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    Thank you so much @StSciurus! :blush:
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    Fairy Garden Cottage is such a very pretty and fairytaleish home! :) It looks so very lovely! It is a very special and homely cottage! The exterior design of the cottage is very nice! Very nice roofing design! The outdoors areas are very nice! The flowers throughout the outdoors look so very pretty! Very nice nook areas for Sims to have fun playing chess, painting on the easel , swimming in the pool or sitting outside in the air at the umbrella covered table, enjoying the very nice setting! They will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating food in the sunshine.The bunnies in the front garden are cute! Sims will enjoy birds feeding on the seed feeder.The birdbath is a nice touch. The white picket fencing is a homely touch. Kids will have fun playing on the monkey bars. Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! It is such a very homely home! Very nice sofas and armchairs fireplace sitting area for Sims to enjoy resting in front of the fire, chatting, listeming to the phonograph music and reading books. The type of dining chairs used look nice and the flowers on the table are pretty for Sims to see whilst dining there. Very nice kitchen nook! The teapots cabinets are nice kitchen touches on the wall. Very nice furnishing of the bedrooms! The colour schemes are very nice! The pink colour scheme and furnishing of the girls room is very pretty! Very nice fireplace sitting nook in the master bedroom. The basement bar, games and recreation level is very nice! Sims will enjoy watching tv there, whilst having a drink from the bar. They will have fun playing foosbsall or card games at the table. The group of pictures are a nice touch on the wall. The sunflowers picture is a nice sunny touch! Very nice corner computer study desk nook near the stairs.
    The Wintertime photos of the home are very nice! It is a very nice fairy cottage home! :)
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    Absolutely and totally adorable Cath! I LOVE the roofing detail in Fairy Garden Cottage. A huggable home :smiley:
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,835 Member
    I love Fairy Cottages and yours is so enchanting and whimsical! I'd have it in a heart beat if it was in S3! :)
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,299 Member
    Beautiful Fairy Tale Cottage I love the way it looks with the snow. It's really a lovely home.
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    @rosemow, Thank you so much Rose! :blush:<3

    @soocoolsim, Thank you for your sweet comments! :smile:<3

    Thank you so much @romagi1! :smile:<3

    @NiniBeMe69, Thank you very much! :smile:<3
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    which lot did you build this on Cath???
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    Fairy Garden Cottage is a beauty! <3 and the landscape and decor is just gorgeous! <3
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    Fairy Garden Cottage is such a gorgeous and dreamy creation with incredible roofing and the most beautiful landscaping, looks absolutely stunning in both summer and winter :)
  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,129 Member
    wow, Austen Inspired Estate is stunning!

    Fairy Garden Cottage is super cute. Love it.

  • superbibi11superbibi11 Posts: 486 Member
    Austen Inspired Estate is wonderful, I have no words. I've always admired your care for details, the garden remember me of a mosaic. I will put this into my favs.
    About Fairy Garden Cottage there's nothing to say, I've already downloaded it and I'm playing with it.
    It's adorable. The roofing is perfectly assembled, the façade is unique, the choice of soft colours of the exterior opposing the bright colours of the garden is perfect. Congratulations :)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    @joRN1414, Fairy Garden Cottage was built on Beech Byway in Newcrest. :smile:

    @AIRIS6962, Thank you for the lovely comment! :smile:

    @masajo, Thank you so much for the very kind comments! So sweet of you! :blush:

    @BreeMiles, Thank you Bree! :smile:

    @illusie, Thank you very Kindly for the sweet comments, Lu! :blush:

    @superbibi11, Thank you so much for your Awesome comments! So very sweet! :blush:
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    @WrathofCath , oh my goodness, Fairy Garden Cottage is so darn cute. Very fairytale-ish, and the roofing and landscaping really make it pop.
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    @Sandraelle I'm so sorry, Sandy! I must have missed your post... Thank you for your sweet words my friend! :blush:<3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    A Simpler Thyme Farm
    3br, 2ba.
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Cost: $81,366
    No CC


    Picture Album

    This home is designed for a Build N Share challenge. The brief called for a home designed for a simple way of life. It should have at least two bedrooms, a good kitchen and good sized farm.

    I chose a simple design for the exterior and kept the colors a clean white with black trim. The main floor has a large eat-in kitchen, living room, master bedroom and full bath. Upper level consists of two guest bedrooms, a full bath and a study nook in the landing area. There's a porch on both the front and back of the home for relaxing. The back porch has an easel and chess table.

    Outdoors there's an enclosed garden with perfect quality fruits and veggies, a small patio for alfresco dining and a fishing pond. Meandering pathways wind throughout the property with pretty flower gardens all around. There is a wash tub and clothesline, in keeping with the 'simple way of life' idea. There is also a yoga mat and meditation stool out back for keeping fit in both body and soul.





    Full Picture Album can be seen here

    Thank you for taking a look. Goodnight!

  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,835 Member
    Very cute and cozy and really captures the feel, Cath! I try sometimes to put all those paths in but then I watch my sims and they don't follow the path I colored in for them so I get annoyed and cover over the paths! I know I have a problem! LOL Love that you can resize items in S4 and o my gosh you have a toilet plunger! LOL
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Your farmhouse has such a cozy country feel! You chose a great location to put it, too. Good luck in the challenge! :smiley:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,313 Member
    The exterior design and the layout of A Simpler Thyme Farm is very nice! :) The name of the build is great! The white colour of the exterior and the black trim gives the home a very nice look. The flower box windows look nice.The curving pathways look very nice, and the flowers and plants on the edges of the home and through the outdoors areas look very pretty! The stone fencing and the open gate doors looks nice and welcoming. The flowers are nice on the edges of the pond. Sims will enjoy fishing there. Very nice fenced harvestable garden area for Sims to enjoy growing and harvesting the plants and trees. Very nice outdoors dining patio nook for Sims to enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating food outdoors in the air. Sims will have fun playing chess and enjoy painting on the easel on the back patio. It is great that there is a clothesline and washtub for outdoors laundry washing and drying. Sims will enjoy quietly doing yoga on the yoga mat and meditating on the stool in the outdoors setting .Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! It looks very warming and homely.The brown and green wooden siding walls in the rooms through the home looks nice.Very nice kitchen and dine in area! The stone wall texture gives a nice feel to the cooking area, and the teapot wall shelves, fruit bowl , wall clock and dish rack are great kitchen touches there. It is great that there is an island workbench. The yellow sunflowers on the dining table are sunny for Sims to see when eating their meals. The crockery cabinet and rooster picture are great there. Very nice design of the fireplace tv watching area in the living room ! It looks great the way that the bookcases are placed either sides of the fireplace and the tv is above the fire. The fruit bowl looks nice on the coffee table.Sims will enjoy sitting on the sofas near the fire watching tv together. Very nice furnishing of the bedrooms!
    The home looks very pretty in Wintertime! It is a very nice home! :)
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,283 Member

    A Simpler Thyme Farm is so beautiful! I love those white walls. If you would have set a tile roofing, it would be a perfect Andalusian country house <3
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 4,968 Member
    @WrathofCath , A Simpler Thyme Farm (love the play on words) is so quaint and cozy. The exterior colors, the meandering paths on the lot, the rustic fencing make it really look farm like. My favorite rooms are the living room, kitchen and dining area. Awesome job, love it all!
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    @romagi1, Hahaha! Got a kick out of your getting aggravated that the sims don't use the paths. :p I don't make them for them, I make them for ME! Hahaha! You know those open gates I have? Those silly sims always have to go through the gate doors, instead of the huge open path right in the middle! Silly creatures. Ya, I love the plungers! Best part is they cost zero, from debug! Thank you for the sweet comments, Ro! :blush:

    @StSciurus, Thank you for both your lovely comment and for the best wishes! I Love your cozy farmhouse too! :blush:

    @BreeMiles, Thank you Bree! :smile:

    @rosemow, Thank you so very much for your lovely review and comments Rose! Very appreciated :blush:<3

    @AIRIS6962 Thank you so much, Inma! :smile:

    @Sandraelle Thank you for your very sweet comments, Sandy! I love making farmhouses, so this challenge was really fun for me. :blush:
  • superbibi11superbibi11 Posts: 486 Member
    This home is so nice! It really captures the feel, I love the clean lines and how you displayed the furniture. Love it!
  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,129 Member
    Your farmhouse is amazing! Feels homey.
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