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Living off the land challenge :)


  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,272 Member
    When does the challenge end? Is this a 10 generation challenge where they all live off the farm? This does sound appealing.
  • SnappiTheSimmerxxSnappiTheSimmerxx Posts: 180 Member
    Sounds cool,i will maybe play this challenge (and record it)
    I may post images,but i'm still a new member and i can't post :(
    I will do anything to try my best and become a member to be able to post images,but until then,i will enjoy the challenge,record it (maybe,i will not talk because i'm sick lol)
    have a good time,bye bye and happy simming :)
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  • TheNamesSpiritTheNamesSpirit Posts: 3 New Member
    Toatlly doing this challange with the new custom content i got!! :D
  • FizzstixFizzstix Posts: 990 Member
    Glimmer50 wrote: »
    When does the challenge end? Is this a 10 generation challenge where they all live off the farm? This does sound appealing.

    I'd like to know the answer to this to. Gotta know when we have conquered the challenge.
  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,272 Member
    Fizzstix wrote: »
    Glimmer50 wrote: »
    When does the challenge end? Is this a 10 generation challenge where they all live off the farm? This does sound appealing.

    I'd like to know the answer to this to. Gotta know when we have conquered the challenge.

    I messaged the OP but haven't gotten an answer yet. Maybe this challenge has been abandoned. It does sound fun though.
  • FizzstixFizzstix Posts: 990 Member
    I've done the 100 baby challenge and just now finished the asylum challenge. Looking to start a new one. Maybe I'll do the legacy challenge. I made my founder a long time ago, but that was while I was doing the 100 baby challenge. I don't like to jump around to different games when I am playing a challenge, so I wasn't going to start that one yet. LOL
  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,272 Member
    @Fizzstix I am doing the Accicental Time Traveler challenge because it is almost like a legacy challenge but it only goes out 6 generation including the founder. The first 2 heirs can't have a job. You start with a lot that is available to download. You get a tent, bathroom and a fire pit. It has been fun so far. I can't never last 10 generations ..except whilst playing the Drifter Challenge. I like those because you move when the heir becomes a YA and start a new life on a new plot of land...never gets boring and each House only takes a couple weeks. It sounds overwhelming but I am having a blast with it. You basically plow down all the worlds and build them up house by house OR you can just do one mini challenge. She has a world you can download that is already blank. Anyway, I am on generation 9 with that one..longest I have ever played a family.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, there are some good ones out there. To many almost. I want to play them ALL...LOL. :)
  • FizzstixFizzstix Posts: 990 Member
    edited October 2015
    @Glimmer50 I started up this challenge after all. I am going to play it on long life though. I've never done that. I will probably accomplish a lot before she dies. She is already at level 6 in gardening. She is struggling with her fun level though. I've had her listen to music while gardening, but that only goes for so long. I am wondering if I can put in a smallish size pool to help with her fun.
  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,272 Member
    @fizzstix yeah I would say that is probably a good plan with the Long life. After reading through this again I think it only goes one life span. When the founder dies, game over unless you want to continue the "farm" with the next generation. But on long, it could last a while. I guess make up your own rules... go out as many generations as you can and have fun with it. :)
  • EgewinhEgewinh Posts: 72 Member
    Love this challenge and would have done it right now if not for my ISBI!

    ISBI - Posh Life. Meet Cash Snobbington
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 931 Member
    Hey, sorry for my late reply.

    I would say it's a 1 to 2 generation challenge, the part I enjoyed the most was to start out humble and just live of what you could grow. So depending on if you want to end it after generaton 1 dies or keep on playing it and see how it goes when the kids take over.
  • reallymillieeereallymillieee Posts: 1 New Member
    This is a little bit late, and I think the thread has kinda died off, but I"m going to give it a try!
  • SomeChick1SomeChick1 Posts: 518 Member
    I tried something similar but made my Sims totally live off the grid. Nothing was indoors except a small outhouse. Lived in tents, cooked over open flame. Teenage son had a guitar he played for tips. It was fun but eventually the kids met friends who had lots of money and homes and electricity and started to resent their parents. They had kids of their own and when the parents died, they bulldozed the lot and built a big modern 3 story house with all of the money the parents had saved from the crops - Perfect Dragonfruit brings in a pretty penny!
  • simz14simz14 Posts: 1 New Member
    Do you make your house bigger as you add kids? I'm assuming yes?
  • Prettyweed870Prettyweed870 Posts: 832 Member
    Yes you can but you have to be mindful of the additional bills those luxuries will cost you. ;)
  • IlliyeaIlliyea Posts: 41 Member
    Iv actually coupled this challenge with the tiny living challenge sense both have a lot of similar requirements makes things a little more difficult which I enjoy :)
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  • SimluvurSimluvur Posts: 17 Member
    I started this challenge last night. I have a question though - I can't really find tree's to harvest in the neighborhood I am in..so am I allowed to purchase seeds both bush, fruit, and tree..er and vegitable? I just have The Sims 4. I'm having a ton of fun with the challenge so far though.
  • Prettyweed870Prettyweed870 Posts: 832 Member
    It's my understanding that is fine. But if you wait 2-3 sim days you should see the trees start to grow fruit but you do have to visit the lots every day or they hibernate and don't progress as far as fruit growing. But you should see some on the land around your home plot that you can harvest and even plant pretty early on.
  • SimluvurSimluvur Posts: 17 Member
    Okay. Thank you - I will look around a few more days in the sim world. :)
  • AriesecupAriesecup Posts: 1 New Member
    Are maids allowed, and can we adopt? BTW i love this challenge!! <3
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 931 Member
    I would allow adoption yes :) As for a maid, if you have the money and want to play the game that way, why not?
  • EllieSimsterEllieSimster Posts: 31 Member
    Hi! Wow, this challenge is so cool! I love the idea, and I love starting off small. Although my sister does not, and enjoys using cheats, she also agreed to try the challenge! We posted a video of us starting off. And my sister will post her video in a few minutes. Anyways, I'm super excited to try and finish the challenge! :) You can find the video by searching for "Living off the land challenge - part 1" on youtube!
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  • AshleyTheLlamaAshleyTheLlama Posts: 6 New Member
    I think I found my new challenge after I failed the legacy challenge(or just gave up) I cant go through 10 generations it is too much but I think ill give this a try
  • LadyLykaLadyLyka Posts: 7 New Member

    Hmmm...I think I'll mix this into my next legacy challenge. Would be fun to see how far the family can get while only living off their garden for ten generations!
  • thea85thea85 Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm going to do this challenge. But i have i question, can i dig and fish and find frogs to, exept for only do gardening?
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