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Rosebud Challenge - Can you become a Sim-Millionaire? - EuphorialQueen *Update 29Jan2020*

Welcome to Rosebud {Rags to Riches} Update 22March2019 by EQ
With so many new options available now it is time for an update.
Rosebud is a Rags to Riches style Challenge.
The ultimate goal is to 'Gain 1,000,000 Simoleons in a single household' completing the Rosebud achievement.
Making money can be a grind so why not have some fun along the way.
But first the basics of how to start the challenge and play and some added options.
Some of this will sound familiar because it is but with updates to include added pack options.
Where to begin:
The Household: ¥¥
Create a fresh household with Zero skills.
Preferably one Young Adult.
Can be your own or from the gallery.
Please give credit when using the creations of someone else.
Appearance, aspirations and traits are up to you.
Aliens and Vampires are allowed.
Choose wisely as they will be fending for themselves for a while.
You are encouraged to share your household using #Rosebud #RosebudChallenge #RagsToRiches #Rags2Riches and your own personal hashtag.
Normal life span setting.. Youth Potions are allowed to keep your Sim young.
For a bit of an easier start you can have two Sims but No more than two per household.
Cannot live without a Pet? You can create one Cat or Dog to start or adopt a stray.
Remember to provide for your Pets basic needs.
Dogs: Food dish and one toy.
Cats: Food dish, litter box, one toy and scratch post.
A few Wellness Treats may come in handy. Don't forget to factor in any visits to the vet.
The Lot: ¥¥
Place your Sim on an empty lot with nothing but a mailbox and outdoor trashcan (which will have to be bought).
An Outdoor trashcan can be bought before reducing funds to Zero.
Indoor trashcans cannot be emptied without an outdoor one.
Size of the lot is up to you ... my favorite 30x20 size.
**Though I prefer the 30x20 size lot you may choose any size lot in any neighborhood.
Starting Funds: ¥¥
Once moved into Empty lot must set starting funds to Zero.
This can be achieved by using the money cheat described below.
Cheats to reduce funds:
Activate testing cheats on
Type Money 000 (These are Zeros)
FYI: “Money ###”–Set’s funds to exact number
Or: “Sims.modify_funds +/-###” –Adds or subtracts value from current funds
Example: “Money 25000″ or “Sims.modify_funds +500”
This would be the only cheat allowed with exception of glitches.
Glitches = can use TestingCheats on in the event of a true glitch.
Guidelines for Playing:
Earning Money: ¥¥
You can Collect, Fish, Smooze, Garden, Craft or play for tips (if skill is high enough).
Get to 500§ before getting a job. Consider it like an application fee.
Housing and spouse/move in another Sim:
Requires walls, a door and a window. Plumbing of at least one toilet and a sink. Fridge for quick meals. Sleep spot for each Sim.
Adding a Roommate or Spouse:
Must have enclosed space as described above.
Only the bathroom would require full enclosure.
Must add Roommate via 'Ask to Move In' action. If you really have your eye on a special Sim in the Gallery they can be added to your population but NOT directly to your lot. You can add them to either an existing household, an empty lot (they can fend for themselves) or to the 'Not in this World (homeless) population. This Sim cannot be played to add funds etc until added to your household.
Must add housemates to your current lot. Options are to add a roommate via 'Ask to Move In' or add as a spouse. Made a bad choice? Only your original Sim is required to stay on the lot. Additional housemates or family can be moved out at any time via Manage World option.
Option Restrictions: ¥¥ (Not required)
Limit purchases (build/buy) only once per week. Bill Day (usually Monday) after the bills are paid is a good time. You have 24 hours from when the bills arrive to purchase items or remodel the lot. Did you forget to buy something? It will have to wait until the next week.
Exceptions: Books, Repair Parts or Seeds which are bought via computer, bookcase or planter box.
Exception: You may buy an item to mark the day you use a Youth Potion. (Only if you want to track how long it takes to complete the Rosebud goal.)
This is an unpredictable date so is an exception to the purchasing restrictions.
Improving the Lot: ¥¥
Build your own or use one from the gallery.
*Must be Empty to start!
Note: This is your home thru the challenge.
Warning: the more 'stuff' the higher the bills.
Go slow at first so your Sim will not have to starve or go without power/ water.

Okay all set... now for some tips and tricks and other fun stuff.
Aspirations List for Base Game and All Current Packs Updated 10June2020
Aspirations June 2020 Eco Lifestyle
01 Animal - Friend of the Animals (Cats & Dogs)
02 Athletic - Bodybuilder
03 Creativity - Painter / Writer / Musician / Master Actor (GF) / Master Maker (EL)
04 Deviance - Public Enemy / Chief of Mischief
05 Family - Four choices (Including Super Parent & Vampire Family)
06 Food - Culinary / Mixology / Grilled Cheese (Unlocked)
07 Fortune - Wealth / Property
08 Knowledge - Three choices plus Master Vampire / Archaeology Scholar (JA) / Spellcraft & Sorcery (ROM) /Academic (DU)
09 Location - City Native (City Living) / Mystery of StrangerVille (StrangerVille) / Beach Life (IL)
10 Love - Serial Romantic / Soulmate
11 Nature - Botanist / Fisherman / Curator / Outdoor Enthusiast (OR Pack) / Jungle Explorer (JA) / Purveyor of Potions (ROM) / Eco Innovator (EL)
12 Popularity - Joker / Friend / Party / Leader of the Pack / Good Vampire / World Famous Celebrity (GF)
Outdoor Retreat: Tents and coolers are allowed. The portable shower can be used outdoors without being embarrassed.
Get Together / Jungle Adventure: Potty bush provides a place to nap and for bladder relief.
{Just be sure to do them in that order.. or ... ew!}
Until there is a proper house a single wall (or tall half wall) with a door can serve as the front door. This keeps visitors from knocking and entering say the bathroom at an inconvenient time.
One counter and a fridge is all that is needed to prepare and store food. Both cooking and gourmet cooking skills can be maxed with just these two items.
Get Together: Clubs are a great way to gain skills and make friends. Only two Sims are required to start your own club. Setting activities like writing, painting, crafting on the woodwork bench not only helps gain skills but also improves earning power. Purchasing club boosts can also enhance job performance leading to promotions and higher wages.
Lot Traits lend powerful boosts to learning and eventually earning more money.
Challenge yourself and have some fun along the way.
Complete the challenge without a traditional career.
Complete an aspiration you have not done before.
Take your time and enjoy playing.

Note 27Dec2018: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.

Update 18April2019
April patch (16April2019) added Freelance careers to the base game.
Artists, authors and programmers earn money by accepting gigs and performing simple tasks.
All that is required is an electronic sketchpad (for the artist) and computer to chat with the client.
In testing with a household of three Sims they have earned over §65k in one week.
That makes me wonder .... how long would it take to reach the §1 Million goal?
Are you up to a new twist in this challenge?
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