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Chance of Twins and Triplets Without "Fertile" Reward?

figmentzfigmentz Posts: 504 Member
So far in out of all my saves, my sims had twins 3 times, two of which were just pure chance. No fertile reward. First time, my sim had two kids and her husband died, then she got pregnant from her new boyfriend. She had twin boys.

Second time, it was the first twin mother's grandson. He got a woman that lived in his house pregnant, and she had twins, a boy and a girl.

So, I was wondering what the chances of twins and triplets are without the fertile reward. In The Sims 3, my sims never had twins or triplets without doing anything special (kids music, kids tv, fertility treatment, ect.) In The Sims 2, my sims never had more than one without "forcetwins" or mods.
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  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    By my experience Fertile trait does absolutely nothing at all.
    20 children so far, twins happened just once and everyone has the mentioned trait.
  • AlnairanAlnairan Posts: 2,424 Member
    I didn't get a single set of twins/triplets in my game yet, with or without the fertile trait :(
    The chances are either really low or I am just that unlucky.
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  • pr0x1mapr0x1ma Posts: 5,898 Member
    I don't know any official numbers on the chances, but twins seem semi-common. I've had a few sets of twins with no rewards whatsoever. I have never had any triplets, though.
  • simlish1simlish1 Posts: 2,666 Member
    I had one set of twins without the treatment, no triplets yet & I'm not sure I want to neither.
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  • RinilexRinilex Posts: 3,048 Member
    I feel like the game has been tweaked to give the first birth/ few births in the game a significantly higher chance of twins, going off what myself and other Simmers have experienced.
  • KShannonKShannon Posts: 223 Member
    I've had several sets of twins, but I'm dying to have triplets.
  • ceinwynieceinwynie Posts: 162 Member
    I play a legacy, and I had one set of twins (two boys) on my second gen, and had another set of twins (a couple) on my fourth gen, I'm hoping to have triplets sometime without the fertility trait
  • JaNatJaNat Posts: 10 New Member
    Born about 30 babies with this reward, often twins, but no triplets at all((((
  • EEtheridgeEEtheridge Posts: 585 Member
    My very first pregnancy resulted in triplets. I was stunned, I had only been playing the game for a few hours and it threw me triplets. Playing with 3 babies was awful, I aged them up early.
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  • madmadam59madmadam59 Posts: 81 Member
    I've had several sets of twins and even triplets. At the moment it's a novalty to have only one child.
  • JanineTheBossJanineTheBoss Posts: 1 New Member
    I have just started playing.
    I have had three sets of twins from one woman!
    Really annoying...
  • BudgiepadaBudgiepada Posts: 102 Member
    When I first started playing I never had twins or triplets....never. Then after a couple weeks of playing, my sims started to have twins and none of them had the fertile trait. I wasn't too happy as I didn't plan for them. But, as in life, these things happen. :p
  • HCSauHCSau Posts: 468 Member
    My sim couple have had triplet boys. Never expected it as I've never even had twins before!
    I had to move them into a bigger place! :o
    HSau :)
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,293 Member
    One of my Sims twins, then single girl, awaiting to see what happens with the next...

    I am not convinced there is a need for the fertilty trait at all. Mind, apart from a small handful, I have ignored the reward traits. They all seem a bit overpowered to me. Could be cool if you wanted a SuperSim tho'
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  • Thebookthief24Thebookthief24 Posts: 1,327 Member
    I have had twins once.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 30,888 Member
    My Sims were having triplets and twins each and every time long before this last patch. But you can ask someone who can open the files to see what ratio is set to the odds of that happening. This can be done with a SPE program and or something similar to either change it to suit you or to just look and find out. But as far as people saying this only happened more often after the last patch isn't true in my game. They had them more than not. Only one Sim had one child at a time, the rest of my Sims had triplets and twins each time.
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  • aspires001aspires001 Posts: 345 Member
    For some reason my game seems to have a 0% chance with or without fertility reward. :'(
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  • dachshundsr4medachshundsr4me Posts: 208 Member
    i got triplets on the first try...i am afraid to let them breed again now as i dont want a house full of lil ones...omg i freaked...
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 7,630 Member
    i got triplets on the first try...i am afraid to let them breed again now as i dont want a house full of lil ones...omg i freaked...

    household limit is 8
  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,378 Member
    My very first alien pregnancy was twins. Those are the only ones I've ever gotten.
  • twistidsimmertwistidsimmer Posts: 36 Member
    I had twins my first pregnancy.....in real life. They are a year and half old. Haha.
  • sweety_blondysweety_blondy Posts: 115 Member
    The only time I got twins was when there were 2 bassinets in the house (from 2 previous births)...not sure if that was the reason behind the multiple birth though because I was too afraid to test that theory :s
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  • enkeli63enkeli63 Posts: 6,637 Member
    My sims didn't try for a baby during the twins-epidemic, and I have had one set of twins without the twin bug playing any part in it, but I've never gotten the fertility reward on any sim.

    I've heard that watching the kids channel on the tv works, just like it did in Sims 3, but I have not tried it because I wasn't intentionally trying to get multiples with any family. If you do want multiples though, you might want to test out having the mother watch the kids channel as much as possible during the pregnancy.

    It would be nice to know the actual odds though, before any boost from rewards or the tv.
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  • SnappiTheSimmerxxSnappiTheSimmerxx Posts: 178 Member
    In my sim family,i have like 4 children,and they're all boys!
    But meh lol
    First ones we're twins,boys,and the rest were normal
    it came like this twins,normal and normal
    Happy simming!
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  • SlimerSlimer Posts: 116 Member
    Twins are annoyingly common in my sims 4 game, but I've yet to have triplets. I only got triplets in sims 3 once with Sarah Holden and jack limb, using the fertility treatment and listening to kids music etc.
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