited August 2
    Wow, it seems the thread blew up overnight and into this morning. :p

    I do love it (just wish I could keep up with it better these days). LOVE all the posts! :smiley: Keep them coming my friends!

    Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday. :blush:
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,192 Member
    ZhakiraP wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I could definitely live with sims like that, not sure my system would however. :D

    I'm not sure my computer would survive... Even if I managed to get the system I want to be using. That graphics card would probably up and quit.

    Thank you for the tip on artbreeder, great fun :p
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,933 Member
    edited August 2
    BlackSand wrote: »
    @Evalen ...

    @BlackSand Is this your house, I love it. I sure would like to fix my sims house like that. can you show the inside.
    Post edited by Evalen on
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,697 Member
    ZhakiraP wrote: »
    ZhakiraP wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I could definitely live with sims like that, not sure my system would however. :D

    I'm not sure my computer would survive... Even if I managed to get the system I want to be using. That graphics card would probably up and quit.

    Thank you for the tip on artbreeder, great fun :p

    I could spend hours on there...but alas...there is much to do. :D Need to start on Chapter 3 of the Werewolf Legacy (it's slow going)...and there's the desire to create some more sims...just because.
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 1,150 Member
    Do you guys actually pay for artbreeder? It seems to be pretty expensive to me.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,697 Member
    edited August 2
    All I did was use up my alotted 5 uploads. :D Then I just used the "child" creations that the GAN came up with. it's like a pyramid in reverse. :) You get five uploads but the permutations that you can use the Generative Adversarial Network for are endless. :)

    You can however pay a monthly fee for more uploads, but I think that all I have to do is use the settings and play around with that and I've got endless possibilities.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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