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Walls not being allowed to be deleted after roof built

So, I have spent ages building a beautiful house, it's 3 stories high and just finished the roof, I then go to start my interior. As I was building (before my roof was built) I built some rooms just to try and create some sort of layout, but then I wanted to delete them and start again. I kept getting the error of 'nothing to change' and 'nothing to delete' when there was clearly a wall to be deleted! Also, kept getting the message 'op generation failed' Why is this happening?

It's only after the building of roofs that I have noticed this problem. I've tried deleting the roofs around the room and things but honestly, nothing is working. I hope this is fixed in the next patch cause it's really making me not want to play anymore.


  • mooredt21mooredt21 Posts: 1,105 Member
    Just curious. Are you using the hammer tool to delete the walls?

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  • JumanjiJumanji Posts: 67 Member
    Happens to me constantly. I just save the roof for last. I know it sucks because most of what I do in the game is build and seeing 'wall doesn't exist', 'op generation failed', and 'nothing to delete' is annoying me to no end.
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