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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Dun dun dunnnn!!!! I was so not expecting that. This will make things waaaay more interesting. IS she going to try adn seduce him? Will he change his mind? Will she find someone else worthy? Oh DA DRAMA! xD
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    B) Yes...drama, drama, drama and MORE! Lol!
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Aww poor Buffy! :disappointed: I hope they do get together eventually - they suit each other so well!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
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    When Abra finds out Haipo refused Buffy, she seeks him out to speak with him.

    “I’m surprised at your decision, Haipo,” Abra says. “I thought you more sensible.”

    “It’s not about sense, Creator Mother,” Haipo offers. “It’s about destiny. I was destined to be Master Slave, living out my life here with Tribe Wahine.”


    Abra counters, “Yes, it is your right to live here until your years make it hard for you to be useful, but Haipo, think! You would be the father of generations! One of the first, in fact. Why do you deny this privilege?”

    At this Haipo’s eyes turn cold. “You and the creator keep saying I will be father to Creator Heiress, but what if I sire a son? What then?”

    Abra sighs. Haipo makes a good point. The laws are clear about sons born by a creator.

    Haipo continues, “I’m sorry, Creator Mother, but I do not wish to sire a son so he can go to an early death.”


    Abra’s eyes close and then she makes her case. “You are being very short sighted and selfish, Haipo. It is an honor for a son to be born by a creator. He may sire children before he is sacrificed. He also goes to the afterlife with many honors and can come and go around the compound all he likes.

    “But you are thinking about yourself in the wrong way, Haipo. It is for the good of the whole tribe that we operate in this manner. It will be prosperous for the tribe if you join with Buffy. You will go where you wish afterwards. Back to your old tribe, if that is your inclination. I thought you cared about this tribe, Haipo. More than your selfish desires. It is very disappointing.”


    Abra’s words pierce Haipo’s heart. He didn’t think he was acting selfishly. But she was right. His desires outweighed the good of the tribe. His face grows warm with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Creator Mother,” Haipo says, rubbing his sweaty palms on his pants. “I see your point and have a change of heart. If Buffy will have me, I will consent. It is my wish to always act honorably for the welfare of this tribe. That was my sole reason for wanting to be Master Slave, so I could care for the tribe as long as possible, skilling up and making things pleasant for the tribal women.” Haipo swallows. “I’m quite ashamed at my prior behavior. Will you speak to Buffy for me?”


    Abra smiles, patting Haipo’s knee. “I will speak to her at once. Do not worry, Haipo, I will explain your prior motives. She will understand.”


    Haipo is filled with relief and happiness ripples over him. He hated seeing Buffy so sad. How glorious it will be to see her joyful again. And to his surprise, he is looking forward to their time together. He has a connection to Buffy that he doesn’t with the other tribal women.

  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    edited February 2015
    Dun dun dun! You know, I thought I would be happy if he changed his mind, but he's such a good looking sim it really does make me sad at the same time. I hope it takes her a little while to get pregnant. Still wanna see some Haipo. I wonder if she will have a change of heart about putting him to death ann therefore set her sister's curse in action? Dun DUN DUN!!! I cannot wait for more!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    This tribe doesn't put them to death anymore. He will STILL be very much a part of this story until...well, I can't say...the only slaves put to death are males born of creators because they could challenge the heiresses for rights to lead. But the breeding males now just go to other tribes. Haipo's case will be different, but you'll find out later.

    More Haipo to come!!!
  • ajmiatroajmiatro Posts: 1 New Member
    How many sims do you have in your household currently if u have more then 8 do you use a mod if so which one.
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    @pammiechick Yay! I am so relieved that he will at least get to live. I thought breeders had to die according to the rules though?
  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 3,789 Member
    Oh, dear, what a dilemma! Poor Haipo and Buffy! I wonder what will happen next? :)

    I enjoyed reading your story, and this challenge (and story) is inspiring me to do something similar in sims 3, but with no slaves--worker servants maybe. I like the tribal roles, and I want to do something similar. (I would like to do it in Sims 4, too, but it will have to wait until the devs can tweak the wonky AI.)
    ~*~Long live all the family play!~*~
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    edited February 2015
    @ajmiatro‌ I don't use mods for population. I am going to move my extras to a nearby lot and tax them. Not standard, but the challenge doesn't allow for this and I'm not about to mess up my game with a mod like that.

    @bunny-❤️❤️❤️❤️‌ Thank you! Hope you do try it! So much fun doing a different culture like this.

    @naniminna‌ Nope. That was a misunderstanding by us in the beginning and I rectified this!!!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
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    Abra wastes no time searching for Buffy. She discovers her in the kitchen eating. "I have good news, dear one. I've spoken with Haipo and he has consented."

    "Consented? But why?"

    Taking a bit of fish taco, Abra says, "He realized the importance of doing his duty to the tribe." The creator mother squeezes Buffy's hand. "May the Maker bless him with a daughter."

    Elation fills Buffy's insides. "I will give him a daughter. A creator heiress!"


    Jumping from her seat, she flies outside to find Haipo standing next to the gong, waiting for her. Her stomach leaps when her eyes catch his.

    “Creator,” Haipo says, bowing. “You look even more beautiful in the moonlight. Surely not even a lion, the king of the animals would be worthy of your presence.”

    Tingles flutter within her. Shyly, she says, “Are you flattering me to get out of trouble, Haipo?”


    “Never,” Haipo says, taking Buffy’s hands. “I’m being serious now. I hope you will forgive my earlier ignorance. I’d be honored to sire your child.”


    His hands felt warm, covering hers. Happy tears blur Buffy’s vision. “I’m so grateful, Haipo. You won’t be disappointed.”


    Never letting go of her hand, Haipo assures her, “I was such a fool before. I don’t want you to remember that.” He traces a finger along her jawline, sending shivers down her neck to her spine. “This will be our time. I’ll make these moments special for you.”


    The wind picks up, sending warm air swirling about them. Buffy takes it as a good sign from the Maker about their union. Without hesitation, Buffy leans in and kisses Haipo. When his warm lips meet hers, she knows she’s under Bracha’s curse for she is falling in love with Haipo and there’s nothing the world could do about it. He has her heart.


    Whispering, Bracha says, “I want to take this slow, Haipo. I have plans for our chambers and it isn’t ready yet.”

    Haipo smiles. “Let’s watch the stars together then. Of course, I’ll be here whenever you’re ready, Kitten.”

    Buffy grins at the pet name he gave her only the night before. It will be a treasure she’ll hold when she’s alone yet again. But tonight, she would not think about when he will have to leave her. In fact, a bold plan surges to the surface of her mind. Maybe she could keep Haipo here just a bit longer.


    As they look at the stars and talk together while the crickets chirp and the frogs croak, Buffy prays her plan will work and that Haipo will spend many moons with her before his departure to another tribe.


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  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    edited February 2015
    They're fixed!

    I love the story. I really hope we get to see more romance between Haipo and Buffy. They are so precious together. I ship them so hard! <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    edited February 2015
    Oh good!!! You will like the next few chapters, I think! <3
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Oh, I edited my comment before after I refreshed a lil bit ago. =)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    edited March 2015
    The following week, the breeding chamber is ready. Buffy can’t wait to show Haipo. “You want to see what our room looks like?” she asks.

    Haipo kisses her neck, whispering, “I’ve been obsessing about you. Don’t make me wait any longer.”


    Bane outdid himself with the carving of the furniture. He inched a little higher in her estimation for that. Buffy pulls Haipo into the den. Sinking into the couch, Buffy says, “What do you think?”

    Haipo turns his head, shrugging. “Well, it looks like a bear could live in here.”

    Buffy’s mouth drops open and she hits Haipo on the shoulder. Then she tickles him. “You take that back or you’ll die of laughter, slave!”


    Through gasping chuckles, Haipo tries to pull Buffy’s hands away. “Alright, alright, I confess! It’s wonderful. I love it.”

    She inches her face near his. “You do?”


    “I do.” He draws his face even closer to hers. “Now come here. You’re too far away.”

    She obeys, snuggling even nearer to him, smelling his comforting musky scent.


    “That’s better. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you liked me.”

    Buffy giggles. “Maybe.”

    “I know I like you,” Haipo whispers. “I think too much.”


    “It can never be too much,” Buffy says, rubbing the rough stubble on his chin.

    Without another word, they kiss, bonding tighter and tighter like two vines growing together. Soon, it will be almost impossible to separate—to find where one begins and the other ends. Soon, they will become soulmates. Buffy hopes it will not be their undoing.


    But whatever happens, there's no turning back.
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  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    You write such sweet moments between Haipo and Buffy. I feel like a hardcore fangirl squealing with every update. I love them! <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    @naniminna‌ I'm squealing right along with you! I mean, they naturally are so sweet with each other--more than any other sim couple I've played! I don't have to direct much! HA! <3
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    @pammiechick they were made for each other! I hope they produce triplets! And I hope they are ALL girls! No deaths in this generation! I will pray to the maker for them! =)
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Yay! *fangirling* They are going to make such cute babies! I hope it all works out for them.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
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    Early the next day, Buffy’s mother’s friend, Kei, seeks her out to speak with her privately.

    “I’m worried about your mother, Creator Buffy,” Kei says.


    “Worried? But why?” Buffy asks. “She seems in good health, looking young and beautiful as always.”

    “I gave her a youth potion,” Kei explains, “but it doesn’t work on the soul. The Reaper took many suns off her life when she had to go to the temple to deal with Hanale and Adda. I’m worried she doesn’t have much time left.”

    Buffy’s eyes narrow. “But how can this be? She hasn’t complained.”

    “I know,” Kei speaks, waving her hands. “She’s talked with me about it. Elue, I fear, has even less time. The Reaper stole a decade from her.”

    Rubbing her hands together, Buffy says, “What can we do? I haven’t even conceived my first child. I wanted my mother to see the new Creator Heiress, at least. And Elue is like a second mother to me. Can you make another potion?”

    Kei shook her head no, sadly. “Potions don’t work when it’s the age of the soul. I propose your mother come live with me in these last days. I live in the most prosperous tribe—Tribe Pakala. I have been given a huge estate and my own personal slaves. She would be in comfort there, having every amenity. You could visit her as you wish, but I feel quitting her job and living in a more pleasant environment will give her more moons and hopefully, she’ll live to see your daughter.”

    Smiling, Buffy nods in agreement, although her stomach churns with worry. She hopes Kei is wrong. “But what of Elue?”


    “My tribe owns the property across the street. My Creator wishes to give it to you, Creator Buffy, as a token of our gratitude for the capture of the traitors, Hanale and Adda. If traitors go unpunished, it is bad for all tribes and creates unrest. Maybe you could give it to Elue to live and allow her one slave to go with her. It is a most beautiful setting. Perfect for her to paint as she pleases until her time comes.”

    Buffy has noticed Elue’s face aging rapidly. “I accept your most generous offer, Kei. Thank you for your kindness. Will you tell Mother?”

    “Of course. I’ll send for her soon.”

    That afternoon, Buffy explains the plan to Haipo and Ekewaka.


    “I don’t think your mother will be pleased, Creator,” Haipo says. “She will want to stay with you as you give birth to our child. I will be gone.”

    Buffy thinks about her plan to keep Haipo around longer, but cannot say so yet. “I have Ekewaka and Hoopono to help. And we’ll be receiving another slave as I will let Elue have Bane.”

    Ekewaka joins in the conversation. “Yes, do not worry about her, Haipo. I will take good care of our creator. You need to think over which tribe you will join soon.”

    Haipo’s face falls. “You have conceived already, Creator?”

    Buffy laughs and takes Haipo’s hand. “No, I have not, so you cannot get away from me so easily, Haipo.”

    Haipo says nothing, but eats a little quicker. That afternoon, when they are alone, he comes up behind her and says, “I’m thankful you can’t get away from me so easily, too, Kitten.”

    Buffy’s pulse quickens as it always does when Haipo says sweet things to her. “We could try again.”

    Sliding his hand over her cheek, he whispers, “How about now?”

    Buffy smiles and grabs his hand. She would give him a daughter. She knew it.

    Afterwards, Haipo holds Buffy on the couch. “Even though I’m to leave soon, I’ll never forget our time together.”

    Buffy pouts. “But what if you become a breeding slave? You will forget me as you’re in the arms of another.”


    Haipo peers into her eyes. “I promise you. I will never become a breeding slave.”

    “How can you be so sure? Although you may choose any tribe you wish, you will be under their law.” Buffy tightens her grip on his warm hands. “And you are the most irresistible man I’ve ever met.”

    Haipo kisses her. “Trust me.”

    That night, Buffy falls asleep in the arms of Haipo, mind full of sadness for the day when Haipo leaves. She pulls him closer, memorizing every part of him. She will never forget these moments either. And she vows never to take another lover.


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    A week has passed and thankfully, Buffy does not think she has conceived but knows it will be soon. She spends as much time as she can with Haipo. During one of their workouts, she asks, “What do you want to name our daughter, Haipo?”


    “Ah, but Kitten, what if we have a son?” Haipo counters, smiling mischievously.

    “Impossible,” Buffy says. “Don’t you know I am Creator and I command you to give me a daughter?”

    Waving his hands, he says, “But don’t YOU know I am the most stubborn of slaves. Sometimes, I cannot do my duty as much as I would like.”


    At this, Buffy comes over to speak to her love. “Don’t play, Haipo. I’m serious. What would you name our daughter?”

    Chuckling, Haipo says, “Alright, Kitten, I’m sorry.” He thinks for a moment. “If it’s a girl, I like the name Hawika which means beloved for she will be most beloved by her father.”

    “And mother,” Buffy interjected. “Hawika it is!”


    “And if it’s a boy…”

    Buffy crosses her arms. “It will NOT be a boy.”

    Haipo ignores her. “If it is a boy…how about Hagen which means the most high son since he will be yours.”


    Buffy marvels at the wisdom of her lover. She wants a child so badly, but she doesn’t want to give up her mate. How would she rule her tribe without his wisdom? For a moment she regrets her choice. Wouldn’t it have been better to have him as a best friend always with her rather than a close lover who will leave? She couldn’t be sure. “Well spoken, Haipo. If the Maker casts a shadow over our love and gives us a boy, his name shall be Hagen.”


    Later that day, it happens. Buffy is with child.


    Now is the time to move quickly. She calls a council meeting. She’s not ready to give up Haipo yet.
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Dun dun dun!!! What will she do to keep Haipo around? Will she be exiled? I'm so nervous!

    I cannot wait to see the outcome of the babies gender! =)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
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    The council meeting is set for the following morning. When Buffy awakes, her pregnancy is already affecting her as she quickly hustles to the bathroom. Finishing up, Bane barges into her stall without even knocking!


    Quickly, he sees his mistake and flees to the kitchen. But Buffy is right on his heels.

    “How dare you enter the women’s bathrooms without even knocking, Bane?”

    The slave bows deeply. “I’m very sorry, Creator. I thought I heard the swishing of broken pipes yet again. I should have knocked. Please forgive my ineptitude.”

    “I cannot undo what’s already been broken. Maybe a few days in the House of Punishment will help you understand the art of knocking. Especially in this house.” Buffy whips out her pointer. “Don’t let it happen again.”


    Grumbling under his breath, Bane stomps into the pillar. He would bide his time, but once that foul Haipo was gone, he decides he will somehow woo the Creator into allowing him to be head slave. But he couldn’t mess up again. What a foolish slip! He hopes the child she is carrying will be male then he’d have his chance to show the Creator he was a worthy mate and hopefully, be allowed rights to breed the next heir. If it’s a female, then maybe he could earn the right to become a Master Slave.

    He thinks long and hard about his plans as he suffers in darkness.


    All the women sit near the Creator throne, awaiting Buffy to change and prepare for the meeting. Haipo notices the assembly and turns to go into the women’s compound to do chores.

    Buffy seizes his arm and says, “No, Haipo. I want you to join us. As Master Slave this is allowed. Plus, it concerns you.”

    Haipo’s eyebrows knit. He doesn’t like the sound of that. What is she going to do? He hopes she doesn’t show her true feelings for him. As it is, he feels she has displayed way too much affection. He’d do anything to keep her safe, but he was a lowly slave. Her choices were out of his hands.

    He glares at her to signal she needs to tread carefully, but she just laughs and winks at him. He shakes his head, hands on hips.


    Buffy changes into a more formal dress and sits down for the meeting. “Thank you for coming so promptly, my sisters. I called you here to ask for your advice about changing a rule which I think has caused undue trouble, and I don’t want it to tie a future Creator’s hands on whom they choose to breed for heir.”

    The Creator Mother replies, “I have given this some thought as well, Creator. What are your ideas?”


    “I found it constricting that my choice in Haipo did not come about naturally. He, in fact, had to be coerced into breeding with me.”

    Haipo raises his hand. “May I respond to that?”

    Without looking at him, Buffy says, “No.”

    Abra nods. “That was most unfortunate. But you were within your rights to command him.”

    “That’s exactly the point, Creator Mother.” Buffy crosses her arms. “I shouldn’t have to command a slave to want to breed with me. I am the Creator! It should be his desire.”

    Hoopono shakes her head. “I’m confused, Creator. A slave’s desire should be for his Creator and her whims. Maybe you’ve given Haipo too many rights. Take all rights from the Master Slave. Then he will know his place and will have no choice in the matter.”

    Buffy stares at Hoopono with fury. “That is exactly the opposite of what should be done. I thought you had more wit than that. And you’re my Scholar? I fear I have elevated you too quickly. No. All that would do is make him like a mindless zombie. Only doing his duty. There would be no devotion. Master Slaves earn a few rights so they feel a part of the tribe and they work harder for it. Haipo is a great example of that. He works ten times as hard as that feeble minded Bane.”

    “So what is your proposition, Creator?” Ekewaka asks.

    Buffy rubs her knees and takes a deep breath. Haipo’s insides are churning. She must be careful or the tribe could turn on her. And if that happens, it would mean her death. And probably his.

    “I believe if a Master Slave is elevated to breed with a Creator, then he should be allowed to stay with the baby until it ages to child. This will allow him to see and get to know his offspring before his banishment. Of course, this would only pertain to a Master Slave, not to normal breeding slaves. Because of this right, that should entice a Master Slave to desire to serve his Creator in this manner. Something no other male gets to do.”

    Haipo is livid. All this rule will do is create even more bonds and more ways for them to get caught. And that will lead to their demise. Haipo raises his hand again. “If I may, Creator?”

    Buffy does not look at Haipo. “The slave will be seen not heard. I will not say this again. Do you understand?”

    Haipo looks down at his feet, anger boiling within him. He loved Buffy more than any other person in the world, but he has never been so furious. His hotheaded trait was making it hard for him to keep his composure. “Yes, Creator,” he says through his teeth.

    Smiling, Buffy asks, “Do I have your blessing, dear sisters?”

    Raising her hand, Ekewaka says, “I hear the wisdom in this move and feel it would give honor to a Master Slave if the Creator so desires him. I say yes.”

    The rest of the women consent. Buffy adjourns the party.

    Incensed, Haipo exits inside to fix a toilet. He does not want to see Buffy for fear he might displease her with his mood.


  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    I am a little confused at why he is so upset. But at the same time, I can understand his concern for Buffy and himself. I thought he would be happy to see his own baby age to child, for it is only 3 more days!
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Ooh, interesting chapter. Seeing a tougher side of Buffy! Why do I think there's more to this than meets the eye?! :open_mouth:

    Ps: I think Buffy is going to have a boy! I don't know why! But it will be a lot harder for them if it is a boy, so I hope I'm wrong. *crosses fingers*
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