Runaway Teen Challenge [Updated 02/28/18]

Update! When I originally adapted the Sims 3 rules for Sims 4 I never really thought that it would catch on and that people would follow these "rules." I was wrong. It was pointed out to me recently that they've never been updated in the over two years since I wrote them and with all of the game packs and expansion packs that have been released it really needed to be. I also made a few changes regarding the 10x10 area and a few other things. Since I no longer update my old blogger blog they have a new home on my wordpress blog here:

If anyone thinks of something that I missed you can comment on the blog post or on the thread here. Thanks!


For a chapter list of my run-through of the challenge with Lyla go here: Runaway Teen Challenge.

Rules adapted from StardustX's original rules:
  1. You cannot build any kind of shelter for yourself until you have earned the simoleans to do so.
  2. You cannot have any electronics or appliances or cell phone access (put it on silent) until you have a home. (At least 1 kitchen, 1 bath and 1 bedroom)
  3. You can’t have a part-time job. You can’t have a full-time job when you are a young adult until you have a home. (At least 1 kitchen, 1 bath and 1 bedroom)
  4. You cannot cook/shower/etc on other people’s lots or interact with adults until you are a young adult. You’re a runaway they’ll report you as such. If your social meter gets low, you can interact with children or other teens.
  5. You can shower and use the bathroom at any public place like the gym.
  6. You can fish, garden and dig all you want and sell them.
  7. You can’t go to school. You have to cancel go to school each day. This will not affect traits.
  8. Each time you travel you subtract $10 simoleans from your funds using the money cheat.

The goal is to survive. There are no “points”. You are simply trying to survive, start a new life for yourself. You should aim for having a high paying job, children and a big house. The main thing you are doing is getting money the old way by fishing, gardening, and collecting.

Additional notes:
  • Update: Starting with the 3/2/17 game patch we can now create teen only households.
  • In the years since I’ve adapted this challenge, I’ve only seen a few people actually make the 10×10 area on their lot. I can’t blame them. I was just trying to find a way to stick to the Sims 3 rules as much as possible and in that game, you could create a 10×10 lot. So forget lot sizes! Putting in a bunch of landscaping to box in an area makes the bills high.
  • If you opt to make the teen look grungy and unkempt (which is kinda hard in Sims 4 without CC anyway) then you should “buy” them nicer clothes in CAS as soon as they’ve made a little money. Looking like a bum will attract too much attention.
    Thanks to Anichelle for bringing it to my attention that the gnome price was raised to $15. RIP gnome army. *new*
  • If you don’t want to use the money cheat each time you’ve traveled to subtract $10, which frankly gets annoying really quick, purchase the directional arrows that came with the base game. You may place one free wall on the lot for the arrows. Cheat yourself $60. The new shrinking option using the [ bracket would be helpful here and it might be fun to make designs on your traveling wall. If for whatever reason you are opposed to the new traveling wall you may elect to purchase a mega houseplant pot for every time you travel and the return trip. This will increase your bills… which would make it more of a challenge. *new*
  • Not going to school is much easier if you que up some actions before 8am. Then you can just cancel out the “go to school” action. If they go to school you need to make them go home. Some players have sent their teens to school stating that it would attract more attention not going. It’s up to you but I’m keeping the rules as per the originals as much as possible.
  • There still aren’t sleeping bags so if you don’t want to sleep on the bench, which I suggest, you can buy an Outdoor Retreat tent or a Get Together party bush before dropping your funds to $0. In my opinion, a runaway having the money for a bed seems unrealistic. To drop your funds do cntrl+shift+C type testingcheats on and then money 0.
  • Your teen may move from lot to lot or apartment to apartment if you wish. Perhaps they’re trying to keep under the radar by moving around.
  • Putting your phone on silent is pretty pointless in this game. It doesn’t work without mods so just try to ignore all of the texts and invitations that pop up every day. No accepting invites unless it is from another teen or a child.
  • At the very start of the challenge if you’re not keeping all of the pre-made sims in the game I would suggest either creating or downloading from the gallery a household or more with teens and children so that your teen will have someone to socialize with. See also the rule regarding clubs to make this easier.
  • Outdoor Retreat: Your runaway may take a vacation to Granite Falls but may only camp at the campsite, not the cabins.
  • Spa Day: You may add a spa to your game and use this as an additional place to shower and up your needs.
  • Dining Out: You may add a restaurant to your game and your runaway can eat there if they have the funds and use it to up other needs. This may draw attention so it would be preferable if they invite another teen or child to dine with them.
  • Vampires: Your teen can be a vampire since this doesn’t affect aging in the teen stage but I have no idea how it would be possible to make money without burning to a crisp. Perhaps if they lived in an apartment and only collected things to sell in the dark?
  • Get to Work: Your teen can be an alien
  • Get to Work: Your teen may visit retail lots and planet Sixam. It would draw less attention if they visited retail lots with other teens or children. I’ve had players mention making or downloading retail lots from the gallery and using them to shop for all of their household items to make it more realistic as well.
  • Get Together: Your teen can be in a club but only if this club is other teens and children. This would be an easy way to meet them for social as well. No starting meetings on the home lot, you must travel for meetings.
  • City Living: Your teen may start in an apartment. For more difficulty pick one with the “Needs TLC” trait. I would highly suggest against the Gremlins trait until your teen has enough handiness to repair electronics.
  • City Living: Substitute the rule for a tent or party bush with a blow-up mattress or cheap bed if you opt to start in an apartment.
  • City Living: Your teen can visit any of the festivals. It’s best if they bring another teen or child along to blend in.
  • City Living: Your teen can collect globes and posters to sell but cannot have a street table to sell things until they are a young adult. It would draw too much attention.
  • City Living: You can freely order from vendors. Any teen would do this. If adults talk while you’re eating it’s fine to respond but you must leave after finishing. It would look very suspicious if the teen suddenly got up and moved when someone made conversation. In my and others experience, it’s almost impossible to eat in a park or in the city without some darned adult striking up a conversation. Canceling it out gets very annoying.
  • City Living: You can only visit a karaoke bar with other teens and children. This would be a great place for a club hangout.
  • Parenthood: Skipping school will give your teen the irresponsible trait. Thanks to TigerLover for letting me know that you can combat this through the use of school projects bought from buy mode, taking out the trash, brushing teeth, feeding pets, cleaning litter boxes, and training dogs. She was able to get the responsible trait when a few days before her teen aged up she had a full red bar. It is doable with some work. I’d highly recommend at least preventing them from getting the irresponsible trait. Especially if you plan to get them a job when they age up.
  • Cats and Dogs: Just as in Sims 3 you can adopt a pet or befriend a stray.  Be sure you can afford all of the items that the pet will need first!  You can also use them to search for collectibles to sell.  From what I've seen so far it can be very lucrative. 
  • Laundry Stuff: You may purchase the wash basin and clothesline for your home lot for realism.  You may not purchase the washer and dryer until you have an enclosed space.  You may add a washer and dryer to one community lot.  If you'd like to you can remove some funds for their use but that is entirely up to you. *new*

If anyone can think of something that I missed please let me know. I tried to remember anything that people have brought up over the last few years. Regarding using mods to enable teen pregnancy: I would suggest against it since it’s against the teen rating for the game. If you want to make it more difficult you can start with a toddler or child brother or sister to care for.

There are no points. There is no endgame or goal other than building a nice home/apartment for your teen. Most people continue playing their teens once they are young adults. Some have used them as the founder of legacies or other challenges. This would be a fun way to create a background story for your founder since you get to play it out.
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