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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @coco thank you. I hope you find time to watch some more of the video. It's sort of a transitional episode and the next one is too. By the end of the next part, that I'm working on now, there are no more toddlers as those who remain are aged up to child and Oscar now has lots of little friends to play with - except some of them are about to age up to teen and one of the teens are aging up to Young Adult soon.

    I'm wondering whether or not to sell the meteor and other space rocks that resulted from the meteor strike. I'm tempted to keep them and give them to sims as they head off home as the boarding school doesn't need any more Simoleans but little sims going home might need the extra to upgrade their homes or buy something useful.
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments and feedback :smile:

    @coco Thanks for the comments :smile: The series will be ongoing so we will find out what happened with Tax and Hunarar over time. Series one ends soon but I will be straight into series two :smile:
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    Part 42B

    Back in the living room Gareth, Darwin, Sarah and Michelle where now sitting in the sofas and seemed to be having a good time while Damien was sitting on the floor.

    'Anna has gone off upstairs with Tony,' said Damien 'Craig is out the back with Leanda,'
    'Humara is upstairs with Taz,' explained Nick still in shock.
    'All the guys want to woohoo the girls,' said Damien.
    'Not all the guys are after a woohoo,' said Damien.
    'What is going on upstairs?' asked Gareth.


    Nick explained the situation between Taz and Humara and how they had been seeing each other.

    'I would keep away from them if I was you,' said Michelle 'Humara is a user and she was using both you and Simon to get over Taz and now she has gone crawling back to him,'
    'How do you know this?' asked Nick.
    'She told us openly,' added Sarah 'but she is in for a big shock when she realises that Taz is just using her,'

    'Typical girls,' said Damien.
    'We are not like that,' said Michelle 'but it is hard getting over someone so some people do stupid stuff. I am trying to get over and ex boyfriend as well but I am trying not to get a rebound,'


    See more:
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    I give feedback a bit later today.

    I did only get one notification today from @Mikezumi but
    @coco I saw your mention as I go through the pages.

    Back later.
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    @coco So happy to see a new chapter. That is a cute picture of him peeking under the bed after hearing the noises. I don't know if I'd of been brave enough to even peek! I love the crochet bedspread and rug! Beautiful!
    Sun was very patient talking with Jem getting him to tell him about his day and the problems he was having with the basketball game.
    Saville is an awesome Dad sleeping in the bed with the 'monster' under it. :smiley:
    He is awesome helping him so patiently to learn to shoot goals too!
    Cute pics of him playing in the bath!
    Such sweet tender moments between Saville and Sun! <3
    I agree! I think they should have another child. :smiley:
    Thanks so much for the comments. Yep, seems like if they woohoo enough that risky catches up with them! That is all set to autonomous in this save. Wisteria ate a lot of mac n cheese, yogurt and salad before. :)
    Not exactly the way I had it planned for her to tell him. Was supposed to be all romantic but I decided to go with what happens instead of by an outline in this story so it is their story within the boundaries of the quest.

    @Silverofdreams30 Gavin does have an expressive face!
    Bummer that Teresa had to go to work.
    Gavin sure had a lot of girls come to the party! :love:

    @GraceyManor What happens in the elevator stays in the camera's. :lol:

    @DillynJames I like the blue one because I like blue and I like the decks and staircase. It looks intriguing and I'd want to try it out myself. :smiley:

    @Mikezumi I've only played in that world once. That was when I did the day care career way back when. Wasn't too happy with it. Hope it works for you.
    Congrats on Rian aging up. He's a cutie!
    Cute learning to walk pictures.
    Still a cute picture of him playing games on the console in his prince costume.
    Gosh, you would think all those grans are enough for Mikezumi!!

    @rubyskywalker Glad you are still having fun with your sims.
    Sounds like lots of fun plans for the town.

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments. :) That was interesting timing for the blow up as he has only had one other mishap with the chem lab! lol It was perfect for the story though. I hope you have a great day and get all the stuff accomplished and still have time for some fun!

    Back to work today. Y'all have fun simming!
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    @coco Anime is just a really cute style, honestly. Japan always coming up with the best stuff. :lol: I will definitely make handsome boys. :tongue: I'm glad you like Kisuke. :3

    @meerkattime Thank you! :3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes cute anime characters. :lol: I don't even watch that much anime, but the character designs are just so cute. :lol:

    So, I went in game today and was like, "Emily, we're making a girl this time, dangit," so that's what I did. :lol: I made this...I guess she's like Cupid. :lol: A fantasy fairy creature or something who helps mend the love lives of the lonely...hence the nurse outfit. :tongue: I imagine her as one of the main Love Nurses. One whose job it is to teach the underlings the ins and outs of the human love life.

    "And this here is called, 'ice cream.' It is the official food of loneliness for humans! As such, it is a great thing to keep an eye on when scouting for a new broken heart to mend! :3 "
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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    @Emily4331 Ice cream is the perfect food for loneliness. Good thing I am not lonely because I can't eat it! ;)
    Don't forget to make some pretty boys too!
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    edited September 2019



    Thank you, she did join the party a few days later
    but I might have to go back to her home and see to it so she will be back in the painter


    Thank you, nice to see the family's eventful days.
    The kids are so adorably cute.
    I love that bath photo, so cute.


    Congrats to her or both of thems pregnancies.
    Will be great to see what they have.
    There were two guys at the party as well Gavin only know a few
    people and most of them girls lol.


    Teresa helped with clearing the table after dinner,
    guess he was proud over that lol.

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    Visited the local Aquarium today.

    Darren: Do I need to zap your phone again?
    Chelsea: Its a telemarketer, I'm not answering..


    Sun setting.One more day before they return home.

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    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile: Humara would have always gone running back to Taz as I will explain in my synopsis later!

    @GraceyManor Love the ocean liner :smile:
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    Today's update - the party continues


    They decided to go out and play a game.


    Ashley Alto joined it.




    Rich Richmond decided to soak in the hot tub were more fun.


    Abigail stayed indoors to dance.

    All for now

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    Synopsis #3

    An interesting turn of events for the story!

    Well Simon and Tammy are finally together which was my plan from the start :smile:

    And as expected it seems that Humara has ditched Nick for Taz like she did for Simon but it was Taz that she wanted all along.

    Anna disappointed Jamie for the last time and now he has turned his back on her and is getting closer with Megan.

    Sadly Stacy ended up being hurt after finding out that rumours had been spread about her but she knows that she has her friends who support her. She is also getting to know Dorley more. :smile:

    Outside of the group Brett is interested in Shelly. Will he ever get to talk to her? It is hard not being part of the circle. How can he work around this?

    Series Two

    I have decided that I shall break the story into different series. Series One will have only one more part to come and then I will go into Series Two and a new thread.

    In S2 There will be more focus on other Sims who have just appeared. These being Gareth, Darwin, Sarah and Michelle. All previous Sims will feature but the focus will change. Hana will be prominent as would Courtney, Shelly, The Squire, Taz, Humara and Damien.


    Aside from writing the next series there will be some bonus content on my blog which will feature stuff that did not fit into the main story such as varies conversations, back stories and also a few cheeky 'woohoo' scenes which would also be too adult for the forums!


    Now for some screenshots:

    A lot of Sims!


    A clash!


    Who is Michelle on the right?


    The happy couple have a kiss :smile:


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    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 I hope your move goes well. Sorry about your mother :( I hope she feels better soon.

    Thanks! So do I!
    Thanks, she is healing up, moving a lot better today.
    Hi Friends! I have a question to ask! I'm not quite sure which house I like better that I built for my story. I can only have five houses, so only one can stay in this spot. The same family will be living in whatever one I pick, but I'm just can't decide. Which one do you like better, based on how they look?

    The top house has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms and the bottom has three bedrooms and one and a half (or two full, I haven't totally decided yet) bathrooms. Which one would you rather live in? I'm leaning more toward the blue one that I built this morning, but I could go either way right now.

    I like that the greyish one has more space, but going by looks it HAS to be the blue!
    My current Wishlist.
    My "Studio"

  • Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 I hope your move goes well. Sorry about your mother :( I hope she feels better soon.

    Thanks! So do I!
    Thanks, she is healing up, moving a lot better today.
    Hi Friends! I have a question to ask! I'm not quite sure which house I like better that I built for my story. I can only have five houses, so only one can stay in this spot. The same family will be living in whatever one I pick, but I'm just can't decide. Which one do you like better, based on how they look?

    The top house has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms and the bottom has three bedrooms and one and a half (or two full, I haven't totally decided yet) bathrooms. Which one would you rather live in? I'm leaning more toward the blue one that I built this morning, but I could go either way right now.

    I like that the greyish one has more space, but going by looks it HAS to be the blue!
    My current Wishlist.
    My "Studio"

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    Darren and Chelsea woke up the next morning to a tropical storm.Tropical Storm Emily formed over night off the island's coast.

    Really put a damper on their plans.

    Winds were really whipping come noon time.

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    Rian wanted to fish before 6am :) He caught a minnow which I didn't take a pic of because they are so small and it was dark. He rolled a wish to catch an excellent quality minnow which I locked in for later then sent him back to bed.
    Keanu got Kier up and ready for the day :)
    The family enjoyed pancakes for breakfast :)
    River took Kier for a stroll while Keanu and Shannon did the gardening.
    I sent Rian fishing so he could get his minnow wish before he went to school.
    Mikezumi prepared pancakes to replace what the family had eaten.
    Shannon's waking wish was to catch a great fish.
    I saw this boy, Karl Helgason, riding a bike to school and I realized I hadn't checked the population to see if Rian would have townie children to befriend. There are several and this made me very happy :)
    Keanu got his stroll when River returned.
    Because I love the Good Sense of Humour trait my sims can often be found telling jokes :D
    Mikezumi had a wish to learn the logic skill locked in from their first day in Aurora Skies. I had cancelled the wish when she rolled it in Moonlight Falls so I let her have it this time :)
    Kier has mastered the peg box and xylophone and is now free to do whatever he wants :)
    I saw "talk about feelings" in River's queue and loved Keanu's reaction :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,268 Member
    Page 3665

    @GraceyManor Looks like your sims had a fun day out even if Darren didn't necessarily approve of all of Chelsea's choices ;)

    @bekkasan What a well equipped gym! What a show-off Adam is! ;)
    What a busy lot!
    A grilled meal outdoors is a lovely way to spend the evening :)
    Dedric and Wisteria look very much in love :)
    LOL Dedric got singed bad! :D
    I love seeing (and listening) to sims jam :)
    Alice and Wisteria seem to be getting on very well :)
    Congrats to Alice on learning the recipe for Ambrosia!
    I wonder why Alice is feeling poorly? ;)
    That's one way to deal with a heckler :D
    Thanks for the nice comments :)

    @emorrill You did a great job on the bunch family makeovers! :)
    That's one family that needs all the help it can get :p

    @king_of_simcity7 Looks like Humara is giving Nick the brush-off!

    @emorrill Thanks for the nice comments :)
    The house is from Moonlight Falls. I saved the family with the house for their move to Aurora Skies.
    Stein is cuter than Stefan but Stefan is pretty darned cute too ;)

    @meerkattime Thank you :) A baby project with the Stein brothers can't go wrong ;)

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the nice comment :)
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    Because I am no longer controlling Kier as much now that he has mastered the peg box and xylophone, he's finding it very difficult to play for very long because Shannon and Mikezumi won't leave him alone! :D
    The boys also play with him autonomously but not to the same degree.
    I have noticed sims' favourite activities will change after a move. River seems to be spending more time looking out of windows and I don't recall Shannon using the training dummy on his own before.
    Mikezumi learned how to make falafel :)
    Rian got home late because of Scouts.
    The family enjoyed Stir Fry for dinner :)
    Rian came home with a wish to go on a submarine adventure :)
    Shannon and Mikezumi watched the stars :)
    I saw that Kier was in the wrong position while playing with the peg box :D
    I was worried that he would reach through his body to put the peg in the hole but it didn't happen.
    Keanu bathed Kier before tucking him in for the night :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,268 Member
    Page 3666

    @king_of_simcity7 All that juice! I hope Nick doesn't make a mistake while under the influence!
    Poor Nick finding out about Taz and Humara like that but I am not surprised.

    @coco Lovely seeing another update from you! :)
    I loved the way you dealt with Jem's anxiety! Sun and Saville are wonderful, supportive parents :)
    I remember many a time sneaking into my parents' bed because of bad dreams as a child!
    Kids can be cruel to those who can't do some things. I am sure Jem has talents they would be envious of if they gave him a chance!
    Spending time practising with dad was just the thing to help Jem feel better about himself :)
    The basketball hoop is so high for kids but Jem did it! :)
    Adorable pic of Jem telling Sherlock about his success <3
    It was good that Jem was able to tell his mum about it and that they were able to help :)
    Another baby!? Yay! :)
    Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I was very happy to see Kier escaped the bushy eyebrows! :D
    I am very sure the food at home is better quality than the Bistro but I do like to see my sims dress up and I am about granting wishes :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Some of the animations that come with the flirty trait are fun :)
    What a pity that Gavin couldn't get into the club.
    Oh dear! Will a job be a problem for Teresa?
    A nap before a party is a good idea!
    What a good looking group of sims :)
    Gorgeous scenic shot!

    @GraceyManor They look a little guilty about their elevator fun ;)

    @DillynJames Both houses look great but I think I like the second one a little better :)

    @bekkasan Love Wisteria's reaction to the flames!
    Wow! Another sick sim! I see lots of little ones in your future :D
    Alice looks thrilled at the prospect of a baby (me too!) :)
    LOL Perhaps Alice should have waited to tell Adam the news ;)
    He looks very happy despite the accident :p
    Of course Adam is worried about the baby but I am sure Alice knows what she is doing and she does have a good support group!
    Poor Jennifer is having a bad time :( but it will be worth it :)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,649 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »

    @emorrill You did a great job on the bunch family makeovers! :)
    That's one family that needs all the help it can get :p

    Lol! :lol: I'd never realized how totally true that was until I got "up close and personal with them." ;)

    Thanks lady. <3
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,812 Member

    @Emily4331 I like her lilac hair and wings!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments. :)
    I did see a couple of guys, but lots of girls! hehe. Fun party!

    @GraceyManor Cool aquarium.
    I hope they got off the cruise ship during the storm.

    @Mikezumi Cute early morning fishing picture.
    That is good there are children for your sims to play with.
    Thanks so much for the comments.
    I think that would be a fun spell to have when I am driving around in Jax with all the rude drivers I've encountered! :lol::smirk:>:)
    lol with the glitch and the peg box. I was looking for him to put his arm thru himself too!
    He is adorable in the bath.
    hehe, Alice is just naturally excitable. I'm just glad he didn't blow the house up.
    Poor Jennifer has been sick several times. Some sims seem to get it worse than others. I paused both again with MC since I like long pregnancies and didn't get it changed in retuner for the world as several sims were preggers on arrival and they would have had to lose the babies and I couldn't do that!
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    pg. 3667
    @rubyskywalker ATS3 can be very addictive I agree. I hope Aleah gets a sister to look after, that sounds like it would be cute. I like the idea of rebuilding the town hall. The tax computer is interesting, I can see it adding a nice touch of realism :smile:
    @karritz I'm glad that Oscar has some more kids to play with now. If it was me I would probably give the departing sims some of the meteor rocks to help with their household funds.
    @king_of_simcity7 Tax and Hunarar? I know what you meant to type but it just reminds me of those cheap knock off toys or movies :lol:
    Seems like Darwin is also a fan of Nick's shirt. I wouldn't be surprised if Taz drops Humara for another girl. It's like a never ending cycle!
    How awkward to walk in to see Taz and Humara like that. Anything that Nick said would have come off as jealousy so maybe it's better he said nothing. His lost memory is worrying but at least he's starting to understand the big picture about what's happening.
    You should link your blog in your signature because I keep forgetting it. I predict that Brett is going to force his way into the group, probably by showing up uninvited to parties :unamused:
    @meerkattime Thanks for the lovely comments :heart: I don't think it will take much to convince Sun :smile:
    I hope you found the time to get things done, sounds like it was a busy day for you.
    @bekkasan Thank you for all the comments :heart: I don't think I would be brave enough to look under my bed either, I've seen enough horror movies to know that it's never good :lol:
    I'm glad you like all the family moments. Saville would probably have been more comfortable sleeping on the couch. I imagine the bed to be shorter so his toes would have stuck out on the end haha.
    I think I love the spontaneousness (is that even a word? :tongue:) of Alice's announcement more. I like the idea that life isn't always perfect in game but the moment was still very heartwarming not to mention funny! :smiley:
    @Emily4331 The nurse has a point, ice cream usually solves all problems. I could actually go for some right now :lol: She's so cute, well done :heart:
    @GraceyManor I hate getting telemarketer phonecalls. I bet Darren is so close to switching Chelsea's phone off. That's a great picture of the ship and the sunset :smile:
    Looks like a big storm. Makes it hard to go sightseeing when the weather is so bad!
    @Silverofdreams30 Rich Richmond is a cutie! I just found out that he is from Starlight Shores, I have never played there.
    @mikezumi I'm glad that there are children in the town to befriend. I'm having that trouble in Appaloosa Plains as from the list of original families there are only a couple children. Now I'm trying to remember what trait has the 'talk about feelings' interaction.
    It's true that Shannon seems to enjoy breaking rocks rather than the training dummy. Cute pictures of Rian having his submarine adventure in the bath. It would have been scary if Kier's arms reached behind to put the pegs in the holes.
    Thank you for the sweet comments :heart:
    It would have been nice if the basketball hoop had the option to be lowered down. A few years ago I coached young girls with netball basics and there's no way they could have reached a ring that high. I'm looking forward to having another baby born. They both wished for another boy but I'm hoping that it will be a girl :tongue:
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,917 Member
    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments :smile:

    @coco I will link to my blog later when I have updated it :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,416 Member



    Rich is cute, sadly a married sim so a no-goes hehe.
    Thank you.


    Kier is a cute toddler too, heh you always have cute
    Thank you.


    Thank you, yeah Gavin mostly know girls
    I noticed on his friend list.


    Lovely scenic shots.

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