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oh god it is great. My pc at TS4 fullfilled my whim

leo3487leo3487 Posts: 3,770 Member
edited December 2014 in Off Topic Chat
Really, after I always fill whims (or wishes at TS3) of my sims, now my pc did it for me!

2º consecutive day I play TS4, I started at first day of course wuth my main Family, María Nagy and her daughters Celina and Celeste.
Later I switched to my 2nd family, one downloaded from gallery, than now have 3 kids (one made at CAS, 2 made by twins patch)

Now I changed to a new family, Jhonny Zest, and well, I had the idea than he become boyfriend and later husband of María Nagy... but what weas my surprise?


PD: hey, this game cant stay 5 minutes without humillate itself?! at park, bothg they Jhony and María (man and woman) enter together at same bathroom (no for woohoo)

PD2: What you do? eat!
Jhonny Zest has hungry, then go to cook at bbq, finish it, serve food at a tabble, but no get a dish!


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