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Speed builds

I'm creating a speed build for my friends and I'm using windows movie maker. I have the video speed set to 4x but is there a way when I inset the audio that the voice won't be set to 4x? I want the audio to be normal. Any help would be much appreciated since I know a lot of you make videos on here:)


  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
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  • SlingBlade5SlingBlade5 Posts: 47 Member
    I would export (save) the video that you have sped up, with no audio. Then I would import that video back into Movie-Maker, and then record your voice/audio over top as you play it.
  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Oh thank you for the reply I'll try that:)
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