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The Life of Angela Pleasant

KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
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The Pleasant household is my favorite in Sims 2 and, at the minute, I've been spending a lot of time on Angela's family. Her lifetime want as an adult is to put three children through college, so I decided to give it to her:

She and Dustin Broke married and moved out just a short distance from her parents. It wasn't long before Angela was pregnant with their first.


I found this shot funny. He looks like he's telling her to calm down. Naturally, he was not helping!


Their first child was a daughter named Nevaeh (Nuh-vye-uh).


She quickly grew from a baby to a toddler...

1506627_1525639821024961_3609990866860802836_n.jpg?oh=4fcfba6742393944de57ea954ed67aa8&oe=553FA5F1 a playful little girl.


I built a playground for Nevaeh so she can be active, but we don't have to run to the park everyday.


It took a while, but Angela eventually became pregnant with hers and Dustin's second child.


They welcomed another daughter, Chloe!


Nevaeh took up singing and made a new best friend, Lydia.



Nevaeh spent a lot of time with her baby sister when she got a little bigger.


But soon enough, Nevaeh wasn't a child anymore and neither was her best friend, Lydia! Of course, growing up on the outside doesn't mean growing up on the inside.


Angela became pregnant with hers and Dustin's third and final child.


Five people crammed into a little house just will not do, so I had the Pleasants move into a bigger home.


And that's where I am so far. Nevaeh is going to head off to university in a few days, so she won't be at home for long, but she's going to come back. Even with the bigger house, there are only three bedrooms. I might convert the dining room into a bedroom. The parents and new baby on the first floor, and the sisters on the second.
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    Thank you! I haven't played Sims 2 in a while because I'm trying to get some other things done, but I miss Angela's family. I love how it's turned out.
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    MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    What a lovely story! You've made me want to go back and play Sims 2 now. I feel so nostalgic after reading that :)
    Thank you for sharing!
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    jnelsontxjnelsontx Posts: 24 Member
    I love Angela and Dustin and they always end up together in my game. They look so cute in your pictures.
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    I'm glad you liked the story! Here are a few more pictures:

    Last shot of Chloe as a toddler. She did not need the nursery for long.


    Now, it's Chloe's turn to be the big sister...


    ...because Angela gave birth to a little boy named Easton.


    A little while after she gave birth to him, she rolled a wish to have ten children! Not happening! If her lifetime wish/want wasn't to put three kids through college, I would've had her stop after one. Ten is out of the question!
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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,791 Member
    It is nice pictures that you have posted of Chloe as a toddler then an older child. She is very cute! :) It is nice that Angela had a little boy called Easton. It is a nice family that you are enjoying playing in your game. :)
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    Easton quickly grew into a toddler.


    I forgot toddlers in Sims 2 have a fascination with the toilet. I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't make a mess doing this! Ah, but that's what toddlers do.


    And Chloe is certainly enjoying her little brother!


    Speaking of Chloe, it seems she has knack for making friends. Ones with black fur and glowing eyes, particularly.


    But she's got a human best friend.


    The whole family gets along well, but Nevaeh and Chloe are probably the closest out of them all.


    Chloe celebrated her birthday later on too. She really likes that hair bun.


    For most of her teenage years, Neveah focused on grades and singing while making time for her best friend every now and then. It paid off because her smarts and talent (creativity skill, actually) earned her a few scholarships to college.


    Then, she met Lauren and couldn't focus on anything but her!


    Easton's toddler years seem to fly by. He grew from a toddler to a handsome child.


    Of course, he's still the baby of the family.


    Some things don't change.
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    Alpal425Alpal425 Posts: 198 Member
    I was actually expecting it to be a BOYfriend for Neveah. :open_mouth: But at least it's a cute girlfriend for her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    Actually, so was I. But she would bring friends home almost everyday and they were all girls. I finally said, "Screw it. She's going with one of them."
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    06Bon0606Bon06 Posts: 11,614 Member
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    Awesome pictures! :)

    I also love the pleasant family. This time though, I accidentally killed Angela :/ Lilth kept running away fro days at a time and I let Daniel cheat a lot.

    Now Mary-Sue is living with her new husband and twin girls, Lilth is in college with Dirk. Ans it's become Dustin's life goal to resurrect her, I first used the cheat but decided making him work for the career award will be more fun >:)
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    kiara07kiara07 Posts: 575 Member
    I want more :D
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    pigletpooh1pigletpooh1 Posts: 231 Member
    I love this. 90% of the time they wind up together in my game too, a few times I have her with Dirk and Lilith with Dustin they just seem a lot more compatible-but opposites attract.
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    NesoiancitizenNesoiancitizen Posts: 4,344 Member
    Great story! Please post more.
    Find me at Username: Nesoiancitizen
    I'm also on Duolingo as carlaquest
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    Another update!

    Nevaeh headed off to Sims State University. It wasn't easy to leave her family behind, even if it was only temporarily, but she promised to call everyday.

    Though she was able to count on her family and scholarship for tuition and room, she still needed an income of her own if she wanted food and entertainment. So when her classes were over for the day, Nevaeh would take a few shifts as a barista at the coffee shop.


    She didn't have anyone to sing for anymore, but that didn't stop Nevaeh from keeping up with her favorite hobby. And it was a good stress reliever!


    Nevaeh had to pull an all-nighter for her first final exam, but it was worth it. Not only did she pass with flying colors, but her new class time was scheduled during the late afternoon. Ah, one of the most rewarding things as a college student: sleeping in.

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    HegginHeggin Posts: 69 Member
    Love your family! Nice storytelling with the pictures :)
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    KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    I'm sorry. I can't continue with this.

    Something seemed to have gone wrong in the game files and, unfortunately, half of Angela's family was erased, as well as the progress of some of the other families. I also lost the entire house I'd been working on, and a few of the sims are out of place or proportion in their family portraits (what shows up when you click on a house). I've no idea how to fix this and I'd rather not tamper with it.

    Thanks for enjoying the story, everyone!
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    PurpleNightOwlPurpleNightOwl Posts: 205 Member
    Sorry to hear about the problem with your game. I hope you'll find a fix soon. In my opinion it's probably best to do an uninstall/reinstall because you'll get new fresh game files, but I'm not really an expert. I enjoyed looking at this, I wish I could play Sims 2 again one day.
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    HegginHeggin Posts: 69 Member

    Too bad... Sorry to hear!
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