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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @lanlyn Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @bekkasan Thanks for the comments and nice updates :smile:

    @emorrill Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @LunBeauty Thanks for the feedback and nice updates :smile:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    Day off today and nice weather :smile:

    The four couples are:

    Bradley and Jennifer, Ross and Janie, Jamie and Megan and Aaron and Emily :smile:

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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @Springfairy556 Great pics of the fire and Brandon taking care of it and rescuing the victims.
    I don't know why it wouldn't work. When I had pets installed I used Nraas to take care of most of the wild animals in game. I think I allowed 2 hoping for the unicorn to show up.

    @emorrill Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed doing the colors scheme sim challenge that @Emily4331 suggested. I actually saved the site and went back and used it to find some color combos that go well with the spice berry color. That is Jade's favorite color and it gets hard to come up with some combo's when dressing her. She is a cutie toddler! sshhh, I didn't say that. I've got a couple posts in my head to write before the birthday! Just got to do it. That site will be very useful so I thank @Emily4331 again for posting it!
    The breastfeeding mod I have just converts a couple of animations to give moodlets to Mom and baby, and fill baby's hunger bar. It allows it to be done sitting in rocker or standing, but, she is just holding the baby. I think there is one out there that actually shows breast feeding, but, that is not the one I have. I found this other one first and just never tried the other one.
    Jared had to get his relationship up with those babies. It is a shame the Dad's don't get a better bonus. So, I decide to send her to work so he could do all for the babies. He got it way up there for both babies taking care of them that day. I like the bar to be full or pretty close when they age up.
    I don't mind changing hair styles so much since most of my female sims have a different one depending on formal or athletic outfit, etc. I may just add it to a couple of her outfits. Some of the guys will have more than one hair if they have long hair, but, Jared's will stay the same.

    @LunBeauty Hope you keep on feeling better. Good to get the rest. :smile:
    Thanks for the comment on Jared and the twins.
    Rflong is female. :smiley:
    Love Jessica's first day at daycare. I enjoyed doing that profession.
    Happy Birthday to Midnight and Paris.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks :)

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks!
    Hope you enjoy the pretty day!
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @bekkasan Thanks I will be going out later once I have finished my video :smile:
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    edited June 2018
    Here you go whoever wants it Download Link Below,no CC or CAP just various expansion/store content from a bunch of sets.12 expansions used 18 Sims 3 store items.Two bdrms,dining room,big kitchen,2 car garage,laundry area,full bath,deck has grill and picnic table,living room has flat screen TV above the fireplace.A cozy home


    Family Friendly House 30x30

    @LunBeauty There you go.

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,937 Member
    Hello Everyone. It's just after midnight here now and I'm turning the computer off for the day. Will be back in the morning - or in a few hours. I've been working on the next episode of Caroline and Friends today as well as buying more groceries and dog food and stuff. We went to the dog park too.

    Happy Simming.
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    Just worked through 10+ pages. I'm sorry I've been missing the last few days, we had a three day weekend here so I fully enjoyed my time away from the forums :mrgreen:. I will have to catch up properly tomorrow, I will most likely comment on the updates I have missed in the stories section. Anyway, I thought I should read through everything before I go to sleep tonight as I also wanted to share a few pictures from my play sessions lately.

    I have A LOT to share in general but I really like this storyline that I played out today as I was following Kara's mood swing wishes. I apologise for the length but the words just flowed like butter :innocent:

    I've decided to call it:

    Kara and the Awful, Terrible, Very Bad Day, also known as the story of how she got grounded twice on Leisure Day.
    It all started at school as that's the source of most teenager angst. A popular boy in school by the name of Tracey Correa had been spreading rumours about Kara behind her back. She had heard through the grapevine that he was spending Leisure Day by the beach and decided to come down and give him a piece of her mind.

    Kara: Hey you! How dare you tell people lies about me.
    Tracey: It's not lies if it's true. I know you've always had a thing for me...

    While it was true that Tracey certainly had heart eyes for Kara, she didn't feel the slightest thing for him. The fact that he actually liked her made Kara feel sick to her stomach.

    Kara: I would never go out with you. Not in a million years! There's only one word for people like you: LO-SER.


    Tracey puffed out his chest.
    Tracey: That's it. I'm taking you down.
    He would only admit to himself that he secretly loved teasing Kara. He loved winding her up just to see the fury in her eyes. He suddenly dived for her, aiming for her lips. Kara turned her head at the last second and he nuzzled her neck.
    Kara: Eugh! What the he.ll Tracey. Get off of me!

    It turned into a full blown fight with slapping and hair pulling. Kara was able to use Tracey's small frame against him and pushed him down. She felt a sense of achievement as it was about time that idiot was shown true humiliation. She could imagine everyone at school chanting her name, treating her as a true hero...

    She caught a taxi home as she was bruised up and down. A bath was in order too.

    Kara only got as far as the front door before she was confronted by Saville.
    Saville: I just got a call from your cousin who was at the beach not too long ago. I've never been more disappointed in you than I am right now. Fighting?! I can't believe it. Care to explain yourself?

    Kara: Tracey started it! He started spreading rumours about me at school. I only went to the beach to tell him to stop. It's not my fault he lunged for me. He had it coming.
    Saville was utterly furious. He had his duty as Assistant Principal at the school, but also as Uncle to Kara. He had no choice but to be firm with her.
    Saville: I have no choice. We don't tolerate fighting at school or in this house. You are grounded until I say otherwise. That means you don't talk to your sister. You stay in your room until I speak to your parents.

    Kara couldn't believe what was happening. It was all Tracey's fault so why should she be grounded for it? She silently kept back tears as she went to her room. She cried into her pillow until her eyes dried up and tried to force herself to sleep. Her mind however, was racing.

    She always thought that her Uncle Saville was cool, but since his promotions he had been acting all high and mighty. So what if she taught Tracey a lesson! If her Uncle didn't live in her Mum's house still, then no one would have ever found out. It's all his fault... :angry:

    Kara summoned up all her courage and told herself that what she was about to do was necessary. She angrily headed for the stairs to prove her point.
    (The grounded teenager walk is so scary!) :grimace:

    Saville and Sun were cuddled up on the couch together. Kara rudely stood in front of the TV until Saville stood up.
    Saville: What did I say about not coming out of your room?
    Kara: Yeah, well, you're not my Dad and there's no way I'm being grounded for something I didn't do!

    Sun looked weakly at Saville. She had better say something to cool the tension.
    Sun: Kara, honey, stop before you say something that you'll regret. You need to calm down. Your Uncle just wants you to reflect on what happened today. It doesn't matter if that other boy started the fight, the point is that you kept going when you could have walked away.

    Saville was used to bratty kids at school, but never was he hit so personally before. He had looked after Kara since she was born and it's like none of that ever mattered to her. She's right... he's not her father, he's her teacher.
    Saville: You're acting out because you're angry. But I've never seen such a lack of respect from you before. Go back to your room and I swear if I see you set a foot out of it, we are going to have a serious chat about your schooling future.

    Kara begrudgingly obeyed and went back to her room where she spent the next few hours planning her move. She waited until everybody had went to bed, even her parents who didn't even sneak one look into her room. Were they that disappointed in her? She filed the thought away so she could focus. She snuck into the family chest which stored the fireworks for New Years Eve and made for the front door. What she had planned was the ultimate act of rebellion.
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    cocococo Posts: 2,729 Member
    Part 2, titled:

    Kara Learns a Lesson

    She looked both ways before pedaling away from the house. It was prime hour for cops to be around so she had to be careful.

    She chose the small chess park for her firework display as it was away from the roads and surrounded by trees and bushes. It was the perfect place to hide if the police came. She settled the firework on the ground, probably a bit close to the bushes in hindsight but oh well.

    The anticipation was exhilarating. Usually it was her sister pulling pranks, but tonight... this moment was all hers.

    The firework sent a shooting cracker into the sky which formed a smiley face. It was a beautiful sight. Kara looked up and smiled at the face. For a strange moment in time, it looked like the smiley face winked at her and Kara was shaken to her senses. It had started to rain and the wind had picked up. What was she doing out here so late? What was the point?

    Kara didn't have time to think as her clothes were starting to get drenched. She ran back to her abandoned bicycle and went home.

    She prepared a hot bath on the ground floor to minimise the noise. The water was relaxing and soon she couldn't help but reflect on her actions. It seemed right at the time but she hated fighting with Saville. It's just, she sees him all the time at school and home. In a way he represented all the school's stuffy rules. She had known him all her life, maybe she went a little far saying those mean things to him...

    She thought back to her childhood years. Uncle Saville was cool, and she loved his funny stories. She also loved his friendly smile and his warm hugs.

    Above all else, he was her family.

    All of a sudden she couldn't stand herself. How could she have been so cruel. This was all that 🐸🐸🐸🐸 Tracey's fault! She had to make things right.
    She snuck into Saville and Sun's room and pressed lightly on his side of the covers. It didn't take much to wake him. Saville yawned and looked at her with sad eyes.

    Kara: Uncle... I can't stand what I've done. I'm so sorry. Can we please talk?
    Saville: Alright, since you asked nicely.

    Kara led the way down the stairs and headed to the kitchen to make herself a hot chocolate.
    Saville: Oh, one for me too please.

    Taking a sip of the chocolatey liquid, Saville thought about what he was going to say. He had already punished her, and honestly he just wasn't ready to forgive her yet.

    Kara placed her mug down and stood up. She started kneeling down onto her knees to plead for forgiveness, until Saville stopped her.
    Kara: I didn't mean to say those mean things to you, I swear. I just... that boy got into my head and for once in my life I felt so angry that I couldn't help it. I know it's partly my fault and I should have walked away.

    Saville: Yes, it was your fault. But the fact that you have realised that you were wrong makes me so proud of you. Kara, we all make mistakes but it's how we react to them that shows what kind of person we are.

    Kara looked up at him with hopeful eyes. She spoke in a small voice, as if this peace between them was a soap sud bubble about to burst.
    Kara: Does this mean you're not angry anymore?
    Saville: No, but you still have to talk to your parents about this. Tomorrow I want you to talk to Tracey and try to make things better between you two.

    Kara laughed weakly and wiped a tear away.
    Kara: I really hate that boy, but I'll try... for you.

    He gathered her up in a hug and kissed her forehead.
    Saville: That's my girl.

    Kara slept peacefully that night and dreamt about how she would deal with Tracey tomorrow. It was going to be an interesting day...

    To be continued :wink:
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member
    @coco oh nice drama, the teenage years hehe.
    Great update.

    I have not played yet today hust a quick photo of audra.


    Love her little baby bump there.

    More later
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    New summer themed thread for anyone who wants to get involved and share pictures: :smile:
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @coco Interesting part to the story :smile: Where is Kara's hair from?
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    Alrighty @Emily4331 I am finally getting around to posting this! :mrgreen:

    I meant to take her into the game and have her do poses for you, but I forgot I removed all my poses when I was trying to figure out what was crashing my game and forgot to put them back in. :confused: So hopefully her final pose will be good enough. :p

    emorrill's Color Scheme Sim # 1

    Here's the color scheme I chose. :blush: (Sorry the pic is huge!)

    (Was there any surprise I'd pick ones with purple in it. :blush: )

    Next I went into CAS, chose a female, and then rolled the dice a couple of times. I finally settled on this one to start out with:


    Gave her the "Bulgarian Rose" haircolor and then "put it up in a bun" ;) so I could tweak her facial features better.

    She's got a decent profile:


    You might not be able to see a huge difference, but I played around with the sliders a bit and decided to give her freckles because...I never give my sims freckles. :neutral: I should more though...

    (You see the under eye freckles here, but later I changed it to the full face freckles :) )


    Next I tried a couple of hairstyles on her, but one just stood out to me like a sore thumb. ;)

    ^I love this hairstyle SO much! <3

    I got to work on her clothes! :smiley: Incorporating all the colors!

    I wish y'all could see this better, but I put some earrings on her that ride up her ear a little. I love this CC too!


    Lastly I threw some makeup on her. (Oh you can see the earrings better now! :p )


    And now for the reveal!



    I tried to match the colors as best I could (even getting the right "codes" put in they still didn't look right. :confused:

    Remember, I am no fashionista, so I hope she turned out cute anyway. :blush:

    "Oh darling...Practice makes the perfect fashionista! You are off to a great start!"


    Me: Thank you Rarity. ;) Nice to see you again.


    I hooked her up with @lanlyn 's Bunter and placed them into Sam's world. Hee hee!

    Here's what their bedroom looks like. :open_mouth:


    I think there's going to be a lot of music playing in that house! :lol:


    Hope you all enjoyed! :grin:

    @Emily4331 I have like 20 color schemes saved (not just for sims, but for interior decorating :blush: ) so I'll probably pick a couple more to create sims with and share later. This was fun! :smiley:
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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @LunBeauty Oooh I might have to go back and check out Sun Young :astonished: Didn't even see him when I was there!

    @Silverofdreams30 Emily Finds is a great one :tongue: Not biased, I swear!

    @bekkasan Right? That site is great for all sorts of color schemes. Glad you like it!

    @emorrill Awww she is so cute! I love it! I think you did great for how difficult the color scheme you got was! :3 Where do you get the loose rose petals? :open_mouth:
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    My next Random Gameplay post here is for @CravenLestat ;)

    Enjoy my friend. :)

    I added Seren to Emmaline Rhoen's old house. :open_mouth: I know, but I'd rather fill vacant houses than add/build new ones that slow down the game so...

    Since I don't have some of the EP's and store content that you do Craven, she ended up looking like this when I moved her in. :neutral:


    I jumped into CAS to find the new pattern and make her up to the way you had her in the picture for me. :)

    This was the closest hair I could get... (Actually I found something better, you'll see in the final pic. ;) )


    Although I did consider this one. :p

    But no. ;)

    Final result:



    Now, Emmaline's house was so ugly! :grimace: And I don't care much for the cabin look unless you are in the deep, mountainous woods you know? So I spruced it all up to match Seren's character. :)

    Yes, she's getting a dog. ;)
    She's got quite the view from her backyard. (The small park just below)
    Gosh I LOVE Wisteria! <3

    Let's go through a tour of the home shall we? :)


    Another angle:


    Cozy bathroom. :)


    And of COURSE I had to do her bedroom up like this! :lol:



    Here she is with her doggie (forgot what I named her :confused: )

    "Instead of playing with me she needs to get herself a ripped man."

    "But yeah, I'll take the treat!" :p

    Aww, she's just chillin' and thinking of how much she loves her owner. <3


    And OMGosh I'd forgotten about how adorable dogs look playing with the squeaky toy! <3

    But first: LOL! :lol: A little terrified of the squeaky toy there doggie??


    But on to the cuteness!


    Umm, how'd this happen? :confused:


    It would reappear when she stood up from it and disappear when she'd sit back on it. Weird. So I just changed the chairs and it was fine.

    It'd been a long day so she decided to take a nap on her comfy bed. ;)



    Hope you enjoyed @CravenLestat :)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    Emily4331 wrote: »

    @emorrill Awww she is so cute! I love it! I think you did great for how difficult the color scheme you got was! :3 Where do you get the loose rose petals? :open_mouth:

    Thank you @Emily4331 <3
    What? That was a difficult scheme? I thought it was quite easy. :p

    Those petals are from TSR. :blush: I LOVE them!!!!
    (Goes with an awesome set!)
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    SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    edited June 2018
    @LunBeauty : Simplier way to use the gem cutter without buying it. Go to Aleister the Elixir shop, inside there is the machine.
    But I rather send them by mailbox it's funny and cheap.
    I rather decorate Sunset Valley by myself because it allowed me to create places I like.
    Great pictures it's awesome to bottle feed (I am sorry I am not sure how do we say in English) the baby horse I like it.

    @lanlyn: Pets attend to parties I can't wait to see by myself. A time in my 2016's save Sirius came until the arcade to see my
    simself ahaha she hanged out other there for a mission. He took the underground. The end of the story is everybody looks at my simself when she held her dog to give a petting. I love Ted, he has the reverse colour of Sirius.
    Follow and read Miss V Detective (ts3 story)
    on wordpress: / on dreamwidth:
    Follow me on tumblr (sims only) (please no triggers I am autistic asperger)
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    A little update on Birdie...She loves sleeping on my son's extra monitor! She seems a very tech savvy bird, loves pecking at remotes, walking around on my keyboard and looking at iPads...not that any of this will help her in the wild. :wink:

    Pardon Matthew's foot! :o


    Today is step one of "Born Free" the Birdie edition...

    I took the bottom off of her cage and put it in the grass so she could poke around and hopefully find a few yummy bugs or worms to munch on. She went right to the grass and was sampling everything. I saw her eating something and found out they were ants, guess they were tasty. I moved her a few times to different areas, she got really nervous when I put her out in the middle of the lawn, I checked for the hawk and didn't see him but decided she had had enough for awhile. Brought her in, cleaned out her cage and let her fly around the house for awhile, she is a wonderful flier, she buzzed me yesterday while zipping around the kitchen! Then I put her back in he nice clean cage she immediately took a bath and is now in her cage drying in the sun. Another round of putting her with her cage topper in the grass this afternoon. Doing this step by step...


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    Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @emorrill Difficult in that the colors are all very strong :tongue: can make them a bit hard to pair.
    Downloading that set asap :open_mouth:
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    LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,734 Member
    @bekkasan I've seen her worlds and wish I could download them all, but I doubt my computer could handle them all at the same time. I've also never heard her gender confirmed until now either. :)
    It's a fun profession, but it does get bugged from time to time like sometimes kids not coming and it takes forever to get promoted.

    @meerkattime Mea definitely deserves some happiness in her life. :)
    Thanks for the comment!

    @CravenLestat I can't wait to add this in my game! :)

    @coco Ah, those teenage years. How I don't miss them. :) So happy she realized that she made a mistake and that Saville wasn't punishing her just to be mean.

    @emorrill She looks amazing! I really love what you did with her. :)

    @Emily4331 Sun Young is actually a female, but she does have a brother who is married to Hui. :)

    @emorrill I love your random game-play! That set is amazing! Too bad I'm trying to cut down on too much CC :(

    @Simsophonique The problem with that is your sim has to travel all the way to that shop each time they want to cut gems for free. I'd rather just pay the 1,500 simoleons once and be able to walk only a few steps into my sim's backyard.

    @Charlottesmom She looks like she's doing so well! :)
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    LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,734 Member
    Here's the next part!
    Midnight wasn't trained, but he still trusted Jessica enough to let her come near him as she had raised him as a foal and had been a surrogate mother to him. Not to mention, she always had an apple or carrot in her pocket.

    Whenever he seemed unsure, she was always there to reassure him and he would playfully tug at her hair.

    Once Midnight was comfortable enough, Jessica put the saddle on him and struggled to climb up. She'd never done this before and it felt awkward, but she managed to climb on and spent a few minutes walking around the property to get used to the feeling. Midnight also seemed a bit jerky and nervous, but soon got used to the feeling of someone on his back.

    A new member of the family whinnied from her stall. Jessica had gotten a mare named Daisy, who she hoped to breed with Midnight. She was a bit more temperamental, but well trained and very obedient. Not to mention, she was beautiful.

    *To keep the household from getting too chaotic, I've decided that, once the offspring is fully grown, I'm going to give away one of the parents, maybe. This means that once Midnight and Daisy's foal is fully grown, I'll be selling Daisy. I can't bring myself to sell Midnight because he's Jessica's first horse.*

    Jessica spent some time teaching Midnight how to jump at the Training Grounds, which was practically right beside her house until it was time for her to start her work day.

    That day was just as busy as yesterday. The kids were much more active now that they could walk and talk and use the potty by themselves for the most part, but they still require a lot of attention and ate a lot. Surprisingly, they never got tired enough for a nap.

    Midnight and Daisy got to know each other and seemed to get along fairly well despite Daisy's aggressive nature.

    After the children left, Jessica tried to distract her loneliness by playing with Paris and reading a book on horse riding before turning in early as she was exhausted from the events of today.

    The next morning, Jessica went outside and found Midnight and Daisy spending time together and kept her fingers crossed that they would soon like each other enough to try for a foal together.

    She had a very quick bowl of cereal for breakfast and managed to read a little bit before the kids arrived. Since she'd gotten promoted, she would be taking care of a third child this time.

    Sandi came in a bad mood and cried for a long time, but Jessica managed to calm her down and she was soon content.

    Today was much busier than yesterday. Aside from making sure Nellie and Jonah were taken care of, Jessica also had to teach Sandi how to walk, talk, and potty train her. She also ate a lot and required more fun than the other two. Jessica was exhausted by the time she finished.

    But it all turned out to be worth it when Daisy became pregnant and would soon give birth to a foal.

    Jessica finally had time to tend to her garden and took a trip to the shopping center where she browsed around, but didn't find anything of interest at the moment.

    She also visited the dojo and, through hard work, determination, and a sore noggin, managed to earn a belt and also bought a training dummy and board breaker for the house.

    The next morning, Jessica had to fix a few broken things around the house while hearing Midnight whinnying playfully outside as he played with his large ball. She had to the day off and decided to visit a Simfest where she invited Irwin over.

    That's it for this batch! I'll have more later!
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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,330 Member
    edited June 2018
    @LunBeauty , I enjoyed your screenshots of the Daycare career because that's a career I've never played, and I haven't even seen many screenshots of it. I imagined lots of messy and crying toddlers, but your pictures mostly look peaceful and cute!

    @bekkasan , I agree, that wavy hair looks great on Alexandra! Although I like burrito babies, babies with legs are even more cute!

    @Mikezumi , oh, no, Cain and Niall are elders and Beitris is about to die! It's as if they all became young adults only yesterday.
    Greg's ghost looks so happy dancing ballet!

    @coco , I don't like mood swings in my game but I enjoyed reading your updates - you connected the mood swing wishes into an interesting story that makes complete sense!

    @emorrill , I love how you decorate Seren's house, and her dog is adorable!

    @Charlottesmom , I'm glad to see that the cute little bird knows how to find her own food!
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    Goal: 9 pages in 2 hours...comments will be very limited, but as per usual I read everything. Likes/Awesomes passed out.

    @Mikezumi , Seriously I can't repeat it enough Lonnie is beautiful, he and Kenna inherited a nice house, looks nice and big for plenty of kiddos..
    **Is Lachie irresistible?
    **"The dismount" LOL!! that just struck me as funny..but yes the look in Cain's eyes is adorable.
    **Awwwww Little Rory engaged!!
    **The house of woohoo!
    **Do you assign the kids favorite foods or do you keep what they are born with? You seem to have a lot of fish and chips lovers..
    **Beathan looks so relaxed in the hot tub.
    **Yeah undies... :love:
    **Do you like the set?
    **Rory's painting is pretty darn nice!
    **I have to remember the guys are elders now..
    **Everyone throwing up due to plasma fruit would be gross, but funny too!
    **Do it!! (the stink Juice potion...)
    **I keep forgetting I own the violin, I love violin, Jake took lessons for years!
    **Poor Lachie, his evil booby trap plans foiled by the watcher!!
    **Noctis is a babe, I have WAY too many screenshots of him and the guys from watching youtube videos!
    **LOL!! The look Marisa is pulling while getting ready for some elevator woohoo!
    **Never saw the goof around actions will have to play with that!

    @Silverofdreams30 , Ty in the shower...nice!
    **The boardwalk is wonderful though I don't use it as much as I should. looks great in your save.
    **I still like Sebastian the best but Elliott is growing on me..
    **Malcolm needs loads of work, poor kid! you did a good job on him!
    **Oh my, Audra pregnant!! Can't wait to see the kiddo!

    @CravenLestat , My Picasso and your Picasso are totally different... LOL!! (major art freak here) I do think I'll make some Picasso patterns later on, some nice art prints on the wall would be cool, I want Monet too!!
    **Your color, gray and darker gray, while cool a bit dreary, though I bet you would make it work!
    **Awesome small lot build!
    **I'm gonna showcase Betty's dad...he's a babe with a makeover! Wonder if I can get him to dance with a hot dog!

    @Karritz , Thank you for all the wonderful comments! :smiley:
    **I mainly just wrote down all the Sims ages because Misunderstood needed to be at least close on the age ups.
    **Emma's sight is 90% or better according to the vet so she was actually watching the chipmunk (Mr. Chippers as we have dubbed him) was just gawking at Emma a few minutes ago.
    **That is gonna be one packed house!!
    **I like that you are doing shorter videos, finding less than 15 minutes to watch is much easier than 1/2 hour.
    **Seriously you Aussies have the most gorgeous birds and Parrots in the world!!
    **Your dad sounds like a very cool guy! My aunt was an avid birdwatcher/feeder, she knew all sorts of birdsongs by ear.

    @lisasc360 , Interesting décor ...the picture Donnie in his swim trunks with his hand down his pants?? EEK!! (Kidding, I l know it's clipping) over the bed.
    **Parenthood seems to agree with Lisa and Donny and they are doing well, well except for the forgetting about a pet lizard leading to it's demise. :cry:

    @plushtrap_107 , I agree, nature shows would be better for both birdie and humans alike!
    **Peekaboo is adorable (in the toybox!)

    @Emily4331 , the color challenge looks fun and if I ever get a spare second I'll try it, I love the cutesy gal!
    **Pink haired dude is cute, though I'd rethink the pants if he were my Sim....those are soooo plaid! LOL!! :wink:
    **That kitten choker is very cute!
    **You are the CC Queen! I mean that in a good way...
    **The HD does make a difference!

    @Nikkei_Simmer ,I will be watching your video, I love seeing how folks put together their story videos!
    **Saw a momma and two baby robins in the front yard this morning, wish my baby could have joined in the fun, the momma even chased away a too close for comfort chipmunk!

    @Springfairy556 , Beautiful house!!
    **Country living is very appealing, I grew up on a farm.
    **I love the cow set, will have to add them and the chickens to the horse farm at some point.
    **Wow, gorgeous view of the farm from above!

    @meerkattime , I really need to fully play with a mooch! Those faces are wonderful..
    **Are you going to try to make real Maura's IF?
    **That RL lake picture is gorgeous!!

    @LunBeauty , Talking doggies for walks is such a cute action.
    **Glad everyone got out of the house fire!
    **Adore Midnight, such a cute foal.
    **Giggle! Paris is too cute for words!
    **The skating makes me laugh, it can be very cute with the spinning or painful with the falling..ouch!
    **The Smooches!!
    **Nice of Jessica to put Irwin's butt out!
    **Looks like true love for Jessica and Irwin! They are an adorable couple..
    **Staring at her butt!! LOL!
    **It looks like Irwin is throwing the ball!
    **DON!!!!!! :love: (can't help my love for the creep!)
    **Awwwww! So sweet and lovey!

    @king_of_simcity7 , Cool RL pictures..
    **Water balloon fights, yeah!!

    @PalmArrow , The European robins are so tiny and cute!! Our American ones are bigger, though in my eyes still cute. (having known one up close and personal).
    **Cute update, I hope she does have better luck with Martin than with Luke!

    @TadOlson , Nice 100 baby updates!

    @ilikethesims30 , That does look like a very pretty world!
    **Love Speedy! I vowed to play more with horses as I love horses IRL and have been ignoring them in game.
    **$75 ain't too bad at all!

    @lanlyn , I remember those fire pictures!
    **Too bad more folks didn't show up for the relay! What a wonderful cause...the bagpipes would have totally caught my attention for sure. I'm sure you had a wonderful time and helped out a worthy cause in the process, karma will smile on you.

    @bekkasan , L does make a pretty teenage girl (with a bit of tweaking). I will most likely put the other gender switched teens in the town.
    **I really like your color scheme girl! She seems like a fun type.
    **Babies!!! let the fun begin!!!! Everyone pitching in will certainly make life easier.
    **LOL!! The wee little shoes...not quite on the wee little feets..they didn't work so well in the swing it seems but those little black shoes are super cute on Jade.
    **Kendall and Derek, nice fun night out!
    **that bed for the twins is off the chart adorable, that is one piece of CC I would love in game!!

    2701...well closer than I was!

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