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Toddler clothes suggestions

So, I know we haven't been told if we're getting toddlers in Sims 4, but I also know that they could easily be working on them but just can't tell us, so I decided, what better time to post toddler clothes ideas? (Also there are some cute ones in another clothes post here from the other day, but this way devs know this is for toddlers, which they could be working on right now!)

Since I'm sure toddlers in Sims 4 will be way better than Sims 3 toddlers, given how much more fun the children are to play now, I'm hoping for more range of toddler clothes, too, and toddler hair as well.

And just as first request, though, please make it easier to find non-sexist clothing choices than it is in real life? Some boys love pink and purple, and girls aren't all interested in dolls and ribbons and ballet shoes; girls can love cars and dinosaurs and sports and computers too.

Okay, now to find clothes...
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