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  • CasseeCassee Posts: 3,710 Member

    @Cassee, SO nice to see you back!!! <3 Thank you so much for ALL your awesome comments. They mean so very much to me :blush:
    I hope you DO get your Sim Mojo back soon! I miss seeing your Fabulous work and seeing your awesome sense of humor around here. :D
    I'm so glad I happened to see your comment this morning, before we leave for a week's vacation. We're heading over to Ireland for a week's tour later on this evening. I can't wait to go! Never been there before And this will also be our 1st experience on an actual tour... Hope we like it :p We usually just do our own thing whenever we go somewhere. It will be nice to see all the things we Should see while we're over there but I hope the schedule doesn't drive me nuts :p:D
    Anyway, I'm very happy to hear from you <3 Hope you enjoy the last little bit of summer we have left :blush:<3

    Great Minds!!

    I went on vacation August 25th. 10 days of Glamping in our 5th wheel. Just sitting ... doing absolutely nothing. AAAAHHH .... heaven.

    Although, on a sad note. On August 22nd, we had to say Goodbye to our furry child, Dover. Typical boxer related heart problems. He had 2 heart attacks in April and went downhill after that. I miss my furry buddy. House is tooooooo quiet.

    Anyhoo, no more sad!!

    Still working on my first new build. ADORE new stair manipulation. All I can say is ...

    It is about time!! About to purchase new Magic Pack. Yes, just for the decor. Sad, I know. But ... whatcha gonna do. Gotta have more stuff.

    Hope you had a wonderful time.


    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Bertrand Russell
    Cassee's Corner:
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,418 Member
    Thank you so much @illusie! <3

    @Cassee- Oh Cassee... I am So very sorry to hear about your precious pup. Such a heart-breaking thing to go through...

    We are down to one little female black lab (Phoebe). She's 9 now but still doing really well. She's very energetic and loves to go for her walks every day. In fact, she's grumbling and groaning every morning until I get my behind in gear and take her out. :s We did have 3 pups at one time and I have to say, there's something to be said for only having one. So much easier.

    Totally get you about having to have MORE stuff. :p I initially got the pack for all the new goodies too but I am dying to see what's behind that Portal, so I am going to have to play for a bit I think. Well that is, as soon as I finish the build I'm working on at the moment. :wink::D

    I'm happy about the stair manipulation too But even more cool, is all that stuff we get from the new debug items! So many things, it takes me forever to go through them all. But I totally love how there's so much stuff for free! Makes starters a lot easier to do. :p

    We did have a great time on vacation and I'm glad to hear you did too. Nothing better than sittin and chillin for a week or two. :blush:

    Sending lots of hugs and love, for the loss of your special friend Cass. <3<3<3

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