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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,628 Member
    "I told you Talon, you can't stop me..." "Maybe not that way...." She turned and punched in the face, so hard that he went flying and landed somewhere across town.XD(Mod)

    "Darren, please stop crying." Chelsea bent down and picked him up."What do we do now Schwarze?" "Here try this, its a reverse gun."
    "Hope this works."


    "That's much better." Darren stretched."Glad to have you back Darren."

    "Are you alright?" He reached to hold Chelsea's cheek.She pulled away; feeling guilty.

    "What's wrong?" Chelsea just went home without saying anything.
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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,628 Member
    Nah, that can't be the chest. It's not like it's glowing.

    LOL.Right? I hope her sister isn't setting her up either.That would be mean!
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was the media that called her that.I like the mansion
    in your avatar!
    Yup, Darren followed her.He couldn't help it.
    He kind of hypnotized her so she wouldn't know what she was doing.

    My sims never have much luck with taking care of the bees; they always seem to be attacked.XD
    Even smoking them.Autumn, that's my name XD
    Aww, love the pink bowling alley.
    They're so cute singing together! Yeah I was talking about Marshall, super handsome sim!

    Agreed! And yeah they probably should have instead of arguing over the chair.
    LOl Chelsea practically wanted to cry.I think Darren did do on purpose, as creepy as it would be.XD
    Yeah, I was actually getting frustrated writing it LOL.

    I would argue over a foot massage myself.My feet hurt after work.

    She looks like she's up to no good.

  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,402 Member
    Will look @emorrill but I did make her :love:

    Hilda Bancroft

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    Sorry, this is just to let off some steam. I edited something in the town and gave the the teens' IF's a makeover so they don't just have default faces. This yielded some error 12, and unfortunately, the save before that doesn't want to load, either. So it's two saves back, and this time, the game froze when leaving Edit Town. I'm done for today.

    Anyway, here's what the edits of the IF's were, now all gone of course.

    Lucas' IF, Hesper:

    Paul's IF, Cosmo:

    The twins' IF's, Puzzle and Snuggles:

    Well, maybe next time's the charm. Good night.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,291 Member


    Hehe, she will meet up with more of the guys but some are already in a relationship so they
    are out.


    She looks like it lol

    Here is one more update




    The town meeting finished.


    Next day she visited the summer festival



    ( TSR sim) other sims were there aswell.


    She got to greet Theodor Medina


    water balloon fun


    Eating contest was on


    Theodor had brought his daughter

    All for today

  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,402 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 I think she broke her spine on the mechanical bull. :# She needs to go to the E.R. stat.
    Hilda Bancroft

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,576 Member
    @Brandontaylor I only have one thing to say:

    Dr. Sam Beckett as Elvis Presley, Yeowza! :love:

    ^And yes that is Scott Bakula singing. :smirk:

    @CravenLestat She turned out beautifully! :star:
    No red highlights in her hair though? :( I guess that would be hard to do since they look kinda chunky in the photo.
    And that's on your vanilla game huh? ;)
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 2,673 Member

    @Noree_Doree Sounds like you are having a lot of fun in Bridgewood.

    Page 3631

    @GraceyManor Lol, that's one great punch.
    Poor Chelsea, she must think it is her fault.
    Great update!
    It would be. What would be worse is if her sister was a villain.
    Thanks, the mansion is Graceland, the home that Elvis bought in 1957 and lived in until his death.
    It was probably good he did follow her.

    @meerkattime Thanks, I made her propose because I was afraid she'd reject him again.

    @Turjan Hesper didn't turn out too bad.
    Cosmo, Puzzles, and Snuggles look great too.

    @Silverofdreams30 Teresa looks like she is having the time of her life.
    Great update!

    @emorrill I've seen that episode if I remember correctly.
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,402 Member
    Of course @emorrill her hair is base game that outfit is from the store this was her during creation in CAS.


    Everything in that photo is EA ya silly cucumber :p
    Hilda Bancroft

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,628 Member
    She was ignoring him, so he zapped her."Hey!" "We need to talk..."

    "About what?" "About how he got access to the pacificer..." She looked away."Schwarze told me...He tricked you Chelsea, its not your fault."
    She still wouldn't answer.He took her gently by the hands.

    "What are you afraid of?" He asked her."Nothing." "Then stop running.."


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,269 Member
    @Brandontaylor thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying the Isla Paradiso Bunch. I still have a few episodes to make but I'm sure I'll get them done before you get to the last one I currently have posted.

    About Oscar's Childhood - there are too many students at my boarding school at the moment. I'm not recording much video for my story, I'm mostly trying to get the current batch of students ready to go home. I have certain goals for each age level before I let them go home from boarding school. They are gradually getting closer but my game spends a lot of time just calculating with nothing happening on screen.

    There are 24 sims in the household. I'll try to get it down to about 16 I think and continue on from there.

    About the story of Oscar and Louise.

    It evolved.

    I didn't plan to do it but they are a unique sim couple.

    I first put them together in a game just because I'd made a heap of new base game only sims and decided to play a couple of them and grabbed that pair sort of randomly. It could have been any pair of the sims I'd just made.

    I posted lots of pictures of the game here but so much of what they got up to really needed to be shown in a video so I started the game again with fresh copies of them.

    They'd had a lot of children and their children were starting to all look the same. So I decided, with the new game I was starting I would give each of them parents to increase the variety in the appearance of their children.

    At first I was only going to give Louise parents as I'd already done the intro on Oscar for my video before I thought of adding parents for them.

    I started another new game with Louise being born and growing up in Riverview. Then she moved to Hidden Springs where I'd placed Oscar. Then I thought I ought to show a very brief, just a few seconds long, video of Oscar as a child. The idea was to show his newly created parents and siblings. That evolved into Oscar's childhood and loosely followed the story I'd made up in the first three episodes about Oscar that I'd already posted to YouTube.

    Now I'm at a point with the videos of Oscar's Childhood where I haven't got any pre-existing script for his progress through life, other than the idea that I'd like to showcase the current status of Patience and her family. Hence the introduction of Eric. Eric is a grandson of Patience.

    Patience had 15 children and they are the basis for my Big Game. Everyone else in the Big Game is a supporting character to Patience and her family. But in reality I rarely spend much time playing that huge family and some of them have barely been played at all. So, I have Eric at boarding school with Oscar and I have decided they'll team up and travel around and living temporarily in households belonging to Patience and her family.

    Oscar will be automatically aged up by the game in about 12 sim days so he won't be a child at the boarding school for very long. He's completed his child skills and I'll use cake to age him up once I get some of the current boarding school students to their own homes. Most of the current occupants are townies from Barnacle Bay or Moonlight Falls. But some are grandchildren of Patience.

    Here are a few pictures from the original game that inspired me to make the Oscar and Louise videos. They are in reverse time order - they go from newest to oldest so at the bottom you'll see the couple before they had any babies at all.

    This is one of the babysitters assisting Oscar and Louise in their original story. He is another of the base game only sims I made and put into my studio. He has a motor bike.


    Louise used to autonomously flirt with him quite a lot. She also scared off a few paparazzi by flirting with them. They literally ran away. I hope she does it again for the video as it was really funny to watch.

    This nanny is another of the base game only sims I added to the game to assist with Oscar and Louise's babies. Oscar used to flirt with her a lot more than Louise flirted with others.


    The funny thing was, with all the flirting going on, neither Oscar nor Louise ever lost their eternally faithful moodlets.

    After a while I changed Louise's hairstyle - I'll probably do that in the video too eventually.


    One of many birthdays

    This Hidden Springs townie joined the household too - she was a nanny. Not sure if I'll use her again. Oscar loved to flirt with her all the time.

    I have another of my Base Game only sims in mind to fulfil this role.

    Their triplets aged up to child before I temporarily aged some of the others up to see what they'd all look like and discovered the strong family similarity in appearance and stopped playing the original game. I do want to include all 15 of their existing children in the video but they'll have to have a few more to justify all the trouble I went to to add their grandparents to the game.




    In the end this group of children all look a lot like either Oscar or Louise.


    Oscar, before they had babies

    They used to have lots of parties and the women at the parties would fight over Oscar autonomously. It was really funny. Louise wasn't too impressed though.

    The female guests would give Oscar flowers and sometimes they'd be rolling around on the floor fighting over him.

    Oscar is a Rock Star. So I suspect that might have been why those female sims were so attracted to him. It was unexpected and fun to watch it happen.

    At one of their early parties Oscar ignored all of the guests and spent the whole time carving pumpkins. I'd let him harvest them at the Fall Festival so he had a lot of pumpkins in his inventory.



    I hope some of these things happen in the videos once I get this pair together again. He has to grow up first though.

    I better get back to trying to get some of those sims out of the boarding school.

    Happy Simming
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,179 Member
    Great updates everyone... :)

    @lisasc360 Looks like Willie doesn't mind Willamena pestering him.
    Nice shot of the moon.
    Looks like Willamena had a nice time at the festival.
    Grilled hotdogs sound nice. That is about the only way I can eat them, or over a campfire.
    Great update!

    About Today's Elvis GIF, in spoilers if someone doesn't want to read it.
    Couldn't really find a good one for this time period in Elvis' life so I just went with his and Priscilla's wedding. After coming back from the army in 1960, Elvis started to record more songs while also filming his fifth movie, GI Blues. Colonel Parker wanted to focus more on Elvis' music career so Elvis mainly acted in movies during this time period. Oftentimes, the plots were just built around songs for Elvis to sing and Elvis started to tire of this. He quit doing concerts while making these movies which seemed to get worse. When Priscilla was 16, Elvis asked her parents if she could live with his father so he could see her. He'd make sure she got an education but when Priscilla moved to Memphis, she stayed increasingly at Graceland. By 1967, the two got married in front of the media and only let a few friends attend. They held a reception for friends at a later date. Exactly nine months after the wedding, the couples only child was born. Her name is Lisa Marie Presley and she is still alive today.
    Yeah he seemed to enjoy her little pestering... :)
    Thank you... :)
    Yup she sure did have fun. She'll have to Willie with her the next time... :)
    I like grilled hot dogs as well... :)
    Thank you... :)

    Loving all of the Elvis tidbits... :)

    @lisasc360 I'm pretty sure Willie liked being pestered :p .
    Nice festival fun pics :).
    Thank you... :)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,269 Member
    edited August 2019
    I've been clicking Awesomoe quite a lot lately. And enjoying your pictures.

    I had a very tiring day yesterday and most of it was unproductive as far as Sims was concerned. And my car power steering has decided I don't need to use it any more so I'll have to organise a tow to the repairers tomorrow. I already had it booked in for a service and to have someone look at the steering.

    @PalmArrow notebooks certainly help - but I really need a spreadsheet if I'm going to get all of these students back to their correct homes. It also helps me work out which ones need to go to boarding school. I pick sims who haven't been trained yet that are closest to aging up to the next level. Since I have sims living in so many different worlds now, and they don't age if they are in an inactive world, most of them are a long way from aging up when I get them now. So I often age them up when I send them home.

    I currently have over 700 sims in my spreadsheet - and I don't have ALL of the sims in ALL of the worlds I have in this game recorded in my spreadsheet. I do have most of them though.

    @bekkasan I love your pic of Jennifer and Wisteria playing hopscotch together. It is fun to watch the hopscotch animations.

    I'll try to include more of the children learning their skills. I do have video of them doing that already actually. The children have mostly done their essential skills. However, there aren't many of them. The toddlers are taking much longer and there are 8 of them so I won't move anyone out until I'm ready to send the toddlers home. They are working hard.

    The reason for keeping them all together until the toddlers have completed their skills is a lot of the teens and toddlers come from Barnacle Bay. I want them to return together. The teens have more work to do on their skills too.

    Once the children have completed their required childhood skills I send them fishing or doing other skills they'll need later on. Depends on their LTW, if they have one, and their traits. Oscar is currently doing a lot of fishing and the fishing hole is really small and there are often 4 or more children fishing there at the same time - surrounded by wild horses. I made the fishing hole lot for my fairy village I have in Barnacle Bay.

    Here are a few pics from my current game - just got the screenshots while writing this so they are new.

    Firstly the children. There are five of them at the boarding school right now.

    Whilemina Wolf (from Moonlight Falls) is at the boarding school with her mother, Erica, and toddler brother, Gator. Whilemina missed out on doing her block skill with the others because I wanted a picture of Oscar playing with blocks in the company of Kathleen and Allyson who are cousins of Eric. Mara Nix joined them to make up the foursome around the play table. So Whilemina is indoors completing her blocks skill while the other four are out fishing at the little waterhole I made.

    Oscar goes there to fish quite often as he's completed his childhood skills. I originally planned to show Oscar fishing with Eric as children, but Eric got aged up by the game as I was adding Oscar to the household.

    Oscar is joined by Kathleen Koffi. Kathleen is Haley's child. If you've been following this series of stories you'll already know all about Haley.

    Mara Nix (from Moonlight Falls) has joined them at the fishing hole, but has gone to the other side to do her fishing. Due to lots of plants and rocks it's hard to see across to the other side from the other side.

    Allyson Wilson is fishing beside Mara. Allyson is the daughter of Tammi Fields and Jebidiah Wilson. Tammi is a half sister of Haley. So Allyson, Kathleen and Eric are cousins. Eric's father Percy Koffi is a half brother of both Haley and Tammi. Patience is their mother.



    The two buildings seen behind Mara and Allyson fishing are the boarding school and its associated building across the street. The boarding school is the tall building in the background. The lower building is where their garden is. It is a huge garden and I tried putting it on a different lot to try to save a bit of memory but I don't think that works too well.

    Here's a pic of all four children - I managed to find a view that shows them all fishing.

    The teens in my boarding school are required to get to level 7 in gardening and fishing plus learn a bit of cooking and some other random skills before they go home. Here they are working on their gardening skill. Some of the young adult nannies work on their skills too while they are at the boarding school. I've got Erica Wolf working on her gardening. She's way across near the opposite wall among the trees. Only visible in one of these pictures.

    Erica Wolf is visible in this pic.

    That's it for now. I'll post more later - probably tomorrow as I have heaps to do today and the day's getting away from me.

    Happy Simming all.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,679 Member
    pg. 3630
    @Brandontaylor I hope they can afford more walls as soon as possible because it makes me feel cold just thinking about sleeping outside. At least they have more privacy in the bathroom now. Hopefully Hillary can start making some good money from her paintings. Aw it was cute of Hillary to make up with Adam and propose :smile:
    The facts about Elvis were interesting :smile:
    @PalmArrow I have so many of his patterns so I'm pretty sure I've got this one too. Thanks for finding the link for it :smile:
    I can't tell if Nathaniel is wearing skating boots which is interesting. Haha this is almost as bad as being woken up by banging pots and pans. Evangeline's Heavy Sleeper trait really saved her! Gemma looks so cute on the potty. At lot can happen in one year :smiley:
    @Karritz In the past I have drawn family trees to try and keep track of the names. I still also have a big OneNote file. I like your idea of using a spreadsheet though. Your sims relationship panels must be very long at this point. I hope Louise doesn't have to wait too long to meet Oscar.
    @Silverofdreams30 It's always nice to see Matteo. Gavin looks a bit bored talking with Teresa haha.
    @GraceyManor It's funny that Bryan is talking about defending Chelsea from a guy literally called Defender :lol: I don't think he's a trustworthy guy so I'm worried that he now knows her secret. Don't show him the lair! :grimace:
    !!!! :open_mouth: Poor Darren! I hope Chelsea feels seriously bad about this since it was her fault that he got the weapon. The Pacifier? It reminds me of the movie :lol:
    Good luck with the moving process :smile:
    @bekkasan I'm very excited to see your Fairy Realm if you couldn't tell already :tongue: I like how you blended the hopscotch in with the concrete. It's been a while since I've seen sims use that object but I do remember their frustration at getting it wrong lol.
    @king_of_simcity7 Ah that explains it. I only use OMSP for objects and not sims and it's annoying when they sink underground.
    I'm surprised that Tammy and Megan weren't close friends already as they both have similar personalities. Maybe she should ditch Anna for once and see how she likes it.
    @rubyskywalker Try resetting the lot or perhaps you can try resetting just the door with MC. If I remember correctly you might be able to do it also by enabling testingcheats and shift clicking on the d oor.
    @CravenLestat You're a quack-up! :tongue:
    I remember being disappointed that that female wasn't in the game. Hair never looked as good as that either. False advertising much. You did a wonderful job on her though. Her eyes in particular are spot on :smile:
    @lisasc360 Fun Festival pics. Looks like that fall on the skating rink would have hurt a lot. No wonder Willie is nervous about fitting into the tiny fairy house.
    @Noree_Doree Welcome back. Sometimes the game replaces empty lots with content from other packs and sometimes it doesn't. Sounds like you're having a fun time in Bridgeport. Sunny seems like a fun girl :smile:

    pg. 3631
    @GraceyManor I have to admit that Bryan's long black and red coat is kinda cool. Woah Chelsea's been busy pumping iron to be able to send him flying with one punch. Lucky that Schwarze had just the tool to reverse Darren's predicament. Chelsea really owes him an apology.
    Aw that was romantic. Chelsea needs to learn to let people in. Seems like Darren finally won her over! :smile:
    @CravenLestat That is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen from you! The sunflowers are so cute :smile:
    @Turjan I'm sorry that your game is having problems. Going into CAS and Build mode can eat up a lot of memory. It doesn't sound good if your previous save won't load. Do you think it is a game or hardware issue?
    Each IF looks unique so you did a great job. Puzzle is quite cute. I can't help but laugh because Snuggles doesn't look like the snuggliest sim :lol:
    @Silverofdreams30 Teresa looks like she's possessed on that mechanical bull :lol:
    @Karritz Louise scaring the paparazzi off by flirting with them sounds funny. They did have a lot of kids together. I think adding Louise's parents to the game will help a lot in giving new children more varied genetics.
    The fishing hole must be hidden among the flowers because I can't see it. The garden really is massive. It would take sims all day to tend to each plant.
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 613 Member
    @coco thanks I'll try that
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
    Blogs: Either on the Sims 3 homepage or
    I'm just a girl who loves the Sims, Computer games, 18 Inch Dolls, Disney, and Dogs.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited August 2019
    I have a little problem in my Montoya Family save... (not sure if it will fix itself when I relog... but wanna know a fix if it happens again)
    The front door will not shut. I can't replace it because it says so-and-so is using it. I've sent them out and back in and it doesn't fix. It's winter... don't need cold air inside! (Plus anyone could just walk in...)

    @rubyskywalker Do you MC? If so, when you click on the floor then choose MC > object stats > not inventory. A list of all the objects in the house should appear. Find the door and click on it. I am not in game so don't know exact options but it should be apparent when you see it.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,269 Member
    @coco and @meerkattime the water is difficult to see in a still picture, but the fish are jumping and that makes it easier to see the water. It should be obvious in the video. I hope. It is a very small water hole.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,921 Member
    @CravenLestat and @emorrill , I don't know if I have ever seen those sims 3 prototypes before. They look so pretty, I wish they actually went for that look, especially with the hair! @CravenLestat , that's an excellent likeness of the girl from the picture!

    @GraceyManor , ha, Darren got turned into a toddler! I didn't expect that. It's a good thing it was easily fixed.

    @lisasc360 , oh, I haven't played in Isla Paradiso in such a long time! I love the picture of the moon in the early morning.

    @emorrill , that's really Scott Bakula singing? He's an excellent Elvis imitator!

    @Turjan , I like your edits of the imaginary friends. What a pity you couldn't save them!

    @Karritz , I like Oscar and Louise's children! Are those horses pets of the boarding school or did they just happen to be there?

    @Silverofdreams30 , cute picture of Teodor and his daughter!
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,269 Member
    edited August 2019
    @PalmArrow the horses are wild. They are all over the place but none belong to the boarding school.

    Here are some of Oscar and Louise's younger children aged up to YA just to see what they'd look like. Some are difficult to tell apart. Others I aged up take after Oscar, but there were a few of them too that I didn't age up to YA. I had seen enough to know they didn't often blend much. But I do agree - they are a good looking bunch. I hope with the extra genetics provided by two sets of grandparents there will be a bit more diversity in their future children. None of the YA's in this post aged up beyond toddler in the game.





  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,291 Member
    edited August 2019


    He was more serious and not bored hehe,
    I try to have her go out doing a few things in the world.


    Nice sim


    Thank you


    Sorry about your game problems.


    Aww poor toddler Darren, glad he's back to normal hehe.
    Nice kiss.


    Thank you
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  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments. I was surprised that Lucas reached level 8 in spellcasting. The girls seem to lag behind in this field, something I should probably try and correct. For university, level 9 would be great, because of the restoration ritual. And yes, I should probably see to get a mod for that SimBot reaction. Or not. Nick Alto, who fights for the space of most hated person on Marcus' relationship panel, is now listed as "son-in-law", and I'd love to watch the resulting antics.

    And thanks, yes, I thought the IF's didn't turn out too bad myself, even if some of them were not changed all that much.

    @coco Those Windows updates keep trickling in, and I had my BSOD, browser tabs crashing, etc., like with every larger update. I hope it fixes itself within a week or so, as happened in prior cases.

    The plumbot as cook will at least not get fat from constantly tasting his dishes, I give you that. I was just thinking, if you give your bots sentience chips, they might begin to question their work as cooks, gardeners and nannies, none of which has the slightest use for them, and then we get our new robot overlords ;) .

    Oh, and thanks for sharing that story about your simbot son. That sounds outright scary. I wonder whether the bug that resulted from using a "Fountain of Youth" elixir on the "cured" simbot Angelica happened because Angelica was still considered to be immortal, like your half-simbot child was.

    Regarding the game issues, this town has now been running for 420 days or so, the demographics panel lists 285 sims, my inventories are too full because I always think I would still need something. It's just too much stuff I guess. 32-bit games are a bit hard to work with when you have as many possibilities as this game gives you.

    Glad you like the IF's. Snuggles doesn't look like the snuggliest sim? You don't just love our hot-headed, unlucky kleptomaniac? I have to admit he's the reason why I never invite the "family" over, because I don't want to look through the house to see what's missing. I'm not sure whose IF he was, Fiona's or Carla's, but he managed to tank their relationship with just a few choice words after being made real. Story Progression made him into one of the town personalities (brat? thug? don't remember) and I can see his exploits in the messages that blink up. He's at business school and his job is at the police station with the neighborhood patrol (yeah, that should work out splendidly). He's the only one of the teens with a high charisma skill though, and he constantly sends love letters to the teens of my family - all of them indiscriminately.

    @PalmArrow Indeed, simbots should be fine with their creator. Thanks for the comment. And yes, having to redo the edits of the IF's sucks, but hey, maybe one of them will turn out better.

    @bekkasan Magic duels are quite fun, even if nothing of substance happens. The plant sim kids all have these very serious faces. I always think they accuse me of being at fault for their existence :lol:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comment. I like your gallery of sims you showed during the last days.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,291 Member

    A few screenshots today


    Theodor Medina, not sure where he left his toddler.


    Sims having fun


    Matthew Mango eating ice cream


    Isaac Luck

    More later

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,680 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for commenting. I look forward to seeing more.
    More handsome guys are the park! Love her choices. I've picked one for sure! (its Theodor....he's adorable especially holding his child)
    Lovely to wake up to more of your handsome sims.

    @GraceyManor It seems as if Bryan was not all he seemed to be!
    Well sure wasn't expecting that to happen! Toddler boy wonder.
    I dunno why I thought you'd already moved. I hate packing!
    Glad they rescued Darren. Well wasn't her fault, I'm sure that Bryan had some hypnotic lip balm on that made her do it!
    Thanks for the comments. I do love Marshall! Great name!!
    Yeah, stop running girl! :love:

    @rubyskywalker If you have nraas debug you can use it on the door to shut it.

    @CravenLestat She's a cutie, and has a cute tshirt too!
    hmmm, she's kinda cute even though no cleavage! lol
    Such a sweet innocent gal!

    @PalmArrow Cute pics of Nathaniel walking on the pond.
    Oh my...what possessed Mom to play the drums in her daughters room at night!

    @lisasc360 Nice to see you and your Willemena story.

    @emorrill Bride and groom ducks! Too cute!!
    Sam as Elvis!! <3 I love it!

    @Noree_Doree Hi, welcome. I like your sims name. Good luck with the world you are playing.

    @Brandontaylor Thanks! Awww...great pic of Elvis and Priscilla!

    @Turjan Bummer about your troubles. I blame the IF's! I blame everything on the IF's. The IF's are just trouble and a Chucky doll and when you least suspect it.....they attack! :fearful: Luckily, they are modded out of my game! I really did have game issues when I tried to have IF's for the kids way back when so I just got rid of them. They all get teddy bears now from Supernatural to play with! lol

    @Karritz Lots of lovely pics from the boarding school. Poor little gal playing by herself! :lol:
    The garden is huge! I like that you put pretty plants and flowers in it as well.
    Oscar and Louise certainly have beautiful children.
    @coco Thanks for the comments. It really has been fun working on the Realm.

    I forgot to post this last night before heading off to bed. I added comments this morning from the overnight posts. I do hope y'all have a great day.

    No update ready, but here is picture from my last game play. Bad news at the Goodfellow household.
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