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Scott Legacy Let's Play! *Part 9 - 4/16*

allisoneg02allisoneg02 Posts: 2,870 Member
April 2016-
Hello! Just wanted to do a short little update. I was out of town the first week of April and now that I'm back I can catch up on the forums and elsewhere! I had scheduled some parts to post while I was away and I have included the links below. I hope you all are having a wonderful month and I will see you around!

March 2016-
Hello everyone, I hope you have all been well! I wanted to post today to invite you to check out my new Let's Play with the Scotts who are now on generation 11! I am so happy I have made it this far with them and my goal is to continue with them and explore all of the expansions and game packs that the Sims 4 releases. I will be trying to maintain an upload schedule of Mon, Wed, and Fri as much as possible. Everyone knows how that goes though! So far the first 7 parts have been prerecorded and I'm in the process of uploading them since I will be out of town the first week of April. Thanks so much for stopping by, here's the link to the first part of the LP Part 1.

January 2015-
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new year! I'm excited to get back into playing since I had family visiting all through the end of December. I obviously had posts already scheduled but I haven't had any play time in a while! Also excited about the new Game Pack coming sometime this month! I'm going to update my posts on here because I have neglected that during my "break" sort of speak. Also I am posting chapters Monday, Wednesday and Friday now! Enjoy :)

November 2014-
My Founder, Lillian Scott. In the sims 3 she was actually a sim born in game with a twin named Allyson. She was raised by a single father and grew up wanting the finer things in life that he was never able to give her. She moved away from her family and started a legacy challenge and married Dirk Dreamer. Their legacy had 7 generations before my game didn't want to work anymore. I am excited to giver her a new life and another chance to complete her legacy in the sims 4!


If anyone else has a legacy story on tumblr you'd like to share you can post on here or follow me and I'll follow you back :) I hope you all enjoy, here's a link to the first post.

Happy Simsgiving!
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The Scott Legacy


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