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Signs that you spend too much time playing TS

nightowlnightowl Posts: 25 Member
You take a spin around, then get upset cause you're still wearing the same clothes.


  • MelanieSimlishMelanieSimlish Posts: 4,432 Member
    You have a dream that you are a Sim trapped in the game (has, embarrassingly, happened to me more than once.)
  • nightowlnightowl Posts: 25 Member
    You look at your food till someone tells you to eat it.
  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,893 Member
    You think pregnancy lasts three days.
  • cauliflowerscauliflowers Posts: 5,782 Member
    You wave into the sky when you have to pee
  • cale2003cale2003 Posts: 2,800 Member
    When you wonder what moodlets you'd have right now
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  • FawnFoxFawnFox Posts: 360 Member
    When you walk into a room and immediately forget what you were doing there, and you secretly believe it's because the Sim Overlord cancelled your interaction


  • Linds_the_kittyLinds_the_kitty Posts: 565 Member
    You fall asleep on the ground when you really need to go to sleep.
  • Tumelonc123Tumelonc123 Posts: 2,202 Member
    edited January 2015
    you start singing your favourite songs in simlish
  • AnnePlaysAnnePlays Posts: 2,504 Member
    You break your bones under the sheets.
  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,715 Member
    You dream of your game running itself
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    You dream of playing your game
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 7,622 Member
    I love this type of topic! Here's a list of warning signs that you've been playing too much...


    Music- (sim stereo)
    .you have a favorite song
    .despite being in Simlish, you sing along
    .you sing Simlish perfectly
    .you can translate the lyrics for non-Simlish speaking people accurately
    .you put the song on your ipod
    .you put a Sim music video with the song playing on youtube
    .you can sing other songs (ie. Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody) in Simlish

    Music- (in game)
    -build mode:
    .you hum the build mode music while you build particle board furniture
    -buy mode:
    .you hum the buy mode music as you're shopping
    -"map view":
    .you hum the map view music as you program your GPS
    -create a Sim:
    .you hum the CaS music while you do your hair, put on your make up,
    get your outfit, ect.

    Simlish- (speech)
    .you "ruin" your friend's dog by teaching him to obey only to Simlish
    .you speak in Simlish to the policeman when you're pulled over
    .you use Simlish profanity to keep from getting into trouble

    Simlish- (written)
    .you sign your name in Simlish on important documents
    .you write the grocery shopping list in Simlish just to see your spouse go insane
    .you write letters in Simlish and mail them to friends and relatives
    .you hand in your book reports- all in Simlish

    .you refer to your mother-in-law's car as a "big lemon"
    .you ask the car dealer if you could test drive the "margaret vaguester"
    .when you see a hatchback, you wonder if it smells like barbecue sause inside

    .you look for a lot and house to buy for 16,500 or less

    .when you're hungry, you say "Zo hungwah" then point to your mouth
    .you know what a Laganphyllis Simnovorii is
    .you go to a plant nursery, looking for cow plants
    .You constantly monitor your bank account to see if you got the "motherlode" and disappointed when you find out you didn't
    .you go to housing websites for floorplans to built
    .you pound your laptop with a hammer trying to "up-grade" it
    .you walk to the sidewalk and push the button on your car keys, thinking it'll just appear
    .you never wash your sheets and blankets after some "woo-hoo"
    .you go to bed leaving the light on, thinking it'll turn itself off
    .when you see a random piece of furniture, you know what set (world or venue) it goes to
  • SimChic1SimChic1 Posts: 3,439 Member
    -You think entering motherlode will make you rich.
    -You pee yourself because you have no self control.
    -You eat pancakes (or whatever breakfast) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because you made a group serving and it's just easier that way.
    -You have no money to buy a mansion so you just enter freerealestate.
    -You think you can get a tattoo and just have it removed with no remnants of it left.
    -You think if you dye your hair to pink, blue, etc., your future kids will inherit it.
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    You create exact sim replicas of people who upset you so then you can add them to your graveyard in your sim's backyard.

    Not that that's scary or anything...
  • Shadecaster101Shadecaster101 Posts: 1,343 Member
    -When you're in a building and you think of how it could be recreated in Sims.
    -You accidentally refer to a winery as a nectary.
    -You think of traits to assign to people you know.
  • AnnePlaysAnnePlays Posts: 2,504 Member
    You're seeing a lot of plumbobs
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    -When you think you can learn skills on your computer like your sims do or study skills on your smart phone because you installed a Mod that lets your sims do that.
    -You think you can eat some food that's getting old because your sims do that in your game.
    -You think that you'll only be pregnant for 30 days and have the baby stay a baby for 60 days.
    -You think toddlers will become children after 120 days as a toddler and that your child will become a kid in 360 days.
    -You think the older kid will get past that stage in 180 days.
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    - You say "Sul sul" In greeting
    - You think pregnancy lasts 3 days
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • thesimsfairy47thesimsfairy47 Posts: 6,116 Member
    Sims 5 artstyle poll Here
  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 5,006 Member
    You forget that you can walk around a chair and start getting angry that it's in your way.
    You're sick of hearing "shoo-flee or orderna weeabee!"
  • thesimsfairy47thesimsfairy47 Posts: 6,116 Member
    AiHaou wrote: »
    You forget that you can walk around a chair and start getting angry that it's in your way.
    You're sick of hearing "shoo-flee or orderna weeabee!"

    You spelled it wrong :|
    Sims 5 artstyle poll Here
  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 7,622 Member
    edited February 2015
    .You try to pick your car car up, so you can put it into your pocket (hernia!)
  • YJB19299YJB19299 Posts: 5,783 Member
    If you see your dead grandpas ghost spooking around your house
  • DressedInDreamsDressedInDreams Posts: 80 Member
    > @Shadecaster101 said:
    > -When you're in a building and you think of how it could be recreated in Sims.

    This! Or alternatively, when you're watching television/movies and all you can think about is how to recreate the rooms and houses in Sims. Happens to me all the time...
  • simsgal2227simsgal2227 Posts: 12,279 Member
    When you think of your sims lives/neighborhood to be a sort of utopia and long for better than what the real world could ever give you (leave it to me to think of this in a serious light xD).
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