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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @LunBeauty I loved it from when I first got it from the Store years ago :smile: I don't think I have ever seen anyone else use it though
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member


    Derek and Kendall's furnishings finally arrive from Roaring Heights. They spend the day arranging and rearranging furniture and finally they are both satisfied. To celebrate they relax in the hot tub. They both have different tastes, but somehow the combo seems to work. Derek likes to collect modern art and likes his furniture modern as well. His favorite color is grey and he prefers his furniture sleek and pristine. He wants only leathers, metals and plastique rather than woods.
    Kendall on the other hand loves color in her world. She likes the modern look as well, with contrasting sharp and rounded shapes. They compromise very well and are both very satisfied with the results. They relax on the bed feeling very happy to have their personal belongings around them.

    Kendall fixes breakfast for them and they sit at their new counter and talk about their plans for the day. Derek will officially start his job tomorrow, but has some meetings to attend today. Kendall is planning to take a cooking class offered at the diner to help advance her chances of quickly being promoted. She and Derek sit in their living area and watch a cooking program together before leaving. Derek is happy to be going back into the work force. He is disciplined and ambitious so is happier when busy and productive. (creator is not happy with the suit the game gave him, that will have to be changed)

    Kendall invites Jared and Alexandra for dinner so they can see the finished rooms as well. They eat at the bar and enjoy fish and chips that Kendall has just learned to prepare. Derek cleans up after dinner while the ladies sit down on the leather sofa to chat. Derek challenges Jared to a chess match. Derek wins as usual, but was surprised by a few of the moves that Jared made. "You've been practicing. I'll have to watch you carefully or you will be beating me."

    Kendall and Derek snuggle in bed, both having pleasant dreams. Derek is obviously happy to be back to work and Kendall must be ready to get married. (creator will have to work on that)

    The babies are sound asleep in their cribs. No dreams for the babies.
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    plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    @LunBeauty, no problem :) Yuck to colds; hope it goes better soon :)

    @bekkasan, love your house; it looks really classy :)
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member
    edited June 2018
    @CravenLestat Ha ha I wonder that too.

    @Emily4331 Great jobo n @LunBeauty sim aswell looking awesome

    Here is another update behind spoilers cause Luna adorables.



    After aging up she played with her toys





    Audra rolled a wish to snuggle Luna




    And gave her food

    All for now

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    SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    edited June 2018
    haha sure @LunBeauty if one of your sims is a collector he/she needs the machine at home or send their gems by mails instead of going to Aleister. hahaha
    I love the horses pictures of you, very nice. The daycare is a nightmare to work. I played a little with. It's one of the hardest carreer ever made.
    It was because of the storm, pets fears of them all the time @lanlyn, so he ran away to join my simself so why he went to the arcade? ahaha.
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    plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    @Silverofdreams30, the spoiler tag is not working :o Luna is still super cute though :3
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member
    edited June 2018
    @plushtrap_107 Thanks gotta see how to do one correctly.
    I think I figured it out does it work now?

    @bekkasan Lovely update as always
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    edited June 2018
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @LunBeauty Heheh! Glad you like what I did with her :smiley: And thank you for your comments!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you! :3
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    polrbearpolrbear Posts: 939 Member
    edited June 2018
    @Mikezumi I took control of them because I then directed them to come over to Kimbra and Liv's house. Also I like taking control of them anyway, I checked Eddy's job performance, helped him befriend some of his bandmembers, checked Helen's performance, saw that Helen was glitching/needed resetting badly, and it was just altogether easier to see where they all were at once.

    I didn't lose any progress or wishes from my main family, when I came back they were still doing what I directed them to do. :)

    Also Eddy is a self-made workaholic!

    I got a mod that lets non-workaholics work from home...let's just say that as soon as Eddy got home at 930pm, he (on his own) went to try to work on the computer! Indefinitely! I stopped him and made him go the plumm to bed!

    He absolutely needs my direction.
    I play Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, and The Urbz: Sims in the City on gamecube and ds. Main Game: Sims 352033322186_3a08467dc6_o.png
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    David and Martin Makeovers for @TinySpaceFox :3




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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    Oh goodie...I'm still under 20 pages...after last night's flurry of feedback. Well...let's have a go at trying to get to under 10 today...or so...

    Page 2691
    @king_of_simcity7 - nice update
    @Simsophonique - Le chien est beau, Votre sim est dans une maison bien décorée.
    Absolutely beautifully decorated.
    @Silverofdreams30 - Awesome update
    @PalmArrow - that Legacy Island is gorgeous. There's definitely some areas to explore. Maybe I might get around to getting the other generations to explore them.
    @LunBeauty - awesome update; I knew that Skip Broke was a bit of a bully. I'm glad that in my story, he got punched out by Gramma Susan. :D He should leave Jessica alone; but of course, he won't...he won't make it that easy for Irwin.
    @Charlottesmom - OMG Jared's facial expressions...I'm dying... Sorry I'm late with this one but CONGRATULATIONS to your son. :) A great start to a great career.
    That little chipmunk is adorable.
    @lanlyn - the baby cloning pics are awesome.

    Likes and Awesomes given

    Page 2692
    @polrbear - nice to see Chase have the artistic talent like his Mamas. :)
    @plushtrap_107 - looks like you're having a great start to your sim-save.
    @polrbear - Sarah is adorable and having a little witch in the house will be interesting to say the least for both Mamas, as she grows older.
    Looks like she doesn't want to get off the bumblebee. :D
    @Emily4331 - Yasmine is stunning. I'm always impressed at your sim-creations.
    @lanlyn - Congratulations to Bunter and Caprice.
    @Charlottesmom - Ah...robot love. :D

    Likes and Awesomes given

    Page 2693
    @Charlottesmom - Ah...robot love... How romantic. :D>:)
    @coco - In July I'm hoping to get my CPU fan fixed on my desktop which will have to serve me until I save up enough money to get myself a gaming system with enough power to do my videos and photo-editing (I do batch-editing so that takes up some CPU power; I don't take a couple of photos at a time, I usually end up with hundreds of shots in one outing).
    @meerkattime - Trust me, the diaper changing gets old after the third kid. :D Especially when the spouse doesn't pitch in. :D
    @Emily4331 - Shayna is sizzling. Wow.
    @LunBeauty - That's one of the reasons why I like to take sims from their home in SV and uproot them to other worlds. :D But I have to admit...that there are some nice looking sims in Sunset Valley and's the most familiar world since it was the base game one.
    I love your sims...they look so awesome and you did wonders with Pearl. Jessica is gorgeous.
    Oh, great. Enrique and Skip...two peas in a pod. I think they both need right hooks to the head.
    Awww..Chloe is cute.
    @Mikezumi - love the ectoplasmic interactions of your deceased sims. They're missed.

    Likes and Awesomes given

    Have to do an antivirus scan... I think I may have picked up something in the past little while. for a bit.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,734 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 I might have it in my game. I have trouble remembering all of the store stuff I own, lol

    @bekkasan I love the look of the house. It's a mixture of neutral and colorful! I really want to work on my legacy house, but my game doesn't like me being in Build/Buy mode a lot so I haven't had a chance to decorate it the way I want to. Where did you get that double crib? It's adorable! :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Luna really is adorable. :)

    @Simsophonique It is one of the busier professions, but I wouldn't say it's a nightmare. I think it's because I have a system when it comes to taking care of toddlers.

    @meerkattime I wonder if a lot of it has to do with how much space there is on the lot. The house that my Legacy family lives in is more open than my Mason family's home, which is pretty compact.

    @Emily4331 They look amazing!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I always felt that he might've cheated on poor Brandi before his in the Sims 2. He always struck me as someone who didn't really want to be a family man and didn't want to be saddled with a bunch of kids. I actually haven't seen him much after Jessica quit her job and became a Daycare Worker. :lol:
    Jessica is a townie from Hidden Springs. I liked how she looked and wanted to use her. :) Her full name is Jessica Richards.
    Sunset Valley has some gems and it's the world I'm most familiar with.
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    I had Birdie out of her cage outside and free flying, she didn't fly as much as I thought she would. She loved my husband's lawn mower, and flew over to check out the two chipmunks that were chasing each other. she got scared by a few Blue Jays and I asked her if she wanted to go in, she was close to her cage and flew right back in, I took that as a sign. She spent a few hours in her cage vegging out. I took her out about an hour ago and she flew over to the mower again then flew over to our fence, then a few minutes ago flew to our neighbor's big pine tree, No way I could get her even if I wanted to. Left her cage outside with tons of food and water...I bet I'll never see her again. Sad but also happy....right now more sad than anything....I just hope she lives.

    The bigger closed in area I had her in first thing this morning..


    On the lawnmower...


    Maybe the last picture I have of her.. :cry:


    I have to go cry now...
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @bekkasan Nice work rearranging the house :smile:
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    FlyingPotato659FlyingPotato659 Posts: 1,473 Member

    Usually my building skills are not that great but I have created a starter home that is JUST UNDER 16K!

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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @Finbar659 , Totally cute, and I see you used the tiny lot right next to Connor and Jared's house. :)
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer and @LunBeauty Thank you, guys. :heart:

    My ENB broke. It does that sometimes. lol So I had to stop prematurely just a day before Leisure Day.

    Rafael and Yasmine had a romantic dinner...of hot dogs. :lol:

    And then had a fun night. :wink:


    Until Rafael wouldn't let Yasmine sleep until she gave him a makeover. :lol: Well, I probably should anyway since they're going steady lol

    But they eventually got there :tongue:

    Yas has been using the table at the consignment store to work on her fashion concepts. She makes about $50 per personal makeover.

    Had a little party to celebrate almost Leisure Day since my ENB shut off. :lol:

    Everyone shading Diana Jones :lol:

    And some bonus pics...

    of Lilly-Bo Singed. :lol:

    And this French guy who hangs out outside of Yas's work every day...Shouldn't he be in France by now? Stalker, perhaps? :lol:
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    MoonandStars83MoonandStars83 Posts: 1,735 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Great pics.

    @bekkasan Ocean's 8 was great. Wouldn't be surprised if we get Ocean's 9 & 10 in the future.
    ****Kinda looks like it's mostly Derek's style that got used.

    @Emily4331 Maybe once she get some more athletic points she'll be able to take on the elevators. Also, if that's "more to love" then I must be whale-sized...
    ****At least it was just an ant.

    @Charlottesmom Good luck with Birdie.
    ****Take comfort in the fact that you saved a life. And you never know, next year you might have a robin nesting on your porch.

    @Nikkei_Simmer You really enjoy seeing things set on fire, don't you?
    ****Loki may not like it, but it'll be better for the entire house if he's fixed. Watch out for mysterious substances in your shoes, though.

    @Springfairy556 I love DNA requests. They make amazing houses.

    @Mikezumi Have fun with Traveler.

    @Silverofdreams30 Cute baby.

    @LunBeauty Looks like Jessica's having fun with her animals. I noticed the cat was marking her as the burglar was being arrested.


    Played the Moore save last night. So far Raphael, the Evil Well Child, has shown no desire to swim unsupervised. Lisa continues to level up in Magic, and hopefully soon she'll be able to start curing zombies and work toward her LTW. Have a picture of Raphael doing his homework. Despite having a tablet, he seem to enjoy the old fashioned method.

    Happy Simming, all!
    I voted for you, Kevin.
    My Sims 3 Exhange Studio
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    Birdie actually just showed up again on our swing set! I went out to chat with her and brought her a snack (mealworms...blurgh!)..Nice to know she's hanging around.
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,038 Member
    @Charlottesmom I've enjoyed reading about Birdie. She seems to be coming along nicely. I hope she learns how to dig up worms and bugs soon! I read that birds mostly use sight to hunt for food, but they use their other senses as well. Interesting. Good luck to Birdie. I'm cheering for her. :)
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @Emily4331 Jessica is gorgeous.
    At least it wasn't a spider!! EEeeeKK!
    Great job on the David and Martin!
    Looks like lots of fun with Rafael!

    @plushtrap_107 Thank you! I do love the double cot. I think twins should be together for a bit after all that time in the womb.
    Thanks! I don't do modern often, but, I like how it turned out.

    @LunBeauty I've played way ahead of my story right now. I try not to get too far ahead, but, was enjoying the play time. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Luna is adorable. Love her smile and I can tell her Mama loves her too.

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the comments. The crib is here

    @Charlottesmom awww, I hope the bird will always remember you and your family.
    How about that! she came back to say hi and get a snack!

    @Finbar659 Cute house! Great price!

    @MoonandStars83 Most of my kids use the paper too.
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @MoonandStars83 Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    My husband says we are going to start charging her rent, she was on the porch making her “feed me NOW” noise so I told her she could spend the night...she was very happy and fell asleep on the back of Zach’s chair.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.

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