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TS2 Players, What Did You Do With Darren Dreamer and Cassandra?



  • Styling_owlStyling_owl Posts: 19 Member
    Way back when I was nuts about Sims 2 (read 2005-2009) I always had Cassandra seek comfort with her good friend Darren after Don leaves her at the altar to move on and marrying Nina Caliente instead. Cass finally realizes she loves Darren and they get married in a small-ish wedding with the closest friends and family. They have two kids(a boy and a girl) and Cassandra makes splendid work as stepmother to Dirk.
    Darren is finally discovered as an artist and Cassandra climbs the ladder in her science career and celebrate many years together with kids and grandkids.
    “I’m the Doctor! And I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!”

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  • Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 25 Member
    I've had several versions. My first had Cassandra and Darren getting together and having a son named, Morpheus. Another I had Don and Cassandra marry and Don ended up being a surprisingly good father to his five kids. Darren ended up marrying Titania Summerdream (I do the Uberhoods), had a kid and then another via alien abduction.

    Now that I'm playing the game again for the first time in years (still doing the Uberhood), who knows what will happen.
  • AfterMidnightAfterMidnight Posts: 969 Member
    I’m usually “meh” about love triangles, and the, “best friend’s The One™️ after all” sub-trope to that has been done so much that it grates on me, so I always have Cassandra reject Darren and then set them up with other sims. I’m really fond of Darren x Brandi Broke, personally. I’m pretty sure I’ve only attempted Darren x Cassandra once, and he left her at the altar like Don! She was stood up three times. Three! And the latter two happened all because the environment need was in the red due to me neglecting the landscaping, lol. TS2 sims are fickle.
  • Hecate90Hecate90 Posts: 53 Member
    I made Cassandra and Don get married, and made sure Don was a "reformed character" after that. I ended up making everyone married in Pleasantview. Almost every female Sim fell pregnant and their kids had kids and so on.
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