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Why We Updated Aspirations

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Hey Simmers

We’ve been looking at Aspirations in The Sims 4 and based on player feedback, we realized there were a few Aspiration Goals that were too difficult or too specific and didn’t allow for storytelling or were too repetitive. We wanted to provide more flexibility in how Aspiration Goals could be completed and make them more interesting, so we have replaced some and revised others.

With the fundamentals still in place like multiple tiers in every Aspiration, we have provided more guidance which hopefully makes it easier to learn.

You can still earn Satisfaction points along the way too, which you can spend on Reward Traits. Completing an Aspiration still gives you Bonus Traits.

For those of you who were mid-way through an Aspiration, don’t worry. All that work won’t go to waste. You will keep the Satisfaction points you have already earned but the configuration may look a little different. And don’t forget you can still change your Aspiration at any time.

With this Update, Aspirations are far more flexible than before and we hope you have fun exploring everything all the possibilities.
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