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Are you using CC in the Sims 4?



  • FabooshFaboosh Posts: 159 Member
    I do not use CC except for hair,clothing,shoe's,make-up and the lighting mod.I haven't had any issue's unlike Sims 3 when it seemed I was constantly hunting down corrupt CC. I do keep any new CC in a folder so if I have any issue's I can just remove it
  • DarkWalkerDarkWalker Posts: 64 Member
    Not only I use CC, I have a few dozen unpacked tuning files on my mods folder so I can tweak the game's behavior without having to mess with packages. For a game like any of the Sims series, I'm not really into playing it unless I can mod the heck out of it and customize it to my liking.
  • uxia1100uxia1100 Posts: 44 New Member
    I use cc if you were ok with downloading it in the sims 3 you should feel better about downloading it in sims 4. Way less poblems
  • CoreyCanadianCoreyCanadian Posts: 5,701 Member
    I barely used CC in the Sims 3 in fear of it bugging my game. However in Sims 4 I am using tons on my sims and it seems to do nothing to my game, except make it prettier of course.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,651 Member
    If I continue with this game, it will probably be a 60/40 content ratio at the least. The 40% being CC.
    Uninstalled, only TS3 remains.
  • finefashionistafinefashionista Posts: 168 Member
    I had tons in Sims 1/2/3 but I haven't got much in Sims 4 so far. At the moment I just have a few basic mods, a few clothing recolours and some wallpapers. I don't really like any of the hair or objects I've seen online so far - they all seem to be in the old art style and don't look right in the new game.
  • simsgal2227simsgal2227 Posts: 12,279 Member
    I don't have much right now, but I also just got the game. I way prefer cc hair, I never liked the look of the blocky hair. I will deal with it for a bit with the guy hair though, as it always takes a long time for a good amount of guy hair to be made. The skin and hair are essential. Clothes are not as important to me, but I will probably download some. The look of the sims faces is the most important to me.

    I don't have any build/buy stuff yet. Since I like to upload to mts, all the cc becomes a hassle. I may have to download some though, because I only started building in sims 3 the last year or two, when lots of modern furniture was added to the game as that's the style of house I make.
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