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Sims 4 - Child Center Challenge - Any range of time to any difficulty!


--Based of the Four Immortal Sister's Challenge--

The child center challenge consists of two sims of any relationship to each other excluding dating/engaged/married (mine will be twin sisters!) trying to run a child center (I call it that because it’s like an orphanage, just the kiddies will never get adopted) together under strict restrictions and rules. It’s meant to be a game of any range (can last a long time, can be really short) and depending on how close to the rules you stay will determine your difficulty level. Here’s how it works! In a house, you have to cook, clean, and fix broken things. When raising children you need to get pregnant, take care of babies, teach children hobbies, and teach teens logic skills. The two owners of the child center have split these responsibilities as follows….

- Make money without having a job (I will have a gardener)
- Cook
- Teach skills to kids
- Care for babies
- MUST maintain a relationship with two or more friends

- Make money without having a job (Artist!)
- Clean
- Repair things
- Teach teens logic
- Get Pregnant
- MUST have 1 lover (can make it so she needs a new lover for each child in the center)

- Must get relationship up half way with their kids before they become young adults and move away
- Must send kids away as young adults
- Teens and Children can help around the house IF they have all A’s
- Sim 2 must aid kids and teens in the hw EVERY TIME!! They can’t do it on their own.
- No jobs aloud for anyone in the house

This means the things listed are the ONLY things the sims can do! Sim two can’t cook anyone anything and sim one can’t clean even their own dishes!
So, start the game with your two caretakers, two kids, one teen, and a house as big and luxurious or as small and inconvenient as you’d like. Girls and boys must have separate rooms and bathrooms. The caretakers must have a separate bathroom from that of the kids’. Have sim two go around, find a boo, get pregnant, and expand the child center as much as you'd like. You can cheat to make your home and start the game, but then bring family funds down to 100 and well...best of luck!
Sim two goes out and gets pregnant, hands the baby over to sim one who raises it, then teaches it skills like athletics or cooking once it becomes a child (can be taught by giving them books and being present when they read them, or letting them cook and being present to watch), the child then goes back to sim two who as a teenager, teaches them logic via books/tv/whatever to help them. As children and teens age, only sim two can help them with their homework. Once the teen becomes a young adult, they immediately move out and then a new baby comes into the home! You can have as many kids of as many ages to start out as you want. Remember to meet the other requirements, such as sim one's two friends while you do this.

You play till you fail by one of the above listed rules being broken (sim 1 does sim 2’s job, a young adult remaining in the house and helps out, sim one loses ties with one of their friends, etc.). For an easier/longer version, start with 100 points and subtract 5 for every one of the kid’s violations and 10 for every one of the caretaker’s violations; 5 for every house fire, 2 for an object that stays broken for over 2 sim days, 20 if a kid gets taken away, and 10 for every unpaid bill.

Any flaws or things hard to understand about my challenge? Leave a comment. Soon, I will be starting a LP of this on my youtube channel (mssunnymuffins ) so watch out for it!


  • cmccree24cmccree24 Posts: 5 New Member
    imma try it ^.^ lol :)
  • TehTeh911TehTeh911 Posts: 72 Member
    I'm trying it and posting my sim's story on the forums so when I can post links I'll link it so you can see.
  • BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    This seems cool, I think Ill try it after I get my amazon challenge up and running.
  • emeraldfinder23emeraldfinder23 Posts: 1 New Member
    edited February 2015
    I might do it but edit it
  • MarisimmerMarisimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    This is cool!!! Can we adopt too or only biological kids?
  • KrazyKatSmsKrazyKatSms Posts: 201 Member
    I'm going to follow it but not with money problems
  • dawsom18dawsom18 Posts: 50 Member
    I'm gonna try this challenge, my sim 1 and 2 will be twin sisters. And my sim 2 will be dating on and off with the same guy who is the towns heartbreaker (and he is also married - shocking!)lol. Im looking forward to how this turns out, just unsure how I can make it so that they are always present when teens and children learn skills.
  • mickeybmickeyb Posts: 3 New Member
    This challenge is even better now with toddlers
  • DobbySocks25DobbySocks25 Posts: 2 New Member
    what about the new toddlers update? im going to have sim 2 take care of the toddlers.
  • kittycat_sportkittycat_sport Posts: 15 New Member
    im going to try this and age up the toddlers as soon as they become them because its a little hard to deal with toddlers
  • kittycat_sportkittycat_sport Posts: 15 New Member
    oh and I'm going to not have any kids when I irst start I am going to get them first then make two kids and a teen in create a sim
  • FluffsickleFluffsickle Posts: 2 New Member
    What if they die the two starting sims ?
  • AbbiejabsAbbiejabs Posts: 6 New Member
    Really enjoying this challenge <3 <3 <3
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