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The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge


  • Eidolon23Eidolon23 Posts: 175 Member
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    The bill is horribly too much if you can't get the others to have a job lol. Better make a very small house out of the cheapest material. Maybe can be an old small lab or something. Tried it with something that looked like a halfway house and the electricity and water got turned off. They even turn the oil lamps off. Gave up on that one. lol

    Don't think they are interested anymore...
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    "The worst thing you can do is tame the chaos in you. It is like being told not to feel when you are thrown in the fire." R. M. Drake
  • Eidolon23Eidolon23 Posts: 175 Member
    When the power is off, why does electricity still zap under the refrigerator?

    Why is the bill the same, when the power has been off 6 days?

    At least you can take a decent nap on the couch, they can't turn on the radio. Guess it was ok to get a radio. They don't learn anything from it.

    Order of fixing things when I get to them: Refrigerator; Stove; Toilet; Bathtub; The rest can wait...

    Order of Cleaning: They can do that... I hate cleaning. Thought Ki would do it, she is neat.

    Oh, yeah... my meanest one died of embarrassement ALREADY. I have no idea why.

    And oh yeah, I got a few of them jobs. No I am not helping. No way to pay those bills on paintings and carvings.

    Tried to start it in a smaller house but the game went buggy. Everyone was just sitting around moving their heads while their vitals went down. Would not let me save, would not let me reset them. Guess some odd gnome came along and threw a wrench.

    Don't think I will leave. I like crazy people. I am from the south. We show ours off and brag that we are. Berserkers! They keep you safe.
    "The worst thing you can do is tame the chaos in you. It is like being told not to feel when you are thrown in the fire." R. M. Drake
  • Alechinis2Alechinis2 Posts: 113 Member
    So... I started playing the Asylum Challenge for the Sims 4 a couple of weeks ago and won it after about 20 active days of playing. It was my first callenge ever and I found it personally amazing. I thought about sharing my experience and some tips I used in order to make the asylum challenge experience better for my fellow simmers.

    1. BATHROOM TIP: The challenge itself has no rules as whether you should keep the toilet and shower/bathtub in the same room. This pretty much is up to yourself. However, your decision can really affect your game experience. If you keep the toilet and shower/bathtub in the same room, the chances of a sim to die of emabarrassment increase amazingly! In mi case, I decided to keep them in different rooms to help myself a bit haha

    2. MAKING MONEY: One of the biggest struggles in this challenge is to make money! Even when you get to paint or handcraft, money seems to never be enough! To solve this issue for my sims, first of all, I chose an asylum with not so many lights. This way, you will lower the bills by a bit. Another thing I did was go out to fish,dig and look for frogs during the authorized schedules . I sold the fish, treasures, collectibles, elements, breeded frogs, etc. n order to make more money. Also, I harvested some plants I found on wild bushes (so I didn't have to pay for the seeds) and this helped me A LOT! Since the level I was playing the challenge on allowed me to send to sims to work + my sim, I sent all of them to work and this helped a bit with making money. You can also paint and sell the paintings to make more money, however this results in a very bored sim (I will talk more about this later on). Also, the stuff you make in the handcrafting table can be sold.

    3. ACTIVITIES: I highly recommend having a TV instead of a computer in the asylum because several Sims can watch TV at the same time, while the computer can only be used one by one. I bought an easel, a chess table, a pool, had a garden and a handcrafting table. The easel helps you make more money, but decreases the sims fun as well as the handcrafting table :/ The chess table and pool increase the Sims Logic and Fitness skills and increases their fun, so I highly recommend them. You can also have an instrument as an activity because they increase skill and fun at the same time.

    4. REPAIRING AND CLEANING: Since you are supposed to buy the cheapest of all, electronics and plumbing get broken quite often. To me, it happened to a point were I could spend an entire day repairing stuff around the house. I know some simmers chose to not fix things until they needed them, and I tried that for a while, however, it resulted in another issue... once I needed the object I was too tired or uncomfortable to fix it -.- So, I recommend to fix them as soon as you can, and taking into account an importance level. For example, I would always fix he toilet and shower before fixing the stove, fridge or sink. Sims can always eat salad but they can't "hold it"! Besides, peeing on themselves makes them embarrassed, and then again, there is a risk of dying of embarrassment.

    So... this are the tips I could think of in order to help other Sims during their Asylum Challenge. Do you have any other tips?
  • SwtSimmer1210SwtSimmer1210 Posts: 1 New Member
    I finally got my game up and running. I wanted to wait until I had all my recording software/equipment so I could load my challenge onto Youtube but I just couldn't wait.
    I changed the rules alittle to make gameplay interesting as I have been reading and watching many of the Sims 4 asylum challenges along the way. I decided to mix the easy and medium rules and add a twist. I built a small house with 2 bathrooms (toilets and showers walled off); I called it the "LUM Treatment Center". I really didn't want to download a gigantic house where I couldn't pay the bills-even if they are prettier. I added the lowest quality of everything. I have both a tv and computer (the computer is placed so no one can use it yet). I started with $500. I had 1 controllable sim; the other sims all have different traits and aspirations.
    I think our saving grace is that her traits work so well for the art aspiration (perfectionist, earned creative visionary) and that we hired a maid. She did do a lot of repairing at first but as her paintings increased in value we were able to afford better quality things. She spent a lot of time painting, woodworking, cooking, and repairing while the other sims mostly socialized, swam, watched tv, and read books. It really is a wonder that they don't have better relationships as much as they all talk! I sent two to work. My sim is currently not in a career track- but makes big $ painting. We had one fire and twice I have seen the "very embarrassed moodlet". Other than that the sims seem to be okay.

    She just finished the painter aspiration and I had planned for her to do the nerd brain aspiration but I might consider doing the writing. Also, I decided that I can take control of another sim as long as I am going to complete at least 2 aspirations for them. Please note, I turned aging off- I figured I can turn it on during the last couple of aspirations to add a challenge. The other big decision I have is which sim to choose- I thought I would go for the knowledge sim and do nerd brain at the same time as my original controllable sim but now I think I have decided on using my nature sim...decisions, decisions!
    I am really enjoying this challenge. Earning the skill points, cash, and upgrading the house are really fulfilling.
  • Eidolon23Eidolon23 Posts: 175 Member
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    I have my toilet and shower in the same room but have a wall like in between them. Have a door from each bedroom and from the hall. They can go into one of the doors without bothering someone on the toilet eg.

    I started over and built an octagon asylum. Will share later. Still same people and the mean girl died again. Lol. She wasn't in the bathroom. I keep beating the ghost up to try and keep her from breaking things. My Sim is not mean; but is tired of fixing things the ghost breaks. My Sim painted her before she died. Tried painting another... she thinks that because of her warped mind... nothing so far. [Guess you win when you finish the milestones... not by keeping everyone, (besides yourself) alive lol].

    Have upgraded 2 beds, the refrigerator and sink, so far... only to the next up. Think when i finish the challenge, will just be the caretaker.
    "The worst thing you can do is tame the chaos in you. It is like being told not to feel when you are thrown in the fire." R. M. Drake
  • Eidolon23Eidolon23 Posts: 175 Member
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    Oh yeah... you can make simoleons off teash fruit and upgrade parts. Had to sell the cheapest masterpiece too. Just keep them in her inventory for now.
    "The worst thing you can do is tame the chaos in you. It is like being told not to feel when you are thrown in the fire." R. M. Drake
  • lpjohnson26lpjohnson26 Posts: 3 New Member
    just started doing this challenge today. this is my first challenge i started with an asylum from the gallery and placed my own skill items. I made my sims and got right into game play. the first day my sim got into a fist fight with the alien and I now despise her. Needless to say i have been abducted 3 times in the matter of four days. Ironic? i gave two of the sims the criminal field as the challenge states and so far they have both been promoted without my help. my sim has been painting and planting and playing maintenance man of course. we where late paying the utilities and only the electricity got cut off which wasn't so bad since the tv was broken any way. One thing i d recommend is do not give them a bath and shower combo because the sims spend way to much time bathing. painting is very profitable i have never used it until this challenge i am so far on my second aspiration the therapist says ill be released soon. What if i don't wanna go tho ??? lol happy s :# imming
  • britfan25jojobritfan25jojo Posts: 3 New Member
    does anyone know where i can get a house for this challenge?
  • TipTip Posts: 1,018 Member
    does anyone know where i can get a house for this challenge?

    Search "asylum" or something like that in the gallery.
  • britfan25jojobritfan25jojo Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Tip said:
    > britfan25jojo wrote: »
    > does anyone know where i can get a house for this challenge?
    > Search "asylum" or something like that in the gallery.
    i just made my asylum now putting in beds and other stuff..
  • murrrktmurrrkt Posts: 1 New Member
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    Hey guys,
    I started playing this challenge last night on the medium setting, but added a few extra rules of my own to make it interesting.
    Your psychiatrist really wants to know you're better off before sending you on your way out of the asylum. Upon your arrival, you agree to terms and conditions to when you can finally leave. They are as follows:
    1. You must complete three aspirations of your choosing. This shows you are motivated to rehabilitate, and proves you can set and achieve goals set agreed upon by you and your psychiatrist. (This is an original rule).
    2. You must master three skills of your choosing. Self improvement is key to preparing for your release into the real world.
    3. You must make three positive relationships. These can be friends, good friends, best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, married. However, one of these relationships must be at the max stage, so either best friends or romance at 100. If you choose romance they don't have to be married, you can be engaged or still dating. This is to prove you will have a support system outside of the asylum and you have the ability to make strong relationships. These relationships don't have to be with other patients in the asylum (you can befriend neighbors of asylum or visitors), but they can be patients in the asylum if you wish.
    4. Before you leave the asylum you must be at a third career stage or higher. This career can be in any field of your choosing. This is to help ease your transition back into the real world.

    Let me know what you think of these, and if you have any fun rules you made up on your own!

  • AranaesimAranaesim Posts: 1 New Member
    Is it allowed to have a dishwasher? I mean, it doesn't count as a sink, right?
  • ctroihd1ctroihd1 Posts: 218 Member
    I just found this challenge yesterday and had to start it! My group consists of 4 guys and 4 gals. I have not played an insane Sim in Sims 4, so thought this was a great time to test out that trait! hehe I have only played for a couple hours, but I have noticed my gal, Naomi, is very mischievous! And mean. Her mood so far is good. She has neither of those traits. Is that part of being insane?
  • ctroihd1ctroihd1 Posts: 218 Member
    I thought this was funny! Middle of the day, and Farrah decides she is so tired and falls asleep sitting! She was upstairs in a bed and got up and must have thought that the couch was more comfy! Silly crazy lady! Kenneth right next too her is enjoying TV...

  • ctroihd1ctroihd1 Posts: 218 Member
    First death. Only been 4 Sim days. Jaden drowned! Sad thing is, everyone was around and no way to help. And the time to plead to spare him was short and I missed it. RIP Jaden!

  • ShesVeryNiceShesVeryNice Posts: 106 Member
    Really like the idea of this challenge! I'm giving it a try. Watching 7 Sims helplessly try and entertain themselves is an interesting experience to say the least!
  • ctroihd1ctroihd1 Posts: 218 Member
    So far, still only the one death. Playing medium. Had one fire. It was expensive. I sure do repair a lot! But overall, I am amazed no one is peeing on the floor. Yet! At first they all seemed to be in a groove when it came to bathroom and shower needs. And sleeping too. But now it is getting more out of sync. I have noticed that the pool might be too much of a mood booster...

    Good luck, ShesVeryNice! I am really enjoying it!
  • PhilErskPhilErsk Posts: 3 New Member
    Want to give this challenge a try but awful at building houses!! Any have a good starter house in their Gallery for this challenge?
  • Arose_08Arose_08 Posts: 23 Member
    I'm not sure if this question has been answered yet but if a sim dies can you resurrect them?
  • Juana Mason Juana Mason Posts: 1 New Member
    I just discovered yesterday about this challenge and immediately downloaded an asylum and created my patients. My question because I feel like I did something wrong although I followed the rules. 1) Is there a psychiatrist? Not in the asylum of course although it would be nice. 2)How does the game know I'm doing a challenge? 3) Just not sure if I'm doing it right don't want to mess it up
  • agileguardianagileguardian Posts: 2 New Member
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    @simswithcheese Hey, so I've been playing my own Asylum challenge and absolutely loving it- until disaster struck.....
    my main Sim died!! D:>
    SO, what should I do now???
  • ChromaggiaMagChromaggiaMag Posts: 31 Member
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    I'm poking you, Nick, so you definitely maybe read this. First of all, name's Devin. Nice to meet you. You've adapted a wonderful and interesting challenge for The Sims 4. I just started last night or the day before (my sleep schedule is all messed up so I'm not sure ^^;) on Hard difficulty. I'm first going to let you know I read through ALL 14 pages of this thread before commenting to see how many answers I could glean from other people's questions and your subsequent responses. goes.

    1. My first question was of stereos. From what I've read, they're allowed since they would be a way of stopping Sims from napping on chairs. When I first downloaded a lot to use for my asylum I started without realizing there was a stereo on the lot (it was a speaker, actually) and only discovered so because EVERYONE was dancing. I quickly deleted it, but then I decided since more questions eventually arose that I'd read through the ENTIRE thread for answers. So I guess I'll be putting the speaker back in to make known sleepy spots less attractive. Is that ok?
    2. The second question that arose was bills. I'm playing on hard mode and buzzed through a week of progress with not very much financial gain. The bills arrived and they were 7,800 Simoleans give or take. (Quick story: I downloaded a recently built steamboat nightclub by FreezerBunny and converted it into an asylum. What I didn't consider was leaving all the paintings that came with the lot up. There were some expensive ones up there.) For the first couple of days I took the point hit for power and water outages and tried to build up the funds to pay the bill, but it was quickly becoming apparent that they'd be powerless and without water for centuries at the rate I was going. I sold all of the wall deco and came up with enough to pay the bills, leaving 300 Simoleans leftover in their funds. What I was wondering is was it okay for me to sell those things to pay the bills? I already did it so if it was not ok I've already failed, but I wanted to know for the future in case the bills are still ridiculous.
    3. Is it or is it not okay to spend your Sim's earned Satisfaction points to buy perk traits on Hard difficulty? What I got from reading is that it's not, but I wanted a definite answer in the end.
    4. The same applies for this question: on Hard difficulty am I allowed to "upgrade" objects by buying the next up tier of that object (like a 600 Simolean fridge vs a 300 Simolean fridge)? What I've gotten from reading is no, not on Hard, but again I'm gearing for a definite yes or no.

    Thanks for putting this thread up and bringing this challenge to the 4th generation of The Sims. I'm enjoying playing it so far. :smile:


    1. Day one: a Sim dies of embarrassment because I don't realize that there's some deco that's preventing them from getting to the bathroom properly. After consulting with the builder, I figure it out and adjust accordingly (but not before losing someone in the great bathroom panic of 2015).
    2. Everyone spends more time napping on top of beds. It's super weird. It's like they're all afraid of each other's cooties. I have a double bed and a single kids' bed (that they can definitely sleep normally in), but they just nap on top of everything. I made an interesting discovery about double beds, which is that if someone is sleeping in it and you nap on it beside them they will IMMEDIATELY get out of the bed and flee no matter how rested (or not) they are. I'm thinking of restricting my Sim to not using this to their advantage since none of the others do this to her, but I haven't decided yet. The only reason I have the double bed is because it's actually not uncomfortable and I thought it would be advantageous to have a bed that isn't horrible for my Sim to sleep on so she can actually get things done. If you're wondering, it's the double air mattress bed from Outdoor Retreat.
    3. They hate cleaning. For some reason none of them WILLINGLY take out the trash so once the can gets full they all just pretend there aren't dirty, half eaten dishes of food everywhere. It's nasty.
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  • ChromaggiaMagChromaggiaMag Posts: 31 Member
    The thing about this challenge, and especially on the hardest difficulty, is that you spend the majority of your time waiting on your Sim to sleep or work at a turtle's pace (because Speed 3 is the slowest thing known to humanity). Even when they don't ACTUALLY go to work you're still sat there like "Write this book faster" or "Eat that salad faster" or "Unclog that toilet faster." It's some tedious business.

    Discover I made: The reason they nap all over the beds is because they're programmed to not full on sleep during the day. Weird Sims.
  • simswithcheesesimswithcheese Posts: 79 Member
    @ChromaggiaMag Thank-you for your detailed feedback and well done for giving hard mode an attempt!
    1. If stereos were originally banned for hard mode they are no longer banned from this point forward. Saying that they are optional so if you want to use them to keep sims from napping on chairs then go right ahead! But if you don't mind them doing that then I recommend not buying a stereo/putting the stereo in a different room to the chairs.
    2. High bills can be prevented by living in a small house as larger houses have larger bills. If you have to sell decoratives to pay the bills then so be it as it is a sacrifice to the patient's environment.
    3. Again I will change it so you can use satisfaction points in all modes
    4. Yes upgrading objects to a better quality will be allowed in all modes

    Again thanks for the feedback, good luck with your asylum and happy simming! :#
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,949 Member
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    @simswithcheese I have just started the Asylum Challenge. I don't think that I am doing it right.
    I had eight sims, one died the third day. I had 4 beds and removed one and one chair.
    the one I am playing was not insane, did not know it he was suppose to be. Anyway he was taking care of thing, repairing, cleaning and etc. but the Sim that died, came as a ghost and scared him and he died.
    Is my game over?. Or can I get another care taker. I considered him the care talker.
    Do I have to start over
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