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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    Frn0731 wrote: »
    ooh Kal is a sly one pulling out all the stops , I think Runoi has been played. I bet Kal knew that Runoi was watching and thereby made him feel unsure about his feelings for Kalani. Rather clever except men hahah , they gossip more than women.

    You're so right! All you have to do is watch the bachelorette to know men are the biggest gossips only they settle their squabbles in fights (or threats). We'll see what happens!!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    fabtiffsim wrote: »
    haha @Frn0731 it's true!!!
    I don't think I have the patience for Kandor. Too damaged. But I'm not rooting for anyone, I just enjoy the dramas!

    I think that's the best strategy!! Because you never know what's going to happen. I didn't!
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    fabtiffsim wrote: »
    haha @Frn0731 it's true!!!
    I don't think I have the patience for Kandor. Too damaged. But I'm not rooting for anyone, I just enjoy the dramas!

    I think that's the best strategy!! Because you never know what's going to happen. I didn't!

    I also belong to those who doesn't root for anyone :) I'm just enjoying the story and what's going there, I think it's most important ;) We don't have to choose for Kalani, she'll do that herself ;)
  • CatianaCatiana Posts: 17 New Member
    I was just starting to like Kal. Oh well.
  • iheartdinosx3iheartdinosx3 Posts: 895 Member
    #TeamKandor ! I want him to be with her sooooooooooo baaaaaad! <3<3
  • AllyTod13AllyTod13 Posts: 114 Member
    I honestly don't know what to think right now. I can't root for one ship specifically, you really are a crafty story writer, this is awesome :D ! ( It's even harder for me though because I honestly don't mind evil sims and find them interesting to play with )
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    AllyTod13 wrote: »
    I honestly don't know what to think right now. I can't root for one ship specifically, you really are a crafty story writer, this is awesome :D ! ( It's even harder for me though because I honestly don't mind evil sims and find them interesting to play with )

    I don't mind evil sims either. Aulani is evil but it's funny--he never shows this behavior now. He used to all the time. BTW, Kalani is good. ;)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    edited July 2016
    Kalani changes into her bathing suit and the two settle into the pool near rainbow falls. The roar of the rushing water creates a calming atmosphere and puts Kalani at ease.

    “Tell me, Kandor, “ Kalani says, “why couldn’t you go into Pirate’s Cove the other day? I want to know.”


    Kandor breathes in deeply, looking out over the crystal blue water. “It is something I am very ashamed of, princess. Do not make me say it.”

    Eyebrows knitting, she pleads, “Please, Kandor, you have nothing to be embarrassed about with me. How can I get close to you if you won’t open up to me?”

    “My past is...very difficult, Kalani. What I’ve’s hard for me to confess it.”

    “I know you were a gladiator. I know you’ve killed men for sport. Can you just tell me what it is about the restaurant that made you feel awful?”


    “If I tell you, will you leave my past in the past? I feel as if I’ve come out of a very dark place into a bright one. I don’t want to descend into darkness again. If I talk about the darkness, I’m worried it will swallow me up again. Does this make sense to you?” He takes Kalani’s hand and strokes her fingers, smiling slightly at her.

    Kalani’s heart quickens at this intimate touch, her face warming. She nods. “I promise, Kandor. I only want to know you better.”


    Keeping her hand in his, he threads his fingers through hers. His hands feel rough and strong. “This happened in the early days when I was eighteen suns old. I had just come out of training and was put in the pits almost immediately. This day, though, the Creator wanted to showcase me to see what I could do. Or rather, what I would do. She had a set especially made. It was a pirate’s ship.”

    Kalani winces. “Ah, I see.”

    Shaking his head, Kandor lifts the side of his mouth. “But that’s not why I couldn’t go into the restaurant. I saw already what it was earlier. No...” Kandor’s face hardens and he looks down. His eyes glisten.

    Kalani can see the pain crawling along his features. She pulls his warm hands into her lap and holds them tight. “If it’s too much for you, I won’t make you go on.”

    “It’s okay...just hard.” He sighs, rubbing his eyes with his thumb. “In training, I’d never killed anyone before, but if you don’t during the pits then you will not live to see the sun rise in the morning.

    “The tribal women dressed me in pirate’s clothing, handed me a sword and said I must tie up my enemy and hang them. If I am successful, I will eat at the Creator’s table that night.” He shrugs. “I care nothing for that, Kalani, for I hated the Creator. She was not like you who is as kind as the sun is in heaven.” He stares deeply into her eyes. Kalani’s heart speeds up. “She was hard and cruel with eyes like daggers and hair as icy as the snow on a mountain top. But I wanted to live and I swore I would do this thing. But it is easy to swear to do a thing and another to actually kill a person.”

    He stops and swallows, shaking his head as if to shake off the memories. “The women did a bad trick, though. Instead of giving me someone bigger and stronger, I saw a boy no more than twelve suns, standing on the wooden plank. He was shivering and shaking, so scared of the demon coming at him with a sword.”

    Kandor shudders. “That demon was me.”

    “Oh, Kandor. I’m so sorry.” Kalani rubs his arm. “Really, if it’s too painful, I can surmise the rest.”

    “I want to share it and then I will speak no more of it. I was like an animal that day. I didn’t want to do this thing to the poor boy but it was him or me. And I chose me to live out my days. I easily caught and hung him. I’ll never forget seeing his face when he died, Kalani. It haunts me to this day. When I went to the restaurant, it reminded me of this only I still could go in. But when I turned around, a skeleton was hanging in the same position of that boy. I just couldn’t...”


    Kalani slaps her hand over her mouth. “Kandor, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I actually chose something like that for us to go to. I feel terrible!”

    “How could you know, princess? But now you see the kind of person I am. When I told you I’m not worthy of you...”

    Touching his mouth with her fingertips, she shushes him. “Remember my rule, Kandor? You’re not allowed to say you’re not worthy of me.”

    Kandor’s face inches closer to hers. “Then you like demons. That is what I am, you know.”

    The sun beats down on them, warming Kalani’s skin. Mesmerized, Kalani leans even closer, smelling the coconut scent of his skin. She whispers, “You are not a demon. A dragon, maybe. Dragons attack to survive. There is nothing wrong with this.”


    Kandor pulls Kalani to him, their lips coming together. With Kal, the kiss was pure passion, but with Kandor, there is a desperation—a need that has to be fulfilled. Wrapping their arms around each other tightly, Kalani feels a bond that will not be easily broken between them.


    Rubbing his face as she kisses him, her heart aches for what he’s gone through. She vows to not cause him any more pain. Already, her heart has been stolen. By this dragon.

    Her dragon.


  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    #TeamDragon anyone?
    Kandor's backstory is so sad! I am glad Kandor could open up to Kalani <3
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Kandor's life is full of pain... I wish it would change to better side for him <3
  • iheartdinosx3iheartdinosx3 Posts: 895 Member
    YEEEEES. #TeamDragon for real! Ugh I love them together so much. <3
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 706 Member
    edited July 2016
    im stuck between #teamKakani and #teamdragon now. i'm love for dramatic backstories.
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,150 Member
    ahh *sigh* :'( a broken man forever haunted in his dreams.
    Laugh out loud. Often
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    Ohh Kandor :) open your heart. That is good for you no matter if you will be the chosen one or not.
  • LanthellaLanthella Posts: 11 New Member
    I can't possibly be the only person constantly changing ships! #TeamDragon
  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 2,324 Member
    Twists In Time And Space (Updated December 2nd 2018. New discord server!)
    Bob Bobson (Updated August 12th 2019)
  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 4,393 Member
    *opening a bottle of champagne* Yes! A kiss scored for #TeamDragon ! I can see Kandor as Kalani's mate. I think he would help her rule justly. His past made him sensitive to all wrong doings. I so ship these two.
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  • haswhhaswh Posts: 2,863 Member
    Maladi777 wrote: »
    *opening a bottle of champagne* Yes! A kiss scored for #TeamDragon ! I can see Kandor as Kalani's mate. I think he would help her rule justly. His past made him sensitive to all wrong doings. I so ship these two.

    I couldn't agree more! A toast to Kandor and Kalani! <3
  • SmallSeven01SmallSeven01 Posts: 312 Member
    Just found the story it is so great. Go #teamdragon!
  • Tavek36Tavek36 Posts: 25 New Member
    Yes! Go Kandor! #TeamDragon
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    edited July 2016
    When Kandor and Kalani arrive back at the resort, Masaru serves Kalani with some grilled chicken outside at the picnic table.

    Masa exclaims, “Horus, have you ever seen Kandor smile? I bet he had a good time on his date. I’m jealous.”

    Horus chuckles. “You’re right. That salty dragon usually scowls at all of us, but now, he’s actually pleasant.” The two howl at their joke.

    Kandor laughs with them. “It takes sunshine to warm up a dragon, my friends. And Kalani is just that.”


    Shaking her head, Kalani chides, “Okay, all of you, stop teasing...” Changing the subject, she says, “Masa, did you make this? It’s wonderful!”


    Masa shrugs. “I did not, my lady. You see, I’m allergic to chicken. I eat hamburgers. I am not gifted in culinary skills. I think there is only one man here who can cook.”

    “Runoi?” Kalani asks.


    “The one and only.” Runoi bows then winks at her with his sultry green eyes. Kalani has to look away. She’s talking with all of the guys and she won’t flirt with him in front of them, but she cannot help blushing.

    Trying to hide her face, she takes another bite of the smoky meat.

    Kandor sits next to her, his warm arm brushing hers. The rush of what transpired between them earlier seeps into her, making her want to get even closer. Kandor chews on his meat. Swallowing, he says, “That is the only thing Runoi is good for, Creator. He’s the resident chef.”

    “Oh contraire, my dearest friend, Kandor. I am very good at other things if only my sweet rosy princess would give me a chance.”


    Runoi grips her with his eyes and Kalani can only escape by looking away. She cannot believe being surrounded by all these men would be so hard.

    “She won’t give you a chance when the dragon is around,” Kandor teases. That sentence starts a maelstrom of friendly barbs exchanged between them.

    Kalani smiles and rolls her eyes. “I think I must leave. Horus, make sure these two don’t fight over me, please?”

    Horus laughs. “I don’t know, princess. I may join in.”

    She smiles sweetly at him. “I owe you a date, don’t I. It will be soon.”

    “I hope so, my lady.”



    Later that day, all gather in the living area. Dario asks Kalani to dance and Masa joins them.

    “Who will get to go on an adventure with you today, Kalani?”

    Thinking, Kalani looks at Masa and answers, “You if you wish it.”


    “I’ve been wishing this since we arrived, my lady.”

    “Then your wish has been granted. Meet me outside in an hour. I want to change.”

    Bowing, Masa says, “Of course.”

    The sun's rays shine down on them as the two walk up to Amazon Delight--a new restaurant that serves only vegan recipes. “I hope you will like this place. It is highly recommended.”

    “I need only to be in your company, Creator.” Masa smiles at her and Kalani’s stomach does a little flip flop. Masa is so tall and handsome. Just being in his presence gives her goosebumps.


    When they enter, Kalani orders the best table in the place, but the host is not happy. “We are booked solid. You will need a table outside if you wish to be seated now.”


    “Outside is fine. In fact, we both love the outdoors. Do you have a table that is cozy and romantic?”

    The host stops poking on his pad and gives her a sarcastic stare. “All of our tables are romantic. Right this way.”

    Following him, Masa arches an eyebrow and Kalani shrugs at the man's seeming rudeness.


    As they settle into their seats, Kalani looks over the menu.

    Masa muses, “You look so beautiful today. I think green is your special color.”

    Kalani doesn’t know what to say to compliments. It makes her blush. She smiles awkwardly. She doesn’t know why, but Masa creates nervous butterflies zinging in her stomach. He has been friendly to her always, but in a cordial way. She hopes she can get to know him better tonight.


    “Masa, tell me about your home life. What was your tribe like?”

    “I did not grow up in a tribe. I was raised by a slave away from my mother’s village and taught the art of mana and martial arts. Unfortunately, I do not know who my mother is. She was ashamed to have me. That is all I know.”

    Kalani's face droops. “I’m sorry to hear that, Masa. Did you like the slave who raised you?”

    Just then, the waiter comes to take their order. “Are you ready?”

    “Could you give us a few minutes? The princess is not ready.”

    “Of course.”


    After the waiter leaves, Masa says,“To answer your question, yes, I liked him. He was like a father to me. But he was a hard teacher and for that I am grateful. One day we should do mana together. I think you will find it stimulating. I know techniques that are not shared among most tribes.”

    Kalani likes the strength she sees in Masa. He is kind and considerate. She hopes to do that on their second date. “I’d love to very much. Maybe tomorrow you could show me.”


    “Of course.” Masa’s face looks distracted.

    “Something wrong?”

    “Oh...I just need to excuse myself to the bathroom.”

    “Sure, Masa. I’ll be here.”

    When Masa leaves the restroom, he sees a woman gesturing for him to sit with her. He bows and obeys like he’s always done for any woman.

    “Yes, madam. Is there something you wish?”


    “You look like the slave of one of my tribal sisters. Are you in any relation to Tribe Zsasu?”

    Shrugging, Masa says, “I do not know, my lady, for my mother’s identity is unknown to me. It is possible.”


    She smiles. “You are as gorgeous as she is. I’d bet my life you were her son. You would be about his age now.”

    Raising his hand playfully, he says, “I’m surprised you know this for you do not look old enough, my lady. Your eyes are like brown sugar cubes and your skin like chocolate.”


    “You are a sweet one. I wonder if I could take you home with me.”

    “Sorry, my lady, I am taken today. But maybe in the future.” He winks.

    She grins brightly. “I will be on the lookout for you then.”

    He rises from his chair and nods. “Until then.” He kisses her hand.

    Looking back, he gives her one more glance and she twirls her fingers.

    When he saunters back to the table, he is met with daggers shooting from Kalani’s eyes.

    “Sorry it took me so long, princess. I was detained.”

    Not smiling, she retorts, “I noticed.”

    “It was nothing, my lady. Someone thought I looked like someone they knew.”

    “Masa, do you take me for a fool? I saw your face. I saw the flirtatiousness of the exchange. You were not bred as a breeding slave so it is not as if you are programmed to flirt and must adjust your behavior as Runoi has. But even so! Runoi never so much as glanced at another woman when he was out with me. You could have excused yourself easily. Amazon women know to not bother a slave when he is with his consort." She puts her hands on her hips. “This date is over.”


    They rise from their seats and Masaru bows deeply. “I humbly apologize for my behavior, Creator. There is no excuse. I hope you will forgive me and give me another chance.”


    Kalani thinks this over. He does sound sincere and he is not a playboy like Brayden. But then she remembers her other relationships—how attached she is to Kandor, and how sweet Runoi is to her, and Horus’ bright face whenever he sees her and Dario’s friendship she’s already gained plus Kal...when she even thinks of his name, she shivers with goosebumps. No...she has enough relationships that she is so happy with that it isn’t fair to them to allow this misstep. “I’m very sorry, Masa. I do know you are sorry and I do accept your apology but this must end here. I will send you back with honor, though, and I thank you for taking the time to be with me. I do wish you well in all you do.”

    With that he bows and says, "I do apologize again, dear princess. I hope to see you one day soon on better terms." With that he leaves.

    Kalani is not happy with this outcome. She had high hopes for Masa. She really wanted to get to know him. But it isn’t a match.

    Author's note:
    When Masa went to the bathroom, I found him flirting with a table of ladies! With all of them! I didn't get a chance to screenshot it so I had to go back and screenshot this scene. Anyway, Kalani wasn't happy with him because he did it right in front of their table. Flirting is the kiss of death in a relationship. Sorry @Meggles !
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  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    #TeamDragon all the way! :wink:
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • MegglesMeggles Posts: 4,109 Member
    Major fail, Masa. *face palm*
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  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,150 Member
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    Two down , four more to go. With the five that's left she will still have a difficult time choosing.
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