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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
    @meerkattime Thank you! :3

    @bekkasan It's one of my favorite colors too! :open_mouth:
    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
    I did it! :smiley: 3k wooooooo
    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,367 Member
    edited September 2018
    @emorrill Happy 3000th pages! Thanks for hosting the most fun, and friendly thread on the forums. It has been lovely getting to know so many lovely simmers that have been on this thread since I unlurked back in 2015.

    oops...I almost forgot the cookies. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
    @emorrill This place is like one big happy family thanks to you! Congrats on 3000 pages, my dear! :heart:
    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,836 Member
    HAPPY 3000! :D

    Although I made a couple tiny comments before this to specific simmers I remembered from the old forum, November 2016 was when I first became active here after a two year break from simming. I forgot to take note of the page number but it was in the 800s.
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    I haven't posted in this thread in a long time. I have, however, been looking in from time to time. I will make a few comments for now and when I get my act together will share some pics of my current game.

    @BrianAndree Supernatural Roomies looks like a very entertaining game. I am currently playing a family of vampires, something I haven't done in years, and am enjoying it :)

    @ts1depot The stretched toddler is rather freaky!

    @coco Sun Young and Saville are lovely. Great pics of their adventures :)

    @PalmArrow Congrats on the birth of Julius :) Your family looks lovely :)

    @EverGreenLife Elise is beautiful :)

    @CravenLestat Jennifer's outfits are gorgeous :) Lovely pics of Sun and Hui!

    @Coronon The guy with his hand in his mouth cracked me up! Your simself and Susanne look lovely :)

    @Charlottesmom Those patterns look great on that dress! I tend to stick to a few favourites I have downloaded over the years. I should hunt around for more. Great shirts :)

    @lanlyn Great pics! The patterns you have used suit a mermaid very well :)

    This was my first picture post
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    I loaded Bridgeport with the intention of snagging a few sims to makeover for a fresh save for my 4th generation family. While I had it open I was tempted to start a save with Beau Merrick as he has been a favourite of mine for some time. I added Josh, a sim I made a while back, to be his partner. They hit it off immediately and before I know it they autonomously married. I had Beau turn Josh because it would have been tragic for him to die so early in their marriage.

    After the birth of their daughter, Scarlett, I had them move to a house as I know I have a tendency to have big families and the apartment would not have cut it. When they were expecting their second child, I added my simself to the save to act as nanny. The second child was a girl, Jade.
    Their third child, Tyrian, is still a toddler.
    Scarlett just aged up to teen while I was playing this morning and I think she is very pretty :)

  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 996 Member
    edited September 2018
    Hello 3000! :smiley:

    Let me start the ball rolling now, because goodness knows if I’ll be able to come on the forums while I’m on the farm.

    This was the first pic I shared here when I really started participating (leaving feedback and reading others’ posts). This was from early in the year, I believe (late January-early February). I might not have been here a long time, but I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve made, and the insightful, engaging, funny, amazing, posts I get to see here :>

    Anyway, the Sim in this pic should come as a surprise to no one :tongue:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,197 Member
    Feedback and Replies from page 2997:

    @CravenLestat I remember you first posting pics of your Harley Quinn lifesize doll. :smirk: But yeah, jeepers! I couldn't have her staring at me like that in my bedroom! :flushed:

    @Springfairy556 That is so odd. :confused: I've never heard of anyone doing Shaka Bra that much, especially with another sim around. It might be some sort of glitch...

    @emorrill I have started listening to my 90s playlist in the car now because of you :lol:
    Aww. <3
    3 Doors Down is a band that will always hold a special place in my heart as they were who my husband was listening to in Iraq and he sent me THIS song of theirs in an email and it brought me to tears. :') In mostly a good way. <3 It's so beautiful! Give it a listen, paying attention to the lyrics and how it correlates to where he was...

    I seriously listened to it everyday for a while after that. <3 <3 <3
    The first 3 videos you posted for me are not available in the US. :(
    That Crash Dummies Song makes me think of Dumb and Dumber and...Weird Al's parody of it. :lol:
    I don't think the VEVO video will show up in your region... :( Hope this does. It's hilarious! :lol:
    Looks like you just may be awake for page 3000. ;)
    Thank you and @plushtrap_107 for letting me know how many posts until it bumps a page! :smiley:

    @Mikezumi Lol! :lol: It would be super awesome if Costco opened up in our small town... Business would boom there I'm sure!
    Ohhhh yeah Yumi IS Sam's grandma. :lol: Whoops!
    Thanks for the reply. <3

    @Nikkei_Simmer 50 ain't old! (More like 80) And remember, 50 is the new 40. ;)
    Your sense of humor is very much like my husband's it's funny! :lol:

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice new guy. He looks a little too much like the Squire though. ;)

    @meerkattime Yay that you got my tag! :smiley: Thanks for letting me know.

    @EricasFreePlay Thank you sweetie, but...
    That problem happened 3 years ago and I have sense then remedied it. ;)
    I seriously backup ALL my stuff now!
    It's all good. I appreciate your sweet comment. Welcome to the thread. :)

    @ZhakiraP Medieval family! <3 I need to do one someday.
    Nice Arthur Pendragon. :blush: However this one is mine:
    <3 <3 <3
    You've watched Merlin right?

    @PalmArrow It will definitely help me feel better. <3 Thanks.

    @MoonandStars83 Awww, you are too sweet creating that playlist! :mrgreen: I don't have Spotify, but I guess I should sign up!

    @Charlottesmom Welcome back. ;) :kissing_heart:
    (Don't worry about feedback too much, it's ok. <3 )
    Snockered! :lol: Never heard that word before. #Mormonproblems
    Jasper and Edward are cuties. :)
    I'll check the stories section soon. :kissing_heart:
    4 more posts now!! (3 after mine) :mrgreen: Eeeeekkk!!!
    WE HIT IT! :mrgreen:

    @Emily4331 I wonder why SFS is doing that? Because it happened to me too the other day. :grimace:
    Love the pics you shared! :star:

    @Karritz I thought it would've hit 3000 by the time I woke up this morning too. I can't WAIT any longer! :p
    I noticed the page acting up too and I hope that it's just the fact that so many of us are on here AT ONCE for the celebatory page. :confused:
    Here's to hoping!

    @bekkasan Update! Yay! :smiley:
    The guys working out. :love:
    The dress shop is super cute! :)
    Lots of frills on that first that the right word? :confused:
    LOVE the second one. <3
    The dress she (Jennifer) chose, wow. Showing off those legs! :smirk: Marshall will want to rip it off her. :p
    I wish that Store dress didn't have blue on it...
    Oh Marshall is totally checking out Jennifer's tush! :lol:
  • plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    edited September 2018
    @emorrill, any time :3 It's nearly 1am here but I had to stay up :p

    Happy page 3000 everybody :smiley:

    Here is the first ever photo of my Sims! June 9th, 2016.
    It's Team Galactic :p From left to right, Jupiter (I'm not sure why she is wearing glasses), Cyrus (looking very 1950's), Saturn and Mars.

    Talking outside their first house, the Monotone.

    I accidentally moved the cooker and didn't know how to put it back :D

    My first Sim kids. Ceres, Clifford and Pleione. Ceres is Saturn and Mars's son, Clifford is Cyrus and Jupiter's son and Pleione is Cyrus's adopted daughter.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,997 Member
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,367 Member

    My first story I shared was with Bekka and Patrick. Someday I might get it finished. :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,836 Member
    Because I went out yesterday and then spent the rest of the day with my son I only opened my game briefly in the morning to work on one of my old sims.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,393 Member
    Happy Page 3000.

    Back to Simming - and other things.

    Happy Simming
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,997 Member
    edited September 2018
    My very first picture was one of Jared, I remember having to ask for help posting because I had no clue how, that picture is etched in my brain because I kept messing up! Unfortunately that picture is long gone (well it’s being held hostage on my first photobucket account) so here is a new one, Jared with a sunburn showing off his tushy, taken today....

    My first post was in November 2015...

  • plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    I have to go to bed now but I have given everybody awesomes :smiley: Good night everyone and take care :3
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,197 Member
    Y'all are starting with the posts already! :mrgreen: You're wonderful!! <3
    Here's mine.
    (Forgive me while I munch on some cookies while typing. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: )

    I started this thread 3 years ago in January of 2015. (Remind me to celebrate the 4 year anniversary in January! :astonished: )

    It was my first time getting into the I was very nervous to start a new thread. :cold_sweat:

    I had to know how others played their games because I knew they would be entertaining to read about :lol: and so I started my thread with a simple question... "What Happened In Your Game Today?" (Not long ago changed to "What Happened In Your Sims 3 Game Today." :blush: )

    Going back and reading my very first post (In Spoiler) brought chuckles and a giant smile on my face. :grin: See, I've always been telling you guys how much I love to play out a bunch of drama in my games. :mrgreen:
    Hey everyone. :)
    I've been playing Sunset Valley (along with the W mod) and I just made some CRAZY things happen yesterday and today with the Langerak Family. Hee hee ;)
    Well, I thought I would pick on this family for the fun of it. They seemed to have some dysfunction going on. Iliana (the mom) is a workaholic, Dustin (the dad) is lazy but loves family (he was in the criminal career when I started playing them. Not a good suit for his personality so I made him quit. He now has a part-time job at the bookstore). Their daughter Kaylynn seems to take care of everything while her older brother Parker, rebels and pays more attention to wooing girls than anything else. And to add craziness to the family, Iliana's sister Zelda Mae needed a place to live so, in she went. That is the original story of this family.
    Now for what I did to them. Lol! ;)
    Iliana didn't like how much of a slob Dustin is and he in turn didn't like how much of a workaholic she is. And little did Iliana know that her husband and sister were...doing a lot of romantic things in secret while she was at work. ;) Well, for a while she didn't know but then she was able to catch on. In anger she turned to her secret crush from work (Thornton Wolff) and begin having romantic relations with him. Meanwhile the kids are not exactly sure what has been going on...and Dustin and Zelda Mae had a risky woo hoo one night. Zelda got pregnant days later. At this time Dustin decided he had enough with Iliana and divorced her. Iliana then moved in with Thornton. Later, minutes before Zelda went into labor, Dustin proposed to her. The kids were pretty happy about it, they never saw much of their mother anyway. (Funny, this new baby would be their half-brother AND cousin...weird. ;) )
    A baby boy was born and they named him Link (sorry, I couldn't help myself ;) ). Dustin and Zelda go off on a honeymoon and leave Parker and Kaylynn to care for the baby and the home while they are gone. (Seriously?) Well, Dustin asks the girl he's had a crush on for a while to Prom (River McIrish) and they go together and end up falling so hard for each other they become boyfriend and girlfriend. The next day, with the parents still gone, Parker is DYING to see River again and goes over to her house. They get frisky and...I'm pretty sure River is pregnant. Lol!
    And that's where I left my game for today. Had to get back to reality. :)
    I love how I can screw up sims lives or make them do things I would NEVER DO!!! It's so much fun! ;)

    So what happened in your game today? Can we keep this thread going for a while? :)

    ^That question in Bold: Little did I know just how LONG this thread would keep on rolling. ;) And never had I imagined the friendships I would make along the way. <3

    I'm not going to cry I swear!!! :'-) *sniff*
    ;) I'm ok!

    Anyway, looking back at the first few pages the very FIRST photo I posted was one of a simple makeover I did on RIVER MCIRISH! :astonished: ( Yes @Nikkei_Simmer You heard that right. ;) I even surprise myself. But when you read my first post^^^ you see why. )


    I dug around in my very old photos (that I actually SAVED thank goodness because I rarely ever took photos of my sims until I joined this thread! Shocker, I know. ) and found these two of Iliana and Thornton getting cozy in their love affair. :p



    The kiss. :blush:


    And the drama only continued... :naughty:

    But anyway,

    The First responder on this thread was @KayeStar who coincidentally has the coolest avatar and siggy piciures! :mrgreen:


    The first forum regular responder was @TadOlson :blush: Do you remember this?


    On Page 2 we saw the introduction of @MamaSimTee and @CravenLestat <3

    On Page 3 we met @Jillbg and got a glimpse of her fantastic Grey Witches story and it was the first time my dear friend @ACB44 posted, I miss him/her dearly and wonder how they are doing in medical school. I'm sure they've finished by now. :star:

    Also on this page I expressed my woes of losing ALL my saves to a computer update that happened when my game was minimized. :flushed: Never ever ever again did I allow that to happen!
    @Igazor made his appearance and sent me a very friendly and informative message regarding that. :blush:

    On page 5 Another dear friend @Enchantedprey started posting. She was a fan of my Holland Family Story and I miss her. I wonder how she is doing...

    On page 11 we find @lanlyn 's first post on here. :blush:

    And the fun just kept on going from there to this page 3000!!! (I wish I could find where you ALL first posted, but if you can, do share. <3 )

    The comments keep popping up so I am going to post this before it doesn't show up on page 3000 anymore. :lol:

    All I can say is...THANK YOU my friends. <3 Thank you for making this thread what it is today. :) Thank you for your wonderful gameplay stories, your lifelong friendships, and the way you enrich my life. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}

    I luv you all!!! <3
  • cocococo Posts: 2,145 Member
    3000!! :star: :sunglasses:

    I’m not on my pc so will have to share pics later but my first post here was in May 2016 on page 590. I rambled about my slow progress but I’m still playing the same sims so I guess my progress got even slower lol. It’s a pleasure to come on here every day and see all of your unique stories and sims. I’ve made some good friends here :heart:
    coco wrote: »
    I'd love to post some pictures but I can't so I'll just basically summarise what I've been doing lately. I've been playing the same family since 2010 and I'm up to generation 10 now so it's pretty slow progress. One of my gen 8 sims Charlotte, unexpectedly died right before her daughter gave birth to twin girls (as soon as I loaded the game too!). Anyway, about a sim-week later I was taking Charlotte's husband and daughter to the graveyard to mourn. They had a great time catching up until just as they were standing right in front of the tombstone, Charlotte's husband Laurence expired!! I couldn't believe it. So my sim Emiko in just a few game days has lost both parents and had (unexpected) twins. Just when I had gotten rid of that pesky moodlet where they cry all the time.. It's back.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,197 Member
    Alright, I've got the music playing...

    Brought some more cookies along with @bekkasan 's and @MoonandStars83 ;)


    And some pies for @CravenLestat :blush:


    Join me in dancing and eating cookies everyone! :smiley: To the biggest and bestest thread on the forum! :star:


  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    Just dropping in to join the 3000 page fun! Here's to everyone's awesome posts! :D

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
    edited September 2018
    I uploaded the mermaid top and another version of my first bikini, but now fully customizable (no longer just the USA theme :smiley: )

    Mermaid top for reference:

    (this version should have an improved middle seam, btw and be improved in general. This is a pick of version one, which I fixed a long time ago :tongue: )

    So here's the mermaid top:

    And the bikini top and bottom:
    Post edited by Emily4331 on
    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 1,045 Member
    @bekkasan I enjoyed watching the girls choosing wedding dresses. I agree with them - the first dress doesn't look good at all, but the one Jennifer chose is very beautiful <3. Alice is going for a more traditional look but she looks great in her dress too. Cute flower bouquet.
    Congrats to the pregnancy!
    @plushtrap_107 I’ve only seen 3 episodes of MLP so far so I think my favourite pony might still change, but at the moment it’s Fluttershy. She’s lovely with her animal and nature love :).

    @emorrill :star: Happy page 3000!:star: I love this thread :). I had no idea you started it as soon as you joined the forums :o .
    :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
    I've had fun reading everyone's memories :blush: !
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
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    Got updated pics of the downloads + one I wanna know if you guys want.
    The mermaid top:

    The USA bikini de-USA'd and now fully pattern-able :smiley:

    And I wanna know if you guys are interested in this plain bikini I converted. :smile:

    Obviously my model had to be Yasmine so you could see just how "more to love" she is. :lol: My gosh! What a cow, this one.
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    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
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    My first post in this thread seems to be on page 38. It seems I'd been reading the thread and someone was paving problems with sunken lots so I just had to pop in and mention a cheat that could solve the problem. It was April 2015. That was just a few weeks after I first got my CPAP machine and I was not at all well at the time and it's been a long period of slow recovery. But I'm still improving and life is getting better and better all the time.

    Then a few posts further down I added a picture of one of my weddings - people had been posting about their sim weddings.

    I didn't seem to have much to say about it at the time - just let the picture do the talking.

    I held a wedding and it worked.


    This picture led to a discussion on the stained glass windows and how the sims make them in game with the glass blowing set from the store.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,767 Member
    Can' :lol:



    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
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