March 19 - The Sims Alexa Skill got a StrangerVille and Medieval update! Read the details here.

What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I made her years ago...not joking @TinySpaceFox it is even posted on this very thread.
    Hilda Bancroft

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    @CravenLestat Thank you <3.

    I see I'm 7 pages behind and probably won't have time to catch up today either :/ . I'll try to do that soon though :).
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    Thanks for the link to that house, I have used it before and it
    is indeed a spacious home. Just take time to furniture the rooms that are unfurnished.
    I had to download that house cause I did not have it.


    Dwight in the bathtub swoon <3 <3 <3 <3
    Loved the update, I don't know how you can manage such a good
    photo in that kind of bathtub hehe. He is so hot yes.
    Cute ending photo with him seeing Lorelai.


    Nice sims


    Triplets and a kitty wow they will be busy
    luckily kitties are more self-going so not a lot of job with them.
    Congrats to their birthdays and aging up they all look so cute.


    Nice update

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    I'm currently waiting for my game to load. It's the weekend which means I finally have a few hours free to sim! I'll be posting some screenshots of the sim @CravenLestat made for me later so stay tuned :mrgreen:
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    @thuggishsplicer Glad you liked the driving lesson!

    @TinySpaceFox Nyah nyah nyah is indeed not a convincing argument. Dave should have come up with something better, he's president of the debate club after all! (But only has one logic point...)

    I think your hopes for him will be fulfilled. :) Dave had had his way in the household wayyyyy too long!

    @MoonandStars83 I think evil makes you slap random people!
    ŦØŴŇ Ø₣ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€ ŦĦƗŇǤŞ (StrangerVille):

    Δ ¥€ŦƗ ƗŇ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€VƗŁŁ€ (Sims 4):

    Of Ears and Noses, a Grisby Legacy (Sims 3):
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    @CravenLestat Yep, he needs to get out, but has some issues to work out first. Like not wanting to roll down the stairs again. :open_mouth:

    @thuggishsplicer Thanks for the comments. :) It shouldn't be too long and they will meet. Yep, he is major depressed and drinking too much brew too! :cry:
    You got some nice purchases! I don't have those installed right now in my game, but love them both especially the villa stuff.
    Whose birthday is it...not mine, yours? If so, Happy Happy!

    @emorrill Snow! :smiley:

    @Springfairy556 Lovely song and pictures that went with it. Great job!

    @TinySpaceFox Thanks for the comments. :) I get a kick out of reading them. Poor Dwight was cranky enough to toss those waffles. I am glad he got rid of them before he started stinkin' the place up!
    I think Lorelei would have tossed the book if she read a word like dinglehopper!
    Its good to know that your vampires are being true to their roots (sims4 personas :lol: ) Victor did do one autonomous turn when I actually had autonomy turned on to see what they would do in that save. He turned the consignment specialist. :lol: , so, I gave him a makeover and eventually made him part of the town and gave him a little house.

    @JadeGreen Won't be too many more comments before you get to be a member. Gave you an awesome to help out. Great idea to trap the robber in the bathroom. Bad idea to rely on the cop. :open_mouth: Sims 3 cops are pathetic. Great idea to learn martial arts and add brave trait :)

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the comments. :)
    Everyone is doing a great job taking care of the babies as well as getting on with what needs to be done.
    Dag, she is a prolific writer! That is a lot of profit.
    The children all aged beautifully. The are a lovely mixture of their parents and picking a girl will be difficult.
    The in game photography camera is a pia! I don't know why they couldn't fix it to be more flexible for pics!
    haha at the assembly line potty training. Gotta do what you gotta do with triplets. :grin:
    There is a twin stroller somewhere out there, but, it is deco only :(

    @king_of_simcity7 I think you already showed those. :smiley: Perhaps you need more sleep. :open_mouth: Hope you have a good day.

    @meerkattime Bummer that you've been busy. Don't worry about playing catch up. Gosh, that would take forever that many pages back!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks so much for the comments. I used the tab button and kept lowering the camera with the q button and then moving it forward with the wheel on my mouse. Eventually got it where I wanted it and didn't even have to crop it! :smiley:

    @FabBunny Yeah for weekends! No homework? hehe
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    Finally got the next update ready to post. I'll have to find another web hosting site soon because flickr has it to where I have to 'go pro' and spend money just to be able to keep more than 1,000 photos on an account. It seems all of the good picture hosting websites are forcing you to pay just to be able to fully use their site. If anyone can suggest another site, besides imgur, that's fully free, I'd really appreciate it. I just don't like how imgur puts all the pictures out of order.

    Anyways, enough of that min rant! Enjoy this update!
    The garden continued to thrive under Deena's care. Sometimes Luna and Claude came outside to help, but most of the time, the Plumbot was the one tending to the plants.

    Luna spent most of the day at home, only going out to buy groceries and to the bookstore. She could often be found reading while Violet played one of her video games.

    Ginger was a very adventurous cat and spent a lot of time outside hunting bugs and other smaller creatures.

    Even though Violet loved her video games, she also enjoyed other activities as well. She was a very precocious child and managed to grasp the concept of more complex games, such as chest, rather quickly.

    She also really loved the Chemistry Table that her dad ended up buying for her and could often be found mixing up various potions.

    Ginger might have spent a lot of time outside, but she also enjoyed her indoor toys, especially the wall dancer and would play with it for hours on end.

    Luna and Claude didn't set a lot of rules for Violet as they didn't want to oppress her, but one rule they made sure she fulfilled was that she complete her homework after school before doing anything else.

    Violet was very musically talented and picked up the piano and guitar rather quickly. Luna wanted to sign her up for a Music Class after school, but unfortunately, it wasn't offered until students reached Jr. High. But that didn't deter Violet from continuing to practice.

    Crimson really liked to play alongside Violet using his Xylophone. He didn't really understand the music very well, but he enjoyed the noise it created.

    The triplets especially loved gathering around the piano and doing little dances as Violet played upbeat tunes.

    Claude finished a painting, which was hung up in what would be Fallon and Rae's room once they got older.

    Little Rae could often be found in her future bedroom, playing with one of the many toys inside, which was where Luna usually found her when it came time for her bottle.

    Violet made good use of her toy oven, wanting to learn how to bake so many things and maybe set them up to sell them at one of the local parks.

    Luna's least favorite part about raising three toddlers was cleaning out the toddler potties. She thought she had gotten used to it with Violet, but this was something no parent could ever get over.

    Poor Violet had a ways to go before she could be considered good at baking. Then again, the instructions on the packets were never clear. But this was the only way she could do any cooking as her parents wouldn't let her anywhere near the stove, claiming she was too young to use it.

    Much to Violet's minor annoyance, Rae also liked to visit her room and play with one of her toys as well. Still, as long as she didn't break anything, then Violet supposed that would be all right.

    Luna had never been very apt at Science in her younger years, but now she took a strong interest in it and found it very intriguing, even if she didn't understand all of the terminology.

    Claude would take the triplets out on little strolls one at a time, the order depending on whose needs were fulfilled at the time. He loved the quality time he could spend with the triplets.

    Violet was finally able to bake some sugar cookies without burning them. They were delicious, but not nearly as good as the baked treats her mother and Deena usually made. Maybe it was because they were made from some cheap processed powdered substance rather than real ingredients.

    She watched Deena play with Lady for a few moments before taking her plate into the kitchen to put it in the dishwasher.

    Violet spent about an hour working on her painting until Luna came into the bedroom.
    "Time to wash up and get dressed for bed."
    "Awww, do I have to?" Violet pouted and put on her best puppydog face, but Luna wasn't about to fall for it.
    "Nice try, but I did that so much with my parents when I was your age that I developed an immunity to it." Her firm expression softened into a smile. "You can stay up later on the weekends, I promise."
    "Really? Can I have a sleepover this weekend too?" Violet's eyes brightened with excitement.
    Luna rubbed her chin. "We'll see. I have no problem with it, but you also have to get your dad's permission too."
    Violet seemed to think this was fair because she hugged her mom, then went to the bathroom to wash up and get ready for bed.

    Once the kids were all asleep, Luna and Claude went outside to do their usual star gazing and have one of their private conversations.
    "I've been thinking of quitting my job as a Nectar Maker," Claude admitted while tracing Luna's fingers with his hand.
    Luna frowned and turned her eyes away from the stars to look at him. "I thought you liked it though." She was afraid that he would want to go back to being a fire fighter.
    "I do, but...I don't's a little boring at times and I'm hardly making any money from it. I want to do something that will get me out of the house for a few hours during the day."
    "Do you have any ideas?"
    Claude nodded. "I'm thinking something in Investigation? I'd be able to meet new people and it'd be as eventful as being a fire fighter, without all the danger."
    Luna pondered this. "I think that would be a good job for you. I don't want you to feel forced to continue with a job that you don't like."
    Claude smiled and leaned over to kiss Luna on the forehead. "Thanks, babe."

    *I was starting to get annoyed with Deena at this point. The triplets were all asleep, their other needs were fulfilled. So there is no reason for her to take them out of the crib. She totally messed up poor Crimson's sleeping schedule since toddlers will not sleep if their exhaustion isn't low enough. I actually had to do a bit of cheating to get him to sleep again, then sent her to the easel to do a large painting so that she wouldn't try and wake up one of the other triplets. This isn't the first time she's done this either.*

    Violet woke up before everyone else and wanted to practice playing the guitar, but was sent to take a shower and get dressed as it was a school day.

    Despite the constant interruptions from Deena trying to wake them up during the night, the triplets managed a good night's sleep and woke up at once in the morning. Well, little Rae was lagging behind a little bit.

    Gone were the days of sleeping in late as Luna and Claude heard the triplets, thanks the the baby monitor in their room.
    "I can't wait until their teens and want to do nothing, but sleep late," Luna complained as she climbed out of bed.
    "But by that time we'll start going through a phase where we try to get them up early in the morning because they're 'wasting the day away'." Claude smirked, before offering to be the one to tend to the triplets. It was easier to have just one adult handle them rather than all three. It prevented traffic jams.

    The next part will be posted shortly!
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    Here's the next part!
    Violet found her mom wiping down the coffee table in the theater room and approached her. "Hey, Mom, can I ask you a question?"
    "You just did?" Luna teased, lightly brushing some hair off of her daughter's forehead.
    Violet pouted for a second, but then asked what she really wanted to. "I know that there's no Music Clubs until I get to Jr. High, but do you think I could at least sign up for the Art Club?"
    "I don't see why not. I can visit the school today to sign you up." Luna loved that her daughter was taking such an interest in extracurricular activities.

    Violet had other questions while she sat down with her mom and dad to have breakfast. "Do you think I could also help out with the garden too?"
    Luna and Claude exchanged looks before looking at their daughter, Claude spoke first. "It's nice to see you taking an interest in taking care of the garden, but--"
    Luna spoke next. "But we think that maybe you should read up on Gardening first, just to get a grasp on the basics. We're not saying you can't, but we just want you to study the subject first."
    Claude nodded agreeingly with his wife. "But don't worry, you're a fast learner, so you'll be able to help out with the garden in no time."
    Violet pouted a little, but relented. After all, they didn't exactly say that she couldn't ever help with the garden.

    Luna and Claude did an old college cheer, despite never having actually been to college while Violet grabbed one of the many gardening books from the shelf and began to read. She soon understood why her parents wanted her to read up on the subject first. It really was a lot more complex than just pulling weeds and harvesting.

    Violet finally went to school and the twins were being kept busy with her toys. Claude and Luna decided to take whatever time they could to take a shower together other things.
    *Do y'all like how I artfully hid the crucial parts of Luna's nudity? :p *

    Luna was the one who had to mop up the water from the floor after they were done. She had a habit of making a bit of a mess with everything she touched.

    Claude also started on his new Investigative job today. His first assignment was a case, which involved the always mean and grumpy Nick Alto.

    He managed to question Nick's wife, Vita, who proved to be a bit nicer.
    *Actually, they're both really mean, but I always found Vita to be less of a grouch than her husband. At least in my game.*

    Deena spent most of the morning tending to the garden while also making sure that Lady didn't dig up any plants.

    With the triplets not needing anything, Luna took the time to do a little workout. She was beginning to like running on the treadmill more and more.
    *I wish the Sims had an exercise bike. I'd have her use that since that's what I use to work out.*

    Claude found Nick again and delivered the information he had found, thereby closing the case and earning a fairly good amount of simoleons.

    It was still early on in the day, but he came home for a little while to work on his logic skill as it was needed to be promoted in his new job.

    Claude didn't have to stay home long because he soon gained another job, which involved helping Jared Frio.
    *I made over both of the Frio brothers. I swear, I probably spent 20 minutes trying to fix Jared's nose before giving up. But I think it still looks a lot better than before. I also fixed his mouth a bit as well, but left everything else alone.*

    This job called for snooping in the Altos' mailbox and trash bin. There were a few times when he thought he'd been caught. But luckily, the Altos never came home during his messy investigation.

    He proceeded to show his findings to Jared who was at one of the local restaurants, which was where he worked.

    Once that case was finished, Claude came home and kept Luna company while she worked on a new book.
    "Violet in the kitchen doing her homework?"
    Claude nodded as he studied the chess pieces. "It looks like math again."
    "You know, I'm glad she has a good grasp on math because I would be useless if she decided to ask me for help."
    Claude chuckled. "Me too, babe. Especially with the way they're teaching it these days."

    Violet finished her homework and came to find her dad while her mom was tending to one of her siblings.
    "Hey, Dad? Can I go fishing? I finished all of my homework and my room is clean."
    Claude thought for a moment. "I'm not too comfortable with you going alone. Ask Deena to go with you?"
    Violet accepted the compromise and went to find the Plumbot.

    Luckily, Deena was able to go along and the two spent a few hours fishing, with Deena making sure to get Violet home before it got too dark. Violet didn't usually spend a lot of time with the Plumbot, so she had a lot of questions.
    "How long have you been with the family?"
    "I was created by Mistress Luna just two months before you were conceived."
    "But why?"
    "I do not understand. Why what?"
    "What do you do?" She would have to get used to Deena's robotic way of speaking.
    "My primary function is to keep the house clean and aide in the care of Miss Violet Sousa and her siblings."
    "But don't you get bored? Don't you want to do other things? Don't you have emotions?"
    "I have a Simulated Emotions Chip, yes. I can become happy, sad, or angry whenever I please."
    "But...isn't it all fake?"
    "I do not understand. Emotions are emotions, regardless of how they are manifested. Do humans not have a part in their body that creates these emotions?"
    Violet didn't know how to answer her. "Well, I think if you're going to be living with us and helping us, then you have to stop being so formal all the time."
    "Formal, Miss Violet?"
    Violet frowned. "Yeah, like that! Don't call me Miss Violet. From now on, it's only Violet or Vi."
    "Yes, Mi-- Violet. If that is your primary desire."
    Violet wiggled happily. She felt that Deena and she had a new understanding of each other.

    Meanwhile, Luna was busy cuddling Rae who had gotten scared by Ginger pouncing on her toy.
    "Awww, she's not going to hurt you! See? She's just playing!"
    Rae sniffled, but managed a small smile.

    Violet came home and Deena made her a cheese steak sandwich to have for dinner.

    Once the kids were in bed, Claude and Luna went outside to look at the stars together. The only other person outside as well was Deena, who seemed to love the Slip n Slide. She may have been a machine, but she did feel things and loved to have fun when she wasn't helping with house chores and the children.

    "I think I want another kid," Luna said before they went to bed that night.
    Claude gave her a look before crossing the room and cupping her face in his hands. "You know I want to give you everything your heart desires, but think for a few minutes. The house is already cramped enough as it is and we have just enough room for the kids we have now. I'd love to have one more as well, but do you think this is the best time?"
    Luna sighed. "I guess not." She'd been feeling that baby fever for some time now.

    That's it for this part! The last one will be up soon!
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    edited January 12
    Here's the last part!
    The family had Watermelon Cobbler that morning for breakfast. As they ate, Luna looked at her daughter.
    "The weekend is coming up soon. Don't you think you should ask your dad about that sleepover?"
    A sour look came over Claude's face. "Sleepover, what sleepover? Will there be little boys?"
    Luna looked at her husband. "Don't be that type of dad. I'm sure Violet has a few friends that are boy, don't you sweetie?"
    Claude force a smile towards his wife. "I'm not being that type of dad. I just know how boys think and I don't want anyone to mess with my little girl."
    "They're all seven, Claude. It's all perfectly innocent. Violet has been doing well in school and helping out around the house. I think she deserves to get a little reward."
    Claude huffed and turned to Violet. "Well...I guess it's okay, as long as you invite over a few of your female friends too. I also want to get those boys' numbers so that I can talk to their parents and make sure they don't have any dirty secrets."
    Luna rolled her eyes. "Yes, because a seven year old is going to be a hardened criminal.

    Violet decided it was best to just stay out of it. "You know what? I think I'll just take these to the kitchen." She grabbed the empty plates, wanting to get as far away from her parents as possible, especially her dad. She didn't know why he was so against her having a boy or two at her sleepover. Maybe she needed to be an adult to understand.

    Luna did eventually forgive Claude, despite his overbearingness. He just wanted to protect his daughter. He just needed to chill a bit.

    Violet found some time to finish her painting she had started a few days ago before having to head onto the bus.

    Luna and Claude found some time to relax on the bed and talk.
    "It's not like I don't want her to spend time with her friends. I was just always under the impression that boys and girls around that age didn't really play together on account of the cootie thing."
    "That may have been how it was when we were kids, but kids now don't really believe in that sort of thing. Little boys and girls play together because they enjoy each other's company. Plus I think it would be adorable if, when she got older, she ended up dating one of her childhood friends."
    A sour look came over Claude. "I don't. She's not allowed to date until she's 35, and anyone she wants to have a relationship with will have to undergo an extensive background check, complete with a cavity search administered by me."
    "You're not going to be that type of dad who polishes his gun collection while looking at our daughter's boyfriend all intimidating like, are you?"
    "You know, I just might be."
    Luna could only shake her head and hope that Claude was just bluffing.

    The couple finally managed to get dressed and found Crimson and Rae playing outside in the sandbox and promptly began to tickle and toss them in the air.
    Claude smirked at Luna. "Oh, and Fallon and Rae? They're not allowed to date until they're 40."
    Luna rolled her eyes. "Claude, please shut up."

    He managed to get rid of that sour expression on her face with a nice back rub, which turned her to jelly. Although she still gave him the side eye every now and then. Hopefully he wouldn't embarrass Violet in front of her friends this weekend.

    The triplets were left to their own devices for the most part with Deena watching over them and Luna sat down to learn a few more recipes.

    Violet had a field trip that day with a few members of her other class. She also decided this was a good time to ask some of them if they wanted to come over to her sleepover this weekend.
    "Hey, Irving, do you wanna come over to my house this weekend for a sleepover?"
    Irving shrugged. He was a bit quieter than other boys and that was part of why Violet liked him so much. He was a lot more mature. "I dunno. I'd have to ask my mom and dad if it's okay."
    One of the other students, Sandi French, rushed to get onto the bus as well, even though it wasn't leaving for another ten minutes. She peered over her seat at Violet and Irving. "What're you two talking about?"
    Violet turned around to face the other girl. She didn't know Sandi very well, but thought that maybe the sleepover would be a good way to bond with her. "Sleepover at my house this weekend. You wanna come?"
    Sandi's face seemed to brighten. "I have to ask my mom, but it should be okay." Sandi's mom was single and lived with one of her friends who was also single and raising a teenage daughter who went to the same school that Violet did, but she was much older, so Violet didn't know her very well.

    Claude's job that day involved going around the town and buttering up many of the residents in order to get the information needed from them as well as looking for clues around the salon.

    Rae found Violet's dollhouse and decided to slobber on the dolls and try and pull their heads off while her older sister was at school.

    Violet came home and did her homework first thing, although her mind was on the sleepover. She hoped that everyone she wanted to invite could come and she hoped that her dad wouldn't embarrass her either.

    That's it for this update! Hope you all enjoyed!
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    @bekkasan I had a few different ones left but I might have got them mixed up! Back home now but wok again later :(
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    @king_of_simcity7 Ugh, I used to hate split shifts!
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    @king_of_simcity7 -Great update!It looks like that group might have some who walk away.
    @bekkasan -Great update!Thanks for the comment.
    @Mikezumi -Great pictures!I'm having trouble with images loading.Thanks for the comment.Great update!
    @JadeGreen -That sounds like fun.I usually play empty custom worlds because EA's worlds are loaded with routing issues and work best for testing builds.I sometimes play short stories there as they work for shorter saves though not legacies.I also found out the game is only playable if you play heavily Modded and use the NRaas Mod version of story progression instead of the EA bugfest.
    @coco -Thanks for the comment.It's fall in my apocalypse challenge and they're also getting ready for winter which is a day away in the game.
    @gamerplaya94 -Great update!
    @Springfairy556 -I had that happen in new games because I had to set them up.It looks like somthing glitched out in your game.Great update!
    @faerie197 -I wouldn't uninstall my games from my current computer if I've got a new one even if the new one is better because it's better to have a spare computer for TS3.
    @CravenLestat -Great picture!
    @Brandontaylor -Thanks for the comment.I'm having internet issues too and pages are taking forever to load.Great update!
    @LunBeauty -I had the game hanging on save at one time after installing Supernatural from a faulty disk and I've had a number of save so corrupted that became unplayable and either threw errors or just refused to load after social workers took children away in those ones.That sounds like what happened to the corrupted save.It was likely that one of the inactive families had children taken by the social worker.
    @Nikkei_Simmer -Great pictures!I'd use the walls of windows for a green house or an art studio.That cat in your game is just like my old friend Misti who loved being out in snow and loved cold weather.Sandi was like that too and both of them hated summer as much as I do.I use the unemployed career from NRaas for welfare and set them to get a pay level for welfare payments.
    @Vincent_Vengeance -Great update!I've got my pregnancies set for 30 days to match my lifespans.
    @TinySpaceFox -I fell off the wagon too because of internet issues.Great picture!They work in part time jobs as the town is too small for full time and they wanted to have more time available for skilling and keeping the marriage alive.
    @Silverofdreams30 -Great update!
    @meerkattime -It's how everybody did things back then and that was more true for farmers who always got up before the sun to tend to chores.It's fall in my apocalypse challenge and Sunset Valley2 is the world I use for that.It's actually a great legacy world as it comes empty and you populate it manually.
    @MoonandStars83 -I can't eve go a full year without having to cut it as my hair is too tapered and needs to be cut when it's longer to start getting rid of that uneven mess.I'll really be starting the growing out after getting a bowlcut.I'd get hair past my waiste if it was like yours when you started growing it out in well under a year as my hair can grow at least an inch every month and it sometimes grows that much in a week.
    @thuggishsplicer -I hope that dosen't happen near my new home after I invest in my rurual property.Great update!
    @LunBeauty -Great update!
    @emorrill -Great picture!I've had empty community lots before in new legacies because the town's population is very small.
    @Hejix -Great update!
    @Kwsimlix -Hi there!I played from my own clean folder which had saves removed and everything else left in place.
    @imdragonit -Thanks for your comment.Great pictures!
    @Everybody -I've been having so much trouble with the internet that I fell way behind and couldn't catch up.
    Here's my apocalypse challenge update below.
    Salisbury Beach,Massachusetts-Fall-1525.
    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up and getting ready for the day early that fall morning so they wouldn't waste their day.
    Ami finished off a painting and had to sell it later in the morning after a few hours of working on it.
    Ami was lready getting ready for work as Eli finished the painting she'd been working on and sold it.
    They both ended up being ready for work and leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon.
    It was 6:30 in the evening when they got home and started to get ready for bed so they'd be in bed by 8PM.
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    @bekkasan LOL I meant my sim's birthday.
    Mine was in December.
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    The Messiah's Supporters Part 9:

    Sarah and Darwin enter the warehouse


    It turns out that a party is going on!


    Sarah gets talking to one of the girls there


    'This is a party,' says the girl 'I hope that no one saw you come in?'

    'We are hiding from the police,' says Sarah 'we where at a protest and it went wrong!'


    Sarah explains that she is a Messiah supporter and finds out that the rest of the party support him.


    'Yes, we all support The Messiah! You are welcome to come in!'


    Darwin has never been to a party like this before!


    He also hopes that it will help him get closer to Sarah


    To be continued...
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    @LunBeauty Nice updates :smile: Cute pictures of Ginger and I like how all the toddlers sit around the piano while Violet is playing it :smile: Deena reminds me of the annoying nannies from TS2 interrupting the toddlers :D

    I like how you cheekily hid the censor for Luna in the shower! :D I like Claude's background checks on potential boyfriends lol

    @bekkasan I have ended up doing three split shifts this week as someone is off sick. I have got my time off approved for next month though :smile:

    @TadOlson Thanks for the feedback and nice update :smile: Good work on the paintings :smile:
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Pearl has a party and invites Lorelei as well as a few of her friends. Lorelei arrives early and she and Pearl play games before the others arrive. She meets Gilberto Gonzalo and Theodora Jayne. They seem very nice and friendly. Gilberto and Theodora spend time dancing in the kitchen so no one can get to the food! Lorelei had some kelp in her pocket from diving earlier in the day and ate a bite or two of it.

    Lorelei never had a chance to meet this fellow as he stayed glued to Pearls side the entire time. He might be one of her coworkers or boss at the science center. The party was a success and everyone had a good time.

    Dwight feels restless and stinky and wonders how long it has been since he had a shower. He takes one and the shower breaks down just as he gets out. He was always handy and could fix most anything that broke on the ranch so he finds some tools and sets to work.

    He decides to take a walk and very carefully goes down the stairs holding onto the rail in case his leg buckles. He smells the salty air and takes deep breaths inhaling the clean air into his lungs and getting rid of the stale fumes from the last several weeks. He looks out into the night sky at the stars shining bright as far as the eye can see. It really is an amazing view, so different from back home, but beautiful and he decides maybe he could get used to it. Maybe.

    Dwight has another TV dinner for supper. Maybe it is time to invest in a cookbook. He is tired and for once in the last few weeks he doesn't drink himself to sleep. He lies in bed listening to the sound of the surf feeling his body relax as the waves crash to shore.

    Lorelei bikes home from the party and walks next door to swim before going in for the night. She notices the new outdoor lights that brighten the pool area. She does not see any lights on in the house. She shrugs and dives into the water changing into mer form as her body fully enters the water. She swims in circles enjoying herself in the warm waters of the pool. So different from swimming in the ocean and a lovely change for her before retiring for the night.

    Dwight is relaxed as he lies in bed. He is not asleep yet just in that dozing stage before deep sleep. He hears noises at the pool. He gets up and walks into the next room to look out the window. He is shocked by what he sees, or thinks he sees. A mermaid! A beautiful mermaid swimming around in his pool. No way! He rubs his eyes and looks again. Still a mermaid. What kind of trick is life playing on him now! He didn't even drink any brew this evening.

    Moving as quickly as he can with a bum leg and bad back he makes his way out of the house and around to the pool area. Empty, the pool is empty! No mermaid, no female. Nothing! He stares at the pool frustrated. He knows what he saw. Something was swimming in the pool. Something that looked like a mermaid, only there is no such thing as a mermaid.

    He walks closer to the pool and finds a couple of puddles near the diving board. Those puddles of water did not form by themselves. His leg is aching and his back is protesting so he sits down in front of the diving board hoping he will be able to get back up. He makes a note to self to buy some lawn furniture. He contemplates what he saw.
    I'm not dreaming! The water on the deck is real. I didn't have any brew this evening to befuddle my brain. I saw what I saw. But, how can that be? What does Sherlock Simholmes say? when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Someone was in the pool and however improbable it appeared to be a mermaid. He must investigate this mystery.

    Using the diving board he is able to get the leverage to stand. He walks around the pool deck and yard and finds a few more puddles leading out of his lot around the fence. The same fence he saw someone disappearing around a few weeks ago. He thinks about going back in to change clothes, but figures if anyone sees him his boxers might look like a swim suit. He studies the ground as he walks around the lot next door and finds another puddle leading toward the front deck of the house. He will make sure to meet his next door neighbor and find out what is going on. It is a little late to be knocking on doors. But first, he needs to get his life in order.
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    @LunBeauty I enjoyed the last three updates as well as the first two. It's lovely seeing how your family is doing with all the kids. Very organized. Loved the convo between Deena and Violet. Sorry, I just don't have time for long comments on that many updates. :(

    @TadOlson Thanks! Lovely update.

    @thuggishsplicer hehe, wasn't sure!

    @king_of_simcity7 Shame you missed my last update from yesterday. :cry:
    So, what kind of party has to hide the fact that they are having a party? Are those bad kids! :wink:
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    @bekkasan Will check your update now will I have the time :smile: The party is also held illegally! :D
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,156 Member
    @bekkasan Dwight seems to be using an old style PC! You don't see them these days lol

    It is a shame that Lorelei is not interested in Suzuki. :( Also a shame that Dwight is not able to ride again. Is it intended that he would become involved with Lorelei?
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    Page 3253

    @king_of_simcity7 I think it will be cool to see inside.

    @Shadow_Assassin Great update!

    @TinySpaceFox Wow, that's a very nice house.
    Five ladies that @CravenLestat made live there? Man do I wish I was a Sim, lol
    You did a great job on the room. Probably better than I could do.
    Great update!

    @LunBeauty Yep, it sure seems to help some.
    I didn't get braces but I had to get glasses in second grade. I still wear them now.
    Sound like a plan. Fallon sounds like a name for a person who wouldn't need either.
    That sounds neat.
    Lol, I can't wait to see her when she is older
    I found out there is a good lifetime reward to get to help with daycare but I didn't get it until it was too late.

    @emorrill Thank you and you're welcome.
    Thanks, she had some fun there.
    So do I. I'm trying to make her over a bit but I am keeping the dress.

    @Silverofdreams30 You're welcome.

    @hejix You're welcome. I like the mean and evil type of sims as much I as I like the nice ones, lol

    @Nikkei_Simmer Wow, River must have a special bike to do that!

    @Springfairy556 It is a pretty neat one.
    She sure has. She's kind of slacked off a bit now because of her other duties.
    He was. I didn't get too many tips because I decided to play guitar during a lecture, lol

    I hope Destiny listens to Edward and Charles.
    I loved seeing her and Edwards dance.

    @MoonandStars83 Lol, maybe that's what she is trying to say.

    @CravenLestat She looks really good. I'm glad you made her look more realistic.

    @bekkasan Awesome update!
    I feel bad for Dwight. After his injuries, he feels useless.
    Lorelai is doing well, it seems. I can't wait for her and Dwight to meet.
    I bet he'll want her to stay when he sees her.
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    Here is an update

    I moved the Conleys and the Sims I wanted to a new world.
    The New Warszawa world I think the names are-


    I downloaded the Legacy home @TinySpaceFox linked
    so this is their new home.


    Sent them out to check out the new world


    Isla enjoyed the view from a pier


    Alex decided to join her


    Enjoying the peace and calm



    Ty and Audra was not far away


    Luna and Sean visited the other pier

    All for today

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    Page 3254

    @CravenLestat Good looking sim that you made for @meerkattime
    Cool video!
    Jessie is a nice looking sim. ;)

    @thuggishsplicer She sure are dumb. At least as players, we can correct the ones under our control at least.

    @Springfairy556 Very nice video!

    @TinySpaceFox It is. Now she is close to 10, in the update I'll post a bit later.
    She did a pretty good job there. With four skills to work on, it really made the performance bar rise.
    Yeah, she was a tad bit busy. That fan will be okay though, lol :D
    Sure does, lol. I thought she might have been glitched but she was fine.
    Yep, pretty much. Just two days of work before she got a two day break though.

    @LunBeauty Cute pictures of Luna and Claude with the kids.
    Hope they both had a good workout time.
    They are so cute together, taking pictures in the nursery.
    I loved the update!

    Happy birthday, Violet!
    And the same to Crimson, Fallon, and Raeleigh!
    Nice family photo.
    Looks like Violet had a fun time.
    Amazing update!

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice to see more of the industrial area.

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    Page 3255

    @LunBeauty Loved the updates!
    They sure are a lovely family. I love seeing you're updates.

    @TadOlson You're welcome and thank you!

    @king_of_simcity7 They're lucky that they found fellow supporters. I wish the cop would have got them though.
    Nice update!

    @bekkasan Nice update!

    @Silverofdreams30 Great update!

    ***Sorry for the quick replies, ran out of time for now.
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    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile:
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    I didn't play a lot today, but an ad for real-life brightly patterned coats inspired me to make a new coat pattern for Tamsin.


    It's in my studio, if anyone wants it:
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