March 19 - The Sims Alexa Skill got a StrangerVille and Medieval update! Read the details here.

What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Ultimate Sim Update, Part 1 of 2

    Brittany worked on painting some more. She is about halfway through the last skill level before reaching the top.

    The previous night, she had cooked a few meals for the family and when they woke up, I had her call them to the meal. Brittany decided to eat alone while the family ate together at the kitchen table. Needless to say, I got rid of where Brittany is sitting as I want them to eat meals together when they can.


    After breakfast, Lauren and Mack got very flirty with each other and they ended up having a quick woohoo in the shower before work.

    I sent Christopher around the house to fireproof the house. He got the stove and fireplaces done so we shouldn't have any issue with those.

    Lauren heading to work for the first time. I noticed that her work outfit is the same as her everyday wear except the shoes. She works at the Science Facility, as does Mack.

    As Lauren and Mack finished their work day, Brittany was just starting hers. Currently, she is an ingredient tester at the Bistro.

    Lauren didn't feel so good and had to run to the bathroom during supper, leaving her food on the floor. You can guess what's wrong with her, and you'd be right. ;)

    Mack and Lauren both got the same opportunity to work out for four hours. This will help them gain some celebrity points. Brittany is a 4 star, Christopher is a 3 star, and both Lauren and Mack are 2 star celebrities.

    Brittany left work just shy of her first promotion. One of her job performance criteria was coworkers, so she had to meet them first so she could transmogrify the relationships at home.

    And after her morning shower, Lauren learned that she was pregnant. I didn't cheat during this pregnancy, as I didn't want to know what the child would be. I won't ask you all to guess as I'm posting the gender in the next update.

    ***I'll post the second update when I am done getting it ready. It may be just a bit longer than this one.
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    Ultimate Sim Update Part 2 of 2

    I let Christopher go fishing while I got the other family members ready for the day. He hadn't gotten any fishing time in since leaving Sunset Valley so he enjoyed this.

    Brittany was extremely happy to learn she would be a grandmother. She missed having a young one in the house, but she knew she was done with kids for the time being. She planned on spoiling this child rotten like she did her own daughter.

    Mack got his first promotion that night. He was extremely happy but he wished his wife could be there too as she was up for a promotion as well. He wondered why Lauren didn't go to work, but he knew she was sick the night before.


    Lauren told both her father and Mack about the bundle of joy on the way. Christopher hoped he lived long enough for the birth while Mack was excited to be a father for the first time.

    Brittany got promoted to level 5 in the culinary career Tuesday night. Not only is she happy about the promotion, but also the fact she has two days off!


    Lauren went for a swim while her parents enjoyed the hot tub. I changed Brittany's hairstyle, I'm not sure I like it but it is alright for now. As the family went inside, Christopher stayed outside to enjoy himself.

    All of a sudden, Christopher got out and stopped what he was doing. A dark cloud appeared near the ground and a dark figure appeared. It was the Grim Reaper, coming to take Christopher away. The family watched in sadness as Grim took Christopher away. The rules for this challenge say that a dead spouse of the Ultimate Sim must have their grave on the lot until the Sim remarries.

    Of course the family was sad but a miracle happened that very night. Meet Andrew Keaton, the son of Lauren and Mack Keaton, first grandchild of Brittany and Christopher Steel.

    ***The following day, the family did a quick trip to the summer festival to take a family photo. They didn't stay long so I didn't share anything from it. That day was also Leisure Day but as it was late, I stopped playing after sending them home. Christopher was only 90 days when he died and I was shocked he passed so soon.
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    @bekkasan I love your mix of western/fairytale. It's rare to see both characters meet. Why would a mermaid want to go in the pool when she has the ocean? Pollution, needs for chlorine? Is it toxic? But for the cute cowboy, it's worth it! ;)

    @PalmArrow I love the color pattern of your coat.
    ŦØŴŇ Ø₣ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€ ŦĦƗŇǤŞ (StrangerVille):

    Δ ¥€ŦƗ ƗŇ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€VƗŁŁ€ (Sims 4):

    Of Ears and Noses, a Grisby Legacy (Sims 3):
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    @LunBeauty Row of potties with assigned toddler, lol.
    ŦØŴŇ Ø₣ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€ ŦĦƗŇǤŞ (StrangerVille):

    Δ ¥€ŦƗ ƗŇ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€VƗŁŁ€ (Sims 4):

    Of Ears and Noses, a Grisby Legacy (Sims 3):
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    Hello all. Again

    I'm gradually returning to normal. Yesterday I worked on my video. Plus other things. Didn't do much Simming. Today I have to go out for a few hours. Need to take photos of a few people in costume for another play. Hope it doesn't take too long as I want to get my video finished.

    Happy Simming
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    I love when stories seem to just write themselves.Makes my life easier.XD

    Thanks! I thought the song fit them perfectly.
    Still trying to figure out how to properly work the cameras and such.
    I love how he is watching her swim in the pool, you captured the moment perfectly
    with that screenshot.I love the pose of him sitting on the ground.Where'd you get it?

    looks like a fun night out at the clubs!
    Cute hairstyles.

    lol, when you get bored by a lecture, just pull out the guitar XD
    Thanks! Aww her painting is turning out quite nicely.Pregnant?

    I gotta find the link to that house again.
    It looks amazing, gonna check out the world as well.

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    "Destiny? What's wrong? Are you in there?" Destiny was getting ready for her first performance as a singer.She barricaded herself in
    her room. "I am, I look terrible.I'm not coming out.Go away"

    "This is all wrong! This color looks horrible on me.I look chubby, and I hate my hair!"

    "Destiny, calm down.Let me see.Come out" "No! Go away Edward." "Well if you don't come out, then I'm coming in."
    "I got the door locked."

    "That's not an issue for me love." "Ugh.I forgot about that.Go away, I don't want you seeing me." "Dest, turn around please?" He grabbed
    her hand gently, forcing her to face him.

    "I told you, I look horrible" Edward just stood there, slack-jawed." don't.Dest, your beautiful! You look fine."

    "You really think this okay?" "Its perfect.You're perfect.." "That's super sweet of you Edward, thank you."
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    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks for reading the update. Yep, it came with the rental house, so not a fancy computer. :)
    I did not know you needed a license to hold a party! :open_mouth:
    It is hopeful that Lorelei and Dwight will end up together.

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments. :)
    I get so cranky with my sims about where they sit.
    Good for Christopher!
    Congrats on Lauren and Mack's pregnancy. Brittany is gonna be a grandma!
    Oh, bummer he didn't get to see his grandson born. :cry:
    Congrats on the baby boy. Love the name! Andrew.

    @Silverofdreams30 Looks like a lovely new world. The pictures are beautiful.

    @PalmArrow That is a gorgeous patchwork style pattern. I will have to add that. :smiley: Rec'd and saved file. Thanks for sharing it.

    @Hejix Thanks for the comment. I think she likes it because it is different and fun, and she loves the diving board and makes funny cannon ball jumps too. :grin:

    @Karritz Nice that you are getting back in the routine.

    @Springfairy556 Thanks for the comments. :)
    The pose set is on MTS here
    A little reassurance from a sweet man goes a long way!
    The hair is beautiful!
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    @king_of_simcity7 Very nice looking buildings! :)

    @CravenLestat Great job on Jessie! :heart: Are you going to end up making all the girls from that game?

    @Silverofdreams30 Yeah, I prefer cats in the game a little more than dogs because they're more independent and do their own thing for the most part.

    @bekkasan I've never gotten this far in the Writing Career! I think she's already level 9. It really does help sims earn a lot of money.
    I'll have to wait until they're all Young Adults to choose one, but they're all such good genetic mixtures that it'll be almost impossible.
    It really is! I don't know why you can't move it down a bit for floor level pictures.
    Hey, it's best to get them all potty trained at once. :D
    Yeah, I think that stroller is only used for poses.

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice update! Uh oh! More Messiah Supporters! :o
    Thanks! I remember the nannies in TS2. It got to where I never hired them unless I absolutely had to. I was so close to locking Deena up somewhere after the third time she woke them up. I could understand if they needed to be fed or their social was low, but every other need, besides Sleep was full. She just took them out, tickled them, and set them on the ground before walking off to do something else.
    I also wasn't going to make Claude into an overprotective dad, but he threw that stank face autonomously and I just rolled with it. :D

    @bekkasan Is it bad that I'd love to see Lorelei and Pearl have a baby together as a sort of genetic experiment? :p They would make really pretty kids.
    Glad the party was successful!
    Dwight's computer reminds me of what I used to have a long long time ago. :) Now they're all fancy with their flat screens and mega graphics. :p
    Yes, Dwight, you saw a mermaid! Now meet her, fall in love, marry her, and have at least 6 kids together! :D

    @Brandontaylor I ended up with glasses in 8th grade and braces in 10th. I got them off just in time for graduation and also got contacts, but didn't wear them for long because they irritated my eyes a lot of the time.
    I agree. Fallon sounds like she'd be the pretty sister who doesn't go through that awkward phase. Like, I see Violet having to get braces in her teens and Rae being the one to get glasses during her childhood and braces when she becomes a teenager.
    Yeah, I know that reward, but can't remember what it's called off the top of my head. :lol:

    @Silverofdreams30 I love that house! There's another one by the same creator that is supposed to have 9-10 rooms. Great pictures too! :)

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comment!

    @PalmArrow That's a really nice pattern! It makes it look almost CC like too. :) I bookmarked the page so I can download some of your patterns later. :)

    @Brandontaylor Nice update! I also avoid island counter seating because I like my sims to eat together when possible.
    I'm also always having to change my sims work uniforms because most of the time they end up in their swimwear. :D
    Yay baby on the way!
    Welcome baby Andrew! :)

    @Hejix Gotta keep that potty line going. :p Oh, and I also downloaded a mod that allows toddlers to use the big toilet too! That should be fun. I think it's done without any awkward stretching as well.

    @Springfairy556 Right? I let the plots happen themselves and then just do a bit of posing to make it seem more realistic.
    Destiny, stop being fussy! You look beautiful!
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    @LunBeauty Maybe ;)

    Anyway just now made a simmified version of

    Max from Two Broke Girls



    Kat Dennings be like


    Hilda Bancroft

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    Well Gail's adventure continued today. Not quite as exciting as all the stuff that happened.

    I finally got her to visit Shang Simla. First of all let me say that it is an absolutely beautiful world, and that I had a lot of fun exploring. I wasn't able to do much during a 3-day stay, especially since I didn't know about the adventure board until a few hours before leaving. (Serves me right for not reading a wiki or asking here first.) Nevertheless I planned from the getgo to return, and I will in a future update.

    I found out that with the highest scholarship in fine arts and the least amount of credits you can actually get paid to take 2 week terms. So I've been doing that. This time I moved into one of the houses at sims university rather than the dorm. I got another burglar on the first night who stole some useless couches in the front room then got chased off by a cop.

    I ground through the entire two week term in a fairly standard manner. Things moved pretty fast, since I had a lot of free time taking minimum credits, Gail was able to bust out six science fiction novels (Space Fights: Episode I - VI), do a few paintings (which she sold) and a lot of sketching to keep her grade up.

    Also can we talk about the tuning with regards to the parties that seem to happen almost every night?
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,635 Member
    @CravenLestat I've never seen Two Broke Girl, but she looks beautiful! :heart:
    Would you also be willing to make Jessica Hamby from True Blood at one point? She was one of my favorite female characters on that show next to Pam. :)
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 12,964 Member
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    Thank you @LunBeauty

    My finished sim Max Black


    @TinySpaceFox Your sim Jessie is ready for adoption

    @FabBunny Working on the pattern issue now...will try to toss it on a random thing and send it that way.
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    Hilda Bancroft

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    This thread always seems to move like wildfire when I'm busy and move slowly when I'm not. :p

    From page 3253:

    @bekkasan I was right about that hair being one of Chazzy Bazzy's retextures. :blush: She's famous for creating the chunky highlights with very popular CC hairs.
    I found the site, but it took me some time to nail down the correct page the hair was on. Anything for you. :kissing_heart:
    (Scroll down to Newsea Lemongrass :) )
    But yeah check out all the hairs on this site. :mrgreen: You'll be going on a CC shopping spree!
    I really don't mind seeing Dwight in his boxers all the time. :smirk:
    Glad to hear swimming is helping his muscles. It's totally true! :)
    Suzuki is cute, but I think Lorelei doesn't feel anything for him because he's always given me the "cheater" vibe. :p
    Those thoughts Dwight had just tugged at my heartstrings. :cry: Because hubby has said the same things when dealing with his disabilities. That painted a very realistic portrait of how life is for those who suffer with chronic pain. Very well done! :star:
    On a happier note, he looks very sexy at the bottom of the stairs there... :love:
    Oh Dwight...please don't develop a drinking problem. :confounded: That won't help anything...
    Holy cow I didn't know you could find gnomes underwater! :open_mouth:
    Go away shark! :grimace:
    Aww, Dwight didn't see her? Darn! :p
    Heck yeah Snow! :mrgreen: We need more of it. :p
    Yay! Another update! :smiley:
    I totally gave Dwight the Handiness Trait right? :smirk: (We're you checking out his bu'tt as he was fixing the shower like I was? :p )
    LOVE the picture of him looking out at the ocean under the stars! <3
    He sees her! He sees her! :smiley:
    Nope! You definitely AREN'T drunk sexy Dwight! That is indeed a Mermaid! :mrgreen:
    Awwwww look at him! <3 <3
    That face. :cry: He needs a hug!
    You know how I laughed at the Sherlock Simholmes reference! :lol:
    Wooooo! SEXY! :love:
    Seek her out Dwight! :mrgreen:

    I hope my kids never grow up like Dave. O.o
    ^You and every other parent's wish!
    (Well, us decent parents anyway. :p )

    @Nikkei_Simmer I brought the issue up to the Guru's where people aren't getting my tags and they tried to contact the folks who run the site, and I'm not sure if they got in touch with someone or not, but they basically told me nothing can be done on their end. :confused: It su'cks!

    @Springfairy556 Yeah, that happened one time where I commented about where to find the dress another simmer had on their sim, when I already had it, I just didn't realize it because it was recolored. :lol: You're not alone. ;)
    If I had the name Destiny, I'm not sure how I'd feel with my man calling me Dest. :p It sounds like Jest! :lol: "You Jest!" You know?
    Dancing in the snow. <3 And that close up of them holding hands! Awwww!
    Great job on your video! :star: Better than what I could do!
    The best I could do was with pictures, not with actual video. :p
    (Yes, this video was done by me. :blush: It took FOREVER!!! )
    Trust your man Destiny, you need not be so self conscious. ;) (Heck I'd take a body like that ANY day! )

    @CravenLestat You sure have a way with recreating other characters in the sims. :blush:
    Sim pizza looks super yummy to me too! :smiley:

    @thuggishsplicer Thank you for the info my friend. :)
    It's funny, but the second SimFest that happened in town was at Mick's instead of at Performace Park. This show actually had all the stage props and a magician sim present. :mrgreen: I got some pictures of my sim watching that show to share later. But then another act was "happening" after the magician and once again sims were staring at a blank stage and clapping. :confused: I dunno! Crazy glitches! :lol: I think little by little my game save is assigning the different Showtime careers to Homeless sims.

    Might also drop a tag for @emorrill here because, guys in suits. :tongue:
    ^Why thank you my friend. :blush:
    The guy sims on that site, Rawr! :love:
    Yeah, Utah is indeed full of Mormons. :p Although we are trying to refer to ourselves by our real church name these days (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) but yeah, it's just SO darn long to say! Anyhoo. :)
    I know! I love the brick house the best too! <3
    Have you been getting my tags, by the way? I've noticed that I don't get your tags when you do long feedback posts that tag multiple people, but I do get them when I'm the only one tagged. :/
    ^I believe I've been getting your tags...Mostly I read all the posts so that's how I notice, but I do check the Notifications from time to time.
    Interesting... Maybe the site borks the notifications out when there are many tags in one post. :confused: Would kind of make sense, but...I don't want to break all my tags up into multiple posts! That would be like...spamming all of you. :neutral:
    Thanks for the comments. <3

    @emorrill Who would wear gloves and knee socks while working out. Wouldn't that make you even sweatier than you want to be? :D
    ^Totally! :smiley: Yuck! :confounded:
    Ginger is an adorable looking and beautiful kitty! <3
    That hidden litterbox rocks! :smiley:
    Nah, Claude is totally pointing at her bo'ob'y! :smirk: :p
    Triplets man. :flushed: I dunno how people do it...
    OMGosh that's such a beautiful smile on Violet's face upon age up! :)
    That's A LOT of cake! :lol:
    The triplets look adorable! Lovely family picture. <3
    Synchronized potty training! :lol:
    I love Totally free! :) Sometimes it will put pictures out of order too. :confused: But...I guess that's the price we have to pay for free.
    Uh Violet, your fingers aren't touching the keys. :p j/k I know how cc pianos can be. No wait, that's a pump organ! :open_mouth:
    Airborne Lady! :smiley:
    I can understand Claude wanting to find a better job that gets him out of the house...
    Yes, you hid her nudity very well. :lol: :star:
    I don't have time to comment on the rest since it's so late, but I enjoyed each of the updates. :)

    @TadOlson How's Logan Utah going? :p

    @king_of_simcity7 You sure know how to get the sims coming to the lots and dancing! I am jealous of your talent. :blush:

    @Silverofdreams30 The Legacy Home looks great in your game. :star:
    Hey shirtless Alex. :love:
    Love Ty's new shirt. :blush:
    Luna and Sean are so cute together. <3

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the reply back. :)
    Yeah sometimes it's nice to change up our sims looks and outfits from time to time. Give the story a little more variety and realism. :blush:
    Gosh Christopher is looking old. :( Brittany on the other hand, not so much. :p
    Lauren is pregnant! :mrgreen:
    Nooooo, Christopher is leaving them already? :cry: Yeah he definitely passed too soon!

    @PalmArrow I like that pattern! :grin: Nice job!

    All caught up!

    It's late...goodnight my friends and Happy Simming! :)
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    @JadeGreen OMG! Gail's luck is really questionable!
    I felt sorry for her losing her possessions and exams. My house has been broken in three times already. Last time, the burglar got the stove, the coffeemaker and the prom crown. I wonder how her face was when she found out it was costume jewelry. Or perhaps she was jealous that she's never been a prom queen.
    **It's nice that she has already caught up with her studies! The burglars are chasing her as well.

    @LunBeauty I think I got more kitchen sets that I could use. XD
    I'll try to find room in my game for the Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining. It may look great in the base camp of Champs Le Sims.
    **I agree with randomizing traits. Ginger is very cute and so are the kids! The family photos are great! That block table is very useful when you have more than one toddler.
    **WOW the triplets are children already! Very fun pictures of Claude doing his job.

    @TinySpaceFox Jessie always reminds me of Pokemon too. LOL

    @bekkasan I'm glad Dwight decided to stand up and get sober! Lorelei wasn't caught red handed by the skin of her teeth!

    @CravenLestat Cool! It took me some time to figure out who Max is. I didn't watch 2 Broke Girls, but I do know the series.

    @emorrill Glad your showtime shows are adjusting. I'm still paying attention to what happens to my game. LOL Sweet dreams!

    @PalmArrow That's a pretty texture. When I make time to go over your studio and Craven's I'll make sure to use more of them. I like your artistic ones. I have a painting with one of Roy Lichtenstein's. XD


    Here are the paintings I organized so far. The big square ones are related to comics, Uncle Scrooge over a Mondrian painting (I saw this idea on the net), a Lichtensteinand and an Archie comics strip. The small square ones are a Van Gogh, a Cezanne and Monet. There are more than those four posters; most of them are Bioshock related.
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    In 2017, I posted on YOUR SUNSET VALLEY STORY! topic how this very save I'm playing was fairing. Summer is back, which means my save is in its ninth week, and I decided to put together what happened to some major families in town.


    The star family, The McIntyres. Both Jamie and Ethan are elders, Connor is a teenager and Dillon has just aged up. Dillon's boyfriend, Keith, isn't part of the household yet, but, since he was in the house, I decided to pose him for the family photo.

    >>>The Frio Family<<

    Connor's family has finally split up. Calvin inherited the family's original house, while Connor and Becky finish raising Colby II in Jamie's original one. Connor will become an elder in less than a week. (Sorry, @charlottesmom, in this gameplay I won't stop the Grim Reaper)


    We can't talk about Connor without ignoring the rest of the Frios, right? Jared lives in a single-bedroom house with his wife Kim.


    Elliott VanWatson is Jared's youngest son. Madison decided to be single. Would she be waiting for Jared to break up with Kim? She chose a criminal path and lives near work.


    The Sekemoto family got entangled with Jared's older children. Sam is married to Violet Ursine (who's pregnant) and Lauren (Leighton's daughter with Molly French) got married to Jasper Frio. Leighton is dating Nancy Landgraab, BTW. Molly's daughter, Sandi, is a complicated one. She's raising an unwanted child from a fling with Abraham Finkel by herself and nobody wants to share a house with her!


    You would think that River McIrish would try to live with Sandi, right? After all, her boyfriend Milton Tong has never had the guts to move in with her. Even though she's a single-mother, just like Fiona were, River didn't want to repeat her mother's same mistake. I tried to put them together and Sandi quit in a flash. River lives with her only daughter, Annie.

    >>>Other Families in Town<<<

    @texansky's Precious is now a grandmother. Julia is married to Dalton Keaton. Her mother and father are living at Gobias's original house.


    Styles and Zelda are now living next door to her sister Illiana. Their boys are Ernest and Dwayne. Ernest is neutral evil and Dwayne seems to be true neutral.


    Illiana and Dustin are still alive and able to see their three grandchildren. Kaylyn got married to Arlo Bunch and their kid, Harlow (intended) is just like his father. Seriouly, that won't last.


    Parker Langerak was the lucky sibling. He lives happily with Holly and inherited the Alto home when Vita Alto passed away. They had another child named after his father Dustin.


    Liam Wolff's personal story surprised me. He's gay and had a fake date with Elise Steel when they were teens. He wants to be an architect. His traits are friendly and artistic, but clumsy, a mooch and a loser! He chose to become a criminal and Morgana asked him to leave home. He's now living at the Monotone, close to the criminal headquarters. I think all the pressure to be the perfect Wolff heir got the best of him.


    Elise Steel is Emma Hatch and Christopher Steel's only daughter. She became a teacher and a cat lady. She's had a moment with Liam recently and will become a single mother soon.


    Nothing changed for Agnes Crumplebotton. She's an elder and her husband as young as Connor Frio. In spite of hating his guts, they're still together. For money? For status? Nobody knows. I plan to give her estate to one of the Goth children.


    I managed to recreate the Goth family! Unfortunately, I had to remove a child... perhaps that's why Cassandra has the mean spirited trait. I wonder who will be her Don Lothario...


    Hank gave up his name and both of his boys are Wans. They still live by the beach and carry on their jobs at the theater and at the police station. Justin, the eldest, looks like a rebel, but he's a sweet guy.


    Who remembers @Hemera123's Keagan Rees? Initially, Tori was dating Liam O'Dourke. Since O'Dourke is part of Hidden Springs and I didn't want his children around I recalled that I could bring Tori's love Keagan to the game and give their family a chance (Their story is incomplete on my blog). They had one daughter, Nanette and both of them work at the City Hall.

    >>>The new families<<<

    When I decided to get back to this point, the world needed more teenagers to interact with Dillon. There was a baby boom and now things had to cool down. I may have to add more sims in the future. These are the families chosen to be part of this world:

    Both the Andersons and the Haskins are families from the Store created by SimGuruKitty. These are the Andersons. Their teenage child, Elise Anderson, is gorgeous and they are raising their second kid.


    The Haskins household was a let down. The idea of the children, Jessie and James, is cool and it reminds me of Pokemon. However, Jessie seems to be Gage Briody and all the generated sims' relative. James isn't a big deal with that oversized chin. They have the biggest family anyway and I couldn't help naming their younger siblind Ash.


    Keith Hayes is actually University Life Kyle Heilman, with dark hair. His mother, Ruth, is the female form of Kyle's roomate, Richard Randall. They were created for the first story where the McIntyres would move to Riverview. I though I had lost the household when I found their sim files in my computer. The family is rather dysfuncional. Sara, the sister, is hot-headed and was having a bad day when I took this picture. Ruth and Simon despise each other. I may give them a divorce once Sara ages up.


    Narcissa Vatos was a single sim designed to take care of this bunch. As I mentioned, Chantel Ellington, Cordelia Nightingale and Chandra Blakely (aka Amelina Yurievna) are @CravenLestat sims that I aged down because my town had more male teenagers than females. The fourth girl, named Selene Bakely, is Chandra's sister.


    There's this his new actress in town, Jackie Hayward, by @CravenLestat. Unfortunately, I realized I didn't have her original dress... I thought it was another one. ^^0 She's now living at the old Andrews' place. I believe it'll take her a while to find someone to love if she chooses so.
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    Not much for me to comment on today just this last page.


    Dwight love me more Dwight hehe I enjoyed the
    update so beautiful pictures.


    Nothing wrong with Destinys look, she looks very pretty.
    You can download the world from this Reddit post


    Nice update and the gym looked great


    Thank you, yeah thread is usually slower on the weekends.


    I really enjoyed the recent updates, those toddlers are so adorable.
    You have the best toddler cc where do you find that?


    Nice sims as always


    Enjoyed the update, Brittany seems to enjoy her time in the new world.
    Congrats to Lauren on her pregnancy.
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 3,930 Member
    edited January 13
    Here is an update



    Luna and Sean enjoyed the Sunday in the new world





    Taking a romantic photo¨


    staring into each other's eyes


    They also had lunch at a finer restaurant


    Later Luna called up Brees daughter to tell her about the day,
    they used to live together so they were good friends.


    Sean read a book


    poor Isla had to do her homework

    All for now, thank you @bekkasan for the camera

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,156 Member
    @Springfairy556 Thanks for the comments :smile:

    @bekkasan I remember a computer that you could get in TS1 that looked like the PC that we had from Tiny Computers. We got it in 1999 and was Windows 98. I used to love setting up screensavers back when they where fashionable!

    Technically if you run a nightclub you would need a licence so without one any event would be deemed illegal but people did get around the law. These where known as 'Rave Parties' 30 years ago and often held in abandoned warehouses.

    @Brandontaylor Sorry that Christopher died :( But congratulations on the new baby :smile:

    @Karritz Welcome back :smile:

    @Springfairy556 I love how Destiny looks angry about the costume lol

    @CravenLestat Cute picture of Max :love: Where is her hair from?

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @thuggishsplicer Nice paintings and family portrait :smile:

    @emorrill Thanks for the feedback :smile: Not many people recognise my talents :(

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice to see the blow a kiss interaction again :smile:
  • HejixHejix Posts: 922 Member
    I had fun with Catherine Grisby yesterday.

    "Thanks for your candy, Mark!"


    "Ah, you know that I'm just tickling you. But I keep it anyway. I'm the queen of candies, all candies are mine! Even your brother's, even though he doesn't know I have them, he's still looking for them. Don't tell him. Let him think it's Dave."


    The Candy Queen is up to some cosplay! But even the drawer is evil.


    "I'll put Dave on your case, ouch."


    "I need a little more fantasy... Too bad I can't dye my hair each time I change outfit. At least, I'll have fun with the makeup."


    "Dark modern sophisticated beauty... here I am."


    "If a prince invites me to a ball, I'll have a surprise for him, hehehe."


    New swimsuit...


    "I look like a princess, weeee!"


    Queen-princess on her balcony.

    "It's too cool for a selfie, brrr."


    Princess in her tower.

    "Someday, my prince will come, someday, my prince will come and I will take all of his monnneeeyyyy, his jewels and hiiisssss castle..."



    ŦØŴŇ Ø₣ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€ ŦĦƗŇǤŞ (StrangerVille):

    Δ ¥€ŦƗ ƗŇ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€VƗŁŁ€ (Sims 4):

    Of Ears and Noses, a Grisby Legacy (Sims 3):
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,083 Member
    @thuggishsplicer , I enjoyed your update on the original and new families from your Sunset Valley game! And aww, Keagan Rees! I have a save with him where he's married to Hanna Germanotta from Uni and has a toddler son, but I haven't visited them in a long time.

    @emorrill , I can definitely see the similarity between the Utah house from ModtheSims and the real house from your photo!

    @Springfairy556 , that's a lovely music video for Perfect!

    @LunBeauty , Ginger is an adorable cat!
    Violet and the triplets all look lovely after aging up. Lovely family photos!

    @king_of_simcity7 , ooh, a secrte party inside the warehouse where everyone supports the Messiah! Intriguing!

    @bekkasan , haha, poor confused Dwight - who wouldn't be surprised to see a mermaid swimming around in their pool?

    @Silverofdreams30 , New Warsaw looks like a beautiful world!

    @Brandontaylor , how sad that Christopher died just before his grandson was born and never got the chance to see him!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,762 Member
    Finally time for Destiny's first performance.

    She performed at the county fair.

    And loved every minute of it.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 3,930 Member


    That seems like a great fun sim to play with.


    You do know how to get many sims to a pub,
    that is an amazing amount of sims.


    Thank you

    Final update from today's gameplay, the other was from yesterday


    Alex fixed some dinner since he was hungry




    Ty played video games and a few of the others watched him


    He also had time practicing his speech skill


    Isla crafted a painting





    And then it was time for Isla too to age up

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,156 Member
    @Hejix Nice pictures with Catherine :smile:

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment :smile:

    @Springfairy556 Nice performance from Destiny :smile:

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice party scenes :smile:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,095 Member

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the comments.

    @JadeGreen You are getting closer to membership! Bummer you didn't know about the adventure board, but, now ya do. :) Don't hesitate to ask any questions. We will answer if we can.
    The parties do happen way to frequent. I just don't send my sims to everyone if I have other tasks I want them to do. It might be possible to use Nraas retuner to fix the frequencies. I use it to adjust some things in my game, but never tried with the parties.

    @emorrill !!You are the bomb!! (Don't ya hate it when old folks like me use slang that is probably obsolete now :lol: ) <3 <3 Thanks for finding the hair am downloading it now. I've got a few of Chazy's shorter hairs in game and most of them work really well. I went into my graphics the other day and bumped up the sims one and it fixed the graphic glitch on the hair I'm using for Lorelei! Changing that one setting didn't seem to affect the game so was very happy. The glitch was a jagged orange slice down the side of her hair that stood out in every picture I took of her! I need to try that short one from a few weeks ago that looked so creepy in game and see if it looks normal now.
    I had to add a couple of traits and give him a new lifetime wish because he came with those empty. I'm sure yours were from Pets. So I kept good, handy and great kisser <3 , and gave him brave and perceptive as his new ones. I temporarily changed brave into slob and perceptive into emotional so he would quit cleaning his house!, and give me some emotional faces. Right now his lifetime wish is renaissance sim and that will be changed eventually to the PI one...I think.
    I'm glad you liked the Sherlock reference. That is when I started thinking about PI for him. :love:
    Hubby was my inspiration for Dwight's thinking. I don't know if I could be as strong as hubby is in dealing with what he has to deal with. He has never succumbed to drink though. He got hit by a drunk driver while in college and was critically injured and his friend got killed. No way would he drink to ease his pains. The frustration and hopeless does come through at times though. :cry:
    That underwater gnome is from IP and they show up in the dive lots. I didn't know they could get stuck in the decor though! :open_mouth: I'm having Lorelei collect the extras and give them to townies as gifts. :lol: The town will eventually be run over by gnomes.....unless these die too.

    @thuggishsplicer Thanks for the comment. :)
    Love the art work wall!
    Awesome update on the families in your SV game. Wowsers, do you remember all the names or do you have a cheat sheet like I do? :lol:
    I love the black and pink ruffly sun dress that I think it is Violet wearing it! Where is that from please? :smiley:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comment. More Dwight coming shortly. :)
    Luna and Sean are adorable together. I love his surfer dude looks. <3
    You are welcome about the camera. Glad it is helpful. :)
    Congrats on Isla aging up. No more homework!

    @king_of_simcity7 ah, I see, yes I do vaguely remember hearing about rave parties. Those occurred more in large city's than places I lived.

    @Hejix Your Catherine is a funny little princess. I like her honesty!
    Princess in her tower.

    "Someday, my prince will come, someday, my prince will come and I will take all of his monnneeeyyyy, his jewels and hiiisssss castle..."

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment. :)

    @Springfairy556 Congrats on Destiny's first performance. She looks like she is having a great time. :)
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