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Auto Save and how it works

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In case you have missed it, there is an auto save function in The Sims 4. Here's how it works:
  • The (Auto) Save – This is the save that appears in the Load Game menu with “(Auto)” next to it.
  • The (Auto) save is there so that the user can recover progress if the game were to crash, or forgets to save before exiting the game. The (Auto) save is saved periodically while the user is playing.
  • The (Auto) save always goes into its own slot (slot 1). The user’s normal save slot is only ever saved to when the user explicitly saves.
  • The (Auto) save is saved on:
    • New Game creation.
    • Explicit save – which will save to normal save slot and the (Auto) slot.
    • On exit to Main Menu.
    • On game exit.
    • NOT on travel.
    • NOT during gameplay.
  • The (Auto) save is almost always displayed as the first item in the “Load Game” menu. This is because the (Auto) save is almost always the most recently saved save file (since it will be saved at the same time as explicit save).
  • Explicitly loading the (Auto) save via the “Load Game” menu will result in a new Slot being created when the user subsequently performs an explicit save.
  • Note that the big play button on the main menu never loads the auto save.
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