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    Hi friends. :) Feedback to come later, but for now here is the (beginning of) the next chapter in my Christmas story. :blush:

    An Aurora Skies Christmas Romance Tale

    Chapter 2

    The next day was December 1st. The beginning day of Miriam's plan.

    Ciro anxiously paced around the room as he waited for Miriam to finished getting dressed upstairs. This is insane, he thought to himself. I can't let her do this. But she's always so determined when she sets her mind on something. How can I persuade her that this is a CRAZY idea and is a lost cause?

    His head jolted up toward her direction when he heard light footsteps coming down the stairs. He blushed a little as she came towards him with that ever glowing smile of hers and wearing the attire that she was. She was dressed in a rather flattering Santa dress, wearing high green and white striped stockings. The black boots even added a nice, sexy touch. Why is she dressing like this again to see Scrooge McHodge?

    It's as if Miriam read his mind. "I know, I know what you're thinking," she said. "It's a bit much, but I've gotta wear something festive and...a little appealing so that it gets his attention and he's willing to chat with me a bit you know?" She winked.

    "I understand," Ciro expressed, wanting desperately to pull her in close so he could rub his hands up and down those perfectly formed curves. "But," he stopped himself, "I'm really worried about you doing this Miriam. This guy is dangerous and if anything should happen to you--"


    Miriam placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "This is why I asked you to come with me," she assured. "And not just because I need your car," she chuckled. But when Ciro didn't smile back, she continued more seriously. "I know Hodge has the potential to be dangerous, I'm not stupid, but...something within me keeps nagging at me to do this. I feel like I need to do this. I want to do this. I feel so bad for him."
    "Your caring heart is admirable Miriam," Ciro said, "but--"
    "Besides, how can anyone get angry at someone for giving them a gift?" she asked, pulling out the small gift from her dress pocket to show.
    "Someone like him!" Ciro stressed.

    Once again Miriam ran a comforting hand down his shoulder. "Don't worry Ciro, it's going to be ok. I can feel it. The man needs this and you know it."


    She continued. "And I'll be so charming he won't even be able to resist me."


    Upon hearing that, Ciro couldn't help but agree and smile as he found his eyes beginning to wander below her face onto something else.

    "No doubt you will," he said, admiringly, then added sternly, "but if he so much as tries to hit you or worse, pulls out a gun on you, then you run and yell out for me and I'll be there in a flash!"


    Miriam smiled with a blush. "I love how sweet and protective you are Ciro."
    "I mean it Miriam."
    "I know, come here," she said, enveloping him in her arms. "Thank you. And thank you for helping me with this."


    Ciro still felt uneasy sending her off to do this, even if he wouldn't be too far behind her.


    Earlier he strongly suggested going to the door with her, but Miriam felt that might be a little too intimidating for Mr. Hodge, so she figured it best that Ciro hide a few feet behind the trees with his car.

    As they released each other from the hug, Ciro continued to hold Miriam for a bit. His heart was nearly pounding out of his chest and he couldn't help but say it. "You know I love you right?" he said while gazing into her eyes. "You're my best friend Miriam and I'd never want to lose you."


    Miriam didn't look as surprised as he'd hoped from his declaration, but she did blush. "Aww, of course I do," she sweetly replied. "And I love you too. But really Ciro don't worry. Everything will be fine. Let's just go and do this!" She grinned, shaking excitedly.
    Ciro nodded, and with that Miriam bolt out the door for the truck.

    "You really should've kissed her," Angelica said from the desk, while scrolling through her Facebook page. "It was the perfect moment."

    Ciro glanced over at her while expressing a deeply disappointed sigh.


    It was about a 15 minute drive to Mr. Hodge's old abandoned warehouse of a home; the two friends probably would've arrived quicker if the roads hadn't been so slushy.

    Once Ciro parked the truck beside the road, he and Miriam just sat and stared at the ramshackled old place in silence for a few seconds. He couldn't tell just how nervous Miriam was and how quickly she was debating with herself whether she really wanted to do this.

    "We can always turn back," Ciro suggested.
    "I know," Miriam nodded, releasing a deep breath. "But I know that if I do that I will forever ask myself, 'What if?'"
    Ciro looked down, not knowing what to say.
    "No. I'll do it. I'm just giving him a simple gift. Easy enough right?"
    "I hope so."
    "You've got my back?"
    "Of course! I won't take my eyes off you!"


    Taking in another deep breath, Miriam released it as she said, "Okay. Let's do this!" and stepped out of the truck.

    Deciding not to waste anymore time debating, she bolted towards the warehouse. Maybe saying a tiny little prayer as she did.


    Once she stood before the door, preparing to knock, she couldn't help noticing just how much this place reminded her of a creepy warehouse straight from a Simis King novel. She tried to control her shivers of fear, but at least they could be masked by the fact that it's cold outside.

    Bravely she knocked on the slivering wood door.

    It felt like the longest 30 seconds of her life, paired with light rustling sounds coming from within.

    "Scrooge McHodge" flung the door open without any reservation and once he set eyes upon this rare guest, Miriam could see them widen a bit.

    "What do you want?" he gruffed at her.
    "Umm, Hi!" Miriam greeted cheerfully, throwing out the biggest grin she could muster. "My name is Miriam Day and you are...?"
    Mr. Hodge just stared at her with a glare.

    "Anyway," she went on, clasping her hands together behind her back to hide both shivers. "I'm here because it's officially the first day of the Holiday Season and," she shuddered as Mr. Hodge stepped out of his home to stand before her while shutting the door. "And...I was thinking of you and wanted to give you a gift." She reached for her dress pocket.

    Suddenly, Mr. Hodge chuckled and said in a somewhat mocking tone, while pointing a finger, "Ha ha that's a good one girlie!"


    "You must be new in town right?" he asked.
    "Uhh...no. I've lived here for almost two years."
    That seemed to surprise Mr. Hodge a tad, but he shrugged it off and went on to say, "Then you very well know that I don't do Christmas so move along young lady..." and he turned for the door.
    "But Mr. Hodge," she beckoned. "You're forgetting my gift to you."
    "I don't do gifts either."
    "Oh come on...I know you'll really like it," she said in a babying tone of voice.

    "I said I don't want your gift!" Mr. Hodge snapped. "Now leave!"


    "Ok," Miriam nonchalantly said while scratching her head. "But you see I feel like you're the kind of person who needs a little kindness in their life so...you may not like me stopping by, but I'm going to keep coming by, every single day until Christmas with a special gift for you."
    "To show you that I care Mr. Hodge. Just think of me as your own personal Advent Calendar!" She smiled.


    "I don't want your Christmas related gifts, or your care, and I don't want you stopping by here every day. Just leave me alone!"
    "Ok then," Miriam concluded, bending down towards the ground with the gift, "I'm just going to leave this right here and see you in the morning tomorrow."
    "No!" he cried in anger. "Don't you get it missy? I want you off my property and never come back! And if you do I'll call the police."

    There was a quick pause as the two stared each other down.


    "Then call them," Miriam said with a mischievous grin and ran off towards the truck. "Have a lovely December 1st Mr. Hodge," she called back. "See you tomorrow."

    "Urrrgghh!" Mr. Hodge grumbled loudly, hoping she would hear, as he kicked her small present clear across the yard.

    As he watched the gift fall into a deep drift of snow, he suddenly realized that once the snow melted he would have to see it again and...he didn't want that. He rolled his eyes as he headed over to fetch it. Better to just throw it away so it's gone for good, he thought.

    Once he entered his warehouse home and stood before the trash bin, he stopped and studied the present a bit; pressing it every which way, trying to make a guess as to what it could be. Maybe I'll take a quick peek at what it is before I throw it away. His curiosity got the better of him. As he ripped off the paper, falling into the bin as he did, he discovered a nice cigar now resting between his fingers.

    With pursed lips he stared at the gift and tried to remember the last time he had a good smoke with a cigar. He really couldn't recall.

    With a shrug he thought, Guess I could use a smoke, but ONLY to help me remember the good old days...


    Gotta stop the chapter here as I need to go back in game and get a few more pictures for the next part. :blush:

    Hope you enjoyed! :smiley:
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    Where did you get her cute outfit from?
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    @MoonandStars83 Thank you. When I play Agnes again, I'll change her hair :) Not sure when that will be though.
    Nice update!

    @lisasc360 Great update.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Very nice eulogy to George Bush. I was way too young to remember his presidency as I was only 1 when he was succeeded by Clinton.

    @king_of_simcity7 You're welcome.

    @Springfairy556 Awesome decorations!

    @meerkattime That's good. I hate when sims get cursed, I've only had it happen once.
    Not too much happened with her so far but she's getting there.

    @coco Thank you.

    @emorrill Wow, Miriam is a lot braver than I would be, lol
    Nice idea, bringing gifts to him everyday.
    I think she broke through to him just a little.
    Nice update!

    ***I made sure to keep extra saves of my new game so I won't lose any progress. As I said before, I am doing a story with Celeste Swanson, a sim created for me by Craven. So here is the beginning of her story.

    Meet Celeste Swanson, a new resident of Starlight Shores. Celeste lifetime wish is to become a culinary librarian so naturally she will join the culinary career.

    First day of the game and it started raining. This is the house that I chose for Celeste, which didn't leave much money left. So she sold her camera in her inventory and also sold the ITF time machine.

    Being a shy sim makes it harder for Celeste to make friends. The neighborhood welcoming committee stopped by to welcome her to the town.
    Mitch Lee: Welcome to the neighborhood! My name is Mitch Lee, and you are?
    Celeste: (speaking quietly) Celeste Swanson.
    Mitch: Nice to meet you, Ms. Swanson.

    Mitch kept talking to her, but Celeste was nervous being around a stranger. She did learn that he had a compatible sign to hers.
    Celeste: Um, so do you have a wife or girlfriend?
    Mitch: Yep, I'm happily married to a woman named Sonoco Lee.
    Celeste: (disappointed) Oh, well it was nice to meet you, Mitch but I really need to go.
    Mitch: Okay. It was nice to meet you too, I hope you like Starlight Shores.

    Celeste needed a job so she headed to the bistro to interview for the job. Luckily she got it and she took a cooking class to get a start on her work training.

    She met a man named Bryce Savage and she felt a flutter in her heart when she saw him. Somehow, she got the courage to talk to him.
    Celeste: Hello, my name is Celeste Swanson, I'm new to town.
    Bryce: Nice to meet you Celeste. How are you liking it here?
    Celeste: Good, but I've only lived here for a few hours.
    Celeste couldn't help but think about how handsome Bryce was.

    Celeste kind of wanted to get to know him better but Bryce was busy.
    Bryce: I'm sorry, I've got an acrobat show later today, and I have to be there.
    Celeste: Oh, okay, well hope it goes well.
    Bryce: Thanks, see you around!

    So Celeste just made a salad at home and ate by herself.

    The next morning came around, but Celeste wasn't very happy.
    Celeste: (thinking) Why can't I be a more confident person. I don't even have any friends here, I should have stayed in Bridgeport. At least Mom and Dad would have been there.

    But as the day went on, she brightened up a little and by the time she got ready for work, she was ready to take on whatever challenges came her way.

    ***Well, that's just the beginning of Celeste's story. Will things get better for her, or will she leave Starlight Shores to go back to Bridgeport? Find out in the next update. If anyone wants to know, her traits are good sense of humor, neat, natural cook, shy, hopeless romantic. I've kept her pretty much the way Craven created her.
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    @Springfairy556 Congrats to Ryan and Lynn! :) <3
    Pretty decorations.

    @Silverofdreams30 Love the beach pictures. Everyone looks awesome. Your Gobias is a handsome fellow.

    @meerkattime Allie looks like she is handling the mummy just fine!

    @plushtrap_107 Missed ya! I'm glad you are doing better now. :smiley:

    @king_of_simcity7 Lauren has some cute new clothes.

    @PalmArrow Cute pictures of Iris. She does look exhausted! She bundled up really good for bike riding in the snow!

    @Charlottesmom Glad that you've got some choices in programs for him. :) Thanks for the comments. :) I love those pools too.

    @Mikezumi Bummer that it is so hot right now for you. Hope it doesn't last to long and you have some relief.

    @SydneyIsJoy Congrats on the wedding.

    @Brandontaylor Sounds like a good plan. :)
    Celeste is pretty. Awesome she got the job right away. Hope she finds a few friends.

    @MoonandStars83 Cute buns!

    @lisasc360 I enjoyed the update. Cute pics.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Nice comments. :)

    @emorrill Wowsers! What an outfit! That should definitely get his attention.
    Glad to see that Ciro is going with her since he couldn't talk her out of going.
    lol at Angelica telling him he should have kissed her. I agree! Put some mistletoe up!
    At least Mr Hodge talked to her even if he didn't want her coming around.
    Oh, that was cool, he went back to get the package and he opened it!
    Look forward to seeing more of this story.
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    @coco Thanks for the comment and true :D . Allie is a tough one! But not tough enough yet :# so she's training right now ;) .

    @emorrill That's a flattering Santa dress for sure ;).
    Ciro probably should make a move now since he wants to... The girl will not be available forever ;).
    She's planning to give Mr Hodge a gift... An interesting plan.
    Lol - Miriam's dress is definitely showing her... umm, assets quite well :p .
    I'm not surprised Ciro is worried...
    Well, that confession of love didn't get the best possible response... Angelica's got a point though ;).
    Miriam is a brave girl!
    Simis King's novel :p .
    Hehe, if the man won't soften up for her showing up with a gift every single day until Christmas, then nothing will soften him up :blush: .
    Ha, he is softening up - he wants to see what the gift is :p .

    @Brandontaylor I've never had a sim get cursed, but I definitely don't want Allie to be the first one since I love that sim :).
    Rainy day in Starlight Shores... But I hope Celeste will feel at home soon and find some friends too :).
    Aw, too bad Mitch was taken already... But congrats to the new job! Getting towards her LTW... :)
    I hope Celeste will get another chance to meet Bryce :).
    Poor lonely Celeste... But that's what it's like to be new in town :/ .

    @bekkasan Thanks, she did, but she will have to practice a bit more to handle every mummy just as efficiently ;).
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    @Charlottesmom I was in such a hurry earlier that I forgot to respond directly to what you said about Patrick. I know what you mean about someone's death being sudden. I've experienced a few like that too. It's a whole different grieving process than when someone has been ill for a long time and you know death is coming. I'm so sorry you and Zach had to go through that. :(
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    Quick little replies and feedback here. :)

    @Brandontaylor I saw your friend request on the Sims 3 site. :blush: Will approve it in a bit.
    Umm, the issues Jamie and Morgana have with each other is that Jamie is boinking Morgana's husband! :p :lol:
    Nick's booing of Nancy. :lol:
    Oh yikes he decided to fight her!? :flushed: And he won?? Darn! :(
    Hey Agnes. :) I'm curious to read what story you have for her.
    Indeed! Miriam will find a way to crack the Hodge code! :p :lol:
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the beginning of the story. :blush:

    Can I make one request though? I would love to see Sam and Emma kissing under the mistletoe for Christmas :blush:
    ^I think I can do that. :blush:
    I SO wanted to do a Sam and Emma Christmas special (which I still may in the future when his story is over) but I couldn't change up the Seasons for fear of messing up the story (but now I am thinking, DUH E, you could've just done a separate save! :confounded: I swear, my brain anymore these days! Heaven help me. :pensive: )
    Ok, this made me chuckle! :lol:
    You better not make Great Bear into an re-enactment of Pompeii :wink:

    @SpringFairy556 I might surprise you by saving I've never browsed through Lana's CC finds (as I am not a regular visitor to Tumblr) but I know many simmers who do and what a tragedy it getting deleted will be for them and you. :cry:
    I liked your close up pick of Ryan gawking at Lynn coming down the stairs. :smirk: We hopeless romantics think very much alike when it comes to taking pics for the romance scenes in our stories. ;)
    He's proposing!! :smiley:
    I am SO happy she said Yes! Because for some reason I feared she wouldn't...as she seems quite addicted to her job. ;) :p
    Nice new Christmas CC. :star:

    @Silverofdreams30 I might've missed something from your past updates, please forgive me :confounded: , but gosh who does Aurora remind me of?? :confused:
    As I said before, your Gobias Koffi is... :love:
    And then @PalmArrow says the same thing! :lol: :p

    Two years is a long time to be smitten with someone and not let them know that... He might miss his chance this way... ;)
    ^Indeed. ;)
    You know, in all honesty I could be outside in the winter wearing a shirt like that - which I don't wear shirts like that, but just sayin' for discussion :lol: - and feel just fine. :blush: Because this hot natured girl sometimes tells people when they ask me, "Where's your coat?" :
    I like the picture of the foggy window and the Christmas tree behind it... Looks warm and cozy inside.
    ^Me too. :blush: It's one of my new favorite Sims Christmas pics! :star:
    Thank you for your sweet comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the beginning of the story. <3
    I guess Allie kicked that mummy's bum! :mrgreen:

    @FrigidChick I LOVE that you said the word Ridonkulous! :joy: The most awesome of people use it! :p So therefore, you got an Awesome from me on that post. ;)

    @plushtrap_107 Hey my friend. :) Sadly no, I couldn't find the links for the cutie mark tattoos. :cry: But yes, still PM me and we can figure something out. :)

    @PalmArrow D'aw! <3
    Wish my 7 year old would take naps... *sigh* :p
    Owl pillow! <3

    @Charlottesmom I didn't know Sims 4 had bird feeders. :smiley: Cool beans!
    What's this I read hear that you love picking on me? ;) :kissing_heart:
    I think it'd be super cute if kid sims could cuddle on the couch with their parents and even siblings too. <3

    @MoonandStars83 Thank you. :) Glad you enjoyed it.
    What size are you using when you get the code?
    ^Well, see, I never used the "get the code" option, (cause I didn't know about it...) I would just Right click on the image in my Camera Roll and choose "copy image address." It's nice that the image would show up that way, but it's too small for my taste. :confused: No worries though, @bekkasan informed me of how to get the code and choose which size I want the pictures to be. :)
    Hello Becky's SS! :smiley:

    @lisasc360 Yes Nathan, poopy in the toddler potty IS goo goo! :confounded:
    Is that a lips tattoo Donny has? :lol: That's not from the game is it?
    I think Donny would like to do some voodoo on Craven as well. :smirk: :lol:
    President H.W. Bush was a great man and a good President. He will be missed. <3

    @CravenLestat OMGOSH! :joy: :joy:

    @lanlyn Great to see you back and posting again. <3

    Gonna stop here at @coco 's comment on the end of page 3180. It's 11:15 and I'm BEAT! :sleeping:

    Goodnight and Happy Simming my friends. :)

    Thank you all again for your sweet comments on my Christmas short story. {{{Hugs}}}
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    @bekkasan Thank you for the comments.
    She has one friend now where I stopped playing.

    @meerkattime I got you, I don't want it to happen to any of my sims ever again.
    She's making a good start on friends, just going to take her longer.
    She's going to start reading recipes on her day off, I hope. She should get me the learn 30 recipes badge as well.
    She does see Bryce again ;)
    Yep, that's true. I know what it's like being new in town, only I was a child and had to go to a new school.

    @emorrill Okay.
    Lol, that would be the right answer, although the opportunity said something about differences in opinion on doctoring or something. It was a work opportunity.
    Yeah, Nick had a higher athletic skill. I guess Nancy needed to work out more.
    I had a good story planned for Agnes, until I lost the save. I'm doing a story with the sim Craven created for me now. I do plan on something similiar to the save I lost though, in a week or two.
    You're story is a good one, I can't wait to see more.

    ***Update will be a lot later today, it's almost 1 am and I am still on the computer, catch you all later!
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    @lanlyn , I'm glad to see you here again! :) It was a great idea to put @CravenLestat 's tomb into Sunlit Tides, it fits perfectly into the scenery.
    I'm not sure getting hearts with a mummy is a good idea, Maria! :smiley:

    @SydneyIsJoy , I've never though to place a wedding arch on the deck of a houseboat. What a great idea - it makes for very romantic pictures!

    @Springfairy556 , the decorated house looks beautiful so far!
    Do you have SimCredible's winter choices? It's one of my favourite decor sets.

    @lisasc360 , yes, the mail carriers always remain standing in front of the mailbox for a while! I suppose it's so that you can chat to them if you want to, but I never do so it's just annoying.
    Is that a forest of candy canes in the lot accross the street?

    @emorrill , "Simis King novel" made me smile!
    I'm enjoying the story so far. I must say I'm Team Hodge at the moment - Miriam seems to be crossing some lines that shouldn't be crossed, all in the bets of intentions. I wonder what their next meeting will be like. Her outfit is lovely!

    @Brandontaylor , aww, don't give up after just one day,Celeste!
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    I have not posted that many updates about this save,
    I think 3 hehe. I enjoy your Christmas story, Ciro seem like a great guy he thinks about
    her best Mr Hodge seems very mean towards her.
    Great job.


    Great job on Celeste, the new
    save seems fun and yes it is good to keep at least one more of the same save
    in case something goes wrong, I have learned the hard way too hehe.


    I enjoyed the update.
    Taking naps is good I like that hehe.


    Thank you


    She looks great as a YA


    Enjoyed the update, he's a cute toddler


    I love the first photo such a Christmasy one


    I have missed your posts, nice to see you back


    Thank you enjoyed the update nice to see one
    from you.


    He can look great while aged down and edited a bit hehe.
    I'm trying not to control them both too much I will see what she decides to do.


    Thank you

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    @lanlyn I missed your post last night! I'm sorry. I'm glad to see you tried out @CravenLestat tomb. I have not had a chance to try it yet, work has been busy this week. He didn't answer my question about stuff I might be missing since I don't have Pets or Seasons in my system and the download said I was missing stuff and things would be replaced.
    Love the picture of your sim pulling out a fire extinguisher to put out his fellow adventurer's fire! :lol:

    It sure was quiet overnight on the thread! I know things are busier for me right now with work so less play time. I hope I get some free time over the weekend and can post an update. Have a sims withdrawal! :lol:
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    @meerkattime Thanks for the comment :smile:

    @coco Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    Small update from yesterday: :smile:

    Carla likes Lauren's new dress


    She is proud of her daughter


    Jaso has arrived to take Lauren out


    They are ready to start a relationship


    Lauren wants to set her younger brother up with Jason's younger sister


    They have a small date of their own

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    Decided to mess around with Sharon (Female Plant Sim from Uni) for the last few days. I had started a save with Sharon and Shea (Male Plant Sim from Uni) and had two forbidden fruit seeds planted (their babies) and my game cra*pp*ed out (this was a few years back) wanted to give it another shot... ;)

    Sharon...and her "mate" Darian.


    No freaking hearts...GRRRRR! :s (I NEED hearts!) okay so I decided she would reluctantly mate with him then. My fault, I forgot to check traits before I set them up, they finally gave in and started liking each other after a few hours.


    I got two seeds out of them right off..


    I had winter turned on so turned that off and cranked up summer so I could plant the seeds. in the mean time I built a greenhouse thinking I could plant the seeds in there, nope filled with snow, so I put in a wood stove...


    So while Sharon and Darian were at the library reading about gardening (she needed to be a level 7 to plant the seeds) their greenhouse burst into flames...I just shrugged and let it burn. their neighbors were going nuts however... :lol:


    It eventually burnt itself out.


    The witch and her brother were at the library too... Bo got long distance hearts for Sharon, that would have grossed me out (seeing as though he is my male SS version) so the brakes were put on that.. :flushed: .


    Then My Matty walked in....no hearts but big whoop, he would be daddy number two.


    It took a LOT of coaxing as Matt was not into Sharon in the least. Stupid males!! He's obviously thinking he's going to need to be pretty plastered to get with the green chick.


    Connor got hearts for her... :lol: (I missed the picture but he did get them).


    Come on you two LIKE each other dang it!! they were up to best friends and he accepted flower kisses but rejected all other attempts at heat of the moment kiss...5 separate tries (not in a row)!!



    He'd get all doe eyed and flirty...



    "Buzz off green girl!!" (rejected flowers that time)


    Accepted flower kiss:


    Finally a nice kiss...then we were off to the races..


    Saw these four just staying around the same place in the middle of the road all strays, normally I leave strays be but all 4 had fleas!! They were immediately added to the household..


    Poor puppies and kitty, coated with fleas!


    They all got baths and are flea free and spoiled members of the family. I decided to leave them as is looks wise.


    Darian loved them all being an animal lover..


    Matt was invited over to "fulfill his destiny" :wink:


    They got right down to business...






    2 of Matt's seeds and 2 of Darian's were planted and a few days later they were ready for harvesting.


    I had no idea that the person harvesting them is what they would look like @Mikezumi told me when were were discussing plant Sims after I had Sharon harvest all the kids. I would have had the dads do the harvesting of at least one of their seeds, the girls were both carbon copies of Sharon, but would have liked some variety as the boys were both duplicates too.


    Wound up with two girls from Matt and two boys from Darian...


    Aged them right up named them and gave them minor tweaks so they would look different, no idea why I did all this as I'm deleting the house next time I play.

    Alicia, Matt's daughter:


    Bree, Matt's daughter:


    Calvin, Darian's son:


    Dane, Darian's son:


    Cute little buggers!



    Bree and Alicia:


    All got IF's!! :smiley:



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    Gosh I fell behind on posts.:( I just not feeling well this week.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
    Feedback time... :smiley:

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! :kissing_closed_eyes:

    L/A to all.. :smile:

    @Silverofdreams30 , Looking good Ty!!
    **Your Thornton is gorgeous!

    @Brandontaylor , Bella can be improved, her eyes are too huge and she needs surgery on those dang lips but besides that she's not horrible. I just don't like her with Mortimer...they don't mesh well in my saves.
    **Just bring her into CAS and do some minor tweaks, you can do it! :smiley:
    **Now you're talking! Nick, Thornton and mean old Vita...okay she's too mean to Holly in your save but still, great to see them.
    **I barely ever play with the Landgraab's looks like you're having fun with them.

    @king_of_simcity7 , I really like that CC hair on Shelly!
    **Cool playthrough of Craven's tomb.

    @polrbear , I hope you get your CC to work like you want, it would be cool to make the item usable. :smiley:

    @Karritz , Geewiz you have a lot on your Simmy plate! :flushed:

    @CravenLestat , That looks like an awesome tomb build!! :smiley:
    **Both of the Brady Bunch movies were great! I would never trust a free movie site though.. bad news normally.

    @PalmArrow , LOL!! I love the look of Iris as a child, cute with attitude.. :lol:

    @AlexaMich , Sorry about your friend's death. :cry:

    @MoonandStars83 , The dude in argyle is Parker, he's shrugging, thus neckless...just a poorly timed picture.
    **Crazy cat ladies are cool!! :lol:
    **Your new household looks pretty interesting.

    @Mikezumi , Adorable picture of Jason picking up Josie, so cute the dad and daughter!
    **I just sat and watched the learn to walk with my plant sim kiddos, it's always so fun to watch that action. (for a few minutes then I FF through it.. :wink: )
    **I Adore the jellybean bush!! Jellybean ghosts are gorgeous...I need a whole town of them. :wink:
    **I really had fun with the fake update...you can probably tell. >:)
    **Poor Josie falling on her bu*tt!
    **Jamie needs to be flirting with Thornton...she does it like crazy in a new save. I really look forward to playing the Thornton/Jamie/Jared/Morgana triangle plus one (quadrangle??) out.

    @meerkattime , Caroline kissing Grim was pretty gross but she starting flirting with him so I went for it.
    **I've only paired up Connor and Jamie once before...back when I really hated her. she's not so bad now....for a little while.

    @Springfairy556 , Things sure are heating up with Lynn and Ryan!
    **ClipClop...cool name for horsie number 2.. :smiley:

    @TadOlson , Nice update showing the CC.

    @Tunic626 , Nice to see you back! :smiley:

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,596 Member
    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the feedback :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,137 Member

    Thank you, I enjoyed seeing the plantsim story, never played with them myself.
    I also enjoyed your recent misunderstood story, poor Connor though.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,322 Member
    @bekkasan -It's just that they've begun to change to warmer clothing and it was still warmer out earlier in the fall though it's now mid fall and the weather is getting colder now.
    @Tunic626 -Hi there!I've been playing an apocalypse challenge in Sunset Valley2 and it's currently mid fall there with my settlers getting ready to survive their first winter there.
    @Brandontaylor -I've had teens enabled for household heads for a long time now as they sometimes have to move out of an overcrowded family home to let the next kid have a bedroom.Great update!Great start!
    @SPringfairy556 -Great update!
    @Karritz -I'm adding that new CC to make sure I don't get tempted to start cheating with money.
    @king_of_simcity7 -Great picture!Great update!
    @Silverofdreams30 -Great update!
    @Charlottesmom -Great pictures!Thanks for the comment.
    @HarryJacko10 -Thanks for your comment.I've got an apocalypse challenge going in Sunset Valley2 and the settlers are getting ready for the first winter there now.
    @polrbear -Great pictures!
    @hugfromhannah -Hi there!That challenge sounds like fun though adding the Grim Reaper to your household can really break the game now.
    @CravenLestat -Great pictures!
    @MoonandStars83 -Great update!
    @Mikezumi -Great update!
    @coco -Thanks for the comment.
    @emorrill -Great update!Scroge sounds like something bad ruined his life and it might've happened in childhood.
    @plushtrap_107 -Hi there!
    @PalmArrow -Great update!
    @SydneyIsJoy -Great update!
    @lisasc360 -Great update!I disabled the cheating flirts in story progression under caste options and sim options by setting three settings to -100% chance for cheat flirts,affairs and discoveries.
    @Nikkei_Simmer -I was also in the late teens at that time.
    Here's another S30C update below.
    CLoned Flooring being made.
    Here's my first cloned flooring.
    It's another cloned brick floor.
    I decided to make them cheaper for sims.
    I was trying to build and my flooring options were still too limited by pricing.
    I also want more flooring options to be free as well as to have cheap options.
    All of the floors cloned so far are brick ones.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,137 Member
    edited December 2018
    So I did another edit of another SV townie ( thanks @PalmArrow )


    Cyclon Sword
    Post edited by Silverofdreams30 on
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,985 Member
    Thanks! Yup, he proposed.Wasn't sure if she'd say yes, but she did XD
    Looks like Allie handled that mummy lol.

    Yup, Ryan's making lovey eyes at her lol.
    Thanks! One of my fav hairs.The springs are actually a swimming pool
    the world creator made to look like natural springs! lol th giant snowman is kind of creepy.

    I forgot how pretty aurora skies is!
    pretty xmas decorations! Why do I have a feeling
    those two are gonna develop feelings for each other? XD
    Yeah, I use lana's CC all the time to find my medieval stuff.We're all
    currently fighting tumblr about it.
    She's still addicted to her job.XD
    Ciro seems like he really cares for her.I'm routing for him.I really hope she decides to be with him.
    However, I kind of feel like this is gonna be like beauty and the beast.XD

    Thanks! I love taking sunset photos.
    I love Iris's bedroom, love how you placed the bed.
    Sounds like she has a rough sleeping pattern lol.
    Can school really be cancelled? :open_mouth:

    Wow! look how clear and bright that water is
    beautiful shots!

    Yup.Well back in together.She was "staying" at his house prior to the eruption,
    then decided she overstayed her welcome after they rebuilt.But they both missed each other...
    OMG! Plant sims! I have yet to see them in my game and that baby plant is the cutest thing every!
    Thanks! He he came with the name ClipClop.XD

    Thanks! Ryan is a romantic person.
    Though after his first wife and two kids died, he kind of
    lost that trait..until Lynn showed up lol.

    More happiness for now.

    Her face she's making at the dirty diaper lol.
    "Poo Poo" :D Your sim's house looks very nice.
    Hopefully no burglars will show up.
    I hate when my sim dogs wake my sims up lol


  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,596 Member
    @TadOlson Thanks for the feedback :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,137 Member
    edited December 2018

    Thank you, its a water mod from brntwaffles sunlit tide water.
    Congrats to their engagement so wonderful.


    Thank you

    Here is today's update


    Afternoon scenery


    Aurora decided she wanted to go windsurfing.
    I left her alone and moved over to Jeromy, after a while
    I found her back at the beach lol.


    When I moved over to Jeromy he read a book,
    he is a bookworm.



    Then he cooked dinner


    And had a bath


    Before bath, he worked out a bit

    All for today

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