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TS4 Parentcy Challenge


  • paigechristinepaigechristine Posts: 96 Member
    I'm currently on generation 5 of this challenge and I really like it. I've been playing it for months so when I saw you've updated it for GTW I was stoked.
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @paigechristine Thanks for trying this out :) I completely forgot about GTW and thought I should probably update it for those of us out there with GTW. Met any aliens yet?
  • paigechristinepaigechristine Posts: 96 Member
    I've been abducted just once, and it was my female sim who was abducted and luckily no pregnancy! I was so afraid abductions may mess with the challenge because so many people were complaining of the frequency but after the latest patch I don't think I'll be having any issues! :)

    Other than that, I've put a few aliens in my town and I'm hoping maybe in future generations to have some alien-human hybrid babies
  • Liziann1Liziann1 Posts: 1,457 Member
    Hello, I have just seen all the repiles on this thread,
    I came to check the rules again, as I've been building, and am ready to move up to Gen 3 :)
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    or look for me in the Gallery
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  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @paigechristine It would be super cool if you introduced some alien blood into the family :) abductions may cause problems so I'll have to write something about them when I've got my laptop back.

    @Liziann1 Good luck :)
  • youcrAzy13youcrAzy13 Posts: 213 Member
    finally finished my legacy. starting this one right away! i should be posting more soon.
    Always and forever, Alyssa Edwards
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @youcrAzy13 Make sure to keep me up to date, I love reading your stories. I feel a bit silly because I haven't personally done this yet LoL but I might be soon depending on what people voted for challenge.
    Also, I love your signature. Even though it is funny, I still can't help feeling a little sad because... well... snape.
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    edited April 2015
    So, just got the results back from my poll and guess what? I'm finally going to do my own challenge :D

    Should've done this so long ago.

    EDIT: I've sent some origin friend requests out to those that I could find. My username is G***T**W******

    I'm very secretive so won't post full origin name. Only special people get it :smile:
  • AJroxs18AJroxs18 Posts: 311 Member
    Your doing this one? What's the URL to your blog? I'd love to see you play this :)
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  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    edited April 2015
    So I'm doing my own challenge (finally) I've done 3 chapters, there is a poll on the chapter I have just posted that has 3 hours till over. Please everyone, check it out :)
    @aj_4182 Hey, just posted link now LoL, I was in middle of writing this when you commented.


  • paigechristinepaigechristine Posts: 96 Member
    I entered your competition! :)
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @paigechristine Thank you so much :D I need some more entries, you've just saved my legacy!
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @paigechristine @aj_4182 Posted results
  • PrincssMickersPrincssMickers Posts: 3 New Member
    @Cookingpup99 - So, is the family ever allowed to move to another lot?
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    edited May 2015
    @PrincssMickers Nope, they must stay on the same lot until the tenth generation.

    @paigechristine I love your new avatar :D
  • paigechristinepaigechristine Posts: 96 Member
    Thank you!!! Sorry for the late reply. I didn't get a notification for some reason lol. On generation 7 now :)
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @pagechristine Wow :D That's great, I'm waiting for my sim to age up and get started on Gen 2 now, but had some problems with my laptop so haven't been able to progress very well. Have fun trying Gen 7 and good luck :D
  • zacharyxanzacharyxan Posts: 3 New Member
    @Cookingpup99 :o I changed lots, because the lot glitched out, but it's the same house, and it's the same size lot. This doesn't mean I failed, does it? :neutral:
  • gugla92gugla92 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey! Just started this challenge, and I love it so far! But I was wondering if the childrens aspirations also count in the point system? Or is it just the current heir who gathers all the points? :)
  • Aten Orion Aten Orion Posts: 1 New Member
    YES! Going to start right now, this is going to be pure awesome!! Thank you for putting the time to generate something awesome like this!
  • thejordanoliviathejordanolivia Posts: 35 New Member
    This is a great idea for a challenge, I'm going to start ASAP! Thank you! :)
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    Hi, sorry for late replies. I've been going through some hard stuff at the mo.

    @zacharyxan No, of course not. That is absolutely fine.
    @gugla92 I hadn't really thought about child aspirations... I'm going to say that child aspirations are worth half the points of adult aspirations.
    @Aten Orion Thank you :) I enjoyed making this challenge and I'm glad that you like it :) Let me know how you get on and feel free to post pictures when you become a member.
    @thejordanolivia Thanks :) Like I said to Aten Onion, feel free to post pictures and stuff on here after you become a member.
  • SimslikeeeSimslikeee Posts: 188 Member
    I just started this challenge, seems fun! I'm writing about it on my blog if you'd like to check it out.


    Bring back realistic babies and toddlers!
    Check out my blog for my simming adventures!
  • jbear812jbear812 Posts: 1 New Member
    I finally completed this challenge! It took me a couple weeks. It is my first legacy challenge that I've actually been able to finish. Very fun! This probably isn't a very good score, but i finished with 272 points. I get too excited about the next generation and stop working with the parents after awhile, so I missed a lot of max skill points. Also- as a fun addition in the 9th generation, I had my character marry and have kids with triplet brothers. It was pretty entertaining since they all lived together! LOL
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