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Living off the land challenge :)



  • SchellbelleSchellbelle Posts: 2 New Member
    I am definitely late to starting this challenge but, I loved playing it! My Sims live in a tent, cook over the campfire and have a toilet/shower combo outhouse. The main sim started with a bush :D Eventually she dated, got married and had a child. All while gardening and working on the cow plant to complete her aspiration :D I don't film game play but, I have a folder full of game screenshots as I played it out! Took me 8 days from starting out to growing the cow plant :D Super fun challenge! So, is the challenge over when the founder sim dies or is it over when they complete the aspiration?
  • thuis100thuis100 Posts: 1 New Member
    love to do this challenge now with sims 3
  • NaomiSImblrNaomiSImblr Posts: 156 Member
    currently trying this out, But im starting with zero funds and zero house to make it more interesting, so far ive got a small garden growing from collecting around parks and neighbourhood. So far ive managed to make quite abit of money, especially since i dug up a voodoo doll and that gave me £1000. I will eventually be building a house but i wanted to make it more challenging and literally starting from scratch. To get my needs up before i can purchase everything i go to community lots. So far i have a tent to sleep in, shower, woohoo bush for toilet and eating some of the plants i collect to get my hunger up so far really enjoying it :)
  • ajaxpostajaxpost Posts: 4,159 Member
    I like the idea of this challenge a lot ... so much so that I have started a new Lets Play series inspired by it! :)

    The discussion thread is in the Video Haven section at:
  • ajaxpostajaxpost Posts: 4,159 Member
    Having fun with this challenge. Only a small garden so far, thinking I need to go hunting for some new plant varieties but for now my Sims are having fun around town!

  • xSora0xxSora0x Posts: 1 New Member
    Can't wait to try this :smiley: im making the sim at the moment, i would show you but ive not been around long enough to share links :/
  • SaviourofpotatoesSaviourofpotatoes Posts: 111 Member
    This sounds like a great challenge, I'm going to start with a tent and work my way up from there but brilliant idea :smiley:
  • BerniekBerniek Posts: 2 New Member
    Just wanted to say that I have started playing this. And I am enjoying it a lot!
    It's my first try to do a challenge/legacy type of play. I like the idea on just getting by with whatever you can make/grow/find.
  • Dakota1377Dakota1377 Posts: 22 Member
    I have tried some of the challenges and in the end, I fail and use the cheats when I'm like 2 weeks of playing real 2 weeks of playtime into the challenge I fail by using money cheats and stuff. This one is right up my alley so to speak. When I was a kid and teen I grew up on a farm in England. I now living I Indiana, USA. I miss those days of working on a farm with my family farm. I am going to do this challenge today and keep at it without any cheats. thanks for the idea hon.
  • RiniblueRiniblue Posts: 1 New Member
    this sound like a great challenge, I'm getting started on it shortly. it seems like it would be perfect for a fist time doing a challenge.
  • JacquelineGamerJacquelineGamer Posts: 10 New Member
    I know I'm a little late but I think I'm going to try this one. See if I can manage to get ALL the plants and support a family. Sounds like fun and a good challenge.
  • kerryemmiebethkerryemmiebeth Posts: 169 Member
    Love the idea of this challenge. I am about to start it. Thinking of making it an "off the grid" kind of thing with no electric items used an no indoor plumbing.
  • XxmrcupcakexXXxmrcupcakexX Posts: 3 New Member
    I am definitely doing this! This sounds really cool!
  • BelllaGothBelllaGoth Posts: 1 New Member
    I like this challenge! Love the humble beginnings challenges and stuff with gardening. I just came from the rosebud challenge and looking for something to do. I think I'm going to try and do this as more of a family farm than just making money as I did for my rosebud family. (I grew 100 rose plants and made 40,000 + per harvest, so I kind of want something not so insanely profitable.) Will be giving this a try!
  • xDarkxkidxxDarkxkidx Posts: 6 New Member
    I like the idea. i got really inspired by that :D
  • BunnysicleBunnysicle Posts: 17 Member
    This seems like a pretty fun challenge! :star: I definitely need to try it.
  • angelette1angelette1 Posts: 144 Member
    About to start this challenge! Been thinking about it for a while...I love the nature aspirations especially gardening so this should be a lot of fun!!
    Angelette Carter
  • teagan_kara783teagan_kara783 Posts: 1 New Member
    hey, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of where kids should sleep and stay and also should they go to school?
  • RosaDartRosaDart Posts: 2 New Member
    Make it harder. Teen founder, school is by choice. Must have a significant other by young adult good but cannot have a child before significant other moves in and is married. Just a suggestion.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 2,890 Member
    Bookmarking this one! Thank you.
  • micrazy2micrazy2 Posts: 23 Member
    Totally late to the challenge but I am going to give this one a try! Thank you for the invent! Off to make my founder and find a good lot. I am thinking Strangerville! <3
  • Meegs_AUMeegs_AU Posts: 1 New Member
    Feel like I am really late to this but so going to try :)
  • TennedraTennedra Posts: 25 Member
    Can't wait to try this challenge! I needed something that would force me to create a Sim I don't normally play.
  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 298 Member
    I was able to complete this pretty quickly since we are on "stay at home" orders. Fun and quick challenge!

    I took advantage of Tiny Living and built a 32 tile home.
    I chose Living off the Land, Great Soil, and Homey. She never received the first Bill.
    My sim had the Nature aspiration "Freelance Botanist"
    She achieved Level 10 Gardening and Handiness.
    Vegetarian, Loves Outdoors, and Genius traits.
    I did pick Super Green Thumb when I had enough rewards.
    Wish I would have thought to buy the Bee Box earlier.
    I did not have kids or get married. But I have my sim ready to do that. She is in lurve. I prefer to stop here than go through the kids phases.
    We have 19,615 simoleons and a home/land worth 21,586

    Starting Home. Had a little over 3k left. First day of Spring and it is raining.

    Cutaway view. The stove was useless even though it could be used "Off the Grid." We didn't have a fridge because I was afraid she would eat something Non Vege. We got rid of the cooler on day 2. Replaced by Strawberries found nearby.

    Last day of Fall. Aspiration completed.

    Backyard. She built the table and chairs for a Thanksgiving meal with friends.

    We bought a grill for this occasion. Grilled Tofu Dogs for Thanksgiving! MMMMmmm!
    My Current Challenge: Drifter House Challenge
  • RealSimmer2006RealSimmer2006 Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm so doing this. This will be my first challenge ever I know I'm late and I've been even Simming since 2006 I'm excited think I'll do a page in one of our forums n facebook lol
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