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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


  • BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    Super suspenseful!! Whats going to happen next? I am going to be nervously awaiting the next update!
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Dun dun dun!!!! Can't wait for the next update. Your thread encouraged me to try this challenge out and it's so much fun.

    I love the way your sims look and how you have all this cultural background in. I just love your writing. It's compelling and keeps me longing for more.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    Thank you! Hoping to update soon! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :)
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    edited February 2015
    Early that morning, Abra and Elue wait next to the Magic Tree as Grim goes in to scare the traitors, Adda and Hanale. To her surprise, Abra's stomach flinches at the sight of Adda. She stares at her with a mix of rage and remorse.


    Adda stops suddenly when she sees her former creator, Abra. Quickly, Abra commands, her voice unusually low with an eerie echo, "Adda, Hanale, you will come with me to the Amazon Temple. There you will be tried by the Grim Reaper." The power of the potion Grim had given her instantly works. Adda and Hanale do not try to flee.

    Dropping to her knees, Adda pleads for her life. "Oh, wonderful Creator, please don't make us go there. We will go home and meet our fate instead. The Grim Reaper is a merciless bully. He will not give us a fair trial!"


    Abra scratches her chin. "I am not without feelings, Adda. How could you betray me and your tribal sisters for such as this lowly slave?"

    Adda bows her head in shame. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I could not help myself, Creator. I'm in love."

    Hanale looks down at his feet in worry.

    The traitorous words burn in Abra's belly. "This love as you call it will be your undoing." Abra's voice booms, "To the temple!"


    In a magical flash, the four are transported to the temple.

    Abra has Adda and Hanale prepared for trial, shaving their heads and dying their hair blue--the symbol of the Wahine tribe.

    The Reaper starts, "Adda and Hanale, I found you in hiding in the Magic Wood. Abra tells me you fled due to matrimony which is strictly forbidden between a Wahine tribemate and a slave. How do you plead?"

    Adda looks down. "Guilty."

    Grim announces, "Then it is by my power you are sentenced to death by drowning as prescribed by your Wahine creator."

    Abra takes a step forward and looks into Adda's eyes. "I would have given you everything my tribe had to offer. Why would you do this when you understood the price?"


    Putting her hands together, Adda says, "I was foolish, Creator. If only you would spare my life and allow me to live my days here as a temple slave, I would make amends for my unwise choices."


    Abra waves toward Hanale. "And what about your husband? What would you want me to do with him?"

    With her head held high, Adda says, "I do not care. He is but a slave. He deserves his fate as he tempted me constantly while at our compound. He flirted and when I told him to stop he would not."

    "How could you say such things?" Hanale shouts. "It was you who flirted with me first!"

    "Enough!" Abra yells. "You are both guilty! Adda, you are to be put to death by the pit. But as a sign I am not without compassion, if your slave survives the Pillar of Doom after four days, I will spare your life. You may live out your days as a temple slave."


    "B-But I am too weak, Creator," Hanale moans. "We've been living off of nothing but bugs and a few fish. I can't possibly last that long."

    "It is done," Abra announces. "I have made my decision. If you are worthy, the Maker will spare your life."

    Hanale places his face in his hands.


    "And you, Adda," Abra goes on. "Pray that Hanale is strong. He is your husband, after all. Didn't you choose him for his strength? Your life will depend on it."

    At that, Adda's face falls for she feels the weakness in her own bones of living in the cursed wood for far too long.


    "It is time," Abra says, motioning to the Grim Reaper to place Hanale in the Pillar.


    Over and over, Adda's words of indifference for Hanale sting his soul. He is determined not to survive, if only to betray her as she has betrayed him.

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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    For those who are DYING to know what happens next--I will post what happens to Adda and Hanale tomorrow morning! Stay tuned! <3
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Hanale!!! DIE!!! Your wife is a terribly selfish and cruel woman! How dare she throw YOU under the bus like that! Ugh. Stinky woman.
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    :open_mouth: O.M.G. What a dramatic chapter! I'm so surprised by Adda's betrayal! Do I really have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens?!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    LOL! @MegandtheMoon‌ -- It'll be worth the wait! I promise! Oh, and I can't believe ALL the drama coming up, too. SO MUCH! I am REALLY enjoying this challenge because it lends itself well to emotions and ties and different things happening that can't really happen in a normal world. I just HEART this challenge! That's why I love yours so much, too! <3 (*) <3

  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member

    I agree! This challenge has made me try so many different things that I would never have done in my ordinary gameplay. I love it, and love your story too! :cookie::star:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    edited February 2015
    On the fourth day, Hanale is still very much alive. Elue’s heart flutters. What if Adda went free? What would happen to Hanale? She asks her creator about this.

    “The Reaper will take Hanale’s soul as payment,” Abra says. “I’ve promised him two souls. Do you think he will allow us to leave without at least one?” Goose pimples ripple over Abra’s body at the thought. No. The Grim Reaper already had taken many Suns away from their lives just being here for a few days. He would not leave empty handed.


    Elue sighs. “I do not like the idea of Adda going free, Creator. She is a despicable creature. The most dishonorable soul I’ve met.”

    Abra ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her head. “How can you say that, Elue? Adda fell in love with a slave. That has been happening through the ages. It is traitorous, yes, but if she truly repents, why not save her? She can live out her days here. The Maker knows the temple needs a curator. Adda was my best gatherer. No offense to your sister, but Ekewaka is really not gifted in that area.”

    Looking straight ahead, Elue wishes Hanale would somehow give up his life. And soon. She could not confess what she knows to the creator for fear of banishment. She saw Adda receiving Hanale’s attention right in front of her. She never once stopped him. Adda is the betrayer—not only to her tribe but to her husband. She deserved death.


    All at once, Elue pops up from her lunch. “I will check on Hanale, Creator.” She bows and leaves. But instead of going to the Pillar of Death, she seeks out The Grim Reaper.

    “Reaper, I need a word with you,” Elue says, holding her breath. She hated being near the immortal. It was unnatural for him to be misting about on the temple grounds.


    “Words are valuable. Time is valuable.” His dark, cavernous head draws near to her. Elue can smell the stench of death. She shivers. “It will cost you ten suns.” His echoing voice reverberates into her bones.

    A generation! Elue would be an elder way before her time. Was Adda worth this?

    “I’m waiting,” Grim whispers, menacingly.

    With a large breath, Elue speaks, “What if I offered you two souls? As it is, Hanale is very strong and will survive the four days, freeing Adda. She will live out her long life taking care of this temple.”

    Grim scratched his chin. “Go on…”

    Swallowing, Elue feels her life force draining out of her by being so close to the Reaper. She needs to hurry. “Hanale may wish to die. Give him this option. Once you take his soul, he will be dead by the setting sun on the fourth day. Then Adda is yours!”

    “Done!” Grim shouts.


    Instantly, Elue’s body shakes as ten suns leave her body all at once. Her back groans and her knees throb. She is an adult now. Her youth is just a whisper of the past. Elue runs to the upstairs bedroom on the temple grounds to mourn. She harbors resentment against Adda and vows to release Adda’s soul so she could no longer feel the taste of life.

    Elue’s plan works. Grim takes Hanale’s soul from him as he is willing to give it, and now it is time for Adda to die.


    Adda makes the trek up the temple steps to the pit.


    Slowly, she walks which frustrates Elue. She wants her gone. Why does Adda delay? Could she be planning an escape? Not likely with the Reaper in their midst.


    Abra speaks a few words to Adda that Elue cannot make out. Adda nods and moves toward the gate of the pit.


    With an air of dignity that Elue knows Adda does not have, the traitorous woman glides into the pit's pool.


    Once Abra leaves, Elue tears into Adda. "Hanale is a very strong slave," Elue says, arms crossed.

    "Not strong enough, the weasel." Adda looks around the pool at her doom. "I should have left him in that wood to rot."

    "He was strong enough, but he asked the Reaper to take his soul so you would not be saved." Elue feels her blood pumping throughout her body in rage. "And I asked the Reaper to tempt him."

    Adda blinks back tears. "But sister, why would you do such a thing?"

    "You're no sister to me," Elue says. "I saw with my own eyes how you were with Hanale and then you spoke lies to our creator. You are not worthy to even haunt these grounds. I will release your soul to the vapors once this is finished."


    Elue does not hear Adda's response. She is finished with death and souls and sadness.

    Adda does not last long.


    In only a few hours, Grim receives his second soul.


    True to her word, Elue releases Adda's spirit. But it does not make her happy as she once thought. It only left her with a stone in her stomach and years off her life.


    Abra mourns for Adda's tortured soul. The afterlife is not a nice place for those who receive a dishonored death.


    "Come," Abra says, "It is time to get the twins ready for the choosing."

    Ekewaka's eyes grow. "The choosing? So, they will fight to see who is heiress? I cannot believe it is time already."

    Abra pats Elue's sister on the shoulder. "We are not getting any younger, my dear friend. I need an heiress. This business has aged me beyond what a life potion will cure. I will be an elder soon."

    Elue nods and smiles at Ekewaka and Abra with a hopeful flutter in her heart. One of the twins will be the next creator. But who?
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  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Awesome chapter!! :star: Poor Hanale though :( I can't wait to see who will inherit the tribe!!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    Drama, drama, drama!!!!
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    Thank goodness that treaterous little witch died. I can forgive betraying the sisterhood for love, but I cannot forgive forsaking your "soulmate". Not cool at all.

    It is a shame that Elue had to make the sacrifice of her age in order to have justice brought forward. Thankfully Grim is easily convinced. (At least in taking lives. xD)

    I look forward to seeing which twin wins the role of heiress! =)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    It is a shame but that speaks to Elue's nature. At least she was fairly young to begin with. Now she's as old as Abra. She has a lot of years and meaning in her life to come! B)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
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    The day of the choosing arrives. Haipo wastes no time in encouraging Buffy. He’s seen Bracha’s evil ways and Buffy will not stand a chance against her sister if he sits by and does nothing.

    After finishing a bite of scrambled egg, Haipo asks, “Are you ready to fight Bracha today?”


    Buffy sighs. “I think so. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a fighter, but if it’s by the will of the heart, I’m sure to win.”

    At this, Haipo moves closer so they can converse more privately.

    “It will take more than an earnest heart to win against Bracha. She is as smart as she is strong. If I were to bet right now, I’d say the win goes to her.”

    Bracha’s eyebrows raise and her voice quavers, “So, then, to you I’ve already lost. I see how it is. Why should I bother to show my face at the trial? Is that what you’re saying?”

    “This is what I’m talking about, Buffy,” Haipo says, hands raising. “You give up way too easily. No. That is definitely not what I’m saying.”


    “I’m listening.”

    “Bracha is proud. Use this against her. She will never think you will strike first. Do this and you will have the upper hand in the fight. I’m not saying you will win, but it will give you a fair chance.”

    “I see. Thank you for sharing this with me, Haipo,” Buffy says, hope filling her heart. “Is there anything else I might do?”


    “Relax and have fun!” He chuckles.

    Buffy laughs with him, but on the inside she worries. Bracha is ten times the fighter she is. Even with Haipo’s strategy, the odds were way against her. She could only hope the Maker would shine His face upon her.


    Before Haipo leaves for his duties, he bends down and whispers to her, “I’m rooting for you, Buffy. Believe you can do it!” Squeezing her shoulder, he leaves to take care of the broken pipes in the bathroom.

    Buffy hides his words in her heart, hoping for a miracle. If nothing else, at least she has a friend in Haipo. It strikes her to the core of his kindness to her when she probably would end up being a temple priestess as all rival heiresses become when such a situation occurs. There hasn’t been twin heiresses born in over one hundred suns. Buffy would do her duty with honor, no matter the outcome.


    Butterflies zing inside Buffy’s stomach. The time has come. First, Elue prepares Buffy and Bracha for their ritual. Their hair is bled of all color, purifying it. Then they put on matching fighting clothes. It is hard to tell them apart.

    Abra also changes her hair, dying it a blood red, signifying the change that is to come in her life as Creator. A new way is to come. She will step down soon.


    Abra asks, “Are you each ready?”

    Bracha ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her head. “I don’t know. I think I need some energy juice.”

    Smiling, Abra says, “Energy juice is not permitted. You know the rules, Bracha.”


    Abra gives each daughter a hug and words of encouragement.


    Then she announces, “May the Maker's face shine upon both of you. Let the choosing begin!”


    Immediately, Buffy attacks, startling Bracha.


    Bracha tries to throw a drink on Buffy, but nothing happens. Magically the liquid dries.

    “What is this enchantment?” Bracha whispers. “You WITCH!” She lunges at Buffy.


    Surprised by her sister’s sudden attack, Buffy tries to buffet her hand, but misses and Bracha lands a punch right to her cheek. Pain rockets through Buffy’s face and down her neck, disorienting her. She will be on her back soon if she doesn’t fight back. Quickly, Buffy pulls her sister’s right shoulder, flipping her.


    For the next hour, the twins wrestle and pinch and claw, building up dust in their midst.



    After neither one could throw another punch, both breathe heavily, panting and double over.

    “But who won?” Elue wonders.

    “Can’t you see?” Haipo says, gleefully. “Bracha is dazed.”


    “Sister,” Buffy says, wiping her face full of dust and spit. “Are you well?”


    Bracha is not well at all but she will not admit this to her sister. In fact, she cannot see clearly and is about to fall over if not for sheer pride holding her legs upright.


    “Oh, dear sister,” Bracha croons. “Are you well? I pray I didn’t harm you too badly.”


    Haipo laughs but Elue shoots him a look to settle down. “Buffy is the clear winner. Sorry, Bracha. Your eyes are rapidly moving indicating you’re quite dizzy. The crown goes to her. Bow to your Creator heiress.”

    “Very well,” Bracha says, her eyes widen with a look that makes Buffy feel uneasy. “My wish is your command, dear sister.”


    Buffy didn’t understand the malice in Bracha’s tone, but knows they will no longer be friends or sisters from that day forward and this saddens her greatly. She wonders if things would have been better had she allowed her sister to win. She decides to speak to Haipo about this later. For now, she needed to learn from her mother all she could about running a tribe. She would be Creator sooner than she liked.
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    Okay, whomever axed out the word crafty needs to go back to ENGLISH I. I mean come on! Who is the moderator?
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  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    What an exciting chapter. It is nice to see that Haipo has chosen Buffy as leader of his own accord before she even won. I wonder if he will be the father of the third generation of heirs? I hope so.

    It's such a darned shame that Bracha can't be a loving and supportive sister. I hope their relationship doesn't fall apart, but it is clear that the friendship is indeed over. So, fair well to the loving sisterhood I guess. =/
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
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    Bracha rolled the evil trait, unfortunately. We'll see what happens with that. She will be a priestess. She might like that duty!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
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    At the swearing in ceremony, each tribal officer speaks a blessing over their new Creator, Buffy Wahine.


    When it is Buffy’s mother’s turn to kiss her and give her the Creator necklace, tears touch Buffy’s eyes. “I do not feel worthy, Creator Mother.”


    “But you are, dear one,” Abra says. “And I’m very proud of who you’ve become. I see you have a gift with people. Even the hardest, most hotheaded of our slaves, Haipo, calls you friend. Remember, the best leader is the one who serves and does right for her people.”


    With that, Abra gives her daughter a hug and the ceremony is over.


    When Buffy is about to leave, Bracha says some parting words to Buffy. “Remember I will always be here at the temple if you need anything.”

    Buffy smiles. Last time they spoke, Bracha sneered at her, making her worry. But now she seems to have forgotten her jealousy and rage. “Thank you, dear sister,” Bracha says, touching her sister on the arm. “May you live in harmony here on these beautiful grounds.”


    “I must warn you,” Bracha says, pulling her hands to her chest. “Although I’m not chosen Creator, if you misstep and are banished, I will then become Creator. I fear love will be your folly. Beware of men.”


    Buffy’s eyes narrow. Bracha just cast a curse over her. “How dare you speak to me so, Bracha. If one thing goes wrong for me, I will blame you and this curse! Instead, you will suffer for my folly. I have spoken it and it will be so. In front of all these witnesses!”

    Bracha looks down because Buffy’s power is very great. She didn’t think her sister was crafty enough to see through her scheme. She takes a step back. “I’m very sorry, Creator. My mistake. Please forgive me.”


    Buffy leaves her sister, ending whatever friendship they might have had shaken off at the dust of her feet.

    When the women return to the compound, Abra throws Buffy a party. Haipo makes Buffy a beautiful cake. “Here, Creator. Enjoy!” Haipo says, laughing. “Just make sure you work out for your new job in the morning. A Creator must stay in shape.”

    “I’ll work out only if you work out more,” Buffy says with a grin.


    “Is that a challenge?” Haipo asks.

    “It’s an order,” Buffy responds.

    Haipo laughs. “My Creator is already becoming as bossy as she is beautiful. Fine. I’ll run suns more than you, dear lady.” He bows.


    Haipo leaps up and jogs outside to the treadmill.

    When Buffy follows, she can’t resist teasing Haipo. “You call that running? I call that a skip. What are you, a kitten?”

    “Is that a mosquito I hear?” Haipo yells over the creaking of the treadmill. “The mosquito does realize I have the hotheaded trait. I do not want to spend days cooling off in the House of Punishment.”


    Buffy puts her hands up. “Then don’t ignore your Creator. Or call her a mosquito.”

    Haipo rolls his eyes and grins. “Fine. You win. But what should I call you if not a mosquito?”


    “How about my queen or my lady lord?” Buffy curtseys.

    Haipo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ his head. “Those are too weak for you, dear Creator. I know. My lioness. Your hair is as wild as a male lion.”

    “That is heresy, slave!” Buffy counters, making a mock angry face and doing a poor job of hiding her laughter. “Take that back. I rather like my hair.”

    “Okay, okay,” Haipo says. “How about kitten? You called me one, but I think it fits you more.”


    Buffy’s stomach flutters. She loves the sound of that but cannot say so. "Call me that and it will truly be the House of Punishment for you."

    Haipo laughs and nods, running even faster on the treadmill.

    As Buffy watches Haipo run with his broad shoulders, beautiful tan skin and smoky eyes, she can't resist the feelings stirring within her. Haipo would be the perfect father for her heiress daughter. She would ask permission from her mother. Haipo is her slave, after all. And he is set apart as head slave. Not a breeding one. It would mean his departure from the tribe once she conceives. She would need to think about that. Their friendship would end. Would it be worth it? But as she looks at Haipo with his smiles and his teases, she can’t help herself. Her desire grows with each passing moment.


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  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    I love this story, and I'm totally rooting for Haipo and Buffy to get together <3:grin:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
    Thank you @MegandtheMoon‌ ! I'm going to say Haipo is by far my best slave even though he had a shaky start with that horrible hotheaded trait! I didn't think he was going to survive because he'd get mad all the time! But he's mellowed with age, thankfully and I think Buffy makes him even more handsome! She gives him a spark! It's weird to see! Anyway...much drama to come!
  • JohskatheWiseJohskatheWise Posts: 5 New Member
    I really love this story. That last picture is probably the most attractive thing I've seen in TS4. She looks so devious.Her train of thought, though, can only lead to heart break. And death. Lots of death. Can't wait! :heart_eyes:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member so much drama, are wise indeed! B)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,096 Member
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    Early that morning, Buffy shares her plan with her mother. Much to her relief, her creator mother encourages her to start the ceremony right away. “Haipo, although a bit feisty, would make a wonderful addition to our family genealogy, Buffy,” Abra says. “This is a wise choice. I’ve been impressed these past nine suns with his service.”


    Quickly, Buffy hurries to change into something special. Then she rushes around the camp, looking for Haipo, but she can’t find him. Finally, she sees him spraying for bugs in the garden. He often does this because Ekewaka doesn’t like spraying. It causes her nose to swell and itch. Smiling, Buffy says, “Having fun killing things?”

    “No,” Haipo says not looking up from his duty. “I’d rather be working on my woodcarving table, advancing my handyman’s skills so the plumbing won’t break so much around here.”

    Buffy pulls at the disc in her belt, fidgeting. “How about taking a much needed rest then? I have something important to ask you.”

    Haipo looks up, not liking what he hears in her tone. There’s a nervousness about it that he’s never heard from her before. “What’s wrong?”

    Almost pulling the belt ornament off, she says without meeting his eyes, “Come.” She grabs his hand and forces him toward the Ceremonial Gong.

    His stomach drops as he ❤️❤️❤️❤️ his hand away, hoping this was not what it seems. Certainly Buffy was not going to ask him to breed with her. He was the master slave. Abra made a promise to him. He would live until elder in Tribe Wahine until he could no longer serve a purpose for the tribe. This was his right. He’d earned the privilege.


    Taking a deep breath, Haipo sees Buffy’s cheeks color.

    “It is as I feared,” Haipo thinks to himself. Before Buffy can utter a word and embarrass both of them, he says, “Stop, dear Creator. For I know what you are going to ask and I have to, with the utmost respect and honor, refuse.”


    Immediately, Haipo sees Buffy’s eyes gloss over with tears as her lip quivers. “But why do you refuse me? Am I not desirable? Have I done something to offend you?”

    His heart aches to see her in pain, but he can’t become a breeding slave and then leave his home. Not even for Buffy. “Of course not, Creator. Please forgive me. I swore an oath to the creator mother I’d stay serving this tribe until elder and she promised it would be so. I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings in any way. This is not about your desirability.” Seeing the hurt in her face tugs at him and makes him feel sick and guilty so he offers, “Of course, you can order me, and I will obey you.”


    “No,” she whispers, “I won’t force you, Haipo. But you are wrong to think my heart isn’t breaking. I thought this would be an honor for you. As a master slave, yes, you will spend years full and long, but you will not leave anything lasting. No one will remember your great deeds. But as a Creator’s father, you will be remembered forever in our genealogy just as my father is remembered as the first generation father.”

    “Yes. The honorable Akamu. He is known even in my original tribe. A great slave, indeed. But what about Bane? Surely he is good enough for you. Wasn't he brought here as a breeding slave?”

    "Bane is full of self importance. I would never choose him."

    "There are other tribes full of worthy slaves, dear Creator. I'm sure there are others more admirable for this honorable duty."

    Buffy swallows down tears. "No. You are who I want, Haipo."

    Haipo's eyebrows knit. "I remember when I arrived, I was only 18 suns old and you were but a child. Am I not like a brother to you?"

    "No," Buffy whispers in a hoarse voice. "You are like the morning sun to me. Warm. Comforting. You were always there to give me cookies when I had a bad day. You spoke up to my mother when Bracha was being vicious to you."

    "That is not commendable, surely," Haipo counters. "I spent several days in punishment over my foolish temper."

    Buffy's eyes pierce him. "I need that strength in our bloodline. I'm too weak."

    "Don't say that, Creator. You're very strong. You defeated Bracha with your own skill."

    Shaking her head, Buffy says, "I would have lost if it hadn't been for your words."


    “Are you sure you won’t change your mind?” she says, wringing her hands.

    Haipo’s eyes close. “I-I can’t…I’m sorry.”

    Full of grief, Buffy turns and runs into the women’s compound.

    Haipo hits the men’s compound door, almost taking it off its hinges. He hates himself for making his creator so sad. He wishes she never thought of him so highly.
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