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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    KaylaNRKaylaNR Posts: 7 New Member
    Today on my legacy family I had to move my founder sims brother in law and his ex-butler side out. I had planned on keeping them living there for a while since both female sims were pregnant and i wanted their children to grow up super close at least until the toddler years were over. BUT my game threw me for a loop. My founder gave birth to twin girls. So I quickly went to edit town and found other accomadations in town for the in laws and their future child. Lol, sometimes the game likes to throw a monkey wrench in my story plans.
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    Long update ish

    Leisure Day fun:

    Matrix moves :tongue:



    And a large amount of makeovers :3

    I'm having Yas throw parties for mass makeovers. Think like those Mary Kay parties.

    First, we have Bianca Rubble:


    Marina Prattle:


    Diana Jones:

    She's my favorite of the bunch :heart:

    Matilda Smart:

    I wanted to keep her quirky fashion sense.

    The next day...

    Jessica Talon:


    Li-Anne Sun:


    I think she liked it. :lol:

    Clara Castillo:


    The only person who disliked theirs was Marina. :tongue: Pretty good if you ask me!
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,442 Member
    Okay...back to feedback...hopefully that virus is off the darned computer now. Edit: Successfully got rid of that blighter.
    Page 2694
    @Mikezumi - Awesome kick, Cain... Nice evasion move, Kenna. :D
    Lonnie's pretty chill with two ghosts talking in the background... considering he just joined the family. :D
    Congratulations to Rory and Marisa.
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer Poor Haruo has a case of the shrinks - happens when one gets old ;)
    Considering today... I think I'm going to go look in the mirror. ~worried look~ I need to start counting backwards.
    I can just imagine Lachie's "evil" laughter. I take it you remember Evil Haruo:
    That's another save I have to get back to. :D Evil Haruo is scary... Lachie is a 🐸🐸🐸🐸-cat compared to Evil Haruo. :D
    learning magic, just to do this...
    That's EVIL. :D I'm going to enjoy watching Lachie take on the next generation. :D
    Remember, boys and girls, this is what happens when Nikkei_Simmer lets his id out to play... Yes Freudian psychology. >:)
    Nice to see all the ancestors come out to visit.
    @LunBeauty - boy that sounds like a lot of work - bee keeping. :D I generally like to see my sims get attacked by bees. :D Well, with the exception of River. :D Even Haruo is not immune from my sadistic side. :D
    Awwww...Chloe on Jessica's bed. :)
    That foal Midnight is adorable. I wanted a horse when I was young until I found out just how much work they really are...and how expensive they really are.
    Incense...kinda smells kinda skunkish? Yeah...somethin's fishy. :D
    @Silverofdreams30 - Great update
    @CravenLestat - Awesome job on that "painting" style image.
    @Charlottesmom - OK...I was wrong, she's going to be a beautiful big American Robin. :D I know...I got the gender wrong. :D
    I love planes. They're my next favorite thing to photograph.
    @Karritz - glad that you're getting more sleep and that it's improving your well-being.
    I'm glad I moved the family to Legacy Island, it's a lot smoother.
    @Charlottesmom - She is SOOOO adorable.

    Likes and Awesomes given

    Page 2695
    @MoonandStar83 - You may be right. :D
    @Emily4331 - Will attempt this. I have the colors assigned to me saved in an image file.
    I'm taking the first one they give me and they gave me a doozy. :D A lot of blue and...GREEN! . :D I like blue...AND Green. :D
    @Mikezumi - Congratulations. That's one of the ones I want to get at some point. :D
    @Emily4331 - Your color challenge sims are awesome.

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    Page 2696
    @Charlottesmom - L- "Ditch the wig"... Oooh boy...he's gonna be sleepin' on the couch.
    @meerkattime - Looks like Mea's got the mooching game down. :D
    @Emily4331 - love the "kitten" neck collar. :) And she's gorgeous.
    @LunBeauty - darn, I hate paparazzi so much. That's probably 65% of the reason why there's so much carnage in my game. :D
    Glad that Jessica was able to save her friend's son and her friend as well.
    Paris is so adorable.
    @Emily4331 - Desiree is beautiful.
    @king_of_simcity7 - nice pics.
    @Emily4331 - those outfits are gorgeous.

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    Page 2697
    @Silverofdreams30 - great update.
    @LunBeauty - I had a feeling that Irwin was the one. :D
    He caught on fire? Yeowch...Jessica must have a really HOT kiss. ;)
    It's always a good sign when your pets like the person that you're interested in. If they don't...its best to dump the person. I don't know what it is but pets are a good judge of character.
    @Charlottesmom - I don't think he minds...just so long as he doesn't get tossed. :D
    @polrbear - nice to see them enjoying the fall and carving pumpkins.
    Great screencap of the deer.
    Poor Liv looks like her stomach's in distress. :D
    I need to get that greenhouse set. :D
    @PalmArrow - I need to try that claw machine.

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    Page 2698
    @Silverofdreams - great update
    @Charlottesmom - It certainly is going to be interesting seeing L try his best to get into farming. :)
    @Emily4331 - Amazing.
    Emily4331 wrote: »
    OMG... she's stunning.
    @Mikezumi - oh, I need to get that Duke of Bows.
    Congratulations to Cain on getting his black belt.
    Yeah, the early levels of violin are extremely painful. It gets better though... :D

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    Page 2699
    @Mikezumi - yeah, those stereos can be killers.
    Evidently, the Australian robins are in a genus classification of their own: Petroicidae and not related to the flycatcher though it looks like a flycatcher. All I know is that they're a passerine bird and quite a nice looking one with a distinctive red breast rather than the orange of the European Robin and the North American Robin.
    @Emily4331 - I'm thinking about doing that piecemeal. :D But right now with bitcoin mining, the GPUs are out of this world price-wise, so I may just stick with getting the case, the motherboard and the other components, bit by bit and hopefully when i get everything together, I can manage to assemble them together without shorting out any componenets which would be an expensive way to lose money.
    @Charlottesmom - I'd love to go to Australia, just to photograh the quokka and the koala. Though I have no desire to run into a dugite (which I hear is prevalent on the little island that the quokkas live on.
    ~evil grin~ Maybe for my friend's next parrot I should tell him to get a lorikeet and tell him, "He's a nectar eater...gotta feed him nectar, eh?". :D He'll be cursing me for days. :D
    @meerkattime - gorgeous sunset pic.
    Now you see why I have my header... :D
    @Charlottesmom - You're right. :D I've been at this since 10 this morning. Had to reschedule the surgery for Loki because he's gotten strong enough to break the door off on the cat carrier. :D He must be Supercat.

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    Page 2700
    @lanlyn - that's a gorgeous high-school. :) Congrats to the Wolfpack for hosting the ACS Relay event this year.
    @Springfairy556 - great pics
    @LunBeauty - Looks like Irwin and Jessica are having a lot of fun at bowling.
    @Karritz - that's the cool thing with the Elements can do so much with it without having to practically mortgage the house to get the CC subscription for the heavy duty stuff - Photoshop and Premiere (the big packages). :)
    @CravenLestat - That is an awesome house.
    @LunBeauty - Wow...looks like they had a sizzling hot date.
    @CravenLestat - Fatima Simovitch: " that a sausage or are you happy to see me?" :D
    ~facepalm~ There's no way to make that clean. :D

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    Page 2701
    @PalmArrow - Gorgeous snow pictures.
    @Emily4331 - Hui looks absolutely gorgeous.
    @lanlyn - Ouch...Ted Little Dog is quite the destructive little guy. :D Lucky he's so cute.
    That was Vancouver, but I'm going to try and get out at some point to do a bit of videoing around Surrey, My D300s only records in 720p. Would love to get a 4K camera, but those things are expensive as heck.

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    Page 2702
    @king_of_simcity7 - nice pics.
    @Mikezumi - always fun to see your ghosts hanging out at the property.
    Ouch, poor Beitris she could have broken something.
    Poor Niall impacting the floor with his face.
    Oh great Cain too?
    Niall, great if you could just stay on your feet.
    Ow...poor Rory...that looked seriously painful.
    Hope you managed to get everything sorted out with Lachie's social and fun bars.
    Oh no...the pigtails on poor Niall. They make rather nice elders.
    Niall doesn't look impressed. :D
    @LunBeauty - Midnight has grown into quite the dashing young stallion and Paris and Chloe are adorable.
    Hopefully daycare is more fulfilling than firefightning after all it must be nice to be rid of Skip Broke and Enrique.

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    Page 2703
    @coco - boy that grounded teenager walk, Wow.
    Sometimes though its not so easy to forgive... I'm actually on Kara's side on this one. Tracey shouldn't have lunged at her... :D
    @LunBeauty - She's gonna have a veritable horse farm pretty soon. :)
    Looks like her daycare business is starting to grow preety well.

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    Page 2704
    @PalmArrow - Congratulations to Erika on achieving her adulthood.
    @Emily4331 - Boy oh boy, does Yasmine not look impressed at all.
    Dang, that elevator has it in for poor Yasmine.
    @Charlottesmom - awesome...screens. The look on Meggie and L's face was priceless.
    L: *dang...busted*.
    @Emily4331 - Ooooh that darned elevator. :D

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    Page 2705
    "Am I going to have two daddies now?"


    Vadim just stood there thinking to himself 'What in the world just happened??'

    The end.. :smiley:
    @Charlottesmom - OMG... :D ROFL
    @coco - Haruo loves his daughters and is extremely protective of them. Kunio is right to be a bit scared of Haruo.
    I agree, he definitely needs to put some pants on or he's going to freeze his castanets off. :D
    I don't know if the city will agree to having the City Hall moved up there...but it's worth a try. :D
    I dunno...the workbench did that one, I'm disclaiming responsibility for that. :D
    Brianna, hopefully will get a good man in Tatsuyoshi...or Haruo will beat holy hell out of him.
    @Springfairy556 - yep, in RL we have to actually have prrof that we suffered damages (whether monetary or reputation wise) in the courts or that just won't fly.
    @Karritz - I had to use screencaps for the video. :D One of these days, I'll do one with actual video...but that may be quite a long one. :D
    @Emily4331 - Looks like you're having fun playing the game. Yasmine looks hot in that uh...
    8e9.jpg...bikini (but it's not detached...and in two pieces...and...uh...brain fragments).
    OMG...I'm still over the moon at how River looks the way you made-over her. :)
    Piper's a real cutie.
    @Mikezumi - sounds like they're having fun in Bridgeport - I rarely play the town because I'm not too inclined to city living. I can't wait to get out of the city and into the country.

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    Page 2706
    @Mikezumi - that Duke of Bows venue looks really awesome.
    @LunBeauty - Hopefully Haruo put the fear of the Watcher in him. :D
    I want to catch a "catch-fire; run screaming to the shower" animation from start to finish at some point.
    @Emily4331 - Again...I'm stunned, amazed, in awe and just absolutely love the way that you shot those images of Haruo and River. :)
    @LunBeauty - Glad you're feeling better
    The Magic Show seemed to go well for the most part asides from poor Irwin getting poked. I wonder if it is actually possible to skewer a sim with that sword trick.
    @king_of_simcity7 - nice update.
    @meerkattime - I hope that Mea and Maura don't freeze when winter shows up.
    @coco - thanks for the vote of confidence. :) I'm practically peeing my pants everytime I look at the Blender user interface. :D

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    Page 2707
    @LunBeauty - not to mention that big mean looking shark just out side the cave. Yipes.
    @Mikezumi - Lachie's gonna be a hoot as the heir for the next generation.
    At least Fiona doesn't have to put up with Mayumi in the afterlife...since it appears that she went the other way. :D
    Haruo planted the last one before the whole thing carked up and then well, I had to turn around and send him to the store in order to get a new batch which he will have to grow into perfect steaks and patties.
    As far as Tatsuyoshi is concerned, I'm thinking about it. :D
    Interesting party.
    Of course, I rarely play Bridgeport so I'm not as familiar with the townies there. And yeah, I'm Team Were so the chance of me playing Beau in a next to nil.
    @Emily4331 - Seems like Yasmine is having tons of fun.
    @meerkattime - Because. :D

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    Page 2708
    @Charlottesmom - <<<HUGS>>> You did the most wonderful thing that a person could do for a wild animal, you gave her a chance at a life that she most certainly wouldn't had. And I'm sure that she'll always remember the human that gave her a helping hand when she needed it the most.
    @Emily4331 - Lily Bo-Singed. :D LOL
    Looks like Yasmine is having fun...hopefully the elevator has quit trying to kill her. :D
    @MoonandStars83 - Yup.
    I'm sure Loki won't like me after that. Had to reschedule the appointment because the last cat carrier that we had, he busted out of. That cat is strong.

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    Page 2709
    @Emily4331 - Absolutely Stunning...all of them. :)
    Glad to see that Yasmine is not only doing well at her work as a stylist but also is taking time to relax and have fun too. :D Good balance of work and play. :)

    OMG...I caught up...

    Just wait, I'll be probably 16 pages behind again shortly. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    pg. 2707
    @lunbeauty Sweet pictures of Jessica and Irwin, he has some very nice protective arms lol. Banner is so cute! Jessica was lucky to meet a unicorn.
    @mikezumi Those boys are so lucky to have you watching over them and providing them with perfect food :lol:. I've never played with the science set before. I'd like to see Lachie let loose his stink potion. Cain's about to belly flop lol!
    Lachie's dive is insanely impressive for a first try, the little show off :smirk:. I think sims have to be swimming for the whole day to be in danger, and that pool has plenty of ways to get out.
    Jessica Talon is looking as evil as ever. What kind of name is 'Lil Bling' lol. Marina eyes are saying "ooooh hello there" to Niall. Eww it's just gross when sims eat dirt.
    @Emily4331 Thanks, you're the best :mrgreen:
    Your version of Ty actually reminds me of someone I know in real life - freaky :open_mouth:
    I'm glad that Yasmine found Rafael. I always thought he was a little girly with his lipstick and whatnot, he's still a cutie though.
    @king_of_simcity7 Yes, Jennifer's pony tail is cute but you already know that :smile:
    @bekkasan I wish sims didn't autonomously ground children, or at least give us the option to not ground them. They could have at least let the children go to school, or else they're pretty much getting punished twice. I've never had more than one school so I've seen overcrowding before, but nothing game breaking.

    pg. 2708
    @bekkasan Derek and Kendall perfectly fit the phrase 'opposites attract' I think. They did well to compromise and while I see the room mostly fitting Derek's style, those wall paintings are definitely from Kendall. Those bar stools are an interesting shape. I hate a lot of the default career outfits. His striped suit is a monstrosity. Aww I'm sure the babies are having nice dreams too :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 Luna looks like a happy toddler, and Audra has taken to motherhood well.
    @Emily4331 Love the combo of David's open shirt with the mesh top. Martin looks fancy. Great job!
    Mmm nothing hits the spot like a good hotdog :lol:. I like that kissing pose on the couch lol. I thought it would be the other way around with Yasmine not letting Rafael sleep until he had a makeover. Good to see he's still got a bit of lipgloss on.
    @charlottesmom Awwww I hope she's not gone forever, but think of it as a good thing that you have raised her to be a healthy and adventurous bird. You did good :heart: *hugs*
    Aw yay I'm happy that you got to see birdie again. Looks like she's used to living in luxury :smile:
    @Finbar659 Your starter home looks great, I like the entry room.
    @MoonandStars83 I'm not sure the evil well child should be sitting next to the voodoo doll :lol:

    pg. 2709
    @KaylaNR Hi and welcome to the forums! Spontaneous events are the best part of the game. Congrats on the twins :smile:
    @Emily4331 I wish I could go to one of Yasmine's makeover parties :lol:. All those girls look gorgeous afterwards. How does the stylist career work? Are you free to style them in any way or do they have requirements?
    @Nikkei_Simmer Today is your birthday right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you have a wonderful day :mrgreen::smiley: *throws confetti*
    I hope you didn't get that virus from downloading sims cc :frowning:.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,442 Member
    @coco - Actually, was. :D I was trying to find some "dance poses". Ballroom type dancing poses. :D and...of course stumbled into a site infected with trojans. Ugh. SO...had to get out rkillr and Malwarebytes to stop the processes and kill off the trojan horses. It's amazing how many sites are infected.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @bekkasan If it was a spider, I wouldn't be alive. :lol:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks for the sweet comments! :heart: And wow on catching up that much! :astonished:
    Glad your pc is virus free :smiley: You should consider Premium MalwareBytes. Cheap and fantastic anti-malware. :smile:

    @coco No problem! I think Rafael's girlyness works for him :tongue:
    Thank you!
    I'm doing a bit of a challenge right now. Yasmine isn't in the stylist career, but is a freelance stylist. So I style them however I see fit, but in the actual career they have specific wishes. Like wanting a new hair style specifically or a new entire wardrobe.
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    TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 1,110 Member
    edited June 2018
    @Emily4331 Whoa, fantastic job! :> I love that you kept David and Martin recognisable. I especially love how you kept Martin's nerdy look, and how David's outfit looks like something a model would wear on the catwalk (I've thought that he could be a part-time model if there was a modelling career in TS3). I'd like to imagine that this was what would've happened if they'd decided to continue living the bachelor life instead of settling down and starting a family like they've done now :tongue: If you don't mind me asking, where's Martin's shirt and trousers from? They look absolutely dashing on him :love: Anyways, hope you had fun making them over :)

    You guys are probably sick of hearing me whine about exams so off I go, my stuff isn't gonna study itself. Thankfully it'll all be over by next Friday, Sims is the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Happy Simming all! :)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,145 Member
    Good nelly, what caused this thread to suddenly go rip roaring through the forum with activity huh? ;) Perhaps it's because it's Summer? :p
    <3 Replies and Feedback time! <3

    Enjoyed your updates @king_of_simcity7 (Great videos :) ), @MoonandStars83 , @Nikkei_Simmer

    @Emily4331 Thanks. I've seen that quite a few people on here like Lana's page. :blush: I just find it takes forever to navigate it! :p (I don't have that kind of time anymore). So when I need something specific, I'll refer back to it. :)
    Goodness, Yasmine looks furious! :flushed:
    All her elevator fails! :joy: Poor girl! (She doesn't have the clumsy trait does she?)
    Yeeah, there isn't More to Love there... :confused:
    I only have one thing to say: River McIrish is not a very pretty sim to me (so so sorry Nikkei! :( ) but you managed to make her beautiful with that makeover! :star: I bet Nikkei was drooling all over his keyboard! :P
    Ohhh boy. I really gotta see what you do with Haruo! :smiley:
    Oh I didn't have to wait long. :lol: Ohhh my........
    Hey! The bed and rose petals! :mrgreen:

    Usually if you go to another tab, like pants, it fixes itself. I don't know why it does that sometimes.
    ^It does when I take them into CAS using MC, but Yeah that doesn't work when I go in through Edit Town or Plan Outfit. :( *sigh* Thank you for the suggestion though. <3 I think Mikezumi provided me with the mod from NRaas that I need. :)
    Nellie and Jonah look exactly the same to me (facial wise). They aren't twins? :confused:
    They certainly seem to love Jessica, and her them. <3
    Although I can't see Midnight well in that lighting ;) I can tell he's a gorgeous horse! :star:
    Aww, Paris grew up too! I love her markings! So pretty! <3
    Thanks for the compliment on my color scheme sim. :)
    Sims face expressions while learning to ride a horse are so great! :lol:
    Daisy IS beautiful. <3 I just love horses!
    Sandi's got some colorful hair there for a toddler. :p
    Yay! A foal will be coming! <3

    @Silverofdreams30 While I'm not the biggest fan of Sims 4 (I do enjoy some awesome SimLit's people have written with it :blush: ) I would honestly love to see one of your hottie man sims on there. :smirk: Tee hee!
    It's true that women seem to glow while pregnant, even in the Sims. :blush: But I think Audra is secretly thinking, "PLEASE come soon baby!" :lol:
    OMGosh Ty winking while listening to the baby belly! That's adorable! <3
    Well hello Connor. :p

    @bekkasan Yes that color scheme site will be most helpful in helping me pick out the right color combos to paint our real house with! :smiley:
    I know which breastfeeding mod you have. :) I didn't realize there was another one that looked more realistic. :open_mouth:
    Yeah it stinks that dad's don't get as much of a relationship boost with the babies at birth as the mom does. :( However I do recall a time where I had an expecting Sim couple and I had the dad talking to the belly and rubbing it ALL THE TIME! Turns out, baby had a higher relationship with dad than mom at birth. :p (Although, I think that's because I sent her to the hospital to deliver. I have ALWAYS done that, until I learned from you my friends that babies have higher relationships with mom being born at home. you think EA was trying to make a political statement with that? (Sorry, I didn't mean to go there! :lol: ) Because...I am all for the Hospital IRL because SO many things can go wrong! (Like they did for me...and my SIL...but anyway! )
    Hairstyles are fun to change up every now and then. :) A's new hairstyle is simply lovely.
    Thanks for the compliments sweet lady. <3

    @emorrill She could do worse, couldn’t she? I mean, Thomas may not be as handsome as Goodwin, but my selection is getting a bit limited :| . His ears are far too small though... I feel tempted to change them.
    Actually, I think Thomas might be a good catch. ;) He was the love interest of my Andrea Holland sim when she was a teen (a story on my blog :) ), but it didn't work out (You know how Prom can go :neutral: ) Later her husband passed away and while living at home Thomas's mom hooked her up on a date with her Son went really well. :blush: They joked about the past and jazz like that. ;) (Holy moley I need to read that story again...I've forgotten SO much! )
    I never noticed how small his ears are. :lol:

    @CravenLestat You know I'd love to download your new home, but...I lack so many items from the Store. :( My poor old, 10 year old computer just can't handle much content anymore.
    Glad you liked Seren's home and makeover. :blush:
    I always think it's cool when something in real life happens or is said that is exactly what you just saw online or on the TV! :mrgreen: It's like instant Deja Vu or something. :p
    Can you imagine everytime you use the bathroom you come out and your hubby says "Good girl" in a cute voice then hands you ten bucks.
    ^No...I can't. :neutral: Kind of creepy...
    Well hey there Sam's paper girl! :smirk: (Who's growing up in his story by the way. ;) )

    Kara and the Awful, Terrible, Very Bad Day,
    ^You forgot to add in "No good, very bad day." ;) Just messing with you. <3
    A boy named Tracey? :lol:
    Her doing the L on her forehead! :joy: Classic!
    Dang. He actually decided to fight her when he has a thing for her? :flushed:
    I understand Saville having to be firm, but...*whisper* The other kid started it... :confused:
    I guess Sun is right... ;) (Her playing the video game :p )
    Ohhhhh boy! What is she about to do! :smiley:
    Woah! How'd you catch that awesome view of the firework smiley?? :open_mouth:
    She looks like she's certainly enjoying that bath. ;) Glad she was able to reflect on her true feelings for her Uncle. <3
    Love the family pic. :)
    Shirtless Saville. :love:
    Kara, we all make mistakes but it's how we react to them that shows what kind of person we are.
    ^Very true. <3
    Aww, what a lovely ending. <3
    You got that female from rolling the dice? She's gorgeous already!
    I did. :) And it was only the 3rd roll too! :astonished: I agree that she was already pretty, that's why I didn't tweak her too terribly much. :)
    I can't remember where I got that top (I'm thinking TSR) but it's one of my new favs! :star:
    I was introduced to Wisteria back in 2007 when we moved to Georgia, and this AZ girl had never seen so many colors and GREEN in all her life! :p I picked the grape like flowers and pressed them in a book somewhere...I just need to find out which book. :confused: I hope the lavender color lasted!
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with the mysterious, disappearing chair issue. ;)

    @emorrill , I love how you decorate Seren's house, and her dog is adorable!
    ^Thanks sweet lady. <3
    Indeed that pic would make Mikezumi faint. :lol: But you know, I've found pudding sims to be quite pretty/handsome sometimes, it all depends on the hair. :) I have something pudding related to post soon. ;)
    Bald and chubby tattoo artist! :lol: You made me laugh with that!

    @emorrill Nice color scheme and makeover. The earrings are very pretty! I hope she and Bunter get along! ...They have a lovely bedroom. ...Seren's house is cute too. Great CC touches. Her dog is adorable.
    ^Thank you sweetie. <3
    I'd been meaning to get Bunter into the world and...he just came to me to pair her up with. Not sure why... :p
    I'm sure they'll get along just fine. :blush:

    @Charlottesmom Oh gosh, L's face expression there is PERFECT! :star:
    "Fine!...geeze I was just reading..." *my smutty novel*
    ^ :joy:
    You know what this makes me think of? :p QL pattern!! :mrgreen: YES! It does look good on that comfy shirt! :blush:
    This whole update with the Simovitch's CRACKED ME UP! :joy: I was thinking of @CravenLestat the whole time! :p
    I see you made Vadim quite furry. :p
    Oh my those looks Don was giving Vadim. :flushed: But so hilarious! :lol:

    @Mikezumi Oh they're going to Bridgeport for a vacation? :)
    anything that happens in Bridgeport stays in Bridgeport
    ^I didn't know that...
    Hey, I love catching a good bargain too. :blush:
    I will check out MC Integration (hope it's not too complicated...) Thank you SO much! (And for the comments too <3 )
    That archery venue looks SO cool! And Butterflies! <3 We have a yellow swallow-tail that keeps coming around by our bay window and it's just that little bit of sunshine I need in my life right now. <3
    Hi Beau. :)
    Goodness, I can't see them anywhere! :lol:
    That's one thing EA always stunk at...adding a proper amount of lighting to homes and venues. :unamused:

    Gotta stop here at @LunBeauty's post in the middle of page 2706. I've written SO much and...I need a break. (Plus I don't want to accidentally hit something and delete it all. :scream: )

    It's been SO much fun reading your posts my friends! :smiley:

    Sim on! :star:
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,145 Member
    edited June 2018
    Al and his Gal


    So I've been dorking around in Sam's Original Save World (not a staging world) because my other one got corrupted and I had to update the backup save. ;) It's been loads of fun and I'll be posting a few random gameplay updates from it.

    But first...I wanted to share a little fun I had with Al. :blush:

    For some reason his Social Networking skills are high :confused:

    And he rolled a wish to meet someone from the "Sim Finder App."

    So I had him search for a woman, of course, with the...hmm...Flirty trait, Great Kisser trait, Friendly Trait, I think Irresistible Trait and I clicked FIND (or whatever the button is) and this woman immediately shows up at the door, getting the hearts for Al. I was like, Wow!

    I sent him to Greet her and invite her in. :)


    My first thought was, "She looks like a lady from a vacation world..." I had to throw her into CAS for a better look.


    No joke! My first thought was, "Oh wow! She's pretty for a random sim!" But then I stopped and was like, "Wait........." I went to go check on her sliders.

    Yup. ZERO sliders all around! Zero, Zippo, Zilch!! I was like, :open_mouth: "Are you kidding me!?"


    Then I had a face like this :unamused: and muttered, "Naturally...for a random generated sim with all the traits Al wanted..."

    I couldn't have Al hooking up with pudding! (Even if this wasn't going to happen in the story!)

    So I tweaked the heck out of this gal!


    Not pudding no more!!!

    And of course I gave her new clothes. ;)


    Needless to say Al was quite impressed... :smirk:


    "Ohhh yeah! How about you and me baby...head on over to the bedroom." :smirk:


    ***censored because there are children on this forum!***


    I think emorrill just learned how to recognize pudding sims yesterday. :p I blame all of you for this...there was no such thing as "pudding" until I became a regular on this thread. I was blissfully enjoying my game all these years not knowing about them. *sigh* :disappointed:


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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,330 Member
    emorrill wrote: »

    @emorrill , I love how you decorate Seren's house, and her dog is adorable!
    ^Thanks sweet lady. <3
    Indeed that pic would make Mikezumi faint. :lol: But you know, I've found pudding sims to be quite pretty/handsome sometimes, it all depends on the hair. :) I have something pudding related to post soon. ;)

    @emorrill , I actually think puddingface sims are quite handsome and I don't mind having them around in my game - I just don't my sims to have children with them. In my Starlight Shore game a while ago I had a pudding couple, genie Jerry and tattoo artist Anitra, and I thought they were a very handsome couple.
    Still, before I got them married I edited both of them in CAS. I tried to preserve what I saw as their features but pushed all their sliders away from zero at least a little bit.
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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,330 Member
    Emily4331 wrote: »

    The only person who disliked theirs was Marina. :tongue: Pretty good if you ask me!

    @Emily4331 , I'm enjoying all your makeovers. I disagree with Marina - I was just going to say how great she looked.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    I loved the way Niall turned to look at Lachie when he cackled maniacally as they came down to breakfast :D
    I sent the boys to the Buena Vista Resort for a few hours for a bit of fishing and relaxation :)
    I added a couple of whack-a games and had the boys test them out. Although they had fun they didn't go back to them. I could see Niall getting ready to skinny dip through the door! :D
    Lachie got 6,000 points and Rory got 12,000.
    Cain joined Niall in the hot tub :)
    Why are you reading a book instead of stealing your dads' clothes? So much for being evil! :/
    It's nearly impossible to see the fish in the waters of Bridgeport. I had to use Niall's Collection Helper to locate the fish by the glow.
    Niall didn't wet himself - that is a woohoo puddle :p
    I don't know who instigated it but I found Niall and Cain playing catch.
    When the boys had fished the spawner dry, I released them and Rory immediately asked Lachie for a game of catch. I was a little confused when I saw them running.
    I have no idea where they planned to go to play catch but I cancelled it!
    I sent them back to the lot and when they tried again they stayed put.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Page 2706

    @LunBeauty Thanks :) Glad you are feeling a little better :)
    Fun date at the magic show :)

    @CravenLestat You know I have put Marina in my town before. Not saying it's budding love, but I am always short on females for my towns and she's pretty good once I take to her with a scalpel ;)
    I was also very happy with how the Renaissance Fair looked in BP! :)

    @Emily4331 River and Haruo look great!

    @PalmArrow Thanks :) I think I will like it too now that I have actually tried it. I don't have all the worlds but I do have a few and they will be fun destinations once I add some lots to them.

    @king_of_simcity7 This is just my first try with the Traveler mod. I downloaded it a while back but didn't really think I would like it. I could be wrong ;)
    That's the Renaissance Fair that comes with The Duke of Bows Set.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks :) Looking forward to seeing Audra's baby :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    Given my sims' short life I don't really expect them to master MA. I think Cain might just make it before he dies. He would definitely have mastered it if I were controlling him as a teen.
    Yep! Once my girls age up it's only a matter of time before they are out the door ;)
    I'm pretty sure that Lachie is of the mentality that the bigger they are, the harder they fall so he will keep picking on Rory ;) Nah! They get on famously and are the best of friends :)
    I hear ya! I have no desire to own the store but there are some things that tempt me and I find my points don't go very far.
    The incense is great because it gives good moodlets and one of them gives sims a boost with study.
    Lachie is the only eligible heir. Rory is from the previous generation even though he is younger.

    @king_of_simcity7 Ah! You do it on purpose to get the high views! LOL

    @Silverofdreams30 Great update :) Congrats on the birth of Luna :)
    She's a cutie!

    @meerkattime Good dumpster haul!
    That's a lot of water on the floor!
    Thomas is definitely interested and he looks so cute when flirting :)
    Sims are not known for their manners ;)
    He followed her home? :o Good for him! :)
    Looks like the date went very well indeed :D

    @coco Thank you :) Yeah, it did occur to me that Bridgeport's many venues was the problem. I will just have to keep my eyes open for the hot spots so my boys have company.
    I know nothing about children's books so I would never have know that you borrowed a title! ;)
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Because some of the boys rolled wishes to meet new sims, I sent them over the bridge to a park. He can see you coming, Lachie! :D
    Niall didn't react much probably because he knew what his son was up to or his face is frozen as happens from time to time ;) Rory was getting to know Suzy Strummer in the background.
    Cain rolled a wish to give Hyacinth Atkins a friendly introduction. I should check if Retuner can make that autonomous although I don't think I want my sims autonomously introducing themselves to NPCs :# I think I see a game of catch in Niall and Lachie's near future ;)
    Matilda Smart approached Lachie for a chat. I think Rory and Suzy were about to play catch but it got cancelled somehow.
    Niall also wanted to introduce himself to Hyacinth and he also got to boast about his grandkids :)
    Matilda got pushed aside when Caroline Custard started chatting with Lachie.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Page 2707

    @LunBeauty Are you controlling Irwin now? Did I miss him moving in?
    Nice fishing spot!
    The show gross video interaction is fun :)
    Glad the cop got the burglar!
    Congrats on the birth of Banner :)
    Lovely underwater shots!
    Unicorn! :)
    She still needs to work on her riding ;)

    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    85 is old? Dang! I so wanted to be old! :(
    These days I don't need Gobias' garden because I always put my perfect plant community garden in my towns :p
    If you do play a teen for a day, make sure the teen is having mood swings!
    Yeah, I saw that someone else used the multitab for homework so I thought I would try it. I knew about it for a long time but I prefer the notebook homework for the animations. Besides I have a mod that shortens homework time so much that my sims don't get a chance to get stressed ;)
    One day my boys will see the future but not this one. Thanks again for ITF - that was, without a doubt, one of the best birthday presents I have ever received *hugs*

    @meerkattime Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @king_of_simcity7 It's been years since I had a flying dream but I bet your sims did just that ;)

    @Emily4331 Great makeover for Ty. I didn't recognize him but handsome nonetheless :)
    I think I have had the wish to go steady with a hopeless romantic sim, or maybe it was a flirty sim but I can't remember.
    Adorable pic of Yasmine skating!
    Awwww love! I had a madeover Rafael in one of my saves years ago. Good choice! :)
    Great makeover of LunBeauty's Jessica as well! You are on a roll!
    The ant would have freaked me out too! Not because I am scared of ants but because my eyesight is no good my first thought would be spider! :scream:

    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I had to send all the boys because I am loving the teens as they are and they will be growing up very soon.
    Thanks for the link. I believe I have that bookmarked already but haven't really looked all the way through :)
    Lachie isn't athletic so I have no idea how he pulled off that dive for a first try!
    I adore Wogan! He is the grandfather of one of my all time favourite sims :) I should dust off Dragan and play him again as it has been years.

    @plushtrap_107 Thanks :)
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Although the boys were having fun at the park, it was time to explore the town further so I sent them to the Art Gallery. Lachie must be allergic to gnomes because he sneezed while he was viewing it ;)
    Rory was in his element ;)
    Every time Cain tried to view the art Niall would interrupt for some flirting :p
    Perhaps Lachie is contemplating building an evil gnome army ;)
    Tiara Angelista interrupted Lachie's evil musings for a chat.
    I sent the boys home just before dinner. Lachie's waking wish was to watch the Cooking Channel and he finally got it :)
    I think I know what Cain and Niall were up to since they came down to dinner in their sleepwear :p
    Although Niall had a wish to skinny dip he and Cain remained dressed when they chose the hot tub for woohoo. Once they had done the deed, I let Niall have his wish :)
    Lachie found the bookcase. Once again, no sign of wanting to steal his fathers' clothes! Even my non evil sims will do it on occasion.
    Rory danced after dinner :)
    He looks so happy when he is dancing :)
    I had the boys chat for a bit before sending them to bed because their social bars were going down and I didn't want them to interrupt the oldies.
    Once the boys had gone to bed, it was time for Cain and Niall to go as well.
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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,330 Member
    @Mikezumi , Lachie's evil cackle is so funny in the first picture! "Muahahaha, you will taste my pancakes of doom!"
    When a sim sees another sim sneaking up to them but get scared anyway, I assume they are just being nice to the evil/childish sim.
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks for the comments :smile:

    @coco Thanks for the comment :smile: No other Sim is allowed that ponytail lol

    @emorrill Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments and nice updates from Bridgeport :smile:
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @PalmArrow Thank you! That Marina doesn't know what she's talking about :lol:

    @TinySpaceFox Yay! Glad you like them! Martin's shirt and pants are both from this site:
    She makes great male clothing :smiley:

    @emorrill It can be a pain to navigate lol A lot of Tumblrs seem that way.
    Not clumsy. Elevators just hate her. :lol:
    Haha Honestly, I agree. Not a fan of River's looks. But thank you. :tongue: I did my best.
    Yes! Thanks for showing me those. :lol:
    Cute makeover on the pudding girl :tongue:

    @Mikezumi Thank you! :3
    Yeah, I think my skintone altered his looks a bit too much :grimace:
    Rafael is too cute :heart:
    I am afraid of all bugs hahaha!
    Gosh all of your boys are so handsome. :lol: The rest of us can only dream of that genetic prowess.
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    Raf and Yas and too cute :3


    Yasmine was on another makeover roll. Going to only post after to not clog the thread. :lol:

    Okay, so it isn't my best work, but jeez lady. :tongue:

    At least most liked theirs :lol:



    I couldn't de-clubify Jun Xu :lol:

    And we got our first teen clients!


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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,442 Member
    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    The Move to Legacy Island

    It was with deepening sadness that they realized that the amount of finances that it took to remain in Riverview was untenable in the long-term and it happened to be that Haruo and River realized that their dream of living out their lives in Riverview was not to be. So they called their family together and had a conference to ensure that they would move: all of them, to a new locale that would offer them a reasonable tax rate and not one that was so high that they would not be able to maintain the status quo of the life that they lead. And it was a matter of necessity that they had to make a move away from everything they knew. It wasn't going to be easy but nothing ever was.

    First they would have to figure out where they were moving to, then they would have to figure out how to exhume all the remains of their ancestors and and move them lock stock and barrel to the new location that they would be living in and find a spot where they would be able to re-bury them; it was preferred that the remains were close by, but they wouldn't have the land space to do it on the lot that they were purchasing because they would be building an exact replica of the house that they had built in Riverview in the new place where they were moving to. It also meant severing business deals which came at a cost. Business ownership had to be handed over to a potential new owner and the legal costs of that could potentially be astronomical with the property transfer taxes and other miscellanea legalities of transferring title.

    If there was one thing that Haruo and River hated; it was moving with all its various irritations and all. Packing up everything was just a headache and a half and they certainly weren't too happy with the idea of having to pack up everything and move, but for financial reasons they had to. If they were to give their descendants a chance, they would certainly have to do so to someplace where the taxes were less onerous.
    Screenshot%2B%2528123%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528134%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528135%2529.jpg With all the things that had to be done, Haruo and River saw the season change from winter to spring and they had ended up in the urban/rural municipality of Legacy Island. Legacy Island was a lovely little island just off the Pacific Coast of British fact it was in the Juan de Fuca strait...within sight of Victoria, BC. It had a climate where you had four seasons and unlike the mainland which rarely saw snow, there was potential for the weather to dump at least a foot and a half on the island.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpg The place was beautiful, where they were living, but it certainly took some getting used to. Confusion appeared to be the order of the day. The architects had built their house to Riverview specs, but they had to replace everything in the basement. Well, it would be a work in progress..., so Haruo thought.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg The fence had to be altered in order to make certain that they weren't confused as to how to get somewhere.
    Screenshot-13.jpg ...and they had purchased the lot across the way to be the family graveyard. It was far enough out of the way for the rest of the community that no-one else would think of using it as their graveyard and with the application of a homebuilt mausoleum, nobody else would use it. And to mark it as the family graveyard, they placed a gold encrusted Buddha signifying the religion of their ancestors.
    Screenshot-12.jpg Surprisingly the great Goddess had planted palm trees on the beaches and had made the world according to her great plans and well it was beautiful.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpg Most of the first day was getting used to the new location that they were in.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-29.jpg With their flight in, Yasunobu had noticed a martial arts dojo in the place and he wanted to try it out. so he jogged all the way there.
    Screenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpg ...and evidently he was still in good shape for an elder as he managed to get there and still have himself a good martial arts workout in privacy as there was no-one there using the martial arts equipment.
    Screenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-40.jpg Afterwards, Yasunobu headed over to the diner to grab a bite to eat.
    Screenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpg Haruo feeling adventurous decided to try martial arts moves along with cooking on the teppanyaki grill. Yeah...that probably went about as well as could be expected.
    Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-47.jpg Haruo got up during the middle of the night and went out to fish for deathfish in the lake.
    Screenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-49.jpg ...and thus ended their first day in Legacy Island.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,038 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer I thought that was Vancouver while watching the video, but later when I was writing comments, I saw Surrey mentioned in your post and thought I must have been mistaken. Sorry. That's what happens when I have to speed-read to get feedback done! :s
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    ...Niall didn't wet himself - that is a woohoo puddle :p
    @Mikezumi "a woohoo puddle" :o I had to read that caption twice before I realized you were talking about water splashed out from the hot tub--because I was beginning to wonder what mod produced "woohoo puddles" in that quantity! :D
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    LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,734 Member
    @Charlottesmom I think she'll be fine. It seems you took really good care of her. :)

    @Finbar659 I like that house! I'm no good at building houses or decorating them. :lol:

    @Emily4331 The ENB that I had started using stopped working on the third day I had it and wouldn't cooperate no matter what I did, so I ended up having to get rid of it. :(
    Hotdogs are delicious if cooked on the grill with lots of cheese, mustard, and chili. :lol:
    Rafael looks great with his make-over. ;)
    Yeah, I'd say he's a stalker. :D

    @MoonandStar83 I thought that was pretty cute with the cat marking her, probably saying "Thanks for not letting that plum steal my cat toys." :lol: Chances are, if he had been smart, he probably would've taken the claw machine and the computer. But I think the most a burglar has taken from my family has been a plant and a table lamp.

    @bekkasan Thanks so much! I'll add it to my game. :)

    @Charlottesmom She knows that there's food there. She's really cute too!

    @Emily4331 Looks like they had fun at the park and I love all of their make-overs! :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer You are just so sadistic to your sims. :D
    My parents would laugh at me each time I said I wanted a horse. Even taking care of them is very expensive.
    Maybe the incense was a new fragrance. :lol: Good try, game. We're onto you. :D
    I was force killing the paparazzi until I discovered that if you have Nraas Register, you can just disable them completely.
    Thanks for the comments!

    @coco Irwin has some nice big arms. :heart: I haven't seen a unicorn in my game in forever. Even in other families I play, it never really shows up.

    @emorrill That's strange, it always works for me and I have all the Nraas mods.
    I don't think they are. I think the game just generated them and gave them similar facial templates. I do feel like toddlers and child sims always look similar and we don't ever get to see the diversity in their facial features until they're teens.
    Horses are beginning to become my favorites again in this game. I love dogs, but it can be annoying when they wake your sim up at 3:00 in the morning. I've started locking pets out of the bedrooms so that doesn't happen.

    Even with my nraas settings, I still get a lot of pudding faces. :( You did a really good job tweaking her though! :)
    I'm pretty good at recognizing pudding faces, lol. Certain sims will always have that face such as IFs that are brought to life and genies for example.

    @Mikezumi Very nice updates! :) Niall, let Cain view the art! :p Rory looks so happy. :)

    @Emily4331 Lovely updates and makeovers again! :heart:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Nice update! The family really gets up to a lot. :)
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,038 Member
    edited June 2018
    I had to write these comments quickly because I was so far behind. I hope I didn't miss anyone! And I haven't been able to play sims for a few days now. Maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks, guys, for the feedback. :)
    @bekkasan, @Mikezumi, @coco, @Springfairy556, @Karritz, @LunBeauty, @Silverofdreams30, @Nikkei_Simmer, @Charlottesmom, @plushtrap_107, @emorrill, @Simsophonique

    @king_of_simcity7 Interesting video on how you make videos! ...Teleporting all those sims into the club. Lots of work. ...I've done a little with the movie maker program, but not for a long time. ...Adding the music is cool. ...I understand what you mean about the time it takes to learn new processes and programs. It's fun, but you have to sacrifice other activities in order to take on new things. ...It's always fun to hear forum members' voices in the videos, the accents!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Poor Kunio. He really messed up and Haruo held him fully accountable! ...Wow! You gave so many awesome comments and feedback! ...I enjoyed your update about the family moving to Legacy Island. ...Loved the gold Buddha they built for their family graveyard. ...Lovely scenery.

    @Emily4331 Sims online dating is fun to do. The responses and emails are hilarious. ...All your makeover were really great. So fun to see. ...I liked the outfits your fashion sim came up with.

    @Charlottesmom I loved your short story about the Simovitches and Don Lothario! So awesome. Don sure took Vadim by surprise! Haha. Too funny.

    @Mikezumi Great diving pics. ...Your family seem to be having fun in Bridgeport! ...Fun seeing some of the well-known townies. ...I love the Butterfly Pavilion. ...It looks like the family are trying out as many community lots as they can! Fun. Have they been to the Banzai Lounge, the Brightmore, or the Prosper Room? Maybe I missed the screenshots of those. ...It's neat that you had a community garden with perfect produce that you could place in Bridgeport. And the Duke of Bows looks great there too.

    ...My Bridgeport couple honeymooned in Sunset Valley using Traveler. At that time, I'd never played in SV before. I placed several lots in SV and kept the nhd file to use for any future vacations in SV.

    The tourist neighborhood in Sunset Valley: The Villa Paraiso is the base camp, with a few tweaks and more beds.
    I turned the Spa venue into a community center with various things like the toy machine, glass-blowing unit, art room, bot making, science machine, nectary making, presentation board, music instruments, pool bar, etc.
    Placed the Bakery plaza, and added the wood fire oven, the Teppanyaki grill, tea tables, and a pro bar.
    I changed the old consignment store which was already there to a hang out with arcades, slot machine, wishing well and the food, book, comic, and bot registers. Took the consignment register out.

    Next door, I added the consignment register to the Elixir store in SV and turned the parking lot into a Mysterium. Added magic items, some tasteable and buyable wine racks, harvest stand, and community grill.

    I also placed a Chinese Garden venue in SV that was a modified version of the Zen Garden at MTS. It has martial arts equipment; snake charming baskets; and WA spawners, trees, and plants.

    @LunBeauty Fun magician screenshots. ...Banner is awesome! I enjoyed all the pics of the horses.

    @king_of_simcity7 Even though the sky pics are because of the pose glitch, I still think the scenes are pretty.

    @Silverofdreams30 Congrats on Audra and Ty's new little girl. Luna is a cutie. I like her hair. And she's a darling toddler! Great screenshots of her.

    @meerkattime I think the date with Thomas went as well as could be expected with all that rain!

    @emorrill Fun update with Al. Nice makeover. And it looks like Al had a good time!

    @CravenLestat Roxie is lovely. And great pics of the "pizza girl."

    @polrbear Sarah aged up to be so pretty!

    @Karritz Awesome screenshot of Deangelo on the violin. ...I look forward to your next videos.

    @Springfairy556 I love Lady's coloring! Derek looks like a promising romantic interest.

    @bekkasan I love Derek and Kendall's new living area. So modern. I take it that they are living on the same lot as Jared and Alexandra? Or did I misread that?

    ...I had a huge household in Riverview. I built separate bungalows and locked the doors to allow only specific couples to use each living area. I did this for privacy and to keep them from cheating! Roy and Ruby lived there and they were always causing trouble. My Rinn Fada couples, on the other hand, are well behaved and I trust them to mingle. :#


    @Finbar659 I like the starter home you built. It looks great, especially at under 16K.

    @MoonandStars83 Cute pic of Raphael. The Moores sound like an interesting family.

    @KaylaNR Congrats on the twins! Yes, the game can come up with some surprising twists!

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