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Where do you get custom content?

Where do you get custom content? Like eyes, hair, makeup? etc etc


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 151,185 Member
    http://mysims4blog.blogspot.com is a great site that updates each day with new CC that has been created. You can also search on their site for a particular type of CC too.
  • JoeJoe11JoeJoe11 Posts: 1,399 Member
    modthesims (although I use that more for game mods) and thesimsresource - I'm a donator on the latter to bypass the annoying 60 second download queue for non-donators as I found it buggy.
  • hellojewbyhellojewby Posts: 1,316 Member
    didn't the sims resource used to give some people viruses?
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  • natpat100natpat100 Posts: 223 Member
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    You can google "Sims 4 Custom Content" and a bunch should come up :)
    I know some tumblrs and youtube channels that do review custom content:
    KawaiiSimmerr and SenpaiSimmer
    There are some custom content sites but I recommend MySims4Blog because it has custom content from everywhere and
    they update it with new custom content daily.
    Another good one is TSR, and Mod the Sims. They are organized and fast.
    Hope this helped you!

    NOTE: Some custom content can make your game glitch or crash. But overall, Custom Content is amazing.
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 5,804 Member
    Sims 4 updates is another good site. As for TSR crashing games, you take that chance with any CC you download. I have downloaded from sites/designers I trust and had the occasional splat! My Sims 4 Blog is great because they have a fantastic sorting system (under labels on the left).
  • Gym_Girl101Gym_Girl101 Posts: 54 Member
    I love the sims resource because its easy to get cc and it looks amazing just search the sims resource
  • SaphiregirlgamerSaphiregirlgamer Posts: 447 Member
    I think the sims resources is the best website with new things every week
  • cauliflowersimscauliflowersims Posts: 35 Member
    I use Lana's CC Finds because I love how everything is so organized lol! It's perfect for finding specific things you want. Happy simming!
  • CatsLuvCamiCatsLuvCami Posts: 104 Member
    edited March 2019
    I honestly use my main resources:

    - My friend
    - AH00B (AHarris00Britney) - http://aharris00britney.tumblr.com/downloads
    - smubuh - http://smubuh.tumblr.com/customcontent
    - Stephanie - https://stephanine-sims.tumblr.com/mycc
    - Ivo-Sims - http://ivo-sims.blogspot.com/ (Don't go to her Tumblr, it's not child-friendly.)
    - MysteriousDane - http://mysteriousdane.tumblr.com/downloads
    - SimLaughLove - https://simlaughlove.tumblr.com/downloads#_=_
    - Purrsephone - http://purrsephonesims.tumblr.com/Downloads
    - feralpoodles on TSR.
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  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 2,947 Member
    My favorites:

    Maxis Match:
    'Normal' Neither MM or Alpha:
    Kijiko- Kijiko-catfood.com
    Madlen-TSR under MJ95 and their own blog
    MC Command Center-deaderpool
    Various quality of life improvement mods-modthesims.info
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  • Simalien1Simalien1 Posts: 244 Member
    The Sims Resource is my favourite, but sometimes you can find hidden gems by looking for sims cc on pinterest and itll direct you to links youve never heard off :smile: Also search on instagram #sims4cc etc. Ive found some great creators on there that i now follow. x
  • MyleighJane814MyleighJane814 Posts: 1 New Member
    I haven’t found any problems with The Sims Resource, and that’s the main site I use. Sometimes I use Simsdom (mostly for hair, I love Simplicaity and RedHeadSims), but some artists are buggy so I only stick to 3 different people on there. I also go on YouTube and look at Custom Content showcase things to find specific things I like for an age group.
  • Bugginbabs78Bugginbabs78 Posts: 13 New Member
    I've found that Modthesims is by far the best and most trustworthy site for cc
  • CatsLuvCamiCatsLuvCami Posts: 104 Member
    I found this blog that might be able to help out -> https://myblogisworthreading.blogspot.com/2019/03/sims-4-great-cc.html
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  • KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 3,215 Member
    Lana's CC Finds, and TSR :)
  • Nana_NanaNana_Nana Posts: 11 New Member
    I guess it would depend one whether you really want alpha or maxis match. For alpha I recommend The Sims Resource for sure. Lots of maxis match users upload their cc onto tumblr, all you have to do is look through the tags!
  • angelcake2805angelcake2805 Posts: 4 New Member
    I get my CC from mostly from tumblr and TSR
  • miyaxxmiyaxx Posts: 8 New Member
    Mostly tumblr!
    sssvitlans tumblr com is a real treat, if you're looking for something
  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 551 Member
    tumblr? i dont know about that... google image it, then find some rich sites and favorite them, some of them have so much content you cant see all in 1 afternoon
  • RubihuggzRubihuggz Posts: 32 Member
    I have a CC resource blog:

    I find alot of my stuff on tumblr. its really difficult
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