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🏡 Cath's Creations 🏡


  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Awww, Thank you so much @BreeMiles :blush: I'm so happy I finally got to enter one of your challenges <3
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,190 Member
    I'm glad you did also dear, and hope you can join many more of them, I'm pretty sure, well at least 99% sure I have June's Challenge ready for June!
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Cool Bree! I'm looking forward to seeing the new challenge :blush:
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,757 Member
    I love the shape of Whimsical Cottage. So cute! <3
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,988 Member
    Whimsical Cottage is beautifully unique and stunning. I love all the shapes, very creative work :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,025 Member
    Whimsical Cottage is such a lovely and pretty fairytale themed build! :) The exterior design, roofing, wall textures and colours are very nice! The flowers in the front garden and the fairy and birdbath area very pretty and special touches! The lavender is homely on the side edges of the home. Very nice backyard area! The kids area is great! They will have fun on the swings, playing with the dollhouse and toys, doing artwork , and talking to the cute animal toys! Sims will enjoy cooking on the grill and eating their meals outdoors in the air. It is great there is a bar, and also a chess table to enjoy playing chess outdoors. Very nice gardening patch area! Sims will enjoy growing plants there and using the flower arrangement table. It is a very nice setting for painting on the easel. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The patterned blue and brown walls, and the furnishing of the rooms are lovely! It is a very homely and warm cottage! The teapots shelving is a nice touch on the kitchen wall and the sunflowers are sunny on the dining table.Very nice and restful bedrooms!
    It is a lovely family cottage home! :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,465 Member

    Whimsical Cottage is so cute. Great you were able to enter this challenge. Well done Cath!
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments @illusie, @masajo, @rosemow and @soocoolsim <3 They are so very appreciated :blush:<3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Base Game Suburbia
    6br, 4ba.
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Cost: $315,139
    No CC


    This Base Game only home is perfect for a large family or for a legacy home. It includes an open floor plan with kitchen, dining and living rooms. The main floor also includes a study, hobby/skills room (with nearly all base game skill items), play room, master ensuite, half bath and a home gym. Upper level has five bedrooms and two full baths. Outdoors includes a kitchen and bar area, alfresco dining, pool, garden and play area. Playtested :blush:





    More pictures of the landscaping and interiors can be found here.

    Thank you for taking a look :blush:


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,025 Member
    Base Game Suburbia is a very lovely family home! :) There are so many special areas and details in the build! Very nice exterior design and layout of the home, and the roofing is very nice! The landscaping work and the outdoors areas are so very lovely! Kids will have such fun playing outdoors in their special play area! The roof covered tv and activties art table nook is so special! The soft toy animals are cute! They will have fun playing both outdoors, and inside in their lovely playroom! It is a great family home for kids! The furnishing and colour schemes of each of the bedrooms are so very nice! Very nice outdoor kitchen and dining room! Sims will enjoy cooking and dining outdoors in the air. The pool patio with loungers and a water fountain on either sides is very nice! The porch nook with the tv and fireplace is very nice! Very lovely furnishing of each of the rooms of the interior! It looks so homely and nice! Very nice design and layout of the open plan kitchen,dining and living room areas!
    I won’t write about all the lovely details of the home but the rooms are all so very specially designed!
    It is a very nice and special family home! :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,988 Member
    Awesome basegame build with a fantastic interior layout and design and beautiful landscaping as always :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,465 Member

    Suburbia is a lovely home from the architecture to the well decorated interior to the great landscaping. Well done Cath! :D
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,117 Member

    Very beautiful home you made in Suburbia, dear @WrathofCath ! Lovely decorated and gorgeous landscape as usual <3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments @rosemow, @masajo, @soocoolsim and @AIRIS6962! So very kind of you wonderful ladies <3<3
  • KaeCee27KaeCee27 Posts: 41 Member
    Beautiful base game home! Great layout, too. I will take one in real life please :D :)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Thank you for the very kind comment @KaeCee27 :)<3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Grey Matter
    3br, 3ba.
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: $ 98,586
    No CC










    Heading Inside:











    And that's about it. :blush: Thank you for stopping in for a peek.


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,025 Member
    Grey Matter is a lovely modern home! :) Very nice exterior design and wall textures. The flower and plant beds are pretty! The backyard area is very nice! Nice nook area for sims to enjoy cooking on the bbq then eating the food the umbrella covered table. They will enjoy swimming in the pool,and it is nice that plants are growing beside the pool. Kids will have fun playing on the monkey bar, with the dollhouse and using the build block table. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The open plan layout of the living areass is very nice! Very nice brown colour scheme. The design of the fireplace and tv area is very nice! The bookcases are nice either sides of the fire and the tv is great on the wall. Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the sofas watching tv or reading a book, or have fun playing chess. Very nice enlarged dining table! Sims will enjoy eating meals there with sunlight coming in through the windows.
    Very nice furnishing and colours of each of the bedrooms! The lavendar colour of the girls bedroom is so very pretty! The animal pictures and soft toys in the kids rooms are very cute!
    It is a very nice modern family home! :)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,190 Member
    @WrathofCath your Base Game Suburbia is very lovely and detailed, super fun and base game too! Grey Matter super lovely modern, the design and detail is wonderful! <3<3
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 4,711 Member
    @WrathofCath , Love the shapes of Whimsical Cottage, so adorable.

    And Base Game Suburbia is another fantastic base game only home; love that backyard.

    Grey Matter is a very attractive modern. I'm still stumped as to why S4 didn't add in cars and garages, lol. Lovely work on all three as usual! :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,465 Member
  • Briah42Briah42 Posts: 35 Member
    @WrathofCath you built these?! Oh my gosh, they are AMAZING I'm so jealous! I love building but man I am nowhere near that good. This is so cool! :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,988 Member
    Grey Matter is a fantastic modern build, love the design of the dining table :)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    @rosemow, Thank you Rose! <3 Your kind and generous comments are greatly appreciated. :blush:<3

    @BreeMiles, Thank you so much sweet Bree! <3

    @Sandraelle, Thank you very kindly dear Sandy! <3 I have no clue why there aren't cars in S4 :confused: There are still so many things from S3 that I sorely miss... for one, separate shutters for windows that don't any. I can't tell you how many times I miss them when the few shuttered windows we do have, just won't work for a particular home. Maybe some day....

    @soocoolsim, Thank you so much for stopping in for a look! <3

    @Briah42, Thank you for your most awesome comment! <3 I love your avi :blush: He is still so sadly missed. :pensive:<3

    @masajo, Thank you for your lovely words! <3 I can't tell you how often I use that table in modern builds. I should probably try to come up with something new :p
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,387 Member
    Feeling Blue - Base Game
    4br, 3ba.
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: $160,738
    No CC


    A 4br, 3ba. Base Game Only home for a large family. Main floor has an open concept kitchen, dining and living room. There is also a study, play room and half bath on this floor. The upper level has a master ensuite, girls room, boys room, nursery/toddler room and another full bath. Outdoors has a nice covered porch with fireplace and tv, pool, garden, patio and play area. Playtested :blush:







    Some additional outdoor shots and a couple of indoor ones in the Spoiler.








    Thanks for stopping in for a look! :blush:


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