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☆Color My World☆ Rainbowcy (Update 5/7)


  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    edited October 2014
    Thank for clarifying my doubt, @iButterfree :D

    I hope the Company will end up dismantled for good and all the criminals will be in jail forever in the end >:)

    And that Ethy and the future generations will be safe one day ^^
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    Awesome! I'll admit, as you go along, it's already not like the movie at all, but I like clinging to what I cling to.

    You hit the head on the nail for why I have to wait until at least the second generation is underway for most Rainbowcies anymore. Not that there aren't a few who throw in something else to make the typical "I'm colorless, no one will love me, except this one person who doesn't care about color" more interesting in the first chapter. Hoping to stave that off myself if my game will start working property to attempt that save I was talking about before. I truly think it all comes down to storytelling ability, although I can understand someone just wanting to make an attempt. In the end this really is a game meant to be played for the fun of it, you know?

    Aero. Aero Aero Aero like an arrow shooting to destroy you but he's blue not Green Arrow he's Aero GOT IT!
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- No problem ^^

    Who can say? All I know at this moment is that I'm taking things on chapter at a time, so even I don't know what will happen in the future XD Perhaps there will be a Romeo and Juliet thing with the heir and a person working for The Company!

    @AEventyr- I like any kind of connection from my stories to any other, so going in to see it with the mindset that there will be at least a few similarities will make the experience even more interesting :smiley:

    Originality, well-developed characters, decent pacing, and a good writing style are what I require when I read a story of my own accord. I know that most people try to add some kind of spin, but even with that there's almost always the exact same formula that I can pick out. It's no fun reading something if you know exactly what is going to happen.
    I would rather have people make an attempt than not try at all though, I agree. Like I posted somewhere before (I think it was on these forums), it's better to write something than to write nothing at all.

    My inspiration for his name came from the various Aero spells you can find in video games. I know it's an air-based move, but I generally picture the icon for the move having at least a blue tint to it XD That's why I gave it to a blue Sim.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    He he ^^

    Oh, a possible Romeo and Juliet, huh ^^ ? If that's the case, I hope they'll have a happier ending :D
    Because we all know how that couple ended :'(

    I know, it's cheezy (is that the right expression ?), but I love happy ending XD

    And you're right, it's better to write something than nothing at all ^^
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    Your inspiration for his name is awesome! Great way to fill out some of the colors where there aren't a lot of color variations. (Pink... Rose... uh... Rosalie. Rosemarie.....)

    What you've said about picking out the formula has gotten me to try and revise my own ideas. Of course, there is the saying there's "nothing new under the sun", so there's bound to be relapses over used concepts. It's how one folds them together which makes the story its own.
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- Hmm, well "happier ending" doesn't mean the same a "happy ending." :wink:
    I do like to put my characters through a lot XD

    I think it's normally spelled "cheesy", but yeah that phrase works there. Now that I think about it, calling something "cheesy" is a really weird phrase, huh? Like, how did that word of all things come to mean overly-sentimental/lame? :confused:

    @AEventyr- I try :smiley:
    I remember I was really disappointed because my mom and I went to a garden nursery towards the beginning of summer to get some plants. I went around the whole place with my phone out writing down all the awesome names of the flowers and plants I could use for my Berry Sims. However, when I went to save the note it gave me an error for some reason. I hit "Save" again, but that deleted it instead :frowning: My mom was all done by that point, so I couldn't get the names again. We didn't go back after that, and I wasn't going to go on my own just to write down names of stuff. I don't think the staff would have liked that :lol:

    Very true. There really isn't anything that's genuinely "new" anymore, so being creative in how it is all presented is the next best thing.
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    Ugh, phones. I never trust them to keep accurate notes. There's always a pad and pen in my bag, which is what I use (or I take pictures with my phone and write those down later) whenever I walk through the GNC/vitamins section of local stores. They make all sorts of pills based on plants and "natural ingredients". That or the spice aisle at the markets. Although, I don't think horny goat weed would be a good name for a character.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    I agree with you, happier isn't totally the same thing as happy ^^
    I see, poor characters XD

    Ah, thanks for correcting me ^^
    It's not easy to go between french and english expressions XD
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- I can be kinda harsh on them sometimes, but I try to counter out the bad with a lot of good too ^^

    You're welcome :smiley:
    You're a native French speak then? I took four years of French in University from a professor who is originally from Lille. I was pretty good at it, but now that I've been out of classes and haven't been able to practice I've lost a decent portion of knowledge. I'm pretty good at reading and understanding, but my writing and speaking aren't so great.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    edited October 2014
    I see, poor sims XD
    At least, you give them good things too :D

    Yes, I'm a native French speaker B)

    Oh, that's great, if you were good at it ^^ Me, I wasn't too good in english at school XD
    And yeah, not praticing make us lose a lot of what we learned XD
    It's my case too : I can understand a lot of written english, but It's less easy to speak it and write it, since I can't talk in english and I'm not used to write really in english XD
    That's why I can't make too elaborated sentences yet and I use the help of online translator if I'm not sure of sentences and expressions XD

    That's why my rainbowcy is translated in english, it's my little challenge to try to improve my writing skill in that language ;)
    And also because I wanted to share my story with a lot of peoples ^^
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- I really have to contribute a lot of my skills to my professor. She really had such a great way of teaching. We rarely ever sat down and just memorized words and verbs. It was more often we were playing games and listening to her telling us stories with props :lol: I remember when we were learning about fruits and vegetables how she brought in plastic fruits and vegetables. We stood in a circle with each of us holding an object and played a modified version of Hot Potato. She would call out a fruit/vegetable, and whoever was holding it would have to hold it up within two seconds or so or else they would get penalized. It was that, or she would point to someone and he or she would have those two seconds to say the name of whatever he or she was holding.

    I've come to figure out that reading is the easiest because generally (in both of our cases) we've got the well-written foreign language in front of us to visualize. Creating perfect grammar and sentence structure is much harder than mere comprehension, which is why it is so difficult. That's why I'm the same way with Japanese, although it's oral comprehension rather than reading comprehension that I'm good at.

    I relied a bit too much on an online translator :sweat: Most of the time I would write what I had to write, and then use the translator to compare the results. I had enough knowledge to determine what the translator had done right and what it had messed up completely. However, I would rarely ever actually look up what I had done wrong with my work and why the correction was the right way to form my sentence.

    I think that's a really great idea with your rainbowcy ^^ Perhaps I'll have to try something similar.

    @AEventyr- So, it turns out I won't be able to see Maze Runner for a good while. I was going to go see it...until I remember my mom's birthday is coming up :lol: I don't have a lot of money, so I gotta save it for her present instead of a me going to see a movie.
  • AmberKotoriAmberKotori Posts: 3,440 Member
    Oooo great Kelsey!
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    Yeah, it really look like she was a great teacher ^^
    I agree that the best way to learn something, it's not always with some boring books, but with playing too ^^

    Yup, like you said, for you and me, the best way to learn is by reading in the language we want to learn ^^

    You're learning japanese ? That's great :D
    I would like to learn it too, but I don't have too much time and I'll be learning it by myself XD
    Yeah, that language isn't the easiest, mainly because of the writing system it seem XD

    I know right ? A translator is never perfect, but it can be helpful XD

    Thanks you ^^ Ah, I can't wait to see your rainbowcy translated if you do it ;)
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @Amber- Thanks :smiley:

    @linesa- She was. I gotta say, my French teach back in high school was really great too. We would get to watch movies in French, play games as well, and he taught us things like his translated version of "Pants on the Ground" :lol:

    I guess you could say I'm learning Japanese. I've never been able to take any actual classes. Mostly I've just been listening to Japanese music for forever and have been picking the language up that way. I am hoping to take real classes for it someday though.
    I actually find it rather easy to learn- in terms of the speaking and oral comprehension. But yes, it's the different writing system that makes it much more complicated.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    Wow, that was some great teacher too ^^

    Ah, I see ^^
    It's a good way to start to learn, thought ^^
    And I agree, speaking it is easy, but not the writing system XD
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- French professors just seem to be a great bunch. They, and my Literature professors, have always been my favorite.

    I've learned most of one of the simpler writing systems- Hiragana. I don't really know any Katakana (the other simpler writing system), but I do actually know some Kanji, which is the really complicated stuff.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    I see ^^
    Me too, I was pretty good in French ^^

    Yeah, if you don't at least know the hiragana and katakana, it's going to be hard to learn the kanji because they almost all have their version wrote in the simpler writing system XD
  • Makayla_MakaPakaMakayla_MakaPaka Posts: 771 Member
    Okay I have a question - it's kind of a selfish question - but you came up with quite the usable 100 baby challenge back story, and I was wondering if I could download Ethereal and use her as a 100 baby challenge founder of my own using the story you came up with (giving you credit, of course)? Provided you aren't planning to make a sort of alternative story where Ethereal never gets saved by Eden and has to carry out the challenge?
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @linesa- There was actually this one girl in on of the Japanese music groups I follow who didn't know more than elementary level Kanji. For the most part she could get around just fine, and if there was anything she didn't understand the others would read the stuff to her. It was impressive- in a not good way, lol.

    @Makayla_MakaPaka- You know what? You go right ahead ^^ I've already completed one Baby Challenge, so I'm not picking up that workload again XD I think it would be wonderful to see Ethereal as the protagonist of someone else's story :smiley:
  • Makayla_MakaPakaMakayla_MakaPaka Posts: 771 Member
    Yay! Thank you! It may be a while.... game troubles, that's why I haven't updated Hadley's 100BC blog. But I love doing the BC, so when I get my game working, I'll definitely start Ethereal's story!
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    I see, it must have been fun to watch XD
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    Dang, you people talk fast!
    @iButterfree -- Aww, that's okay! Really the only comment I want to make is aimed at the bad guys and I don't want to spoil that for you, so I'll just keep it to myself. Actually, I'll scream/type WIG. It'll stand for what I'm wanting to say and won't spoil you one bit because it has nothing to do with wigs. Also, that was super nice of you to let someone else use Ethy for their challenge!

    "French professors just seem to be a great bunch." Agreed! One of our friends just started her first job as a French teacher and she's one cool chick. A trick she uses to get the kids to be quiet if they're loud is whistle the Hunger Games Mockingjay song and then they all hold up three fingers and get quiet. Not French related but still fun.

    @linesa -- For what it's worth, not to jump in on your conversations (sorry), but I wouldn't have known French was your native language until you said something.

    @Makayla_MakaPaka -- I'll be reading once you get that legacy started.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    edited October 2014
    No, don't worry, you don't jump on the conversation @Aeventyr :D
    So, you mean that my english isn't that bad ? ^^
    I'm glad because that mean my english isn't as awful as I thought XD
    But I know I miss at least some vocabulary XD
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @Makayla_MakaPaka- No problem ^^ I can't wait to see what you do.

    @AEventyr- Haha, now I'm really curious! It's okay though. The extended version of the 2nd Hobbit movie comes out next week, so I can use that to keep me entertained enough so I don't look up spoilers qw7zT.gif
    I've always been in the mindset that I'll be one of those authors who loves to share the content of my story. I've been a fan of so many things, so I know what it's like to be inspired by other works- as well as wanting to be included in some way with them. So like, if (very unlikely) one of my books became popular and there was a play like the Very Potter Series made for it, I would be in the front row every night. I would be the Evanna Lynch going to all the conventions, participating in all the events, and whatnot ^^

    That's a really interesting way to quite a class, lol.

    @linesa- Your English is miles beyond what a large number of native speakers can write. Interestingly, my university French professor has just been complaining on Facebook about the terrible English of some of her current students- like the one who confused applaud with appalled. And there have been worse ones than that :/
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    edited October 2014
    Thank you @iButterfree :D
    I'm glad if my english isn't too bad ^^ Maybe it's because I read a lot in english on the forums and internet, it may have helped me to improve ^^
    I didn't knew that a lot of native speakers were that bad in writing :o
    I knew it was the case on internet because I'm a lot on the english forum and sites, but not IRL (In Real Life) XD
    But it's also the case of french speakers if I'm not mistaking after all XD

    No, a native english speaker confusing applaud and appalled ? :o
    But they're totally differents words with differents meaning XD
    And there even have been worse than that ? XD
    It's kinda funny that's the french professor who notice that XD

    And to stay on topic (in case the mods come), I'm curious to see your next chapter :D
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