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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    Well now THAT was unexpected...

    I went into a new Riverview save and found The Simovitch family. I had to grab Vadim to do a makeover on..



    After, I did a few facial tweaks on him and aged him down to YA so not a pure makeover.


    I then decided to play their house for a few minutes..I had fully planned on just watching them for a few minutes but when I saw that Don Lothario was Fatima's boss I decided to have some fun! >:)

    Vadim was home early from work, he had just walked in and had picked up his wife's phone when it was ringing and she was getting the was a male voice saying "Hi Babe I'll be right over!!" then they hung up. Vadim then saw that she got a text message, a verrrry explicit text message, he then snooped further and found hundreds of text messages from someone named Don..He confronted his wife when she came back in the house.

    "Who is Don and why is he sending you all those texts??"


    Fatima had no answer, so she just stated screaming about Vadim looking at her phone..he screamed right back..

    She had never seen her husband this mad before.


    That's IT Fatima, you flirt with half the town and now you're obviously into this Don guy so forget it, it's Over!!"


    Just then Don walked in...."Sugar baby Donnie's here!!"


    Fatima came running out of the room tears streaming down her face..

    (I died laughing when he did this!)


    "Don my husband just told me he wants a divorce!!" Fatima sobbed..


    She leaped into Don't arms..


    Vadim had come out to confront Don...


    Don kept shooting Vadim looks (I had nothing to do with this!!)


    'Whoo boy that is one fine looking man' Don thought to himself..



    Fatima caught on pretty quick... "Don, why in the world are you getting all goo goo eyed over my husband?"

    "That's EX husband to you sweetheart!"


    "Why ARE you staring at me?"


    "Because you're a nice looking guy and I kinda neglected to tell your wife I love everyone...Everyone!"

    "Get the he*ck away from me!"


    Don leaned in close..."You'll come around sooner or later...they all do!" and kissed Vadim's ear.


    and then he was gone....


    Fatima stomped into their bedroom and started throwing clothes into a suitcase..

    Betty, Vadim and Fatima's teenage daughter had witnessed this whole exchange with her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed over in a state of shock went over to her dad and asked only one thing...


    "Am I going to have two daddies now?"


    Vadim just stood there thinking to himself 'What in the world just happened??'

    The end.. :smiley:
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member
    @Emily4331 Yasmine is beautiful but klutzy! There are some great sims in Bridgeport. Hope she finds a good one.
    LilyBo looks awesome.

    @Charlottesmom am confused, thought they were married, isn't her bed, his bed? :tongue:

    @polrbear Sweet update. Sarah is a pretty little girl. Congrats on another baby coming soon. :) Bummer no Eddy.
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @bekkasan , L and Meggie are just friends in this one...(sorry shoulda said something) :wink:
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Haruo Plays in the Snow; Greta gets Charbroiled

    The morning dawned, cloudy but the snow had stopped falling at least for the short-term and Haruo headed over to the city hall to get some things dealt with that he had been putting off for a long time. After all, when things pile up, they certainly are even more of a headache to deal with instead of dealing with them one at a time as they come up. But sometimes real life gets in the way of good intentions and well, those things got piled to the side because he didn't have time to deal with them. Well, what else was new? Life tends to throw a curveball every so often. Iqbal Alvi seemed to be hanging around on vacation and Haruo after dealing with the stuff that needed to be dealt with decided to pull out his violin and play.
    Screenshot%2B%252820%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252821%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252823%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252824%2529.jpg Screenshot%2B%252826%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252828%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252829%2529.jpg The Watcher doesn't know what causes sims to turn around and walk around in snow and cold conditions without wearing winter clothes, but Haruo and River have a propensity to do that all the time. It's a wonder that they don't catch pneumonia or something. But after all that, Haruo decided to put away his violin and pull out the electric keyboard.
    Screenshot%2B%252834%2529.jpg After he got freezing cold, he got into his Lamborghini Aventador and headed home. Ah, the nice thing about being stinkin' rich is that he was able to buy himself a nice super-car and park it in his garage. Having these rich toys probably was one of the reasons why people liked to make up stories about them and slander them around the town. Jealousy knew no bounds...
    Screenshot%2B%252835%2529.jpg He realized that he didn't have meat for he headed off to the store to buy some more. He took the Magarite Vaguester out this time, as it had winter tires. He'd have to get some winter tires for the Aventador; but besides, it was meant to be a summer car; really. It wasn't meant for snow. Tossing down §1499.00 for 100 steaks was no biggie for Haruo and he proceeded to make the sims there absolutely envious as they had to take all this meat out to the car. He would plant some meat so that they could grow their own. The less they had to go out the better; it was nice to be self-sufficient.
    Screenshot%2B%252843%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252845%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252846%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252848%2529.jpg Evidently Mahmoud Yavari didn't really do much other than to hang around the town and look up other people. And reading the paper, he had come to the realization that Haruo and River were celebrities in town - the talk of the town; half of the town were envious of them, The other half looked at them in to how far they had come since they first moved here. They were notable celebrities and their children were celebrities in their own right. But they kept to themselves, didn't cause any undue harm to anyone and well, preferred their privacy. As far as city council was concerned, the Chikamoris were their meal ticket and they were the most highly taxed family in Riverview.
    Screenshot%2B%252849%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252850%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252851%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252852%2529.jpg When Haruo got home, he decided that he'd read a skill book, but realized he had to go milk the cow and collect the eggs. Evidently the elevator doors had it in for him.
    Screenshot%2B%252853%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252854%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252855%2529.jpg River went out to collect the mail.
    Screenshot%2B%252858%2529.jpg And Greta set herself on fire working with the toolbench, inventing. OUCH! Luckily she managed to put herself out, though the Watcher found the waving arms and screaming while running to the shower, was endlessly hilarious. Evidently the Watcher has a sadistic streak.
    Screenshot%2B%252865%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252867%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252868%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252873%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252874%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252875%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252876%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252877%2529.jpg That evening at dinner, it was a quiet affair with Haruo, his son Braden and daughter-in-law, Greta at the dinner table. Evidently the others had already eaten.
    Screenshot%2B%252879%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252880%2529.jpg ...and some lovelorn sim from Riverview called wanting to know if Haruo wanted to go on a date. Frankly Haruo was not interested in the slightest, he had the love of his life with River. She was always by his side in life and no-one could replace her in the slightest.
    Screenshot%2B%252882%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252884%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252885%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252886%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252888%2529.jpg ...and he always made sure that she knew that she was always in his heart.
    Screenshot%2B%252896%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252897%2529.jpg ...and it was roughly about that time that a new boarder showed up at the Chikamori residence. Tatsuyoshi was a young man about the age that Haruo was when he first married River and he was a handsome guy. He promptly made himself at home and decided to talk to Brianna. Of course the fact that she had just come from breaking spacerocks with the board breaker and was dressed in martial arts garb really got his blood pumping. She was a hottie and he was hooked, line and sinker and he wanted to get to know her much better.
    Screenshot%2B%2528105%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528108%2529.jpg Brianna had mastered her Sim Fu and was the equal in martial arts prowess of her father and mother and woe betide anyone who tried to pick a fight with her because she would bend them into the shape of a pretzel then call the cops on them.
    Screenshot%2B%2528112%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528113%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528114%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528115%2529.jpg It appeared though that Brianna was interested in the young male sim from Japan and mother raised an eyebrow as she walked in on the two of them.
    Screenshot%2B%2528116%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528117%2529.jpg After that, it was bed...resting up the soul...and the body
    Screenshot%2B%2528118%2529.jpg ...and to hearken the morrow.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    edited June 2018
    pg. 2703
    @CravenLestat Beautiful home. It might suit a new world I'm planning for :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you, yes lots of drama in my game lately. Audra's baby bump is so cute :smile:
    @king_of_simcity7 Nice video! It makes me miss summer a bit. It will be winter here for the next few months. Sorry I can't think of where the hair is from, I will have to check later.
    @emorrill This challenge looks like fun! I will have to give a go one day. You got that female from rolling the dice? She's gorgeous already! I think the freckles look cute on her. Love the hairstyle you chose, and she's rocking that purple hair. *claps* Nice job on her. I really like that top she's wearing. I think the colours aren't always exact, so sometimes I have to match them up by sight. Hi Rarity :wink: Oh you have Bunter in your game? Nice choice, he's a cutie :smile:
    I love the shirt Seren is wearing, I think she needs to adopt a cat as well now :wink:. Wow I love Wisteria too, I didn't realise it was in the game. I really love that bathroom, ooh and the bedroom - that bed is so romantic princess-y I love it. Aww cute doggie! I have the disappearing furniture thing sometimes, I always fix it by changing my view to another floor level.
    @charlottesmom Little bird seems to be getting really active lately. Lol I think birds are notorious for pecking out the buttons on remotes. How in the worlds is she balancing on what I assume is the top of tv :open_mouth:. I think step by step is the way to go. She's had a taste of what it's like outdoors but I wouldn't want her to get stressed out.
    @lunbeauty Thanks! Being a teenager is all about growth and learning what's right from wrong. But in a way, Kara is also teaching Saville how to be a better father. At least that's what I tried to convey :smile:
    Love all the pictures of the horses. In my game I had two horses at one point when my mare had a foal but I waited until she passed away so now I only have one. I think I can only focus on one at a time since I enter races with her. That toddler has some strange coloured streaks in their hair. The babysitter job would be so exhausting! Congratulations on your new foal :smiley:.
    @PalmArrow Thank you for the lovely words! I hate the mood swings too but I thought it would be interesting to grant some of them. It was hard finding someone suitable for her to beat up haha.

    pg. 2704
    @PalmArrow If Erica has a toilet that technically counts as a seat :wink:. Rory is very pudding but sometimes a girl can't help what she desires. I'd like someone more interesting for Erica too. The tattoo artist has some nice features, I think with a makeover he could be good for her.
    @Silverofdreams30 Ty and Audra look so excited about their baby aww.
    @MoonandStars83 Good luck setting up the relationship for your Holcomb sim.
    @king_of_simcity7 I will check my pictures tonight. It's summer in my game right now so I'm sure I can find something to share :smile:
    I don't normally see so many children at the park at once. Great pictures. I like how you set up the bandstand area.
    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely words! I actually had a bit of fun with her grounded and discovered a couple new things: the angry walk and when she sat down there was the option to sulk. Kara is quick to anger because she grew up in the shadow of her twin sister, whom she sees as someone who's perfect, naturally smart and likable. So she has some jealousy issues too - typical teenager :wink: She's very sweet though and I love her dearly.
    @Nikkei_Simmer The Chikamoris should petition to have City Hall moved next door to them so they don't have to drive so far, since they go there so often :lol:. Mahmoud better start settling down soon, I don't think he has the right look to be an eternal stud. Good to see Fiona again. Oh Kunio... this is why you don't leave candles burning all night. Haruo's a scary father-in-law! Kunio is still young and everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure he will make it up to Haruo.
    @bekkasan Thank you for all your lovely comments :smile: . Kara's parents were both out running errands at the time so Saville autonomously grounded her, I figured it made sense for him to be the forceful one due to his job at the school. I didn't think of it being a proper story as I was playing it so that's why the parents didn't show up.
    @emily4331 I only put HQ in when I'm doing a photoshoot cos I'm a chicken and worry about Error Code 12 too much. Higher quality texures means your computer is loading more resources so it probably depends how decorated your lots are and how built up your town is. HQ definitely makes a nice difference though. I loved all the sims you shared earlier! What eyelashes do you use? Nice backstory for Yasmine. Sugar looks great after her makeover. Yasmine's having a tough time with those elevators lol. Huhh? I can't see in any way how she's more to love.
    Shame that Romeo didn't get hearts, he's cute. Lily-Bo must be insane for dressing like that in the first place. You made her look cute :love:
    @Charlottesmom L's shirt is awesome, both of them :smiley:
    @polrbear Congrats on them definitely having a girl, they are going to be happy. Oh Sarah's so cute, and that dress is one of my favourite store outfits for kids. Chase is super adorable telling his grandma that he loves her. (Is it August?) looks way way way too young to be a great-grandfather :lol:.

    Edit: Shivers, I didn't realise there was another whole page to get through :sweat_smile:
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    @Charlottesmom You made Vadim's makeover look so easy! He's got quite a bit of chest hair there lol. Hahaha it looks like Don doesn't mind if he gets with either Fatima or Vadim. So very suave! I'm sure Betty would love to have two daddies around.
    @Nikkei_Simmer Haruo is very musical. But seriously he needs to put on some snow pants or something. I couldn't blame the whole town for being jealous of Haruo's wealth. I'm jealous and it's just a game lol. I don't like Mahmoud so I'm not sure what he's planning, but it can't be good. You lit Greta on fire? tsk tsk tsk. Brianna deserves a good man so Tatsuyoshi better be kind to her.
    @Emily4331 Thanks for the links :smile:
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    edited June 2018
    I also grew up on a farm, I love the idea of living out in the country, with my laundry hanging on the line, sitting on a porch sipping lemonade and listening the crickets.I miss that life!
    @MoonandStars83 - Thank you! I can't take credit though.Sandrelle from DNA(in creative corner) built it.
    @lanlyn -Thanks! I love how they carry out the kids.Its so cute! lol
    @king_of_simcity7 - I love your band area! It looks very realistic.
    @Nikkei_Simmer - I wish it was so simple to sue everyone who started rumors about me lol.I'd be rolling in dough.XD
    @Emily4331 - Tell Yasmine I know the feeling.I tripped down the stairs at work today lol.

    Anyways, has anyone had any issues with it always being cloudy? I'm trying to figure out if something is up with my world/save.I removed my lighting mod, but its still cloudy.I love the world I'm in but the greyness is starting to get depressing lol.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,937 Member
    Hello everyone. I've been finishing off my Caroline and Friends video today. It's almost ready to load to YouTube - just have to watch it and listen to be sure it's done. It runs for just on 20 minutes.

    Then I made a discovery. It should have been Oscar and Louise next.

    So I've put Caroline and Friends away for a while. I'll check on it in a few days after I've done Oscar and Louise.

    I have to play the game to get the video as I've only played up to the point where Louise sets off from Riverview as soon as she aged up to Young Adult.

    In this next episode she arrives in Hidden Springs and meets Oscar and they start to get to know each other.

    At first they are just acquaintances and it will stay that way for one or two episodes. I don't want to rush things. There is way too much fun to be had with this pair once they get together. So I'm loading my Oscar and Louise save now.

    The good thing is now I've done the Caroline and Friends video I can watch it with fresh eyes in a few days to check that it is all done as I'd like. Or close to how I want it to be.

    Thank you to everyone who is watching the videos, especially if you give them a like when you enjoy them. And big thanks to all who have subscribed. I've noticed a few new subscribers recently and that's encouraging.

    @Emorrill thanks for the info on Scott Bakula liking the Man of La Mancha episode the best. He obviously had fun with it and it extended the type of things he did. It was actually a great series for a actor to do as he had to do so many different types of roles all in one single role.

    The documentary I was watching was all about strange things that have happened there. It looked like mostly desert. I have no clue what it was called now but I think it was in the southern part of the state.

    That was a nice result using those colours. Colour can be difficult and it is fun sometimes to restrict what colours you can use.

    Thank you for the link to the rose petals. I downloaded the set but have no idea if I'll ever actually put it into my game.

    @rockstarjsf have you solved your CC problem yet?

    @TinySpaceFox I think the best thing about Sims 3 is that it encourages creativity and that's why so many people who love working on their own new ideas, or exploring ideas they get from the game or other people continue to enjoy and post about their enjoyment of the game.

    @Emily4331 I like your colour play. You've come up with some nice combinations. Colour can be difficult sometimes.

    I'm not sure of the colour scheme you got when rolling the dice though. I don't think I'd like to try it - but maybe if you picked one or two of the colours and make the others as inconspicous trims or something you might get it to work. It will be hard to work with though. It will be stunning if you do pull it off - and I suspect you most likely will.

    A little further down - I see I was right you did pull it off. Congratulations.

    Sims elevators are dangerous.

    @Mikezumi congratulations on getting Duke of Bows. I have it but rarely use it - but I do love the violin whenever I do use it. I must start doing something with it one day.

    This is one of my faviourite pictures of the violin. Deangelo is playing it. He is a born in game sim from my Big Game. The game named him. I think he was Patience's first ever grandchild.


    Thanks - without that cat skin there would have been no McFluff story as when I first tried it on my sim I wanted to find an excuse for using it and the McFluff story is me trying to find a way to include the skin in my game. I think it was originally based on something in a SciFi or horror movie or series. If it is, then it's something I've never watched.

    The extra sleeping just happened. It's been a long road to recovery since I found I had such bad sleep aponea. I doubt I'd still be alive now if I hadn't got the CPAP machine when I did and it's taken me years to recover. The thing is, every time I think I'm fully recovered something else happens to make me realise I still had more recovery to go. Such as now suddenly and inexplicably sleeping for longer and without waking up at all during the night. I now sleep through for 7 or 8 hours every night. I hope you do manage to get more sleep too.

    @Charlottesmom In my experience, Random Play can be dangerous as new ideas sometimes spring from it and take over....

    I hope you managed to watch a few videos.

    I see your were busy with your new horse ranch. Although I love horses in real life I don't tend to play with them much in this game.

    I was crazy about horses as a child and teen but haven't gone riding one since I was about 14. One bolted with me on it's back at my cousin's property (it was a huge cattle station and we were riding through the bush with lots of trees and ditches and things.) I thought it was fun but my cousin got a huge scare and when I got back to him he led the horse back home and wouldn't take me out riding again. He didn't want to have to face my mother is something happened to me apparently. I consoled myself with drawing and painting horses for a few years and then other things took up my time.

    Back on the subject of Australian birds. The pink and grey parrot (usually named galah for very good reasons), at some times of the year are almost as common as pigeons. The footpaths around my house and immediate surroundings are grass and it is a common sight to see multiple small flocks of a dozen or more of the birds grazing on the footpaths as I drive out of my street.

    Your attic clearout reminded me of my clearout of this room I'm now using for my computer room. I found lots of stuff I hadn't see for years plus I've got lots of shredding still to do. Have done lots of shredding already but there is still a lot to be done.

    You Birdie looks big now when sitting on the monitor. I bet she enjoys exploring in the safety of the cage when you put it out on the grass.

    Thanks for letting me know about Emma's sight. My son did say not to lose hope as sometimes the brain cells are not dead but just not working temporarily. The thing is they don't seem to know why or when there will be a full recovery. It looks like Emma is lucky. I was hoping she would be.

    My Dad never fed the birds as far as I know - but they never needed that sort of care up in the wet tropics. There was always plenty for them to eat. The problem up there now is bulldozers. They keep complaining the cassowaries are endangered but still keep knocking down what little habitat they have left to build more housing estates. When new houses are built where the cassowaries used to roam the new residents get all upset about the wild birds invading their homes.

    I'm trying to do a mix of lengths of the videos. I have 30 minutes as my maximum length for any of them and wouldn't go over that except if it just won't work without extending the end by a little. And I think, with a story video, that's only happened once since I decided on the 30 minute limit. The next one on Caroline and Friends will be only 20 minutes. I hope you are able to enjoy a few of them.

    So how could Fatima tell which was Vadim and which was Don? Are their voices different or something? :)

    @king_of_simcity7 I always love to see your pictures around UK. Nice to see the odd road names.

    You've posted some nice pictures of your sims too. I like the dogs.

    That's a nice house you built - and since it's a first build in the Sims 3 it is doubly nice.

    When I first started playing Sims 3, I'd only played The Sims previously, I knew my sim should be able to visit the neighbours but couldn't work out how to get there. In the end I turned edge scrolling on and suddenly I could do things much more easily.

    Congratulations on getting your video up. I had a quick look through it but will take the time to watch it properly later. I'm a bit rushed right now.

    @Nikkei_Simmer it is nice to see a beautiful bird actually facing the camera - most of the birds I try to photograph while perching turn the backs to the camera - I suspect they want to be able to make a quick escape.

    I do remember what it feels like to stutter. So glad I don't do it any more but I think my issue was brought on by extreme stress. It does make you think harder when you have to find ways of doing things that are not the obvious and easy way of achieving the end you want and have those alternative means interesting and also translate into something others can follow and understand. One thing a stutter does is make you think fast when a particular word just won't come out.

    When I'm using Premier Elements to narrate my videos, I cut out the pauses between words to make it flow better. Sometimes I cut out whole sentences too. It takes extra time but it saves me from having to firstly write a script and them read it all, and even with just reading it is easy to stumble over the occasional word. Just edit the pauses and mis said words out if you would like to actually speak on your videos.

    Interesting video of Life (and death) in Riverview. Interesting explosions. I didn't notice the Grim Reaper appearing though.

    And more big bangs in the trailer for the Mushroom Cloud Chronicles.

    @Silverofdreams30 nice updates.

    @bekkasan I hope you managed to catch up on the Isla Paradiso Bunch. The two videos you'd not sees so far are Muriel making sure she has all of the tomb collection from the Forgotten Burial Mound in France. The video I just made of them has more variety in it and no chasing of pieces of the tomb collection. But they do have some adventures.

    Your Derek and Kendall are coping nicely with the twins and you are getting some beautiful pictuers of them as usual. It's nice to see they are both getting leave to take care of the babies. I've noticed, with my Perfect Genetics Challenge, Olivia is sent back to work on the day she has the baby and her husband, Don, stays home to take care of them. I'm wondering if it's because she has the Dislikes Children trait and he is Family Oriented.

    We were promised fast internet when this nbn was first announced, but then there was a change of government and exactly how it was to be delivered changed and the result is the internet is now either non-existend (and has resulted in lots of bankruptcies where small to medium sized business suddenly lost access to internet and phones) or if you have internet then it is often a lot slower than it was before it got upgraded. A few people are probably getting the really fast speeds. Therefore with all of this happening it has become something of a political issue and the internet providers have been forced to take more responsibility for the issues and to fix them. I think the internet I've got isn't too bad considering but it is still worse than I had before I upgraded to the nbn. The extra problem is, if you refuse to upgrade then they will just disconnect you entirely as they are supposed to be physically removing the old network as soon as everyone who has agreed to the upgrade has done it - or until it is 18 months after it became possible to upgrade in your area.

    @polrbear nice updates. I liked the pumpkin carving.

    @twinsister27 Congratulations of getting your game working again.

    @PalmArrow I love sending my sims to the festival grounds when they are poor and need something for their homes. Most of the festivals have wildflowers to pick and they can be very lucrative.

    It's a shame when it's nice outside and a sim has to stay indoors to make widgets.

    @ilikethesims30 nice pictures of Storybrook Country. I've never tried that world but I think I do have it downloaded somewhere.

    @lanlyn I think it is a part of the game that you run the risk of getting an evil sim when you clone. A bit like getting an evil child out of the wishing well.

    I'm quite excited about Owen's colouring. Even though he is absent minded I'd still like to see his babies so I might continue playing him. I can't wait for the next generation as the heir/heiress will be married to a sim I haven't made yet but I plan for them to have colouring that is not currently in the household sims.

    They are nice pictures of your relay day. I see the weather was kind to you. The activities you posted are all activities I am familiar with from around where I live too - except it isn't as cold here.

    Thank you for the feedback on my Isla Paradiso Bunch video. I'm glad you enjoyed it. This one had more variety than the previous two. Unfortunately there were no parts of the tomb collection to collect in this one. But Craig needed to work on the Nectary adventures, firstly just to do them but secondly I'm hoping to eventually get him into the tombs under the Nectary that are part of adventures and do have parts of the tomb collection for him to collect.

    @plushtrap_107 the first few cats that turn human will have the furry skins. I have a lot of different skins to use as I suspect the spells the Greene's use on the first few 'successes' will need some refinement. I'm not too sure how much the cats will like being turned into humans. I suspect a few of them might object quite strongly. I'm not sure if the spell will be reversible though.

    @CravenLestat I never knew Fatima and Betty were the same sim but I do know I used to wonder why you were always so enamored of Betty when Fatima had always got my attention and I pretty much ignored Betty because she was just a kid who'd grow up some day.

    That's a nice house you built too.

    Thanks for the info on Garden Gnome Day. I'll check it out.

    @coco we no longer get the Queen's Birthday holiday in June - we have to wait to October. They decided we have too many holidays in the first half of the year and almost none in the second half of the year so that one got moved - especially since it isn't on her actual birthday anyway. She kept it on the date of her father's birthday when she first became Queen. But having it moved to October makes if better as it spreads out the public holidays a bit more, but more difficult when I'm working as I used to enjoy going to Sydney for that weekend to sing in a huge choir at the Opera House. I haven't done that for a few years now though. I did sign up for it last year but then didn't go.

    That was a nice drama for Kara and her family.

    I've handed out likes and awesomes. Now I have heaps to do here before starting my next video on Oscar and Louise. I have to play the game to get the video first so it may take a while.

    In the meantime - Happy Simming.

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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    Last real update tonight. Next, I have some makeover requests to fill. :tongue:

    Vlad isn't very nice. :(

    And Sugar was upset :(

    But the week picked up with a party!



    And a handsome bartender!

    Though he was a bit boring. :neutral:

    Also - look who I found @CravenLestat
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    River McIrish makeover as requested by @Nikkei_Simmer in another thread :tongue:



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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    edited June 2018
    Adopted a new horse named Lady from the animal shelter.

    Less than 2 hrs with us and she wants to go for a ride.

    She also befriended her brother's co-worker Derek.Think he might want a different kind of relationship.

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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    edited June 2018
    Emily4331 wrote: »
    River McIrish makeover as requested by @Nikkei_Simmer in another thread :tongue:




    I am STUNNED...amazed and in AWE. :):smiley:

    Now excuse me; I have to go pick up a mop... clean the drool off the floor before I trip in it and whack my head.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Heheh she is a super pretty sim so easy to work with :smiley: I had fun! Glad you like her! :smile:
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    Piper the Pizza Girl for @CravenLestat

    or Piper the Model? :tongue:



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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    @karritz Yeah I think we have to wait until October for our next public holiday here. I didn't know it was her father's birthday, but I knew the Queen's actual birthday was in April. Singing at the Opera House sounds like a very prestigious event! Thanks, I'm glad you liked my little story.
    @Emily4331 Your River is stunning and I love that fiery red hair with her green dress. Have you ever made your own cc?
    @Springfairy556 I thought Lady was a unicorn at first, but it's just the angle of her ear. Her speckled coat is very pretty.
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @coco I have dabbled in creating my own a few times. What I learned is that I'm a natural at the 3D modelling (using Blender), but I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to UV mapping and texturing. :lol: Which are very important steps. Hahah and then depression would make me stop, I'd forget aspects etc etc.

    Basically, yes, but I'm terrible at keeping up with things. :tongue:
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    @Emily4331 - I should get you to do a Haruo that you could pair them up in a photo. :D:mrgreen: Now my Haruo just looks pedestrian next to River (the Goddess). :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer hahaha! Send him to me and I will :3
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    @Emily4331 A few years ago I planned to start making cc for elders because there's not enough out there for them. UV mapping was a nightmare! All I managed to do was lengthen a t-shirt and then I gave up lol. But to my credit, that t-shirt still looks great today :lol: I really admire anyone who can create original content for this game.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    edited June 2018
    @coco, What I want to do if I can learn Blender is create a set of USN dress whites for Sims 3...with the option of changing the shoulderboards to denote rank. :) At some point, I want to make a full set of USN working uniforms so that my sims can actually look the part.

    The dress whites are the one that the Captain is wearing.

    They would go well with "The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles" and any of my JAG Sims stories.
    Emily4331 wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer hahaha! Send him to me and I will :3

    I'll pop into the game at some point and save that I can port him into a file to send to you (instead of popping him up on the Exchange). :)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @coco I'm glad I'm not the only one! :lol: And the Blender tutorials are like, "here's how you UV unwrap things" *uses cube as example" >.>

    @Nikkei_Simmer Sounds like a plan! :smiley:
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Fife arrived just after I loaded my save :)
    I didn't give Lachie is fishing wish the previous day so I let him do a pre-dawn fish instead. I saw that he could now fish for piranha so I had him fish with minnow to start the pirahna wish chain.
    Sam had arrived just before I closed my game and when I saw them both in the same room, even though they weren't interacting, I thought it would make a good photo opp :p
    After I took the photo Sam turned around to play the drums :)
    And Fife went outside to fish :)
    The boys had waffles for breakfast. Although they all had waking wishes, I cancelled them all because I had a surprise planned for them :)
    Before I loaded my save I installed Traveler. The whole family were off to Bridgeport for a holiday :) Lachie would have aged up later that day and Rory on the next day. I love these boys too much as teens so this way I get to play them longer as teens and Niall and Cain get longer as elders :)
    As soon as they arrived, Rory got hearts from someone in town. I won't be pursuing it and, although anything that happens in Bridgeport stays in Bridgeport, the sims are not up to my standard.
    When Morna gave birth to her second child, another son, during the night, Niall rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend :)
    As soon as the boys arrived, I added the Duke of Bows venue to the town.
    Rory had a wish to take a photo with a friend. No idea when he rolled it but I locked it in so I must meant for him to have it :p
    The boys arrived in a group but I disbanded that shortly after arrival since I don't like groups and when Niall and Cain flirted I started getting those silly popups about them leaving the group.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Page 2702

    @king_of_simcity7 Fun screenies from your upcoming video :)
    Thanks for the comments :) I don't like my elders looking old and worn out ;)

    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely comments :) I really only change maternity outfits when I see a really bad one when taking screenshots of my sims. If they are just in town and my sims are not nearby I don't bother. I do quickly rush to every birth in town and make sure to change sims back into their normal everyday outfits.
    It is so easy to play with only 4 sims in the house but I am missing the chaos ;)

    @Emily4331 Thanks :) I doubt my laptop could handle the HQ mod but I also have no real desire to try it. When you're old and your eyes are failing, there's only so much difference a HQ mod will make ;)

    @Charlottesmom I hope you find the book and that it isn't mouse food! ;) I have no idea where I will send my boys but I will have to decide before I fire up my game today!

    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments :) Beitris was the eldest and because both Fife and Euan were having babies, there was more gap than usual between her and Niall. That, coupled with the short lifespan and the fact that the game didn't give her any extra time (she's right on the full life bar), does seem wrong but it is right.
    I really should install Showtime. I don't think there's room for new venues but some of the stuff that comes with it is fun and I also like mimes :)
    I love seeing elders in real life wearing something a bit loud - makes me think they are enjoying life and having a little fun :) Love the story about your dad and the shirts :)
    I do have IP but haven't installed it. I think boating would be something I would really enjoy!
    Hiccups in her cries - sounds too cute! :)
    I don't think Jared would need to try too hard to be a good daddy. I think they would both be natural parents :)
    It would definitely be good for Alexandra to get out! New mothers can get a little stir crazy! I made sure to take my boy for daily walks to a nearby coffee shop. People would coo over him and I would get all the social stimulus I needed to get me through the day. I was a single mother for the first 18 months of my son's life because I was jumping through the hoops to get us to America and the daily walks really helped.
    New hair is always fun :) I do love Alexandra's normal hair, though. Do you remember where you got it?
    Poor Jared! He's hungry!
    Congrats to Derek on his new job :)
    He's a great help to have around!
    Bath time! :D
    Congrats also to Kendall on getting a job!
    Those two are keepers! Raising babies with them around should be a breeze if they don't need to take time out to cook :)
    Lovely family time update <3

    @emorrill Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    Sorry that you missed out on Duke of Bows :( I missed it a couple times because it came up in the middle of the night but this time was doable :)
    I stayed up much later than I normally would to get World of Wonders but that was still within reach. If it had been in the middle of the night I would have had to wait until the next rotation.
    I know I could easily afford to pay full price for the sets I want but I love a bargain! LOL
    I didn't play today because I was putzing around on a few apps and also spent a lot of time in the kitchen making a dish that required a bit of work.
    I will have to decide where to send the boys when I play tomorrow.
    You will need MC Integration so that CAS works the same no matter how you access it.

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the nice comments :)
    Chloe is like my cat! She stands on my chest and meows until I get up and feed her!
    The toddlers are adorable! I should try to daycare profession some time!
    Jessica is doing a wonderful job with the kids :)
    Happy birthday Midnight and Paris :) They both look great!
    Looking forward to seeing Jessica learning how to ride :)
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Although Rory had never attempted to use the archery range at home he used it here. I am wondering if the range has a push in the code while on a community lot.
    The boys did lots of chatting and had a couple of brief games of catch but I was disappointed that no-one else was showing up as the boys all had wishes to meet the locals.
    I like the look of this venue a lot :)
    After they had been at the venue for a few hours, I decided it was time to find some sims. I saw a bunch at the Butterfly Pavilion so I teleported them there. Unfortunately, Beau was leaving as my boys were arriving :(
    Niall and Cain even got to boast about their grandkids :)
    I saw another sim in Lachie's queue. There's no escaping that when a sim is irresistible. ;)
    I saw Marina complaining about something and I suspect it was art because she doesn't like art.
    Cain and Rory were heading into the Pavilion to play catch but Niall stopped Cain before he got there. Since Rory was already there, I had him catch a butterfly :)

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