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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


  • cyanpark47cyanpark47 Posts: 5 New Member
    [b]Base Game[/b]
    -Add beaches to one of the worlds like Sunset Valley in TS3
    -Let the game be open world
    -more aspirations/ traits
    -as stated above let there be more sports available and let them be separate skills

    [b]Get Together[/b]
    -Add more hangout spots for teens and more activities available for teenagers
    -allow for there to be more group members
    -tone down on the amount of calls sims receive from others

    [b]Get to Work[/b]
    -add more careers (create an actual athlete career where the sims choose a sport to join)

    [b]Get Famous[/b]
    -add more careers like singer, rapper, TV personality, dancer (ballet, hip-hop, etc.)
    -allow for sims to start off with small higs and work their way up like the Superstar EP for TS3
    -add more lots to De Sol Valley

    I like an idea stated above about having an Amusement park GP, I feel that would be great to have.
  • ShinyGeodudeShinyGeodude Posts: 1 New Member
    Please give children the ability to garden, or at least just to harvest/sell, weed, and water plants if things like splicing and grafting seem like they'd be too advanced for kids. I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do at least basic gardening, since lots of kids do those things in real life.
    Also please add gardening to the skills that Sims can be Mentored in.
  • Dukemon11Dukemon11 Posts: 51 Member
    Maybe you could give for EU Version of the game a patch to let Teens on lots with the nude trait. Teenagers know what bodies look like. It's illogical for you to leave immediately the lot.
  • CHDraaijerCHDraaijer Posts: 1 New Member
    I was thinking about an unlimited tattoo selector, if you select multiple tattoo's for the same place they just overlay each other and maybe the same for skin details.
  • Lassie26Lassie26 Posts: 26 Member
    I would love the option when playing with genetics if I only have one adult sim in the home to choose a pre-existing sim in my world to mix the traits with when creating a kid.

    Like the ability to choose a male sim that’s married to a different sim as the father to the child (in the family I am currently creating in CAS) with the genetic make up of both adult sims.

    Talk about more drama.

  • StormyWarrior8StormyWarrior8 Posts: 1 New Member
    A search box in CAS could be useful for people having a lot of custom content like me.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,515 Member
    CAS needs in-laws, great-grandparents, step-children, step-parents, 2nd cousins, great-aunts/uncles, tweens, 6 month old babies, middle age, youngish seniors, & teens that don't look like young adults.
  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,396 Member
    Even though I never play with kids in my games, I do agree they should be able to garden. I worked in the garden on my farm when I was a kid & it was fun.
    Tattoo overlays would be cool so I agree with that one.

    I would like more accessory categories. Like piercings on different parts of the ear sorted out, eyebrow piercings being separate & not conflicting with earrings, necklaces or sunglasses. I'd like upper arm jewelry, ankle jewelry, etc. Being able to stack stuff would be nice.

    I don't know if it's already been mentioned in this thread, but I'd really like to be able to build apartments from scratch. I vaguely recall being able to do that in Sims2 & I think it was in Sims3 as well. I remember placing markers to designate apartment space vs communal/public space. I would like to be able to designate the area of specific apartments (so they wouldn't all get merged together), communal spaces only accessible to residents + invited guests, & public spaces where any Sim can visit. There could be communal pools, gyms, playgrounds, gardens/greenhouses, & maybe even areas for bbqing. Possibly even have shops & restaurants (or just food/drink vendors). Maybe a bar that serves beverages could be available. A cafeteria for assisted living type apartments would be good. The facility where my uncle stays has a cafeteria as well as food delivery to rooms and he has his own gardening club where he & a couple of the residents plant vegetables in designated areas.

    I'd also like the ability to have indoor gardens with hanging plants, dirt plots on the floor under sun lamps with sprinklers, etc. Maybe even have an automatic or robot weeder. I want to create a basement apartment with a science-minded sim who has his own secret garden indoors

    As for other ideas, better search stuff for CAS would be nice. I'd also like the idea of setting relationships like in-laws & step-siblings as mentioned above. It would be cool if we could have unrestricted options when choosing the parents of a sim. Say we are creating one & we want to designate other pre-made sims as the parents or have the ability to retroactively assign relationships.

    I also wish we could have the option to have sliders with numerical values for some of the body & facial tweaking. I have a very hard time getting things to work when I just move the mouse over the nose or something. It doesn't do what I want. I miss the features from past games where you could adjust the nose button angle & so forth. I couldn't figure out how to do that in Sims4. It just made the nose button larger or smaller instead.
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 639 Member
    One fix that can definitely be done is all the game crashing issues.

  • shrubshrub Posts: 10 New Member
    I think focusing on gameplay instead of world design would be a good improvement, if a huge update came out with alot more gameplay per pack, it would most likely squash the biggest complaint of The Sims 4. Every single pack needs improvement, and has barely any objects. I understand that each object needs a swatch, but isn't that only a simple recolour? Anyone can do that. Plus, theres barely any gameplay anyway. Every pack just seems slightly empty or lacking. Sims 3 was incredible with its gameplay, there was always something to do. You could go on vacation with world adventures to THREE different places, and the map would be huge and riddled with gameplay. Jungle adventure just feels extremely odd and 5 minutes into exploring my sim was hungry, bladder low, and I was tired of the repetition with the random pop ups that didn't mean anything to me. That's just one example, each pack is just so.. empty. Island living has been the worst so far. I absolutely love the mermaids, but then once you have one there's nothing to do with them. There's no gameplay, no pay off for doing anything, just nothing. $40 is the price of the base game AND expansions, but why are the expansions only 1/8th of the gameplay and items the base games have? Everytime I pay I feel like I'm having money stolen from me. Still love the Sims but I seriously hope that a huge update comes out soon and quenches everyones thirst for more gameplay
  • HazybabsHazybabs Posts: 3 New Member
    I think it would be really awesome if they created a build a family app for iPad etc, so you could create families on the go and then import them to your pc game. I would LOVE that!!!
  • anonymous3kanonymous3k Posts: 20 Member
    Add Bulldoze World , to make it easy instead of doing one by one :#:)
  • Ninja_flipNinja_flip Posts: 2 New Member
    could they change how apartments worked meaning letting us build apartments in any world or do split lots so that we could build townhomes so sims could have neighbors or relatives living near by. i agree with a lot of what I've read from other comments. also add more deaths.
  • Naerys97Naerys97 Posts: 5 New Member
    They could add an option of moving out for an only sim so they can leave the household with a part of the household money so they can buy a house without having to start from zero every time like they were poor.
    I’ve been waiting for something like this so long that no matter how incredible I think is an expansion I just get disappointed every time.
  • NikolaiBanksNikolaiBanks Posts: 144 Member
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    CAS needs in-laws, great-grandparents, step-children, step-parents, 2nd cousins, great-aunts/uncles, tweens, 6 month old babies, middle age, youngish seniors, & teens that don't look like young adults.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, CAS needs more relationship options, roommate, brother, sister, husband and wife don't cut it, what if you want Sims to be cousins rather than brothers? Seriously I had to make two Sims brothers rather than cousins because there is no cousins option, this needs to be fixed ASAP by introducing more CAS relationship options.
    "Ooh... why does life have to be so ironic?!" Sweetie Belle in One Bad Apple.

  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 362 Member
    > @Hazybabs said:
    > I think it would be really awesome if they created a build a family app for iPad etc, so you could create families on the go and then import them to your pc game. I would LOVE that!!!

    Which, given the Create a Sim demo still exists, would actually not be too bad of an idea. Would be a pretty good time-waster as well.
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    Giving everyone what they want now and for some people, they want it all for free or cheap. Lets be honest, that is what it really is about.

    Realistically, they can fix some bugs and overhaul a few things; but it isn't as bad as people claim. Sure it isn't Sims 2; but it a fun game still.
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 362 Member
    In general.

    Base Game:
    Improving skills was so much more of challenge in TS3. Thus, they need to not be as easy. Seems Sims easily fly through career tracks and skills in TS3.
    Childbirth. Now, not necessarily realistic, but Sims standing up to give birth is just well, weird. At least have them lying on the bed.
    The system of likes, dislikes and favorites TS3 had.
    Zodiac signs. Like the above ,it added another gameplay element, and added realism.
    That my Sims can actually visit more of the world and make use of it. I see tons of businesses in the background--grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops, etc that are just there for decoration.

    Get to Work.
    I feel the law enforcement and medical career tracks need to be heavily reworked to be more expansive and realistic. Of course, how would they do that, and stay within the ESRB and PEGI ratings?
    More careers. Namely, the ones in TS3: Ambitions.
    My Sims can own and operate veterinary offices. Why not doctor and dentist offices?

    Cats and Dogs.
    More animals--especially horses and wildlife.
    Seeing as how llamas are a running gag in the game, why not llamas?
    Playable pets. Given how the framework exists in the game's files, it was obvious it was being worked on but abandoned. In TS3; I like making my pets do bad stuff to mess with their owners.
    If horses are added, of course Create a Sim items such as riding clothing, helmets, and boots. The Sims 3 of course, had it. And not a whole lot of junk, either; as most TS4 items seem to be.
  • SpaceCadet2SpaceCadet2 Posts: 2 New Member
    Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and do a little necroposting because there are still things that EA can do to improve Sims 4, and for the love of all things holy, I shall die on this hill:

    -Improved AI. My sister and I (and others, I'm sure) have some issues with the AI. It takes 30 years to do anything because all any of the NPCs want to do is talk to you. In the 6 hours it takes your sim to eat, 15 people have chatted with them, and they've most likely ❤️❤️❤️❤️ themselves because nobody will let them off for long enough to get to a toilet. Also! Making food is an issue! Your Sim could be just minutes away from starving to death and they just...stand there? not even bothering to eat the food THEY LITERALLY JUST FINISHED MAKING??? No, don't read that book, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you, EAT!!

    -Hybrid Sims. I am once again asking for vampire/spellcaster hybrid Sims, with the full powers of both. Please, I am begging you. I am sick of having to choose between the two. My sister wants to see werewolves and fairies, too, like the ones in Sims 3.

    -The Color Wheel. Gods, THE COLOR WHEEL. That pretty much defined my Sims experience. It allowed for SO much customization. You did not restrictions on color at all. You could have a sim wear nothing but olive-colored outfits for their whole lives.

    -Open World. You didn't have to be restricted to a random lot when wandering a neighborhood in Sims 3. Why should you be in Sims 4?

    TL;DR EA had so many opportunities to make Sims 4 better than the previous installations, but they blew it. Super hard. Absolute buffoonery. The gaming community can handle the delays - hell, we waited for AGES just for the FFVII Remake to be released, and from what I hear, it lived up to the hype and made the wait worth it. EA, if you're reading this, take notes from Square Enix. I may have my beef with the FFXIII trilogy, but that's just my opinion. But seriously though, listen to your players. Making Sims 4 better isn't restricted to whatever expansion/stuff/game pack you can pull from a llama's ❤️❤️❤️❤️; it requires you to patch the game you already have released. Neither me nor my sister have the ability to download every single one of the add-ons, so a patch that gives players what they'd like to see is perfect for us and anyone else in the same boat.
  • DiNozzoDiNozzo Posts: 1 New Member
    Please can household members be listed just by age? There's literally no need for it to go (Dad (elder), Youngest Son (teen), Oldest Daughter (teen), Grandson (toddler).

    And the household name doesn't need to be the oldest male's name either. If Sims is meant to be about equality, how about not being so obviously a patriarchy?!
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