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  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    Lovely tiny @seanman199 <3<3<3 Imgur is a good place for pics.
  • PixelNestPixelNest Posts: 44 Member
    Hi everybody! It's been a while since I've posted to the forums, but I am so, so excited about the building possibilities of Realm of Magic. As soon as I heard it announced I already had visions in my head of creating a mansion for a wealthy, eccentric duo. Couple that with my love of the Victorian era interest in mysticism and Mystics Manor was born! Edward and Sarafina Lockhhardt made fame and fortune as spirit mediums in the late 1870s. They used this new found windfall to build a spreading, ornate mansion that served not only as a primary residence, but as a function building to host seances and grand balls for wealthy customers, as well as a place for visiting dignitaries from around the world to stay when in town. Inspired by the Winchester Mystery House, I knew I wanted both the exterior and interior to have a higgledy-piggledy appearance, as though the manor owners had added more and more rooms as the years went on. I started with the glass-roof ballroom, then moved on to the front facade, having a rough idea of how I wanted that to look. That's as far as I've gotten so far, my plan now is to build backward from the facade, adding room by room until I have all the Victorian-era essentials for a stately home (library, drawing room, solarium, etc). I also want to incorporate the realities of the life of the Victorian wealthy, so there will be servants quarters, hidden passages that only the staff use and "modern" conveniences such as dumb waiters.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,569 Member
    Mystics Manor is a lovely Victorian Mansion! @PixelNest :) Very nice exterior design and the towers and roofing are lovely! Very elegant glass roof ballroom!
    The build is looking great! It will be a very special Mansion home!
  • PixelNestPixelNest Posts: 44 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Mystics Manor is a lovely Victorian Mansion! @PixelNest :) Very nice exterior design and the towers and roofing are lovely! Very elegant glass roof ballroom!
    The build is looking great! It will be a very special Mansion home!
    Thank you so much! It's going to take forever to build, but I'm having so much fun with it.
  • bubbajoe621bubbajoe621 Posts: 86 Member
    edited September 2019
    seanman199 wrote: »
    Made a tiny home for Strangerville. just went eco-modern. But I love this build

    Me too! Lots of visual interest and playability. Eco is pretty much my concept for this 'hood as well.
    PixelNest wrote: »
    I knew I wanted both the exterior and interior to have a higgledy-piggledy appearance, as though the manor owners had added more and more rooms as the years went on.

    Knocked it out of the park! This looks surprisingly coherent for such a sprawling old manse, not easy to achieve. How great is it that ROM came out at just the right time.

  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    Stunning @PixelNest <3<3<3 Gorgeous design throughout!
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    My entry to @BreeMiles' September Challenge #SNSSHChallengeByBM. Meant for a single female.

    Home Sweet Home

  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,889 Member

    Beautiful home @Gwiniel :)
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,889 Member
    I am sharing my Builder/Tester Sim who I play most so she has a lot of skills, rewards etc now doing Magic

    Gallery Name: Mia Zanora
    Gallery Link1 :

    Link 2:
    Notes: I seem to have an extra swimwear from Island Living that does not show in cas!
    My Fave outfit is for Hot Weather as its what my game is most of the time, its the 1 with broomstick short T-Shirt.
    Live Screenshots
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    She's gorgeous @luckyheather <3<3<3 And thank you <3
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,889 Member

    Thank you @Gwiniel <3:) I never get bored of playing her! as she is a sweet girl who puts up with me changing her looks and clothes now and then Lol :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,569 Member
    edited September 2019
    Home Sweet Home is a lovely homely home for the challenge! @Gwiniel :) Very nice exterior design,roofing, stone wall texture, windows,pond and the outdoors dining patio nook is very nice for Sims to enjoy cooking and dining outdoors. They will enjoy seeing the birds coming to the feeder. Very lovely furnishing of the interior! The blue and white colour scheme is very nice. Very nice curtains in the bedroom and the patterned floor rugs in the rooms are very nice. Very nice bathroom wall and floor tiling. The umbrella stand, coats shelf and shoes rack are homely touches near the door. Very lovely design of the tv wall area! The stone texture is nice.and the fruit bowl and plant are nice touches :)

    Your spelllcaster magical tester/builder sim is lovely! @luckyheather :) Very nice black, white and blue colours of her clothing:)
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  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 612 Member
    Clock Tower Alley

    this is the build @rosemow inspired me to built with her mail room challenge. The idea of a post office stuck in my mind and this is what happened: the alley now offers a pharmacy, a book store, a bakery and many more next to the post office. I hope you enjoy it :smile:


    More pictures on my blog → here
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    Absolutely gorgeous @kilra0 <3<3<3 Fantastic work!
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Your spelllcaster magical tester/builder sim is lovely! :) Very nice black, white and blue colours of her clothing:)

    Thank you dear @rosemow for your sweet comment about Home sweet home <3<3<3 But I have to correct that the tester sim is @luckyheather's :)

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 959 Member
    ❤️You guys!❤️

    @PixelNest that is a lovely, fussy manor. I especially like the way you did the dining porch and the greenhouse. You’ve got so many careful picky details on the outside, I agree you are going to be a while furnishing this one but i’m Sure when you’re done it will be something quite special

    @Gwiniel that is kind of the shape that first came to mind when I saw that plan. Unfortunately I don’t think I will get to build this one. I like how you have set your Sim up for music, logic and exercise it’s good that the single female SIM is meant to have a full life.

    @luckyheather your builder SIM is quite the time lord and quite the trooper! Every time you bring her out she has a fresh look and always so pretty. If she wasn’t a builder SIM she could be a covert ops SIM with a plethora of disguises. She could even time travel and fit in wherever she lands!

    @kilra0 That is a stunning village square with a lovely clock tower. I like the idea of a post office being valued for communication and how the space has been decided to meet all the needs.
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,706 Member
    @PixelNest : Gorgeous exterior. Y'all are making me want to get that pack, so badly. I've been saving my birthday money for the next sale, gorgeous home.

    @Gwiniel : Ditto. Beautiful. All of those new creations make me think of Autumn, with the color choices and I just adore that little home, for the Sept challenge. Well done, indeed.

    @luckyheather Awesome new Sim.

    @kilra0 Stunning! I love the old stuff and Tudor is one of my favorites, for sure. That's a great layout and design.

    So many incredibly gorgeous new builds.
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,706 Member

    I'm not much on, or very good at making Sims, but last night I wanted to do a couple, for fun.

    Lucinda Black and her familiar, Altair. Everyone else is making pretty witches and sexy witches and innocent, Samantha Stevens withces. I wanted the classic witch, with the hook nose and big chin, drawn face and all in black. Of course, she has to have a black cat. My only regret is no big, hairy wart for her nose. =)

    Papa Legba. Loa, Gatekeeper, Trickster. One of the top Loa from Hatian VooDoo. This is more of a Comic, Fantasy, American Horror Story look for him, than it is Hatian, but a little more exciting in this way. I've played a Papa Legba in every single MMO I've played, in the past 25+ years, so I had to make him, especialy with the new pack and All-Saints approaching.
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 2,638 Member
    I'm in the process of making a home for Glimmerbrook for my test witch, Lady Emma. Although it's not proper for a Victorian lady of her station, Lady Emma is a bluestocking who enjoys intellectual pursuits and scientific inquiry. Lately she's heard about Glimmerbrook & sims using magic of all things! Now, she's determined to find out the truth, so she's set a little room in her mansion for experiments. So here's Lady Emma's Sorcery Salon. Credit and thanks to @tiya33 for the marvelous art!



    And yes, she's testing the cauldron by making mac and cheese, LOL!
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,973 Member
    @AIRIS6962 your Okelani is very lovely with beautiful detail! <3
    @Kolikokolitka, your Beach rent house is very lovely, love the fresh feel of it! <3
    @Taoron your Zen Penthouse is lovely, I love the wonderful detail on the interior, beautifully done! <3
    @luckyheather your Enchanted Manor is very lovely, quaint and beautiful! <3
    @seanman199 your Strangerville home is super cute, love the detail you've put in this little tiny! <3
    @PixelNest your Mystics Manor is very lovely and wonderfully detailed! <3
    @Gwiniel your Home Sweet Home is very lovely, I love what you have done with the challenge! <3
    @luckyheather your Mia Zanora is very beautiful! <3
    @kilra0 your Clock Tower Alley is very lovely, the detail is awesomeness! <3
    @Taoron your Lucinda Black I would say lovely, but not sure that is the correct word for it, so how about masterpiece, Altair is super cute for sure, Papa Legba another masterpiece! Wonderful job creating them! <3
    @lsnishi your Lady Emma's Sorcery Salon is very lovely, love the color scheme! <3
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,569 Member
    Clock Tower Alley is a very creatively great build! @kilra0 :) It is so very detailed and each area is very lovely! You have designed and furnished each type of building so very well! The post office, pharnacy, bakery, archaeologist office and the crystals and elements shop all are so very nice!

    I did know that it was LuckyHeather’s tester sim, but forgot to tag her name! @Gwiniel :( I have fixed it up now.

    Lucinda and her cat are great Sims! @Taoron :) You have created her very well as a classic witch! Her face looks great! Her cat is cute!
    Very nice creating of PapaLegba! He looks great!

    Lady Emma's Sorcery Salon Is very lovely magical Victorian room ! @lsnishi :) Very elegantly nice gold colour scheme, wall pattern, flooring and beautiful curtains! It is great that there is a cauldron in the middle of the room for her to create her potions. The magic patterned floor rug looks nice underneath it. The grandfather clock in the corner nook, the teaset for her to have a cup of tea whilst sitting resting on the sofa, and the shields on the walls look great!
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 2,638 Member
    Thank you @rosemow and @BreeMiles!
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 352 Member
    Wow! It's been a couple of days since I checked this thread and there are so many magical builds.
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,706 Member

    My DD15 submission

    Witch's Room

    Gallery Price: $64,039

    Gallery Link:HERE!

    Additional Notes: I began the room before I had RoM, so I included everything that a normal Sim would need to make Potions, so there is a stove, Chemistry Lab and a Bar, and now a Cauldron and other accessories, as I could make them fit, from RoM.


    Street View: The entrance to her secret lair is hidden behind a locked, secret Bookcase Door, that only she has access to. I moved the family into my 1st Castle imspired home, that I recently uploaded and added a patio out back with a machinary room, to hide the fact that there was a basement and stairs leading down to it. (Her lab/lair is in the basement)


    Top View:


    Additional Images:

  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,898 Member
    I just finished a 4 bedroom home ^.^ Gallery Link
    Gallery ID: xvvLN0Nl.png
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