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The Victorian Father Knows Best Challenge

AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
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This is based on a challenge by cespencer7.
Here's the official rules:

In the year 1890, in a pleasant little town called Orville, lived four well-to-do families. At the head of each family was a fine upstanding man married to an equally virtuous woman, or so it appeared.
Mr. and Mrs. Drake & Rowena Somerset
Drake and Rowena fancy themselves soul mates. Not only are they both family sims with kind hearts, but Drake loves Rowena's red hair and Rowena can't get over the flaxen quality of Drake's. Drake's heart desire is to become an education minister, and Rowena wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

They have two children a boy by the name Dorian
And, a little girl named Madelin.

Dr. and Mrs. Joshua & Grace Browne
The Browne's relationship was founded on solid ground. Joshua married Grace because he always wanted a blonde; Grace married Joshua because shealways wanted to wed a doctor. They're perfect for each other. Joshua wants to make it to chief of staff, and Grace wants a social circle of 20 best friends.

Here is their son, Daniel Browne.
And, their daughter Matilda.

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald & Brooke Allred
Both Mr. and Mrs. Allred come from a prominent family. Reginald dreams of expanding his family's fortune and becoming a business tycoon. Brooke dreams of fancy parties and nights out on the town.

Their son, Corey.
Daughter, Eliza.

Mr. and Mrs. Rex and Eugenia Blackmore
Many whispers about Mr. Blackmore have been uttered in Orville. Some say he's a social climber that married the heiress, Eugenia, for her money. Others say that he's the lecherous sort of man. Others mind their own buzz-wax. If the truth be told Rex Blackmore is quite the rake, quite the rake indeed. He caresfor nothing but gambling, women, and booze. He doesn't care what hearts he breaks or of the lives ruined by his devilish plots! He wants to prove his cleverness through is maniacal plots, and the best way to do this is to have 20 simultaneous lovers.
As for Eugenia, she just misses being a school teacher, and remembers her childhood dream of being an education minister. That dream will have to wait until her little ones grow up.

Their son, Brandon.
Daughter, Bonnie.

I've never played this challenge before, so, I might tweak the rules as I go along. I've already tweaked a few. One is that not all the fathers have the family aspiration. I did this because I thought it would make for a more interesting story, but all the honest men have respectable aspirations. I'm going to direct the mothers' to teach their children how to walk, talk, etc if they draw a want for it. There's just no other way to get them to do it, and it would be the mothers that would teach the children (unless they have a nanny, but these sims won't have nannies). If the fathers draw a want for this then they'll do it.


  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    edited October 2014
    Our story begins on a beautiful June day in the year 1890. We will keep track of time by waiting for the tots to grow up. Each one is two years old, so, therefore, when the first one grows up it will be 1901. I'm planning on switching to what I call the Twentieth Century Challenge in the Spring of 1917, the year the United States entered WWI, that in my opinion marks the decline of the Victorian Era and rise of the modern era (at least in the US). But, back to our story...

    Those happy Somersets are frolicking in the summer sun in celebration of Drake's new job as a playground monitor. It's not the position that he hoped for, but he believes it shows promise.
    Oh, how delightful! The Allreds and Dr. Browne have happened by to pay him a visit.
    Joshua takes a seat at the piano to showcase his talent.
    Or, lack thereof.
    And, Drake invites Reginald to a game of chess.
    Rowena joins Grace in her constructive criticism of Joshua's music.

    Rowena makes and serves lunch, and they all eat together.
    Dorian charms Grace.
    Drake uses some of his influence to have Rowena play with Brooke. I was hoping they'd play chess together, but instead they decided to "swing around." I'm not sure what this means for adults, they forgot about it before they got outside and decided to tell jokes instead.
  • ErnesaTErnesaT Posts: 7,458 Member
    Ooohhhh. Another challenge.
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