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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,009 Member
    @meerkattime This is for you. <3

    Hilda Bancroft

  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,009 Member
    @bekkasan That pizza looks so good,leave it to sims to make me hungry :# Pearl is a pig though inhaling it while Lorelai eats like a lady.Meanwhile Dwight misses his fourth A.A. meeting in a row and is starting to get lonely talking to vases,He needs to get out the house

    Hilda Bancroft

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,261 Member
    @Hejix That dock building is actually jus decoration. It came with Bridgeport so I used it for myself! I placed some seagull spawners to add an effect. It does remind me of GTA though, the Liberty City & Los Santos industrial areas. I do have a soft spot for these places and prefer them to the modern industrial units that the would build these days but in the UK and most places these types of areas have declined badly and are now either redeveloped with new buildings or just converted for new uses
  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,342 Member
    @emmorill Just a quick update about Showtime.
    Turning Residents into Showtime performers didn't work. None of the three attended the SimFest. However, one of the extra homeless sims I happened to have around became an acrobat and went there. I added four sims to the world and made them homeless to see if they would go, but they didn't. I'll wait for the next SimFest to see if that persists or I can't just add new performers during a SimFest.
    **I remember playing in Riverview and SimFest worked like a charm. Some homeless sims from there were the performers. As soon as I have a new update I'll let you guys know.

    @bekkasan Oh Thanks for the comment on the teens. I was trying to be dramatic.
    BTW, I organized my blog adding better links to the beginning of the story and a follow-up. I may let that part neglected later, but it's there and there will be less work later.
    **I'm curious to see Lorelei and Dwight meeting up. The light in your game is breath-taking.

    @Brandontaylor I haven't played UL for a year. I remember to remove the stove and keep just a microwave over and a fridge. People could eat without putting the dorm on fire. Those sims are too dumb.

    @afai1261 Thanks, his girls are cute. I wonder if their baby boys are too.
    Cormac looks like a very good father.

    @coco Do you mind a spoiler? Connor has just asked Selene to the prom. XD
    I ended up ignoring all that drama, it was too much work and I intend to play that save a little longer. I'll try to have a mean teenager in the future to explore the snubbing feature properly.

    @LunBeauty Awesome family shots! Claude, Luna and Violet form a very beautiful family.
    OMG I've just read that they had TRIPLETS! I had a bunch like this once it wasn't a walk in the park.

    @TinySpaceFox What a shame you can't have pets.
    I kind of control the households and the sims that can have some. Some houses simply can't have pets living. Luckily you can have the minor pets, so your sim can have a few birds and a turtle.
    **I didn't choose Liam. I discovered that he is a looser, a mooch and becaem a criminal. I think Thorton wasn't nurturing enough. Keith won and he's adorable.
    **Stephanie's workshop looks great! The house you chose is very beautiful!
    **I would be more concerned over Zelda Mae. She's an elder that wears shorts and she was strolling without winter clothes autonomously.

    @CravenLestat Wow!!! Jackie Hayward is very cute! I like the balck and white pictures and you did make a good use of that dress. Which hair does she have?

    @Nikkei_Simmer @PalmArrow I can't be pregnant and I've had cookies for dinner a couple of times. XD I do mean that, since Lunch is the main meal where I live.
    **Poor paparazzi! Do you have the cowplant from the store. I've heard people using them to eat the paparazzi.

    @PalmArrow Those bachelor parties can be pretty wild. I don't throw them at the home lot anymore because they can last more than six hours. LOL

    @Hejix That was the coolest Driving Lesson update I've ever seem! XD
    I imagined the long haired boy's voice as Kevin Murphy's. I ususlly make sure everyone's fun bar is at the max before sending them to a driving lesson. This way I usually manage to do it in one day. Have fun!
    **OMG That long-haired boy is way too much! :-O

    @Mikezumi Welcome Jay! He's very cute, I also liked that first plum hair.
    Cristopher seems to be a very handsome lad.

    @king_of_simcity7 The industrial area seems great!

    --- x --- x ---

    I'm close to finish this game-year which means that I DO need to slow down and set up my updates.
    I had enough simpoints around and I decided to buy the "Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels" when it was on sale. I also got the Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining, but I'll find another house to use those assets. Country Livin' was also on sale, but since I purchased several pieces before I think I got the full set for free. Oh Happy Day!

    I purchased the fill modern set for Ethan's house.


    I kept the original colors.

    --- x --- x ---


    Guess whose birthday it was!

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    @TinySpaceFox I was checking out Stonee206's awesome houses on MTS and my eyes stumbled upon this one! :mrgreen:

    Utah Luxury House

    Their description was quite amusing to me. :lol:

    And being a Utahn myself (not originally, I was raised in Arizona) I would have to say this house is quite...accurate in looks for the higher end homes around here. ;)

    In fact...

    Here's a couple of examples from my neighborhood. :blush: These houses are just across the street from us.

    (Similar tall, arched entryway)

    And Stucco, like they said. It's popular. :p (Is in AZ too...)


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    edited January 12
    @thuggishsplicer If you are on let me know will send her to you.. <3 And her hair is this (Below)

    Missy -O I would gift you it but just gifted my last simpoints have not added any yet


    If you have the hair write me will send her your way.
    Hilda Bancroft

  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,342 Member
    @bekkasan I really felt sorry for Dwight. He's really depressed. :-((
    I agree with Craven, he needs to get out of the house. He's obviously Stir Crazy.

    @CravenLestat I got the hairstyle. XD
    Thanks for the link. You do have an eye for these things.
    I'm kind of on now. I might start playing soon.
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    edited January 12
    @thuggishsplicer Check your messages

    @meerkattime Will send yours after done playing my other game,you are spoiled so you have to wait :D
    Hilda Bancroft

  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,342 Member
    @CravenLestat Check your messages.
    Thanks a bunch as usual, man! XD
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    I just created my first Sims 3 Music Video.I'm not used to editing videos and camera movement, so forgive me for little mishaps here and there.XD

    here's the actual video:

    I tried to incorporate some of the scenes from the music video into my video.
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    Today will be the day I finally catch up to the last complete page! Before I start though, if anyone is interested, the gigantic house I featured in my last update is called The Legacy Home. It's a 50x50 lot with 9 bedrooms, several of which are unfurnished, and it even has a pool in the back! Go download it, it's truly an amazing house, and stonee206 is far and away one of my favourite builders on MTS. Most of their houses are base-game only, but this one requires Late Night.

    Now! Here we go with pages 3251-3253...

    bekkasan wrote: »
    Weeeelllll, good morning Dwight :tongue:
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Oops, burned waffles! Don't worry, it happens to all of us. But sorry, I'm afraid chucking them in the pool isn't gonna un-burn them!
    I love that bed you chose for Lorelei! Fits the tropical/coastal theme of Sunlit Tides perfectly :)
    So Lorelei, did that book by any chance have any mention of a dinglehopper?
    Grocery delivery, that sure is handy :>
    No wonder Dwight didn't get woken up, Lorelei's out in the ocean! I'm sure she's overjoyed to know she's not the only merperson in this town :)
    Oh no, they got hearts! Bad Jarrett! And Lorelei, you might not know it but you're already taken!
    She's been swimming all night, huh? That's gotta be pretty tiring even for a mermaid!
    That's so sweet that Dwight is still in touch with his buddies despite living so far away :>
    Well they say swimming is good for the joints! You do look a little lonely in that pool all by yourself though... perhaps you'd be happy to share it with a certain next-door neighbour of yours? ;)
    Suzuki's not the one for you Lorelei! Simple as that!
    Just look at dainty little Pearl Yang, the most beautiful girl in the whole of Sunlit Tides, inhaling that giant slice of pizza! :tongue:
    Oh Dwight, that poor tortured soul :( Scarred for life, both physically and mentally, all because of one rider's stupid decision! Now he's not even going outside to splash in his pool anymore, he's sitting in a filthy house drinking brew and staring at a vase.
    I hope you don't mind me breaking the serious tone of the story here...
    bekkasan wrote: »
    ...but if Dwight weren't so seriously hurt, that pic could easily go on the cover of a fashion magazine! Actually, the side of the house, just beside the stairs, looks like a gorgeous place for a tropical-themed photoshoot!
    Yay for saving the gnome! The shark would've gotten him if it weren't for Lorelei!
    You almost got her there, Dwight! You'll catch her next time, I'm sure!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments! :> Doing feedback is tiring, for sure, but there's this undeniable sense of fulfilment when I see that my Simmer friends enjoy the comments I leave.
    I'm sure Stephanie will be fine, there's a shower in the room right next to the workshop. But I'm going to get her a handful of showers in cans just to be sure!
    In TS4, Caleb's aspiration is to be a Good Vampire. He feels guilty if he drinks from other Sims without their permission. Lilith is a nice Sim too, but she does want to create more vampires (I hope she turns someone in town into a vampire! Preferably a Sim I've moved in myself!) I don't know if it's cute that my Vatore siblings are sort of acting like their Sims 4 selves, or lame that my Caleb doesn't want to hunt Sims and drink plasma.

    @PalmArrow There is no way I'd have a bath in the same tub right after bathing my dog, even if we both had fleas!
    And now I'm craving fish and chips. Who needs all that posh food when you can have fish and chips?
    If that fancy-a$$ limo is just for the maid, then I wonder how her employer gets around town!
    Pantyhose and knee-high boots are rather odd uniform choices for a maid though... oh wait. It just hit me. I don't have Generations btw.
    Haha, nothing like a raging party to make the distinguished Mayor of Glendonnach strip down and run around in nothing but his skivvies :D
    PalmArrow wrote: »
    Callum obliged. "My dear friends, I've known Stewart for a long time and he's a real Yeti..."
    Hahahaha oh that was too funny :joy: Perhaps Callum meant to say that Stewart was legendary :tongue:
    Thanks for the comments :)

    @Hejix I'm not sure a snow day is the best day for a teenager to start up the car and take to the road for the first time...
    Oh yes Nicholas, you're gonna owe Laurel big after this lesson...
    No, don't brake when the bus is so close behind! :worried:
    I clearly remember how stressed-out I could get when I was learning to drive, so that last picture is 100% relatable. Perhaps you'd have been a bit less stressed if you'd just chosen to go on the field trip that day, huh Nicholas? :tongue:
    "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" is not a convincing argument, Dave!
    Hejix wrote: »
    "Do you want to end up in JAIL?"

    That line pairs perfectly with George's gesture!
    And Dave looks a tiny bit scared at the prospect of going to prison, but as expected he's still recalcitrant as ever...
    Geez, his behaviour is just inexcusable! Perhaps some time in jail would do him good!
    Hitting a defenceless old man now, is he? That's the last straw as far as I'm concerned! I hope it's military school that George is calling!
    Oh, I love what you've done with Catherine's room! And you're right haha, the dungeon's attracted a shadowy character indeed!
    I wonder if Dave is slandering George in his inappropriate posts?
    Thanks for the lovely comments! :)

    @imdragonit Jane kicks butt and rides a chopper! I like :>
    Ha, gotta love that makeup! Who's a good kitty now? :tongue:

    @MoonandStars83 Awww, Peeps! :) I love that tree painting in the second pic too!
    Happy birthday Gerard! :) Oh no that giraffe painting is adorable! Perfect fit for the nursery!
    Congratulations on the new pregnancy :tongue:

    @Mikezumi Aw, don't despair Pia! The only way is up!
    Unless you're Jaxon playing basketball, of course. In that case the only way is down, landing bu'tt-first on the hard gravel floor :tongue:
    (For some reason the forum doesn't censor "butt" on its own, but when you put a hyphen behind it and add another word, it gets plummed) :/
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    To be fair, if I had a tree that gave me infinite money (as long as I took care of it), I'd be jumping up and down cheering as well :tongue:
    Baby coming! And now we have a broken hot tub to deal with too. Thanks Paul.
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    Josh: I'm surrounded by idi'ots...
    Congratulations on the birth of Jay! Another genie kid! :)
    Such a serious looking boy!
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    Before he could get to the back door, Jason stopped him for a little flirt :D
    Get used to it Jay, it's gonna happen loads more times as you get older!
    Hey, Connor's here! Is he here to wish the happy parents well over the birth of their new son? Nope, just to fish. At least he's hot.
    Can't blame Josie, after all she's only learning from her dads :tongue:
    Aw, the happy couple get a table to themselves, complete with a bouquet of pretty pink roses :>
    Connor must be one happy Sim, he got himself a free dinner :tongue: But hey, at least he's hot. :tongue:
    Pia must be ecstatic being at the party all by herself, without her dads to boss her around!
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    Connor walked through the bedroom on his way to the back deck to read :D
    Give him an inch, he'll take a mile. Connor started off fishing from the family's pond, then got a free dinner, and now he's strutting around the house like he owns the place!
    Thank you also for your lovely comments, they are much appreciated :) Yes, the suit I put on Seb is CC. It's made by simtanico and you can find it on their tumblr here with a bit of scrolling. It's the Sims 4 to 3 Fitted Suit.
    Might also drop a tag for @emorrill here because, guys in suits. :tongue:
    Martin looks very handsome in it too, but I don't have any pics for now so you'll just have to take my word for it :tongue:

    @Springfairy556 I totally love Destiny and Edward's expressions too :) Good to see she appreciates what he did for her even if he did break the "you're not allowed to come" rule she set.
    I wouldn't trust Destiny not to go investigate that flight of stairs! But who knows? ;)
    Oh yes, the Phantom! Edward was totally giving off Phantom of the Opera vibes dressed like that. Can't believe I didn't pick it up.
    Charles! Trust you to pop out of nowhere like that!
    Huh, I thought the stairwell just led to something that Edward didn't want Destiny to see, and now you're telling me there's dangerous stuff down there? Yikes :worried:
    Awwww! <3 More lovely romantic screenshots! Be still my heart :) I love these two sooooo much!

    And Destiny's smile at the end, just perfect!
    Now she better be seriously reconsidering going down that stairwell!

    @coco It is indeed sad the compromises we have to make for the sake of getting our game to run well, but they can pay off massively. Honestly, I found the pets themselves a bit tedious to play (except for the horses, but those guys love to get themselves stuck everywhere they can). The main reason I put them in the game before was just because I love pets so much IRL.

    @Brandontaylor Level 9 in painting is still pretty amazing!
    Congrats to Brittany for passing all her classes :) Yep, when you get to university, just passing everything is an achievement in and of itself :tongue:
    I suppose the Ultimate Sim doesn't give out autographs! Can't help but feel sorry for that fan though.
    Wow, congratulations Brittany on graduating with an A! That's no easy feat! :)
    When she arrived home, Mack was talking to one of the townspeople and it looked like Lauren was invisible in the bushes but it was just that she hadn't loaded yet.
    You had me fooled... I almost thought the bushes were thinking about money! Happens all the time! :tongue:
    Dang, Brittany just went through uni and she doesn't even get a break! It's straight into the culinary career for her!

    @CravenLestat Jackie looks fabulous! And your choice of hair for her is perfect :)
    Sounds like she's a fan of romantic movies, but not quite ready to get into a relationship herself just yet.
    Well hello there indeed :) I love it!
    Your character recreations are always spot-on, and Kyanna is certainly no exception!
    Thanks so much for the comments and compliments :> Can't wait to see what these girls get up to!

    @king_of_simcity7 The industrial area looks old and very... industrial :tongue: It's got a strange charm to it though.

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the sweet comments, and all the best with choosing an heir! I'm glad you enjoyed the photo I shared, even if it was a little disgusting :tongue:
    Sounds like little Violet's got her work cut out for her! Have you got the Children Can mod? If so, might I recommend the kid-sized drum kit and 3/4 electric guitar from this set by Around the Sims 3? There's also lots of sweet furniture in that set (and on that site in general) so please download in moderation :tongue:

    @emorrill Aww, thank you so much for your sweet comments! No one career path is best suited to everyone, simply because everyone is different. But that's beautiful if you ask me, it's a wonder how people can find so many different ways to bring fulfilment into their lives :)
    By the way, I also saw your comment about stonee206's Utah house. The description cracked me up too! I've never been to Utah myself, so yeeeaaah, I don't know much about it either besides Mormons. But anyway I've got that house downloaded too and it's beautiful :)
    You have such pretty houses on your street! :open_mouth: Love the bricks on the first one especially. And I must say the muted colours really shine in winter :)
    Have you been getting my tags, by the way? I've noticed that I don't get your tags when you do long feedback posts that tag multiple people, but I do get them when I'm the only one tagged. :/

    I did it! :smiley:
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    @TinySpaceFox Doing some right now,If this one turns out she is yours :p but no hints :s so stop kicking me in the shins

    Only hint her name is Jessie a game remake like pic posted earlier
    Hilda Bancroft

  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,009 Member
    @Springfairy556 I approve of the ending dance :bawling: So romantic
    Hilda Bancroft

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,802 Member
    The slow dance is so romantic in the sims.I just wish they did some twirls or dips to spice it up.
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,009 Member
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    @springfairy they do....it is a hidden skill

    This isn't a mod watch this is not long

    I didn't even film them when they dance chest to back

    Hilda Bancroft

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,802 Member
    Edward And Destiny need practice then.XD
  • JadeGreenJadeGreen Posts: 17 Member
    Well Gail's adventure continues, and she truly is a cursed and unlucky sim. (I really look forward to being able to post screenshots.) She finished her term at college though still has 18 credits before she gets a degree. OFC I could have completed the term with an A rather easily while continually busting out paintings and comic books on the side, but about an hour before exams someone decided to start a fire in the kitchen of the dorm building incinerating all of the kitchen appliances (I am not paying for that). Four hours and two firefighters plus some help from Gail later, she had missed final exam and her grade to dropped.

    Nevertheless she returned home, for at least about two days while I finished out the scifi book she was working on "Space Fights Episode II: The Big Bad is My Dad!", and to finish out a couple of painting wishes and get the painting skill to level 10, which completes 1/2 of the Illustrious Author lifetime aspiration she has. Of course the first night she returned home, a burglar showed up. (I had no burglar alarm due to generally this being a new-ish save and while money is less tight now that I can make paintings worth $500 or more simoleons and make decent royalties on my books, I'm by no means rich.) but I managed to call the police and then pen him into the bathroom when he went to steal my cheap sink by having Gail sit and sketch in front of the door.

    He complained about being blocked for an hour until the cop showed up. And here's the kicker, the cop LOST the fight, and the burglar made off with about $500 worth of stuff (He got a cheap stereo, a chair and a cheap sink, but not my $4000 laptop nor the numerous >$500 paintings around my house). Then the cop proceeded to autonomously flirt with Gail, as if to add icing on the cake.

    So I sent Gail of to Shang Simla to start her martial arts training and proceeded to laugh like a seal for about a minute at the "level zero" training animation on the wooden dummy. As somebody with actual martial arts experience, I am very curious as to how accurate the animations will be at higher levels. Also, when I finish her degree, I'm going to have to be sure and put the "brave" trait on her to deal with the seemingly constant fires and burglars on this save.
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    @emorrill Who would wear gloves and knee socks while working out. Wouldn't that make you even sweatier than you want to be? :D
    Yup, he helped out! I wish I'd known that trick sooner. I wouldn't have lost so many photos with other families. :p

    @Springfairy556 Unplanned events in the Sims 3 are always the best! Most of the time, my sims end up creating their own story without any help from me. :)
    I'm sure that expression 'Curiosity killed the cat' exists for a reason, Destiny. But, oh what the heck. Find out what's down there!

    @MoonandStars83 Omg, I know I can't be trusted to leave Luna alone. I should really change the settings on that one mod to not allow such autonomous actions. Luckily, all other tries after the triplets have failed.

    @CravenLestat Kyanna was my favorite from that game. :)

    @bekkasan Eeeee, they've finally crossed paths! Sort of. I've talked to guys who seemed perfect in every way, but for some reason, there just wasn't that spark that could start a relationship. You know, deep in your heart, if it's not meant to be. I guess the same can be said for sims too. I've liked a few sims in the past, but if the current sim I'm playing doesn't have any chemistry with them, I won't force them to get together. I'd rather my sims be happy in a relationship that they want than be miserable in a relationship that I choose for them.

    @thuggishsplicer I love that set! I think I have nearly all the kitchen sets in my game. :)

    @TinySpaceFox I just checked my mods folder and I do have that mod. So, my sim kids are able to garden, perform music, do laundry, cut gems, etc. The music one is nice since Violet is a Virtuoso and has already gotten a big LTW to master her Painting and Guitar Skills. If possible, she'll be able to fulfill that well before becoming a YA.
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,009 Member
    @LunBeauty Am in game now making Jessie from it. :p You naughty girl never thought you would play that game,But forgot something so got to exit then relaunch "I iz stoopid" I made a pattern but didn't install it do it all the time too.

    Hilda Bancroft

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    I actually have 2 updates to post. The first one is pretty short and only 2 parts long, since after that I ended up portering the family to a new save and town. The update after that, which will be three parts, will take place in an Expanded Version of Sunset Valley, which I like to play because it still has all of the original residents and townies, plus residents from other various worlds.
    I also plan on having 2 'heirs' to carry on the family, a boy and a girl. This means that Crimson automatically gets it. As for the female heir, I don't know yet as they're all still so young. I'll probably choose the girl who is the best genetic mix of both her parents, or just the one who has the most interesting traits. I'm randomizing traits. I know I don't necessarily have to, but it's always been more interesting this way.
    Almost immediately after coming home from the hospital, the twins proved to be quite a handful. If one cried, wanting to be fed, the other two soon followed. In a way, it was sort of a relief that they all followed the same eating schedule. This helped the adults take care of their needs all at once.

    Since having the triplets, Luna felt flabbier than ever and started to really buckle down with her working out. She only exercised when the triplets were down for their naps to minimize the chances of her being interrupted. It didn't always work out so well though.

    Claude did some working out on his own with his Martial Arts. He'd offered to teach Luna, claiming that it would be good for her to learn some basic self-defense, but she declined saying she was happy just running on the treadmill.

    Luna loved dogs, but she also wanted a cat. After many days of searching and calling various animal shelters, she'd finally found the perfect one. Ginger was a Himalayan who loved Hunting. Luna fell in love the first time she saw her, and after discussing it with Claude, who agreed that she was kind of cute, managed to snatch her up before anyone else could.

    To keep Ginger from being hassled too much by the dogs when she ate and used the bathroom, she was given her own private area in the pantry with a food bowl and a hidden litterbox, along with a scratching post.

    Deena was such a saving grace as she also took care of the triplets, leaving Luna or Claude able to handle Violet's needs as well. Fortunately, their eldest was a bit more independent and didn't need as much round the clock care as the infants.

    Luna was now earning over $40,000 a week in royalties with her writing. Her publisher was also pushing her to write more romance novels, which seemed to make up most of her best sellers, but Luna also wrote other genres as well, which managed to make it up to the best sellers list.

    Claude liked taking pictures with Luna in the nursery. Most of the time, they managed to get the babies in the background as well.

    *No point to this picture, just Claude thinking he's hot stuff. :D Which he is. :p *

    After a long day of constantly changing diapers, giving bottles, and cleaning spit up, Claude and Luna were able to sit down and enjoy a nice meal together.

    Violet was happy enough to play in her toybox until it was time for her to be put to bed. She didn't mind sharing a room with her siblings, but she hated when they woke her up in the middle of the night, crying. Surely, she never did that when she was that small.

    Even with three adults in the house, it was still hectic in the mornings, getting the triplets fed and their diapers changed. Fortunately, they did manage to get it all done rather quickly, and Violet wasn't forgotten either.

    With Deena watching the kids, Claude and Luna went outside to watch the stars slowly fade away and the sun rise. This was something they liked to do quite often if able.
    *They were actually watching the stars, but it was around 4:30 in the morning when this happened, so by that time the sun was starting to come up. This was an autonomous action as well, which I thought was cute. :heart: *

    Ginger showed traits of becoming a bit of a piggy as she always loved to play in the puddles that the dogs dragged in from playing in the sprinklers. Of course, the water was usually mopped up not long after.
    *I know this is water because both dogs have the Steel Bladder for Pets reward and Ginger has been using her litterbox to take care of her business. :p *

    Now that it had become warmer outside, Deena was able to tend to the garden again and use the best fertilizer to give the produce the best quality she could.

    While Claude liked to make nectar, truth be told, he wasn't making a lot of money from it and it was a little too boring for his liking. He knew that Luna wouldn't want him to go back to being a fire fighter, but maybe he could do something that would get him out of the house for a few hours that was exciting, but not nearly as dangerous.

    After losing nearly all of her work last time from a computer malfunction, Luna had gotten smarter and had saved her documents on an external harddrive. This way, when her computer broke again, everything important was saved.

    She was even comfortable enough to leave the house and go for walks, often with one of the dogs. She knew that the kids would be fine with Claude and Deena around to see to their needs.

    Claude could often smell a dirty diaper the minute he walked into the room. Maybe it was because all three babies soiled their diapers at once, but he could've sworn he didn't remember Violet's messes ever smelling this bad. Or maybe he had just learned to suppress it over the years?

    Ginger also grew into a gorgeous adult cat! Luna hoped to be able to find a male cat so that the two of them could have kittens together.

    That's it for this part! The next one will be up shortly!
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    Here's the next part!
    More time passed and soon it was time for a quadruple birthday. Violet was becoming a child and the triplets were becoming toddlers. The family decided on just an intimate affair.

    Violet was an adorable little girl whose features mirrored her father's, although her nose and ears were her mother's. After letting her mom fix her hair and trying on the dress that had been bought for her, she posed for a picture. Luna couldn't believe how big her eldest had already gotten and wished she could stay little forever.

    Crimson, being the eldest of the triplets was up next. It was clear that he favored his father a lot as well, but there was also some of his mother in his features as well.

    Fallon was definitely the most unique of the toddlers, being the only one to possess Luna's rounded cheeks and eye shape. But everyone agreed that she was as cute as can be.

    Rae was also wickedly cute and also had rather unique features. All three of them had inherited their mother's brown eyes.

    A family photo was arranged and everyone posed on the bed so that Deena could get a good shot of them.
    *I wanted it to be posed on the floor, but the camera item can't scroll down to floor level unfortunately. The next family photo should have them all standing properly though once the triplets age up again. :) *

    Once about a million pictures had been taken, the adults began teaching the toddlers their basic skills while Violet was finally able to enjoy one of the video games she had received for her birthday. It was soon discovered that she had her mother's temper each time she died in a level.

    The triplets managed to learn to walk with ease and were also taught to talk and potty trained with the same amount of succession.

    They were given lots of toys to keep themselves entertained and would spend hours playing, only stopping to be fed or to use their potty chairs.

    Violet soon grew bored of her video games and approached her mom.
    "Can I please go to the school to take an art class they're having?"
    Luna considered for a moment. She liked the fact that her daughter was showing such an interest in art, just like her father. "Of course, and yes, you can also go to the Spring Festival and join in the egg hunt."
    Violet looked perplexed. "How did you know?"
    "Because I was your age once and that's what I also liked to do during this time of year. Just be sure you're back before dinner, okay?"

    Violet hugged her mom and rushed out the door, heading to the school, which was walking distance from her house. There was a little bounce in her step as she entered the building and signed up for the one hour art class.

    After the class was over, Violet hurried over to the Spring Festival and began to hunt eggs. She managed to find two fancy eggs during her hunt as well. She ended up keeping one of them and selling the other.

    Luna managed to take Crimson out for a short stroll just before dinnertime.
    *I wish there was a stroller for multiple babies/toddlers. But from what I heard, they're pretty difficult to code/create?*

    Violet came home right on time, had her dinner, then closed herself in her room to do some painting before bedtime.

    Deena sat with the triplets, helping them with their music and shapes before it was time for them to be put to bed.

    That should be it for this update! The next batch needs to be resized and uploaded, but I should have that one up either later this evening or tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling. :) I hope everyone enjoyed!
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    @thuggishsplicer and @TinySpaceFox Thanks for the comments :smile:

    Off to work after only four hours sleep :(
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    A few shots of the industrial area fore I head off: :smile:





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    @TinySpaceFox Meet Jessie



    Hilda Bancroft

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    @TinySpaceFox Meet Jessie



    She's a knockout indeed, awesome job :) Looks like Jessa's got competition now!

    By the way, no kidding, when you said her name was Jessie and that she was from a video game, I thought of this...

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